AS 121 - Lynx & Vox versus Randy Studd & Yemrez Reqonic

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    RP Deadline Monday 2nd October 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Deadline is extended by 24 hours.
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    Randy Studd woke up in the middle of the night.

    “I can’t believe I’m definitely going to touch a girl’s hand today” he thought. “I’m gonna need fresh sheets” his mind added.

    Studd was determined that he would get his strategy planned.

    He was asleep in seconds.
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    ~Chapter 10: Personal Vs. Professional!~

    A Day After Meltdown 143

    The scene opens with Yemrez Reqonıc walking towards the terrace while holding the news paper, MK Estonia. Her eyes still itch, thanks to the dirty flow from a man who's officially a WZCW Mayhem Champion and unofficially nowhere near the credentials of a Champion. She closes her eyes and then open them after a while. She goes straight to the Sports segment of the newspaper.

    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"
    "You Tapped Out!!!"

    Yemrez: HOW COULD I TAP OUT!?

    Yemrez screams in guilt!

    Yemrez: I am the only representative of my country Estonia in WZCW and I still tapped out! How? Why?

    Yemrez shakes her head while being ashamed of her tapping out to Randy Studd of all people.

    Yemrez: I've no answers to those questions!

    Yemrez Reqonıc then continues reading the article again and again. She starts introspecting more and more about the personal as well as professional aspect of her upcoming match.

    "Personal says that I should beat the heck outta Randy Studd for his deeds the previous week!"
    "Professional says that I should tag up with Randy Studd to defeat Lynx and Vox!"
    "Personal says that I should care more about avenging my loss to Studd."
    "Professional says that I should care more about the upcoming match as well as Unscripted PPV."
    "Personal says that I should get a Mayhem Championship rematch as soon as possible!"
    "Professional says that I recently lost it!"
    "Personal says that I was wronged and I'll avenge it at Ascension 121!"

    Yemrez stops thinking and starts speaking without opening her eyes.

    Yemrez: How about being personal as well as professional? How about providing another dose of MAYHEM to Randy Studd & then fighting Lynx & Vox on my own? That would be ideal for me! So, it's Future Guy & Charity Guy Vs. Me, right? I wonder if Lynx knows so much future then why does he mostly botch it? Like claiming to win Gold Rush tournament and King For A Day briefcase as if he actually won both of them in future. Lies and lies! And the Charity Guy, I appaud you for asking for charity. But I wonder how much of your salary you've donated in your whole lifetime!? After all, charity starts from home, no? And Mr. Studd. Oops, you don't even deserve to be called "Mr.". After all, "Mr." is an English Honorific. A form of address indicating Respect. Something you know nothing about! I know that you're excited about touching my hand. But instead of tag, you'll get a lot more. Slaps. Punches. Jabs. Uppercuts. Elbows. Forearms. Knees. Kicks. And last but not the least. Rather most important.
    Knock Out!

    The scene ends when Yemrez Reqonıc starts hitting the punching bag hard enough as if it's not just a punch bag. Rather WZCW Mayhem Champion Randy Studd!
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    Vox: (To Stanley Rud) Ok, first things first and vice versa. You're kind of a creep. And not the Thom Yorke kind, either.

    Stanley Rud: And you're kind of a douche.

    Vox: Not for a few months now.

    Lynx: Well this is a meeting of the minds...

    Vox: (To Estonian NPC Girl) Young lady, what is your name?

    Doreen: (To Vox) It's Doreen!

    Vox: (To Doreen) Yes, I know. I was talking about the other young lady. The young Estonian lady. Not you. I know you.

    Doreen: Doreen approves.

    Vox: In another life, you'd be Rickey Henderson...(turns attention back to Estonian NPC Girl) Again young lady, what is your name.

    Estonian NPC Girl: It's "Shut Up".

    Vox: Lovely. I'm going to call you Ruby Tuesday from here on out.

    Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday: I'm not a cheap restaurant!

    Vox: Well you're clearly very popular with the fellas and have never had to pay for a meal, because Ruby Tuesday's is quite expensive. Speaking of's Estonia's economy?

    Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday: Actually very good for being such a small country.

    Vox: Crap. Well, not much I can do there. Please depart yourself before Dick Masterson over here (points to Stanley Rud) says something stupid and we end up making a mess in here. Ya falla?

    Lynx: Vox, that's kind of sexist.

    Doreen: Yeah, that's kind of sexist.

    Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday: Totally sexist.

    Stanley Rud: I thought it was fine.

    Vox: Fair point. Let me call someone for some sensitivity training.

    Stanley Rud: (To Vox) Pfffft. Studd is going to kick your ASS. Little pansy.

    Vox: Hmmmm...can I ask you some rapid fire questions that aren't a trick at all?

    Stanley Rud: Sure, if you buy me one of those nudie magazines back there. A Playboy. RIP Hef.

    Vox: Sure. I won't back down. RIP Tom Petty.

    Lynx: (Quietly to Vox) Vox, shouldn't we get going?

    Vox: (Quietly to Lynx) Relax, Gary Busey taught me this trick. I'm gonna make this guy look ridiculous. Plus, I got a text saying that Super Dave is on his way.

    Lynx: How?

    Vox: He works in mysterious ways.

    Stanley Rud: Is anyone gonna ask me some questions here, or are we gonna stand around looking stupid?!

    Vox: (To Stanley Rud) Both! Ok, first question...What is your name?

    Stanley Rud: Stanley Rud! You know that!

    Vox: Duh, I'm trying to make sure you're telling me the truth. Second question, what is your favorite color?

    Stanley Rud: Black! Because it's strong and MANLY!!!

    Vox: Great. Third question, what is your favorite animal?

    Stanley Rud: That's easy, a rattlesnake.

    Vox: Fourth question, Who was the 13th President of the United States?

    Stanley Rud: Donald Trump!

    Vox: Not even close! Millard Fillmore. Anyway, question five, how many girls have you kissed?

    Stanley Rud: None!

    Vox: Congratulations! You just won!

    Stanley Rud: Uhhh, I mean...lots!

    Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday: Not even one? Stanley Rud...more like...Stanley...Clud?

    Lynx: Apparently Estonians aren't good at thinking on their feet...

    Doreen: Seriously. Doreen thought of a few things you could have done...Stanley Dud, Stanley "We're just buds", Stanley's Crud...

    Stanley Rud: Enough! *Grabs Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday* Give me some sugar, baby!

    Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday: *Pokes Stanley Rud in the eyes and slaps him* Ewwwwwwwwww. LOSER! I'm leaving!

    Vox: (to Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday) Gooooodbye, Ruby Tuesday!

    Estonian NPC Girl/Ruby Tuesday: (Faintly, as she is leaving through the door) ...Why did you hang that name on me?...

    *Super Dave Osbourne comes into the gas station*

    Stanley Rud: (To Doreen) Well, I guess because she's gone and I'm in a kissin''s gotta be you...

    Lynx: (To Stanley Rud) Leave her alone, you creep!

    (Quick heads up. Super Dave Osbourne is Bob Osbourne. He's also Funkhouser on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Please listen to his marvelous voice before reading the rest of this. Thank you.)

    Super Dave Osbourne: (To Vox) I got your text, what's up?

    Vox: Super Dave! You gave us the wrong address you goon!

    Super Dave Osbourne: I didn't give you any address, you goon. And also, Super Dave is just a character I played. My name is Bob Einstein. WE'VE KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR YEARS!



    Vox: You're impossible.

    Lynx: (To Stanley Rud, standing directly in front of him, with Doreen right behind him) If you don't back off, I'm going to hit you so hard that the grandchildren that you'll never have will feel it.

    Stanley Rud: Or what?

    Lynx: What? I literally just said what I'd do.

    Super Dave Osbourne/Bob Einstein: (To Vox) Hey Vox, it's 4th and 1 at the Super Bowl on the Goal Line. Who are you using at running back?

    Vox: Ever? Probably Walter Payton.

    Super Dave Osbourne/Bob Einstein: I'm taking Rosie O'Donnell.

    Stanley Rud: (Turns his attention to Super Dave) HA! That's funny!

    Super Dave Osbourne/Bob Einstein: Don't laugh at anything I say. Ever. You're creepier than a guy in a Michael Jackson mask at a Chuck-E-Cheese.

    Stanley Rud: (Turns his attention back to Doreen) Wanna see how creepy I am?

    Lynx: That's it!

    Vox: (To Lynx and Stanley) WAIT!

    Lynx: WHAT?!

    Vox: You and Doreen AREN'T an item, right?

    Lynx: ...of course not!

    Vox: Great, then it would send really bad mixed signals if you defended her honor. *Punches Stanley Rud in the face. He falls into Super Dave, who throws him at the Slushie Machine.*

    Doreen: Doreen thinks we should be leaving now...

    Lynx and Vox: (In unison): That's probably a good idea...

    Vox: (To Super Dave) you coming with Super Dave?

    Super Dave: I got here on my own, you idiot. Why would I come with? AND STOP CALLING ME THAT! IT'S BOB!

    (Doreen, Lynx, and Vox walk out)

    Doreen, Lynx, and Vox: BYE SUPER DAVE!

    (They get into the car and start driving)

    Vox: Oh crap!

    Lynx: What?!

    Vox: It's terrible.

    Doreen: What?

    Vox: I forgot the Whoppers...
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    September 24th, 2017
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    It was the day after Lynx and Eve had defeated Callie Clark and Logan McAllister in a tag team match. Lynx had decided to spend an extra day in the area. A massive influx of purchases had come in for his new "Melanistic Jaguar" shirt depicting Lynx in his new ring gear standing next to a black panther, which we all now know does not exist as its own "species". This wave of fan purchases as well as recent donations to The Grand Dream's portal had given him a bit of money to play around with. He booked a great hotel room and was planning to go out for dinner with Doreen. Just as friends of course. Lynx doesn't do the dating thing because he is from the future and Doreen could be one of his ancestors. That could mess up the time space continuum. The two of them are taking a walk in a residential area of a small local city when it dawns on Lynx. He never found out the answer to a very important question.

    Lynx: Hey, Doreen. I got a question.

    Doreen: She has an answer.

    They pass a couple of victorian town houses as they continue walking.

    Lynx: Did you ever get a response back from Juss? That Estonian guy from the benefits call center?

    Doreen pauses for a moment, putting her right index finger on her chin as she thinks.

    Lynx: You emailed him for me asking if he knew how to get in touch with Cousin Willy?

    Doreen: She remembers sending the email but Doreen does not think she ever got a response back, Lynx.

    Lynx stops walking.

    Lynx: Check your inbox.

    He waits as pulls out her iPhone and scrolls through messages.

    Doreen: She doesn't see a response.

    Knowing the timestamp of when Doreen had sent Juss that email, right down to the minute and second, Lynx was concerned by the lack of a response.

    Lynx: It's been 15 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes, and 14 seconds since you sent him that email. How did that guy become a Lead Service Rep if he doesn't answer emails in a timely manner? I'm gonna need you to-

    Doreen: Wait, she does have a reply. It got sent to Doreen's spam folder.

    Lynx: That's not spam.... Whatever. What did he say?

    She pulls up the message for Lynx to see.

    Lynx re-reads the email conversation twice and shakes his head in disappointment.

    Lynx: Maybe he doesn't want to be found. There's got to be something else we can do. I bet that jerk Juss is sitting there laughing at my predicament with the rest of his team. It wouldn't surprise me if those Estonians at his call center are all going to watch my next match together and root for Yemrez.

    Doreen: That wouldn't surprise Doreen. On the matter of your cousin, Doreen thinks we should talk about it more tonight. For now she wants to walk some more. The weather is great today. Look at the wind blowing in her hair!

    Lynx: Yeah. No point in stressing about it right this second.

    They both begin walking down the street again.

    September 24th, 2017
    18:01 PM

    Lynx and Doreen had arrived early at the restarant but still were not able to get a table without having to wait. They sat down in the waiting area on a long bench. There's peanut shells all over the floor. Yeah it's one of those places. The funnest part of eating at a place like that is throwing all of your peanut shells on the floor. The wait time for Lynx and Doreen was a long one. Several other guests were ahead of them and it was apparently a busy night, multiple hostesses were visibly stressed as they talked to customers entering and leaving the establishment. Doreen starts reading a menu to help save time for after they sit down at their table. A few minutes before none other than Lynx's tag team partner for his next match, Vox, walks in. Vox goes over to the hostesses and appears to ask them some questions, Lynx couldn't hear Vox over the crowd. The two tag team partners make eye contact. Lynx waves to Vox, who walks over to where Lynx and Doreen are sitting amongst the wait line.

    Vox: Hey Lynx! Are you here on a date tonight?

    Neither Lynx nor Doreen answer at first. The two friends look at each other awkwardly and then Doreen goes back to reading her menu.

    Lynx: What? No! We're just friends.

    Vox: I bet that's what our opponent Randy Studd is doing tonight. Out with some girl somewhere.

    Lynx: Or trying to go on a date but striking out. He does not come across to me as the type to enter a successful relationship. He won't be successful in defeating us on Ascension either.

    Vox: You got that right.

    He sits down at the bench to Lynx's left. Doreen is to Lynx's right, still reading the menu.

    Vox: So what are you and your.... friend who isn't a date.... up to tonight?

    Lynx: Her name is Doreen and she is in charge of my Social Media accounts. We're just having dinner and trying to relax. I've run into a bit of a dead end in trying to track down my cousin. Up until recently I thought I had no relatives. I've got no leads on getting his contact information though. Hey! You do fundraising stuff right? Maybe you've got him on a list for one of your events.

    Vox: What's his name?

    Lynx: Willy.

    Vox: Last name?

    Lynx: I dunno.

    Vox goes through his contacts in his address book.

    Vox: Hmmmm.... Nope.... I don't have a "Willy I Dunno" in here. I've got a "Willy Dunlock" but nothing matches your cousin's name.

    Lynx: No, that's not what I.... Never mind. He was named as my benefactor according to an Estonian third party benefits provider. What about your celebrity friends? Do you think they could help me track him down?

    Vox ponders for a minute.

    Vox: Now that you mention it, I recall Super Dave Osborne mentioning the other day that he knew a great private investigator.

    He types in a number and calls it on his phone.

    Vox: Dave? Hey. It's Vox......... No, VOX......... Yeah! From the fundraising event for school construction in Nepal! I need your help with something......... No, it's not another donation request.

    Doreen closes her menu and looks in Vox's direction. Lynx is listening as well.

    Vox: I'm here with a friend from work who is looking to track down a family member. What was the name and address of that Private Investigator who you mentioned at the fundraiser?

    A few seconds pass.

    Vox: Got it......... No, I'm all out of whopcorn but I'll bring some next time. I just have to make sure Richard Karn is going to be there too......... What? Oh, sure......... Thanks Dave!

    He hangs up.

    Lynx: Well?

    Vox: I got the name and address of the Private Eye. Turns out that the Private Eye lives in the same city that our match against Randy and Yemrez is in. Would you and Doreen care to make a donation to help me out in return for getting you in touch with the Private Eye? There's kids in South Africa who need computers and just a few hundred dollars should make a big difference.

    Doreen sighs.

    Lynx: How about I let you sit with us tonight and I pay for your dinner instead?

    Vox: Deal.

    October 7th, 2017
    19:01 PM

    The day had come. They decided over dinner on the 24th that Vox was going to ride with Lynx and Doreen to their next match at Ascension 121. In return Vox would get Lynx to the Super Dave's private investigator before the match. It was a long 11 hour drive from Kansas to Cleveland. Doreen got them a rental car. She was going to do most of the driving while Lynx and Vox sat in the back so that she would not have to listen to Vox about his fundraising escapades. They were almost there according to Vox's directions.

    Lynx: We'll probably need that address soon. What was the name of the street for where this guy works at again?

    Vox: Morton. Like the koopaling from Super Mario.

    Lynx: What?

    Vox: Morton. Like the salt.

    Lynx: Gotcha. Is the exit on the left or the right?

    Vox: The exit is on the right. Stay on this road until you hit Morton. It's just a few miles down from there. My GPS says we are 5 minutes away.

    Lynx: Did you hear that, Doreen? Take a right in 5 minutes on Morton. It's spelled like the salt.

    Doreen: She will turn right on Morton in 5 minutes. Thank you.

    October 7th, 2017
    19:40 PM

    Upon realization of what time it now is, Lynx is suddenly concerned.

    Lynx: It's been way longer than 5 minutes. Are you sure it was on Morton, Vox?

    Vox: That's what Dave said. It should have been on the right.

    Lynx: Doreen, pull over. We need to just ask for directions at a gas station or something at this point.

    They reach a gas station at a highway intersection and Doreen pulls over. Lynx and Vox both get out of the rental car to go inside. Doreen stays in the car with the AC turned on. Inside Lynx sees a man in a teal colored shirt behind the counter. Vox goes over to the candy aisle.

    Lynx: Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to a street called Morton from here?

    Guy In The Teal Shirt: Morton? There's no street called Morton in this town. There's a "Moton". Did you mean that? You're a good 30 minutes past that exit.

    With a groan Lynx turns around to see Vox looking at the candy.

    Lynx: Vox! You got the wrong address..... What are you doing now?

    Vox: Grabbing some ingredients for a snack for later.

    At that moment a couple enter the gas station. An arrogant looking male and a woman of Estonian descent. Doreen enters behind them and she goes up to Lynx.

    Doreen: She decided to fill up the car before we leave. Did you find out where we are? Doreen is ready to go when you are.

    Lynx: Genius over here gave us the wrong address. We need to go back the way we came for about 30 minutes.

    The arrogant man approaches the three of them.

    Stanley Rud: Well hello there. My name is Stanley Rud. Who is the lovely lady with?

    Before Lynx has a chance to inform Stanley that Doreen is just a friend, Stanley keeps talking.

    Stanley Rud: Doesn't matter. After you two guys lose to Randy Studd and Yemrez on Ascension she will no longer want to be with either of you. You should be like Randy Studd. He knows how to act around women. And so do I.

    Lynx laughs at this.

    Lynx: No he doesn't. That guy is a jerk and from the sounds of it, so are you.

    The Estonian woman, walks over to stand by Stanley.

    Estonian NPC Girl: Yemrez picked the perfect partner. She and Randy Studd are going to show you what mayhem is all about.

    Lynx: Yeah, I don't see that happening. Their past shows they just battled over the Mayhem Championship. How's Randy going to do when Yemrez tries to make a statement about the title belt? Yemrez herself needs to watch out when around a man who is more interested in the companionship of a woman than the match we will be in. My tag team partner and I see eye to eye, unlike our opponents. Isn't that right, Vox?

    He looks behind him, only to find that Vox has returned to the candy aisle. He heard the conversation though. He waves at Lynx and Doreen with a grin on his face. Stanley looks furious and the Estonian woman also looks angry.

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