AS 107 - Titus Avison & John Doe vs Vee A.D.Z

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    RP deadline is 23/05/16 at 23:59pm
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    WZCW Headquarters... The day after Ascension 106...

    A table for two is set inside a studio. The background was pure white, probably set for the further editing after the interview. A tripod is set with a cameraman holding its position. WZCW’s residential Interviewer Leon Kensworth is occupying one chair. The other chair is left waiting for the WZCW’s smartest wrestler, Vee A.D.Z.

    Vee walks in, wearing his casual backstage attire, nothing too fancy. He takes his spot in the chair placed opposite to Leon. A backstage production worker immediately walks in and fits a mic on Vee’s shirt collar. Vee gestures a smile at him and gets ready for the question and answer session with Leon Kensworth.

    Leon: WZCW universe, I welcome my guest at this time on your behalf, for this Sit-down interview, the #1 Contender for the EurAsian Championship, Vee A.D.Z.

    Vee: Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Hey you… look over here, mate.

    Vee points at the cameraman who looked baffled with Vee’s actions with the camera still rolling.

    Vee: Sorry Leon, I didn’t mean to embarrass you but you started off this session without asking why I’m here for. You, cameraman… Johnson yeah right, just zoom the frame close to me. Cover me up, alright. This isn’t going to be a question and answer session for some scripted set of questions, not a shoot interview on my opponents for my upcoming handicap match certainly not going to be a sentimental story to gain some sympathy. I came here just only for my fans.

    First of all, I like to convey my sincere thanks to every fan who have been cheering me in the last few months. When I first entered this company, I had no clear background or a physique that might look intimidating. But still, when I stepped inside the ring each night, I got carried away by the support I got from the WZCW universe. It might be because I was fighting against the guys who the fans love to hate! In the past few months, I can sense the scenario has been changing. I can hear some of you, cheering actually for me and my performances. Thank you all for that. I never got any chance to thank you all in person, that’s the reason why I’m here for.

    When I started my Wrestling career, I used to fight in my gym. There will be just six of us and after our match, we used to stay at the ringside to cheer the others who were yet to fight. Those clap sound arises from those 5 odd pair of hands was enough for us to fight our hearts out. But now, I am listening to thousands of fans screaming and cheering for me when I walk down the ramp, kick my opponents head and while doing those acrobatic stunts. I can’t tell you enough how much grateful I’m. That makes me feel like I am Phenomenal.

    Life had taught me many a lessons. One of them is to be fearless. There were some fans asking me on twitter what I was doing in the ramp during the match between Flex Mussel and Titus Avison. Some even asked me what thoughts were going through my head during that fight. Flex Mussel, the healthiest man alive, did all he could in that ring, yet couldn’t reap the reward. He represented one of the greatest stables in the history of WZCW. He retired a greatest Superstar in WZCW history and still he couldn’t win over Titus. And this is what my fans have been asking me. If a man of that caliber couldn’t beat Titus, can I beat him? Even if you consider the odds of me beating him at Unscripted, at Ascension there can possibly be a chance I might get ganged up. I might not even be cleared to wrestle at Unscripted. It’s a bit of a gamble, I’ll tell you what, I firmly believe what I can do. I love my fans, but not all the time I would listen to them. Please don’t feel pity for me. I don’t need that. Don't ask me how possible I can do what I believe in. I believe in myself more than what you believe in me and I won't disappoint neither of us.

    I know John Doe and Titus are not going to show me any mercy at the Ascension 107. At the same time, I don’t need your mercy too. Just shower me with your cheers. Whether I take a hit or give back one, I’m doing it with much liking. So just keep cheering me. Booing them won't make them stop from being assholes. More importantly, I don’t want you to cheer me because I am going to fight against the guys you hate. Do cheer me for what I am for you. Do cheer me for the win. I love you guys, Thank you.

    Oh, by the way, don’t try this at home, school or anywhere. Especially not what Titus has been doing in the recent months. If you want to play with ball, grab something bigger like a soccer ball or something, not the testicles. Thank you, thank you very much.

    Vee stands up suddenly and removes the mic from his collar. He points at the production worker before dropping it on the table. He doesn’t forget to give a quick handshake to Leon Kensworth with a wide smile on his face, much unlikely to the confused reaction of Leon. He walks off the studio.

    More to follow…
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    Titus: Vee A. B. C. whatever it is, is next in line. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame with me. And I can't blame them.

    Irrelevant of the situation Vee could hear the voice and words of Titus, as it was rephrased through his ears. He looked to his side, there stands a mighty Titus Avison banner, holding his EurAsian Championship, outside the window. Vee wakes up from his dream!

    Sitting in his bed, Vee looks baffled for a moment before realizing it wasn’t a dream actually, it’s the match that took place three years back in Dublin, Ireland. One of the few MMA matches he had, before deciding to become a Professional Wrestler. His eidetic memory has a lot of space to store all the events that occurred in the past. But he wasn’t pleased with Titus’ embarrassing lines plaguing his good memories.

    He sits up on his bed and notices his phone blinking. He picked it up to see his beloved Girlfriend Sara calling him. He swipes the screen to answer the call.

    Sara: (through phone) Hello my dearest! I just had landed in England now. Been a rough week for me.

    Vee: Ha! Tell me about it.

    Sara giggles at his reply. He could hear those sweet chuckles through the phone.

    Sara: (through phone) It wasn’t much of a great travel. Jetlag ah! Oh, before you could say something, give me a moment to talk, honey. Else I’ll forget what I wanted to say. I tried to call your parents as soon as I boarded off the flight, but they weren’t answering the call. I’ll wait at my friend’s place till I hear back from them. Then I’ll go and convince them to be at the ringside for your match at Unscripted.

    Vee: Sweet! By the way, do consider the Time-Zone when you try to call me, my love.

    Sara: (through phone) Awe meanie! Go back to sleep!

    Vee ends the call after a few minutes of further romantic conversation (Which isn’t scripted, it’s private! Mind you, old chaps. Don’t ask for it). The night passes slowly as Vee sleeps calm and deep. Few hours later the sky starts to spread its Reddish orange curtain, signifies the dawn. But still stood outside the window, the mighty Titus’ banner. Through that flashing beams of the sun, there is an impudent grin adorned the face of Titus with his hands clutching tight to the Eurasian Championship.


    The following day… Around 12:30 pm…

    A taxi stops in front of Saint Cecilia Church in Wisconsin. Vee boards off it, wearing a British Tuxedo suit, but with no bowtie. He adjusts his cufflinks and starts to walk towards the church. He stands at the doorstep; for a moment, he was gob-smacked by the beauty of it. It is its colossal beauty that took away Vee as he’s a passionate lover of architectural creations. He looks up high, monitoring every details of that architectural work. He steps inside the colossal door, again he was taken away the beauty of the inner decorations.

    Vee: My dad used to say, Indians are the best in architecture. I had other opinions, in fact, I thought it was the Romans. But both our opinions are highly debatable with this beauty. This beauty is sculpted by a man and not a God or by a Saint himself. Ah, it’s nonsense to talk about Atheism inside a Church.

    It was mid-noon and the church is completely deserted except for the Janitors. That gave Vee a necessary space to talk all he wants as he didn’t want any debaters with him in that moment. He looks up at the drawings inscribed on the walls, which tells the story of Jesus and his followers. The beauty of the church is escalated by the glass paintings and its mold. Upon its wall, there he notices something written in Old Catholic font.

    For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life – John 3:16

    The moment his eyes meet the name John sculpted on the wall, he felt a flow of warmness down his spine. It rekindles the name of one of the two opponents he’ll be facing at Ascension the next week.

    Vee: John Doe. (a brief pause) The left hand of God!? I have heard in the past that John Doe is a Militant Atheist if not, a strong disbeliever; from when did he become the left hand of the One he doesn’t believe in? I don’t accuse of his believes and all. You see, everyone needs something to believe in. When you go to sleep, you won’t be certain of what will happen the next day when you wake up, if you don’t have something to believe in.

    He looks around like if he’s making sure no one’s around him.

    Vee: (whispers to himself) I do believe in something as well. I say to myself every night before I go to sleep. I stand in-front of my mirror and tell myself that I make my own fortune. I create my destiny.

    He walks down the red carpet, with his hands caressing the wooden guard rail. He lets his fingers to run through each of the pattern as he caresses. He stands before the candle stands. There were hundreds of candles left to be lighten up.

    Vee: I don’t have much knowledge in religion. But what I do know is, everything has a dark side. I too have inside me, speaking to me sporadically through my head. I sometimes debate with them, sometimes listen to them and sometimes I do embrace them. But what does this guy, who calls himself the Left hand of God embrace? Pure darkness.

    He lights up a candle with a match stick that vanishes the little darkness surrounding the place even if it was mid-noon. The wax starts to melt and Vee gets too curious to touch it. He keeps playing with the flames as he holds the candle and walks towards a locked room on his left only to get interrupted by a Janitor.

    Janitor: You are not allowed to enter this room, Sir. This is prohibited.

    Vee: Oh… Is that so? But may I know why?

    Janitor: This is the room where the Church’s Pastors keep few of the Clemencies as a written document. They used to write up the sins confessed by some of the biggest crime doers. Sometimes they need to let out those burden, so they just write them down in a secret file and keep it locked in. How could you possible not know about this?

    Vee: (voice-over) Is that what you’re made of John? Clemencies clogged together at the throat of the passage in God’s way? Or you’re one of those feeble Pastors who couldn’t do his one job right.

    Janitor: Sir, you must leave now. I might get into trouble for letting you even close to this room.

    Vee smirks and blows the candle off; handing it over to the Janitor before walking back to the series of chairs arranged for prayers. He takes a seat in the middle of the third row and puts his left leg over the right knee and looks up at the ceiling.

    Vee: Secrets are meant to be kept safe. Perhaps John Doe is the guardian of his own secrets. Ha! What am I thinking?! Instead of searching for his secrets and contemplating the ways to beat him, all I must do is to be a believer. A necessary believer who believes in Oneself. Critics might ask what am I doing in a Church. Honestly, I love spending time in a Church because most of the times it is calm and peaceful that can be refreshing to my mind.

    He pauses for a while to let the breeze to slowly drift pass him that blows his hair gently.

    Vee: I do need to refresh my mind. Because at Ascension 107, I’m not up against one, but two. The self-proclaimed Left Hand of God John Doe, and the man who considers himself as the God of Wrestling, Titus.

    He smiles once again and wander his sight around the prayer hall. The Janitor who prohibited him from getting close to the Clemency room, is seem to be puffing a Cigarette outside the left entrance.

    Vee: Hypocrisy! It has plagued all over the world, hasn’t it? I have heard of his Legends, but when I see, all I see is Hypocrisy personified in a human form. He just presumes that everyone is gravitated before him. Mind you, mate. There are forces stronger than that, you just can’t make me gravitate before you. Even with your unproportioned partner John Doe by your side. At Unscripted, you will fall. No one will care when your legacy falls. Atop, I will be there breathing the rarified air.

    The Church Clock Strikes ONE as the screen fades to black.

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    The day before Ascension 107...

    John had just hung up, and tosses his cell into a gym bag that is hanging open from the hotel room's bathroom door. He falls backward, rest his head against the soft blankets. His body, and his mind for that matter, have not yet grown accustom to traveling like the rest of the WZCW roster. His dwellings, until now, had been entirely made up of uncomfortable cots and dimly let cellars. This Motel 6 might as well have been a Hilton.

    The call was from one Titus Avison, better known as the five-time Oscar winner, and even better known to WZCW fans as the current EurAsian champion. He had called to confirm John's alliance for the upcoming episode of Ascension. His mind was more willing than ever to take the fight to Vee A.D.Z. on his own, but his body was weary from the gauntlet he had been through the previous two weeks.

    He (Titus) had heard Vee boasting about being able to take on two men, and used what backstage pull he had remaining to arrange such a contest, before finding an ally in battle. Who would be willing to step in and fight beside him? Who could be manipulated into being a pawn for Titus on such short notice?

    John Doe: Why me?

    John saw right through the smile that Titus flashed him. He knew he was being used to wage someone else's war. But that was the beauty of the path he had set himself on. Titus didn't sucker him into a fight, or try any form of trickery. He dropped a whopper of information into Doe's lap.

    Titus Avison (voice-over): This guy Vee hears voices. At least I think he does. I've spied him talking to himself in the mirror quite a bit.

    John sat up, looking into his own mirror.

    John Doe: Everyone wears a mask.

    There was something beneath the confident exterior that was just dying to be exposed. And John knew he was just the man for the job. Titus knew it as well. John eagerly accepted the...assignment.

    John Doe: Vee has continuously failed to snatch the brass ring, when it has so often been dangled in front of him. King For A Day. Gold Rush. Now, he finds himself as the #1 Contender for the EurAsian championship, which he will undoubtedly fail to win. The stress must be creating a fissure in his psyche. The confident, strong exterior, clashing with the doubtful, anxiety-ridden interior. Perhaps it delves even deeper.

    John lets his thoughts return to his impromptu meeting with Eve, where his last mask was set ablaze by his own hand. In that moment, one part of him was reaching out, wishing to smother the flames and return to under the familiarity of the leather face covering. Another reached out, letting the flames lick at its fingertips, admiring the destruction. But, in finality, one voice won out. The violent, destructive, unleashed side.

    One of Vee's sides would need to win, and Doe would need to investigate further, to see which he would allow to win out.

    John Doe: Let's see how close to the edge we can nudge Mr. A.D.Z. before he cracks. Even better if his parents, or that pretty little girlfriend of his were in attendance...

    With those words, John's mind trails off, remembering a psychiatric evaluation he was forced to undergo at WZCW's home office...

    The day after Gold Rush...

    Dr. Jacobs: Well, it doesn't look good, Mich....John.

    John Doe: And what does that mean exactly? That I'm a freak? That maybe I belong back in Iowa? In

    John had just been told he had "serious mental health concerns", and should be on relatively heavy medications, as well as seeing a therapist, almost daily. After leaving the hospital, he had sworn to never touch another med, and to let his mind be free from outside control.

    Dr. Jacobs: No. Not a "freak" at all. These issues are quite common, actually. Please, let us prescribe you some low-dose meds, and see what happens in the next, say...2-3 weeks?

    John Doe: No meds. I've told you. What are some organic home-recipe-type things I can try?

    Dr. Jacobs: It's outside the box, but saffron is something that is widely used to battle some of these symptoms you're showing. Depression. Anxiety. Sleeplessness.

    John Doe: Saffron? Hm...

    Sometime in-between...

    John is strolling through a hospital, waving off anyone who asks for help, but often stopping to check directories and information points. Then he sees what he's looking for, and a twisted smile forms...

    John Doe: Saffron...

    "Did you know that an ounce of saffron is almost the same price as an ounce of gold? I'd take the saffron any day"​
    ~ Anonymous​
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