AS 107 - Luke Manson vs Noah Ryder vs Xaitlyn Serpiente

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    RP deadline is 23/05/16 at 23:59pm
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    ***At Awakened Spirits***

    Upon entering the house, We see Xaitlyn resting on a rocking chair with Ennette sleeping in her lap. These two female mates have been together since 13 years and they have been enjoying each moment of life with each other.

    Suddenly, Xaitlyn wakes up while screaming, "Don't Kill him please, I beg you!" multiple times. This obviously awakes Ennette who tries to calm her down. The latter however doesn't ask the reason about her mate's such behaviour as she already knows about it being the former's habit since a long time.

    Ennette: आह, फिर से यह सब क्यों होने लग गया है?
    {Aah, Why is this happening again?}

    Xaitlyn: अच्छा है ना यार, इसी बहाने याद रहता है अपना मकसद मुझे।
    {That's good na, mate. This way, my main motive is memorized.}

    While saying the above statement, we see her eyes full of anger and revenge to be taken but all along the enraged eyes, we also notice a smile on her face. What a deadly combo, no?

    Ennette: हां, वो तो है। मकसद से याद आया कि डब्लियू.जेद.सी.डब्लियू. के बारे में क्या कहा उस बुद्धु ने?
    {Yeah, that's right. By the way, what did that dumbo say about W.Z.C.W.?

    Xaitlyn:नहीं उस...
    {Nah, he...}

    Suddenly Xaitlyn's phone rings, She just sees the name of the caller and gives a smile to Ennette who is demanding to know about the caller.

    Xaitlyn: तुमने शैतान को याद किया और शैतान हाजिर है। अब मुझे फिर अंग्रेजी बोलनी पड़ेगी।
    {Think of Devil and Devil just confirms his presence. Now I have to again speak English :shrug:}

    Then she picks up the call while Ennette is smiling after knowing the identity of the caller.

    Brendon Stokes: Good Morning, mam.

    Xaitlyn: Morning, dumbo. Well, my morning would be good if you tell about my progress in applying for W.Z.C.W?

    Brendon: Oh yeah, I just forgot to tell you about it.

    Xaitlyn: Typical Dumbo. Now tell me about it.

    Brendon: Why not. About W.Z.C.W, Well I have got some bad news for ya!

    Xaitlyn: Now if you have completed your usual dialogue-speaking, tell me everything about your so-called bad news.

    Brendon: Although you have successfully applied in W.Z.C.W. , yet you have been booked to face two wrestlers in your debut match thus making your path too difficult.

    Xaitlyn just smirks at the mention of "difficult" and continues to talk.

    Xaitlyn: Well, Easy is boring, man. Now tell me about my opponents and match details too.

    Brendon: Your opponents are Luke Manson and King For A Day Winner, Noah Ryder. Your match will be on Ascension 107 in BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have e-mailed your tickets and have booked your accommodation as well. I will send the detailed analysis about your opponents soon. W.Z.C.W. is going to be blasted by your debut. Bye, Gotta go now.

    Xaitlyn: Bye, Dumbo.

    The scene ends with Xaitlyn smirking while with clenched fists and then getting engaged in Naagin Dance along with Ennette.
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    A few hours before Ascension goes on the air, Stacey Madison is sitting in a chair in front of a camera. She has a stack of Interview cards that she is cycling through. In the chair next to her sits Luke Manson, who is in his ring attire but with bandages wrapped around the his ribcage. Stacey is given a signal that she is about to start the interview so she sets her notecards down.

    Stacey-Ladies and Gentleman of the WZCW Universe, Welcome to an exclusive Interview with one of the hottest new stars here, Luke Manson.

    She turns towards luke, who now has a smile on his face.

    Stacey-Luke, it's great to have you here.

    Luke-It's great to be here Stacey.

    Stacey-How are you feeling after last week?

    Luke looks confused but Stacey points to his bandages to clarify what she meant.

    Luke-Oh, the bandages!

    Stacey-Yes, I figured you have them on because of the beating you took from Garth during and after the match.

    Luke-Well, first off, he didn't give me a beating during the match. These bandages are from missing the Mansault. Second, he did attack me after the bell. Third, he did beat me. I am a rookie in this business and went one on one with the runner up from the Gold Rush Tournament and I think I left a good impression, despite the loss.

    Stacey-Yes, great impression! Now, later on tonight, you will be in a triple threat match against King for a Day, Noah Ryder and the debuting, Xaitlyn Serpiente. What's your thoughts on that match?

    Luke-Well, I have faced off against Noah before and won. I know what he can do in the ring. He is very talented and I can see why he won that King for a Day match.

    Stacey-You did face off against him on the preshow at Goldrush but you had a partner, Theron Daggershield. He is the one who got the pin as well.

    Luke-Theron did get the pin and picked up the victory for out team. So you can say that I have never picked up the victory for myself but that changes tonight when I face off against Noah'm not going to try to say her name.

    Stacey-Xaitlyn Serpiente.

    Luke-Yeah...I'm going to need you to write that one down for me. Besides having a crazy hard name to pronounce, I know absolutely nothing about her. I will be ready though. I do not plan on losing tonight.

    Stacey-Big words Luke. That's about all the time we have for tonight though. Good luck in your match.

    Luke-Thank you Stacey.

    The camera stops rolling and the two shake hands. Luke leaves and heads to his locker room. Tonight, he does have a difficult challenge but he needs to prove not only to himself that he belongs here, but to the WZCW universe as well.
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    Steven: Luke Manson and Xaitlyn Serpiente? I know we said last week we were "starting over", but I didn't think creative would take that as staring from the bottom.

    Steven is standing in the kitchen dressed in a cheap grey suit on his cell phone. The King for a Day briefcase is sitting on the counter. The words "King for a Day" have been spray painted over with the same gold colour as the briefcase, but are still visible to the naked eye. In walks Noah Ryder, dressed only in his boxers, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms and Special K cereal in milk.

    Look, you tell them we want to do an interview tonight. Something to get the word out that Noah Ryder is back. Yes I know he never left. Yes this is my normal job, we'll see you tonight.

    Steven hangs up the phone and Noah leans over the counter and slurps from his bowl on cereal. Steven looks down at the bowl and then up at Ryder.

    Are you eating my Lucky Charms?

    Ryder: I wanted something sweet to go with my healthy and good Special K cereal.

    If it’s so good, why aren’t you just eating it?

    Because they are what makes Special K cereal so good.

    You should become a spokesman for Special K cereal.

    I assumed that’s what you were doing on your phone. You look like my agent.

    Steven heads over to the coffee pot and pours a cup.

    You couldn’t afford me, I was actually calling about your match tonight. And if I was your agent, I promise you that I will always demand that they add a 1 and two 0’s in front of whatever they offer.

    As long as it’s not 1001 pesos, I’ll be happy.

    Steven walks back in front of Noah and sips on his coffee.

    What’s in the briefcase?

    Steven puts the cup down on the counter.

    Honestly, it’s your WZCW contract.

    Cool. Why you keeping it inside this gold spray painted briefcase?

    For safe keeping.

    Well I have this safe inside my room.

    Don’t open that. I haven’t cleaned the ash yet from the papers you lit on fire, that helped you remember your past and everything you’ve done, because you suffer from terrible memory loss.


    Uh, what?

    I didn’t say anything.

    Oh thank God. I thought you did. Anyway, it’s a good contract they signed you to, so I’m holding onto it. It came with a clause in it, which entitles you to a title match anytime you want for 1 full year.

    Oh, like King for a Day.

    Steven slaps his hand on the counter.

    Exactly like that.

    That’s amazing. I’m not going to be using it for the next while though. There’s no way that I am beating Showtime.

    No there really isn’t anyway you’ll be able to do that. No possible way. Unfortunately though it’s only good for one of the middle card titles.

    I’m thinking I want to use that on the Mayhem title. So many great champions got their start in the Mayhem division. Killjoy, who became Matt Tastic, Drake Callahan, Ty Burna, Steven Holmers, Showtime’s first title was also the Mayhem title. It would be a real shame if they ever retired that title.

    There actually wasn't a whole lot of fanfare about it. I think you could do better that belt.

    Well let’s throw a curveball and get on that phone and find a tag team partner. A big guy like Rush, or a skilled guy like Sam Smith would really work. Triple X is unbelievably talented and I think he and I would really run through the division.

    Mmhmm, let’s put those ideas up for consideration another day. Today lets focus on your match tonight, your first match in WZCW. Let’s work your way up the ladder again before he knock off the big fish. Tonight you are facing….. Luke Manson and Xaitlyn Serpiente.

    Is this a tryout match? I thought you said you got me a contract.

    No you do. These are BIG international names. This isn’t a tryout, this is an opportunity. Look at it as, one of you will go on to do big things in WZCW. That could be you.

    Well I do want to compete and win at Kingdom Come.

    And you can, again.

    Noah slurps up the rest of his cereal and places the bowl down.

    Alright then. Let’s do this.

    Noah picks up his bags and heads for the door.

    Pants there Leonard. We wouldn’t anyone there to think you’re a weirdo.


    Madison: Ugh, I have to interview that weirdo Noah Ryder again.

    Stacey Madison is staring at the interview schedule posted on the board in their dressing room. Johnny Klamour walks up beside her, dipping his donut into his coffee.

    Klamour: Just do what I do, talk baseball with him. He loves baseball. He truly believes the Detroit Tigers are going to win the World Series. It’s so funny to hear him talk about that now in 2016.

    Okay Johnny, baseball? Eww gross. Chewing tobacco. Butt injections.

    So it’s the location of the injection that turns you off from men?

    Stacey slaps Johnny across the face.

    Shut your mouth Johnny. I’m a professional. I’m going to go talk about this match and what this means to him, and then I’m going to go ask his friend is he has any of Noah’s medication on him.

    Stacey stomps out of the room and heads down the hall. She sees Noah sitting on some crates chatting with some staff. She walks right up to him.

    Hello Noah Ryder. Hi, my name is-

    Stacey Madison! It’s so nice to finally meet you.

    Stacey has her hand out to shake Noah’s, but the much taller Noah pulls her in to a surprisingly warm hug. Stacey’s emotions range from awkwardness, to disgust, to sympathy, and even appreciation. Noah releases the hug and scratches the back of his head.

    Hi, my name is Noah Ryder.

    I know.

    Phew, that’s a relief. I’m just super happy to be hear right now. Everything's so exciting right now. I’m pumped. I want to run laps, but Steven doesn’t want me to get tired and take a nap. What’s up with that? Is he like my caregiver or something?

    I hear you.

    Hey you know, um, I’m engaged. To a super sweet girl, Jessica. She’s great, but what I’m meaning to say is, she’s out of town right now. Could be for days or weeks, and I don’t really know anyone here. I like Steven, but the dude is like making out my whole schedule for me today. It’s weird, I want to get away from him for a bit. Would you be interested in getting a drink or a bite to eat tomorrow.

    Yeah, you know that would be really great. I know this great place-

    Stacey drops her head straight down, remembering who she is talking to.

    Great, how about I get your number.

    Stacey looks up at Noah with a little sadness in her eye.

    Yeah it’s really easy to remember. It’s 987-654-3210.

    Wow, that is really easy.

    Mmhmm. I’m sure you won’t forget it.

    Noah smiles.

    Noah, I was wondering if I could get an interview with you.

    Absolutely. Let’s do this thing.

    Okay we’re going in 3… 2… 1. Hello WZCW fans. I’m Stacey Madison and standing next to me is “The unforgettable” Noah Ryder. Noah, tonight on Ascension you face Luke Manson and Xaitlyn Serpent in a triple threat match. Do you feel that this is a step back for you at all?

    No not at all Stacey, because this is WZCW. The greatest wrestling company in history. It doesn’t matter if these guys competed for world titles in other companies, you start from square one here. Just like me. I’m hear to make a name for myself. I feel that I have the skills to take me to the top and I’m only just realizing my potential. I’m quick, I’m strong. I got a boot of destruction right down here and a mind up here that cannot be broken. These two want to get their foots in the door and start climbing the ladder. So do I. I want to be in the main events, I want to compete for the titles. To do that I have to win, and I will. One boot at a time.

    The next PPV Unscripted is only a month or two away. Is there any particular match that you are hoping to have?

    Yes there is Stacey. This may sound arrogant, but I want a match against Titus.

    Titus!?! You want a match against the Eur-

    Against the greatest wrestler in WZCW history. You better believe that I want a match against him. I look up to Titus. He’s a legend in this business. He is the reason that I, and so many others, are here now. To be in the ring against him, would be an honour. To compete and win against him would be my greatest accomplishment thus far in my career. I’d look back on it forever.

    Oh Noah.

    Honestly though, I’d be happy to have a match with anybody. I’m just excited to be here. I want to work, and earn my way up the ladder. I’ll take my beatings and I’ll dish them back out. I will be more victorious than not from here on out.

    Are there any long term goals you have in WZCW. Any titles you would like to compete against?

    My long term goals are pretty much the same as they were before. To continue to improve and get better, and to face the toughest competition. I will face that here. Whatever titles the company feels I’ve earned though, I will take and make good on those opportunities. If I had to pick one title though, it would be the Elite X Title. Right now I think the current and former champions are a bit soft compared to others on the roster right now. I think a few strong wins and I could get a shot at the belt. Thank you Stacey for the interview. I’ll be sure to call you later.

    Noah turns and walks away. As he walks down the hall he accidentally bumps into one half of the tag team champions, Justin Cooper. Noah turns to face him.

    That’s right, I hope you heard. I’m coming for that title.

    Noah continues down the hall. Cooper pulls out his cell and calls Mark Keaton.

    Cooper: Mark, that Noah Ruder fella either challenged us to a match, or he thinks that I am still the Elite X Champion.

    Cooper laughs and heads down the hall.
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