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    Good morning fans of the 2010 Wrestlezolympics!

    I wanted to take a moment to annouce that tomorrow, polls will open to decide whether teams will use one of their "alternates" to sub in for a "starter" heading into the 2nd half of the Wrestlezolympics. All events in the first half except for the Team Survivor Series Challenge are currently deciding their medalists, and the 2nd half should be set to begin early next week.

    The events in the 2nd half of the Wrestlezolympics are as follows:

    Tag-Team Tournament
    King of the Mountain
    Ultimate X
    Elevation X
    Team Event - 40-man Battle Royal

    Needless to say there is a decided TNA-centric theme to the 2nd half of the Wrestlezolympics, though only the Ultimate X match is so unique in its rule structure that it would create a significant advantage for TNA veterans.

    The alternates for each team are as follows:

    Team USA: John Cena, AJ Styles
    Team Canada: Christian, Stu Hart
    Team Japan: Great Muta, Hayabusa
    Team Mexico: Hernandez, Psicosis
    Team UK: Big Daddy, Fit Finlay
    Team NZ/Aussie: Rip Morgan, Jack Victory
    Team Russia: does it matter?
    Team Samoa: Peter Maivia, Sika Anoi'a

    Fans will have a chance to sub in one or even both of the alternates in exchange for two of the starters if they feel that people on this list have a greater chance of victory in the 2nd half events. A few words of caution:

    1. It may be tempting to sub out Luke and Butch for Rip Morgan and Jack Victory, but the Bushwhackers / Sheepherders represent one of the only legitimate tag teams in the field.

    2. It may also be tempting to look to oust Yokozuna in favor of The Great Muta or Hayabusa, but that would potentially weaken Japan in the Battle Royal Team Event.

    3. AJ Styles has more Ultimate and Elevation X experience than anyone, but dear God who from the powerhouse USA team would be eliminated?

    Just a few thoughts to share with all of you. Each team will have individual substitution threads up tomorrow for you all to discuss / debate, and the poll will open Wednesday thru Saturday.

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