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Discussion in 'WWE NXT' started by Pay Per Ghost, Dec 28, 2017.

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    In probably the best possible way.

    Now for those who checked out NXT tonight, Gargano won the Fatal 4 Way in what is to be a late entry in the MOTY discussion.

    Great storytelling, beautiful carnage and everyone come out just dandy.

    The big thing that kinda came in the end was that Black finally was beaten after the UA attacked and led to his defeat,

    Black Vs Cole is a gold mine, and thank god the streak is over.
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    When you get right down to it, everyone in the main event was protected while simultaneously made to look strong.

    When you get right down to it, the match last night might ultimately be the first look at what makes up much of the TakeOver: Philadelphia card. Almas vs. Gargano will be a highly entertaining match, they tore it up at TakeOver: Chicago back in May in a match that had very little build so their match next month has the potential for a genuine MOTY candidate for 2018.

    Aleister Black getting a match against Adam Cole makes all the sense in the world in that Cole not only cost Black the #1 contender spot for the NXT Championship, he also cost Black his undefeated streak. Black is still undefeated in 1 on 1 matches, but his streak is over. He and Cole had a great bout in their qualifying match to see who got the spot in the fatal fourway match, so the follow up could be even better.

    You also have to think that Lars Sullivan and Killian Dane will meet in Philly, both of them are coming along nicely and I'm surprised to see how Dane has really separated himself as being the real stand out among the men of SAnitY. Sullivan is just a beast who makes the most out of every opportunity he gets so this should be a very entertaining hoss fight.
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    Very much this.

    Even if Black took the pin, he looked no weaker in the process. With the Undisputed Era costing Black the match, I am hopeful it will lead to a feud between the two that will culminate in a match at the next Takeover. While most are looking forward to a match between Cole and Black, I'm looking for the newly crowned NXT tag champions to defend their titles against Black and a mystery partner that'll turn out to be The Velveteen Dream. Cole costs them the tag titles then we can build to the big money match of Adam Cole vs Aleister Black at Takeover: New Orleans.
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    That match was something else. I definitely agree that Aleister Black taking the pinfall served him very well. Undefeated streaks serve their owner oh so little once they're broken. Almost as if doing it without ceremony protected Black better than anything else, which isn't a statement meant to discredit the lengths that the match took to protect all participants.

    I question the logic of Gargano diving at Cole only to roll Aleister back into the ring, but as I say so I have to admit that I'm splitting hairs.
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    I think this was a really smart move on their part. Now it give Aleister a instant feud with somebody higher up the card which i feel should have happened months ago and he doesn't have the anchor of a undefeated streak holding him down anymore.

    Now, it's all in the execution of the feud that will tell how they feel about the guy. If they see him as a top guy then he should still be booked strong against somebody the caliber of a adam Cole. If they see him as just a midcarder then they will book him as just another guy for the undisputed era to conquer.

    Personally since i'm a big fan of Aleister Black and feel he could be something big on the main roster if you continue with that dark mysterious personna they gave him, i really hope that he just goes through adam cole and they don'T book him to go 50/50 with him. You need to sacrifice having a 5 star match for the sake of building a character which isn't the strong point of NXT.

    In the end, i'm just glad to see him move up the card because he'S one of the rare one that i actually get invested in on the NXT roster and i see him have a bright future if booked right.
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    I don't care who attacked. Find someone else to pin. It both doesn't put anyone over, and ends his non-pin streak.

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