Aftershock 32 (Feat. 2013 WZCW Awards)

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    When ideals clash, a battle is fought to prove who's right and who's wrong. No matter what, the winners are the ones who write history.





    Klamor: Welcome back, to the CFE Arena in Orland, Florida! For the 33rd edition of Aftershock! Tonight is the Best of 2013 awards show! And, in our main event, Blade goes one on one with the bear-obsessed Diabolos. Hope he's done hibernating.

    Becky: Also, Matt Tastic locks up with WZCW's other bear aficionado, Grizzly Bob!

    Klamor: And Becky pronounces a word with 5 syllables! It's gonna be a surprising night.

    Becky: ..shut up...

    Klamor: We also have the 2013 WZCW Awards! We guarantee special guests presentators tonight. Surprising indeed! Lets get to it.

    Matt Tastic struts down the ramp ripping away signs from the fans and ripping them up with a smug scowl on his face as he grabs a mic and enters the ring. He seems to have his head bandaged for some reason.

    Matt: Alright, listen closely putitas. You've got a great privilege getting to see me so early in the show.


    A large booing forces Matt to pause, but before he can continue the fans play another tune for him.

    One Week Reign! One Week Reign! One Week Reign!

    Matt: SHUT THE HELL UP!! Damn you, people! Last week I was freakin' screwed thanks to that damned robot. And what's worse is that he had the gall to attack me backstage after it.

    One Week Reign! One Week Reign! One Week Reign!

    Matt: At least I held a title recently! When's the last time your Orlando Magics did anything worth a damn?!


    Matt: I thought so. But anyway, I'm here with some sad news. Well, sad for you. Great for me. See, because of SHIT's unwarranted attack, I suffered a concussion. I am in no condition to fight this week. Therefor, ain't wrestling. So deal with it! I do realize that's an injustice to Grizzly Bob, who no doubt went through a lot of trouble walking out of Hillbilly Central to make it here tonight to... Hillbilly Central. So--

    SHIT marches down the ramp with no hesitation toward Matt Tastic who begins to panic in the ring but does not leave.


    Matt: Stop right there, you piece of crap! You step in this ring and you will never wrestle again! You'll be packed and shipped right back to the Cereal Box factories in Nebraska! I swear it! I'm gonna get rid of you. Some way, some how. But that won't be today. Now stay the hell away from me or Mr. Banks will fire your square ass.

    SHIT stops at ringside and looks at Matt, but doesn't care about the threat. He still marches on ahead. But he's jumped unexpectedly by a hooded man. The man grabs SHIT and holds him as Matt talks down on him.


    Matt: HAHAHAHA. You sound confident that Baez and I are one and the same. If that were the case then just who's that handsome son of a bitch holding you?

    The hooded man removes the hood revealing to indeed be Baez!?! SHIT looks on perplexed at the situation and confused.

    SHIT: Error. Impossible. Matt Tastic and Baez are one and the same. This is 100% proven fact. How...?

    SHIT marches on up the stage confused as Matt laughs on.

    Klamor: How the?! What the?! What the hell is this? How can he be in two places at once?

    Becky: I-I'm as confused as you. And SHIT.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here to present the 2013 award for Rookie of the Year... Last year's winner, Triple X!


    The crowd roars it's approval, as Triple X comes out of the entryway, and onto the stage. He comes to the podium, with a smirk on his face.

    Triple X: Well, well... A difference a year makes, huh?

    The crowd boos him.

    Triple X: See, last year I was greatful to win this award. And last year, Blade was probably washed up on some gutter somewhere, vomiting his own shame.

    Again, the crowd boos at this.

    Triple X: And now, I'm well on my way to bigger and better things, moving up in the world, and that's what this award is all about. Now Blade... Well, at least we know where he'll end up, rotting in some cell somewhere.

    Triple X chuckles at this, as the crowd starts a chant

    We want Blade! We want Blade! We want Blade! We want Blade!

    Triple X: Just as he ought to be... Anyhow, here are the nominees for 2013's Rookie of the Year!

    The titantron flickers, to the the names and images of the candidates...

    Triple X: And the winner is...

    Triple X: Dr. Zeus!

    The crowd boos at this, as Triple X claps, waiting for the award winner


    The music begins to play, but still no Zeus. the lights start to flicker, and then go out. But as the lights come back on, a man in a lab coat stands before Triple X. Though the crowd can't see his face, the crowd boos. The man takes the award from Triple X, and turns around... To reveal Drake Callahan! The crowd cheers at this, as Drake takes off the coat, revealing a suit. He calmly leans on the podium, holding Dr. Zeus' award.

    Drake: Surprise... Surprise...

    The crowd cheers, as Drake Callahan plays with the award in his hands.

    Drake: I'm sure you're all aware Dr. Zeus is nursing injuries from last night. Aware... I don't know if you care, I wouldn't. But I do care about why I left Dr. Zeus an absolute mess on Ascension last night... Would any you like to know?

    The crowd enthusiastically cheers, asking for Drake to explain his actions.

    Drake: Isn't it obvious? I know Dr. Zeus' biggest secret... I know his War Horse. Dr. Zeus has been using a lot of "we" dialogue recently... We will crusade, we will ride. All of that crap.

    Drake Callahan pauses for a second, as the crowd cheers him on.

    Drake: Well, does it surprise anyone else that Ty Burna is finally back in WZCW, now that Dr. Zeus is riding with a partner?

    The crowd cheers, then dulls into an excited murmur, at what Drake is presenting.

    Drake: Last week on Aftershock, Dr. Zeus speaks of an alliance... And Ty Burna just so happens to be back, on Meltdown. I know for a fact Dr. Zeus saw Ty Burna... And I know that he saw him, right after Dr. Zeus faced me, and right before Dr. Zeus faced Steven Kurtesy... I mean, don't we all get it? Zeus is working for Ty!

    The crowd boos this notion, of an alliance between Zeus and Ty Burna.

    Drake: So, I'll tell you what we'll do, Good Doctor... I'll just hold on to this for you. And I'll bring it to Meltdown 100. And either one of two things are going to happen. Either you will reveal to the world that you and Ty are together... Or I'll send you wherever you sent Steven Kurtesy. Choice is yours buddy... I'll be waiting...

    Drake leaves the podium, as the crowd cheers him on. He holds the triphy in his hands, and takes a final bow.
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    We return to Aftershock with Darren Bull in the ring pacing alongside referee Dillon Morse. Darren carries a mic and gets ready to speak.

    Darren: OK. I'm win this week. People will learn to respect me. Darren Bull. Bring out my opponent. I'll beat this Triple ? Guy, just like everyone else does. Now introduce men, girl.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first......

    The Jobber.

    Klamor: -Pfttt- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Darren: That's not my name!

    Anderson: I don't care.

    Serra: I don't think I ever heard Selena Anderson talk outside of introducing people.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Smogtown, New York, this is Haven!!

    The lights dim as the music starts and after a while the arena is covered in green lighting. All the way above the Tron screen one particular spotlight illuminates someone. Haven.

    Klamor: Isn't that a bit high? That's crazy.

    He leaps from high above and swings down on a zipline and swings all the way to the ring where he lands right in the middle. Darren has his jaw on the floor but after a little bit grabs the mic again.

    Darren: Hey! What the hell?! You aren't ??? Where's ????

    Haven: Sorry. See our match was rescheduled. You're facing me, this week.

    Darren: But what about Triple ??

    Haven: Well, I don't know. But if you're that insterested in battling him, I suggest you get your copy of Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal.

    Darren: That's not funny!

    Haven: It wasn't a joke, my friend. I suggest you focus on our match.

    Darren charges at Haven before the bell, but Haven ducks. Darren runs the ropes but Haven catches him coming in on a Firemans Carry and twirls around the ring quite a lot. He throws Darren to the canvas with a hard slam and poses for the crowd as if he weren't dizzy. Bull is though. Besides also being planted on the ground.

    * Ding Ding Ding *

    Klamor: Match is officially underway. Let's see if Haven can show us what he has this time. I heard he had to bail due to major personal issues. But now that that's all settled, he can compete here.

    Serra: He's fearless if nothing. I wouldn't dare be that high even if I was on-

    Klamor: We're on TV, Becky.

    Serra: Of course we are. Live from Orlando, Florida! Hi mom!

    After a long pause of posing, Darren slowly staggers back up as Haven looks on. He measures his damaged adversary but does nothing. Darren charges at him. Again. Haven ducks under and leaps over his running foe and stops it by running to the ropes himself and Springboarding off them. He falls on the oncoming Darren Bull with a huge Crossbody, flattening him. The crowd cheers loudly for it and Haven gets out of the ring and starts high fiving with the fans at ringside. Darren once again staggers around and notices Haven is nowhere in sight. He gets back up and finds him by the barricade with the fans. Sensing the chance, Darren runs for a Suicide Dive. But Haven simply moves out of the way leading Darren to go face first into the barricade!!

    Serra: Ouch!

    Klamor: I don't think that comes close to describing it, Becky.

    Darren bounces off and rolls in the floor in pain as Haven looks on concerned for him. He tries to check up on Darren, but Darren manages to kick him. Really. Haven goes from concerned to irritated. He climbs up the barricade with the fans holding him up and cheering him on. Darren slowly gets up and as soon as he does, Haven comes flying in with a Knee right into Bulls face! Haven gets up quickly and signs off to the fans. He throws Bull into the ring and follows. He stands him up and kicks him the gut and hits an X-Factor. The Iron Justice! Darren bounces and lands facing upward. By then, Haven is on the top rope and jumps! The Final Flash!! The fancy 450 flip-dive leads to the first...

    One !

    Two !

    Three !!

    And only cover of the match!!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Haven!!

    Klamor:There's nothing impressive about Darren Bull, but Haven managed to pull an impressive win out of him.

    Serra: Not to mention the impressive level of abuse Darren took here. It's like he got hit by a car.

    Klamor: Good thing he didn't wrestle Ricky Runn then.

    Haven celebrates with the fans heading up the ramp as his music plays him out.

    Anderson: Here to present the award for Tag Team of the Year, Austin Reynolds!


    Austin walks out, dressed in a tuxedo, to the adoration of the fans. He smiles, as he walks to the podium, and begins to speak.

    Reyonolds: Thank you all. Tonight, we honor the best. And I can't think of anything better than the Tag Team Division. Now, some of you may know I was in a tag team... And while my partner's turned out to be quite the dick.

    The crowd boos this

    Reynolds: We did have one hell of a team. So, without further ado, the nominees for Tag Team of the Year are...

    Once again, the names and faces of the nominees appear on the screen.

    Reynolds: And the winner is...

    Reynolds: Saxoteur!


    Saboteur walks on to the stage, looking a little bummed. He's wearing a party hat and tuxedo, but sure to keep his mask on. He shakes Reynold's hand, and leans on the podium

    Saboteur: Le sigh... Yet again. I'd like to thank all of the little people, the... I'm just not feeling it right now. It's... It's more than that douchnozzle Ricky Runn. I know I can kick his ass. And it isn't Axction Saxton not being able to accept. That's a bummer... But it's more... It's more, guys. Armando Paradyse... He got fired again, this year.

    The crowd mixes between cheers and boos, at the mentioning of Armando Paradyse.

    Saboteur: Now, now, guys. I've tried to keep it to myself, but I miss the guy. So, I thought I'd whip up a little something special for you all.

    The titantron begins to turn to clips of Armando Paradyse in the ring, and a familiar song plays


    Clips of the Angel, being beaten down, flicker on the scream. We see a clip of him begging for mercy, a clip of him tagging into Amber Warren, a clip of Armando Paradyse running through the audience. We then see a clip of Hades, being put into an armbar submission by Jimmy Flynn, and Saboteur stops the show.

    Saboteur: Wait, wait... How did that get in there? I just... Well, sorry guys, we all make little errors, and...

    ???: Hello? Hello?

    A face appears on the screen.


    Mama Paradyse: I'm looking for my boy again, has anyone seen my Armando recently?

    Saboteur looks around, before perking up a little.

    Saboteur: You know, that cheered me up a little. Because I can get my hands on Ricky Runn, and make him pay with his life. And at the very least... I'll never be Armando Paradyse...

    Saboteur looks up to the screen

    Saboteur: No offense, Mama Paradyse!

    Saboteur walks away, holding the trophy high in his hand
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    Flex Mussel and Ramparte are seen near the office of Chuck Myles, which the door is open. Flex knocks on the door, and is met by Chuck.

    Flex: Chuck, we gotta talk, man... We got screwed last night. There's no way we get beat by such wimps as LMD. We deserve a rematch, for the titles. I doubt they even went to the gym before their match... That's got to be some break of protocol!

    Chuck: Can't do anything for you, boys... You lost, fair and square. No rematch, no title shot yet!

    Flex curses to himself, as Ramparte looks on with a depressed gaze into the hallway. Walking up, though, is Haven, the successful new superstar of WZCW. Ramparte notices him, and goes to block his way towards the locker room.

    Ramparte: So... I'll bet you're feeling good about yourself tonight...

    Haven: Well, I do, but I have to be honest, I feel rather bad for that Triple Question Mark Guy. Fellow seems really miunderstood, and I gotta be honest... He'd probably have beaten that chap I just got done with.

    Flex aggressively squares up to Haven.

    Flex: We don't care... What we do care about, is skinny schlubs like you, walking around our locker room like you own the place. God, when's the last time you had a protein shake?

    Haven: Well, to be frank, I've always had a whey intolerance, so most protein shakes are-

    Flex: We don't care! We don't care what you're intolerant to. Personally, I'm intolerant to fellows like you. Fellows who haven't paid their dues. Maybe we should help you with those dues...

    Ramparte and Flex crowd around Haven, shoving him around. Hyada, wearing a Green Lantern hoodie, is walking up the hallway. He notices the scene in front of him, and decides he needs to get involved. He pushes away Cerberus, and squares up to fight. Flex and Ramparte look to one another... And back away, for now. Hyada looks over his shoulder, to see a roughed up Haven.

    Hyada: Hey....

    He turns around, to look at Haven.

    Hyada: I think heroes have a place here... Name's Jonathan Hyada.

    Hyada offers his hand to shake... Haven seems reluctant at first, but shakes his hand.

    Hyada: You ever need help... Let me know.

    Hyada walks away, leaving Haven to himself.


    We cut back to the ring.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 225 pounds, Jonathan Hyada!

    Hyada walks to the ring, still wearing the Green Lantern hoodie he was wearing before. He kneels to one knee and places his right fist into his left palm in front of his face as a sign of respect to the audience.

    Serra: We saw Hyada defend the new guy, Haven, from an amubush by Cerberus. Clearly he knows what it feels like to be the new guy, just breaking in.

    Klamor: That, or he's just a sad suck up.

    Serra: There's nothing sad about him, in the least.

    Hyada sits in the ring, waiting for his opponent.


    Anderson: His opponent, from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing 230 pounds, Barrett Stratton!

    Barrett comes down to the ring with his attire bantering and threatening audience members.

    Serra: Perhaps we'll get a humbled version of Barrett Stratton tonight.

    Klamor: I'd doubt it; his confidence seems to be the best trait about him.

    Serra: If that's his best, I don't want to know his worst.

    Referee Keith Morse brings the two wrestlers to the start of the ring, for the opening bell.

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    Hyada offers his hand to Stratton, as a sign of respect. Stratton puts his hands on his hips, and looks down at the hand. Stratton actually looks to take the hand... But instead, spits into the hand of Hyada. This enrages Hyada, who takes the hand, and backfists Stratton over the side of the head! The attack continues, as Hyada spins, offering another backfist, this time far more lethal, to Stratton. One more, as Hyada continues spinning, and hits Barrett in the side of the face, as the crowd goes wild! Hyada unleashes a barrage of rights, to a grounded Stratton!

    Klamor: This isn't fair, Stratton is a Greco-Roman wrestler!

    Stratton goes to his guard, almost instinctually, as Hyada continues the onslaught. Finally, Hyada is pulled off of Stratton, allowing for him to get his bearings. Stratton holds his face, which seems racked with pain. Hyada immediately goes to a key lock, mounting Stratton and applying the hold. Stratton screams out in agony, as Hyada locks in the hold, punishing his cocky opponent. Stratton tries to fight out, as the referee attends to him, seeing if he will submit. Barrett attempts to fight out of the hold, but Hyada wrenches on the arm, causing more pain for Barrett. Stratton attempts to wiggle towards the ropes, and though he is close, Hyada seems more than fine just punishing the man. Finally, Barrett reaches the ropes, and Hyada immediately lets go of the hold. Barrett begs off from Hyada, rolling out of the ring, to the boos of the audience. Barrett walks around the ring, though Hyada is quick to follow him. Stratton walks outside, though as Hyada follows him, Stratton seems aware. Before Hyada can grab him, Barrett elbows him in the mouth, slowing his momentum. Barrett then takes Jonathan's face, and rams it into the turnbuckle post, first just once, and then again for authority. Morse admonishes him to get back in the ring, and now Stratton is quick to oblige him. He rolls Hyada into the ring, and goes for a cover...



    No, just a two count. Barrett drags Hyada over near the turnbuckle, and Barrett climbs to the second rope, to deliver an elbow drop. Barrett goes for the drop, but misses! Worse, he lands on the elbow that was already locked in the key lock, which Barrett holds now, grimacing and attempting to regain feeling. Hyada offers a snap kick, right into the elbow, which hurts Barrett even more. He pulls Barrett up, and hits a floating snap suplex... And locks Barrett into a kimura, wrenching on that injured arm! Barrett struggles to get out, desperately searching for a way out of this hold. As the referee goes around to check if Barrett submits. Barrett tries throwing knees into Hyada's stomach, to get some of the pressure off of him. He also takes his arm, and pulls on the hair of Hyada, which releases the hold just a little bit. Stratton takes advantage of this, and rolls his hips to get on top of Hyada, throwing punches from the mount.

    Serra: It seems Barrett has no qualms with fighting with martial arts... And a little cheating of course.

    Klamor: All I'm seeing is sound MMA style.

    Barrett gets some muy thai elbows in to the face of Hyada, and a few punches thrown in, which seem to really be affecting Hyada. Barrett notices the scar on Hyada's ribs... And throws elbows into it, causing Hyada to howl in pain. Hyada throws Stratton off of him, but the damage seems done; Hyada holds his ribs, in a supreme amount of pain. Stratton does not let up though; he locks in an abdominal stretch, which seems to do massive damage. Hyada screams in agony, as Barrett pounds on the ribs, for further damage. The crowd claps to rally support for Hyada, but Hyada seems to be in extreme pain. Stratton looks to where he is in the ring... And notices he's close to the ropes. Slowly, he inches his hand towards the ropes, and grabs the top rope, which applies more pressure on Hyada. Jonathan screams in pain again, as the referee checks to see if he will give up, unaware of Barrett's tricks.

    Klamor: What a textbook stretch there?

    Serra: Seriously, how is the ref not seeing this?

    Barrett pulls on the ropes more, which causes the ropes around the ring to shake. Morse goes to check on Hyada again... But notices out of the corner of his eye, that something is amiss. He goes to look at Barrett... Who already has his hand off the rope. Though the rope still shakes, there's no evidence. Morse admonishes Barrett, who orders him to go back and check on Hyada. Barrett then places his hands around the rope again... But this time, Morse sees it! He finally goes over and removes Stratton's hand from the ropes... Which allows for Hyada to hiptoss him off! Hyada holds on to his ribs, but Stratton has landed on that injured arm again! Hyada sees an opportunity, and takes the chance to roll into the Dragon Force! He locks in a Kata Ha Jime, which not only chokes Stratton but overextends that arm again! He holds on with a tenacity, as Stratton has no choice but to tap out to the pain!

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    Anderson: The winner of this match... Jonathan Hyada!

    Serra: What a great submission hold!

    Klamor: That's no hold, that's a choke!

    Hyada makes it to his feet, to celebrate his win. He holds on to his ribs, but still seems joyous of his victory. But his victory is short lived... Cerberus has made their way into the arena! They run down the entrance aisle, and surround the ring, leaving Hyada all alone. They get onto the apron, with Hyada trying to see both men. Even worse, Stratton, still hurt from the fight but angered, has made it to his feet. The numbers seem to be too much for Hyada, and he's all on his own.


    Serra: That music... Is that Haven?

    Klamor: Oh God, not this goof.

    Haven runs down, to stand side by side with Hyada. Cerberus and Stratton have them surrounded though... Hyada and Haven stand back to back, to keep their eyes on all opponents. Hyada and Haven look to one another... And Hyada gives a grin! Hyada and Haven begin to fight off the onslaught, kicking and punching through their enemies. They manage to make quick work of a wounded Stratton, but Cerberus takes control of them. They tie Hyada into the ropes, as they begin to beat down Haven. Flex sets Haven down to the ground, and prepares his giant swing. Ramparte backs up, preparing to boot Haven in the face... But at the last second, Hyada has broken free from the ropes, to make the save for his partner! Hyada hits a vicious Superman punch, which sends spit flying from Ramparte's mouth. He turns around to Flex, as Haven collects himself again. Thinking better, Flex gathers his partner, and makes way for higher ground. Haven and Hyada stand triumphant in the ring.... And clasp hands together, a sign of respect and unity, as the crowd cheers!

    Serra: Haven was only looking to do what was right, and may have wound up with a new ally!

    Klamor: Ugh... This makes me sick.

    Serra: We have plenty more Aftershock on the way, don't go away to this very special Awards edition of Aftershock!


    Anderson: Ladies and gentleman, the presenter for Best Wrestler of the Year, WZCW Hall of Famer, Everest!


    The crowd goes wild form the Hall of Famer, as he walks out to give the prestigious award. He waves to the fans, and soaks in their adoration.

    Everest: Thank you all. I feel this is the most important of all awards. The one that says, no one can do what you did, for an entire year. I've got goosebumps, just thinking about this award... I don't want to waste your time. The nominees are...

    Everest: And the award goes to...

    Everest: Showtime!


    The crowd vociferously boos this, as Mr. Oklahoma walks out to the podium. He takes the award, as Everest looks on with uncertainty. Mr. Oklahoma surveys the jeering audience.

    Mr. Oklahoma: Thank you... Thank you. Showtime can not be here to accept this award, but this is certainly long due. Perhaps if had more recognition like this, then maybe Showtime could have worked time into his schedule to be here... But as we know, that is not the case. We all know how great this man is, and-


    Titus: Hello! Hello, Mr. Oklahoma. Hey, up here!

    Mr. Oklahoma looks up, to find Titus, on the tron, looking down at him.

    Titus: Now, what would an award show be without Titus, right? So, look, Showtime can't wrestle me at Meltdown 100. Mainly because Showtime's a whiny baby, but hey, just throwing that out there. But that doesn't mean Showtime isn't going to wrestle. In fact, I get to pick his poison for Meltdown 100. And so it will be, at Meltdown 100... Showtime versus Drake Callahan!

    The crowd goes ballistic for this, as Mr. Oklahoma scowls at the tron.

    Oklahoma: Fine, but in return, we get to pick a match for you! And trust me... You won't like what we have planned!

    Titus: Whatever helps you sleep at night.... Ta...

    Titus disappears, leaving Oklahoma all alone, with his trophy.

    Serra: What a match for Meltdown 100! Showtime and Drake!

    Klamor: And, whoever Titus has to face!

    Serra: Folks, don't go away! More Aftershock, next!
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Eve poses at the top of the ramp, before making her way to the ring, high-fiving some fans.

    Anderson: Making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy; "The Fabulous" Eve Taylor!

    She gets in the ring and poses for the fans again.

    The crowd begins to boo as Terrance Howe leads Ilapa to the ring.

    Anderson: And her opponent, residing in Texarkana, Arkansas, the Goddess, Ilapa!

    Ilapa stares straight at Eve as she heads down the ramp and gets into the ring.

    Klamor: Can you imagine two more opposite women going at it?

    Serra: Only in WZCW!

    Referee Katie Shepard calls for the bell and the match is underway. Ilapa doesn’t hesitate for a second, charging at Eve and taking her down. Ilapa throws forearms and elbows to the face of Eve, until the referee has to pull her off. Ilapa backs off, but only for a moment, kicking Eve in the head as she tries to get up. Eve is dazed from the kick and Ilapa goes for an early pin,

    Kick out by Eve! Ilapa pulls up her opponent by the hair and essentially tosses her into the corner. She kicks Eve in the gut several times, and Eve slides down the corner to the mat. Ilapa stomps a mudhole in the model before placing a foot on her throat, trying to choke the life out of her. The referee gets to a count of five before again having to pull Ilapa off Eve.

    Serra: Ilapa is vicious tonight!

    Klamor: Because she’s facing the type of woman she hates!

    Ilapa pulls Eve out of the corner, again by the hair, and lifts her up into a Suplex position, holding her up in the air and walking around the ring, before dropping her down to the mat. She goes for a pin,



    Eve kicks out! Ilapa circles her opponent like a vulture, waiting for Eve to get up. As Eve finally makes it to her feet, Ilapa goes for a handspring Enziguiri, but Eve rolls out of the way! Ilapa gets up, and charges at Eve, but Eve is half a step faster, and hits an Armdrag. They both get up, and Ilapa gets taken down with another Armdrag. Ilapa is disorientated, and Eve takes advantage, pulling the Goddess to her feet and hitting a Russian Legsweep! Eve quickly transitions into a pin,


    Ilapa powers out! Eve looks shocked that she did so little damaged, but she goes back on the attack. She grabs Ilapa’s arm, wrenching it, before going to the corner and climbing up to the top rope. As the crowd applaud her balance, Eve walks across the top rope. But Ilapa pulls Eve off the top rope, catches her, before slamming her down to the mat! Ilapa goes for a pin,


    Eve gets a shoulder up! Ilapa grabs Eve’s free arm, turns her over and locks in the Capacocha! Eve’s free arm reaches out desperately towards the ropes, but she’s several inches short. The crowd cheer Eve on as tries to claw her way over to the ropes, but the weight of Ilapa, plus the devastation of the submission means she can’t make it. Eve raises her hand, it looks like she’s about to tap out! She brings her hand down… But no, she stops herself! Instead, she clenches a fist and pounds the mat, making the crowd cheer even louder for her in response. Eve manages to find her feet, and she’s able to roll Ilapa onto her shoulder! The referee makes the count,


    Ilapa let’s go of the submission and rolls off her shoulders. Eve begins to crawl away, clutching her throat, but Ilapa grabs her by the hair and pulls her up. Eve pushes Ilapa off her before running forward and hitting the Haute Couture! She takes a moment to catch her breath before going for the pinfall,



    Kick out by Ilapa! For the first time in the match, Ilapa actually seems hurt. Eve grabs Ilapa’s arm and pulls her up, going to the corner and climbing to the top rope. This time Eve nails the Catwalk!

    Klamor: Is… Eve actually in control!?

    Serra: This crowd has really taken to the model!

    The crowd are cheering as Eve looks to finish it off, pulling Ilapa up and going for the Fashion Statement! But Ilapa catches Eve’s leg with her free arm, pulls her forward, before lifting her up and dropping her neck on the top rope. Ilapa runs off the opposite ropes, and goes for the Dropkick but Eve catches Ilapa’s legs in mid-jump! Ilapa hits the mat, and Eve goes for a Jacknife pin,




    Anderson: Here is your winner, The Fabulous Eve Taylor!

    Serra: Eve did it!

    Klamor: That feels like an upset, for sure!

    Eve rolls out of the ring immediately and heads up the ramp, shocked that she managed to pull out the win. Ilapa looks pissed in the ring.


    Anderson: Ladies and Gentleman, the presenter for Match of the Year, Mr. Kenneth Banks!


    Banks enters the arena, to a mixed reception from the audience. He waves to the crowd, and proudly makes his way to the podium.

    Banks: Hello, everyone! I'm here to bestow upon the worthy recipients the award for Match of the Year! Now, clearly, these matches hold high value to me. The bigger the match, the more money it makes me. So, you'll find it no surprise that these matches are really important, and that this award is perhaps the most important we have. So without further ado, the nominees are...

    The names of the matches appear on the Titantron

    Banks: And the winner is...

    Banks: War Games, Kingdom Come Five!

    An awkward pause ensues, as Banks holds the award.

    Banks: Now, this would be where James Howard and Mikey Stormrage would accept this award. But James Howard can't be here, and while I've had a chance to speak with Mikey, I do feel it is best to keep him backstage for tonight.

    The crowd boos this

    Banks: So, I shall accept this award, on their behalf. But, before I go, I have been granted the ability to add my own stipulation to the upcoming match, between Howard and Stormrage. And that's why I will propose a 2/3 falls match. Will that be what it is? I sure hope so, but we still must hear from James Howard, who has own stipulation to add. Once again, thank you, and enjoy the rest of the night

    Banks' music plays him off, as the crowd cheers at the added possible stipulation

    Serra: A two out of three falls match?

    Klamor: They're tied at one apiece... Maybe this is the finish it all off, once and for all!
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the presenter for Title Reign of the Year, Steamboat Ricky!


    Ricky makes his way out to the podium, ambling along with his non-alcoholic beverage. His eye patch covers his left eye, and his beard, though now a little gray, is still intact. His bird Polly, still over his left shoulder.

    Serra: What?!

    Klamor: Well, if you had Steamboat Ricky returning in the 7,200 chances you've had to guess him, congrats, you're officially right.


    Polly:Brraaak! Back in WZCW, we be!

    Ricky: Now don't be silly, Polly, we're just here for to present the award for Best Title Reign.

    Polly: Brraaak! Oh great, more participation awards for to make everyone feel good. Braaak!

    Ricky: Now Polly, all of these men are great champions. Any and all great picks for this award. But can only have one. And the nominees are!

    Ricky: And the treasure be going to...

    Polly:Braaak! Vega!

    The crowd boos, as Vega's music plays,


    Vega walks on stage, with a purpose, and goes to Ricky. Ricky eyes the man, as Vega takes the award, right out of Ricky's hand. Vega shoos Steamboat away, to the boos of the crowd.

    Vega: Yeah, great win, great award, huh? Let me ask you... Do you really expect me to buy into that? That I should be happy about this?

    Vega removes his shades, to reveal psychotic eyes.

    Vega: No! No! You see, I don't need this token of a trophy, to tell me I'm the best. I know I am... And there's only one way to make you believe. Destroying Titus didn't do it. Retiring this belt, because I'm so damn good, didn't do it! And destroying every man in my path didn't do it! No... You know what will? Winning the WZCW Title. And let me tell you... Vance, if you think I'm some pawn, some person to help you against Saboteur... Let me tell you something. This relationship works for me, when I have the belt. And if taking out Saboteur and Barbosa, once and for all, helps you too? Well... So be it...

    Vega takes his award, and walks away.

    Serra: Some very, very strong words for the men locked in the cell with Vega...

    Klamor: That man is dangerous. And he may be the most dangerous man in that cell.

    Serra: We'll be back with more, after this


    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from somewhere up a hill, weighing 330 pounds, Grizzly Bob!

    Bob greets the audience with a major roar, slapping hands with fans, and overall looking ready for a fight.

    Klamor: Now here's a guy who's lucky. Lucky Diabolos was biding his time.

    Serra: Biding his time? ... He took a nap!

    Klamor: Hibernating!

    Bob enters the ring, as red and green lights glow across the arena. He gives another roar, as he waits for his opponent.


    Anderson: His opponent, from Rat's Ass, America, Baez!

    Baez walks out to the ring... Though he doesn't have the same mannerisms as Matt Tastic. He seems skinnier... But talks trash. Just not nearly as well as Matt Tastic.

    Klamor: Oh, what the fresh hell? This again?!

    Serra: Well we did see they're two different people. Though we don't even know if this is Matt Tastic under the mask again.

    Tastic enters the ring, as James Aubrey rings the bell

    * Ding, Ding, Ding *

    Baez wastes no time, in delivering chops to Grizzly Bob! But they have no effect on Bob; actually, they just seem to annoy Bob. Baez springs off of the ropes, and goes for another chop... And still no effect. Grizzly Bob grabs Baez by the throat, and holds him high over his head, for a chokebomb! He slams Baez hard to the mat, and Baez is down! Bob waits for Baez to stir... And yet, he isn't moving. Bob seems perplexed, and goes for a senton splash. He connects, crashing all of his weight on Baez! Bob goes for the cover




    Klamor: What?!?!?

    Anderson: The winner of this match.... Grizzly Bob?

    Bob gets up, almost confused it was this easy. Aubrey raises his hand, and Bob still has no idea what's going on. He looks at the fallen Baez, and shrugs his shoulders. He goes outside of the ring, to slap hands with the fans.

    Klamor: What... What's going on here? He didn't put a single bit of effort! That's a 4 time Mayhem Champion!

    Serra: I... I have no idea... Hey, wait!

    SHIT appears after the match and pulls “Baez” by the mask. He begins attacking him viciously and throws him across ringside. The robot walks up to him and delivers the Piston Chop to Baez before throwing him back into the ring. He gets in as well and locks the unconscious Baez in the Industrial Vice Grip as Matt Tastic slowly makes his way from behind and gets a few sneak shots. SHIT attempts to Piston Chop Matt, but the vile wrestler reminds him of the damage from last time and threat of being fired. But on screen the man himself appears. Mr. Banks.

    Mr. Banks: Gentlemen, please stop the violence. It needs to end. Why fight around backstage and at ringside when we have a perfectly good ring right there? You two are one a piece and you both have claim to a rematch, right? Well lets do this. Matt Tastic, and I do mean the real one with the bandages over there, versus SHIT. One on one at Meltdown 100. One more time. In.....

    Matt: A Mayhem match? Gladly!

    Mr. Banks: You wish. It'll be a simple one on one match. Why add unneeded gimmicks? You have all the talent in the world. With the Elite X Contendership contract on the line, the winner goes on to Unscripted to face whoever wins between Fallout and Theron. The loser will have to find something else to do that night.

    Matt's jaw drops at the announcement while SHIT simply drops “Baez” and leaves. Matt's frustrations get the better of him and he grabs Baez, unmasking him. It's Armando Paradyse.

    Matt: Dammit, you're useless!!

    Armando: What did I do?

    Matt: You were supposed to fight back!! Punch! Kick! At least flail your arms around like a sissy! You didn't do anything! You're a joke. You're pathetic.

    I'm a Mayhem Champion. I'm the Peurtorican Nightmare. I dema--

    I'm a 4 time Mayhem Champion, an Elite X Champion and I can actually pronounce where I'm from properly. Now get the hell outta my face!

    One Week Reign! One Week Reign! One Week Reign!

    Matt: I think they're talking to you.

    But you're--

    Matt kicks Armando down low and delivers the Headache Driver on him before grabbing his mask and leaving. He puts it on and his voice deepens as he talks.

    Better than you. Better than the crowd. And better the robot. I know. Now Burn.

    Klamor: Well, there you have it. SHIT vs Tastic and Fallout vs Theron Daggershield for the Elite X Championship at Meltdown 100.

    Was it just me or did Matt's voice change when he put the mask on?
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here to present our award, for Breakthrough Performance of the Year, Mr. Baller!


    The crowd cheers, at the returning Mr. Baller! Baller can be seen, walking through the curtain. Mr. Baller actually has his head attached to his neck, and smiles a wide grin to the audience. He looks fantastic, sporting a tuxedo for the event.

    Mr. Baller: What's up, WZCW?!

    The crowd screams at this, as Mr. Baller waves out to the crowd.

    Mr. Baller: I'm here to present the WZCW Breakthrough performer of the year award! And for doing this, WZCW has promised that I would get my head back! My head is now officially property of Mr. Baller, once again.

    The crowd applauds this, as Mr. Baller has a small tear rolling down his cheek. His moment of redemption has been had... He stands proudly next to the podium, with a smile on his face.

    Mr. Baller: The winner of this award usually goes on to great things. Championships, world title matches... Getting your head chopped off... But that's ok. That's cool. Let's see the nominees, for this very prestigious award!

    The names and faces flash on the titantron, showing all of the nominees...

    Mr. BallerAnd the winner is...

    Mr. Baller:Ricky Runn!


    Ricky saunters to the podium, with his Swag Pack behind him. Ricky is sporting a Peyton Manning jersey, with orange and blue Nike kicks, and stunner shades. Ricky walks up to the podium, seeming almost half drunk, and puts his arm on Mr. Baller.

    Ricky: Yeeeeeahh, Boi!!!!

    The crowd boos this.

    Ricky: Now, I really only have myself to thank. I'm a self made man, as you all know. No one gave me anything. And I never lost anything, unlike this joker here.

    He points to Mr. Baller, who seems fuming. He mutters under his breath.

    Mr. Baller What about the WZCW Title?

    Ricky takes off his stunner shades he has on, and gives Mr. Baller a crooked look.

    Ricky: Fool, I didn't lose that. And I sure as hell didn't lose to no Barbosa. I'm the best in the game, just like my boy, Peyton Manning! And when you try the best, this is what gonna happen!

    The Swag Pack gets behind Mr. Baller, and hold his arms behind him. Ricky gets Mr. Baller in a headlock, and starts wrenching on the head.

    Ricky: Say I'm the man! Say it! Say it!

    The crowd boos at this, and Ricky keeps pulling the headlock... Until he realizes he's pulled Mr. Baller's head clear off of his head...

    Mr. Baller Oh God, not again...

    Ricky seems panicked at first... But then looks down at the head. He rears back his arm, just like Peyton Manning. He looks around the arena, and throws the head right into the stands!

    Ricky: Yeeeeeah!

    Ricky's swag pack pulls him away, as the head bounces up in the air, like a beach ball. Mr. Baller's body can only look on as his head gets bounced high into the air, once, twice, three times... He walks away, crestfallen. Ricky and his pack leave, as the camera follows head, now soaked with beer and popcorn kernels. The head finally lands in the hands of a bro dude, who pours his beer into the bottom of head before drinking said beer from the head, to odd cheers from the crowd.

    Serra: What a deplorable move by Ricky Runn.

    Klamor: Oh, come on, tell me you didn't see that coming a mile away.

    Serra: I.... Yeah, pretty much. We'll be back with more, after this...


    100 Episodes.....

    Over 500 matches.....

    Thousands of memories......

    History will be made. MELTDOWN 100 Join the celebration.


    No one thought it would happen. Years as allies and it never happened. But in the world of professional wrestling, when it comes to "never", the script gets thrown out.....

    Titus. Showtime. One on one for the first time ever.

    All your favorite superstars join the battle and Hell In A Cell returns, as WZCW presents Unscripted 2014! Live on PPV!



    Anderson: Tonight's Main-Event is scheduled for one fall!

    Diabolos enters the ring with a long stream of boo's. The masked man lets out a loud yawn while stretching his arms.

    Serra: Um, did Diabloos just wake up from his hibernation?

    Klamor: You call him weird, I call him a winner! And that's what he is going to do tonight against Blade

    Blade appears through the curtain with his arm up high. Slicing it through the air with a quick pace to the ring.

    Serra: Blade looks to be on edge tonight, and with Triple X lurking he has to stay very alert.

    Klamor: Come on, Serra. You've been in this place to know by now the best overcome a little bit of pressure.

    When Blade enters the ring the ref begins to signal for the match to begin. The strange Diabolos quickly throws himself at Blade. Keying together a combination of punches causing Blade to cover up and back up against the ropes. To which, Diabolos pushes Blade and launches him off the ropes. Diabolos readied a clotheslines for Blade's return but Blade hurdles over Diabolos and rolls him into a sunset flip! 1..... 2.... kick out! Both competitors rise to their feet and lock up in the middle of the ring. Blade using his size and strength to his advantage wins the lock up and is able to throw Diabolos into a lifting side slam into a backbreaker that connects perfectly!

    Serra: Diabolos is playing this fast and reckless. He needs to calm down or Blade is going to get take this well in hand.

    Klamor: The greatest men and women in the world were known for being risk-takers. That's why Blade is going to need to take a risk, otherwise he's toast.

    Blade stomps on the ground, now feeling a groove as Diabolos rises to his feet and before he could react, Blade tosses Diabolo's against the ropes. Sling-shooting Diabloo's right into a clotheslines! Writhing in pain, Diabolo's rises again only to get thrown again the ropes again. However, on his return, Diabolo's stopped in his tracks, stared at Blade and let out a loud bear like growl. Blade looks at the masked man in confusion, and almost in a instant, Diabolos lands a Hadouken on Blade, stunning him! With Blade now on the ground, the Bear like man climbs to the top rope and lands his signature move, the Fist drop! Now he goes for the pin, One.... two.... kick out!

    Serra: Someone's going full on feral in there!

    Klamor: Unleash the beast, Diabolos!

    To prove his strength, and to finally end the match, Diabolos lifts Blade up to the ground, and wraps him into a Cradle piledriver! Lifting the larger man and began to signal the end! But wait, Blade counters with headscissors! Tossing Diabolos off his feet. Popping up to his feet he shouted "COME ON!" and raised his fist up before slicing in the air again. Diabolos charges at Blade who launches him with a belly to belly suplex. Blade hops up to his feet and throws Diabolos with a Fishermen suplex.



    Suddenly, Triple X theme's blasts onto the PA system. Causing Blade to stop the pin and stand in the ring readying himself for his rival. Instead, X stops at the stage, smirking as he grabs at his throat, giving the impression that he was 'choking'

    Serra: Triple X has no business being here!

    Klamor: X is a professional wrestler for WZCW, Serra. He can go wherever he likes.

    Diabolos climbs to his feet behind Blade, he started to spin in circles readying a backfist! Triple X points to Diabolos for Blade who turns around and sees it just in time to not only dodge the attack, but he lands the Blade Runner! Blade slides into the pin, keeping himself with his eyes on Triple X




    Anderson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner tonight, Blade!

    Blade now with his hand raised up glares over at Triple X who looks absolutely bemused. Blade looks around and demands for a microphone. Once he got one in his hands he shouts at the Straight Edge Superstar.

    Blade: Come on Triple X get in here, you want me, come get me! I'm right here!

    The crowd roars in approval as Triple X thinks over the irate Blade's demands. Scratching his chin he shrugs and started to run towards the ring! Only for him to stop and shake his head. Shouting "Soon!" before leaving the ring. Leaving Blade in the ring fuming.

    Klamor: Triple X is not only a fantastic wrestler, but so astute at mind games!

    Serra: Come on Johnny, if this was anybody else, you'd be crying for the Police to be here. This all we have time for, thank you for watching and good night!

    Blade has his hand raised by the referee, as he leans against the ropes, recovering from the match. Suddenly…

    Blade’s expression changes as the music hits. He turns his focus to the ramp. Then, Talia walks out, her expression blank but for the most subtle of smirks. Blade looks confused for a moment as he watches Talia walk down the ramp until CRACK!

    Blade falls to his knees, having been hit from behind with a chair by Triple X, who stands over his nemesis, smirking broadly. He raises the chair before bringing down across Blade’s back.

    Serra: Dammit, X came through the crowd. Blade was so focused on what Talia was doing that he never saw it coming!

    You’d think Blade would know a distraction when he sees one, considering what he does…

    Blade is on the mat, writhing in pain, barely breathing. Talia has reached the ring now. She goes up the steps and X holds the ropes apart to help her get in the ring. X pulls Blade up to his knees and Talia slaps him hard.

    Klamor: Blade deserves that after what he did to Talia last week!

    X asks for a microphone.

    Triple X: Blade, I know you can hear me. I just want you to remember that this is the day that I broke you. Now, can we get the police down here to take this criminal away?

    The crowd are booing loudly as three police men come down the ramp. Triple X pushes Blade on the ring, and he lands heavily on the floor. The police handcuff Blade and pull him to his knees.

    X gets out of the ring and looks Blade in the eye.

    Triple X: Justice has finally been served, you piece of scum.

    He kicks Blade in the head and Blade loses consciousness. One of the policemen holds X back to stop him doing and more damage as the other two cops carry Blade up the ramp. Triple X smiles sickly as he watches. The crowd begin to throw things at X, but he doesn’t seem to care; he’s won.

    The shot suddenly cuts to black as the feed ends......
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    KJ - Opening, Haven vs Darren Bull

    Haiku - Awards, Hyada vs Stratton, Baez II vs Grizzly Bob Segments

    Pancake - Blade vs Diabolos

    Blade - Eve Taylor vs Ilapa

    Special thanks to Yaz for organizing the awards this year. He truly is a model of a man.

    We thank you guys for your patience. Next round is Meltdown 100. I guarantee we'll be in top form for it.
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