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    For the third night in a row, the crowd in Denver is still eager and excited to be apart of a televised WZCW event, cheering loudly as the small pyrotechnics displays goes off on the stage. Many different signs are littered around the arena as well as fans wearing the shirts of their favourite WZCW superstars.


    Serra: Welcome everybody to Aftershock! My name is Rebecca Serra and I'm here with my broadcast partner, "Big" Johnny Klamor and it seems we aren't wasting any time with the program as we are kick-starting off the proceedings with our first match of the night!

    Klamor: This is how it should be - no distractions, just action!

    Dustin Hunter walks out onto the stage with his hoodie covering his face. The crowd is relatively quiet with some booing the newcomer.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing 230 pounds, The Hollywood Nightmare!

    Flynn appears on the stage and the crowd gives a modest cheer. After kneeling down and gesturing upwards, he heads toward the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Eastport, Maine, weighing in at 200lbs, The Devil's Dancer, Jimmy Flynn!

    Serra: One is looking to bounce back from a difficult lose while the other is trying to get his first win in WZCW. Any predictions Klamour?

    Klamour: This match is Jimmy Flynn's to lose. Dustin Hunter will only get better by competing, but against a veteran like Flynn, he shouldn't stand much of a chance. The longer this match goes though, the better chance the youngster will pick up his first victory.

    The bell rings and both men stand in the middle of the ring waiting for the other to strike first. Flynn goes to grab Hunter, but "The Nightmare" is able to side step him. Flynn looks unamused as Hunter chuckles a bit. Hunter reaches with his arm out to push back the face of Flynn. Flynn grabs the arm and almost takes Hunter to the mat, but he is able to slip his arm free in time. Hunter goes for a Roundhouse Kick, which Flynn ducks. Flynn then grabs Hunter and is able to take him down to the mat. Hunter and Flynn both stand up and Flynn puts Hunter back on the mat with a Headlock Takedown. Flynn keeps Hunter on the mat, but the larger wrestler is able to work himself back to his feet. Hunter pushes Flynn off him and Flynn goes running into ropes. Flynn bounces back and is put down to the mat by a Shoulder Charge from Hunter. Hunter spins around and runs towards the ropes. Flynn rolls over and Hunter jumps over him. Flynn gets back to his feet and leaps over Hunter running back off the ropes. Flynn drops down to his knees and puts Hunter on his shoulders in a Fireman's carry position and flips him onto the mat. Flynn grabs hold of the arm of Hunter and wrenches it, keeping his opponent down on the mat.

    Serra: Lots of strong technical work from Flynn early on in this contest.

    Klamour: He is keeping Hunter off balance for now, but has not done a whole lot of damage to his opponent so far.

    Flynn still has Hunter trapped in a Wrist Lock, but Hunter is slowly able to work himself back up to his feet. Flynn continues to apply pressure on the arm as he is now positioned standing behind him. Hunter reaches back and is able to Snapmare Flynn to the mat. Flynn gets back to his feet, but a side kick to the gut from Hunter doubles him over in the ring. Hunter quickly grabs the head and hits Neckbreaker on Flynn. Hunter rolls on top for the cover, but only gets a 1 count. Hunter traps Flynn in a Sleeperhold on the mat and tries to chock the life out of him. The ref checks on Flynn, but he remains calm as he slowly gets to his knees and slips his head free of Hunter's grip. The two lock hands while they engage in a power struggle when Hunter kicks the leg of Flynn. Flynn drops to his knees and Hunter grabs him by the head and delivers a Spike DDT. The ring makes a loud boom upon impact and Hunter hooks the leg for a pin attempt. 1... 2.. Flynn is able to kick out again.

    Serra: Hunter plants Flynn had into the mat and nearly gets a 3 count.

    Klamour: Flynn has a long history of leg problems and that kick to the leg may have done as much damage as the blow to the head.

    Serra: Can Hunter finish him off and earn a victory here tonight?

    Hunter walks over the the corner and climbs up onto the top rope. He looks out at the crowd who boo him loudly. Hunter ignores their jeers and wats for Flynn to stand up. Flynn does and Hunter leaps once his opponent turns to face him.Hunter goes for a kick to the chest, but Flynn rolls forward and Hunter misses. Hunter stumbles upon landing, but turns around and throws a punch at the charging Flynn. Jimmy grabs the arm and spins Hunter around into a Swinging Neckbreaker. Hunter gets up in a hurry and is dazed as he stands. Flynn grabs his arm and hits a Double Knee Armbreaker. Hunter holds his arm in pain and stays down rather than getting back to his feet. Flynn uses the time and grabs Hunter’s arm. He positions his legs on the mat and locks in the Omoplata. Hunter realises he’s locked into a submission and tries valiently to first break free. He is unable to escape and starts to reach for the ropes. Unable to get near them, he has no choice but to tap out.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Jimmy Flynn!

    Flynn lets go of his opponent and the ref raises his arm in victory. The crowd gives a modest cheer for his performance and Flynn quietly exits the ring and shakes hands with some of the fans at ringside.

    Serra: A good solid match to kickoff Aftershock. Both men got some offence in, but Flynn was able to secure the victory here tonight.

    Klamour: I’ve seen this man compete and he has some potential still for a ring veteran, but something appears to be lacking inside him. Hunter is not someone to get a win over and brag about, but it’s a step back in the right direction for Jimmy Flynn.

    Klamor: The Sacred Altar, looking on intently. I wonder what they are talking about?

    Serra: I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it can't be good.


    We transition backstage once more where Alex Bowen & Justin Cooper, two men from the Empire, are talking with each other at a water cooler, not allowing anybody else to use their water cooler. They continue discussing until they see Chuck Myles, General Manager of Aftershock walk past, sporting casual clothing. The two men of the Empire stand in the way of Myles, looking to talk.

    Myles: What can I do for you gentlemen?

    Chuck says this with a smile on his face as Cooper/Bowen look at each other before turning back to Myles.

    Bowen: Shouldn't you be doing your General Manager duties?

    Myles: Shouldn't you two be preparing for my main event tonight? Regardless, I'm about to go out to the crowd and address them so if you haven't got any matters I need to attend to, it'd be much appreciated if you two could step out of my way.

    As Myles goes to take a step forward, the two men don't budge.

    Cooper: As a matter of fact, we do. We'd like to include in whatever speech you are preparing to bore this idiot crowd with that the Empire should be the number one contenders for the tag team titles.

    Chuck thinks about this for a second as Cooper laughs confidently as Bowen nods in agreement.

    Myles: Well, if I felt like boring this crowd, I'd be doing just that...

    Bowen & Cooper don't take too kindly to this comment.

    Myles: However, I'm not announcing anything concerning the Tag Team championships at this time but should you guys win your tag team contest against the champions, then I'll be definitely considering it. So looks like you two boys have got to work for your opportunities just like anybody else here and impress me. Now, please move.

    Reluctantly, Bowen & Cooper move out of the way, thinking about what the GM has just told them.

    Klamor: Even in the presence of the Empire, our GM is still not afraid of anybody.

    Serra: I wonder what Myles' announcement could be?
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    The crowd has a mixed reaction as the music for Chuck Myles plays through the speakers but the General Manager of Aftershock doesn't care - he has a smile on his face and is quite relaxed as he walks out onto the stage and down the ramp. He looks to be heading straight for the ring with Selena Anderson standing in the ring, looking to present the GM with a microphone.

    Serra: As we heard before the commercial break, our General Manager seems to have something on his mind that he wishes to tell us and for him to stop the broadcast to do so, it must be big.

    Klamor: Whatever it is and no disrespect to Chuck here but I'd like to get back to the matches as quick as possible... although I am intrigued at what he has to say. Any ideas, Becky?

    Serra: He isn't announcing any challengers for the Tag Team titles, that's for sure.

    Myles is now in the ring and is given a microphone from Selena. The two exchange some small talk until she exits the ring, leaving the GM to stand in there all by himself. He waits for the music to die down before addressing the audience.

    Myles: Let's cut straight to the chase here - the Lethal Lottery PPV is approaching with each passing day and nothing concrete has yet to be announced about the event apart from the fact that there will be no qualifying matches for the Lethal Lottery match, thanks to Mr. Bail over on Meltdown. It's not that we want to keep everything a secret, its just we haven't 100% decided on how we were going to moderate the Lethal Lottery this year, until now.

    Some whispers between the fans can be heard, discussing the possibilities of what could be happening.

    Myles: We are maintaining our stance on eliminating qualifying matches from the Lottery this year because we'd like to try something different and repeat the theme of the Roulette Shows by making the match as random as possible. Instead of hosting matches up until the Lottery whereby the winners are qualified to enter, we are implementing a new process where everybody has an equal chance of entering the Lottery... as every entrant of the Lethal Lottery this year will be done completely at random!

    It takes a while for the audience to react as they seemed a little shocked but soon turns to cheers.

    Myles: Yes, every entrant in the Lottery will be randomly decided... except for one spot. At All or Nothing, we hosted a Battle Royale prior to the PPV where the winner would qualify for the Lethal Lottery. However, since we have abolished this rule as well as the fact that we had two winners who drew that night, we have come up with a way to compensate both Connor Reese & Ricky Runn for competing in that match that was ultimately pointless in hindsight. On the next episode of Aftershock, Connor Reese and Ricky Runn will face each other in singles competition where the winner of the match will receive immunity from the Lottery randomiser, meaning they will be the only guaranteed person to be entering the Lottery.

    More intrigue takes over the audience as they discuss what this could mean.

    Myles: So it doesn't matter whether you are a new-comer or a veteran, whether you are competing in a match at the Lethal Lottery or not: everybody, except for the World Heavyweight champion of course, will be eligible as an entrant for the Lethal Lottery match and will be randomly decided prior to the match. So superstars of WZCW, bring your boots to the PPV because anybody could become this year's Lethal Lottery winner and receive a World title shot in the main event on the biggest stage of them all: Kingdom Come!

    Enjoy the rest of your night folks.

    The Aftershock theme hits as Myles puts the microphone down and exits the ring, leaving everybody in the arena in surprise about the possibilities this year's Lethal Lottery could bring.

    Serra: Wow... what an announcement! Every entrant bar one will be completely random!

    Klamor: Yeah, Connor Reese will be proving to the world exactly why he deserves special treatment.

    Serra: Don't get ahead of yourself there, Johnny. Ricky may surprise everybody and defeat Reese for that immunity. We'll just have to wait until the next Aftershock to see that result. That is going to be an excellent match.


    We are backstage in a seemingly empty catering area where the WZCW staff have gotten festive, creating an "Easter Celebrations" table filled with Easter eggs, chocolates and various Easter toys. It looks very enticing with how it is decorated but as the camera pans out, we hear a laughter coming from behind a flipped catering table where Saboteur & Action Saxton lie in wait. Saboteur is the one identified laughing and also rubbing his hands together as if he has just schemed the perfect plans.

    Saboteur: Yes... our plan has finally come together and it looks tantalisingly evil! If I didn't know what we did to those poor, innocent chocolate eggs, I'd definitely be over there right now eating all the goodies instead of salivating at the mouth whilst I talk with this dark orange colour!

    Saxton: How do you even salivate? I've known you for a long time and I've never seen any of your facial features. I'm still confused as to how you obtain sustenance.

    Saboteur: With great difficulty, unlike this simple and easy scheme we've got ready for the Bearded Gentlemen.

    Saboteur turns to the camera.

    Saboteur: For the viewers at home and those who probably haven't already guessed it, we've set up a beautifully-designed catering package celebrating the nutritional-goodness of everybody's favourite vegetable, chocolate. To the naked eye, this is just a friendly gesture by the most friendliest wrestlers on the roster but in actuality, we have poisoned this chocolate with laxatives! Why? Well, I'm glad you asked! Everybody knows that the Gent is a ladies man and there is nothing the ladies love more than a man who loves his chocolate. So, by proxy, the Gent will be looking to get his chocolate fix for the ladies or witches as I like to call them - witches love chocolate. As for the Beard, it is common knowledge that chocolate is one of the secrets of the Beard's dietary requirements to maintain and grow a strong, healthy beard because chocolate...

    Saxton: Hold on, sucka.

    Saboteur, who was almost in a trance, snaps out of it and turns to his partner.

    Saxton: Did you say chocolate helps you maintain your beard?

    Saboteur: That's what you said to me when you told me what the Beard told you when the two of you were talking during that Grocery Store brawl on Aftershock Insanity. You said chocolate was a key to his success and it is also what you say when you tell the ladies that people with chocolate usually have the biggest-

    Saxton: Damnit Sabsy, children are watching - keep it PG.

    Saboteur: I was going to say... never mind.

    Saxton: Man, I didn't say that chocolate did all of those things, I said carrots.

    Saboteur: Carrots?

    Saxton: Yeah fool, carrots. They provide the Beard with a sleek shiny coat whilst women prefer a healthy man who eats plenty of carrots.

    Saboteur: I thought it had something to do with diamond sizes.

    Saxton: Apparently not.

    Saboteur: Huh... the more you know.


    The two look around, trying to figure out where that sound came from. They both shrug it off after a few seconds and continue the conversation.

    Saboteur: So it's probably not a good idea to booby-trap the chocolate with laxatives then?

    Saxton: Nah, we're going to need carrots. Where is the local grocery store around here?

    Saboteur: Promise you won't lock me in a freezer and I'll take you there.

    Saxton: Promise.

    The two super heroes nod and shake on it, leaving the room to go on their next quest. However, what they don't realise is that the trap is still in position with laxatives riddled through the chocolate. As they exit, someone dressed up as the world's largest Easter bunny waddles along down the hallway and stops just next to the decorative table, taking off his Easter bunny head to reveal that it is Hollywood Jameson, who has gained a few extra chins the last time we saw him huffing and puffing. He looks to his side and sees the wonderful and glorious bounty of chocolate everywhere. In a flash, he picks up the table, consuming everything on there - the chocolate, the Easter eggs, the toy bunnies and the white table cloth. He is quite satisfied with himself but after a couple of seconds, he grabs his stomach and leans forward, not knowing what to do. Jameson looks up and sees a bathroom door, so slowly but surely, he waddles his way to the bathroom door. He goes to open the door but it is locked. The look on Jameson's face is the last thing we see as we fade to commercial.
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    Thrash comes out, throwing the "Metal" sign in the air as the crowd lights up for him. The audience now has a feel for the rock star and has decided to get behind him.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 227 pounds, Thrash!

    Serra: This match was set up after Blaze shared some heated words with Thrash last week during the Roulette Round.

    Klamor: Who does this Thrash think he is Serra? Going around and laying down the law like he is entitled to his own piece of the pie here. He hasn’t earned anything in my book.

    Thrash is now in the ring as he shakes his arms in preparation for the upcoming battle.


    The crowd begins booing, but much to their surprise and Thrash’s, Blaze does not come out.

    Serra: Is this a no show?

    Just two seconds after Serra mutters out those words, we see Blaze hopping the barricade at ringside on the opposite of the ring that Thrash is looking out towards. He slides in and clubs down Thrash to booing buzz from the crowd.

    The referee signals for the bell and the match gets an impromptu start.

    Blaze begins stomping on Thrash, who is lying on his stomach on the ring mat after the club from behind.

    Klamor: Brilliant strategy here by Blaze.

    Serra: Strategy? I think you mean cheating.


    Blaze sends boots into the back of Thrash, but then finally stops and grabs his opponent by the neck. He pulls him up into a standing position and then grabs the thighs of Thrash to pick him up and then drop him on his right knee for an inverted atomic drop! Thrash grunts in pain as he staggers backwards and turns away from Blaze in pain. Blaze follows closely behind and raises his arms in order to hook both of Thrash’s arms in a full-nelson lock! But this isn’t a submission, NO! Blaze pulls back and lifts for a full-nelson suplex on Thrash. Upon landing, Thrash immediately grabs the back of his head in pain, but Blaze is quick to make a cover as the referee slides in for the count,

    Kick Out!

    Blaze shouts out curses at the referee as he rises to his feet.

    Klamor: Blaze is red hot to start off this match.

    Serra: It helps that he started off with a cheap-shot.

    But Klamor doesn’t care, and neither does Blaze. He proceeds to walk down towards the legs of Thrash and grabs one of them as he twist himself around it and drops on his back for a kneebar on Thrash! Thrash flinches in pain and then begins trying to push off the lock around his leg. He grabs in pain as Blaze grits his teeth and tugs on the knee! Thrash looks around for some ropes and he spots some over his shoulder. He proceeds to attempt a backwards crawl with the weight of Blaze on his knee! Blaze tries to go dead-weight to prevent the escape, but Thrash is diligent and finally gets near the ropes. He extends on his arms and YES! He latches onto one of them and the referee jumps all over Blaze to release the hold. He counts to two and then Blaze finally releases. The crowd is now buzzing over the rope break and Blaze is cursing under his breath as he hops up to his feet.

    Serra: Great will by Thrash there!

    Blaze steps towards Thrash in order to finish off his prey, but as he reaches down for the damaged Thrash, he gets pushed away by the good leg of the rock star! This causes Blaze to stumble backwards and falling onto his back in a loss of balance. Thrash frantically pulls himself up to his feet by way of the ropes, but Blaze rises to his feet just as Thrash gingerly gets back to his own. Blaze charges the rock star, but just as he approaches him Thrash ducks! He pulls the ropes down with his body weight and Blaze’s momentum carries him over them and crashing onto the outside mat! The crowd pops at the spot as Thrash pulls himself back up to his feet. He looks down at his opponent, who is trying to get back up to his feet in a daze. Thrash then begins hobbling over to the other ropes as fast as he can. As soon as he hits the ropes on the other side he bounces off of them and goes into a full sprint! Blaze is now on his feet on the outside and turns around to look at the ring, but he must elevate his eyes! Thrash is using his frequent flyer miles as he launches himself over the top rope with a suicide dive and crashes into Blaze for maximum damage! The crowd is livid over the spot as both Blaze and Thrash lay lifeless on the outside.

    Serra: Holy Fish Paste! Thrash just sacrificed his body for a torpedo-like collision!

    Klamor: You hit the nail on the head Serra. The move is devastating, but it comes with its own recoil.

    The referee is now counting from within the ring as both men lay on the outside.


    They two men don’t budge.


    Nothing yet.


    Wait, there may be some life in Thrash!


    Thrash has begun to stir as he rocks his body like a turtle.


    He finally gets himself onto his side and is able to press his palms down on the outside mat.


    Blaze is stirring too!


    Thrash has now made it to his feet as he reaches down and grabs onto his injured knee from earlier.


    Blaze is also trying to crawl to his feet. However, Thrash catches him at his knees and picks him by his hair.


    Thrash quickly rolls Blaze back into the ring and rolls in himself for a close call!

    Serra: Phew! Close one!

    The referee calls the count off and we now see Thrash getting to his feet inside of the ring. He picks up Blaze once again by the hair and then proceeds to grab Blaze’s waist and pick him up in a carrying position. The position is short lived as Thrash drops Blaze’s back onto his own knee! Blaze screams in pain as he grabs his back in pain. Thrash goes for the quick cover,


    Thrash shakes the cobwebs out as he rises to his feet.

    Serra: Both of these men seem to be evenly matched. Neither one is willing to give up.

    Thrash reaches down and picks up Blaze once again by the hair. Blaze steps up to his feet, but greets Thrash with a forearm to the face! Thrash grabs his face in pain as he staggers backward. Blaze steps forward and sends a stiff kick into the injured knee of Thrash! The causes Thrash to drop to his knees in pain and Blaze looks to capitalize. He steps back into position and then goes for a roundhouse kick into the skull of Thrash! Thrash acts on instinct and is able to duck just in time! Blaze is surprised he missed and now finds himself turned away from his opponent. With much pain, Thrash steps up to his feet and sends his good leg into the back of Blaze. The blow sends Blaze stumbling forward and chest-forward into some nearby ropes. He bounces off of them and returns with an epic display of finesse! He spins and sends a discus elbow into the jaw of Thrash! The blow causes Thrash to flail his arm backwards in an off-balance charade. Blaze takes advantage and steps up to grab his arm and Irish-whip him into the ropes, but no! Thrash won’t have it and reverses the whip and sends Blaze into the ropes. Blazes bounces off of them and returns to Thrash, who sends his own damaged knee stiffly into the gut of Blaze! Both men scream in pain in the aftermath. Thrash is holding his knee and Blaze is hunched over as it appears he has had the air knocked out of him. Thrash knows he must execute! He steps up and grabs the arm of Blaze in order to hoist him up onto his shoulder! The crowd pops, but are quickly torn as Blaze sends a barrage of elbows into the forehead of the rock star. Between that and his knee, Thrash has to let go and Blaze somehow manages to fall down with Thrash’s arm underneath him! He locks in Screamo and Thrash begins screaming in pain!

    Klamor: This is it!

    BUT WAIT! The lock is not secure and Thrash is able to pull Blaze over his body and into a makeshift pin attempt!


    Klamor: How did that even happen?!

    The crowd is hyped now as Blaze and Thrash both get to their feet as quickly as they can. Blaze goes for another roundhouse kick attempt, but no! Thrash dodges it and steps in to pick Blaze up once more on his shoulders. Thrash knows he must execute quickly and he does! For Whom The Bell Tolls gets hit and Thrash makes the cover,


    The crowd pops as Thrash roars in triumph!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by pinfall, Thrash!

    Serra: Wow! What a highly entertaining bout from two unlikely sources. Thrash overcame despite the early antics of Blaze!

    Klamor: The wrong man won Serra. The wrong man won...

    We see Thrash celebrating as he favours his knees as Blaze slowly rolls to the outside with the referee helping him. Thrash walks as best he can to the edge of the ring and requests for a microphone. A crew member hands one to him as Thrash enters the middle of the ring.

    Thrash: Ever since I joined WZCW, there has been one man who, for some reason, didn't take a liking to myself and has made it his mission to try and remove me from this company. Well, Dustin Hunter, no matter what you do, I'm not going to be leaving due to your actions but I am getting a little bored of these ambushes and sneak attacks. Why don't we settle our differences in the ring?

    The crowd cheers at the possibility of a Hunter vs. Thrash match-up.

    Thrash: The challenge is on the table Dustin... are you u-

    Before Thrash can finish, Hunter has come up from behind and ambushes him, beating him down with clubbing blows, elbow strikes and stomps galore. The crowd boos at this despicable act as Hunter brings Thrash down to the canvas.

    Klamor: I love it - beat your opponent down whilst he tries to be humble.

    Serra: A coward is the word you are looking for, Johnny.

    Hunter then picks up Thrash and whips him across the ring. Hunter goes for a strike but Thrash ducks, rebounding off the ropes to nail a clothesline on Hunter! Thrash, still tired from the match and beat-down, staggers over to the ropes to catch his breath but there is no time to waste as Hunter is up, charging at Thrash. It is a big mistake as Thrash performs a back body drop on Hunter, causing him to go over the top and crash down to the floor. The crowd is cheering for Thrash as Hunter is on the ground, shocked that his plan didn't work so well. Thrash picks up the microphone.

    Thrash: What's it going to be Hunter?

    He throws the mic to Hunter and after much hesitation, he responds:

    Hunter: You're on!

    The crowd cheers as Hunter drops the mic and Thrash goes to the top turnbuckle.

    Serra: Challenge accepted by Hunter and it looks like it is all but confirmed. Let's hope Chuck Myles agrees with this pairing.

    Klamor: Yes Chuck, let them fight!


    Brent Blaze walks behind the curtain following his loss, clearly angry. As he walks back to the locker room, Mystique and Westhoff step out from some nearby shadows and start to follow him. They keep their distance, until Blaze enters the locker room, slamming the door behind him. Westhoff approaches the door, but Mystique puts a hand on his shoulder.

    Mystique: No, the time is not yet right.

    Westhoff: But sir...

    Mystique: But nothing Brother Westhoff. When the time is right, you will know. For now, we wait.

    Westhoff nods his agreement.

    Westhoff: As you wish.

    The two walk away and turn a corner out of sight of the camera. When the cameraman tries to follow, the two are gone.

    Serra: I don't like what is going on here one bit.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Culiacan, Mexico, weighing in at 180lbs, El Califa Dragón!

    Califa steps from behind the curtain, nodding his head. He walks from one side to the other, nodding in rhythm to the music and pumping up the crowd. He sprints to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Once in the ring he continues nodding his head as he points to the crowd.

    Serra: El Califa Dragon ready for action here tonight. The constant threat of Drake Callahan has to be weighing heavily on his mind.

    Klamor: He needs to push that out, because he needs a win, and losing to a WZCW newcomer will not bode well for the Mexican superstar.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Grapeland, Texas, weighing in at 240lbs, Donny J!

    The crowd is silent as the newcomer steps from behind the curtain. He walks to the ring, smoking his cigarette. He rolls into the ring.

    Serra: Newcomer Donny J looking to make an impact here tonight.

    Klamor: An upset win over Califa would definitely would do just that.

    Before the ref is able to check the competitors, Donny J flicks his cigarette into the face of Califa. Despite the mask taking most of the burn, it disorients him enough to allow Donny J to go on the offensive. He hammers away with punches, managing to back his foe into the corner. He continues to to fire away with punches. Referee James Aubrey starts his count, with Donny finally letting up at four. He backs away, with Califa still in the corner. As Califa stumbles out, Donny J comes charging out with a football style tackle. He quickly gets to his feet and drops an elbow on his downed foe. He hops into the cover 1...2...and a kick out by Califa.

    Serra: Some underhanded tactics have lead to a fast start for the newcomer.

    Klamor: That is exactly what he needs to do, show his opponent no respect.

    Donny J picks his opponent up and immediately slams him back down. He falls into a pin 1...2...and Califa gets a shoulder up. Donny J stands and drops a headbutt, again going for a cover 1...2...and again Califa gets the shoulder up. Donny J slams his hand in frustration, urging the ref to count faster. He goes to pick Califa up again, but Calida reverses it into a small package, 1...2...and Donny J kicks out. The masked star stays on the offensive, with a barrage of kicks as his opponent tries to stand. Donny is up to one knee when Califa delivers a stiff kick to the head. The crowd "oohing" at the sound as the Texan falls back to the ground. Califa checks his position in relation to the ropes and decides to go for a springboard. As he comes off the ropes, Donny J rolls out of the way, but Califa shows off his amazing athleticism by adjusting and rolling through. He then leaps as soon as he stands and bounces off the ropes with a moonsault. He stays on top for the cover, 1...2...and Donny J is able to kick out. With Califa feeling it he picks up his opponent and Irish whips him into the corner. He unleashes a violent flurry of chops and punches, before allowing his foe to stagger out of the corner. He readies a roundhouse kick, but Donny J ducks, and shoves Califa into the corner. The lowlife celebrates his counter, but fails to realize that Califa managed to leap onto the top rope. He comes off with a moonsault, connecting clean, putting Donny down. Califa forgoes the pin however, and walks to the turnbuckle.

    Serra: I think Califa is going to fly!

    Klamor: If he is going for what I think he is going for, keep your eyes glued to your screens. This will be an amazing display of athleticism.

    Califa grabs the top rope and hops to the top turnbuckle. He leaps and hits Dragón de Vuelo! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, El Califa Dragón!

    Califa holds his midsection as the ref raises his arm. After patting the ref on the back he walks to the corner and stands on the second turnbuckle, pointing and yelling to the fans.

    Serra: A solid win for Califa here tonight. You know he will be looking to use the momentum from this win in his big tag match next week.

    Klamor: A win is a win, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves Becky. He beat a rookie. Next week he will go against the team of Chris K.O. Drake Callahan, and Steven Holmes. No easy task.

    Serra: But he will have the Heavyweight champion, Showtime Cougar and Celeste Crimson in his corner, Jack. Don't sell them short.

    Califa hops down from the turnbuckles and goes to exit but a loud clapping noise can be heard projecting through the speakers. Califa looks around and doesn't see anybody nor does the audience.

    ???: Congratulations on the victory tonight, Ty Burna, against such a competitive adversary such as the remarkable Donny J.

    The person who is talking cannot be seen but it is quite clear who that person is.

    Serra: Callahan?

    Klamor: Who else references El Califa as Ty Burna? Bloody nut he is...

    Callahan: Only you could stop J's reign of terror before it even begun... or was it just you trying to gain yourself another easy victory as you always did Ty, especially since you have all of the General Managers in your back pocket. I know what you've done and I know what you continue to do... but it isn't only you who can master the tricks of Ty Burna!

    All of a sudden, the lights go out and the only thing that can be seen are the various flashes of the cameras in the crowd.

    Serra: What's going on?

    After a few seconds, the lights come back on to reveal that Drake Callahan is in the ring poised and ready for a fight... but El Califa is nowhere to be seen although Donny J is coming to his senses but decides to roll out of the ring, leaving Callahan inside. Drake goes from a maniacal look to a horrified and angry squint, realising that El Califa has escaped again. His face is screwed up as he sits down on the canvas, staring blankly at it with the words not coming out of his mouth.

    Klamor: I think this has gone a little bit too obsessive - Callahan attempted to ambush El Califa just like Ty Burna used to do with the light trick but it seems Califa was too smart for Callahan, slipping out of the way before Callahan could get his. This failed stunt must be gnawing at Drake.

    Serra: I don't even want to think of the aftermath this is going to cause in Drake's life.


    We transition backstage to where Leon Kensworth is standing by with the World Tag Team champions, ready for a quick interview before their match.

    Leon: Tonight, the Bearded Gentlemen will be facing off against Alex Bowen & Justin Cooper, two members of the group known as "The Empire" in the main event of Aftershock which is coming up shortly. Myles has informed the Empire that if they are able to defeat the two of you tonight, they could essentially become the number one contenders for your titles. Any thoughts on this?

    The Beard takes centre stage to answer the question.

    Beard: Not really, no - this is what is meant to happen when you are a champion and it is almost unwritten law. If you defeat the champions, you shoot yourselves up the contention list for a title shot later down the line.

    Gent: And we knew this before we won these championships at All or Nothing: we knew that if we won, we'd have to be defending these against all-comers and the Bearded Gentlemen are always willing to extend the offer to any team who would like a shot at these championships. It is only polite after all, sir Leon.

    Beard: So we welcome the challenge.

    Leon: What about the possible presence of Barbosa & S.H.I.T who are in a heated rivalry with the Empire?

    Before either man can answer that question, Chuck Myles interrupts and walks into the picture.

    Myles: If anyone decides to interject themselves into tonight's contest, there will be some serious consequences dealt out. So neither team will have to worry about possible interferences.

    Myles smiles as he walks off, nodding to the Bearded Gentlemen.

    Serra: Our tag team main event is next!
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    Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 487 lbs, Justin Cooper and Alex Bowen, The Empire!

    Bowen and Cooper make their way up to the top of the ramp. They both point a finger to the crowd, slowly laughing and making their way over to the ring. The crowd boos as Bowen and Cooper both hop onto the apron. They point around accusingly at the entire audience and then enter the ring.

    Serra: In their last outing as a team before total chaos erupted during our annual Roulette extravaganza, Alex Bowen and Justin Cooper lost to Barbosa and S.H.I.T., a tremendous setback for the Empire on the same night John Constantine failed to win the world championship.

    Klamor: And everybody's questioning - has the Empire got anything? Can they back up their words? I say - take one look at this talent! Justin Cooper, Alex Bowen, are you kidding me? That's a triple-A tag team if I ever saw one.


    Anderson: And introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined 460 pounds, the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, the team of the Beard and Le Gentleman Masqué - the Bearded Gentlemen!

    Serra: Will you listen to this crowd as they welcome the new tag team champions! They pulled off the shocker of the year to topple Saboteur and Action Saxton at All or Nothing to become our new champions.

    Klamor: New, and I'll bet short lived. You'll see - the Empire beats them tonight, and it's all going to start going downhill from there.

    The Beard and Le Gentleman Masqué make their way out, a pair that couldn't look more different, the Beard a rugged towering figure and Masqué a lithe figure clad in top hat and cape. They share together a shiny new championship belt strapped around their waists, however. The Beard makes his way to the ring slapping the hands of the fans on his way, while Masqué twirls his cane and nods to the fans on his side of the aisle. The two enter the ring simultaneously, Beard mounting a turnbuckle while Masqué removes his costume.

    The referee takes the championship belts from Beard and Masqué and hands them off to a member of the ring crew for this non title contest. The teams separate into their respective corners and it appears that Masqué and Cooper will start us off. The bell rings and we are underway as Masqué and Cooper go right after each other with a lockup. Cooper gets the better of it and forces Masqué into the corners, shoving a forearm into his face as the referee is forced to back him off. Cooper rounds on the crowd and shouts something derogatory at them, then turns to face Masqué, who is charging at him with a clothesline! He catches Cooper and knocks him down, then pulls him to his knees and hits a stiff uppercut. Masqué quickly tags in Beard and Masqué whips Cooper into the ropes, then hits the mat, forcing Cooper to leap over him - right into Beard's waiting boot! Cooper collapses in a heap from the big boot and Masqué gets out of the ring. Beard forgoes the cover, grabbing Cooper by the head and pulling him to his corner, tagging Masqué back in. Beard hits a quick slam that lays Cooper out in front of the ropes, and Masqué springboards in with a legdrop! Masqué tags Beard back in immediately, snapping off a DDT before Beard picks him up and SLAMS HIM INTO COOPER! Masqué pops up and rolls out of the ring as Beard hits the ropes, rebounds, leaping and falling on Cooper with a splash. He goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two! Beard wastes no time in pulling Cooper to his feet, tagging in Masqué, then hitting a quick powerslam, Cooper rolls a bit and sits up, Masqué hits the ropes, rebounds, throws a dropkick that catches Cooper hard across the chin! Masqué goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two!

    Serra: The tag team champions are really taking Cooper to task early here, and they may be headed for the showers sooner rather than later!

    Klamor: Don't count on it. Cooper is a major league player - he knows how to whether the storm and get his partner into the match.

    Masqué pulls Cooper to his feet before turning to listen to Bowen yell something at him. He seems about to respond but Cooper takes advantage, striking Masqué in the gut. Masqué counters and gets right back on the offensive, forcing Cooper into the ropes and shoving him, bouncing him off to rebound to the other side. Masqué waits a second and throws a dropkick - but Cooper held onto the ropes on the other side, Masqué crashes and burns. Cooper grins and takes a moment to collect himself, then goes over to Masqué, grabs his legs, slingshots him into the Empire corner where Bowen strikes him hard across the face! The fist looked closed on that one, and Cooper tags in Bowen. Bowen goes right after Masqué, picking him up and whipping him into a neutral corner. He tags Cooper back in and then steps on Masqué's arm, holding him for a stomp from Cooper. Cooper takes a moment to collect himself and Masqué struggles to his knees. Cooper hits him across the face, but Masqué goes right after him, throwing a couple hard body shots that take Cooper back a step. Masqué hits the ropes and rebounds, but Cooper throws a dropkick and he doesn't miss! Cooper goes for the cover quickly and gets one, but only one as Masqué kicks out. Cooper circles around Masqué as he gets to his knees slowly, throwing shots at Masqué as best he can, though his aim looks off. Cooper picks Masqué up the rest of the way and whips him into the corner, charges after him, but Masqué throws an elbow that staggers Cooper back. Cooper takes a step back and Masqué climbs the rope, he's at the top, Cooper turns and Masqué flies, Cooper ducks under and Masqué lands on his feet - he leaps and tags in Beard! Beard charges in with a flying shoulder block, Cooper pops up, he hits a clothesline, pulls him up, whips him into the corner, charges and hits a huge corner splash!

    Serra: It looked like the Empire was going to make a run there, but Beard is quickly reversing that trend here.

    Klamor: You've got to give Beard this - he's a game changer. Masqué sets their opponents up for Beard to come in and maul, and that is an effective tag team strategy, if nothing else.

    Beard wastes no time, whipping Cooper across the ring into the corner. Cooper steps out a bit and turns to face Beard, but throws him over his head with a back body drop! Beard makes the mistake of not going for the cover, though, and allows Cooper to roll to the corner and tag in Bowen. The two circle around each other for a moment, until each of them has their back to their opponent's corner. Cooper takes advantage, reaching over the ropes to slap Beard on the back. Beard turns to confront him and Bowen finishes the set up, charging Beard from behind with an axe handle to the back. Bowen hits a quick neckbreaker that lays Beard out before tagging Cooper back in. Cooper saunters around the ring cockily, occasionally stomping Beard but mostly jawing with the crowd. Cooper sees Beard get to his knees and he locks in a quick front headlock, but Beard uses his size to get a vertical base and start forcing his way to his corner! Cooper realizes his situation, turns quickly and smacks Masqué off the ring apron, turns back to Beard who throws a clothesline, but Cooper ducks under and sweeps out Beard's legs! Beard faceplants and Cooper is back in control, dragging him to his corner and tagging in Bowen. Cooper pulls Beard to the corner and holds him there for Bowen to charge and hit a knee to Beard's gut. Cooper exits the ring and Bowen grabs Beard, dragging him to the center of the ring and headbutting him. Beard staggers to his knees but he's in the wrong part of town, as Bowen tags Cooper back in and Cooper resumes his front headlock. Cooper gets Bowen into the corner and then puts his boot across his throat, drawing the five count! He breaks at four and stalks away with a smirk while the ref checks on Beard. Cooper tags in Bowen who resumes the same move, crushing Beard's windpipe until the count of four! Bowen backs off and Beard is trying to catch his breath, but he shows signs of life as he wildly throws an elbow that catches Cooper on the apron! Bowen tries to break it up but Beard gets a leg up, breaking the charge! Bowen backs up and Beard makes a desperate charge - but Bowen hits a discus clothesline that lays Beard out!

    Serra: A big reversal here, but yet again it's extremely efficient tag team wrestling getting the job done the Empire.

    Klamor: Hey, no matter what side of the ring you're on, those are the tactics that will work.

    Bowen pulls Beard back to his feet, forces him into his corner, and yet again tags in Cooper. Bowen goes to the apron and grabs Beard's head, holding on while Cooper once more puts his boot into Beard's throat! The count of four yields a break again and the ref issues a strong warning to Cooper at this point. The crowd desperately tries to rally Beard but to no avail, as Cooper goes back to the front facelock and Bowen tags himself in. Cooper passes Beard over to Bowen who hits a hard uppercut that sends Beard to his knees. Bowen picks Beard up and whips him into the corner, where the big man hits hard and falls flat on his back. Beard tags in Cooper who sets up across the ring, charges Beard in the corner, but Beard counters, lifts him up and over and sends COOPER SMASHING FACE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! It's his first signs of life in a while and the crowd goes wild! Both men are down, Cooper's not looking for the tag, Beard is reaching, Bowen wants in, he's got a foot in the ring and the ref is on him, but Cooper is getting to his knees - but HEAR COMES MASQUE! Cooper stands to face the charge - but wait a minute! The referee is blocking Masqué, saying he never saw the tag! Masqué is furious, barking at the ref while the Empire mercilessly double team Beard behind the ref's back, laying into him with stomps. Masqué eventually gets out of the ring and Bowen goes for the cover - but the ref isn't having it! Cooper is still the legal man! Bowen looks furious and Cooper gets in quickly, grabbing hold of the front facelock and pulling Beard to their corner, tagging in Bowen.

    Serra: That was almost an exhilarating change of events, but the referee just couldn't be everywhere and couldn't call the tag to Masqué.

    Klamor: Hey, at least he's consistent. He backed off Bowen as much as he did Masqué. Just like any sport, you've got to deal with the referee you're given.

    Serra: Indeed, that's referee James Aubrey in there for this contest, and I don't think anyone can blame him for his calls here.

    Klamor: Oh, someone will find a way, trust me.

    Bowen enters the ring and Cooper hands onto the hold, letting Bowen kick Beard hard in the gut before breaking and exiting the ring. Bowen tags Cooper right back in, Bowen holding Beard's arms and letting Cooper hit a series of stiff jabs to Beard's body. Bowen breaks with a stiff shot to the back of Beard's head and exits the ring. Cooper goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two! Cooper immediately switches to a chinlock from behind. Beard fights to a vertical base, but Cooper breaks quickly and hits him with a jab to the face. Cooper hits the ropes, rebounds, but Beard catches him, lifts him up, COUNTERS WITH A BACKBREAKER! Both men are down, Beard is reaching desperately for his corner, Cooper is trying to catch him by the leg - BUT HERE COMES MASQUE! It's official this time and Cooper charges Masqué on the apron, but Masqué ducks and catches Cooper with a shoulder in the gut. Cooper is doubled over and Masqué flips up and over with a sunset flip! Cooper rolls through and there's no pin, both men charge at each other, Masqué hits a drop toehold! Cooper is flat on his face as Masqué hits the ropes, leaps and hits a legdrop to Cooper's back! Masqué pulls Cooper to his feet, but Cooper reverses it and sends Masqué into the corner with a whip. Masqué scales the ropes instead, flips around, sees Cooper facing him - FLIES AND NAILS THE DRAGONRANA! THE CROWD IS ON THEIR FEET! Masqué holds on for the cover and gets one, two, and - ONLY TWO! Cooper somehow kicks out!

    Serra: That absolutely unbelievable dragonrana somehow wasn't enough!

    Klamor: Cooper is tenacious! He's not going to get beat on one quick move like that, even if it some fancy lucharesu shenanigans!

    Masqué goes back on the offensive immediately, picking up Cooper and hitting the butterfly suplex. He goes to the top rope rapidly and he's signaling for the guillotine leg drop! Bowen has seen enough and he gets in the ring, blocking Masqué's path to Cooper! Beard is back and he charges Bowen, knocking him aside with an axe handle! He hits the rope and rebounds, charges, aims for a shoulder block, but Bowen sidesteps at the last moment! Beard hits the mat hard and Bowen turns just in time to see Masqué flying at him, but he sidesteps once more! Masqué lands on his feet, but Cooper is up, goes for the rollup, the ref counts and Cooper gets one, two, and three!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, Justin Cooper and Alex Bowen - THE EMPIRE!

    Cooper and Bowen rolls out of the ring quickly, both of them grinning ear to ear at their victory. Masqué and Beard are both up and looking furious, but they hold back as Cooper and Bowen retreat up the ramp quickly, mocking the champions as they go.

    Serra: A huge upset tonight, as the Empire defeats the tag team champions here on Aftershock!

    Klamor: And let me tell you, if they're not number one contenders after that, I might just hop onto the conspiracy bandwagon myself!

    Serra: A big win for the Empire, and you're right, Johnny, it forces the Empire right into consideration for a tag team championship match that could come at the Lethal Lottery.

    Before they are able to exit, two men appear from the curtain and stand on the stage to a huge ovation.

    Serra: Uh-oh...

    Klamor: Turn around! It is Barbosa & S.H.I.T!

    The continue to walk backwards, backing up until the two of them run into their enemies. They slowly turn around to see Barbosa wave at them with a smile on his face. Instinctively, the Empire goes on the attack but Barbosa & **** block the attacks and start throwing punches of their own. The four men get into a huge brawl that makes its way back down the ramp where havoc is caused by the two team, leaving Bearded Gentlemen a little confused standing in the middle of the ring. However, things only get weirder when Saboteur & Saxton are running through the crowd, jumping over the barricade and sliding into the ring to meet with the World Tag Team champions carrying a bag full of carrots. Saboteur shyly offers the bag of carrots to the Gent and he politely refuses them, thanking him for their gesture. He hands the bag of carrots back to Saboteur, angering him immensely that he did not like the gift. Saboteur smacks the bag out of the Gents hands and the carrots go flying everywhere. The Gent reacts with a knee-jerk reaction and strikes Saboteur, apologising for it immediately after but the damage has been done and the four men in the ring begin brawling with each other.

    Serra: It's havoc out here!

    Klamor: Who knew Saboteur was so sensitive about carrots and gift-giving? I'd hate to be his Valentine...

    Serra: We're going to need security out here!

    The crowd is going wild as the 8 man brawl continues, spilling around ringside and inside of the ring as we fade to black, revealing the official WZCW and their copyright logos.
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    Who Wrote What:

    FalK - Opening, Segments & Ending
    Harthan - Empire vs. BG
    Show - Hunter vs. Flynn
    Yaz - Segments, Califa vs. Donny J
    Kermit - Blaze vs. Thrash

    Special thanks to Killjoy for the Aftershock intro as well as JGlass for Saboteur & Saxton's "backstage antics."

    That's it for the week - sorry it was late but hey, it's Easter long weekend.

    One important thing: I'll explain the reasoning behind the "randomised entrants" idea later once I get some sleep because I'm bloody tired. The entrants of the Lottery aren't randomised at all (except for the entry numbers, most likely) - that was the kayfabe reason. The real reason I will explain later because, as I mentioned above, I'm tired.
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