AF 10: Mayhem Rules - Jack Skinner vs. Jason Armstrong (Future Mayhem Title Shot)

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    Although Jason Armstrong failed to gain his spot on Kingdom Come to face the Mayhem champion, he has been given a second chance as he will take on Jack Skinner in a Mayhem rules contest where the winner will receive a shot at the champ in the near future. This will be a great opportunity for both men as they've lost some momentum from recent weeks, especially Skinner whose partner walked out on him on the previous Aftershock. Will Skinner re-define himself as a singles competitor or will Armstrong avenge his loss?

    Deadline is Sunday, May 20th at 11:59 PM EST. No extensions are allowed.
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    Jason Armstrong is sitting stretched out across his couch in his small apartment. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt and gym shorts, and has a bandage on his head, which was caused by the Mayhem rules match he was in on the previous Aftershock. Armstrong is rewatching his match trying to figure out what he can do differently in the future to ensure he walks out the winner. He cringes as he watches the brutality of the match unfold. Just as the match is coming to an end, he hears his phone ringing. Armstrong looks to see who’s calling him, and his heart skips a beat when he sees it’s Chelsea. He clears his throat before answering.


    Hey, Jason? Can I ask for a huge favor?

    Sure. Anything you want.

    Well I wouldn’t call you unless I absolutely had to, and I need you to help me.

    Armstrong smiles slightly as he prepares himself to help his ex-wife.

    I need you to pick Jeremy up from afterschool daycare. I’m running late at work and won’t be able to do it. It would be a lifesaver if you could.

    Armstrong’s smile grows bigger as he is excited to see his son.

    Of course I can do that. I’d love to. I’ll bring him back to my apartment.

    Chelsea lets out a long sigh of relief.

    Thank you so much. I didn’t know who else to turn to. I’ll come by and pick him up later. I got to go.

    Chelsea hangs up and Armstrong listens to the dial tone for a moment before hanging up himself. He gets dressed while playing different scenarios over in his mind about finally getting the chance to see Chelsea again. He gets in his car and drives to Jeremy’s school. He walks into the school, and wanders around aimlessly searching for the room his son is in. Armstrong makes his way out to the playground, where he sees his son playing basketball with a few other kids. Armstrong can’t hide his smile as he approached his son.

    Jeremy! Time to go!

    Jeremy looks over and his eyes light up.


    The young boy runs over to his father and gives him a tight hug. Armstrong wraps his arms around him, as this is the first time he’s seen his son since the divorce. Jeremy finally lets go of the hug, and Armstrong begins to explain the situation.

    So Jeremy, your mom is running late at work, so she asked me to come pick you up. So you ready?


    Jeremy says bye to his friends and goes with Armstrong to his car. They get in and start their trip back to Armstrong’s apartment.

    Dad, what’s that band-aid on your head for?

    Armstrong reaches up and touches his head.

    This? This is from my match last week. Did you get to see it?

    Jeremy nods his head.

    Yeah. It was an awesome match!

    Armstrong laughs.

    I’m glad you thought so. I can’t say I think the same of it. I’m sorry that I didn’t pick up the win for you and go to Kingdom Come.

    Are you kidding, Dad? I love you! And all the kids in my class are so jealous that my dad is a wrestler on TV! It’s made me the most popular kid in the school. It’s so cool. Plus, it’s not like you really even lost. You weren’t the wrestler who was pinned! You were robbed!

    I’m glad you think so, but it still counts as a loss. I may have not have been the one to get pinned, but I wasn’t the one who did the pinning. I missed out on my shot to be on the biggest show of the year and challenge for the Mayhem Title at Kingdome Come. Just think of how much cooler that would have made you to your classmates.

    No Dad. It’s fine! I love you how you are now! Plus, you’re on Aftershock facing Jack Skinner to get a future Mayhem Title shot! Did you see his partner walk out on him at the last Aftershock?

    You sure do know a lot about WZCW.

    Jeremy laughs as Armstrong begins to respond to him.

    But no, I didn’t see Hunter Jackson walk out on Skinner. I was too busy getting myself ready for my match. I did hear about it, though. And I saw on a monitor backstage where Skinner stepped up for a singles match, although he came up just short. Last week proved to me two things about Skinner.

    The first is that he has nothing to lose. He had kind of lost his way as a singles wrestler before forming the Shaolin Jacks with Hunter Jackson. Now that it seems that that team has broken up, he’s basically right back where he started. Skinner has nothing to lose, and everything to prove. That is what makes him so dangerous. He is going to be willing to do everything in his power to get himself back on track, and there is no better way in doing that than to earn a future Mayhem Title match.

    The other thing he proved to me is that he has heart. He couldn’t have been in the best mood after Jackson walked out on him, but he still found it deep within him to step up and face Daniel Dela Cruz. Daniel is a tough opponent; I know from experience. But Skinner took him to the absolute limit before finally being finished off. If he was that impressive in his return to singles action on short notice, just imagine how dangerous he is going to be given time to prepare. There is never an easy match in WZCW, and this time is going to be no different.

    Jeremy looks over at his father.

    I believe in you Daddy! I know you won’t let us down!

    Armstrong looks out the window as he drives.

    Thanks Jeremy. I’ll try not to. This is my time to prove to you, your mom, and the world that I have what it takes to become champion. I’ve come up short a couple of times in triple threat matches, but this time it’s only going to be me and Skinner. If I lose, I have no one to blame but myself. I can’t afford to lose this match. This is my third shot at getting an opportunity to call myself the Mayhem Champion. I don’t know if I’ll be given another if I don’t win this one. I can’t let myself find that out. I have to win this match, and then challenge for the Mayhem Title. It doesn’t matter who walks out of Kingdom Come with the belt, I’ll be coming for either of them. It’s my time. I can feel it. It all starts at the next Aftershock when I beat Jack Skinner and earn a title match.

    Plus, how cool would it be for your dad to be champion?

    Jeremy pumps his fist and yells.

    That would be so awesome Daddy!

    Armstrong pulls up to his apartment complex, and leads his son to his apartment.

    I’m sorry it’s not as nice as you’re used to, but it’s all I could afford at the time. Are you hungry?

    Jeremy nods his head, and Armstrong goes to the refrigerator and grabs a microwavable dinner. He puts it in the microwave to cook, and he joins his son to watch some TV. The timer on the microwave goes off, and Armstrong brings the food to Jeremy on the couch.

    Wow! Mom never lets me eat in the living room.

    Armstrong chuckles, but it hurts him to think about his ex-wife and everything he put her through. He sits down next to Jeremy, and they watch “Sports News Now.” They talk about sports for a while until the buzzer in the apartment goes off. Jeremy feels the nerves overcome him as he answers the buzz.


    Hey Jason? It’s Chelsea. Can you send Jeremy down now? I’m ready to pick him up.

    Armstrong felt his heart sink.

    You’re not going to come up?

    No. I can’t. I’ve got to –

    Armstrong cuts her off.

    I was really hoping to see you. I miss you so much.

    Jason, don’t do this. I’m … just not ready to see you. Please just send Jeremy down so we can get going.

    Armstrong sighs and turns to his son.

    Jeremy, your mom is downstairs waiting for you. You got everything ready to go?

    Jeremy grabs his backpack and walks over to his dad and gives him a hug.

    I love you Daddy. I hope I see you more often.

    Armstrong feels tears building up in his eyes.

    I love you, too, Jeremy.

    Good luck in your match! I can't wait to watch it!

    With that, Jeremy lets go of the hug and walks out the door. Armstrong looks out the window and sees his ex-wife on the sidewalk. He feels a pain in his chest as he watches her wait for their son. He knows that he messed up his chance with her, and that he would do anything to get her back. In his mind, winning the Mayhem Title will be a great first step.

    He watches as Jeremy walks out onto the sidewalk and gives his mom a hug. Jeremy looks up at Armstrong’s apartment window and sees Armstrong looking down at them. Jeremy waves, and Chelsea looks up. She sees Armstrong waving back at Jeremy, and quickly leads him away to her car.

    Armstrong goes and sits back on his couch with his head in his hands thinking about his upcoming match. He knows this chance may very well be his last, and he is going to make the most of it.
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