Absolute Championship Wrestling

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    Absolute Championship Wrestling

    In mid 2008, Vince McMahon, grown weary of the business, gave up all of his claims in World Wrestling Entertainment, selling them to his son, Shane McMahon. Shane, an enterprising businessman, saw huge economic opportunity in expanding the WWE’s roster to create fresh and new matches and feuds. To this end, he entered into discussions with TNA Executive Shareholder Mick Foley, and they chose to merge the companies and their rosters. This new economic powerhouse quickly bought up Ring of Honor, to take advantage of the best of independent wrestling. Working for several months, McMahon and Foley created an entirely new wrestling organization, with new television shows, new PPVs, and new championships sharing the lineage of the old ones. Thus, Absolute Championship Wrestling was born…and its doors are about to open.


    Revolution (GM Mick Foley)

    1. Sting
    2. Undertaker
    3. Jeff Jarrett
    4. CM Punk
    5. Christopher Daniels
    6. Samoa Joe
    7. Kevin Nash
    8. Chris Sabin (The Motor City Machineguns)
    9. Alex Shelley (The Motor City Machineguns)
    10. Brent Albright
    11. Tyler Black
    12. Homicide (LAX)
    13. Hernandez (LAX)
    14. Jay Lethal
    15. Paul London (Paul London & Brian Kendrick)
    16. Brian Kendrick (Paul London & Brian Kendrick)
    17. R-Truth
    18. DJ Gabriel
    19. Jamie Noble
    20. Ruckus
    21. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    22. Funaki
    23. Kurt Angle
    24. Edge
    25. Chris Jericho
    26. JBL
    27. Austin Aries
    28. Nigel McGuinness
    29. The Big Show
    30. Kane
    31. Matt Hardy
    32. Chris Hero
    33. Mark Henry
    34. James Storm (Beer Money)
    35. Robert Roode (Beer Money)
    36. John Morrison (Miz & Morrison)
    37. The Miz (Miz & Morrison)
    38. William Regal
    39. Jack Swagger
    40. Chavo Guerrero
    41. Go Shiozaki
    42. Paul Burchill
    43. Shane Hagadorn
    44. Hardcore Holly
    45. Dolph Ziggler

    Explosion (GM Shane McMahon)

    1. Triple H
    2. John Cena
    3. Shawn Michaels
    4. Batista
    5. AJ Styles
    6. Jeff Hardy
    7. Rey Mysterio
    8. Bryan Danielson
    9. Jerry Lynn
    10. Delirious
    11. Brother Ray (Team 3D)
    12. Brother Devon (Team 3D)
    13. Abyss
    14. Finlay
    15. Rhino
    16. Eric Young
    17. Jimmy Wang Yang
    18. Sonjay Dutt
    19. Consequences Creed
    20. Evan Bourne
    21. Tommy Dreamer
    22. Ricky Ortiz
    23. Hurricane Helms
    24. Randy Orton
    25. Booker T
    26. Scott Steiner
    27. Christian Cage
    28. The Great Khali
    29. Jimmy Jacobs
    30. Umaga
    31. Mr. Kennedy
    32. Charlie Haas
    33. MVP
    34. Vladimir Koslov
    35. Matt Morgan
    36. Necro Butcher
    37. Petey Williams
    38. Claudio Castagnoli
    39. Sheik Abdul Bashir
    40. Mike Knox
    41. Santino Marella
    42. Rhett Titus
    43. Manu
    44. Kenny King
    45. Shelton Benjamin

    Non Wrestling Personnel

    Mick Foley – Revolution GM
    Shane McMahon – Explosion GM
    Todd Grisham & Matt Striker - Commentators
    Howard Finkel – Ring Announcer
    Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Maria – Backstage Interviewers

    Pay-Per-View Schedule

    1. January 4 – Brave New World
    2. January 25 – Unholy
    3. February 22 – Massacre (All matches are hardcore)
    4. March 15 - Breakout
    5. April 12 – Gold Rush (Every title is defended)
    6. May 3 – Showtime
    7. May 31 – Lost Cause (Main event title match is always a last chance match for the challenger)
    8. June 21 – Adrenaline Rush
    9. July 19 – Day of the Underdog (All title matches go to contenders who have not had a championship match all year)
    10. August 9 – Hotter Than Hell
    11. September 6 – Civil War (All matches are interbrand competition)
    12. September 27 – All Out Assault
    13. October 25 – No Escape (Main event – Hell in a Cell for championship match at Supremacy)
    14. November 15 – One Step Away (Main event – Ladder match for championship match at Supremacy)
    15. December 13 – Supremacy (Main show)


    • ACW Championship
    • ACW Intercontinental Championship


    • World Heavyweight Championship
    • ACW United States Championship


    • ACW Hardcore Championship Chris Hero
    • ACW Light Heavyweight Championship Chavo Guerrero
    • ACW Television Championship
    • ACW World Tag Team Championship

    TV Shows
    • Revolution – Mondays (Features Talent From Revolution)
    • Chaos – Wednesdays (Features Hardcore & Cruiserweight Wrestling)
    • Explosion – Saturdays (Features Talent From Explosion)
    • War – Sunday (Features Exclusive Television Title Defenses)

    Notes: ACW will run on a non-real time schedule. Hence, the first show will take place on December 15, 2008, and continue according to its own time. Shows will be put up on a regular basis - with luck, no more than 3 days apart between shows. Comments and critiques welcome. Expect first show up very soon.
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    Wow. Extensive roster, and I can tell you've put a ton into all of the planning. I plan on reading, and let me know if you need any help :)
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    It looks like you really took your time and planned your roster just right.

    I can't wait to rwad the first show.

    The only complaint is that i don't see a women's division. I think that since you are not using wrestlers from one specific company, you can make a really good division.

    You should either look into doing a third show with just women or add women to both or just one of the rosters. Of course that's if you even want a women's division.
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    When I was plotting it out, I realized it was already so big that getting women together would just be too much. I considered a women's exclusive show, but then realized five shows would be a lot. Once I get things under control, probably after the first PPV, I might start to build up a women's division, which would probably compete almost exclusively on War.
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    I think there is huge potential for you to have a very good women's Division.

    Like i said you can basically get any women you want for your Division. So it should be really good.

    I was thinking that you should make a show for women only, because the other 2 Rosters are already huge, so it would be hard to feature them, make them a legit division, and still feature the male wrestlers. but that is just my opinion.
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    Emanating live from the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden…

    Absolute Championship Wrestling Presents…



    “Helicopter” blasts throughout the arena and a huge pyro display goes off, kicking off the show. The pyro display lasts upwards of a minute, truly an explosive welcome to the new standard of professional wrestling. As the pyro ends, the lights come up. The camera pans over a sellout crowd of over 20,000 screaming New Yorkers, ready for the debut of the best of wrestling.

    The crowd goes wild as the sounds of “Wreck” blare over the PA. Revolution GM and co-owner of ACW Mick Foley makes his way to the ring, clad as ever in checkered flannel. He makes his way to the ring with a huge smile on his face, and grabs a mic as he slides into the ring. He raises his hand in a salute to the fans before beginning.

    Foley: You know, folks, I’ve had the honor of opening a lot of wrestling events in my time. I’ve opened shows in ECW, WCW, TNA, and WWE. But never have I had the honor of opening a show quite like this one. Today, here, in Madison Square Garden, New York City…

    He pauses for the classic cheap pop.

    Foley: Today, I’m opening up the beginning of the greatest thing pro wrestling has ever known. It’s bigger than anything that’s gone down before. For the first time ever, professional wrestling stands truly united, and at its absolute best. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just why Shane and I chose to name this federation…Absolute Championship Wrestling.

    Foley: What you’re going to see here tonight is the greatest in wrestling action. The greatest superstars and wrestlers from around the world, competing in one place, and one place only. There’s no more companies keeping the best separate…no more dream matches you can be denied. This is the be all and end all, folks…this is as good as it gets. And so, it’s my esteemed honor to welcome you to the very first broadcast of professional wrestling’s new standard…this company, ladies and gentlemen, is ACW…and this broadcast is Revolution. Here in ACW, we’ve got it all – we’ve got your technical, we’ve got your high-flying, we’ve got your brawling, and we’ve got my personal favorite, a little bit of hardcore…but tonight, folks, is all about the best of the best. Crowning a new world champion…crowning the ACW Champion.

    Foley pauses for the crowd’s reaction.

    Foley: It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do...as Revolution GM, it’s all up to me, of course, to crown the first ACW Champion. I could give it to whoever I liked, or I could decide competitors, and such and such, but I decided, that’s not really fair, is it? So I put open the call in the back, to everyone on the Revolution brand…the first 16 wrestlers that answered were entered…into the BEST OF THE BEST Tournament. That’s right, folks, a single elimination, 16-man tournament, to be contested over the next few weeks, with the finals occurring at our very first PPV, Brave New World… and tonight, you’ll see the 8 matches that make up the first round of the Best of the Best tournament.

    The crowd cheers this news.

    Foley: To continue, the losers of every match in the tournament won’t be all out of luck. You see, everyone who loses in this tourney gets entered into a 14 man battle royal at Brave New World, to crown the first ever ACW Intercontinental Champion! Also occurring at Brave New World is a standard tag team bout between one tag team representing Revolution…and another representing Explosion. The winner will be the new ACW World Tag Team Champions! Next week on Revolution, we’re gonna see a tag team gauntlet to determine who represents Revolution! And finally, ladies and gentlemen, I have to do a little shameless promoting here and plug Chaos…Chaos might be unbranded, but yours truly has booking power over it, and I’ve got some great action planned for Wednesday night. So make sure you all tune in to catch the finest in high flying and hardcore action…only at ACW! That’s all, folks, so without further ado, I give you your very first ACW match…”Black Machismo” Jay Lethal is gonna take on…”THE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST” KURT ANGLE!

    The crowd cheers for Foley as his music plays and he exits. Once Foley has exited…

    The opening of a remixed “Pomp and Circumstance” plays over the arena, and Jay Lethal enters the arena bedecked in his Savage-esque gear. He plays to the crowd, slapping hands with all the fans and dancing around excitedly. He enters into the ring to a strong crowd reaction.

    Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing in at 210 pounds…”Black Machismo” Jay Lethal!

    The somber opening of “Gold Medal” plays throughout the arena before transitioning into the main song, as the crowd reacts negatively to Angle’s entrance. Nevertheless, Angle continues stony faced to the ring, regarding the crowd with disdain. He enters the ring and pulls up the straps on his singlet, and backs into the corner, ready to go.

    Finkel: And his opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 240 pounds, professional wrestling’s only Olympic gold medalist…Kurt Angle!

    The bell rings and the competitors circle each other, and commentators Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show.

    Grish: Welcome to the show, folks, this is the first match in ACW history, as we witness two of the world’s best lock up here.

    Striker: That’s right folks; you’re looking at an Olympic gold medalist, a medal he won in 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, defeating Abbas Jadidi, an Iranian.

    Angle and Lethal lock up in the center of the ring, where Angle pushes his opponent back into the corner. The ref calls for a clean break, but Angle refuses, punching Lethal in the head a few times. The ref begins to count to 5, and Angle backs up. As Lethal comes out, Angle kicks him in the stomach and grabs his arm, wrenching it behind Lethal’s back. He forces Lethal to the ground as he holds in the arm bar. Angle wrenches it a bit more, then lets up and stands up over Lethal, who’s in pain on the ground. Angle stomps Lethal a few times on the ground, before standing him up. He measures Jay…and levels him with a European Uppercut! He goes down to the ground and stomps Lethal’s legs, before locking in a kneebar! Lethal struggles in obvious pain for a minute or two, before reaching the ropes and breaking the hold. Angle lets up and gloats for a few moments, as Lethal struggles on the ground.

    Striker: Lethal has got to do something to get back into this!

    Angle stands Lethal up and clutches him from the back, lifting him up and dropping him in a German suplex! He holds the bridge for a pin, getting one, two, but Lethal kicks out! Lethal rolls to the ropes and stands himself up. Angle follows and whips him into the corner, where he follows with a big clothesline! Lethal staggers out and rolls on his back in front of the turnbuckle. Angle takes a look at Lethal, then quickly scrambles up the ropes…leaps off, going for a moonsault, but Lethal rolls away! Angle is on the ground in pain as Lethal stands up! Lethal stands up Angle, whips him into the opposite corner, where he follows with a corner dropkick! As Angle staggers out, Lethal quickly stands up and catches him in a Lethal Combination! Angle’s on his back as Lethal takes his own climb to the top rope…he flies off in a diving elbow…but no, Angle has rolled away as well! As Lethal clutches his arm on the ground, Angle stands up, grabs Lethal’s ankle, and locks in the ankle lock! Angle pulls him to the center of the ring, and Lethal has nowhere to go! He’s forced to tap out!

    Finkel: Here is your winner, Kurt Angle!

    Grish: A fast paced match up, but experience and technical skill pays off for Kurt Angle, who advances in the tournament.

    Striker: But it’s not over for young Jay Lethal, who can still lay claim to the ACW Intercontinental Championship at Brave New World!


    After a commercial break, the bell rings and “Longhorn” plays over the PA system. A limo pulls out to the arena and JBL exits, a big grin on his face. The crowd boos him heavily, but he could care less as he arrogantly makes his way to the ring.

    Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from New York City, weighing in at 290 pounds, John “Bradshaw” Layfield!

    “Sorry About Your Damn Luck” hits on the PA, as James Storm makes his way to the ring. He’s holding a beer bottle and staggers drunkenly to the ring, a grin on his face. The crowd boos.

    Finkel: And his opponent, from Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, weighing in at 290 pounds…”The Tennessee Cowboy”, James Storm!

    The bell rings and Storm comes out swinging, nailing JBL with a few big shots. JBL staggers back to the ropes and demands Storm back away. Storm backs off, and JBL frees himself and comes back out. Storm comes back and hits some more big rights, before JBL returns to the ropes and demands Storm’s retreat. Storm looks frustrated as JBL comes back out. He calls for a knuckle lock, and Storm agrees, but JBL kicks him in the gut! Storm tries to get up, but JBL pokes him in the eye! He whips Storm into the ropes and drops him with a big boot! He goes for a cover but only gets one, two, before Storm kicks out! JBL stomps on Storm repeatedly before Storm rolls out to the ground, where JBL follows. He starts punching Storm, who answers, leading to a slugest on the floor. The ref’s count gets up to 3, and they’re still going! Oblivious to the count, these two are trading right hands on the floor! The ref counts 6…JBL connects…7…Storm connects…8…JBL connects…Storm is staggered…9…JBL suddenly realizes the count, slides back into the ring…Storm is still staggered on the outside…10! Storm is still outside, dazed, as the bell rings.

    Finkel: Here is your winner, by a count out, John “Bradshaw” Layfield!

    JBL celebrates likes he’s just won a huge match as the loss sinks in to Storm, who argues with referee before leaving in disgust.


    Returning from commercial, “Fixation on the Darkness” hits as Tyler Black makes his way to the ring to a solid crowd reaction. Black interacts with the fans, laughing with them on the way to the ring and slapping hands. In the ring, he dances on his feet, ready for action.

    Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Buffalo, Iowa, weighing in at 210 pounds…Tyler Black!

    “You think you know me?” leads into a heavy guitar intro as smoke fills the entranceway. “Metalingus” hits as Edge makes his way out, looking cocky and arrogant. He raises his hands to the sky as a huge pyro goes off, big enough to match his oozing ego.

    Finkel: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 250 pounds, “The Rated R Superstar”…Edge!

    The bell rings and Edge and Black lock up in the center of the ring. Edge knees Black in the gut, driving him to his knees. He hits a few kicks on Tyler and he falls to the ground. Edge runs back to the ropes and drops a leg on Black, going for a cover, but getting less than a one count! Edge locks in a chinlock on Black, and holds it in for well over a minute, wearing down Black. Edge arrogantly released the chinlock and stands up to pose for the crowd. He stomps on Black a few times, kicking him all around the ring. He stands him up and quickly plants him to the ground with a Russian legsweep, going for a cover, getting one, two, only two as Black kicks out! Edge stands Black back up and whips him into the ropes, where he meets him with a crushing big boot! Edge picks Black right back up, and whips him into the corner, hard! He pushes Black up onto the top turnbuckle, hooks him…and plants him with a superplex! He covers Black getting one, two, only two as Black once again kicks out!

    Striker: The resilience of this young man is astounding, Grish.

    Edge looks frustrated as he picks Black up and DDTs him to the ground. He retreats the opposite corner and signals that he wants a Spear. Black slowly staggers to his feet…Edge charges…but Black ducks out of the way, and Edge spears the corner! He staggers out and is met with a huge Superkick from Black! Both men collapse and the referee begins to count, reaching 7 before they both get up and start trading rights in the center of the ring! Black goes for a kick, Edge catches it…but Black leaps up and hits an enzuigiri, dropping Edge! Black picks him up, whips him into the corner…as Edge staggers out, Black leaps up and nails Edge with a dropsault! Edge drops down in front of the corner as Black goes for a cover, getting one, two, only two as Edge kicks out! Black retreats to the opposite corner, calling for another Superkick! Edge staggers up…Black goes for the kick, but misses as Edge ducks away…Black turns around and is caught by a huge Spear from Edge! Edge covers Black, getting one, two, and three!

    Finkel: Here is your winner, Edge!

    Edge rolls out of the ring and celebrates arrogantly, as Black rolls around in pain in the ring.

    Grish: Black is a young man with loads of potential, but Edge is a wily veteran, and that got him a win tonight.


    Returning from commercial, “Break Down the Walls” hits on the PA system and Chris Jericho makes his way out to the ring. He sneers arrogantly at the crowd and enters the ring, appraising the crowd with cold eyes.

    Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 225 pounds, Chris Jericho!

    “This Fire Burns” hits and CM Punk runs out on the entrance platform, roaring and looking pumped up to be out for the show. He slaps his chest and high fives all the fans on his way to the ring. He enters into the ring and begins rolling his fists in anticipation of the match.

    Finkel: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds, CM Punk!

    The bell rings and the two men circle each other, with Punk hazarding a few kicks that Jericho backs away from. Punk suddenly charges Jericho and grabs his arm, locking in an armbar. Jericho gets to the ropes and Punk gives him a clean break. When Jericho turns around, however, Punk catches him with a big right hand that sends him reeling into the corner! Punk backs him into the corner and starts wailing on him and the crowd excitedly counts the shots that Punk lands. Punk steps up onto the second rope and keeps the rights and lefts coming! Jericho, however, suddenly struggles out and drops Punk with a powerbomb! Jericho staggers but stays afoot as Punk lies on the ground. Jericho runs at him and jumps, falling onto Punk with a back senton! He covers Punk for one, two, but only two as Punk kicks out! Jericho stands up and stomps the legs of Punk repeatedly. Jericho goes over to the corner and taunts the crowd, allowing Punk to get up. He whips Punk into the corner and follows him over, nailing him with his shoulder. Punk staggers out and Jericho comes from behind, planting him with a bulldog! Punk turns over and Jericho appraises him for a moment, before running to the ropes, leaping off…and nailing a Lionsault! He covers Punk, but gets only two! Jericho looks frustrated!

    Grish: The Lionsault has pinned a great many opponents, but Punk has an uncharacteristic tenacity that keeps him alive here!

    Jericho pulls Punk up and whips him back into the corner, where he hits a series of chops, to a chorus of “Woo” from the crowd. Jericho pulls Punk out, butterflies his arms, elevates him, and drops him across his knees with a sick backbreaker! As Punk struggles in pain on the ground, Jericho grabs his legs, folds him over…and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Punk struggles in the hold for minutes, before somehow reaching the ropes! Jericho breaks the holds and Punk staggers up. Punk turns around and Jericho tries to hit a dropkick, but Punk dives out of the ways and Jericho plants himself on the ground. Jericho staggers up and Punk catches him in a flurry of blows, slaps, and chops! Punk spins around and hits Jericho with a big roundhouse kick, which sends him to the ground! Punk picks him up and whips him into the ropes, and catches him in a hurricanrana on the return! Punk heads over to the top rope as he waits for Jericho to get up! Jericho staggers up and Punk flies, nailing a crossbody which he follows into a cover for one, two, but only two as Jericho kicks out! Punk gets up and so does Jericho. Punk whips Jericho over into the corner, where he follows with a big knee to the face! As Jericho comes out, Punk plants Jericho with a bulldog! Punk heads back up the top rope and waits for Jericho to get up once again…Jericho staggers up…Punk flies…but Jericho catches Punk in a Codebreaker! Jericho slowly covers Punk, getting a one, two, and three!

    Finkel: Here is your winner, Chris Jericho!

    Striker: Wow! A hard fought battle ends in defeat for the Chicago Made Punk, but I’d bet money that he’s a strong contender for the ACW Intercontinental Championship, Grish.

    Jericho raises his hand and clutches his head with the other, squinting in pain. He makes his way out of the ring as Punk lies on the mat, dazed.


    Returning from commercial, “Slay Me” hits and Sting comes out to a thunderous reaction from MSG. He acknowledges the crowd as an old veteran, and makes his way to the ring regarding the crowd silently but warmly.

    Finkel: This contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Venice Beach, California, weighing in at 255 pounds…”The Icon”, Sting!

    “Man On Fire” hits as huge flames go up on the entranceway. Kane slowly makes his way to the ring, his face an emotionless void.

    Finkel: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 300 pounds…Kane!

    Before entering the ring, Kane grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring! Sting looks apprehensive as Kane enters the ring with chair in hand.

    Grish: This is not a no DQ match, folks. If Kane wants to use that, he’ll lose the match up.

    Striker: But does he really know or care, Grish? Kane’s purely insane, and that’s all there is to it!

    The referee tries to grab the chair from Kane, but Kane swats him aside like a fly. Sting comes in and tries to land a few shots on Kane, but the Big Red Machine quickly fights back, grabs Sting around the throat, and elevates him in a Chokeslam right onto the steel chair! The referee weakly signals for the bell and Kane is DQed.

    Finkel: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification…Sting!

    Kane walks away from the ring, soulless, as Sting is lain out in the middle of the ring.

    Grish: What is that all about, Striker?

    Striker: I’ve not the slightest idea, Grish – and I don’t plan on speaking to Kane to find out!


    Returning from commercial, “Hey You” hits and Brian Kendrick comes out. He smiles to the crowd and rushes the ring, jumping up and down in preparation for the match.

    Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds, Brian Kendrick!

    “Crank It Up” hits the PA System and the Big Show saunters to the ring with a big grin on his face as the crowd boos him. He arrogantly makes his way to the ring and climbs up on the ropes, posing for the crowd.

    Finkel: Introducing his opponent, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 485 pounds…the Big Show!

    The bell rings and the Big Show and Kendrick circle each other for a moment. The Big Show pushes Kendrick down on his back. He pulls Kendrick off the ground and chokeslams him without effort…but then retreats from the ring. The referee stares at him incredulously, and begins to count! Big Show returns to the entrance way, and is counted out!

    Finkel: Here is your winner as a result of a count out…Brian Kendrick?

    The Big Show is nowhere to be seen as the winner writhes in pain on the ground.

    Grish: Wait…what? What is the Big Show thinking?

    Striker: I can’t believe this, but Brian Kendrick has just beaten the Big Show!

    Grish: I smell a rat, Striker, and I’m not talking about you!

    Striker: Hey!

    Grish: There’s something odd here…


    The bells toll as “Rest in Peace” hits over the PA system and the Undertaker begins his long, silent walk to the ring, accompanied by thunderous applause. In the ring, he slowly removes his hat and stares viciously out at the crowd.

    Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Death Valley, weighing in at 299 pounds…the Undertaker!

    “Reality” hits over the PA System as the Miz makes his way to the ring, cocky and arrogant. He gestures to the ladies on the way down before entering the ring.

    Finkel: Introducing his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 231 pounds…the Miz!

    The bell rings and the Miz comes out firing shots at the Undertaker, who has no reaction. The Miz backs up and tries again, but the Undertaker only catches him and elevates him up, then down for a chokeslam! He pulls him up, lifts him, and puts him down…dropping to his knees and planting the Miz in a Tombstone Piledriver! The referee counts one, two, and three!

    Finkel: Here is your winner…the Undertaker!

    Striker: A dominant win for the Undertaker propels him toward the ACW Championship!


    “My World” hits on the PA System and Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring with guitar in hand. He raises it up and pyro hits over him, signaling his entrance. The King of the Mountain makes his way to the ring, looking serious, but determined.

    “Wings of a Fallen Angel” hits and Christopher Daniels enters into the arena. He is serious and determined as he makes his way to the ring, where he jumps up on the apron and makes strange gestures. He enters the ring and circles around, waiting for the matchup to start.

    Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening! Introducing first, from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at 230 pounds, the King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett! And his opponent, from the City of Angels, weighing in at 224 pounds…Christopher Daniels!

    The bell rings and the main event is underway! Jarrett and Daniels shake hands, warrior to warrior, and begin circling each other, jockeying for position. The two lock up and Jarrett forces Daniels back into the corner. He backs off, but gets a shot in as he backs away. Daniels looks out and then charges Jarrett, taking him down to the ground! He pounds on Jarrett before stepping off, allowing Jarrett to get up to his knees. While Double J is on his knees, Daniels kicks him right in the head, sending Jarrett down! Daniels follows down to the ground with a headlock, wearing Jarrett down. Jarrett slowly makes his way to the ropes, forcing Daniels to break the hold. Daniels gets up and lets Jarrett make his way up, then grabs him and plants him back first with an STO!

    Jarrett rolls on the ground as Daniels poses for the crowd, much to their gratification. Jarrett gets up and Daniels whips him into the corner, where he rushes him and nails a high knee! Before Jarrett can fall down, however, Daniels moves him back to the corner and places him up on the top rope. Standing on the ground, Daniels leaps up…and nails a Frankensteiner that sends Jarrett halfway across the ring! Daniels runs over to the corner nearest Jarrett, leaps up, and nails the Best Moonsault Ever! He covers Jarrett for a one, two, but only two as Jarrett kicks out!

    Daniels gets to his feet and signals that he wants to hit the Angel’s Wings. Jarrett stands up and Daniels rushes him, but Jarrett sends him reeling into the ropes, where he catches him in a roll up! Daniels kicks out at two, leaps up, and hits a small package for a two count, before Jarrett reverses it for a one, two, but Daniels kicks out! They both stand up and appraise each other a moment, while the audience applauds. Jarrett and Daniels move to the center of the ring, where they begin to trade blows, to a chorus of “Ooh” and “Aah” from the fans! Both men are staggered as Jarrett hits that one last shot that drops Daniels! Jarrett grabs Daniels’s leg, to a chorus of “Woo”, and sets Daniels up for the figure four leglock!

    Daniels is writhing in pain on the ground and struggles in the hold for a minute, before clawing to the ropes and breaking the hold. As Daniels stands, Jarrett gets behind him and locks in a sleeper hold! Daniels struggles but fades fast, and the referee raises his arm once, it falls…twice, it falls…three times, it falls – but he lifts it up! He struggles out! He pushes Jarrett off him, turns around, and charges, clotheslining him! They both collapse to the ground! Daniels struggles for a pin, but only get two! He stands up and fires up the crowd, calling for the Angel’s Wings! Jarrett gets up…Daniels kicks him in the gut, butterflies the arms, elevates him…but Jarrett drops out! He catches Daniels, gets his legs in position…and nails him down to the mat with a Stroke! He rolls Daniels over, hooks the leg, and the referee counts one, two, and three!

    Finkel: Here is your winner, Jeff Jarrett!

    Jarrett raises his hand in celebration of a hard fought victory. Daniels slowly gets to his feet and stares soberly at Jarrett. After circling the ring with his arm raised, Jarrett offers his hand to Daniels. Daniels shakes, and Jarrett raises his arm. The two embrace in the ring.

    Grish: Two great warriors have just done battle in the greatest arena of them all, Madison Square Garden.

    Striker: And you're seeing the result of years of respect these two men have had, working together for a long time in TNA and now, these two will be a big part of ACW.

    Grish: Folks, from everyone here at ACW, we hope you enjoyed our very first broadcast and welcome you to tune into Chaos on Wednesday, and to all ACW programming.

    Striker: ACW is the very best in wrestling, and if you're watching something else, ladies and gentlemen - you're just wasting your time.

    Grish: With that, to everyone at home, good night and we'll see you next time!

    Quick Results
    *Mick Foley opens the show with words of welcome to the ACW fans
    *Kurt Angle defeated Jay Lethal
    *JBL defeated James Storm via countout
    *Edge defeated Tyler Black
    *Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk
    *Sting defeated Kane via disqualification
    *Brian Kendrick defeated the Big Show via countout
    *The Undertaker defeated The Miz
    *Jeff Jarrett defeated Christopher Daniels
  7. NSL

    NSL Life's A Bitch, And Then You Mosh

    Nov 3, 2008
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    Not a bad show. Very match heavy, obviously, but it was simple enough to follow. Matches were written well, and the unique match-ups lived up to their billing.

    I was surprised by Kendrick winning, but it'll be interesting to see where it goes.
  8. Harthan

    Harthan Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

    Jun 28, 2008
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    You'll see this change in the future. With the time schedule I want to run I had to get all the matches in the tourney done first, so this one had to feature quite a bit. I tried to trim it down by turning some of the matches into angles, as you saw. In the future, though, there'll be more like 5 or 6 matches on a card and you'll see more time for promos.

    Thanks for your comments, everything's always appreciated. Hope you keep tuning in.
  9. NSL

    NSL Life's A Bitch, And Then You Mosh

    Nov 3, 2008
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    Yeah, I had the same problem on my first show. There was no room for segments, but I was able to spread it out a little as I went on. My last show (the 4th), was actually pretty promo/segment heavy, but I needed it to build towards the PPV. I prefer using the matches to build angles anyway. Action speaks louder than words.
  10. Harthan

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    Note: I’m trying out a different match writing style, letting the commentators call some of it and the rest of it in text, to liven things up a bit. Let me know what you think.

    Emanating from the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden…

    Absolute Championship Wrestling presents…



    “Let There Be Rock” blasts through the arena as a big pyro display goes off on the entrance ramp. The crowd is ready and raring to go for the best in high flying and hardcore action. The camera pans over a sellout crowd of 20,000 pumped up New Yorkers.

    “Wreck” hits the PA System and the crowd goes wild for Revolution GM and Chaos Head Booker Mick Foley. Foley makes his way out to the arena, carrying a barbed wire baseball bat, appropriate for the setting of Chaos, and climbs into the ring with a mic in hand and wearing his red and black checkered flannel.

    Foley: Hello, New York!

    The crowd cheers.

    Foley: I’m gonna make this short and sweet, because we’ve only got an hour and there’s a lot of action tonight. On Revolution, you’ll see things done by the book – tournaments, organization, and all that great stuff. It all has its place, but let me tell you – sometimes, you’ve got to get away from all that. You’ve got to mix it up a little bit! You’ve got to do what no one expects! So tonight, right here, on the very first episode of Chaos, you’re gonna see not one, but TWO new champions crowned, the very first champions in ACW! The Light Heavyweight and Hardcore Championships will be up for grabs tonight, each in open battle royals! But there’s a twist…our main event of the evening, the hardcore battle royal, will be contested under No Disqualification rules! Tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, trash cans, stop signs, anything and everything you can find is legal! The man that walks out alive is your new Hardcore Champion!

    The crowd cheers enthusiastically.

    Foley: That’s all I’ve got for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. You’re gonna see some of the best of the best go at it here tonight, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it. And if you don’t, well…no refunds!

    Foley laughs at his own joke and the crowd cheers him as his music hits and the show is sent to commercial.

    Returning from commercial break, Howard Finkel is in the ring.

    Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest on Chaos! It is an open battle royal, where the only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor! Furthermore, this will be for the ACW Light Heavyweight Championship!

    “Let There Be Rock” hits as the competitors make their way to the ring. Many light heavyweights are shown, including Jay Lethal, Chavo Guerrero, Go Shiozaki, Jamie Noble, Funaki, Eric Young, Jimmy Wang Yang, Sonjay Dutt, Consequences Creed, Evan Bourne, Rhett Titus, Hurricane Helms, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Homicide, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick. When everyone is in the ring, the bell rings.

    Grish: Hello folks, I’m Todd Grisham and this is my partner, Matt Striker, and we’re going to do our best to keep up with the wild action of this battle royal!

    Striker: With 17 young and fast athletes in there, that’s no mean feat Todd! Take note that two complete tag teams are in the ring right now, the Motor City Machineguns and Paul London & Brian Kendrick! That could give someone a decided advantage!

    Grish: And these men have gotten things started off with a wild brawl! Everyone seems tangled up with someone, and it’s hard to see who’s who!

    Striker: It looks like Consequences Creed has got Funaki in the corner, and he’s got a little room! He hits a big clothesline on Funaki, and he’s got him up…he’s tipped him over the ropes!

    Grish: Funaki has been eliminated!

    Creed dances around and walks right into a big shot from Jamie Noble, and the two tangle up in the corner. Meanwhile, Rhett Titus has just been dumped over by Eric Young. Eric turns around and starts brawling with Evan Bourne. Hurricane Helms has gotten some room and hits a big Russian legsweep on Sonjay Dutt. Go Shiozaki whips Jimmy Wang Yang in the ropes and is trying to force him over, but Wang Yang holds on! Suddenly, from behind, Brian Kendrick sneaks up and dumps both of them over.

    Striker: A great move from young Kendrick, who last night you saw advance in the ACW Championship tourney under some dubious circumstances.

    Grish: Dubious circumstances indeed – he was nailed with a chokeslam from the Big Show, who then walked out of the arena!

    Striker: But Kendrick looks alright, with a double elimination, and now he’s locked up with Chavo Guerrero! Wait, it looks like Consequences Creed is on the ropes, with Jamie Noble looking to tip him off! Creed is straddled right on top of that rope, but he’s holding on!

    Grish: Wait, it’s Alex Shelley! Look at that! He leaps up and nails a dropkick right onto Creed, dumping him out to the floor!

    Shelley, meanwhile, has rolled out of the ring to avoid elimination while he recovers. Back in the ring, Homicide is tangling with Hurricane Helms. He’s got Helms by the neck, twists him around, and drops him with a wicked neckbreaker. Homicide turns around and is met with a huge clothesline from Jay Lethal. Lethal, however, walks right into a superkick from Chris Sabin! On the other side of the ring, Jamie Noble is pounding on Sonjay Dutt. Dutt’s dazed against the ropes and Noble dumps him right over! As soon as Noble turns around though, Evan Bourne catches him in a roundhouse kick that sends him over the ropes!

    Striker: The action is fast and furious as we see The Guru and the Pitbull eliminated from competition here. Paul London is scrapping with Chris Sabin, Chavo Guerrero is locked up with Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley has reentered the ring, and he’s got his sights on Evan Bourne! Eric Young, Jay Lethal, Homicide, and Hurricane Helms are all down!

    Grish: It’s almost too fast to call, Matt. Evan Bourne’s going for a low kick, but Alex Shelley caught it! But look at the athleticism on Bourne as he steps up and nails an enzuigiri! Shelley is staggered against the ropes, and it looks like Bourne is going to try to get him over!

    Striker: Shelley’s Guns partner is faring better with Paul London, Todd, as he’s just taken London down to the mat with a headscissors! London’s rolled into the corner and is trying to stand himself up, but there’s Sabin with a corner dropkick! He’s stomping London in the corner!

    Grish: Stomping a mud hole as old JR was wont to say, Matt! But the object is to get him over the top rope.

    Striker: And Sabin seems to be realizing that, as he’s picked up London and has him up against the ropes…he’s grabbed his leg…and there goes London, dumped out to the floor!

    Sabin looks around the ring for his next opponent and sees Shelley struggling with Bourne. He quickly runs over and punches Bourne in the back. Shelley recovers and the Guns land a flurry of chops and kicks on Bourne, wearing him down. The two maneuver Bourne into the corner and set him up in a tree of woe. Shelley slides down and nails Bourne in the head with a baseball slide, while Sabin follows with a low angled Hesitation Dropkick! Bourne falls out of the tree of woe; Shelley picks him up, and dumps him right over the ropes!

    Striker: Unfortunate luck for Evan Bourne, the first victim of the Guns combined efforts! These two could be a huge force in this battle royal.

    Grish: We’ve got to head to commercial folks, but don’t change that channel…we’ll be right back.

    Returning from commercial, Shelley and Sabin are attacking Brian Kendrick relentlessly.

    Grish: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. During the break the Motor City Machineguns continued to control this battle royal, eliminating Eric Young and Hurricane Helms from competition.

    Shots of Eric Young and Hurricane Helms going over the ropes are shown.

    Meanwhile, Sabin and Shelley are beating mercilessly on Brian Kendrick, the only man left standing as Lethal, Guerrero, and Homicide are all on the mat. Sabin whips Kendrick into the ropes, who comes back and is met with a big boot from Sabin; Shelley catches him and Sabin kicks him in the gut, picking him up in a powerbomb position. He moves over to the corner and puts his back to it, with a dazed Kendrick powerless to resist. Shelley climbs the turnbuckle…grabs Kendrick’s head…and hits a shiranui as Sabin slams him down with a powerbomb!

    Striker: It’s the Made In Detroit combo and Kendrick looks to be out cold on the mat! Sabin’s picked him up, and effortlessly dumps him over the top rope!

    Grish: The Guns are working perfectly so far, Striker, but what happens if it gets down to just Sabin and Shelley?

    Striker: Todd, we’ve seen the Guns go at it in one on one competition before, and one thing is for certain – if and when it comes down to that, they will do anything necessary to secure victory.

    Grish: At this point it seems like more of a when than if, Matt, as Lethal’s been brought up by the Guns and looks to be the focus of their next onslaught!

    Sabin and Shelley pounds on Lethal for a few moments, then Sabin butterflies Lethal’s arms…elevates him…and drops him a tiger suplex! Lethal’s on his back as Shelley ascends the top rope, and then flies off with a frog splash onto Lethal! They pick Lethal up and Shelley hits a dropkick to the knees, bringing Lethal down into a kneeling position. The Guns both back up…and first Shelley then Sabin nail superkicks! Lethal is knocked out cold as the Guns pose for the crowd, to a chorus of boos. Lethal is picked up by Sabin and easily tossed out of the ring.

    Striker: Can no one resist the Motor City Machineguns?

    Grish: Homicide and Guerrero are on their feet, Matt, and they’re staring down the Guns.

    Guerrero looks at Homicide, points to himself, then at the Guns.

    Grish: I think Guerrero is proposing an alliance here, Matt!

    Striker: Guerrero is a notoriously wily competitor, but he’s the only ally Homicide has here – a man in the desert has to take what water he’s given, Todd!

    Homicide looks undecided, and the Guns are licking their chops, smiling and ready to go. Suddenly, Homicide looks at Guerrero and nods, and the two charge the Guns, and it’s an open brawl! Homicide focuses on Sabin, while Guerrero has Shelley. Homicide kicks Sabin hard in the gut and he drops to one knee. While Shelley and Guerrero fight in the corner, Homicide backs up and delivers a Shining Wizard right onto Sabin! Sabin rolls into the corner as Homicide rushes over to Shelley and Guerrero. He punches Shelley a few times, then hooks him, lifts him, and drops him with a vertical suplex! He holds on, picks him up again, and hits a second!

    Grish: The Latino warrior pays tribute to an all time great, Eddie Guerrero, with the Three Amigos! He’s got Shelley up, and drops the third! Shelley is laid out!

    Grish: And there’s Chavo Guerrero climbing the turnbuckle…he’s signaling to the sky…he flies off the turnbuckle and hits a huge frog splash on Shelley! Chavo’s got Shelley, and he’s thrown him over the top rope! Shelley is out of this!

    Striker: And they’re turning their attention to Chris Sabin, now! Chavo whips him into the ropes, ducks down…and elevates him into the air, dropping him down the mat! Homicide’s got him up, and Chavo lifts up…and plants him with a big brainbuster! Homicide quickly pulls him up and whips him into the corner, and he’s putting him onto the top turnbuckle!

    Grish: This is dangerous territory in a battle royal, Matt – it’s very easy to fall off and get eliminated from there!

    Homicide is being encouraged by Chavo down on the ground. Homicide knees Sabin in the gut up on the top, gets him in a headlock…he’s signaling for a cutter!

    Striker: Oh my! Homicide has been known to utilize that top rope cutter – and that cutter’s been known to end careers!

    Homicide is poised to deliver the cutter…

    But suddenly Chavo leaps up and dropkicks him right in the knee! Sabin falls down the floor and Homicide is straddling the turnbuckle. Chavo easily shoves him off, and Homicide hits the ground! Chavo has a look of ecstatic satisfaction on his face as the bell rings.

    Finkel: Here is your winner…and the NEW ACW Light Heavyweight Champion…Chavo Guerrero!

    The referee hands the newly made ACW Light Heavyweight title to Chavo, who celebrates excitedly, holding his belt into the air and showing it to all the fans, who are booing him. Homicide looks at him angrily before walking off, disgusted.

    Returning from commercial, the ring area has been littered with all sorts of foreign objects. Chairs, tables, ladders, trash cans, kendo sticks, and more – everything imaginable has been spread around the ring.

    Finkel: The following contest is a hardcore battle royal for the ACW Hardcore Championship!

    “Let There Be Rock” hits and 9 men make their way to the ring - Chris Hero, Hardcore Holly, Ruckus, Delirious, Abyss, Rhino, the Necro Butcher, Tommy Dreamer, and Mike Knox.

    The referee signals for the bell…but suddenly, “More More More” hits, and out comes…Larry Sweeney!

    Striker: Wait, wait, wait! There’s going to a match here! What is this guy doing out here?

    Sweeney makes his way to the ring arrogantly, chewing on gum and talking on his cell phone. He gets into the ring and regards everyone with disdain, before picking up a mic.

    Sweeney: Now wait just a minute here, wait just a minute!

    The crowd boos heavily.

    Sweeney: In case you didn’t know…I am the world’s greatest agent, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney…but everyone knows who I am. I’m rich, I’m famous, I’m good looking, and I manage the greatest wrestlers in the world.

    The crowd continues to boo.

    Sweeney: Now listen here you damned ingrates! Just because you’re all poor, stupid New Yorkers doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a man of my caliber! I mean, look at this suit! None of you could ever afford this suit!

    The crowd boos and jeers.

    Sweeney: But hey, I’m not here to insult you…not just to insult you, anyway. I’ve got a major announcement to make regarding the Hardcore Championship. You see, there was supposed to be a little match here tonight, I guess…but I don’t really care. You see, I had a talk with the ACW Board of Directors, great guys all, by the way, and see, using my vast funds, I made a substantial “donation” to fund new offices for them. And well, they were so appreciative, they offered me something.

    The crowd boos.

    Sweeney: Well, at first, I didn’t take anything…couldn’t do it, made a donation out of the goodness of my heart, but they begged and pleaded so much, well…I just had to relent. So you see, they gave me a little bit of control over…that!

    He points at the Hardcore Title Belt, held in the hands of the referee.

    Sweeney: They said, “Larry, baby, you great and wonderful stud, you name the first Hardcore Champion. You do it! Don’t let that oaf Foley handle anything, this is your right.” Well, I thought, and thought, and though, and couldn’t think of anyone worthy of holding the Hardcore title…

    The crowd jeers and boos heavily, a “You Suck” chant going around.

    Sweeney: EXCEPT, a good friend and associate of mine, the greatest wrestler in the world, a bonafid Superman…CHRIS HERO!

    Hero grins and points at himself, asking Sweeney if it’s true.

    Sweeney: Oh, it’s true, baby! You and I used to run together, and now we’re gonna do it all again in ACW…so Hero, baby, take that Hardcore Belt…you’re the winner of this match, forget about the rest of them. It’s your right.

    Hero takes the belt forcefully and shows it mockingly to the other wrestlers, as the crowd boos.

    Sweeney: Everyone, give a round of applause for the new Hardcore Champion, Chris Hero! Hey, Finkel, you fat bastard, make the call here!

    Finkel gets up and coughs, then announces:

    Finkel: The NEW Hardcore Champion…Chris Hero!

    Hero celebrates wildly, showing off for the crowd with backflips and thanking Sweeney profusely.

    Sweeney: Hey, no problem Chris, you deserve it. After all, “Chris Is Awesome”!

    He laughs uproariously, then shouts into the mic:

    Sweeney: Well, what the hell are you all standing around for? Go home, you bums! There’s no more to see here! Go home and tell all your loser friends that Chris Hero is the best in the world, and the most hardcore of them all!

    Sweeney and Hero celebrate as the other wrestlers sullenly leave the ring, and the show goes to black.

    Quick Results

    *Chavo Guerrero won a 17 man battle royal to become the new ACW Light Heavyweight Champion
    *Chris Hero is awarded the ACW Hardcore Championship by Larry Sweeney
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  11. Shock

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    Aug 17, 2008
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    Very cool. The matches are written nicely, the shows are realistic, the commentators talk how they would, and (of course) booking is fantastic. Great job. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Also, great graphics that were and will continue being done by me!
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  12. gd

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Striker: Guerrero is a notoriously wily competitor, but he’s the only ally Homicide has here – a man in the desert has to take what water he’s given, Todd!

    ^ That sounds exactly like something Striker would say.

    I like the commentators doing some of the matches, keep up the good work
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  13. NSL

    NSL Life's A Bitch, And Then You Mosh

    Nov 3, 2008
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    I like what I've seen so far! The matches are booked well, and the commentary is done well, which is very important to me. I like seeing the new match-ups. It's definitely better than anything we've seen lately, and are expected to see in the future.

    In a shameless plug, plese check out NSCW, and let me know what you think!
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  14. SavageTaker

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    Feb 14, 2009
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    The show is written very well and i enjoyed everything about both shows.

    I like the format of CHAOS, with the commentators calling some moves, I thought it was a great format you had there.

    I also liked the graphic designs.

    Overall both shows were great and felt realistic. I think you did a great job with the commentary, because it felt like they would actually say those things in real life. This is one of the Reasons i am thinking about replacing Matt Striker with Jerry Lawler on Raw is War, i dont feel like i know what Matt Striker would actually say in real life, but i do know what Jerry would say cause i grew up hearing him on commentary.

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