A Woman Winning The Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Spidey, Oct 26, 2016.

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    2016 has been an interesting year. We're catching Pokemon, fleeing from killer clowns, and a Reality TV Star is running for president. If nobody caught the news yet, for the first time ever we are getting to see women compete inside Hell In A Cell, considered to be the most brutal stipulation in WWE history. For those living under a rock, it is supposed to be the Main Event of the pay per view. There's a lot of hype surrounding it, and rightfully so.

    But lets take it a little further. Several women have competed in The Royal Rumble. With this feminine empowering movement running rampant in the WWE, is it possible that we will get to see a woman not only enter the Rumble, but win it as well? Can someone like Bayley survive 29 other superstars and go on to WrestleMania? How would the modern day viewer feel about the Women's Championship being the headliner of what is supposed to be the biggest event of the year? Are we ready for that twist?

    Personally I see nothing wrong with it. Lately I've been just as captivated by what the girls put on just as much (if not more) than what the guys are running with. I don't think it would have been possible to see Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks headline any pay per view like a month ago, but here we are. Many would argue that it's outside the realm of realism, and I'd retort how Rey Mysterio vs. Any Seven Foot Tall Behemoth is too but that didn't stop WWE from capitalizing on it. We live in a unique time where our greatest fictional heroes are women and we are close to seeing our first female president as well. A woman winning the Royal Rumble doesn't seem impractical to me, and I wouldn't mind seeing it happen soon.

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    The steps that the WWE have been taking in the last few months, especially with Charlotte and Sasha, have been solid. Some may argue that they are pushing too hard too fast, but the progress is there and I like that. Both Raw and Smackdown are having women's division feuds that aren't focused on the title. Sure, Bayley and Dana has been a snore, but at least the women are being treated as competitors and not just eye candy. It is a massive step up compared to just a few months back. To that effect, I think it would be pretty nifty to see the ladies get their shot at headlining Wrestlemania.

    I just don't think having a lady win the Rumble is the way to do it. I say that because in my opinion, it would feel forced. Yeah, wrestling is filled with underdog stories, but WWE would beat it into the ground much the same way they did when Rey won the Rumble as the ultimate underdog.

    If you can get a feud that is organically over, much like Charlotte and Sasha has been at its high points, or Sasha and Bayley were in NXT, between two women who are legit draws, then go for it. It may be a while longer before women get to see their names on the marques, but I think we are moving that direction.

    Maybe one day we will see inter gender matches again in WWE, and the women will be able to compete on a level playing field with the men, but for now I think they are making steady steps in the right direction. So for now keep them separate but equal......wait.
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    I'd have trouble with 100 pound Bayley throwing Braun Stroman over the top rope. It's a stretch just seeing somebody that small vs somebody as fit as Charlotte, let alone any monstrous men on the roster. Fine if they had a woman's Rumble, but not the main one. No way.
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    I could be a possibility somewhere down the road, but not this year or anytime soon. There are some women on the roster that could be believable if they had enough help just like the men get help.

    Tamina is a brute of a woman and would have no problem throwing some of the smaller guys over the top, same with Nia. Also if a few of them teamed up, like the two I just mentioned and include Charlotte, Becky, Naomi and Sasha, they could pretty much throw anyone over. So it is possible, I just don't see Vince and Co going it for it though. At least not in the foreseeable future.
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  5. Jack-Hammer

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    For the most part, women who competed in the Royal Rumble did so primarily because of some comedic or "sports entertainment" thing that Vince wanted to see. I don't believe women should be in matches against men, thereby challenging for male championships, or vice versa because, personally, I don't see a point to it. I'm all for and have been all for women being relevant to the WWE product; I'm really happy to see the progress that's been made over the course of the last 15 months or so. However, a woman winning the Royal Rumble, or really even wrestling against men, is something that strikes me as an asinine attempt at something just for the sake of being politically correct.

    Pro wrestling isn't a real sport, we all know it and we all accept it because it's ultimately a form of entertainment. However, WWE is held to a different standard than most other traditional forms of entertainment as we've seen people getting so bent out of shape over angles and characters that would be perfectly acceptable on traditional TV shows. If you showed Kevin Owens delivering a Pop Up Powerbomb to Bayley, it wouldn't be 30 seconds before Twitter and Facebook blew up with people railing against WWE for advocating violence against women. You've also got to factor in the male ego into things because in spite of how much some essentially feel that primitive male instinct is something to be abhorred, there are a lot of guys who simply won't job out to women because it'd make them look bad.

    There's virtually no crossover between men & women in just about every sport from boxing to mixed martial arts to golf. If something comes along in years to come that causes a shift in that practice and those attitudes, then MAYBE, and I do mean MAYBE it could be something to consider. Until then, if there's a woman to win a Royal Rumble match, then simply have an all female Royal Rumble match. To me, this is something extremely simple and doesn't have to be a complicated gender issue at all.
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  6. sikkbones

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    No, the only time a woman should have won a royal rumble and gotten a title shot would have been when chyna was wrestling men.
  7. shooter_mcgavin

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    I was watching the 1999 King of the Ring and I guess this has to do more in hindsight but I thought if it wasn't Big Show, Chyna would have been a pretty good choice to become the KOTR winner.

    As for her being the only conceivable woman to win the Rumble, let's not forget Awesome Kong though, she basically weights the same as most men wrestlers.

    As for the likes of Sasha and Charlotte winning the Rumble. I probably don't see it anytime soon. I actually think a Women's Match headlining WM stands a better chance of happening, though I actually think this is probable after the ladies stealing the show at WM32.
  8. Jerichoholic_6

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    please no. 80% of the mens roster can put on a better match when given the chance then the best women in the company and the sooner everyone realises this the better. The women are fine in the spot they are in at the moment and until they get better depth (there's 4 to 6 decent women on the roster), they shouldn't be close to main eventing ppvs or having their own rumble.

    The obsession with smaller workers pulling off miracles has come far enough and a woman outlasting the likes of Lesnar, wyatt and orton would only serve to put the company in a worse position than it already is
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  9. Low_Ki

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    This is almost the perfect answer to the OP's question.

    The male ego is the be all and end all here. In previous years, we have seen Beth Phoenix eliminate Khali by kissing him over the top rope, as a comedic and essentially 'lightly entertaining' Rumble moment.

    Aside from the PC Police who would shut inter-gender matches down from the get-go, truth is that a female Rumble winner would seem like a 'run before you can walk' situation. Massive strides have been made in the last year and that should not be taken lightly, nor should this Sunday's Cell match. But its one step at a time and this, right now just seems like a step too far.
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  10. George Steele's Barber

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    Only Donald Trump respects women more than me and believe you me when I say "probably not" to this idea. Granted, I'm tired of the Rumble stipulation of dude wins, dude headlines Mania in a title match. The change last year was a nice change. The match itself is hit or miss or hit for about five minutes and miss for the remaining hour.

    But my main point is that as much as the women have been more entertaining in the ring and showing great athleticism, risk, and creativity they are still not even close to the strength, speed, and power of the men. If a woman were to win, it would have to be under some pretty shady circumstances like Charlotte hiring Show, Mark Henry, Lesnar, and Strowman to be her bodyguard during the match and throw everyone else out. Otherwise no woman in history has shown they should ever be close to winning this type of match, even Chyna.
  11. King Patrick Star

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    Instead of having a woman win the Royal Rumble, I would much rather see a women’s Royal Rumble. I’m sure there are enough women in WWE and NXT to fill up a 30 women Royal Rumble. If not, they can always call up some women from TNA or any other promotion to fill in the spots.

    I’d also like to see the Queen Of The Ring tournament and Ms. Money In The Bank ladder match. I’m all for women having the same things as men, but I’m on the fence about women being in the same matches against men.
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  12. ShinChan

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    A women's Royal Rumble would be a way much better idea.

    I have no problem with women headlining Wrestlemania.

    But this would be too soon. WWE would have to start inter-gender matches if it really wants a woman to win the traditional Royal Rumble which I guess is almost impossible.

    A all-women Royal Rumble or Women Money In The Bank briefcase would be good. For now, I am happy with them getting Hell In A Cell match.
  13. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    I'm more open in having a women's Royal Rumble match, than having a woman winning the men's Royal Rumble. Women have limits, a max strength and a max height. They can't compete against men and they shouldn't.

    But the way the division is shaping up, they definately need their own Royal Rumble.
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  14. LBGetBack

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    That's no different than a small male wrestler, like Sin Cara, eliminating Stroman. Not gonna happen in either case.

    Now a physical specimen like Charlotte or Nia Jaxx could believably eliminate some of the male wrestlers.

    Not sure what the point would be to have men and women compete in the same royal rumble though. They don't compete against each other in matches, so why have them in the same Rumble.

    And though the women are starting to be taken much more seriously as athletes and wrestlers, I don't think they're at the level where the fans would accept something like that yet. It may elevate the women, but I think it would hurt the credibility of the men. Until they reach the point where that's not the case, then they shouldn't do it. Maybe down the road.
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  15. kadroan

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    I agree. There's nobody logical I could see make a case of winning the RR match. Even prime Chyna wouldn't be a good case.
  16. Dagger Dias

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    I doubt this will happen anytime soon. It was cool when girls like Beth Phoenix or Kharma appeared in the Rumble. I wouldn't be against more women appearing in the Rumble although I would rather see them have their own instead of having a girl win the Royal Rumble itself. They should host a Women's Royal Rumble, and give the exact same type of stipulation as the traditional Rumble. The winner can then go on to challenge their choice of the Raw Women's Champion or the Smackdown Women's Champion at Wrestlemania. Would it be cool to see someone like Charlotte or Becky Lynch win the traditional Royal Rumble? Sure. We are no longer in a place where that is a 100% impossibility, which is a big step ahead in of itself. I don't see it happening for quite some time though. They absolutely should start a tradition of a Women's Royal Rumble this year, however. There's really no reason not to.
  17. Pay Per Ghost

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    I mean, I dunno if we are allowed to say this, but she actually may go down as the best women's wrestler ever. And maybe in the Top 5 of all time greats.

    The only thing is, will she ever be a draw? Chyna was, Trish was; Charlotte could win the Rumble in the right circumstance and start a path to greatness.
  18. Gallops77

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    This is exactly how I feel. I don't think a 30 woman Royal Rumble would be good. Maybe 15. Use a couple of NXT girls, some special appearances, and still have the 2 Women's Title matches on the show.

    This match I think could open a Royal Rumble. Just picture what could be a potential Women's Royal Rumble, assuming Charlotte/Sasha Banks are still feuding and Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss are as well:

    Alicia Fox
    Dana Brooke
    Nia Jax
    Nikki Bella
    Eva Marie

    These are the active women right now. Add in potential returns from Summer Rae and Tamina, plus maybe Asuka and some former women. You also could not have the titles defended and add Sasha and Alexa Bliss.

    I like the Women's MITB match too. They should have 2 MITB matches, and have them at Wrestlemania. A mens one for a shot at EITHER the Universal or WWE Championship, and a Women's one for a shot at EITHER the Raw or Smackdown women's championship.
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