A New Promotion... The Allstar Championship Wrestling Alliance

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    Here's my rosters, shows, pay per views and champions.

    The two shows are

    ACWA Rage and ACWA Fightnight.

    The Pay per views are as follows :

    Jan - Royal Rumble
    Feb - Against All Odds
    Mar - Wrestlemania
    Apr - Hard Justice
    May - No Surrender
    June - Bash at the Beach
    July - Victory Road
    August - Summerslam
    September - Night of Champions
    October - Souled Out
    November - Turning Point
    December - Armageddon

    The Champions are as follows :

    ACWA Rage :
    ACWA Rage Heavyweight Champion : Randy Orton
    Intercontinental Champion : Rey Mysterio
    ACWA Tag Team Champions : Beer Money Inc.
    ACWA Women's Champion : Beth Phoenix

    ACWA Fightnight :

    Fightnight Heavyweight Champion : Triple H
    United States Heavyweight Champion : AJ Styles
    European Champion : Alex Shelley

    The wrestlers in the womens division and tag division are allowed to be on both shows as the champions for the divisions are currently on Rage.

    The Rosters are :

    ACWA Rage :

    Randy Orton
    John Cena
    Rey Mysterio
    The Undertaker
    Big Show
    Ted DiBiase
    Cody Rhodes
    Booker T
    David Hart Smith
    Doug Williams
    Brutus Magnus
    Shelton Benjamin
    Matt Hardy
    Kofi Kingston

    ACWA Fightnight :

    Triple H
    Jeff Hardy
    Chris Jericho
    Chris Sabin
    Kurt Angle
    Jack Swagger
    The Miz
    Dolph Ziggler
    John Morrison
    James Storm
    Robert Roode
    AJ Styles
    Alex Shelley
    Matt Morgan
    Samoa Joe
    CM Punk
    Tommy Dreamer
    Bubba Ray

    Women's Division :

    Beth Phoenix
    Michelle McCool
    Awesome Kong
    Taylor Wilde
    Angelina Love
    Traci Brooks

    Tag Team Division :

    Beer Money Inc.
    Team 3D
    British Invasion
    The Miz & Morrison
    Brothers Of Destruction

    Shows coming soon...just imagine the possibilities.
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    At the end of Summerslam, the dead rose again.


    What lies in store for Randy Orton as the Undertaker looks to capture the ACWA Rage Heavyweight Championship and renew his long time feud with Randy Orton
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    ACWA Rage

    The show opens with Randy Orton standing in the ring alongside Legacy, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, and David Hart Smith. Randy has a microphone.

    Orton : Undertaker, you returned at Summerslam trying to send me a message. Things are different now, I'm not afraid of you. I nearly killed you once, I will do it again. I am the Viper and I am the Rage Heavyweight Champion. Try anything Undertaker, do what you will, but I will not back down this time.

    Suddenly the arena gets that usual eerie blue glow to it as the ring starts to have fog rolling in. Undertaker appears on the titantron.

    Undertaker : Randy Orton. Where to begin? I've come to claim not only your soul, and the soul of those around you, I've come to claim that Championship. This time, I'm not playing games, I will send all of you straight to...

    Ted grabs the mic.

    Ted : We aren't afraid of you, you're not even dead, you're as alive as Randy, Cody, David, or I. You have no powers. What is there to be afraid of? You are just a washed up old man who plays off the fears of others. We have no fears, the four of us, are not afraid of any....

    Just as Ted is about to finish the ring posts light on fire and lightning strikes the titantron.

    Randy takes back the mic : Undertaker, we've done this before, I'm not afraid, play all the mind games you want, as I said, I will not be ba...

    Undertaker : I will do whatever it takes, PREPARE FOR HELLLLLL!!!

    commercial break.

    J.R. and King are discussing what just happened.

    King : J.R. can you believe what we've just seen, Randy Orton didn't back down from the Undertaker.

    J.R. : King, forget that, Undertaker lit the ring on fire and shot the stage with lightning, and they think he has no powers?

    King : Anyway folks, we've got a stacked line up for you tonight on Rage. We will see Rey Mysterio defending his IC title one last time against Dolph Ziggler. If Dolph loses this time, he must defect from Rage and join Fightnight, but if Dolph wins, he finally gets the championship. Also, we've got the number one contenders match for the tag team championships between The British Invasion and Legacy.

    J.R. : Also tonight, hopefully we'll see more develop between the Undertaker and Orton. It's time for our first match up of the night . Rey vs Ziggler.

    Rey makes his way to the ring and gets a huge pop. Out next is Ziggler who is accompanied by Maria, who kisses him for good luck. The match starts out with the two men trading blows. Ziggler grabs Mysterio and tosses him into the corner. Ziggler runs at him but catchs a boot to the jaw. Mysterio hits a tornado DDT off the second rope. He goes for quick cover but Ziggler reverses and rolls him up...1...2....kickout at 2.

    Ziggler grabs Mysterio and throws him shoulder first into the post. He then grabs his legs pulls him out and drops him face first on the mat.

    J.R. : Wow King, Ziggler looks like he means business tonight.

    King : Yeah, he may actually win this thing here tonight finally.

    Ziggler picks up Mysterio, and puts him in a side headlock and then bulldogs him. He goes for the cover..1...2...kickout at 2. Ziggler is even more frustrated at this point. He goes to whip Mysterio into the corner and Mysterio somehow reverses it into a hurricanrana. Mysterio springboards off the ropes but Ziggler catches him and rolls him up. His feet are on the ropes for leverage but the ref can't see...1...2...3.

    Winner and new Intercontinental Champion : Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler grabs the belt and Maria and leaves. He stands up on the titantron and poses before making his way to the back.

    J.R. : By God King , he cheated!!! That slitherin' snake!!!.

    King : Rey is gonna be out for revenge now, I can tell by the look on his face.

    commercial break

    Back from break and we see Randy Orton making his way to his Legacy's locker room. He's see that Ted, and Cody and David are gone, He thinks nothing of it til he goes shuts the door. On the door it reads " The souls of the departed belong to me. I am the Undertaker " Orton just sits there in shock/panic.

    Out next is Beer Money to talk about their big win over JeriShow at Summerslam.

    Storm comes out on the boozer cruiser as Roode follows behind him.

    King : Man, I hope I can ride that thing someday!!

    Roode goes to get on the mic, but Storm stops him, goes to the cruiser and pulls out two beer, one for him, and one for Roode and takes the mic.

    Storm : Roode, buddy, let's make a toast. To being the champs once again and showing all these people that booze means nothin' . To being the greatest tag team.....

    They are interrupted by the Miz And Morrison.

    Morrison gets on the mic.

    JoMo : Greatest tag team? Is that what you were about to say. Well you'd be wrong, because we , are the greatest tag team.

    They make their way to the ring.

    JoMo : Before the merger of our two companies into this so called " Alliance " we had help both tag team championships on three seperate occasions.

    Miz : Yea, all you two are is an overgrown alcoholic and an investor who thi.....

    They are interrupted yet again, this time by JeriShow.

    Jericho : Hey, Liquored Up Idiots or whatever your name is, those tag belts belong to us. You robbed us at Summerslam and we want them back.

    Show : Those belts even still have our names on them Chris. What do you say we beat them and just take them back right now?

    Roode : How's about this, a tag team three way dance at Night of Champions for the belts boys? Whaddya say?

    Storm goes to chug back a beer, and The Miz hits the bottle and makes him spill it. He gets pissed and smashes the bottle on The Miz as they all start brawling. ACWA security and referees come down and break it up.

    Miz : Storm, what about a match, between you and I , TONIGHT?!?!

    Storm, You're on , Piss, and it's up next.

    commercial break.

    King : I don't think they realized, none of them are the number 1 contenders nor are they in the match. Oh well, guess it'll be a four way dance then after tonight.

    J.R. : King, this match is impromptu and unsanctioned b ACWA, hopefully no one gets hurt.

    Everyone is gone except Storm and the Miz, the way it should be.

    They just start brawling, trading punches back and forth and back and forth. Storm whips him hard into the corner followed by a couple of shoulder thrusts to the mid section. Miz knees him in the face and bulldogs him out of the corner. The Miz stomps on his chest and face. He picks him up and goes for a supeplex and the cover..1...2..kickout at 2. Storm gets up and runs right at Miz and spears him. He punches him and punches him. While the Miz is down he grabs another beer. He chugs it back and Roode runs down and distracts the ref, he cracks the Miz in the face with it and goes for the cover....1...2....the Miz kicks out at 2. Both men are making their way to their feet and start trading punches. Miz knees Storm and whips him into the ropes, Roode comes back and hits him with a big boot. He's waiting in the corner for the Miz to get up. Miz gets up only to get caught by the Last Call. Storm pins him for the 3 count and the victory. After the match Storm grabs a chair from under the ring. He gets back in the ring, scars off the ref, and picks up the Miz. He cracks him right in the face with it.

    King : I guess you don't come between a man and his beer, but we all learned that back with Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the day.

    J.R. : I guess not King, good match, I'm glad they didn't do too much damage to each other. What a brutal chairshot though!!

    commercial break

    We are back from break and The British Invasion are in the ring and Magnus is on the mic.

    Magnus : We all saw what happened earlier. I guess there will be no contest tonight and we will become the number 1 contenders for the be....

    Legacy's music hits and everyone is surprised to see Rhodes and DiBiase.

    King : What the hell?!?!

    J.R. : What the hell is right King?!?!?! Where's David Hart Smith??

    The match begins with Cody and Williams, they trade blows and Williams has the early advantage. He makes the early tag and double team ddt by the British Invasion and Magnus with the early pin 1.... kickout at 1. Magnus picks him up and whips him off the ropes and puts him in the sleeper hold. Cody elbows out of it and tags in Ted. Ted comes in and cleans house, he clotheslines Magnus and knocks Williams off the apron. He's about to go for Dreamstreet when everything goes black. The lights come back on and the British Invasion are gone, but the Undertaker is behind them. He chokeslams the both of them. He then drags them both under the ring.

    commercial break

    King : J.R., what've we seeen tonight?

    J.R. : I think we are in the middle of seeing the Undertaker return to the darker side.

    They recap what just happened as Orton makes his way to the ring.

    Orton comes out and gets in the ring and on the mic.

    Orton : Undertaker!!!! I'm not afraid of you. I know you don't have Legacy , go ahead and play all the mind games you want with me, I'm not afraid.

    Undertakers gong hits and the arena has the eerie glow and fog again.

    Undertakers laugh can be heard throughout the arena.

    Undertaker : Hahahahahaha....Boy, you've still got a lot to learn. I can claim souls however and whenever I want. You don't have to be afraid of me, and tonight I will prove that I can still torture you.

    Three spots point up at the titantron and you can see Ted, Cody, and David all hanging from the ceiling on old school Undertaker crosses.

    J.R. : OMG King!!! Undertaker's lost his mind!!!

    King : No, I'd think that was gone long ago with the rest of his body.

    Undertaker : I've claimed these three souls as mine for tonight, you can have them back, but I want a shot at the title.

    Orton : You can keep them, you'll never get a shot at me. On second thought, you know what, I'll give you the title shot at Night of Champions.

    Undertaker : Here, take these worthless souls, they are of no good to me.

    The crosses lower and the restraints open on all of them and Orton is trying to revive them as Undertakers laugh fills the arena once more as Rage comes to an end.
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    Really nice show, man. I loved how The Undertaker is playing mind games with Randy Orton and Legacy, keep up the good work!
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    ACWA Fightnight

    The show opens with pyro and and a video package highlighting the non title main event that Triple H and Aj Styles had at Summerslam.

    Taz: Welcome folks to Fightnight , last Sunday we saw an amazing match between Triple H and Aj Styles. Both showed the ultimate sign of respect at the end of the match by shaking hands and Triple H raised Aj's hand.

    Triple H's music hits.

    Cole : Taz, here he comes now, let's hear what he has to say.

    Triple H gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

    HHH : Aj!! That match, that was probably one of, if not the best matches I've ever had. You put up an excellent fight and you almost had....

    Aj's music plays.

    Styles comes on on the titantron stage.

    Styles : You're right, I did almost have you. Do you think now I've earned a title match against you? I certainly think so. Man, I must say though, that Pedigree, that's a devastating move, I hope I never taste that move again.

    Triple H : Haha, yeah, hopefully I never taste the Styles Clash, if you had of hit that last night, you would of have me for sure. So I think, at NoC I'm going to give you a shot at my title...but, put your title on the line too. You can be way too cocky at times, so about how about we silence that mouth of yours by letting me take that title from you.

    Aj : Triple H, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you,. so I will put my title on the line against you. Besides, it's NoC, if I didn't put it up against you, that'd mean I would have to wrestle twice.

    Aj makes his way into the ring.

    Aj : Just know though, I'm going to win this match, and become the first ever United States Fightnight Heavyweight Champion.

    Triple H : Hahaha, you just try me.

    They get in each others face and go nose to nose and both hold up their titles.

    Commercial Break.

    Taz : Cole, I heard we've got some good matches tonight, why don't you tell me what they are.

    Cole : Well Taz, tonight we'll see a ladder match between Jeff Hardy and Alex Shelley with a shot at Shelley's European Championship on the line. If Jeff wins, he can sign the contract to fight for the belt, and if Shelley wins, he can pick someone else to fight him at NoC.

    Taz : Cole, hopefully Hardy brings his A game, he's been after that belt for a few months now. I also hear we'll see a Triple Threat match between ODB , Awesome Kong, and Traci Brooks. Also tonight we've got an exclusive interview with Hernandez and Homicide where hopefully they can sort out their problems and reunite.

    Cole : They've been a great team, hopefully they can work it out before it's too late.

    Taz : Yeah yeah, Cole, that'd be nice. It's time for the first match of the night.

    ODB is out first accompanied by Deaner, and Awesome Kong comes out alone, followed by Traci Brooks. Traci goes right after ODB, and as soon as she charges her, Kong charges at Traci and knocks her on her ass. ODB grabs kong and knees her in the stomach. Then she hits her with forearms in the back. She whips Kong in the corner, and Traci runs at her and Kong catches her and bearhugs her. ODB goes up top and goes for a dropkick on Kong and hits it.
    Traci falls out of Kong's arms and goes for the cover. 1...2....Kong kicks out. ODB runs at Traci and spears her down in the corner and starts slamming her head into the mat. Kong picks up ODB and hits the Awesome Bomb on ODB and then on Traci.She piles them up and pins them both at once 1....2....3.

    Beth Phoenix comes out and gets a mic.

    Beth : Kong, I've never faced anyone of your skill and talent before. At NoC I want to face you and put my championship on the line for a real test.

    Kong just nodds yes and has a devilish grin on her face.

    Taz : I love this, I love that everyone here respects each other.

    Cole : Yeah, it's great isn't it.

    Taz : Shut up Cole, I'm bullshitting, hahahahah!!!

    commercial break.

    Back from break and we have the long awaited interview between Homicide and Hernandez. They are both in the ring with Taz.

    Taz : Guys, you were a great team, what the hell happened.

    Hernandez : Well, you see, my boy over there, got cocky, won the Euro belt and that was all he cared about. He didn't care about LAX or the brotherhood. I realized he only cares about himself.

    Homicide : Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo!!! Hernandez, SuperMex, why you gotta be a bitch for man? Why can't you be happy for me homes. I know deep down you want that Heavyweight Belt. Don't even try to disrespect me man.

    Hernandez : Essay vato, you're lucky Konnan isn't still here, he'd slap some sense into.....

    The old LAX music hits and Konnan is returning. The crowd is in an uproar.

    Konnan : Yo, you boys, you my boys. We were LAX, he turns towards Homicide, why'd you have to go and change on me??

    He turns around and hits Hernandez with the mic. Konnan and Homicide start beating down Hernandez, until he breaks free of them both. He clotheslines Homicide and throws him out of the ring. He picks up Konnan and Border Tosses him.

    Hernandez : Konnan, you boys can have each other, y'all need to learn about respect and the true meaning of brotherhood.

    Cole : What just happened Taz??

    Taz : Cole, why are you always asking stupid questions?? It's obvious we've seen the total destruction of LAX.

    commercial break.

    Kurt Angle is in the ring with a mic.

    Angle : I'm sick of this crap. I'm a friggin 13 time world champion. I deserve to be in the title picture. Keeping me out of the matches, it's keeping this company out of money, big, BIG MONEY!! If I don't get a match here soon, I may just head over to Rage, I'm sure they've got brains there. I'm sure they'll give me a match and opponent worthy of me. I'm sure they will also be willing to give me a ti....

    He is interrupted by none other then Samoa Joe.

    Joe comes to the ring accompanied by his mentor Taz.

    Joe : Kurt, you remember, TNA, you remember, OUR MATCHES?!?!? Do you remember how many times we kicked each others asses?!?!?!?!

    Kurt : Joe, you want no part of me, I'm a man on a mission. I'll screw you right up!!

    Joe : Kurt you remember that old chant....Taz how's it go??

    Taz : JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!

    Just as Taz says this Joe clotheslines Kurt and a referee comes down and we have an impromptu match. Joe continues to pummel Kurt in the corner. He kicks Kurt in the chest. He picks up Kurt and Kurt starts punching Joe in the face. He whips him and catches him for a belly to belly suplex. Kurt goes for the cover...1..2....Joe kicks out at 2. Joe sits up and Kurt tries to kick him, but it has no effect. Taz is getting pumped down at ringside. The crowd starts the old chant " JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU....JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU " Joe turns around and him and Kurt are trading punches. He catches Kurt in an overhead suplex. He goes for the cover...1...2..Kurt kicks out. They keep brawling as we go to another commercial.

    Back from break and Kurt has Joe in the sleeper. Taz is pounding the mat trying to pump up Joe. Joe is starting to freak out. He's getting pumped. The crowd chants again " JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU....JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU " and Joe breaks the hold and flips Kurt over his head. He throws Kurt into the corner hard. He picks up Kurt and sets him on the top turnbuckle. He picks him up the Muscle Buster, Kurt drops out of it and goes for Joe's ankle. Somehow Joe reverses this and locks in the Coquina Clutch. He locks it in tight as you can see the distraught on Kurt's face. Kurt is either gonna tap out or pass out, there's nowhere to go. Kurt is about to pass out. The ref raises Kurt's hand. He doesn't answer. Again. He doesn't answer. Again. Kurt's hand almost stays up but Joe locks it in tighter. The ref calls for the bell and gives Joe the win.

    Joe grabs a mic.

    Joe : Kurt, make sure next time you run your mouth, you can back it up.

    He passes the mic to Taz.

    Taz : The old saying goes.. BEAT HIM IF YOU CAN....SURVIVE IF HE LET'S YOU.

    Back from break and the contract is being hung high above the ring as we prepare for our next match of the night.

    Out first is Extreme Enigma, Jeff Hardy, followed by Alex Shelley.

    Before the match starts Hardy gets on the mic.

    Hardy : Alex Shelley, I have never met a man more determined to deter a good competition and fight. You have to be one of the best high flyers I've ever had the chance to see. And you wanna be lazy and never defend your title!! What's up with that man??

    Shelley takes the mic out of Hardy's hand.

    Shelley : Jeff, I've Alex Shelley, I'm one half of the best tag team around. The way we work together and the way we win. I don't have to answer to you. And I don't have to defend my title against you. Good luck in this match, because remember, if I win, I'm picking my opponent for Night of Champions, remember, Sliced Bread's gonna get ya.

    Just as Shelley finishes his sentence he drops the mic and starts trading blows with Hardy. He whips him into the corner and runs at him with a kick. Hardy drops to the mat and Shelley runs at him again and pulls Sabin's hestitation dropkick on Hardy. Shelley goes to pick up Hardy but Hardy punches him in the stomach. Hardy gets up and throws Shelley into the post. Hardy goes for the ladder early and brings it into the ring. Hardy has the ladder in his face and Shelley dropkicks the ladder at him. Shelley puts Hardy in the corner and puts the ladder on him. He splashes the ladder onto Hardy. the ladder falls with Hardy on top of it. Shelley being the cocky wrestler he is, goes for a pin and then realizes there is no one to count and remembers it's a ladder match. He gets frustrated and goes to leave. Hardy realizes this and goes to climb up the ladder. He sees Shelley outside the ring and instead of grabbing the contract goes for a whisper in the wind on Shelley from the 20ft ladder.

    Cole : Oh my God!! What a move by Hardy?!?!?!?!

    Taz : He shoulda went for the contract there, but that's the daredevil in Hardy for ya.

    Both men are slow to make it to their feet but manage to make it. Shelley throws Hardy into the steps. He goes for another hestitation drop kick but Hardy somehow rolled away and Shelley ends up kicking the stairs away from the ring. Hardy pulls a chair out from under the ring and goes for a seated Senton on Shelley. He hits it and climbs back in the ring. He starts to climb the ladder but just as he reaches the top Shelley jumps off the turnbuckle and and tips the ladder over. Shelley climbs the ladder, and goes for the contract, He realizes Hardy is down, and Shelley moonsaults off the ladder onto Hardy. Shelley starts to climb back in the ring followed slowly by Hardy. Both men start climbing off the ladder. Shelley goes to hit Sliced Bread number 2 off the ladder but Hardy throws him off and Shelley falls hard and rolls out of the ring. Hardy climbs up the ladder and grabs the contract to end the show.

    side note : Taz does commentary and mentors Joe.
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    The card at Night of Champions is as follows :

    The Undertaker vs Randy Orton for the ACWA Rage Heavyweight Championship
    Aj Styles vs Triple H with the winner taking home both belts.
    JeriShow vs The Miz and Morrison vs Beer Money Inc for the ACWA Tag Team Championships
    Jeff Hardy vs Alex Shelley for the European Championship
    Awesome Kong vs Beth Phoenix for the Women's Championship
    Dolph Ziggler vs ????
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    This has really been shaping up as an awesome show, try to not stick to type branch out a little from current storylines, If i wanted to see randy defend the title i would go to raw, I want to see your take on the titles and who you want to be pushed, I believe your capable of more but good job so far though.
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    Looks pretty good, haven't finished ready yet, but I do have one suggestion. Use something like bold or underline to separate segments/matches. Makes it much easier to read.
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    www.ACWARage.com posted the following news today :

    It appears as though Randy Orton has injured himself over the weekend at a house show event in Detroit. He took a bad bump wrestling Matt Hardy. It appears as it's the same spot that has always bothered Randy, his collarbone. We will post more on this situation as we hear from the hospital he is currently in. Also, there will be a major announcement involving his title defense at Night of Champions.
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    Great show, you’re doing a great job on it so keep it up. I haven’t finished reading the second one yet but if you don’t mind, I would like to recommend something that might help you for future shows and it would make them easier to read. When someone is talking I think that you should try using the quote tags as it, like I said, makes the show easier to read. Also when there are two different people talking, you might want to change the color of the text so that it's easier to tell who is talking. Other than that, I see nothing else that you might need to change. Keep up the great work!
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    ACWA Rage

    The show begins with Randy Orton in the ring. A mic is in one hand and the championship is in the other.

    Orton lifts his arm and cringes in pain and drops to one knee.
    The crowd cheers
    The Undertaker makes his way out to the ring.
    Orton is about to hand it to him when he stops.

    Ted DiBiase runs down to the ring, and attacks the Undertaker from behind. Orton stands there and watches as Ted pummels the Undertaker into the mat. Ted picks up the Undertaker and hits Dreamstreet. He jumps out of the ring, and grabs a chair while Orton kicks the Undertaker. He gets back in the ring and picks up the Undertaker and nearly bends the chair in half over his head when he hits him with it. The Undertaker is busted wide open.

    Ted and Orton leave the ring and make their way up the ramp and Orton has a mic still.

    commercial break.



    Out first is Beth Phoenix, who pumps up the crowd and even lets a fan hold the championship for a few minutes. She gets in the ring and poses with the belt as ODB makes her way out to the ring. ODB grabs a microphone.

    Beth takes the mic from her.

    Beth drops the mic and starts punching ODB as the bell rings. She whips ODB into the corner and elbows her in the face. Beth picks her up and implants her on the mat with a DDT. She goes for a cover but ODB kicks out right away. Beth picks her up but ODB elbows her in the stomach. ODB whips Beth off the ropes and kicks her in the stomach. She suplexes Beth. She goes to pin Beth but Beth kicks her in the face. She picks up ODB and hits the BVD for the win.

    Awesome Kong walks down to the ring and her and Beth start trading blows. Beth eventually fights her off.

    Kong grabs a mic.

    commercial break.

    Out back we see Ted and Cody and David Hart Smith in the Legacy locker room arguing.

    Hardy makes his way to the ring as David is looking on with a devilish grin and nodds his head.
    Hardy starts punching Smith and Smith quickly takes control, pummeling Matt down to the ground. He picks him up and whips him hard into the corner. He runs at him and splashs him. Hardy falls down and Smith poicks him back up. He shoulder thrusts him a few times and allows Hardy to drop to the mat. He distracts the ref as Cody chokes Matt in the corner.

    commercial break

    Back from break and Smith is still dominating this match. He whips Hardy off the ropes for a clothesline but somehow Hardy ducks and comes back with a dropkick.



    Hardy picks up Smith and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. He pulls him out and smashes his face off the turnbuckle. Cody gets up on the ring apron and Matt throws Smith into him, knocking him down and into the barricade. Hardy kicks Smith and hits the twist of fate for the win. Cody grabs a steel chair and runs into the ring as Hardy runs out of the ring and back up the ramp.


    the cameras cut to the back where Hardy is in his locker room.

    commercial break.

    Back from break and we have our final match up of the night.

    Out first is Jericho accompanied by Big Show. They get on the mic and cut a promo.

    Beer Money comes out to the ring and cuts them off. Roode gets on the mic.

    Storm goes to drink and Jericho slaps the beer out of his hand.

    To that comment Storm punches Jericho and the match is underway. Jericho and Storm trade blows back and forth all over the ring without either man giving way to the other. Somehow Jericho gains the advantage and whips Stoirm off the ropes. He comes back at Jericho and hits a dropkick. He picks up Jericho and hits a DDT. He goes for a cover but Jericho quickly kicks out. Jericho and Storm are trading punches again, this time with Storm gaining the adavantage. Storm whips Jericho into the corner and runs at him but Jericho catches him with a boot. He bulldogs him out of the corner. He goes for the lionsault and hits it. He goes for the cover but Roode runs over and puts the foot of Storm on the ropes. Show runs over and starts fighting Roode. These two trading punches back and forth outside the ring.



    Both men somehow end up in the ring as the ref calls for the bell. All four men are brawling now, each team taking shots at the other when The Miz and Morrison run down and get into the action too. There is fighting going on everywhere now. Suddenly the lights go out and the gong hits. The lights come back on and the Undertaker is in the middle of the ring still bloody. He takes out everyone, including the Big Show and grabs a microphone.

    The gong sounds again and the lights go black and the Undertaker disappears as blood starts to rain down on the ring to end the show.
  12. gd

    gd Plump, Juicy User

    Mar 20, 2009
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    Good stuff here Crazy, I liked how the storylines were developed and I really like the possible troubles in Legacy. Having Smith in the group is a real plus. Layou wise, you can make every quote attributed to a person, like so

    All you have to do is

    Put an equals sign after the first quote tag, put the person's name after the equals sign, and put whatever they say in between the quote tags.

    Keep up the good work, I'll be reading.
  13. kingdirrtysouth1

    kingdirrtysouth1 BOOK THIS! MAGAZINE ONLINE

    Mar 26, 2009
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    I'm digging this! I loved the ending with the blood coming down into the ring! I'm very intrigued to see the match with Ted. Looking forward to the build up for it as well!
  14. Kanye South

    Kanye South YEP YEP YEP WHAT IT DO

    May 27, 2009
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    SuperCrazy, I fucking love it. I love the crazy ending with the blood and I love how The Undertaker is going crazy over that World Title. I have to be honest, when I saw that you were replacing Randy Orton, I thought it was just going to be some bullshit storyline, but you've impressed me and I am genuinely waiting for the next Rage show.
  15. Christian Battlez

    Christian Battlez Getting Noticed By Management

    Nov 2, 2008
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    Im taking over writing for fightnight. Next show should be up soon.

    This weeks card

    Hernandez vs Homicide w/Konnan
    Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe w/Tazz
    Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin
    Jack Swagger vs Matt Morgan
    CM Punk vs Christian
    HHH & Styles NOC contract signing
  16. Super Crazy


    Jun 14, 2006
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    Well folks, I've decided to revive ACWA. Anyways, here it goes.

    It is currently three weeks before Against All Odds in 2010.

    Our current champions are as follows :

    Rage :

    ACWA Rage Heavyweight Champion : Sting
    Intercontinental Champion : Rey Mysterio
    ACWA Tag Team Champions : Beer Money Inc.
    ACWA Women's Champion : Lita

    Fightnight :

    Fightnight Heavyweight Champion : Kurt Angle
    United States Heavyweight Champion : Samoa Joe
    European Champion : Eric Young

    Coming fresh off the Rumble we have exciting things happening. The winner of the Royal Rumble, Ted DiBiase, having eliminated his mentor and former friend Randy Orton, must now choose to go on to face either Sting or Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania. Beer Money, Inc. proved yet again why they are the top team in the wrestling industry as they have been undefeated now for 5 months, having defeated many teams and nearly losing on a few occasions. Nevertheless, they aren't the only ones on a hot streak, Rey Mysterio has been in possession of the Intercontinental Championship for nearly 6 months now.

    Having decided upon finally signing to a show, the free agent that was Eric Young instantly made an impact, challenging for and winning the European Championship at the Royal Rumble. Strong off a return to the ring two months ago at Turning Point, Lita has captured the Women's Championship and last but not least, Sting and Kurt Angle both respectively retained their championships at the pay per view.

    What will happen on Rage and Fightnight and who will Ted choose to face? Will Beer Money and Rey Mysterio both remain undefeated and continue to show dominance or will someone cut this and more on ACWA Rage and ACWA Fightnight coming to you later this week!!

  17. Creed_Fallen

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    Nov 1, 2009
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    Can't wait to read the "new era" of ACWA.....Good luck with it, and so far, grerat choices for champions.

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