A few reasons why Chyna can go into the Hall of Fame now

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    Look, Chyna has not been put in the HoF because doing so will affect the McMahon family personally. Whether people like it or not, Paul Levesque is a member of the McMahon family. Ms Laurer had accused him of some real sick shit. Forget kayfabe here, this becomes real the minute Vince announces her inclusion. Will Chyna get in? Eventually. I would say in seven years. Why seven years? Because that is when the youngest member of the Levesque household becomes old enough to be able to understand the shelling she will get in the schoolyard. Stephanie is probably horrified at the notion of explaining to three little girls, all under 10, what a "who-er" is, or that regardless what little Muffy said in the lunchroom, or Buffy said in the playground, Mommy and Daddy did not make any "dirty" movies.

    Remember, we were ALL kids once. We knew how things went in the schoolyard. Keeping Chyna out is all about protecting the granddaughters from the bullying they are going to get, and to prevent Stephanie from a really humiliating and uncomfortable task of explaining to very young children about Chyna until those kids are ready. The drugs and pornos are just the barking dogs. Scott Hall was a notorious drunk. Randy Savage screwed Vince financially, and reportedly, screwed an underage Stephanie. If they can get in, so will Chyna.

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