$50,000 Bounty Match - Abyss v. Jethro Holliday

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by gd, Aug 15, 2009.

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    A few weeks ago Dr. Stevie put a $50,000 bounty on the head of Abyss. Stevie has said the goal of the bounty is not to pin Abyss, but to make him drown in his own blood and vomit. Abyss confronted Stevie during backstage interview, calling him a bitch. "The Outlaw" Jethro Holliday (AKA Trevor Murdoch) attacked Abyss with a steel chair to save Stevie. Apparently that wasn't enough to collect the bounty and they have to have a match now.

    I don't see this being a very good match at all. To my knowledge it isn't a hardcore match, and Abyss is only decent in hardcore matches. As for Holliday, I don't think he's even been on TV since he faced Booker in an I Quit Match back when he still had the Legend's Title, which was actually a decent match.

    These are just two decent big guys and this match will be average at best, possibly worse than that. There should be some interference by Stevie and Daffney and Lauren will likely come running down to the ring looking like she's about to cry. However, Abyss will certainly win in the end, Holliday is just a random opponent until he ends up tearing Stevie apart in a "match of 1 million flaming tacks on the scaffold match."
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    I was Suprised Jethro was going to face Abyss in this match. I would've liked to see Abyss VS Samoa Joe, but GD is right, Holiday is just some random opponet for Abyss until he ends up tearing him apart some where down the line. Whether Abyss loses or not, we will no doubt see interferance from Dr. Stevie and the tazor.
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    Jethro is still employed? I don't know why they waste their time with that kid. He has absolutely nothing to offer TNA right now, just because someone wrestled in the WWE doesn't mean you have to sign them TNA, please, take note of that.

    Abyss...hasn't been worth watching since he started talking. Remember when Abyss was a legit main event contender? Yeah, me neither.

    About the only entertaining thing that will come out of this match is seeing the antics of Dr. Stevie. Stevie Richards is solid gold in everything he does.
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    While the whole idea of a bounty is a nice little nod to the days of wrestling past, I simply don't give a shit about either of the guys in this match.

    Since Abyss started talking, he hasn't been the least bit interesting to me. While his overall character is nothing more than an amalgam of the Mankind and Kane characters, at least when he had James Mitchell he was interesting and pulled it off.

    As for Jethro, Hell I didn't even know he was still employed by TNA. As for this guy..I dunno..there's really nothing much to say about him. He's a human being of course. And ummm...he's male. He might be the bastard offspring of Dick Murdoch and some leathery old barfly that Captain Redneck bedded in Missouri way back when. Hell, he looks just like the guy.

    Anyhow, this is another match that holds no interest to me whatsoever. Two pretty limited workers in a standard match. It might be decent if it were a hardcore situation but it's not, so it won't be much.
  5. CyrusTheVirus=ECW

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    Well i believe (and correct me if im wrong please) that every match is no DQ so this would be a hardcore match, im not sure why TNA hasnt mentioned this on iMPACT but they did mention no DQ in the matches during victory road.

    Most likely Abyss will win as having jethro winning would be kinda dumb considering he hasnt done anything as of late
  6. T2KFreeker

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    Want to fix Abyss and make this storyline with Dr. Stevie work?

    Jethro Holiday gets abyss tied up in the corner and out comes Stevie. He is wheeling something and Dafney is dancing around him laughing and screaming as usual. In the end, it is shown to be a heart defibrillator, so instead of the tazer, Stevie nails Abyss a few times with it in the temples.

    Doctor Stevie has destroyed Abyss.

    A month or so down the road, Stevie is still walking around about how he destroyed Abyss like he said he would and then the weird promo videos start. In the end, Abyss has gone back to James Mitchel and they destroy Stevie.

    Obviously we get a storyline that works once it is fleshed out and due to the shock pads to the head Abyss is back to what he was good at, a mindless monster that destroys all in his path and James Mitchell can do the talking, the way it should be, period! Just an idea, but a possibly better idea than this bounty storyline.
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    Ugh, usless filler. This is what I hate about TNA's PPV. Pretty much everyone has 1 or 2 pointless matches that have no real build up and are a waste of time.

    The match might be "good" if weapons are involved, but if not, this is just going to be boring to watch. I see this basically being a glorified squash with Abyss winning unless Stevie makes a run in. What I personally would love to see is maybe Lance Cade making a debut and making the save. I really like the tag team of Cade/Murdoch so that would be cool, but it's not going to happen.

    So basically this is a typical TNA PPV filler match, and even with blood, guts, and gore, I really can't see me liking this match. And I honestly think AByss is better than these pointless, random feuds. Hopefully something big happens with his feud with Stevie, or else I think Abyss will just fade into obscurity.
  8. TheOneBigWill

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    :wtf: Seriously? This is the type of match that doesn't even seem like it'd be worth a damn, on iMPACT! let alone Pay per view.

    I'd rather see another Abyss/Stevie Richards match, than see Jethro get a single's match on ppv. I'm still honestly in awe if this is happening. What, was Jesse Neal still recovering from the Gore Rhino gave him?

    I don't even have enough words to explain how stupid this match is. This is basically TNA's way of keeping a storyline going, but with utter shit. Is this match even anything goes? I doubt it, which means Abyss wins in under 5 minutes and then gets beat down by Richards and Jethro, with a possible return from Lance Cade, maybe?

    Yeah, I'll go with that.. Cade, to make a return to Pro Wrestling, try and help Jethro, and reform the Redneck Wrecking Crew.

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