5 big Draft mistakes that affect Smackdown live adversely.

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    It's no secret that Smackdown live following the draft episode(which was horrendous, I might add) looks and feels like crap. Everything about the show screams "phoney", at least to me. But lets just say, instead of imposing my subjective, personal bitterness and distaste for Smackdown, I logically present to you 5 Major mistakes the WWE made, which will cause SD Live to be an absolute snoozefest, for the next many months, if not the next year? Here it goes:-

    5)The picks were all wrong.

    Raw deserved Reigns and Seth Rollins, no doubt, as they're the top two legitimate maineventers (IMO) in the WWE today (apart from Cena, Orton who are for better or worse not feuding for world championships anymore) and Raw is 3 hours long.

    But since Shane and Bryan have been claiming SD is all about "change" and the New Era, it makes little sense to have Randy Orton and John Cena on your show. (even though it could be argued that it's a good move they put them on SD). For their New Era guys, they picked Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles, which is fine.

    But excluding the aforementioned four, most of the remaining superstars they got comprise of tag teams, random NxT picks and women.

    IMO, for their upper mid-card/prospective maineventers- they should've gone with Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Cesaro. That was the only way SD live! could be about "change". In fact, SD live would then have been a perfect balance between the Old(Cena and Orton) and the new (Ambrose, Styles, Cesaro, Owens and Zayn).

    4)At least Sami Zayn should've been on SD.

    Since Raw is 3 hours long and they needed a solid midcard comprising Cesaro, Sheamus, KO, and others, they SHOULD'VE picked Sami Zayn at least.

    What they have right now is Ziggler and Baron Corbin (who have already wrestled at least 10 times in the last 3 months) on the same show- and KO and Sami Zayn (who have already faced each other plenty) on Raw. That leaves little room for those two pairings to do on their respective brands. Just putting Zayn on SD instead of Ziggler would've made a lot of difference. Zayn on SD would've meant fresh matchups against Styles, Cena, Orton, Ambrose, all 4 top stars of the show, and I can conceive some great matches and promos, especially with Orton.

    3)The women's division should've been exclusive to SD.

    Raw already has the Cruiserweight division, so why not make the Women's division exclusive to SD? What they have right now is just 5-6 divas in total for both Raw and SD live. Right now, both shows are going to have an insufficient amount of female star-power, and two women's championships really make no sense. Also, this could've given SD live! an edge over Raw(which would have the cruiserweight division). They could've had a few women on Raw in non-wrestling roles, such as Rusev and Lana as well as the Miz and Maryse.

    2)The IC title should've been on Raw, US title on SD.

    The IC title has a prestigious history and has revolved around great wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, and so on. They could've continued with that legacy, had they put that title on Raw- where Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zayn and others could continue that legacy.

    SD would have the US championship, which can be booked how it was in the past- with Cena and Booker T feuding for it. I just feel like the US title doesn't go that well with guys like Zayn, Cesaro and Owens. Whereas the IC title doesn't go well when you have guys like Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin and Alberto Del Rio on your show.

    and lastly,

    1)The WWE WHC should've been on Raw, and SD should've had a tournament for the new title.

    With SD live! being the new show, and one with promise, they should've gone in the opposite way. SD live has little star power, so they could've gone with 4 guys(lets say Cena, Styles, Wyatt and Ambrose) facing each other in a tournament, and the new title could've been unveiled on Summerslam.

    This would've given SD live! something intriguing in its inception, and some good TV in their first series of episodes. What has happened instead is, Raw (which already has the star power, the solid midcard, the women's title, the cruiserweights), got another advantage. With Dean Ambrose already as your champion, and Dolph Ziggler as your challenger, you have 4 weeks of really boring TV. These two have wrestled numerous times for the IC title and Ziggler really doesn't have any personality. And they're both face, on top of that.

    The WWE thought that having the WWE champ on SD live! would give it advantage over Raw(for the first month), but actually, it's going to have the opposite effect. And the ratings for SD! in the following weeks are going to reflect just that (more and more people are going to stop watching SD).

    Final notes.

    I feel like Vince is deliberately controlling Smackdown live! indirectly, by allowing Shane/Bryan/writers to go on and please the IWC, by putting guys like Ziggler in the main event. But it's going to suck. I guess Vince is smarter than most of us combined when it comes to Wrestling, and the future ratings of SD will prove once and for all- that his formula of booking mainevents- adding drama- with what we jave seen over the years in feuds like Cena-Orton, Austin-Rock, and Reigns-Seth story, which continues to unfold, is the one which draws viewers. Randomly putting Ziggler in the mainevent with Dean Ambrose, who isn't even a great wrestler, or doesn't draw a quarter as many viewers as Steve Austin, isn't going to make SD live! "the show".
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    I agree with #3, but the rest is absolute nonsense. SmackDown needed MORE top talent, not less. Getting the WWE World Championship and Intercontinental Championship were both good things. And Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler will probably wind up stealing the show at SummerSlam. Go enjoy your Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman feud they'll probably put on RAW.
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    Read again, man. I did say SD deserved to have more talent- in the form of KO, Cesaro, Zayn, etc. And I said instead of the IC title, SD should have gotten the US title.

    It's fine. You're angry at everyone who's disinterested in the Ziggler-Ambrose match, which by the looks of it, most are.

    I just chuckled at your complete abruptness and curtness the way you go "Go enjoy your Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman feud they'll probably put on RAW".

    To be honest with you, I am really looking forward to that match, which I'll enjoy far more than Ambrose-Ziggler. I mean it.

    I hope they do it at summerslam!
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    I agree that they messed up BIGTIME. Originally (when I called this months ago and was put down for it) I split the roster evenly with the talent. It makes more sense that way, and to drop Raw down to 2 hours again. What they did sucks imo, but oddly, the first Raw and Smackdown were really good shows. Kind of surprised by that.

    I think splitting the roster up 50/50 in terms of talent, the up n comers would've been put in the title picture immediately. They wouldn't have to necessarily be regulated to Smackdown to do so.

    For example, let say the top talent was split like...




    Bray Wyatt
    Del Rio
    Shelton Benjamin

    then split the tag divisions up 50/50...


    New Day
    Gallows & Anderson
    The Dudleys
    Epico & Primo


    Enzo & Cas
    American Alpha
    The Usos
    Fandango & Breeze
    Sin Cara & Kalisto

    Same with the Women's division....


    Sasha Banks
    Dana Brooke
    Brie Bella
    Nikki Bella


    Becky Lynch
    Nia Jax
    Alicia Fox

    Just did that on the fly, but even that would be 10x better than what we got...imo.
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    I said top talents. Not midcarders. SmackDown needs the top talent and the top titles to draw in casual fans, the ones who are going to watch RAW no matter who is on it. SmackDown should be the priority, not RAW.
  6. hhhfactor

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    I agree with the lack of main event talent draw its going to be difficult for Smackdown to get a lot of viewership. In looking at the tag team and women on Smackdown its almost as if they are the up and coming talent with RAW having the main draw. I have tried relentlessly over the last couple of days to attempt to even out rosters in a way that both sides would be even out. This is what I came up with.

    1). Switch the Intercontinental and US champions to the opposite shows.
    With Maryase on Raw she can be added to the women's division to spice it up and make it more relevant. Alex Rusev can then quickly finish up his feud with Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley from what we saw at Battleground.

    2).Switch Brock Lesnar and John Cena to the opposite brands. With Brock Lesnar facing Randy Orton why not have him on the same show as Randy Orton? With John Cena on Raw we have the potential for a Cena vs Roman Reigns feud. In addition, Cena is going to be taking a lot of time off and so is Lesnar. Why not even up both shows.

    3). Add Kurt Angle to Smackdown after the new year and Undertaker to RAW again after the new year

    4). Smackdown adds:
    Antonio Cesaro
    Chris Jericho
    Sami Zayn
    Kofi Kingston
    Xavier Woods
    Big E. Langston
    Dana Brooks

    In return Raw
    AJ Styles
    Dolph Ziggler
    Jason Jordan
    Becky Lynch

    5). With RAW adding a cruiserweight division and signing a bunch of cruiserweight, why not allow SMACKDOWN to acquire the up in coming NXT stars or the rumored returns... Those individuals rumored are...
    Shelton Benjamin-Commercials airing that he is coming to Smackdown
    Carlotta Cool
    Curt Hawkins
    Jinder Mahal

    6). Adding inactive stars to Smackdown
    Heath Slater
    Tyson Kidd
    Luke Gallows
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    Owens should have gone to Smackdown. They should have split him and Zayn up especially since their match at Battleground was supposed to finally settle the score. Now there's more opportunity for them to have future matches with both on RAW, and Smackdown needed another top heel. Owens would have been perfect to fill that role.

    I agree that Smackdown should be the main showcase for the Women's Division, unless the Women's Champion is the champion who is cross-branded.

    I don't see the difference with the IC and US Titles. They're both mid card titles. Rusev, Miz, doesn't make a difference to me at this point.

    Smackdown getting the WWE Championship was best for business. New show needed something to drive it. Having THE championship in WWE was important.

    Lastly, Ziggler vs Ambrose isn't boring. I'll take that ANY DAY over Rollins vs Reigns. I think most people here would agree with me. What WWE did was give us two potential show stealers in Ambrose vs Ziggler and Rollins vs Balor.
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  8. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    You don't get the idea pal..

    Smackdown got every big name the company had that could draw casual fans to Smackdown, like Miz, Ziggler, Styles, Cena and Orton.

    RAW only kept Lesnar, who is part-time and Y2J who is going to be leaving.
    All the other ones on RAW are fresh talents. That way, Smackdown gets viewers, while RAW keeps its viewers and builds new stars.

    The only thing the draft did wrong, is that RAW has might have 4-5 championships while Smackdown has only 2. And SD also has no fresh midcard scene/competition like RAW has.

    But I think there will be another call-up from NXT, plus many many returns and the gaps of Smackdown and RAW will be closed. As for the titles, I except SD to get a new Tag Team Championship, but I don't know what will happen with the women's title.

    Also, you NEED TO ATTRACT VIEWERS TO SMACKDOWN. That's why SD won the first brand war and got the WWE Championship. That's why Smackdown has the IC Championship. It needs to look stronger than RAW.

    And no, Vince still controls both shows. The only reason Balor won on RAW, was because they wanted to punish Roman and plus make an impact.

    Other than that, the rosters when compared to each other feel very different and I like that. RAW is the brand that leads the New Era. Smackdown is the one that will try to get there, after being left back for so many years.

    PS: The reason Zayn is on RAW, is because RAW currently has every past NXT Champion. Maybe that's what they were trying to accomplish.

    PS2: Why do people want Cesaro on SD? There's literally no place for Cesaro to become a main eventer on SD with Styles, Cena, Orton, Wyatt and Ambrose all being in higher positions than him.
    On RAW however, only Rollins and Lesnar are guaranteed main eventers. With Roman fighting for his spot, the rest (Cesaro, Zayn, Owens, Neville, Balor, Sheamus) are in a huge battle to determine who becomes the next big thing of RAW and the WWE. Cesaro has much bigger opportunities on RAW than he has on SD.
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  9. Kodo Sawaki

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    Could agree with that. Smackdown should be with few mainevent talents like Cena, Ambrose and AJ and with more prospects like Balor and Zayn and even Sasha Banks. Like this you have few maineventers and lots of mediocre talents who would job at RAW otherwise.

    Him and the likes of Cesaro would be helpfull and would bring something to watch. Whole idea of 2 shows and 2 titles is to have more people in prominent matches, like this you left people like Zayn and Cesaro to be midcard on RAW and gave mediocre talents like Ziggler and Wyatt chance. Mainevents are divided OK but there is no doubt RAW has more good prospects while it should be Smackdown who has more better prospects who could advance to RAW if they have proven themselves.

    Its fine like this. Only would have changed that you have some of the talents like Paige or Sasha to SD. Like this(reports are after SummerSlam Bailey goes to RAW) you have RAW as dominant force and SD weak as fuck as far as womens division goes.

    Thats OK decision as well. IC title is more prestigious and if you want to establish SD it would be more usefull to have it there.

    I get that they tried to give SD at least something with that decision and still cant see why they didnt just split titles like before(WWE on RAW, WHC on SD). Or at least have Ambrose defend it against RAW and SD talents and not just on one show. Gives more prestige to title.
  10. bnn52

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    I can agree that some of the picks were not the correct picks for the specific shows. To me, it feels like SD Live is lacking main even heels. Owens should have been sent to SD Live and split up from Sami Zayn. Those two being on the same show seems like it will be Cena vs Edge or Orton all over again in that they will absolutely have an extended feud at least once a year. The other problem I had was the splitting up of the Wyatt Family. I thoroughly enjoy the Wyatt family and think that they have been misbooked since day 1. Seems to me like an untapped resource so far. Also, splitting up the Club was a bad idea, they had just started to gain momentum and a following.

    I can also agree that the Women's division should be brand exclusive like the upcoming Cruiser-weight division, however, the Women's division in my opinion should be on Raw and the Cruiser-weight on SD Live. Main reason for that is Raw has the extra hour and it would be a lot easier to develop story lines, feuds, and new stars. With SD claiming to be focused on the wrestling aspect, that is a natural fit for the Cruiser-weight guys.

    Cena and Orton to SD was a smart move in my opinion. They still have loyal fans who will tune into SD every week now to see them. Plus they can carry a feud with anyone, regardless of how everyone feels about them being stale, etc.

    As far as the mid-card titles are concerned, what does it really matter? You are claiming the IC title has more prestige and all that, but neither has been treated with the prestige or respect they deserve in about 5-10 years. In fact, you can argue that the US Title has had more prestige in the last 3-4 years based on the sure fact that Cena had a long reign with the US title, making it valid again for a while.

    I also agree with the others and think Ambrose vs Dolph will be a phenomenal match, overshadowed however by Balor vs Rollins which will be the match of the year.
  11. Spencesc11

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    The split was ok but these would be the 5 things I would've done differently

    1) Owens and Zayn (PPV was to end the feud) - they should've been on separate brands
    2) Wyatt Family and New Day should've remained on same show. It's the most compelling storyline New Day has had in a while so why stop it before it gets going?
    3) Kalisto on Smackdown when the Cruiserweight Title will be on Raw???
    4) Cesaro should've been put on Smackdown even if it was a late trade after his pipe bomb. He also should've got the spot vs. Ambrose at Summerslam. Ziggler has been struggling to get wins vs. Corbin and then he's in the main event at Summerslam?
    5) Styles should've stayed with the Club on whichever show. His feud with Cena is more compelling with the 3 on 1 dynamic.
  12. Aquaman6686

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    Even if Ambrose vs. Ziggler is the better match (which it has an even 50/50 shot of being), the IWC won't admit it, because neither of them are fresh from NXT. The IWC is so biased towards NXT it's ridiculous.
  13. johnnysherman55

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    I totally agree with all these points. I think Zayn, Cesaro, and Rusev should of been on SD Live. They are all 3 really talented and could hold a world title i just don't see them having the chance on RAW. The women division should be exclusive to SD Live because i really do think that some of the women are ready for the main event. They could main event SD Live some nights or close a PPV. This would of gave SD Live the really feeling that this is a new era.
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    5. I agree. If Smackdown were going to call up 3/4 talents from NXT then why weren't Samoa Joe, Bayley or Nakamure called up? You'll say ratings when televised ratings on USA matter more than a WWE Network program, but I digress.

    Why weren't Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Kota Ibushi, Blake, Murphy, TM61, No Way Jose, Cien, Asuka or fan favorite Tye Dillinger taken over Mojo Rawley (who should STILL be trying to dominate NXT much like Corbin and Crews).

    4. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens need to be on different shows. Infact I propose that its amended by trade... Kevin Owens and Rusev for The Miz & The Wyatts.

    This deal not only separates Owens/Zayn, but also switches champions and puts two heels on SmackdownLive who need a clear top card picture to grow into MAIN EVENTERS. It also puts The Wyatts together on Raw which is THE SHOW they deserve!

    3. Since CWC is going to Raw, Smackdown does need something. This could be it but I prefer vice versa.

    2. you're so fucking correct and we both are eye to eye. Addressed it in #4

    1. I SOOOOO fucking agree. Smackdown shouldn't be solidfying Ambrose, it should be exploring NEW rivalries and feuds and ideas. Even if there is no new title watching Rusev dominate his way to proving the US title is comparable to a world title makes MORE sense. Elevates himself, the belt and the show. If it doesn't work after two months then do a tournament.
  15. BestSportsEntertainer

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    5 - I can kind of agree with this. Smackdown is supposed to be about change and the New Era, so it was somewhat contradictive to put Cena and Orton on there. The problem is that SD needs star talent to draw in viewers that regularly watch only Raw. Because of this, I think the first few picks were right. Now after that a lot of the picks were wrong, but this isn't all on Smackdown. Raw made some bad picks as well.

    4 - I agree they should have separated Owens and Zayn, but it's not that big of a deal.

    3 - Yeah, since Raw got the cruiserweight division, but I prefer the other way around.

    2 - Even though I agree, this isn't a big deal honestly.

    1 - Again, this isn't a big deal.

    If there's one problem I have with Smackdown, it's that there's not enough talent. The mid-card and tag team divisions absolutely suck, and the women's division is embarrassing. Maybe we'll get some NXT call-ups and signings in the near future.

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