31 Manias in 31 Days: Rewriting Wrestlemania XXII

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    Today's installment of my "Rewriting WrestleMania" series takes place in 2006 when WrestleMania XXII took place in Rosemont, IL for the 2nd time, 20 years later after it hosted a third of WrestleMania II. The ultimate underdog Rey Mysterio had won the Royal Rumble and would challenge Kurt Angle along with "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title. For the WWE Championship, John Cena would defend against Triple H. Shawn Michaels would face the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred contest. The Undertaker would try to keep his streak alive against Mark Henry in a casket match, and Mick Foley and Edge would do battle in a hardcore rules match. WM22 had it's bright spots, but for the most part, I think it could have been booked much better. For me, it was just a so so event that falls in the middle of the pack when it comes to ranking the all-time greatest Manias. Here are the results.

    April 6, 2006
    Allstate Arena (Rosemont, IL)

    (Dark) 18-Man Interpromotional Battle Royal:

    Viscera won by last eliminating Snitsky

    World Tag Team Championship:

    Big Show and Kane (c) def. Carlito and Chris Masters to retain.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

    RVD def. Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley

    United States Championship:

    JBL w/ Jillian Hall def. Chris Benoit (c) to become new champion.

    Hardcore Match:

    Edge w/ Lita def. Mick Foley

    Handicap Match:

    The Boogyeman def. Booker T and Sharmell

    WWE Women's Championship:

    Mickie James def. Trish Stratus (c) to become new champion.

    Casket Match:

    The Undertaker def. Mark Henry

    No Holds Barred Match:

    Shawn Michaels def. Mr. McMahon

    World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat:

    Rey Mysterio def. Kurt Angle (c) and Randy Orton to become new champion.

    Playboy Pillow Fight:

    Torrie Wilson def. Candice Michelle

    WWE Championship:

    John Cena (c) def. Triple H by submission to retain.

    *Rewriting WrestleMania XXII*

    1. United States Championship: JBL (c) w/ Jillian Hall def. Ric Flair by disqualification

    Just what in the world were they thinking when they put Flair in the MITB ladder match? Ric could not keep up with the younger guys in that type of match made for more of the high flyers and risk takers. Sure enough Flair got himself hurt in that match. I put him in a much more logical match against JBL, who I would have had come in as US Champ instead of Benoit. Flair gets himself DQ'ed with a low blow.

    2. Big Show and Kane def. Viscera and Mark Henry

    In a battle of 4 giants, Kane and Big Show come out victorious. Henry really shouldn't have faced Undertaker. That was a step down for Taker in all honesty in one of his weaker Mania matches. If Big Show and Kane are going to team up, give them some opponents who stand a chance. Carlito and Masters? They're not it.

    3. MITB Ladder Match: RVD def. Matt Hardy, Carlito, Booker T, Umaga, and Bobby Lashley

    I liked putting RVD over and giving him the briefcase (which he would go on to turn in successfully at One Night Stand over Cena), but I'd change up some of the participants. This is a definite improvement for Carlito and Booker T (who deserved better than a match w/ The Boogeyman).

    4. WWE Tag Team Championship: MNM (c) w/ Melina def. London & Kendrick

    The tag division was weak, but I'd have MNM successfully defend the straps for the 2nd straight Mania. 2 sets of titles were ridiculous. I've said this before and I'll say it again.

    5. Intercontinental Championship: Chris Benoit def. Shelton Benjamin (c)

    I always kind of wanted to see these 2 lock up at Mania. Benjamin once again took part in the MITB match instead of defending his belt. They made the IC Title look meaningless back then. I'd have put Benoit over for this title instead of the US gold.

    6. Hardcore Match: Edge w/ Lita def. Mick Foley

    Wouldn't change a thing here. Some would say this was a step down for Edge after cashing in the MITB briefcase that he won at WM20, and that he should have been in the WWE Title match. I wouldn't necessarily disagree, but Foley is a legend and seeing Edge as his opponent was one of the coolest moments of this evening.

    7. WWE Championship Triple Threat: John Cena (c) def. Rey Mysterio and Triple H

    I'd have kept Mysterio as the Royal Rumble winner, but have him go after the WWE Title and I'd insert him into the Cena/Triple H match. I have better plans for Orton and Angle, so I would scrap the triple threat for the World Championship entirely. Cena retains just as he did in reality. Triple H takes the pin so Mysterio gets his 1 on 1 at Backlash.

    8. Randy Orton def. Shawn Michaels

    I'm honestly surprised this match never took place at a WrestleMania. They had plenty of opportunities, and this is where they should have taken advantage of it. Shawn didn't belong in a match against Vince McMahon. Vince taking part in matches had run it's course by this point. It was honestly a huge waste of Shawn's talents and annoys me. "The Legend Killer" gets another huge win to add to his resume. This match made more sense for Orton at the time as well, since he had no business challenging for the World Title. Mysterio won the Rumble so why was he sharing his shot with Orton?

    9. Women's Championship: Mickie James def. Trish Stratus (c)

    Keep this exactly the same. Mickie and Trish are 2 of the best women wrestlers WWE ever had. No reason to change anything.

    10. World Heavyweight Championship: Undertaker def. Kurt Angle (c)

    Angle should have absolutely had his chance to snap the streak and this was the perfect time for it. The championship versus the streak. These 2 met at the previous ppv No Way Out for the title. Why didn't they have this match at Mania instead? They really thought Mark Henry was a better Mania opponent? Maybe if we're talking about 2011 Mark Henry. Taker wins the World Heavyweight Championship and goes 14-0.

    Feel free to comment and/or post your rewritten WrestleMania XXII.
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    It was the third time, you're forgetting about WrestleMania 13.

    As for the main topic so they don't hit me with an infraction, the single biggest thing I'd change is get Rey Mysterio as far away from the main events as possible. He was booed out of the building the entire match and NOBODY wanted to see him as champion. Make the match Angle vs. Orton one-on-one, with Angle retaining. Stick Mysterio in the pre-show battle royal.
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    If by nobody wanted to see him as champion you mean most of the crowd wanted to see him as champion, yeah you're right. He got some audible boos because it was a smark cunt crowd that prefered Angle but the large majority still popped for Rey's win.

    I actually do think the way the OP changed the card around works for the most part but I'd still have Rey win the title in the match with Cena and Triple H. I'd have Triple H hit a Pedigree on Cena and Rey would hit a Springboard Legdrop on Triple while he was covering Cena and get the pin on Cena himself.

    Also, Orton/Michaels didn't need to happen and McMahon/Michaels is still a good, fun brawl. JR's commentary alone is reason enough to leave this match as is.
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    You REALLY need to watch WM22 again. Rey was MERCILESSLY booed the entire match. Only the title change itself got a pop, and that was because it was WrestleMania and the crowd popped for a big moment. And it wasn't just Angle, the crowd was also rabidly behind Randy Orton. Even after WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio never got great reactions unless they were in a market with a huge Latino population.
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    I did. I read your post, went to the network and pulled up the match, watched it, and came back to respond to you.

    It's not nearly as bad as you're trying to make it sound but I already acknowledged that it happened.

    What a ******ed rationalization. The crowd isn't going to pop positively for something they DON'T WANT TO SEE. Regardless if it's a big moment.

    Here's what actually happened. Whenever there was a natural time for the crowd to cheer(big spot, near fall) they cheered. The boos that occurred were only audible because they came during the down times in the match when rational human beings are just watching the match rather than making sure their opinions are heard.

    Again, you're overstating the actual events because it suits your agenda. You. Are. Lying.

    Yeah I'm not going to pretend to remember the crowd reactions that happened on Smackdown nearly 10 years ago.
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    WWE Championship:
    John Cena (c) def. Edge

    Edge's title reign was way too short after he cashed in his MITB. Yeah I liked the table spot with Foley at this Mania, but I'm willing to sacrifice it if it means Edge gets a proper run as champion. He should have held on to the title all the way to Wrestlemania where Cena would get his rematch.

    World Heavyweight Championship:
    Rey Mysterio vs Chris Benoit

    In tribute to Eddie why not have his two best friends square off for the title at Mania? Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle could still happen only at the Royal RUmble instead of Wrestlemania. Meanwhile Benoit wins the Rumble for the second year in a row to go on to face Rey. Or you could have Benoit beat Angle for the title at Rumble and Rey still win the 30 man match. Either way, its Benoit vs Mysterio.

    The Undertaker def Kurt Angle
    Agree with the OP. These two had an amazing match at No Way Out that should have been saved for Mania.

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    DX: Triple H & Shawn Michaels def MNM

    Seeing as how DX reunited in 2006, why not have the reunion take place at Wrestlemania? Plus it gives us Shawn Michaels vs Johnny Nitro which I think would have been a great match. And I feel by 2006 Triple H should have been out of the title picture.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Randy Orton def. RVD, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Booker T, Carlito

    Seeing as how Edge won MITB the year prior, and he and Orton were on the verge of forming a tag team, I like the idea of the MITB briefcase staying in the family so to speak. A young heel Orton would have been perfect in the role. I still have RVD beat Cena for the title at One Night Stand, but I don't think it needed to be as a result of the briefcase. It was an ECW ppv, who else were they really going to have face Cena that night? If they hadn't gone with RVD the event would have had no credibility. So since RVD would be the opponent that night regardless, he really didn't need the briefcase.
    And with Cena defeating Edge for the title, that means Edge will be looking for his rematch and Orton will be looking to cash in. So both members of Rated RKO will be targeting Cena. Which makes their joining forces make that much more sense.

    Batista & Bobby Lashley def Big Show & Mark Henry
    (Batista was injured during a match with Mark Henry earlier in the year, but since we're rewriting history may as well rewrite that match as well so the injury doesn't happen.)

    Kane def Imposter Kane
    I liked the imposter Kane storyline from 2006. If it had started earlier in the year it could have led to a match at Wrestlemania. It never had any resolution to it either. I would have had Kane win and unmask the imposter at Mania. It's still revealed to be Festus (drew hankinson) but we later find out that he's a mental patient and an obsessed Kane fan. He idolizes him and relates to his story. He truly believes he is Kane. Kane could even begin to respect him after their initial match and take him on as a tag team partner, even allowing him to wear the mask. It had potential and it's a shame it was dropped so quickly.

    WWE Women's Championship:
    Mickie James def. Trish Stratus (c)

    Maybe the best womens feud in a long time. Wouldn't change anything.

    U.S Championship
    JBL vs Ric Flair

    Not sure who wins, but I agree with the OP that these two would have gelled well together
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    Once again you're the one who is wrong. Almost every big move Rey Mysterio hit is met with a resounding chorus of boos. Every big move from both Kurt Angle and Randy Orton are met with cheers. That crowd was split right down the middle for Angle and Orton, and only a TINY minority were cheering for Mysterio. JBL winning the United States title that night also got a pop, because it's WrestleMania and the crowd was excited to see a title change. Just like when Mysterio won. Mysterio winning was one of the poorest-received main event matches in WrestleMania history, and if you can't hear that from the crowd, you're deaf.

    However, I WILL concede this - I haven't watched WrestleMania 22 on the Network. I have them all on DVD so I don't need the Network for WrestleManias or SummerSlams. So I will concede that it's possible the Network version has been edited to change the crowd reaction to the match. If that is the case, I suggest you track down the DVD and listen to the real crowd reaction, THEN come back here and try to tell me I'm wrong.
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    Wrestle Mania 22:

    1.Falls Count Anywhere match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Shelton Benjamin {C} def. Chris Benoit

    2.Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
    MNM {C} def. Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

    3.Money In The Bank Ladder match
    Rob Van Dam def. Matt Hardy & Booker T & Carlito & Chris Masters & Bobby Lashley & Finlay & William Regal.

    4.Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship
    John Bradshaw Layfield def. Ric Flair {C}.

    5.Hardcore Match
    Edge def. Mick Foley.

    6.Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
    Kane and The Big Show {C} def. Mark Henry and Viscera.

    7.Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Shawn Michaels {C} def. Rey Mysterio {2006 Royal Rumble Winner} and Triple H.

    8.No Holds Barred Match
    The Undertaker def. Kurt Angle.

    9.Singles Match for the WWE Women's Championship
    Mickie James def. Trish Stratus {C}.

    10.Singles Match for the WWE Championship
    Randy Orton def. John Cena {C}.
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    Mania 22 was pretty excellent and seems to get the "love it or hate it" type of review. personally, i loved it and feel it is very underrated. considering the passing of Eddie Guerrero, the injury of Batista and the contract expiration of Jericho, there were some pretty big Mania names missing from this card, so there were some gaps left in the talent pool. still, pretty stacked roster and great effort for this event.

    Women's Title: Mickie vs. Trish is perfect as is. this match got months of build and delivered in the ring. this felt a bit like a "passing of the torch" moment also with Trish dropping the belt to the newly debuted diva in Mickie James.

    IC Title: i'm a fan and believer in defending the belts on ppv, especially the big 4 ppv events. if there's another story to be told, so be it, but that wasn't the case here. i'd have Carlito defend against Chris Masters. this was another feud that was brewing and building for months and led to a match one month later. move Carlito's face turn up a month, give him the IC Title and have this match instead.

    US Title: Bobby Lashley vs. Mark Henry. i like this idea for a match but make it for the US Title. Lashley would hold the belt shortly after this event anyway, so let him win it prior to this stage and defend against a strong challenger to make his undefeated streak up to this point a bit more impressive. nobody bought a non-2011 Henry ending the Streak anyway.

    Tag Team Titles: in my Mania 20 thread, i unified the Tag Titles since the division was lacking strong teams. i've always liked Kane/Big Show as a team and don't have anything better for them, so they can still defend the belts. maybe do a David and Goliath storyline and have Paul London/Brian Kendrick challenge. Kane/Big Show can still win since Goliath hardly ever beats David in the world of professional wrestling. or in the Bible. but i digress.

    MITB: RVD vs. Flair vs. Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Booker T vs. Finley vs. Benoit vs. Orton. i know that there are some big name changes in this one but i'll explain. Flair was actually in a neat storyline at this time. it was the whole "can he do it one more time?" deal and especially after his TLC Match for the World Title on Raw against Edge, i thought Flair had a real shot of winning this match and cashing in the briefcase to win that big gold belt one last time. believe it or not, he was my dark horse to win this thing. Orton, having lost his shot at the World Title at the Rumble by being eliminated last enters this match to try to win his title shot another way. and Benoit goes in here, not because i disliked his match with JBL, but because i have other plans for JBL and would love to see Flair and Benoit mix it up. maybe even feud later on in the year. and Booker T gets in on this match to tease his later alliance with Finley which happened around King of the Ring time. he deserved a match that mattered and Boogey deserved to be in a backstage segment that didn't bury a Hall of Famer.

    Hardcore Match #1: Edge vs. Mick Foley. loved this match. great brawl with incredible visual images. just spectacular match. i'd have preferred a bit of a better build to this match but that's just me being nit-picky. it really was phenomenal inside the ring and stole the show.

    Hardcore Match #2: HBK vs. Vince McMahon. another great Mania match from Mr. WrestleMania himself. loved the story that was being told over the past several months and the story that would play out over the next several months with the reforming of DX. great match with even better psychology. two masters of the facial expressions and "little things" at their best on the biggest stage. perfect as is.

    World Title #1: JBL vs. Rey Mysterio. i'm okay with Rey winning the World Title here. i know many will argue that he got it solely cuz of Eddie's untimely passing and that'll be debated forever. but i'm okay with a feel good moment. call me crazy. Rey winning was a good moment for me but against JBL would have tied in a lot nicer to the legacy of Eddie Guerrero i think. a bit nicer than an otherwise pretty random Triple Threat Match at least. JBL as the "American Hero" that he claimed to be and Rey coming out in the very proud Mexican American feathered headdress would have been more fitting i think. and give them more than 25 seconds (more on that in Mania 25). Rey wins the World Title here in Eddie's honor. the Triple Threat, which was an enjoyable match, although short, could be saved for another ppv.

    World Title #2: Cena vs. Triple H. i thought this was a great match with little to no build. the names sold the match and the in-ring work has let it stand the test of time. these two (of the greatest and most underrated, IMO, ring technicians) told a great story and gave a great match. to those that say Triple H never puts anyone over, i say look at Mania 20-22. he tapped out twice and was pinned clean in the middle of the ring, all three times with the World Title on the line and all three to different opponents. again, kinda like Edge/Foley in that i wished for a better build, but i will not complain about the action between the ropes.

    the Streak: Taker vs. Angle. this didn't need to be for the World Title as the Streak was already becoming its own entity. and it was so heavily suggested at the Rumble. i'd have Angle lose the World Title to JBL at the Rumble and have Taker return, as he did. the story for the Streak really told itself even with the match we got (the forgettable Casket Match with Henry) and Taker/Angle never looked better than at No Way Out a month prior. make that match for this stage where it so richly deserved and rightfully belonged.

    lots of changes, i know, but i still loved the Mania 22 we got. i'd just have preferred getting some of the matches and moments we got surrounding Mania (No Way Out, Backlash, King of the Ring, etc) to have happened on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.
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    You are correct, I completely forgot about WM13.
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    I've been harsh on people changing mania lately, 21 and 19 particularly, but 22 needed changing as its totally forgettable

    US championship
    Rey Mysterio def JBL
    same story, just for a more appropriate title, Jbl can be as great a heel on the mic as anyone so give him the foil role

    Money in the bank
    Rvd def Booker T vs Kane, vs masters vs hardy vs lashley
    Always felt this was a weak mitb, Kane and Booker mean more than the removed and masters is the guy likley to win based off his push he got, feel this is all around stronger

    Orton def Benoit
    Filler, nice win to keep randy moving upwards,

    Street fight
    Carlito def foley
    Career maker for Carlitos, in rebooking this I started with the main event I felt at the time, but this left foley irrelevent as he was only around for the perfect story, then I realised he would be ideal as Carlito was spitting apples all over the place and needed a big name win and moment to push in

    Intercontinental championship
    Benjamin def michaels
    Michaels challenges Shelton knowing he's the guy to give him this years show stealing match, but still expects victory, build is Shelton trying to prove he's not just athletic but a winner

    Women's championship
    Mickie james def trish (c)

    Hhh def flair
    They had a nice back and forth around survivor series, have a final match here

    World heavyweight championship
    Undertaker vs kurt angle(c)
    I didnt put as result as I'm back and forth, knowing kurts state and how close he is to leaving Id say taker win, taker wins the rumble a year early here btw the nwo Classic needed to happen here

    WWE tag team championship
    Mnm (c) def Kendrick & london
    Short match to calm the crowd before the main event

    WWE championship
    John cena def edge (c)
    Edge vs foley was match of the night, but this was my feeling at the time and remains it now, edge was on form during this period as champion then after he really had something to prove so would have delivered a classic lead up rather than the forgettable hhh match
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    This could of easily been one of the best Wrestlemania's of all time but some of the matches were just terrible in my opinion, I personally feel that HHH should of won the rumble instead of Mysterio as much as I loved Mysterio I feel that the main event should of had the winner of the Royal Rumble in it, I would of made the following changes such as:

    1) MnM (C) Vs London & Kendrick Vs The Mexicools Vs Regal & Taylor
    Wwe Tag Team Titles Four Corners Elimination Match. This would be a nice opener with some good spots with MnM retaining the titles.

    2) RVD Vs Matt Hardy Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Ric Flair Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Lashley
    Money in the Bank Ladder Match. I would of taken out Finley and put Mysterio in there with the same result.

    3) Chris Benoit (C) Vs Booker T Vs JBL
    Triple Threat United States Title Match. I'd have added Booker T to the match and scarped the Boogyman match and have Jbl winning the title here.

    4) Trish Stratus (C) Vs Mickie James
    Women's Title Match. Stays the same, decent match.

    5) Edge Vs Mick Foley
    Hardcore Match. Stays the same another great match.

    6) Shawn Michaels Vs Eddie Guerrero
    Singles Match. Had Eddie been alive at this time it would of been an epic match, I read that they wanted to make this match after Survivor Series 05, it would be a show stealer IMO.

    7) Batista (C) Vs Randy Orton
    World Heavyweight Title Match. I would of done this match instead with Ortan going over by winning a tournament like Cena did in 05.

    8) Kurt Angle Vs Undertaker
    Streak Match. I would of had this at Mania instead with Kurt coming over to Smackdown to challenge Taker and would of been a month later instead of it being at No Way Out.

    9) Kane & Big Show (C) Vs Carlito & Masters Vs Cryme Time Vs Cade & Murdoch
    World Tag Team Titles Four Corners Elimination Match.

    10) John Cena (C) Vs Triple HHH
    Wwe Title Match. I would keep this the same except have HHH win the Rumble and go onto Mania but keep Cena as the underdog champion.

    That is my card for mania and I think it could of been one of the best had these matcha taken place.
  13. WarMachineUSA

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    1. Tag Team Title Unification Match
    Big Show & Kane def. MNM

    2. Money in the Bank
    RVD def. Carlito, Chris Masters, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashey and Finlay

    3. United States Championship
    Chris Benoit def. Booker T to retain

    4. Hardcore Match
    Edge w/ Lita def. Mick Foley

    5. Women's Championship
    Mickie James def. Trish Stratus to become new champion

    6. Intercontinental Championship
    Ric Flair def. JBL to retain

    7. No Holds Barred
    Shawn Michaels def. Mr. McMahon

    8.World Heavyweight Championship
    Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton to become new champion

    9. Undertaker def. Kurt Angle

    10. WWE Championship
    John Cena def. Triple H to retain
  14. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    My changes would be the following:

    Tag Team match for the World Tag Team Championship
    Kane & Big Show(C) def. Carlito & Chris Masters

    Money In The Bank Ladder match
    Rob Van Dam def. Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, Finlay, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley

    Interpromotional match
    JBL def. Ric Flair
    This should have definately happened. The dirtiest players in the game go one-on-one.

    Hardcore match
    Edge (w/ Lita) def. Mick Foley

    Singles match for the United States Championship
    Chris Benoit(C) def. Booker T (w/ Sharmell)
    I believe they had a feud prior Wrestlemania. It ends here.

    Singles match for the Women's Championship
    Mickie James def. Trish Stratus(C)

    No Holds Barred match
    HBK def. Mr. McMahon

    Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton(C)
    Angle never wins the Battle Royal. It's Orton who wins it. Orton who was Smackdown's #1 heel at that time. Rey still wins the Rumble and faces Orton for Eddie's honour.

    Singles match
    The Undertaker def. Kurt Angle
    This would have been the shit. Amazing match. Totally Wrestlemania worthy.

    Playboy match

    Singles match for the WWE Championship
    John Cena(C) def. Triple H
    Nothing to change here.
  15. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    You do know that Eddie was dead and Batista was injured right? Which means that you can't use them to rewrite something..

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