31 Manias in 31 Days: Rewriting Wrestlemania XIX

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    Today's installment of my "Rewriting WrestleMania" series takes us to Seattle, Washington's Safeco Field, one of my personal favorite WrestleMania venues, in 2003 for WrestleMania XIX. It marked the return of "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels in his first match since 5 years prior, when he dropped the WWF Championship to Steve Austin and then left the company due to serious back problems. It was the first WrestleMania in WWE history after the F was dropped and it was also Brock Lesnar's first career Mania, as he challenged Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship in the main event of the night. One of the marquee matches was Rock/Austin III, where The Rock would again go after the win that had eluded him against The Rattlesnake in the 2 previous tries. And in another match that was 20 years in the making, Hulk Hogan took on Vince McMahon in a street fight. Here's the results from WrestleMania 19.

    March 30, 2003
    Safeco Field (Seattle, WA)

    (Dark Match) World Tag Team Championship:

    Lance Storm and Chief Morley (with Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) defeated Kane and Rob Van Dam to retain

    Cruiserweight Championship:

    Matt Hardy def. Rey Mysterio to retain

    Handicap Match:

    Undertaker def. Big Show and A-Train

    Triple Threat Women's Championship Match:

    Trish Stratus def. Jazz and Victoria to become new champion

    Triple Threat WWE Tag Team Championship Match :

    Team Angle pins Chavo Guerrero to retain

    Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho

    Cat Fight:

    Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson and the Miller Light Cat Fight girls went to a no contest

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    Triple H w/ Ric Flair def. Booker T to retain

    Street Fight:

    Hulk Hogan def. Mr. McMahon

    The Rock def. Stone Cold

    WWE Championship Match:

    Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle to become new champion

    *Rewriting WrestleMania XIX*

    1. Cruiserweight Championship: Matt Hardy (c) w/ Shannon Moore def. Rey Mysterio

    I wouldn't have changed a thing about this match. I liked Hardy's singles run when the Hardy Boyz split and I thought this was a good decision for the opening contest.

    2. Six Man Tag: Booker T, RVD & Kane def. Big Show, A-Train & Rhyno

    I personally didn't like how any of these guys were booked. Booker T shouldn't have been in the World Title match, RVD and Kane shouldn't have been in the dark match, and Big Show and A-Train as Taker's opponents? One of the worst Mania bookings of Taker's career (next to his match vs. Bossman at WM16). So I'd throw them all in a 6-man tag here to at least still get them on the card.

    3. WWE Tag Team Championship: The Dudleys def. Team Angle (c)

    I hated the fact that WWE had 2 sets of tag team titles back in this era. It was just absolute overkill. 1 champion is all you need, no matter how big the roster. The Dudleys deserved not only a match, but a title match. I'd have them go over Haas and Benjamin on the grandest stage. Reward them for being the 1 team left standing from the TLC days.

    4. Intercontinental Championship: Chris Benoit (c) def. Eddie Guerrero

    I originally booked this for WM18 before I realized that both were on the shelf at the time, so I'd have them go 1 on 1 here instead of competing for the tag team championship. This is high on my list as a Mania match that never happened, but should have.

    5. Street Fight: Ric Flair def. Vince McMahon

    I think Hulk Hogan could have been used so much better at WM19, as you'll see below. Flair and Vince could have been an entertaining match as well. Give Flair a spot on the card instead of just being in Triple H's corner.

    6. World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar def. Triple H (c)

    Lesnar deserved a high profile match, but not the main event in my opinion. He and Angle just didn't deliver for me. Lesnar was a face at this time after Paul Heyman turned on him. They could have possibly even put Heyman with Triple H, but it's not absolutely necessary. Lesnar goes over as the new World Champion instead of WWE Champ.

    7. Undertaker def. The Rock

    As I said earlier, Taker was so misused here it's disgusting. The Rock/Austin III was fine, but not necessary. I'd have rather seen Rock go in trying to end Taker's streak as a heel and come up short. Could have been a terrific match.

    8. WWE Championship Triple Threat: Shawn Michaels def. Kurt Angle (c) and Chris Jericho

    Michaels and Jericho was an awesome match, the best of the night. But it could have been even better. In Shawn's first Mania match in 5 years, I'd have him win the WWE Championship. 3 of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots in the same match? Would have been epic.

    9. WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus def. Victorio (c) w/ Steven Richards

    I'd have Trish win here, but in a 1 on 1. I saw no need to include Jazz in this match.

    10. Icon vs Icon: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan

    That's right, I said when I rebooked WM18 that I would have left Rock and Hogan as it was and this is why. I decided to put off Austin and Hogan until here at WM19 to make it the last match of both men's careers. This would have brought the show to a close because there's no following this match. Very rarely does a match that isn't for the championship deserve to close WrestleMania, but if there ever was one, this would be it.

    Feel free to comment and/or post your rewritten WMXIX.
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    Once again I love all of your changes.

    Personally I'll be the minimalist here and have Booker going over Haitch and Rey going over Hardy.

    And in an attempt to alter history, Brock's Shooting Star Press goes through beautifully, botch-free, to create a genuinely epic Mania moment.
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    Goldberg def Stone Cold Steve Austin
    (Goldbergs arrival spells the end of Austin. This was a match everyone wanted to see. Goldberg would arrive the following month, but I see no reason why he couldn't have showed up a few months earlier to be Austins last opponent. We'd already seen Austin/Rock twice at mania, as good of a match as they had at WM19 I would have preferred to see Austin/Goldberg)

    WWE Championship
    Shawn Michaels VS The Rock

    (As amazing as Shawn/Jericho was, it's a match that could have been done at any point over the next few years as neither were going anywhere. Wheras this was the Rocks final Mania for many years to come. Why not have Rock vs Shawn as this was the only time it would have been possible. I would lean towards Shawn winning this match seeing as how Rock was leaving and this was Shawns first Mania back. Also, when Shawn won the title at the first ever elimination chamber, I would have kept it on him and made this the title match. Triple H can win it back in the summer when Evolution forms. I'm also switching who was holding which title at the time. For me Shawn has the WWE Title while Angle has the big gold belt.)

    The Undertaker def Chris Jericho
    (Jericho/Shawn was terrific. But it could have been saved for next years Mania or even Summerslam. To me,Jericho always should have attempted to end the Undertakers streak. He was the first man to unify the two world titles, which no one thought he could do, why not try to shock the world one more time. And this is not the biker Undertaker. In my version, Undertaker never strays from his deadman persona.)

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Brock Lesnar def Kurt Angle (c)

    (Only changes are that this is for the World title and not the WWE title. I always thought the big gold belt suited Kurt better than the WWE championship as it would have went well with his gold medal. Also, Brock should never have attempted that 450 splash.)

    Triple H (with Ric Flair) def Hulk Hogan
    (This match happened shortly after Hulks match with Rock in 2002, not sure why it was rushed so quickly. When it could have been saved and built up properly for the next years mania.)

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit def Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

    (I like the idea of Benoit and Eddie teaming up as champs as a way of foreshadowing their individual title wins a year later and subsequent celebration afterwards.)

    Intercontinental Championship
    Booker T def Rob Van Dam

    (Always felt Booker deserved a run with the IC title. Would have served him better than losing to Triple H imo.)

    Matt Hardy def Jeff Hardy
    (Jeff left the WWF for a while around this time so why not have him put his brother over before he leaves. Matt version 1 was red hot at the time. This was the time to do the Hardy's feud. Matt could even bring real life elements involving his brothers personal demons into the storyline to further his heel heat. Jeff could be written off tv and eventually make his return and go after his brother.)

    John Cena def Scott Steiner
    (Steiner was a big signing in early 2003 but wasn't even on the Mania card. Neither was newcomer John Cena. Why not have Cena's first match at Mania be over an established veteran like Steiner)

    Sean O'Haire def Kane
    (RIP Sean O'Haire. Have no idea why this guy didn't become a star in wwe. The vignettes leading up to his debut in early 03 were very well done. He was great on the mic and amazing in the ring. A feud with Kane would have fit like a glove.)

    Six Man Tag Tables Match:
    Team TLC: Test, Lance, Christian def The Dudleys: Bubba, DVon, Spike

    (I liked the trio of Test, Lance and Christian but not as "The Un-Americans." Just 3 guys from Toronto. Test the muscle. Lance the technician. Christian the high flyer. Also, the first letters of their names can be used to form their team name "TLC", the match Christian helped make famous though chooses to forget Edge played any role in. This is a table match, but ladders and chairs could be incorporated. Can't be an official ladder match though seeing as how there's no title at stake.)

    WWE Womens championship:
    Trish Stratus def Lita, Victoria and Jazz

    (If Lita wasn't healthy to go then a standard one on one match between Trish and Victoria is fine)

    Cruiseriweight Championship
    Rey Mysterio def Tajiri

    (Rey's first Mania should have been a victory)

    Big Show & A-Train def Rikishi & Rhyno
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    Actually, WMXX was The Rock's final Mania before he came back to host 27. It was him and Foley vs Evolution. But I agree, he should have faced Michaels at either 19 or 20. I had them meeting at 20, which I'll post tomorrow.
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    WrestleMania 19 is the greatest WrestleMania of all time in my opinion, and there's very little I would change. The only things I would do are put the World Tag Team Championship on the main card (removing the Miller Lite Catfight Girls, the mandatory "pointless filler" on the Mania card) with Kane & RVD winning, and I'd put Triple H vs. Booker T on immediately before Angle/Lesnar. This is the closest to a perfect WrestleMania we'll ever see in my book.
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    All winners listed first.

    1. Matt Hardy v Rey Mysterio. As you said, very good opening match and no reason to change it.

    2. Tag Team Title Unification Match: Team Angle (almost called them The World's Greatest Tag Team, but forgot that was later) go over Lance Storm & Chief Morley, Dudleys, and Kane & RVD. ALL of Team Angle (including KUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT) losing all of it in one night is too predicatble, and because they were going to be on their own with Kurt leaving anyway, this gives them the best rub you can for (at the time) two amazing up and coming guys.

    3. Hulk Hogan vs Big Show. A match of Big Show annihilating Hogan for most of it, only for Hogan to be Hogan because he's Hogan. End it with a big boot that dazes Show, a body slam to recreate the Andre moment, and then drop that beautiful Leg Drop you beautiful, geriatric, politicking bastard. Hulk STILL Rules, indeed.

    4. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (Interpromotional Match...I think. I'm pretty sure Taker was on Smackdown at this point. I'm pretty sure I remember them doing one at every Mania.) I want this match for the obvious reasons of Taker had nothing to do this Mania, The HBK v Jericho match could be (and was) done later (and better.) HBK v Jericho at WM XIX might be the most overrated match of all time. Oh, and these guys worked pretty well together as we found out later. This could also be the time where The Streak actually becomes a thing, as opposed to two years later. The Streak vs Mr. Wrestlemania in Mr. Wrestlemania's return. People kinda forget about Shawn's horrible Mania record because of his Mr. Wrestlemania moniker. Taker decides to make that record even worse, finishing Shawn off with the 80th Last Ride he gives him.

    5. Ric Flair vs Vince McMahon in a Street Fight. I know it's kinda lame to have Naitch be in a Street Fight twice in a row, but it could have been fun. Also, it needs to have the Arn Anderson out of nowhere Spinebuster because that's the greatest random spot of all time, and I could watch it for 9 years in a row and never get bored. (Fine it doesn't need it. Still though, that was amazing.)

    6. Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko vs An Asshole Who Killed His Family for the IC Title. I know it's weird to have two 4 way matches, and I know Dean Malenko was retired at this point. You bring him back for one more match, in a bout of the four best WCW "small guys" for the title they all idolized. I think there's some roster switching that would have to come about but you can get around that.

    7. Booker T vs HHH for the WHC. HHH doesn't have Flair to help him out, because he's too beat up to come to the ring with him. HHH is alone, trying to defend his title against the guy he essentially said wasn't good enough because he grew up black and poor. The match plays out mostly the same (sans the Flair involvment) with one huge difference, Booker T wins with the Harlem Hangover as opposed to Mr. H's winning with a pedigree and taking 5 years to cover Booker. I think I'm the only person on Earth who thought this match was good (ending aside, of course.)

    8. The Rock vs Stone Cold. I love this match, easily my favorite of the three. Puts the two biggest guys at basically even for history. (Austin won Austin Rock I and II, but II was full of the bull shit as we all know.)

    9. Victoria v Trish Stratus v Jazz for the Women's Title. The only thing I would change here is the finish, as at this time I felt Victoria was a far more worthy champ that Trish. I was almost inclined to just have it be Victoria v Jazz, but you can't leave Trish off. This is probably my favorite women's match at Mania ever, so it can stay as is.

    10. Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle for the WWE Title. This match was like, a foot and a half away from being the best WM Main Event of all time. If Lesnar hits the Shooting Star Press (which I would still have him do, I'd just have Angle use a little situational awareness and have him roll or squirm a bit to get into position) then it is a moment that rivals Hogan slamming Andre, Shawn achieving the Boyhood Dream, and The Era of Austin beginning. My only change to this match is a foot and a half.
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    It is interesting that, given WMXIX is widely regarded as one of the top 5, if not top 3, Wrestlemanias, that several people, including the OP, are advocating huge changes.

    FYI Ric Flair faced Mr McMahon at the 2002 Royal Rumble ppv in a streetfight, I believe. It made WAY more sense to have Vince face Hogan here, especially at Wrestlemania
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    At this point inter promotional matches wernt a thing and the IC title didn't exist, the inter promotional match didn't happen until mania 20295) Brock Goldberg and Kane vs taker I think

    So using the parameter of the times I wouldn't change much, I'd add Kane and rvd to the world title match as a 4 way, hhh screwed them out of winning in late 02 so having h do the same to book at no way out then have to face all his demons at once adds a bit of drama with so many singles upper card matches

    I believe rhinos role was meant to be edge's and with the smack down scene this is fine as it was built logically and well

    I'd also drop the cat fight and limo bizkit and add storm / Morley vs the dudleys
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    Mania 19 gets a lot of love from many wrestling fans. whenever the conversation for absolute best Mania events comes up, Mania 19 is ranked right up there with Mania 17. and why not? it was a pretty stellar card. i personally liked the overall feel for the event and most of the matches had pretty good build ups, so i appreciate that a lot.

    some changes i'd make...

    Cruiserweight Title: Mysterio/Kidman. these two had a lot of history together from WCW. both were Cruiserweight Champions and they were in the Filthy Animals Stable for some time. if i'm not mistaken, they either won the Tag Team Titles or Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles, or both, as a team. i'd like to see this match start the show instead of Hardy.

    Taker/Flair. for Mania 18, i had Taker go against Big Show. so this year, i bring back Taker/Flair with the roles reversed; Taker is the face and Flair is the heel. same type of match and same result.

    Tag Team Titles #1: Kane & RVD vs. Dudley Boys; Table Match. rather than have Morley/Storm vs. Kane/RVD on Heat, i'd bring in the Dudley Boys and have them face Kane/RVD on the show. to be honest, i'd just really enjoy seeing a 3-D through a table, as well as a chokeslam and frog splash through the same. Kane & RVD win the titles.

    Tag Team Titles #2: Team Angle vs. Los Guerreros vs. Hardy Boys. the Hardy Boys were both still with the company at this time and i think they would have been a better option than the thrown together team of Benoit/Rhyno. i also would have liked to see Team Angle win this match after executing a double team maneuver on one of their opponents as opposed to stealing a pin. i always enjoyed their super kick into a german suplex combination or the powerbomb with a top rope lariat deal. hit either one on Chavo, take the pin and continue this feud.

    Women's Title: Victoria vs. Trish vs. Jazz. i like this match but i'd let Victoria retain. i had Trish winning last year in her hometown. Victoria can win this time around.

    HBK vs. Y2J. keep this exactly as is. incredible match for a really logical, enjoyable feud. fantastic storytelling both in and out of the ring.

    World Title #1: Lesnar vs. Angle. another amazing match with a great build. the only thing i'd change, in a perfect world, is Brock's botched Shooting Star Press. either hit it correctly or leave it out of the match entirely.

    World Title #2. here's where i get into some serious fantasy booking. Triple H vs. Kevin Nash. i love Booker T and have tons of respect for the man in real life. i just didn't feel that this feud had enough steam or build and i never realistically thought that Booker had a chance at winning the title on this night. Kevin Nash and Triple H feuded not long after this event and culminated at SummerSlam as two parts of the Elimination Chamber. i liked their feud this year and would have it begin sooner rather than later.

    Austin vs. Goldberg. Goldberg debuted the night after Mania 19 and fought the Rock the next month. the real dream match, and dare i say even more so than Austin/Hogan, was Austin vs. Goldberg. these were the two biggest stars of their respective companies from 98-99. this was the match that fans wanted to see. and Austin/Rock III with nothing on the line was pretty lame. the match was decent, but by this time, pretty redundant.

    and for the booking that i'm dreading to post due to the hell i'll get for it i'm sure, but i'd scrap Hogan/McMahon this year. hear me out before you send the death threats my way. i loved this match. the build up was flawless. the match was uber-entertaining and went well beyond my expectations. the only problem i had with it was the setting. this exact match and build belonged on the stage of Mania 20, not 19. it belonged at the 20 year anniversary where WrestleMania and Hulkamania first took the world by storm. and it belonged at MSG. so take this match off 19 and save it for 20.

    that leaves my current Mania 19 card lacking some pretty big names, so i'd simply put some matches together. this isn't the most brilliant, but it's what I've got so far...

    Rock/Booker T. yes, they feuded at SummerSlam 2 years prior, but this time the roles are reversed. and i'd give Booker the big win here and give him some much needed momentum.
    Hogan/Big Show. this could be similar to a Hogan/Andre type match. these two guys do have some history from WCW and they're friends in real life, which almost always shows during a match via the chemistry and mutual respect. give them a match here.
    Scott Steiner vs. Rick Steiner and/or Buff Bagwell. if you wanted to have Freakzilla on Mania, give him an old grudge match with one or both of these guys in either a singles match or a triple threat match.
    what about a Submission Match between Benoit and Malenko? Dean Malenko never got a proper send-off and a match like this on the grand stage would be so fitting and so deserving.
    i also liked the idea posted above putting Sean O'Haire vs. Kane. the Devil's Advocate vs. the Devil's Favorite Demon. it'd just be an old-fashioned slugfest.

    despite my pretty sizeable overhaul, i really did love Mania 19. in my own little world though, i'd switch up Mania's 18-20 to make all three events more complete shows.
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    I'd also like to point out as an aside, I'm TOTALLY fine with Limp Biskit playing, only because (I THINK it was Chimmel) had to announce them as America's Favorite Band, and he just wanted to KILL HIMSELF during it. Such an unintentionally funny moment.
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    In an ideal world:

    Austin vs Hogan
    Rock vs Michaels

    And if you were able to bring in Goldberg one day earlier...

    Undertaker vs Goldberg.

    That would be one hell of a card and I don't see it being beaten at any point in history. This could have been a 17 beater.

    And you could still have Angle vs Brock which was a dream match of sorts at the time. HHH vs Ric Flair would have also been great here if you had the short term build for the match like the Carolina one months later.
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    Goldberg vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    -Absolute #1 dream match that never happened. Hands down no doubt about it. A disgrace it didn't go down, and one of the reasons I gave up on wrestling back then. This would've been a slobber knocker.

    Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle (c): WWF Heavyweight Championship

    -keep the same.

    The Rock vs The Immortal Hulk Hogan

    -Although I'd prefer to have Hollywood Hogan vs Rock and Immortal Hogan vs Austin, the timing doesn't allow for it. Therefore this is the next best thing with Austin taking on Hollywood Hogan at 18.

    Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

    -A dream match of mine since long before HBK's comeback. A shame it never happened. By that I mean at Mania not SummerSlam.

    Booker T vs Chris Jericho (c): World Title

    - I liked the HHH-Booker T feud and I think Jericho could replicate that borderline racist undertone Hunter established. Plus, with Jericho's Mania title defense being taken away from 18 by me on the other thread I figured I'd give it back here.

    The Undertaker vs Ric Flair

    -Taker was still the American Badass here and I think it could be the same as it really happened in 18, or at least very similar considering Flair was with Hunter at this time. I just thought this was a good gritty match and feud and Flair and Taker should keep each other on their respective Wrestlemania resumes.

    Chris Benoit vs Scott Steiner

    -both jacked up good mat wrestlers...best available pairing.

    Eddie Guererro vs Rob Van Dam: Frog Splash Match for the Intercontinental Title

    -wanted to see this for years.

    Rey Mysterio (c) vs Tajiri: Cruiserweight Championship

    - Always wanted to see this at Mania.

    Trish Stratus vs Jazz vs Victoria: Women's Title

    - keep it the same

    Lance Storm & Rhyno vs The Dudley's: Tag Titles

    -ECW originals

    Big Show vs Kane

    -Mania 17 rematch
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    Wrestle Mania 19

    1.Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship
    Eddie Guerrero {C} def. Chris Benoit.

    2.Tag Team Tables Match for the World Tag Team Championship
    Kane and Rob Van Dam def. The Dudley Boyz {C}.

    3.Singles Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    Matt Hardy {C} def. Rey Mysterio

    4.Twenty Man Battle Royal for the Vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Christian won by last eliminating Booker T.

    No Holds Barred Match
    The Undertaker def. Ric Flair {postponed one year as a result of other plans for both at WM 18}.

    6.Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women's Championship
    Jazz {C} def. Victoria and Trish Stratus.

    7.Open Challenge Two On One Handicap Match
    Goldberg def. The Big Show and A Train.

    8.Singles Match
    Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho

    9.Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
    Triple H {C} def. Kevin Nash.

    10.Battle Rap
    Jay Z def. John Cena.

    11.Street Fight
    Hulk Hogan def. Mr. McMahon

    12. Retirement Match where the loser must retire from Proffesional Wrestling
    The Rock def. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    13. WWE Championship match
    Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle {C}. The match ends in the same way {only with Lesnar connecting with the SSP so he doesn't have a concussion}.
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    Wrestlemania 19 is actually in the top 5 Wrestlemanias of all time, but as amazing the card was, I'm sure everyone remembers that it is also one of the most less-bought event, with around 500,000 PPV buys..

    Why? Because Lesnar was not a big star, Austin vs Rock had been done 2 times already, Booker T vs HHH was also not a big draw. The biggest draw in the card was Hogan vs Vince.

    So, I'd have Austin vs Hogan and HBK vs The Rock take place. How could they have HBK, Rock, Austin and Hogan on the same card and not have these matches happen?

    This also leaves a better match for Undertaker in Undertaker vs Chris Jericho.

    The rest stays the same..

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