2017-2018 NBA Season

Discussion in 'The Sports Arena' started by SSJPhenom, Oct 17, 2017.

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    Does anyone else think that Ben Simmons is going to be a rookie All-Star? Currently he's averaging 18ppg 9rpg 8apg and he's shooting over 50% from the field. I'm already very confident that he's the runaway Rookie of the Year, but if he keeps up those kinds of numbers, I don't see why he wouldn't be an All-Star either. The only question that I have about that is whether he'd be considered a PG or a Forward for the All-Star game.

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    Alright first things first, if the season ended today Harden is my MVP and there should be no doubt. If he doesn’t win it this year, in my opinion it would be the 3rd year in a row he deserved to win it and was ripped off. First year was Harden doesn’t have as much help as Curry so it’s impressive for Curry to do what he was doing (plus they were first/best team ever), last year he had too much help compared to Westbrook and that’s why he didn’t get it. A triple double might of had something to do with that but Harden almost averaged one and his trash ass team was third in the whole league!! This year Lebron is doing Bron things but he has the most op bench ever and IT is going to come back so that’s a huge addition which might even say Lbj isn’t even the MVP of his own team (of course he is but you never know).

    Now just a couple of things I noticed from this quarter so far;

    As a Lakers fan there is a lot of mixed reactions. Ingram has improved more than I could’ve hoped for and his driving and finishing with contact is his best strength which no one would’ve said last year. I’m really excited to see what he becomes. I can see a 26/8 kinda average for him in the future. Ball has been really disappointing. I know he is a playmaker but I feel he just passes it to the open men instead of getting men open. His dribbles aren’t damaging unless he is going to attack and that means his passes are just quick with no real benefit of passing. It’s actually kinda good Lopez is playing bad this year bccause I don’t want to resign him. Randle proving he should be a laker for life and for the love of god, never wish having Clsrkson and KCP on your team at the same time. They take the worst shots you will ever see.

    Thunder have really surprised me. I didn’t think it would be too hard for them to gel but I guess the 3 ball handlers is really them. I just don’t understand, George use to be really good off ball and Melo is a good shot so he should be good off the ball. They still will make he playoffs though.

    Not much to say about each team though really. Good seeing Philly show signs of being a force finally. Celtics won’t contend with Cavs in the playoffs and I’m actually a bit worried Detroit could get past Celtics as well if they continue to play how they play. Obviously still going to be Cavs and Warriors in the finals but at least we get a James Harden MVP.

    An interesting fact though is Lebron has only got 3 first place votes for the MVP in the last 3 years! Curry unanimous, Westbrook/Harden going ham as well but that’s pretty harsh for the greatest in the game today and arguably a top 10 of all time.
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    Lebron is the mvp. Lebron has been getting ripped off in terms of his name being discussed as an MVP candidate. He probably should have won it last year. Both russ and harden broke the record for turnovers (the worst thing you can do with the ball), the spurs were better when Leonard was off the court and curry wasnt as impressive as the year before. I would have given Lebron finals mvp as well. His stat line was the only thing keeping it anywhere near close

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