1998: Rebooking the WCW debuts of Bret Hart, British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart

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    The setup of how Hart was brought in was good considering he wasn't legally able to wrestle til the new year, make Nick Patrick do an actual fast count so the story isn't so confusing and for god sake don't strip Sting of the title; he keeps it for at least 6 months. Scrap the Hart/ Flair feud and have Hart immediately go after Hall/Nash/Hogan and company which makes sense on many levels; Hall and Nash are HBKs friends and he's always been saying how Hogan has been ducking him for years.

    Have the nWo split happen a lot sooner than it did but have Hogan/Savage on the Hollywood side and Hall/Nash on the Wolfpack side with Konnan and Booker T as recruits for the Red n Black. Id accomplish this by Hogan 'accidentally' costing Hall his title match with Sting at Souled Out and blatantly costing Nash a title match at SuperBrawl leading to a split in the nWo.

    Meanwhile Hart runs through Curt Hennig at Souled Out, Hall at SuperBrawl, Savage at Uncensored and number one contenders match with Nash at Spring Stampede, all the while trying to go after Hogan but getting blocked at every turn by Bischoff. He faces Sting at Slamboree for the title but Hogan costs him the match via interference and puts him out until the fall.

    Hogan has a feud with DDP as a result of he and Rodman costing him a title match at Great American Bash, Hogan wins the belt back the Nitro after and the big match with Malone and Rodman still happens at Bash at the Beach and has a singles match with DDP at Road Wild with Bischoff and Leno in their respective corners. Nash costs Hogan the match and after basically a gang war on Nitro between the Wolfpack and Hollywood nWos for the past 6 months its decided to have a winner take all match at War Games; loser disbands.

    Wolfpack wins the War Games and Goldberg wins a number one contender match at Fall Brawl against Lex Luger. Goldberg beats Hogan at Halloween Havoc for the World Title and after the match Hart makes his return, finally setting the feud between Hogan and Hart that will culminate at Starrcade. Hogan keeps Giant, Disciple and Bischoff around for protection, the rest of the nWo split apart and do their own thing; Steiner has bagel as his manager and starts beating up everybody on the roster, Brian Adams teams up with Wrath and forms Kronik about a year early, they start a feud with the Outsiders over the Tag Belts.

    Sting has been feuding with Raven and the Flock since July; he's run through Saturn, Kanyon and a tag match with Lex at Havoc vs Raven and Saturn where they lose but Sting gets a one on one match with Raven at WW3 that ends in a run in and a win for Raven which sets up the final match at Starrcade.

    Flair and Bischoff have the same feud they do in real life.

    Scott Steiner wins World War 3 and gets a shot at Goldbergs World Title.

    Starrcade 1998 card looks like this:

    World Title - Goldberg vs Scott Steiner

    Hollywood Hogan vs Bret Hart

    Eric Bischoff vs Ric Flair

    Sting vs Raven

    Tag Titles - Kronik vs the Outsiders

    US Title - Benoit vs Saturn

    TV Title - Jericho vs Konnan

    Cruiserweight Title - Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman vs Rey Mysterio

    1999 sees Hart get a title reign beating Scott Steiner for the belt at Slamboree after Big Poppa Pump beats Goldberg at Superbrawl

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