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Old 01-31-2018, 10:28 AM
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Default MD 148 – Ace Stevens vs Triple X

RP deadline will be the Monday the 12th of February at 23:59EST. Extensions available upon request.
Old 02-09-2018, 08:20 AM
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Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
Old 02-13-2018, 05:30 PM
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The Narrator presents
Ace Stevens
“Big In Japan!”

The sunning is bright and beaming outside the Tokyo Dome. Ace Stevens and his cameraman, Bob, are outside the stadium’s main entrance along with a variety of excitable Japanese fans. Boombox in hand, Ace addresses the viewers of his YouTube channel as if each one of them were a close, personal friend.

“Konnichiwa, mother flippers! I’m Ace Stevens and so are these guys!”

The camera zooms out to show at least 100 people cosplaying as our fair hero. Some are slicking their hair, some are fist-pumping. However, regardless of what they’re doing – it is their spirit that encapsulates what Ace Stevens is all about.

“That’s right, baby! We’re here at the Tokyo Dome – the home of professional in wrestling. In Japan. That isn’t Korakuen Hall. Anyway! Welcome!

I’m here ‘cause we gotta talk about some serious stuff. Also, because apparently this is the place to go if you want a five-star match. But it’s mainly because of the serious stuff.”

Ace hits play on his comically-oversized boombox.

Click for Spoiler:

“People of Earth! Ladies, gentlemen and, of course, Triple X. Last week, I let everyone of you Ace-holes down. I was complacent against Mark Keaton. I was too busy thinking about my new business venture, Bottled Ace – currently retailing at $99.99, to really get my head in the game. So, I paid the ultimate price. Defeat.

But, there are things to take away from a defeat. Like “hey Ace, try not to get suplexed out of your shoes”. But the main thing that I learnt at Ascension is my place in this story – this glorious tale of Titus’ Eurasian Championship reign. I am the underdog.

Now I know what you guys are thinking. “Come on, Ace! You ain’t no underdog. What kinda underdog has an impeccably chiselled physique? Or a slick little roadster that definitely isn’t a Mazda with a Porsche badge welded on? What kind of underdog dates an incredibly convincing Jane Levy lookalike?” Well, hypothetical fan – me. I’m that underdog. Ever since joining WZCW years ago, I have been that underdog. Confined to the Mayhem division while everyone from Dr. Zeus to Ricky Runn got their opportunity at the world heavyweight title.

Let me show you what I mean.”

Ace turns to the crowd of lookalikes and picks one at random.

“You. What’s your name?”

The young fan, overcome with emotion, manages to squeeze out a quick “Hidetoshi”.

“Okay, Hidetoshi. Quick question: how many times have I faced… I don’t know… Tyrone Blades?”

“Errrm… zero times?”

“Gold star for you, Hidetoshi.”

“What about you” says Ace, directing his attention to a young girl in her finest Ace Stevens cosplay gear.
“What’s your name?”


“So Aya, tell me, how many times have I faced Constantine?”

“You have faced Constantine, uh, zero times?”

“Correctamundo. And, you see, I could go on and on. There are so many WZCW I’ve never met in the ring. Everest, Showtime Cougar, Barbosa, Randy Studd – the list is endless. Hell, I’ve only faced one WZCW Hall of Famer in my entire career – Matt Tastic. And do you know what happened? I beat him. And yet, the powers that be at WZCW still sought to keep me at arm’s length from the bona fide superstars. Don’t get it twisted though. I’m proud as hell at what I achieved in the Mayhem division. I went to war with men like Vega, men like Stevenson Marquel. In those matches we showed that we’re as tough as anyone, anywhere on the card.

But when I went to move on, obstacles were just thrown in my way. Obstacle after obstacle after obstacle. But… I kicked each and every one of those obstacles to the curb! And I did it while staying true to who I am, Titus. I did it without anyone's help, Keaton.

So that’s my role in the epic story of how Titus Avison eventually lost his Eurasian Championship after over 800 days of being a loser. The man who should have never made it this far. Tune in for the finale at Lethal Lottery! It should be a cracker.”

The Japanese Aces chant loudly “Go Ace, Go” as our dear protagonist soaks up all the adulation.

“But that is in a couple of weeks. That is not this week. Because this week is all about Triple ‘no mom, this isn’t a phase, it’s the real me’ X. The loser of Hell’s Kitchen. Basically, the anti-Daredevil.

Let me talk to you direct, Trips. I know you’re probably buzzed off of beating Titus last week, so let me just give you a quick reminder of who I am.”

Ace gets his phone out and points the screen towards Bob and the camera. Loud cheers are heard from the device – a wrestling match is playing.

Cohen: He’s only hit Ace Stevens with one move and now he goes for his finisher which requires this amount of set-up?

The question still ringing in our ears, X approaches the top rope as swiftly as possible. He is to the top and he takes a deep breath, Ace Stevens apparently in prime position. He takes a leap, corkscrewing and twisting into a leg drop position with The Firefly! Stevens though is to his feet! Amazingly enough though, X manages to in fact land on his feet. While the crowd and even the referee gasp in amazement Stevens though is a competitor in the truest sense of the word. He unleashes a Punchline, rolling elbow smash, across X’s chops. He collapses into a cover: 1...2...3!

Harrys: Here is your winner; ACE STEVENS!

Cohen: I knew that idiot shouldn’t have gone to the top. His desire to pander to these morons is always going to hinder his true talents.
“Oh, man. That is so awkward. But, um, at least you took Cohen’s advice. So you’ve got that going for ya’, I guess. But at what cost, X? I mean, don’t you miss being liked? Wouldn’t you want this?”

Ace steps back to reveal his impersonators in all their glory, as they cheer and “oh”.

“Picture this, X. One hundred – nay, one thousand – adoring little Triple X cosplayers. They’re all weirdly skinny and pale. Their greasy, purple hair shines in the sunlight. They’ve all got trenchcoats and Hot Topic t-shirts on. Isn’t that the dream, man? Sure, if they’re anything like you, the stench of B.O. would be unbearable. Like, an actual biohazard. But I guarantee you would feel a lot happier. You probably wouldn’t have to continue this little rebellious phase you’ve got going on either.

But, to paraphrase 80s icon Bobby Brown, that’s your prerogative. Me? I’m gonna kick it with the greatest fans on this or any other planet. Ace-vengers Assemble!”

Ace’s most popular Tokyo-based fanclub gets worked into even more of a frenzy.

“Now who wants some Bottled Ace, huh?!” shouts Ace to his rabid fans. “You know what? You get some Bottled Ace, you get some Bottled Ace! Everyone gets some Bottled Ace! I’m the Oprah of dope shit!”
Old 02-13-2018, 09:41 PM
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Default versus Ace Stevens

The Day of Meltdown 148
Tokyo Dome, Japan

‘I dunno why they keep insisting I do these things.’

‘Well, you are one of their big stars now. Even if they don’t want to admit it.’

‘When have I not been?’

‘You know what I mean. Two wins over Titus, one of which was in his match, plus an unanswered win over the current reigning champion. They wanna fill their air time with people that’ll generate an audience.’

‘What audience?? They never show them!’

‘Probably because you swear a lot.’

‘Yeah…and I won’t pretend it’s not on purpose.’

Talia laughed, as both she and Triple X waited outside of the dressing room in the Tokyo Dome. It was just another WZCW.com interview, one of many that Xander had done. And as he had stated, many had been shown while just as many had been discarded. Either way though, he had been through the circus-like merry-go-round of show day many times before. But this was different.

For four years, Japan had been his home, and for him, this, in the Tokyo Dome, felt like a minor homecoming.

‘Mr Knight, yes?’

Xander’s head popped up like a puppy hearing a whistle. He recognised the voice. He looked up and saw a very familiar face; one whom he credited with a lot of his success in the wrestling business.


‘Mr Knight, yes?’

Xander looked up, brushing the bright purple hair out from his face. A Japanese man, roughly 5’11, surely in his sixties, was staring down at him, smiling. X knew immediately who this was and shot up like a rocket.

‘Mr Kuchiki??’

Hiroshi Kuchiki. A legendary Japanese wrestler, and an inspiration to many who had chosen a path In the squared circle. And, more importantly to Triple X, the owner of Alliance Wrestling: Japan. One of the premiere promotions in the country.

‘You’re a well-informed man, Mr Knight. Very well-informed.’

He bowed to the young Xander, who did the same, before following him down the corridor. ‘Your flight, I assume, was a good one?’

‘Yeah, I mean, I can’t complain. I’ve never been on a flight outside the states before.’

‘Good. A big chance you have here. I’m glad our offer was satisfactory.’

‘You’re kidding, right?’ X’s face had lit up, like a kid on Christmas morning. ‘I’d have come here for half the money. To come here and wrestle for AW:J is…is a dream come true.’

Kuchiki smiled. ‘I am glad you think so. We’re always looking for young talent from overseas. And your performances have certainly caught the eye.’ Kuchiki stopped at a door labelled "LOCKER ROOM". ‘We have a good match for you. Satoshi Yoshida. He’s a young, up and coming boy. Very athletic, similarly to you.’

‘I won’t let you down.’

Kuchiki smiled. ‘Worry about letting yourself down. If you do justice for yourself, you will do justice by me.’

He opened the door, and Xander walked through; it was early so no-one else was inside yet. X walked over to a locker and placed his bag down, before sitting himself down. He looked up, where Hiroshi was still standing there.



‘Kuchiki-san!’ Xander stood up and shook his hand, bowing his head at the same time.

Hiroshi smiled, bowing back. ‘You look well, Xander. It is good to see you.’

‘And you. Hows business?’

‘Good. Not what it once was when you and Red were once here, but still. Going well.’

‘I’m glad to hear it. To tell you the truth, it feels a little strange being back in this building.’

Kuchiki shook his head. ‘No, Xander. This is your home. It always will be.’


‘ここにあなたの勝者があります。トリプル X!’

Upon hearing the ring announcer, X sat up from the pin, looking round the crowd. He was used to the more animated manner of the American independent crowds, but even so he knew of the more restrained, conservative Japanese crowd’s manner. And even so, he looked around at those in attendance and felt…nothing. No connection. He felt his match was good; maybe he’d had better in the past, but it certainly wasn’t his worst.

He raised his arm and rolled out of the ring. He walked up the ramp and passed through the curtain, where Kuchiki was standing, waiting.

‘So, what did you think?’

Kuchiki smiled, before turning as he spoke. ‘I think you have a lot more to learn.’

He walked off, leaving Xander in mild shock. ‘I-‘

‘Don’t take it personally, mate.’ An English voice said quietly. A man walked past, dressed in fight shorts, a sleeveless shirt and MMA-gloves. He had short brown hair and a larger frame than the conventional wrestler. ‘Old man Kuchiki’s a visionary, but you’ve gotta work it out for yourself for him to like you.’

‘That doesn’t exactly make me feel better.’

‘No, but I think you’ll get there.’ He smiled, before a generic sounding rock-track began bursting from the speakers. ‘That’s my cue. Take it easy.’

The man went through the curtain towards the ring, and the silent crowd X had encountered previously had found their voice, cheering him rather loudly.

Time to get learning.

‘Mr Knight, we’re ready for you.’ A stage-hand had come out of the room.

‘Go.’ Kuchiki said, before Xander had a chance to say anything in protest. ‘Media commitments are important, even more so if one dislikes them. Then they show great discipline.’

Xander laughed. ‘Discipline isn’t in my wheelhouse, to be honest.’

‘No, but you make it work. And you have a great opportunity in Australia. If I don’t get another chance to say it, best of luck.’

He opened his arms, and the two embraced. As they did, Hiroshi whispered into X’s ear;

‘There are always more lessons to learn. I may disagree with your methods, but I could not be prouder of your successes.’

‘Thank you, Sensei.’

The two let go, and Kuchiki bowed towards Talia, who did the same. ‘A pleasure, Miss King.’

‘The pleasure’s mine, Mr Kuchiki. Xander’s told me a lot about you.’

‘Indeed.’ He smiled, before walking off. ‘He probably still thinks I don’t know he calls me an ‘old man’. Silly boy…’

Xander and Talia both laughed. ‘He’s a character.’

‘You have no idea.’

‘Mr Knight-‘

‘Piss off. I’ll be there in a minute.’

The assistant disappeared back into the room in a hurry. X sighed. ‘This; THIS is the most nervous I’ve felt since being back. I mean, really?’

‘Nerves aren’t a bad thing.’

‘Tell that to my stomach.’

‘Hey…’ She kissed him on the forehead. ‘It’s just another show. And if you can beat Titus in a Pure Rules match-‘

X smiled. ‘I did do that, didn’t I?’

‘-then you can get through a show in the Tokyo Dome.’

Xander looked down and Talia, and kissed her. ‘You make everything make sense, you know that, right?’

She smiled. ‘Now go.’

Another few weeks had passed, and the improvement hadn’t come. Sure, he knew his matches had been fine, but X knew he hadn’t impressed Kuchiki. And the crowd reactions had barely improved, either. It wasn’t the end of the world, though, Xander knew he could still make a big name over in the independents he had been previously working in. But working, and making a name in Japan, would help push him to the next level. And with one more match left, he felt that his time in the land of the rising sun would be short-lived.

He sat in the locker room; tights and boots on, taping his wrists up. He finished, and threw the black tape into his gear bag. From out of nowhere, a roll of white wrist tape flew and landed in his lap.

‘Tape your fists.’

He looked up; the British guy he had previously bumped into. He’d since learned his name was Dave, and was a well liked member of the AW:J roster. And was also the man he’d be wrestling against that night.


‘Just trust me. It’ll help.’ He smiled, before walking out.

. . . . . .

Xander stood in the ring, as Dave Redfield made his way out. The fans were definitely more reserved, but they were behind him in his own way, just like the rest of the roster. Everyone except X. The bell rang and they locked up, before X was forced back into the corner. The referee counted for the break, before Red slapped X out of nowhere.

It took him by surprise, if for no other reason because Redfield was beloved as a good guy. They locked horns again, and Redfields mat-wrestling was once again superior, throwing Xander to the mat with relatively easy headlock takedown. X managed to maneuver round to grab Dave’s head with his legs, but Redfield managed to roll out of that. The two made it back up to their feet and, once again, a short, hard slap to the face was in store for Xander.

That incensed him further. ‘What the hell are you doing?’

‘You don’t like that, huh?’

X grabbed himself a headlock this time, but Dave powered him towards the ropes, sending him across the ring before launching him over his head in a back-body drop. X had it scouted tough, landing on his feet. Not before Redfield landed a sharp, powerful elbow to his jaw, though.

X had had it. He wasn’t about to take this any more. He took a second, before popping Redfield in the jaw with a right hand.

And then it clicked. The reason why he’d left the tape. Why the fans hadn’t connected with him; they needed to see the fight. He heard the roar of the crowd upon hearing the impact of his fist on Daves face, looked over at him, who was holding his mouth, while also smiling from ear to ear

‘About bloody time.’

The rest of the match continued in the same vain. X had a small amount of MMA training under his belt, so unleashed more kicks and elbows than in any of his previous matches, and the crowd seemed to get behind him more and more. Dave, in turn, didn’t let up, and when it was all said and done he’d made X tap out, after twenty five minutes of absolute carnage.

Xander, walked back, thankful whilst still in defeat. He walked through the curtain to be greeted by Kuchiki, with a huge smile on his face. He pulled Xander in for a hug and whispered to him;

‘You learn fast. But there are always more lessons to learn, Xander.’

He patted him on the back too, and moments later David walked through, himself earning a hug from Kuchiki.

‘I had a feeling you’d get more fight out of him.’

‘Yeah, well…’ he looked up and Xander. ‘He just needed a spark, is all.’


‘For what?’

X laughed. ‘For kicking my ass hard enough to realise that I needed to kick yours.’

David smiled, and held out a hand. ‘My friends call me Red.’

X shook his hand and smiled too. ‘Xander. Or X.’

‘I’m glad you two are getting along.’ Kuchiki smiled as he spoke. ‘I feel a rivalry. We must take advantage of this. Next week, you two will face off again.’

X looked confused. ‘I…but my deal-‘

‘Was for one month. But an extension is yours, if you would like. You’ve shown you belong here. That’s enough for me.’

Xander smiled even more, as Kuchiki extended his hand, to which X gladly shook.

‘Ladies and gentleman, I’m here with Triple X.’

Stacey Madison turned to Xander, who was sat opposite her with a relaxed expression on his face.

‘Xander, tonight you have a match with Ace Stevens in the build-up to the Eurasian Championship match you will both participate in at the Lethal Lottery. Your comments on the match.’

Xander sat there for a moment, mulling the question over. ‘I’m gonna win.’

They both sat there in silence for a few seconds, almost as if they each were waiting for the other to speak.

‘…do you care to elaborate on that?’

X shrugged. ‘Why? Say’s it all, really.’

‘Well…why do you think you’re going to win?’

X smiled. ‘Because I’m Triple X and he isn’t.’

Stacey smirked to herself. ‘Is that false bravado not misplaced? I mean, you did lose the Eurasian Championship fairly quickly when you last held it.’

‘Which is more to say than Ace Stevens. I don’t think he’s ever even touched the belt.’

‘Be that as it may, the two of you will be wrestling for what could be a vital psychological advantage going into this contest. Do you agree that winning would give you an edge ahead of the championship match?’

‘I don’t tend to go into matches looking to lose.’

Stacey shot X a sarcastic look.

‘You get my point. Honestly though, I want to win this match the same as any other. There’s no difference. Any psychological advantage was probably gained when I beat Titus two rounds in a row; one of which being in his match-‘

‘-in which you cheated-‘

‘-in which I used the rules to my advantage. I had a rope-break, I used it. Avison would have done the same. My point is that Ace Stevens doesn’t have that. None of them have that. And, to be perfectly honest, that makes me the odds on favorite.’

‘Titus has two years of a Championship reign to counter that.’

‘And that won’t mean a thing when I’m holding that championship up.’

Stacey paused for a moment. ‘I want to get back to Ace Stevens-‘

‘Ace Stevens is a good-enough wrestler who’s flavour of the month. Truth is, he’s never really taken himself seriously, so no-ones ever really taken him seriously. He’s only ever held the Mayhem Championship, he’s never really been around the other top titles, and that will always be the same while he sees everything as a joke. As long as he does that, he will be the joke.’

‘What if your words trip you up, and Ace beats you?’

Xander laughed. ‘It doesn’t matter.’

‘But surely-‘

‘If Ace Stevens beats me, it’ll mean he actually put his mind to something, which will be nothing short of a miracle. See, guys like Ace are a dime a dozen. I’ve faced them. I’ve beat them. Because I don’t just get in that ring to have a good time, Stacey. I do it to fight, to cause pain, and win. I remember first coming to Japan, about ten years ago. Ten years. And it took me a little while to acclimatise, but eventually I realised that it didn’t matter what flashy moves, or cool tights I wore, or how laid back a chill my personality was. No, all that mattered was how hard I hit someone in the face. That’s what earned me the respect, the adulation. Then, I learned that it did something more; it helped make me a winner.’

‘Despite Ace holding a pinfall victory over you?’

‘You’re right. He does. Back when I wasn’t focused, and all I cared about was how loud a cheer I got. Needless to say, that’s no longer a concern of mine. All I care about is the next step I have to take to claiming my World Heavyweight Championship. Ace Stevens is just another name I need to go through in order to get there. I’ll rip through him, then I’ll rip through him, Keaton and Titus, become Eurasian Champion once more and then, I’m coming after John Constantine.’

X stood up, still staring at Stacey. As he spoke, he began to walk out of shot of the camera. ‘There are always more lessons to learn. Ace, Keaton and Titus are all gonna learn them the hard way.’

Hey, I'm just sayin'.
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