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Old 05-27-2017, 05:29 PM
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Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event. This match will be scheduled for one fall.

Connor: Lots of star power in this match. The very best that WZCW has, will go head to head right now in this tag match made by our GM Becky Serra last week.

Cohen: This should be one for the ages folks…

Beach balls drop from the ceiling, as Batti comes out running with her newly won title in her hands. She kicks one of the balls into the audience before holding the Elite championship high above her head proudly. She runs down the runway and slides in. She headbangs to her music, and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance. She points giddily to her belt; letting everyone know that she’s the new champion.

Anderson: First, from Neo Japan, weighing 115 pounds, she is the new Elite Openweight Champion, Batti!

Connor: That was one heck of a mountain that Batti climbed at Apocalypse, but she managed to turn back the challenge of Xander Lebell.

Cohen: Everyone’s gunning for Vis Imperium now, this is just more fuel on that fire.

The crowd goes crazy as Tyrone appears at the top of the arena, with the Mayhem championship around his waist. He pauses to take in the atmosphere, before making his way through the crowd. He walks down the steps, making a bee line straight to the floor. He hops over the barricade and slides inside the ring, spinning his black bat around. He slowly pulls back his hood back and tears off his bandanna, before nodding to his partner. He takes of his belt and holds it above his head.

Anderson: And her partner, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the new Mayhem Champion, Tyrone Blades!

Connor: At Apocalypse yet another chapter was written in the epic rivalry between Constantine and Tyrone Blades.

Cohen: Constantine’s loss was Tyrone’s gain, only now there shouldn’t be any question who the better man was.

Titus comes out to the stage. He’s met with thunderous boos as the crowd chants “Not my champion!” over and over. He looks around and smirks. He lifts his Eurasian championship belt high and walks down the ramp with a wry smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and cockily points at the belt. He turns and talks a bit of trash to his two opponents.

Anderson: And their opponents, introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!

Connor: At Apocalypse, Titus defeated his toughest challenger to date; Kagura. His record Eurasian title run continues.

Cohen: It was a tough loss for her, and she earned my respect, but in the end Titus is still champion.

Bright lights flash across the screen; the arena bursting with color. Slowly it begins to drain out like a hole has been punched through the bubble. Standing on the stage, amongst a sea of lights swirling underneath him, large serpents battling, fangs piercing the flesh, is Justin Cooper. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, a single viper slithers forward, as the world champion drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but their reaction means nothing to him as he smiles. The viper coiled around him now, Justin whispers to it and orders it forward, he follows soon after and makes his way to the ring. Once inside, he climbs onto the top rope and begs the crowd to react, spitting at them both literally and with his words acting as pure venom. He jumps down, removes his robe and his belt and places them in a corner of the ring.

Anderson: And his partner, from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!

Connor: Not only did Cooper retire Garth Black at Apocalypse, but he was revealed to be the real leader behind Vis Imperium all along

Cohen: Justin Cooper has a lot of enemies here tonight. Tyrone Blades wants his blood, and I’m sure Batti doesn’t like him either, given her history with Xander Lebell.


Senior referee Jurou Akiyama presiding. The two teams convene to see who fights first. Cooper and Titus seem to be argumentative, while Batti and Blades seem to be on the same page. Cooper and Blades exchange trash talk, while Batti seems eager to start. Eventually, Titus walks out to the center of the ring to start for his team, and he’s immediately met with more deafening “not my champion!” chants. Titus turns and taunts the crowd, as boos rain down on the Eurasian champion. Batti scrunches up her face in frustration, as she doesn’t like being ignored. She charges forward, hitting Titus with his back turned, and drives him into the corner. She unloads with a flurry of fists, as Titus covers up and ducks his head in between the top and middle ropes, prompting Akiyama to drag her away.

The two combatants begin circling each other, when Titus suddenly takes her down to the mat. Using his superior technical skills, he grounds her while Batti screeches in protest, trying to get to her feet. Batti rolls through his guard and gets to her feet, but Titus wheels around and slaps her hard across the face. Batti stumbles back, stunned. The crowd gasps and angrily protests, as Titus mocks her. Batti turns to her partner, who shouts some words of encouragement. “Get that son of a bitch!”

Connor: Titus doesn’t seem to be taking Batti very seriously tonight.

Cohen: Batti needs to stop playing games and focus. Her opponents are arguably the two top wrestlers in WZCW today.

With a war cry, Batti charges forward again, but Titus gets behind her and grabs her by the waist. He lifts her up and dumps her onto the canvas. He floats over and grabs a headlock and takes Batti over onto the mat on her back. She gets to a seated position and reverses out of it, grabbing a hammerlock in the process. Titus reverses out of that, and promptly hits a swinging neck-breaker. He applies a rear chinlock and wrenches in the pressure. Batti gets to a knee and reverses the hold into a headlock of her own. Titus lifts her off the mat, trying to drive her backwards onto her back, but Batti holds on and uses the momentum to take him over onto the mat this time. Titus works his way into a seated position, and manages to climb to his feet. Without warning he flips Batti up and over with a Northern Lights suplex. He bridges into a cover…


But Batti gets a quick shoulder up. Wasting no time, Titus follows up with a DDT, dropping her head into the canvas. He grabs her by the wrist and drags her over to his corner and tags in Justin Cooper. Cooper immediately goes to work by stomping her face in with his boot. He grabs the rope and pushes his weight forward as she screams in protest. He scoops her up into his arms, turns, and slams her down behind him. With Batti stunned, Cooper kicks her in the back three times before running off the ropes and hitting a low drop kick, which sends her flying across the canvas. He taunts Blades in the corner, who feigns getting into the ring, but the ref stops him. Cooper slaps his knee brace and hits a knee thrust, knocking her down. He grabs her from behind and nails a Devil Lock DDT before going for a quick cover…



But Batti kicks out. Showing no signs of hesitation, Cooper picks her up and applies a hammerlock. He drives her head first into the turnbuckle. He nails her with a nasty looking European uppercut, following by some knees thrusts to the gut. He tags out to Titus, who continues to work her over with European uppercuts and knee strikes of his own.

Connor: The world and Eurasian champions seem to be isolating Batti from her partner.

Cohen: It’s smart strategy. Batti is the physically weakest competitor of the four. Logic says that those two can wear her down a lot faster than they could Tyrone Blades.

Batti collapses into the corner, as Titus tags out again. Cooper nails her with a flapjack, driving her back first into the canvas. He transitions into a single leg Boston crab. He wrenches it in as Batti cries in protest, but she suddenly rolls through it. The world champ quickly gets to his feet, but Batti grabs his head and nails him with an inverted backbreaker. She quickly scrambles to her corner and tags in the mayhem champion.

Connor: And there’s the hot tag! Listen to that ovation.

Cohen: Blades has been wanting to get his hands on Cooper in the worst way possible ever since he revealed himself to be the mastermind behind Vis Imperium.

Cooper holds out his hands and pleads for a time out, but Blades flattens him with a running high knee. He follows that up with a hook kick, which sends the world champ to the ground. Blades grabs him and hits a double underhook backbreaker. Instead of going for a cover, he wraps Cooper around his knee and applies pressure to his lower back. Blades talks trash as Cooper writhes in pain. He shoves him to the mat and holds his left forearm against his face, while pushing his shoulders to the mat with his weight. With his right fist, he begins to punch him in the gut as the referee counts…


But Blades pulls his head up, clearly not satisfied with the beating that he’s given Cooper. The fans cheer in agreement. He drags the world champion to his feet, synchs in a half nelson, and drills him with a sick looking pumphandle driver. This time he makes a cover…



But Cooper kicks out. Blades drags him towards his corner and tags in Batti, who eyes him devilishly. She chokes him in the corner with her foot until Akiyama forces her to break the hold. Batti backs away and signals to the crowd.

Connor: Batti’s about to go wild here! There’s no intimidation in her eyes at all.

Before running forward and nailing Cooper with a bronco buster. Not satisfied, she runs and bounces off the ropes before hitting a baseball slide dropkick right to the side of his head. Cooper’s skull jerks back as he lies motionless as Batti tags Blades back in.

Cohen: Batti and Blades are employing the same strategy. Isolate one man from his partner, and wear him down. I don’t know how smart it was to isolate the world champion though. Cooper has that title for a reason. He’s damn tough.

The mayhem champion drags him out of the corner and hits the Mo Murda [facebreaker DDT.] He goes for the cover…



But it isn’t enough, as Cooper gets his shoulder up. Titus engages Blades in a game of trash talk, distracting him long enough for his partner to recover. He grabs the mayhem champ’s legs and takes him down to the canvas, before mounting him and raining down some vicious looking forearm blows. Cooper snakes his arm behind his opponent’s neck and locks in a keylock armbar, as Blades struggles to find a counter. Cooper plants his knee in his opponent’s gut, making it next to impossible to wriggle free. With his free hand, Blades reaches across and claws at his opponent’s exposed eye, eventually forcing himself free. Cooper reels back as he’s met with a knee strike to the face. Titus complains about the dirty maneuver and feigns entering the ring, forcing the referee to hold him back. With the officials back turned, Cooper nails Blades with a low blow. He grabs his head and places it between his legs and lifts him up high before slamming him down with a sit-out crucifix powerbomb. He goes for the cover…



But Blades kicks out.

Connor: What a dirty play by Titus and Cooper! I don’t see how either one of these guys can live with themselves.

Cohen: This is tit for tat, Cat. Blades could have torn his eye out with that counter. No one said that this match was going to be fair. It’s all about proving one’s superiority however possible.

Cooper positions Blades for the Final Verse [reverse STO] but this time it’s Batti that tries to interfere. Blades counters, and in one swift motion throws Cooper over the top rope. What follows next is chaos. Blades follows Cooper to the outside, while Titus drops down from the apron and tries to interfere, but Batti suddenly flies through the middle rope and sends them both hurtling backwards into the announcers table.

Connor: Holy heck, bodies are flying everywhere now. The mayhem and world champions are brawling on one side, while the Elite and Eurasian champions are battling on the other.

Cohen: Get them away from our table! Go bother the Spanish announcers!

With no other option, referee Akiyama begins to count…


Blades pushes Cooper back first against the ring apron, before pummeling him with his fists. He hits a high knee strike, as Cooper crumbles to the floor. One of the fans shouts “Kill him Blades! Kill him!”


Batti and Titus begin to stir.


Cooper recovers and fights back, slamming Blades head against the barricade, before hitting several stiff looking kicks to his torso.


Titus slams Batti’s head into the announcers table, before belting her with European uppercuts.


Cooper tries to whip Blades into the steel ring stairs, but he reverses, sending the world champ crashing into the steps back first.


Batti tries to fight back by swinging wildly, but Titus cuts her off by nailing her with a Kesagiri chop to the skull. He grabs the smaller girl and throws her viciously into the barricade.


Connor: My god, just when I had thought that Cooper had hit the stairs hard, Titus throws Batti into the barricade even harder.

Cohen: It’s all about pride tonight. All four are putting on a demonstration on what it takes to hold a title in WZCW.


Blades rolls Cooper back into the ring and quickly drapes his body by the feet on the middle rope. He pulls him back and plants him on the back of his head with the Desolate Roads [rope hung reverse DDT.] Blades begins to measure him for the Click Clack as Cooper gets to his feet. Blades hits the superkick, followed by a swift running knee strike straight to the head. Cooper crumbles in a heap as Blades makes the cover…



But Titus breaks up the pin, having dispatched Batti on the outside. He softens Blades up with a springboard bulldog before hitting the Tit Drop [leg drop bulldog!] Quickly realizing that he’s not the legal man, he tries to wake Cooper. The team takes too long as Batti recovers on the outside and slides into the ring. She spears Titus down with the GLOMP! before nailing Cooper with an axe kick to the back of the head. She rallies the crowd and begins to measure the legal man for the Kawaii Kick, but Akiyama forces her to the corner, finally restoring order to the match. Cooper whips Blades into the ropes, but he ducks and swiftly plants him with another Mo Murda [Facebreaker DDT.] He tags in Batti, who rallies the crowd once more. She looks to finish Cooper when she’s interrupted by a blast of music.

Connor: What the heck is Flex Mussel doing here?

Cohen: Maybe he’s after Cooper?

Connor: Doesn’t he know that there’s a match going on right now?

The number one contender walks down the ramp, now dressed in his signature tracksuit, with his admirer turned protégé, Charles Chesterfield, in tow. Batti doesn’t look to happy to see him, but Flex holds up his hands and points at the world champion. “I want him!” he shouts. He passes Titus on the apron and stands in front of the announcers table. Back inside Batti finally wears down Cooper long enough to hit the Kawaii Kick [scissors kick] to the back of his head. She falls into the cover…



But Titus again breaks up the pin fall. He screams at Cooper to pull himself together, as Akiyama forces him back to his corner. Blades jumps down from his corner and crosses the outside of the ring. Fed up with the Eurasian champion, he pulls Titus off the apron and slugs him. A brawl erupts between the two WZCW hall of famers, as the referee shouts for order. Blades and Titus star throwing bombs back and forth on the outside as the crowd goes wild as they continue the fight around the ring.

Connor: Look at this, Titus and Blades! Titus and Blades! I guess he couldn’t handle anymore of Titus’ interference.

Cohen: Neither man is going to give an inch here!

Flex takes this opportunity and moves closer to the action inside of the ring. Cooper recovers and hits the Mic Drop [over the shoulder belly to back piledriver] slamming Batti down hard across his knee. He notices Flex on the outside, and the two begin to trash talk each other. Cooper grabs Batti and looks to hit the Final Verse, but with a burst of adrenaline, she recovers and plants him with a belly to belly suplex. Meanwhile Titus has knocked Tyrone into the steel steps on the outside and has made his way back to the ring apron in his corner. Batti takes off her boot, looking to put Cooper away for good, but Flex slides into the ring as Charles distracts the referee.

Connor: What is he doing, is he trying to force a DQ?

Cohen: Flex doesn’t care about this match; he only wants to get at the world champion.

Batti gets in his face, and shouts at him to leave. He holds his hands up and starts to back away, as Cooper gets to his feet. Batti goes to kick him in the gut, but he blocks her foot and shoves her down. Titus suddenly reaches over the ropes as Cooper stumbles back and gets a blind tag in! Cooper looks back at Titus but gets dropkicked by Batti to the outside! Batti turns towards Flex and begins yelling at him but Titus sneaks into the ring, springboarding off the ropes and connecting with a bulldog on Batti. Flex throws his hands up as he rolls to the outside, stalking Cooper who is still down on the outside. The crowd boos loudly as Titus sets Batti up for the Tit Drop [Fame Asser], but as he jumps, Batti suddenly catches him and delivers the Bakka Bomb [spin out powerbomb]!

Connor: We have action going on all over the place as Batti counters Titus, but Cooper seems to be in the crosshairs of Flex!

Cohen: Cooper needs to get back in the ring and help his partner!

Batti and Titus are both slow to stir, but suddenly Blades climbs back up in his corner, yelling and motioning for Batti to make the tag. Batti crawls towards her corner as Titus shakes the cobwebs out, looking back towards Batti before crawling towards his own corner. Cooper meanwhile on the outside has slowly started to pull himself up to one knee as Charles gets in view of him. Flex motions for the Flexicution while Cooper angrily looks at Charles. However, with one final jump Batti makes the tag as the crowd erupts! Titus reaches his hand out, not realizing until the last second that Cooper is nowhere to be found. Titus turns to the outside, seeing Cooper dealing with Charles and Flex as an angry look forms on his face. He suddenly turns but walks right into a super kick from Tyrone! Titus drops to one knee and Blade delivers the Click Clack [Kinshasa]! Tyrone quickly goes for the cover.




Anderson: Here are your winners, the Elite Openweight Champion Batti, and the Mayhem Champion Tyrone Blades!

Connor: Titus was left high and dry by Cooper, but perhaps for good reason!

Cohen: That loss shouldn't count for Titus it was a handicap match at that point!

Cooper, having grabbed hold of Charles, looks back into the ring, his eyes growing wide before catching Flex in his peripheral view. He drops Charles as Flex rushes towards him, swinging with the Flexicution [Discus Clothesline] but Cooper ducks under the way and connects with a stiff right, and the brawl is on between the challenger and champion. Charles rushes to the aide of his mentor but that only serves to distract Flex momentarily. Cooper drops him with a stiff forearm shot before turning and hitting the Remix [short arm lariat] on Charles! Cooper looks over the two of them for a moment before walking over to the time keepers table, grabbing his world title and walking towards the ramp, but not before yelling at Titus who has yet to move in the ring. He turns and stares at Flex while holding up the World Title.

Connor: Cooper avoided disaster tonight, but this has just begun between Flex and him.

Cohen: Flex and Cooper are on a collision course for an epic encounter that's for sure Connor.

Meanwhile in the ring Tyrone and Batti have their hands raised by Akiyama. They go to opposite corners and lift their respective titles high in the air, Batti staring down at Flex, while Tyrone points out at Cooper before slapping his Mayhem Championship.

Connor: The drama is clearly not over between everyone involved here tonight, but we are out of time here on Ascension! For Jack Cohen, I'm Cat Connor, goodnight!

The camera cuts between all four champions and Flex before fading away to a final shot of Batti and Tyrone clinking their titles together and the copyright logo comes on screen.

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Justin Cooper/Titus Avison versus Tyrone Blades/Batti - Ech
Flex Mussel versus Obi Okafor versus Will McKay - Jeff
GR R1: Logan McAllister versus Xander Lebelle - Dave
GR R1: Mark Keaton versus Kagura - Milenko
GR R1: Wren versus Lynx - KJ
Segments - Prophet, Dagger & Dave

Be sure to rep everyone who helped out on these shows especially our new Head Of Creative (Dave) and the guest writers. Hope you enjoyed this round of shows. Be on the lookout for the boards soon.
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