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Old 05-01-2017, 01:58 PM
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Default Apocalypse 2017

A long black limousine pulls up in the parking lot of the arena followed by black Hummers. The Hummers open their doors first and several groups of riot security step out of the vehicles and surround the limousine. They search the area quickly before tapping on the glass of the limo to signal all clear. A few moments later, Garth Black steps out of the limo and quickly shifts his head back and forth. Guided by the security team, Black makes his way through the parking lot while carrying the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Kensworth: Excuse me, Garth! Quick word before you go?

The security force jumps into action and seize hold of Leon. They push him up against a wall, a forearm underneath his chin and Leon struggles but cannot break free.

Black: Let the little man go. Heís no danger to anybody but himself.

The big security guard removes his forearm and Leon coughs a few times.

Kensworth: T-t-t-thank y-y-you. Your team is very...

Black: Focused. Prepared. Vigilant.

Leon rubs his throat and edges the microphone in his hand towards Garth. The number one contender eyes the interviewer, stepping back as he makes sure the coast is clear.

Black: I donít have all day, Leon. Ask two questions, no more and no less. You donít get to hold this World Championship by standing around doing interviews. You get it by taking action and thatís something Justin fails to comprehend.

Kensworth: Two questions, I got it. First, what advantages do you think that stealing the World Championship has given you?

The false champion shakes his head, quickly scans the area, and then answers.

Black: I stole nothing. I took the World Championship from an imposter. A man who claims to be one thing but is clearly another. I saved the World Championship, Leon. Justin is a puppet of this corrupt system controlled by Banks and yet he has people like you believing he is some rebel. He sucks up to the corporate sponsors the same as the rest. Heís as fake as they come. Iím the only real thing in this business and tonight Iíll prove it. Justin doesnít have the guts to hang with me in Last Man Standing. He canít compete with him. When blood is spilt, Justin is going to break, heíll break just like he did on Ascension and has ever since I took this title. Thatís my advantage. Iíve exposed him for the liar he truly is and always has been.

Kensworth: Last question, youíve lost to Justin three straight---

The microphone is smacked out of Leonís hands as Garth grabs him by the collar.

Black: You think youíre funny Leon? Huh? Guys like you make me sick. You hide behind the role of interviewer but you have your favourites. You have the ones you like just like this company. You do favours for some but then you wonít for others. Youíll wait an hour for Justin but if Iím five minutes late because of traffic than itís too bad and I get nothing. Well, when I officially gain the World Championship youíll have to beg me for another interview. Youíll have to get on your knees and beg for my time because right now, Iím done with you. Piss off, Leon. Iíve got a World Championship to win.

He pushes Leon to the ground and storms into the area surrounded by his security team. The final shot is of Leon getting to his feet, wiping his palms on his pants and rubbing his sore neck once again.


The sound of thunder echoes over the mainland. Rain falls from the sky, the night is dark, clouds cover nearly everything above, the moon barely peeking through. We stand on top of a cliff looking down at a land rich in livestock and wonder but nobody is there to see. Nobody is left except for a single man, dressed in a cloak, brown and unclean, who steps onto the end of the cliff.

Narrator: On this night battle will be done, again.

The man on the cliff begins to remove his cloak, exposing his tired old body to the rain, soaking in the chill of each drop against his battered skin.

Narrator: The seal of peace has been broken.

The old man takes a step closer to the edge, peering over it to the beautiful valley, before sticking out his tongue and tasting the cool droplets of water.

Narrator: For now, they come to defend what is theirs.

In an instant, the overwhelming sound of rain is silenced but it still falls. Only now instead of rain we hear hooves, faster and faster they come.

Narrator: They ride to meet the challengers who dare claim their thrones.

Upon the cliff, the old man opens his eyes and looks down below.

Narrator: Conquest.

The old man shivers, not from the rain or the cold wild but from the horror of what approaches. The horror of what rides beneath through the valley.

Narrator: War.

The hooves smack the hard ground beneath as we see four horses riding alongside each other. The rides covered by cloaks which are the same as the horse they ride; Red, White, Black and Pale.

Narrator: Famine.

Faster they go as the riders charge through the valley. Lightning striking all around them as the old man watches from the cliff. The greenery slowly turning to black, dying. The livestock try to run but the ground swallows them whole, fire bursts from the cracks and lightning explodes from the sky. Terrified he closes his eyes, dropping to his knees and prays.

Narrator: Death.

Fire bursts from the ground, the riders scatter for a moment, the black horse leaping from the flames and landing on the other side.

Narrator: At the end of times you can always count of them. They are champions and champions always meet their challengers, even at the end of days.

The horsemen come back together and ride united, each battling to take the lead spot and as they do so their cloaks flap back. Xander LeBelle rides the black horse, Famine, charging forward as flames burst from the ground nipping at his face. Constantine charges forward on the red horse, War, just faster than the others as the ground beneath him opens forcing the horse and rider to leap through the area. Titus Avison rides the pale horse, Death, and feels the rain strike his face like a thousand little knives yet he does not stop. The final rider, on the white horse, Conquest, leading the group as they near the edge of the wasteland, is Justin Cooper. The valley dying as they ride through.

Narrator: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

Thunder roars over what now resembles a wasteland, the old man opens his eyes and is stutters in disbelief Ė the cliff is gone and he stands just metres away from the horsemen. Each horse with their riderís championship hanging from their neck.

Cooper: Tell them all what you saw.

The old man nods, his fear making it impossible for him to stand.

LeBelle: They have challenged us and we will answer.

The valley, now a wasteland, is dead. Livestock either fled, burnt or swallow by the earth. The greenery turned coal black and oozing a tar like substance.

Constantine: We are the horsemen and they have called.

The final horse trots forward and kicks the old man onto his back. Titus Avison, on his pale horse with his Eurasian Championship hanging from the neck, leans over the edge and whispers to the old man.

Avison: And we bring not gifts or good fortune, we bring only... Apocalypse!

A final lightning bolt strikes the earth and the light shines behind the horsemen. They stand united against the destruction they have caused as the old man watches in terror.

* PYRO *
* PYRO *
* PYRO *
* PYRO *
* PYRO *

The pyro finishes going off in the background as we get a panning shot of the entire arena. Madison Square Garden sold out for the Apocalypse. The crowd are loud to begin the show with many in the audience bringing their own signs. A collection of WZCW merchandise is on display with the fans wearing shirts from Eve Taylor, Mikey Stormrage, Justin Cooper and even one, probably single, 35 year old male, is wearing a Garth Black shirt. We transition to the commentary table where our trio is standing by ready for the introductions.

Copeland: Hello and welcome back to a very special event here at Madison Square Garden. Thank you for letting us into your homes once again, Iím Sebastian Copeland and what a special show we have for all the WZCW fans out there. A huge main event but before we get into that allow me to introduce my partners for this evening, Cat Connor(s) and Jack Cohen. How are we tonight.

Connor: So glad to be here tonight. This is Madison Square Garden, the worldís most famous arena and we are in for a blockbuster night of matches. Four titles are on the line and the WZCW World Championship will be defended in the brutal Last Man Standing Match. Itís going to be a long night with the big card we have but itíll be very enjoyable, Iím sure!

Cohen: Tonight has got all the makings for being one of the biggest in the history of the company. Title defences, big matches and blood feuds. I love a good rivalry and we have many on the card tonight which will finally be settled. As you two mentioned, Iím looking forward to the main event where Garth Black will finally recaptured the World Championship and defeat that joker Justin Cooper. Weíre finally going to have a respectable World Champion, finally!

Copeland: Itís been such a tough time for Justin Cooper lately. He had the World Championship stolen and on Ascension he was beaten badly by Garth Black. We have to wonder what condition he is in tonight. Speaking of Cooper, his best friend, Mark Keaton, will face off against the former World Champion, Mikey Stormrage. Thatís a feud which goes back to right after Lethal Lottery. They have never competed against each other so itíll be very interesting to see the outcome of that.

Connor: We also have Titus Avison looking to make history again by defending the Eurasian Championship against Kagura tonight. Heís the greatest champion of all time but he has never beaten a woman to retain that belt. In fact, if history is anything to go by tonight is when Titus is at his most vulnerable because he has struggled to defeat women.

Cohen: Donít forget that two members of Vis Imperium are defending their championships tonight. Xander LeBelle and Constantine, the Elite Openweight and Mayhem Championships respectively, will be defended against Batti and Tyrone Blades. Now that Vis Imperium has the support of Mr. Banks, I cannot see how either of them could lose the titles. This is going to be a walk in the park, I say! I promise you that, Seabass. Tonight, Vis Imperium will walk out of this building with championship gold. Mark my words, Seabass!

Copeland: A huge show coming up, once again, thank you for all your support. Itís time to get into the first match now. I believe itís a battle of the fathers. Logan McAllister versus Tony Mancini is about to get us started.

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Old 05-01-2017, 01:58 PM
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Harry's: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first....

....from Boston, MA. Weighing in at 275 pounds, the "son of Boston"...Logan McAllister!

The fans applaud as the bells hit... the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and pointing out to his fans, doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp, stopping to high five some kids on the way to the ring. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles.

Copeland: Logan McAllister and Tony Mancini are in a must win situation here tonight. You can feel the importance of this match for both men as they are craving a win here in MSG!

Cohen: I'm impressed by the new physique of Logan, he really lost his gut there and you can tell he's been pumping some iron Seabass!

Connor: What do you think of this Jack?

Cohen: Ha ha! You call that a muscle Cat?

Harry's: And his opponent....from Yonkers, New York....

.....weighing in at 275 pounds, Tony Mancini!


Tony walks out to the stage, he's nodding at the very warm reception he's getting from the hometown crowd. He pumps his fist and smiles as he makes his way down the ramp, he high fives some fans and climbs into the ring. He takes off his Cornicello Charm his mother gave him then he asks the ref to wait a moment and walks to the corner of the ring and kneels down. He closes his eyes and says a prayer in the corner.

Connor: Such a good man! What a great crowd reaction Tony got from the fans here tonight. What a great father he must be to that kid. These are two good fathers going at it tonight.

Cohen: Can you spare me the goody two shoes, Hallmark card moments Cat?! I think I just puked in my mouth a little!


Tony and Logan take a moment to stretch and pace around the ring. Tony is smiling wide as the crowds continue to cheer and yell his name. He nods and points to Logan. He extends his hand for a handshake. Logan scrunches his nose and lifts an eyebrow at Richard outside of the ring. His manager just shrugs. Logan takes a step closer to Tony then stops and looks around at the thousands of fans encouraging the handshake. Logan grabs Tony's hand and smiles, he shakes it a few times....but he pulls hard and nails Tony with a short arm clothesline! His expression has suddenly changed to rage as he jumps down and starts nailing Tony on the mat with lefts and rights to the face. Referee Akiyama has to jump in to separate both wrestlers. Logan jumps up and holds his hands up in an innocent gesture, Akiyama quickly checks on Tony then moves away, the second he does, Logan jumps down and starts punching and elbowing Tony right in the face over and over again!


Copeland: So much for a friendly one on one match! What has gotten into Logan here tonight?

Cohen : I say it's about time! In order to survive this business, you have to dip into your dark side now and then! Logan looks like he's tapped into it and Tony is going to be punished!

Tony rolls to the bottom ropes and holds his forehead, he wearily checks for blood. Logan stands just over him, looking down with an icy glare. He quickly grabs Tony and positions him near the bottom turnbuckle. Logan starts laying in some very vicious knee strikes to Tony's head and chest! SMACK! THUD! The crowd react with every hard strike with -oooh!- Logan grabs the second rope for leverage and starts punching Tony in the head with hard right hands, over and over again. Akiyama breaks them up again and yells warnings towards Logan in the center of the ring. Logan walks over and picks up Tony by the hair, he grabs his leg and shoulder and hits Tony with an exploder suplex! Tony fly's across the ring and lands hard on his back. Logan jumps down for a cover, 1....2.... Tony kicks out. Tony struggles to his feet by the ropes, Logan grabs him and hits him with a release German suplex! Tony fly's and lands hard on his back again. Logan jumps up and lets out a breath, he paces back and forth while he looks at Tony trying to get to his feet. Logan grabs him and hits him with a very fast DDT! Tony's head bounces off of the mat and he rolls outside the ring from the impact. Logan follows him by jumping through the middle ropes, he grabs Tony and gives him a hard Irish whip, Tony slams right into the ringpost! He rebounds towards Logan who picks him up and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Logan picks up Tony and displays impressive strength by gorilla pressing him over his head, he throws Tony back in the ring over the top ropes!

Copeland: It's been all Logan thus far, I think the capacity home crowd has distracted Tony too much!

Connor: He hasn't been able to get out of the defensive since the handshake clothesline by Logan.

Logan climbs in the ring as Tony gets to his feet, Tony attempts a left hook but Logan ducks and grabs him in a waist lock, german suplex! But he holds on to it...another german suplex, he rolls through it and hits him with a third german suplex! The Suplex Party!

Suplex Party! Suplex Party! Suplex Party!

Logan picks up Tony by the hair and slams his face on the turnbuckle, he gives him a knee strike to the stomach, he then runs to the opposite turnbuckle, he leans his head back and yells as he runs fast towards Tony, who's just holding himself up on the buckle....Logan jumps in the air and splashes him in the corner! Boston Strong! Tony twirls around twice then does a face plant on the mat. Logan quickly covers him...



Tony grabs the bottom rope, but just barely. Logan jumps up and yells at Referee Akiyama. The ref warns Logan.

Let's go Tony! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Let's go Tony!


Copeland: Wow! Listen to that chant! It's getting louder and louder, it's not hard to see who has the majority of support in this match.

Cohen: They can cheer Mr. Dad all they want! This new Boston Bastard is tearing him limb from limb in front of his hometown fans! And I love it!

Logan drags Tony across the mat and starts laying in kicks to his side, he drops a quick elbow then mounts him high on his chest...he starts laying in lefts and rights, over and over again. Referee Akiyama quickly jumps in and breaks up all the punching. Tony Mancini now has a big cut opened up over his right eye and it's pouring fast! Tony rubs his hand on his cheek and see's his hand is covered in his own blood....he looks at the crowd...then at his own blood again...he starts vibrating in rage on the mat...

Copeland: Tony is having some kind of a fit here Jack!

Logan picks up Tony and gives him a T-Bone suplex! Tony lands, but quickly stands right back up! He's vibrating, he's shaking and the crowds are going nuts over it....Logan is unaware of the instant recovery as he stretches his neck with his back to Mancini....Tony now has his both hands rubbing his cut and he's looking at both hands like he's about to completely crack up! Logan turns around, he punches Tony in the face with a hard right hand...Tony shakes it off and stares at Logan in complete insane anger! Logan punches Tony again but it has no effect at all, Logan looks at his own fist in wonder, like he just shot a blank at a bear...Tony unleashes a right hand at Logan's face, then a left, right, left, right, left, right, right, right......Logan is wobbling on the far ropes...Tony nails him with an elbow to the face then Irish whips him off the far ropes, Tony runs and NAILS Logan with an extemely hard clothesline! Logan does a complete backflip and lands on his stomach! The crowds are now going crazy for their hometown hero making a big comeback!
Tony starts stamping the mat and clapping his hands, the crowds are clapping along.... Logan struggles to his feet, Tony throws him off of the ropes and hits a tilt-a-wirl slam! He's on fire now as he runs around the ring yelling and pumping his fist...

Cohen: Sometimes the sight of your own blood can do things to your psyche Seabass! Tony has seen his blood and he's reacting like a crazed loon!! The fans aren't helping either!

Logan tries to mount an answer with lefts and rights but Tony swats the offense away and kicks Logan in the stomach, he grabs Logan and gives him a suplex, Logan's leg's hit awkwardly on the top rope and he falls on his neck on the mat. Tony rubs more blood on his hands and laughs, he stomps over to the corner of the ring....he waits for Logan...Logan staggers to his feet...Tony runs across the ring and NAILS Il Siluro Italiano! The Gore! He lands violently right on top of Logan and hooks the leg!



3!!! NOOoo!!! Richard pulls Logan's legs and hauls him right out of the ring! Referee Akiyama throws a fit and yells something at the announce table.

Harry's:Referee Akiyama has ordered Richard Goldman to the back! This match will continue!

Tony quickly jumps through the ropes and throws Logan back into the ring. He covers Logan, ....1.....2..... Logan throws his shoulder up. Tony jumps to his feet, he wipes the blood from his eyes. He picks up Logan by the hair....he picks him up and hits Riposa in Pace! The sitout spinebuster but Logan knees him in the face before he can drop him, Logan lands on his feet, he picks up Tony and swings him!!! Boston Massacre! he falls on Tony for the cover....





Angry fans start pelting the ring with empty cups and garbage.

Harrys: The winner of this match, Logan McAllister!

Copeland: Logan McAllister pulled off the win here with a HUGE assist from Richard Goldman! These fans are really angry!

Cohen: Logan brought out his new dark, opportunistic side and it brought him a victory!

Connor: This will be huge for Logan heading to Gold Rush! I'm curious to see if Tony will vow revenge on The Son of Boston in the near future!

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Backstage we see the Clark sisters with Batti.

Callie: Like totes, it'll be a great night for us all. You need to embrace it Batti.

Just then Vox appears out of nowhere.

Vox: God bless you Clarks. God bless you Batti. I know that you three girls are loving and caring, so would you like to give to help starving kids in Africa?

Gab: Eww! No thanks.

A hand comes onto camera with a wad of cash. The camera turns to reveal The Beard.

Beard: Here you go buddy.

Vox: Oh God bless you man. I need to tell you about some of the other causes we can irradicate.

Beard walks off with Vox running behind him talking about the various causes.
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Age: 28
Posts: 4,509
Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...

Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!

Harrys: Introducing first, San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

Green strobe lights flash in rhythm to the music until Stormrage makes his way onto the stage, throwing a single hand into the air as the top of the ramp. The crowd ever so loud since Mikey has been absent from in-ring competition for the most part since Kingdom Come. He slaps hands and interacts with fans on his way to the ring. He rolls into the ring and makes his way to a turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and yelling out and performing his "Game Over" taunt.

Copeland: The former World Champion has only wrestled one time since his heartbreaking loss in the main event of Kingdom Come. That was a triple threat also involving Flex Mussel and Garth Black. Since then we haven’t seen Mikey in the ring and many have questioned if we will see any rust tonight.

Connor: Stormrage is one of the best ever. He knows how important this match is tonight. You’ve got a young upstart in Mark Keaton looking to cement his name in the history books. He was by Justin Cooper’s side at Kingdom Come and helped his best friend capture the title. Tonight, we will see no friends at ringside. No members of Vis Imperium either, Keaton will be by himself as he steps into the ring with Mikey Stormrage. Mikey has waited for this match since Kingdom Come and now he finally gets it.

Cohen: Be careful what you wish for, CC. Mikey is getting what he wants and when this turns out badly for him than he’ll have nobody else to blame but himself. Keaton is the WZCW Rookie of the Year for 2016, he’s a two time Tag Champion and a member of Vis Imperium. He has it all and has been on the upswing while Mikey is crashing down to earth after failing in the main event.

Stormrage approaches the ring apron, brushing his hand along the canvas and begins to pull himself up. Suddenly, from behind and without warning, Mark Keaton blasts Mikey in the back with a steel chair! The crowd explode with heat as Keaton, his blond hair falling gracefully, slams the chair into Mikey’s back for a second time causing him to drop. The referee in the ring jumps to the outside and tries to stop the attack but Keaton takes aim and floors him with a right hand. Security all around the ring move in only to stop when Keaton shouts.

Keaton: I work for Banks, idiots! Stay back or else you’ll be unemployed the moment you put a finger on the Remarkable One.

As Keaton turns his attention back to his opponent, Mikey leaps onto him and fires away with punches. The crowd roar with a cheer as Mikey wrestles the chair away, throwing it to the side before grabbing Keaton by the hair and slamming him head first into the steel ring post. He bounces off, stumbling away holding his forehead as Stormrage approaches, desperately trying to get the action into the ring. Mikey grabs Keaton, the Remarkable One spins and drives his thumb into the eye! Blinded now, Keaton takes advantage and kicks Mikey square below the belt and then hits a delayed piledriver on the floor!

Connor: This match hasn’t even started yet and Keaton attempting to end the career of Mikey Stormrage.

Cohen: You’ve got to watch your back at all times, CC!

While Stormrage is down on the ground, the crowd trying to pump him up, Keaton moves over to the side of the ring. He pulls up the cover and removes a black baseball bat. Reminiscent of Tyrone Blades, a major enemy of Vis Imperium, Keaton saunters over to Mikey as he leans against the guardrail. Keaton takes a moment to line up his swing and cracks Mikey in the ribs. The second shot is less timed, then the third and fourth come in quick succession. Switching from ribs to back and finally, a sharp thrust to the jaw.

Keaton throws the bat to the ground and spreads his arms in the air. He ascends the turnbuckle from the outside of the ring and soaks in all the boos. A huge smile across his face as Mikey can barely attempt to crawl. The match not even officially underway. It appears that Keaton is not done however, he jumps down from the turnbuckle and grabs Mikey by the arm, a stiff knee followed by an Irish Whip sends him crashing into the steel steps. As Mikey lay, prone and wounded, Keaton blows him a kiss before picking up the chair and striking it against Mikey’s head, sandwiched between steel chair and steel steps.

Copeland: Somebody stop the damn match! Mikey Stormrage is done. His career is at stake.

Connor: What match? The bell never rung. This contest has not officially begun under the rules of WZCW. Mikey Stormrage is still expected to compete. I... how can this happen?

Cohen: You all thought Mark Keaton was just a sidekick? Well, tonight he is proving that he is as dangerous as any man in WZCW history.

The heat is insane, members of the crowd are throwing bottles and cups as Keaton slowly shoves Mikey Stormrage into the ring. He walks around the ring, kicking some of the rubbish being thrown at him and then climbs the steps into the squared circle. Keaton removes his black leather jacket, folding it up nicely and hands it to a ringside worker. His attention focuses on the crowd and how much they hate him right now. Not a care in the world for Mikey Stormrage, who is fighting to stand. Drops of blood dripping from his face, his body completed wrecked from the assault before this “match” ever began. He is in no shape to compete but somehow Stormrage pulls himself to a vertical base and leans back in the turnbuckle, since it’s the only way he can physical stand.


Keaton laughs out loud. His smile wide, a perfect row of teeth on display as he steps forward into the middle of the ring. He beckons Mikey to do the same and a moment later the former World Champion tries. Mikey takes a single step forward and collapses onto the ground, his face leaving a red stain on the canvas. People are crying in the audience as their hero cannot defend himself. Keaton approaches, lifting Mikey up by the head and delivers a combination of jabs. The flurry is finished when Keaton squeezes Mikey’s face and shoves it to the canvas. He looks disgusted at his opponent, Keaton kicks Mikey a few times and gets him to roll over. Keaton places a single foot on Mikey.

Cohen: Yes! Oh, can you imagine the embarrassment?

Copeland: Are you kidding me? Not like this!

Connor: Kick out, Mikey! Come on, don’t go down like that. Kick out, please!

The referee slides into position and his hand reaches the mat once. The crowd turns away in disgust as the hand hits the mat for the second time. It’s coming down for the third when out of nowhere Mikey Stormrage kicks out! Madison Square Garden cannot contain itself. The reaction is thunderous as Stormrage somehow gets his shoulder of the mat before the three count. Keaton is furious, backing away and rubbing his hands through his golden locks. He had the picture-perfect moment and now he has been robbed. Mikey Stormrage still has some fight left in him and to the shock of the crowd, and the horror of Keaton, the former World Champion is on his knees.

Blood trickling down his face, his teeth grinding together, his ribs broken but the will is strong. Mikey Stormage freaking stands up! He lets out a loud groan of pain, the crowd cheers wildly, Keaton is shaking his head. Keaton cannot believe it. Disbelief covers his face as Mikey steps forward and suddenly explodes with the Headshot! A huge elbow to the head of Keaton sends the youngster stumbling. Trying to cut off his sudden rush of adrenaline, Keaton comes right back but is caught and nailed with the Live MŠs Slam!

Copeland: LIVE MAS SLAM!

Cohen: What? How in the world is this happening?

Mikey is up on his feet and his entire body is shaking. Keaton is stunned, crawling towards the ropes to pull himself up. Mikey Stormrage in the zone and points over to his opponent. He signals for Game Over and the crowd stands. Mikey grabs Keaton from behind and lifts him up, Keaton rakes the eyes and slides off the back and lands safely behind. Keaton grabs the arm, twists it and nails the VHS Lariat! Down goes Mikey but the arm remains connected. A moment later, Keaton steadies himself and pulls Mikey up off the canvas before striking with another VHS Lariat! Two is not enough as Keaton pulls, with all his might, Stormrage to a vertical base and pulls his opponent forward for what should be a third VHS Lariat. However, as Mikey comes in, Keaton doesn't swing the arm but rather grabs Mikey around the shoulder, leans forward and then snaps back bringing Mikey with him – FINAL VERSE!

Copeland: Keaton just used the Final Verse, the finisher of his best friend, former tag partner and mentor, and the man who beat Mikey at Kingdom Come with the very same move.

Cohen: What a genius move by Keaton to rub salt into the wound. Let Mikey know who the greatest tag team of all time truly is. Keaton may have even done it better than the original.

The crowd cannot believe it as Mark Keaton rolls Stormrage over and hooks the leg while looking into the camera. 1... 2... 3! Keaton rolls off Stormrage immediately and demands the referee raise his hand in victory, even doing so before Harrys can make the official announcement.

Harrys: Here is your winner, Mark Keaton!

Connor: It’s official, Mark Keaton has defeated Mikey Stormrage. No matter how we slice it that is what the record books will show. Gentlemen, what does this win mean for Mark Keaton.

Copeland: I think he’s looking toward Gold Rush and being a major favourite. He just beat the former World Champion and a future Hall of Fame inductee. This win should lead to big things for Mark Keaton.

Cohen: With all due respect partners, I don’t think this encounter is finished.

As Mikey Stormrage is being checked by the medical team, Keaton rushes into the ring and shoves them out of the way. He mounts Mikey and smashes him in the face with forearms. Some of the medical team try to reason with Keaton and they receive a right hand to the face for their troubles. One doctor is picked up and thrown over the top rope onto a few of his colleagues. Pure hatred flowing from his eyes as Keaton picks Stormrage up and pulls him over to the ropes, he steps through while pulling Mikey and the two balance on the ring apron.

Copeland: Oh no, what is he thinking now?

Cohen: I’ve heard rumours that Keaton has been training and has got some new moves. We could be about to see if that rumour is true.

Waiting for a moment, Keaton lifts Mikey up over his head and holds it for a second before twisting – Jackhammer Suplex on the edge of the ring apron! Mikey may have a broken back, he screams in pain and the crowd watch on praying for the best. Keaton still doesn’t appear to be finish as he flips the cloth over the ring apron up and pulls out a kendo stick.

Huge pop from the crowd; Matt Tastic comes sprinting down to the ring with his eyes set on Mark Keaton.

Copeland: MATT TASTIC! He’s back! Go on, Matt! Finally, someone has stepped up to stop this madness.

Connor: Can you blame people? Vis Imperium is in with Mr. Banks and any action against them could get you fired. Tastic doesn’t care though. He sees his friend in need and here comes the second half of Live Mas!

Cohen: I thought he was retired. What's he doing here? This is none of his damn business.

The sudden appearance of Matt Tastic causes Keaton to sprint around the ring and through the crowd. Tastic gives chase until he reaches the barricade and Keaton is up in the stands. Tastic signals for Keaton to come back down but Keaton shakes his head and continues to leave the area. Tastic then goes back to Mikey, yelling for someone to get some help as medical officials begin to come down to the ring with a stretcher.

Copeland: Mark Keaton has scattered following the return of Hall of Fame superstar, Matt Tastic. If he thinks he can get away with this disgusting act than I think he is in for a surprise.

Connor: That’s in the future but tonight we have to worry about the condition of Mikey Stormrage. They’re loading him onto the stretcher but I don’t think he has moved since suffering that brutal Jackhammer Suplex on the ring apron. His career could be over.

Cohen: I wouldn’t expect to see Mikey in the ring anytime soon. He messed with the power of Vis Imperium and has paid the ultimate price. Keaton has ascended to greatness tonight and it appears that Matt Tastic is the next so called legend to feel the power of Vis Imperium!

We see Mikey being taken up the ramp on the stretcher with Matt Tastic by his side looking concerned. The crowd give a standing ovation but we see no movement from Mikey. His career in jeopardy following the assault by Mark Keaton. His back not only injured but broken and the image of Keaton's million dollar smile and golden locks burned into the mind of Mikey Stormrage as he is taken away.

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The mood is very self-congratulatory in Vis Imperium’s private locker room. Andrew Adonis opens the door and Mark Keaton steps through with a bottle of champagne in his hand already. He turns it upside down and showers himself in it, catching a few odd drops in his mouth. The man who broke the back of Mikey Stormrage wipes the champagne from his eyes and chucks the empty bottle.

Keaton: It burns! Why’d you guys let me do that? Shit, it freakin’ burns. Someone get me a towel!

From across the locker room, Constantine throws Keaton a towel and the youngster wipes his eyes. He receives a pat on the back by Constantine, the two exchange a few whispers, until Xander LeBelle pipes up.

LeBelle: No secrets now. Teams with secrets do not function as well as those without.

Constantine: Indeed. I was just telling Mark what a fine job he did tonight and how proud I am that he is a member of Vis Imperium. You shall get the same whispers, so long as you do your job tonight and retain the Elite Openweight Championship. I take it I don’t need to stress how important your match is, Xander? I scouted you not to just be a member of Vis Imperium but to be a champion. Austin won and lost that very same title, if I wanted a contender I’d have just kept him but I wanted a champion – I wanted you. Do not make me regret that decision, kid.

Adonis and LeBelle exchange a look, LeBelle turns back and simply nods.

LeBelle: I’ll get the job done, John. You best focus on your match with Tyrone and retaining your championship. Leave little Miss Batti to Andrew and I. She’ll be back to caring for that cripple in no time once she feels the sting of the Rose’s Thorn.

Keaton: Exactly, geez you two have gotta relax. Come on, it’s time to party! We’re going to go 3-0, I can feel it. I’ve dispatched of Mikey, his back broken like a twig, and you two are going to retain those sexy looking title belts. Mr. Banks made the right choice backing us up, I told him that. Yes sir, best decision you ever made I said.

Constantine approaches his locker and runs his fingers over the Mayhem Championship. His gaze held by the title and the same can be said for LeBelle who places the Elite Openweight Championship in his lap.

Constantine: Losing is not an option for either of us, Xander. You hear me?

LeBelle: Yeah, I hear you.

Constantine: Good because I’d hate to discover a weak link tonight. I really would.

All four men in the room remain silent. The atmosphere full of tension, Vis Imperium still with two matches left and both their titles on the line. Failure is not an option and both Constantine and LeBelle realise it. Constantine never looks away from the title, Adonis turns away but LeBelle glances up at Keaton, the two share something, just for a second, and then LeBelle looks back down to his beloved championship.

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The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!

Introducing first, from Neo-Japan, she is the challenger, Batti!!

Beach balls rain from above showering the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience and running down the aisle. She gets in the ring where she stretches and slaps her face and turning serious.

Copeland:A golden opportunity for Batti who looks to defeat the newest member of Vis Imperium who seems to have a moral code against hitting women.

Connor:The problem being WZCW has become a company of equality. While chivalry can be respected, Xander refusing to let up in a wrestling company where women and men want to compete on equal ground, it comes off pretty condescending. The MO of the Champion.

Cohen: You two constantly talk about doing the right thing, moral codes and all that goody two shoes stuff, here's a guy setting an example and look how he's treated for it.

Ladies and gentlemen....... Silence, please.

The crowd just boos loudly as lights dim.

Golden lights aim at the entrance ramp where the Champion shines, awaiting his introduction.

Her opponent, representing Vis Imperium, weighing 215 lbs and from the City of Light, he is the current reigning and defending Elite Openweight Champion, he is the Class Act! The Worlds Greatest Mind, Xander LeBell!!

Xander makes his way down the ramp with his cane leading the way as he drops ashes of his cigar on the floor. Fans boo him but he pays no mind as he walks down. Placing the cane on the side of the ring, he enters ready.

Just look at that poise. And he's associated with winners now.

Copeland:Xander associating himself with Vis Imperium recently, though this is a more personal battle.

Connor: He's used that cane of his before. He has his tricks.

With everything set, referee for this match, Elizabeth Prince takes the title and presents it before signalling for the bell to start this match.

*Ding Ding Ding*

The bell rings and the match is underway. The battle for the Elite title begins. Batti seems ready to go, looking for the first move. However, Xander seems apprehensive, not really sure if he wants to go through with this. But Batti leaves him with no choice as they lock with a collar and elbow tie up. Both looking for the advantage, it seems Xander has it, but he leads Batti away as he backs off and roams the ring. Batti looking on confused. Xander shakes his hands, rattling away the nerves as they both measure again and lock up. This time a more difficult battle for control takes place, but ultimately, Xander once again leads Batti off. Batti looks on frustrated now as Xander seems to just ignore it, pacing and shuffling. She seems to brush off the frustration and seems set for action. They measure again, but just as they're about to lock up, Batti stops, drops her guard and SLAPS Xander who bumps on his back and rolls out of the ring in shock as the crowd pops loudly for it.


Copeland: Xander needs to put aside his chivalry if he wants to keep that title.

Connor: It's pretty disrespectful, really. She, as well as any other female wrestler sign wavers to prevent disciplinary action if there's any sort man on woman physicality, aside from more "personal" attacks. They are openly saying they want to be hit like any man and Xander has gone on to denounce that. He calls it pity. For a fully capable professional athlete? How condescending is that? Male or female, competitors want to be treated as competitors.

Cohen: In all fairness, Xander was a stand up guy up until siding with Vis Imperioum. Though I don't know why the crowd says he's a cow in Spanish.

Xander paces outside the ring, holding his cheek, red from the armor piercing slap he just received. He gets on the apron as he stares at Batti. Angered, he just looks at her as if a blinding rage was setting in. He gets in the ring and....... Stops. Batti looks at him, fed up, she offers up her very kawaii chin for him to hit. Going from angry to taunting him. He takes a swing as she pulls away to avoid it, going right back asking for a shot. But instead, Xander kicks her leg and hits a Snap DDT, quickly hooking the leg for a cover. 1....-But not even getting a 2 count off it, he panics asking if it was 3. Batti gets up fast and starts hitting a series of Clotheslines as LeBell staggers back to his feet with every one as Batti winds up the pitch and hits a Punch. LeBell again staggers to the outside as Batti does her DIO pose.

Connor: At this point, if LeBell loses, he'll have to answer to Constantine and he'll have no one to blame but himself.

Copeland: Pride is a deadly sin and LeBell seems to be paying for it here.

Cohen: That's so unfair. You people constantly talk about honor and stuff, here's a guy with a strong moral code and you bash him for it. And he's wrestling another one of those japanamine fans. Glad the other one is gone.

Batti celebrates with the crowd as they cheer her on but Xander has had enough and shoves her off the ropes to the floor as she stumbles down painfully, her clutching the back of her head. Xander proceeds to pose to the crowd, expecting applause but they just boo. He gloats a while but goes to the outside, seeing his female challenger stagger. He whips her against the barricade and hits Knife Edge Chops, asking the crowd if the hear it each time. They just boo and heckle him as he whips her against the ring apron. They both return to the ring where Xander hooks a chinlock, grounding Batti as he taunts her. "I warned you!" Batti struggles, her opponents frame being much larger leaving her having a ahrd time getting up and her oxygen being cut faster. Instead she has to maneuver her body in order to get some leverage, managing to get to her knees. As she pulls herself up, Xander slams her down by the hair, keeping the hold on. She struggles, this time having better luck and getting back up faster. She hits Xander in the ribs to have him let go and hits a Belly To Belly Suplex. Both on their feet, Batti hits her own chops to soften Xander up and runs the ropes. Stopping before hitting a Bell Clap, Xander quickly grabbing his ears in pain as he drops. Batti goes up to the top rope and just drops, splashing her body all over Xander. Batti hooking the leg, 1.... 2......3-But Xander barely gets the shoulder up in time.

Connor: Batti proving she's better than any waifu out there, she's starting to bring it now.

Cohen: .......Waifu? That's just racist. I expected better from you.

Copeland: No comment. I know what it means. But I'm also old.

Xander gets back to his feet but is now HUGGED by Batti, who just squeezes as tight as possible. He may be taller and heavier, but Batti can still wrap her arms around him and tighten her grip. Xander demanding the referee get her off. Referee Elizabeth Prince asking if that means he's submitting but he responds with "Nooo!". She just stands back and lets Batti hug away. Xander struggles to break out of the hold, mustering all his strength to power out, Batti has a strong grip, probably from all the glomping, but little by little, the struggle is real and Xander powers out, immediately kicking Batti hard in the chest, knocking her down. He pounces on her and pins her arms to the mat, but that doesn't last as she Monkey Flips him. Xander lands on his feet, quick as a cat, skills as a jaguar. He hits a slap across the face of Batti, a regular offensive move of his. But this time, his adversary equipped with chesticles, she seems stunned. She takes a step back and Xander seems apprehensive, realizing what he's done. But as he realizes he has to to retain his Championship, a dowey-eyed Batti lunges at him, driving him to the corner where she starts stomping on him and choking with such rage in her face, her eyes turn triangular.

Connor: They say hell hath no fury over a woman scorned.

Cohen: She wanted a fight, he slaps her and this is how she acts?

Copeland: I just think she's mad she got hit in the face and wants to win.

Batti mounts the offense with Clotheslines but Xander manages to surprise her, sliding under Batti and hitting a Throat Thrust allowing him to grab her and slam her face first against the corner. Batti falls back as Xander goes up the ropes, quickly leaping for the Guillotine Legdrop but Batti rolls out of the way and right away, Batti grabs and arm and goes for La Magistral. But Batti isn't really well trained in Lucha and can't execute it properly, allowing Xander to get loose and knock her down with a Big Boot. Xander makes a second attempt, climbing the ropes and leaping with the Legdrop, this time connecting and him hooking the leg. 1..... 2.......... 3-But Batti gets the shoulder up in time. Both lay on the canvas exhausted, referee Elizabeth Prince checks on them both as they start to slowly make their way back to their feet. Both on their knees, they trade slaps. One by one, they hit each other, open palms across the face. They both get up and Xander tries the Butterfly Suplex, but Batti fights it off. Xander tries to dash the ropes for momentum but is pulled back by Batti who surprises him with a Pop Up Bakka Bomb! Batti jumps on top of Xander! 1.......... 2......... 3-But Xander kicks out at the last second. Batti gets back up, panting, trying to catch her breath. Xander struggles just to turn himself over. Batti see's her chance and measures Xander for the Kawaii Kick but LeBell, sensing danger, rolls out to the floor.

Cohen: What a genius, getting away from possible disaster.

Connor: Avoiding the problem isn't going to solve it. Though, Xander still hasn't found a solution. And Batti hasn't been able to keep him down for long.

Batti, not wasting time, goes outside after Xander but is Told Holded onto the steel steps, knocking them out of place. Xander drags himself under the apron and pulls out his trusty cane, rolling back into the ring with it. Referee Elizabeth Prince tells him he must discard it, but he retorts that he needs it due to a bad knee. He puts his weight on it as it holds him up, meanwhile, Batti struggles to get back in the ring as Elizabeth counts. 1 ........ 2......... 3............. 4.......... Batti drags herself up the apron while Xander, behind the refs back, measures to swing away. Elizabeth turns to look at him and immediately he goes back to limping. Batti gets up on the apron and Xander screams. "If you get in, I swing! No title for you! Now leave!" The crowd boos as Batti thinks about it. If she steps in, she'll get hit and win, but not win the title. She thinks about it, shrugs and just gets in. Xander looks to take his swing but referee Elizabeth Prince snatches the cane right out of his hands. He turns to her with an incredulous look in his face. He turns back to Batti and is rolled up in a Small Package! 1....... 2...... 3!!


Batti gets her hand raised high by Elizabeth as Xander looks on in disbelief at what happened.

Cohen: That cannot be legal! How could she get involved?!

Connor: Xander tried to cheat his way out, Jack. Do you really think the fans want to see a match end like that? A referee's job is to enforce the rules of the match to make sure its both safe for competitors and an overall enjoyable contest. That payers get their moneys worth.

Copeland: Liberties were taken, yes. She's supposed to make sure a contest is fair. But the decision stands. We have a new Elite Champion.

Batti celebrates hugging the belt tightly, jumping up and down, running and screaming while Xander is outside, mouth agape and eyes open wide.

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In the locker room, we find The Beard being welcomed by a few wrestlers and crew members. He takes a set at a locker and begins to unpack his things. He has a smile on his face until he is approached by an unknown figure since we cannot see his face based on the angle of the camera, due to Beard sitting while unpacking. The Beard looks up and shakes his head in displeasure, his face with a sour look on it now.

Beard: How can you carry that championship when you didn’t earn it?

The camera pans up to reveal Garth Black and the stolen WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, along with four security guards behind him.

Black: Make no mistake about it, I’ve earned this title and I would say I’ve earned it multiple times over. Just because this company refuses to recognize me as the rightful World Champion at this moment means nothing. The end game is here and by the end of the night the entire world will be forced to once again worship at my feet.

Beard: You’re a piece of work, Garth. You know, I kind of got what you were speaking about long ago. I understood the frustration. In fact, a lot of us did. You were the guy we all silently wished succeeded but now you’re just bitter because someone else came along and did it better. You’re no longer the unspoken truth, just a bitter old has been.

Black: You’ve been gone a long time, Beard. I have no problem reminding you how I’ve held this championship before, how I defeated Tyrone Blades at Kingdom Come and how I will defeat Justin Cooper in Last Man Standing tonight. Do not provoke what you cannot contain, Beard. It’ll be the last thing you do and this return of yours will be cut shorter than your World Title reign.

Slowly, The Beard stands up and looks Garth right in the eyes. The security goes to step forward but Beard notices and relaxes.

Beard: I’ll remember that. One day I’ll smack the sense of entitlement right out of your mouth. You know, when you’re not shadowed by goons in riot gear.

Black: Alas, it’s not today. Coward.

Garth smirks, adjusts the World Championship and knocks The Beard’s bag to the floor causing some of the contents to tumble across the carpet. Beard doesn’t make a move, the security block the path to Black and allow their client to exit the locker room safely, as their watchful eyes remain on Beard.

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Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...

Harrys: This next match is a singles bout that is scheduled for a single fall.

Harrys: Introducing first, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

Vee rotates clockwise on one leg and then somersaults on the floor, before bouncing up and raising his both hands. He goes to the audience on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and Springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat.

Copeland: Vee has been on a major roll as of late. He’s managed to defeat both the reigning world champion and the number one contender in previous weeks.

Connor: That’s right. And if he wins again here tonight, he’ll have defeated his third former world champion.

Cohen: Nah, those were fluke victories. I’m still not convinced that the kid has what it takes to win tonight.

Harrys: And making his return to WZCW, from Beard City, USA, weighing 285 pounds, The Beard!

The lights are out, and as the music hits Beard is standing there with a towel over his head engulfed by a spotlight. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down. He draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!". He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with all the members of Beard Nation. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them, before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee. He bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes, and throws his arms out as a crooked smile comes across his face.

Cohen: See, now. That’s a driven man right there. It’s great to see the Beard back in action after so long. He’s going to show Vee what greatness is.

Copeland: Beard last wrestled at Apocalypse last year. One must wonder if he’s suffering from any ring rust.

Connor: Well he looks to be in phenomenal shape. Vee is sure to have his hands full tonight.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two men eye each other, as acting referee Keith Morse calls for the bell. Beard charges forward, but Vee darts away. Clearly at a size disadvantage, he has no intention of trying to match power with the big man. The fans are clearly behind Beard now; he stops to take it all in. “It’s great to be back!” he mouths.

The two competitors move to lock up with each other, but Vee uses his speed and kicks Beard in the hamstring, testing him. The shot has no real effect, so Vee does it again, harder this time. Beard grimaces in pain and holds his left leg, but he stands and grins. Vee backs away; the last thing he wants is to be on the business end of one of Beard’s punches.

Vee charges again and manages to wrestle Beard to the mat, but the big man counters and throws the smaller man off him. Beard hits an arm drag, and grabs a headlock on the mat, but Vee manages to counter and backs away.

Connor: It seems as if Vee’s simply testing Beard.

Copeland: Beard doesn’t look like he’s got any ring rust so far, that arm drag was picture perfect.

Cohen: Heh, Beard only needs one big shot and it’s over.

Vee sidesteps Beard and tries to throw him over his hip, but Beard stops his momentum. Vee tries again, but the big man shakes him off and hits a high knee straight to the face. Surprised, Vee tries to scurry away, but Beard overpowers him. He lifts the smaller man to his feet and drives him into the turnbuckle back first. Vee crumbles into a heap, as Beard takes his boot and rakes it across his face, driving Vee’s skull into the bottom turnbuckle. The big man grins before bouncing off the ropes and driving his foot into Vee’s face. Beard lifts the smaller man off the canvas and drags him away from the corner, before dropping him with a quick belly to belly suplex.

He makes the first cover…


Vee kicks out. Beard raises an eyebrow. He’s impressed by the smaller man’s tenacity. He arm-drags Vee to the mat again and applies a hammerlock. Vee grits his teeth in pain, writhing against the bigger man’s strength, but he reverses the hold and applies a hammerlock of his own. A look of determination crosses his face, as he begins to elbow Beard hard in the shoulder. Shot after shot rains down as Vee begins to get the upper hand. Quickly he repositions himself and applies a Fujiwara armbar. Beard cries out in pain and tries to push the smaller man away, but the hold is locked in.

Connor: Beard may tap here!

Cohen: Nonsense, it’ll take more than a simple armbar to get a man like Beard to quit.

Copeland: Regardless, Beard is going to find that Vee isn’t some pushover. There’s a reason why he defeated two world champions.

Beard sits to a base and manages to push Vee off. The smaller man dives for the arm again, but Beard counters with another knee lift to the face. Beard shakes the numbness from his arm, and quickly delivers a snap suplex. He picks Vee up and hits another, before shouting to the crowd. Vee works his way to his feet, but Beard has him measured. He runs and hits a crossbody; his weight crushing the smaller man to the canvas with a devastating impact.

Beard makes another cover…



But Vee gets the shoulder up. Beard doesn’t get discouraged. This was merely another test of Vee’s toughness. He picks up the smaller man and drives him backwards into the turnbuckle. Beard pummels Vee with elbows of his own, before dropping him to his knees with a shoulder barge. Beard tosses Vee across the ring with a Biel throw. He looks to be out of it. Instead of pouncing on him, Beard runs and bounces off the ropes, looking to crush Vee with another power move, but he sits up and tosses Beard with a judo throw! He immediately clamps on another armbar. Trying to wear down the shoulder long enough to render the big man’s power game worthless. Beard manages to find his base and delivers a straight right forearm smash to Vee’s jaw, sending the smaller man reeling.

Copeland: It seems that Beard has Vee’s armbar well scouted.

Connor: Regardless, it’s a sound strategy by Vee to try and take Beard's power out of the equation.

Cohen: Ha! Vee might as well be a fly buzzing around the ring to Beard. He can try all the armbars he wants. It’s going to take a lot of effort to put the big man away.

Beard hits a double arm back breaker, and follows this up with a big leg drop. He grabs another headlock, trying to wrench the smaller man’s neck. Beard digs in with the pressure as Vee tries to roll out of the maneuver, but Beard manages to keep him grounded. Vee elbows Beard in the gut, trying to break free, but Beard takes him over to the mat. With some effort, Vee manages to roll to a kneeling position and tries to counter, but finds that he doesn't have the strength to lift the big man without straining himself. Beard tries to pull Vee down into the headlock again, but the MMA fighter uses his momentum against him and throws him over his shoulder onto the mat. Vee quickly begins to rain down forearm shots onto Beard skull. This time Vee measures his opponent and hits a Shining Wizard! This doesn’t keep Beard down for long, but Vee meets him with a reverse hook kick. This stuns Beard long enough for Vee to hit a stellar looking 720 Guyver kick.

Instead of kipping up, he goes for the cover…


Beard kicks out. Unfazed, Vee hits a dropkick as Beard stands up. And then another. And then another. Beating the big man to the punch every time. A forth dropkick stuns Beard so badly that he must use the ropes to pull himself back up. As Beard stumbles to the center of the ring, Vee hits him with a devastating looking roundhouse kick!

He goes for another cover…



But Beard kicks out! Vee looks frustrated. That had been one of his best shots. He breathes in deep and then exhales. As Beard gets to his feet, Vee begins kicking him in the shoulder and gut, forcing him back against the turnbuckle. Vee looks for another roundhouse kick in the corner, but Beard ducks his foot and grabs him. He launches the smaller man against the turnbuckles with a diabolical looking exploder suplex. The crowd gasps as Vee’s head and neck are slammed against the padding. His body lying in the corner in a heap.

Connor: Wow, what a move!

Cohen: Someone better get a spatula. Vee may need to be scraped off the mat.

Copeland: What power by the Beard! And out of nowhere too.

Beard gets to his feet and shakes off the cobwebs. He signals to the crowd, before bouncing off the ropes and delivering a sick looking cannonball to the downed Vee!

He drags the smaller man to the center of the ring and covers him…



But Vee kicks out again. Beard shakes his head in disbelief. He signals for the end, and tries to position Vee for the Poetic Justice, but the smaller man drops down and wrestles the big man to the mat and goes right back to the Fujiwara armbar. Beard manages to counter, and rolls towards the ropes, but Vee is faster and manages to grab his arm once more before he can pull it away. Beard screams in pain as Vee wrenches his arm, but he manages to reposition his long body so that his leg is just under the ropes. The referee sees this and forces Vee to break the hold.

As Vee moves to attack again, Beard grabs him and pushes him through the middle rope with one arm. Vee crashes to the outside. Beard follows him and drives him back first against the barricade. He repeats the maneuver as Vee cries out in pain and grabs his back. Beard sides back into the ring and back out again as he quickly delivers a running high knee to Vee’s face, dropping him to the floor. Beard smiles and climbs up onto the ring apron and measures his opponent. As Vee turns, he runs, jumps, and delivers a crushing clothesline that turns Vee inside out. His body lying limp on the floor. The crowd chants “Holy shit!” as Vee lies motionless.

Copeland: Beard just delivered a running clothesline from the ring apron!

Connor: I think Vee might be out cold…

Cohen: Dead is more like it. Did you see the way his body flipped on impact?

Beard slides back into the ring as Morse begins to count…






Vee slowly begins to stir.



Vee makes it back to his feet and pulls himself up.



Vee slides back in the ring with one second to spare. Beard delivers another belly to belly suplex, and looks to hit the Poetic Justice once again, but Vee counters with one last burst of energy and grabs a hammerlock from behind. He pushes Beard towards the ropes and flips him backwards onto the mat, his legs pinning his shoulders.

Vee bridges himself into a surprise pin…



But Beard kicks out! Undetermined, Vee kicks Beard’s shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain. Vee kicks him again, but he knees the smaller man in the gut before delivering a clubbing blow straight to the kidney’s. Vee cringes in agony as Beard grabs him and in one swift motion hits the Poetic Justice!

He makes the cover…



But Vee somehow kicks out!

Connor: Vee kicked out of the Poetic Justice!

Copeland: Vee is proving to us all that he can stand toe to toe with any opponent. Even a former world champion.

Cohen: Don’t get frustrated big guy! Beard just needs one more hit. One more big shot. Vee’s hurt and is running out of gas.

Beard looks on in shock. He nods in anticipation as Vee stumbles to his feet. Beard reaches out to grab him, but Vee ducks and hits a drop toe hold. Vee grabs his arm, but Beard gets to a knee before he can successfully wrench the arm back and swats him away. Vee stands and grabs his back. With one last burst of energy he kicks Beard in the shoulder again. And again. Beard grabs his shoulder in pain and backs up against the ropes. With a sudden burst of energy, he charges forward and plows through Vee with his uninjured shoulder.

Vee bounces off the canvas, and tries to right himself but his back gives out before he can mount another comeback. Beard grabs him and promptly hits another Poetic Justice.

He falls into the cover…




The referee calls for the bell. Beard has won.

Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall… The Beard!

Copeland: Vee gave it his all, but in the end Beards strength and stamina just proved to be too much.

Connor: Beard looked in top form tonight. He had Vee well scouted and could counter most of his moves. But Vee showed a lot of heart. He absorbed a lot of punishment tonight. Showing what a true competitor he is.

Cohen: I’ll tip my hat to Vee tonight. Kicking out of the Poetic Justice after taking that clothesline of the outside was impressive. But in the end, Beard was the better man.

Beard plays to the crowd and soaks up the ovation from the crowd, as he sees Vee getting to his feet. He offers his hand. Vee glares at it before taking it, the two competitors shaking hands as a sign of respect. Beard pats Vee on the back before leaving the ring.

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Copeland: Apocalypse is a great tradition that has graced WZCW for a number of years now. One man, however, is convinced that THE Apocalypse is upon us.

Connor: That's right Seabass, the man they call Lynx is hoping to change the future. He'll be making his PPV debut tonight.

Cohen: Just what we need, more loonies.

Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, Lynx!

The countdown happens. 5...4...3...2...1 Lynx is already on the stage, pyro explodes and the crowd cheer and join in. Lynx, however, looks rather concerned. He gets on the microphone and signals for the music to be cut.

Lynx: Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered that with this being Apocalypse you are potentially in grave danger. I need you all, citizens of New York, to look under your chairs. Please let me know if there's any devices that are suspect.

The crowd plays along with Lynx checking under their chairs, cheers show that all is clear. At this time Lynx checks under the ring apron. All is fine. He enters the ring.

Cohen: Now we're talking!

Harrys: And his opponent from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

Vox makes his way out to the ramp, he also has a microphone in hand.

Vox: God bless you Lynx! You can be the change in this world. It's admirable that you are trying to change the future, just as I am. God bless you! The good people here in New York City know how to give money. So I plead for you good people whilst you are on your feet to dig deep. Security will pass buckets round for you to give generously. Think do you really need a burger later? Of course not, give to help the starving children of Africa.

God bless you all!

Copeland: He never shuts up.

Connor: They said that about you too.

Cohen:I say that for both of you! Give me a second.

Jack Cohen gets out of his chair and runs to a bucket, waving a $100 in his hand and makes sure everyone knows he put it in. He returns back to his seat.

Cohen: A Benjamin there, in case you missed.

Copeland: Ever the humble one, 'Force.

Cohen: You've not called me that in 10 years! Always hated that nickname.

Connor: I think Seabass knows that. We're underway.

Referee Katie Shepard calls for the bell as Lynx goes for a handshake. Vox is more concerned with making sure the buckets are passed around and signals to the security guards to keep them moving. Lynx uses this to force a roll up. Kickout at 1. Vox then clicks and realises, he's in his first PPV in WZCW. What better way to make money for the orphans than to win?

Vox turns to Lynx and gives a right and left jab combination. As Lynx is his he stumbles back into the ropes. Vox grabs him and he bounces Lynx, Lynx returns back and a forearm smash brings the timetraveler to the floor.

Copeland: Vox showing what he can do.

Cohen: Indeed, he's not just someone who looks like Bono. He cares for the world and he can fight!

Connor: Lynx did understimate him but it can all change in a second.

Vox goes for the Difference Maker but Lynx quickly grabs the ropes to force a break. Katie Shepard orders Vox back. Vox uses the five seconds to check how the collection is going, he pleads to the crowd to give more. Lynx runs at Vox, a forearm smash is given to the face. Vox is down and the crowd cheer.

Lynx gives a knee drop followed by another. Vox is shouting in agony. Lynx bounces Vox off the turnbuckle and is hit by a swinging neckbreaker. Vox is out on the mat. Lynx climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault. The moonsault connects.

Connor: What did I say? Amazing work by Lynx to turn things round there.

1...2...close but Vox kicks out at two. Lynx has the crowd behind him and looks to get this wrapped up quickly. His major concern is to stop the Apocalypse, Vox is just in the way. Vox gets to his feet. Bam! The Kick to the future is hit by Lynx.

Vox gets down on the mat. Lynx circles him embracing the cheers for the crowd. He drops to the mat and delivers A Lynx to the Past! Vox goes for the rope break but misses, his pain and agony can be felt. He gives up and taps. Katie Shepard calls for the bell.

Harrys: The winner of this match as a result of submission...Lynx!

Copeland: Pretty routine for Lynx there.

The crowd cheers as Vox makes his way to his feet, he whispers to Harrys who looks confused but gets back on the microphone.

Harrys: Vox wants to notify the crowd that we have raised $10,578 for good causes this evening!

Cohen: Great money raising skills for Vox!

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In the interview area, we find Stacey Madison standing by. She lifts the microphone to her lips and goes to speak however she is cut short by Flex Mussel a single finger across his mouth. Flex shakes his head, a distinct smugness oozing from him, as he slowly steals the microphone away.

Mussel: My dear, do us all a favour and find a spot in that corner over there to keep out of the way. Tonight is a monumental occasion and we cannot have little Stacey Madison running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. No, not tonight. Not on MY night!

He lifts his head and a grin comes over his face. Flex seems delighted with him as he removes his finger from Stacey’s lips.

Mussel: When they speak of this night they will not remember the battle between two fathers. In a month we will have forgotten that Batti stumbled into championship glory. We will scratch our heads trying to figure out who fought over the Eurasian Championship. None of it matters and right now you all doubt it. You all doubt what I’m saying because these are moments in history. Title changes, big wins and bloody battles. Surely, they must be remembered?

Flex laughs, shaking his head.

Mussel: It’s all insignificant. When we look back at this event only two things will be remembered.

Flex holds up two fingers as he turns towards the camera.

Mussel: The first, who walked out as WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. The second, how I became the number one contender. Whatever else may happen tonight, it means nothing, because this event will always be remembered as the night I won the World Championship. It will be the night that the poor fool who walks out as World Champion is simply a placeholder and they just don't know it yet. You see, it doesn’t matter who walks out as World Champion because after I beat Eve, it’s as good as mine! Cerberus is dead and so are Eve’s hopes of ever getting her hands on the title.

With that, Flex Mussel drops the microphone on the floor and storms off. Stacy picks the microphone up but doesn’t say anything. She looks a little frustrated as the camera transitions.

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