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Old 07-26-2014, 11:15 PM
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4realpeoples is looking to come up from OCW...

Please tell me that the last show was not the last one. Over the past few days I've slowly been reading your shows and I am absolutely loving them. I have never understood why people are afraid to have female wrestlers in their E-feds. In the 'fed I ran from 2008-2010 out of all the competitors in the competition only me and one other had a women's division. But that was the past. But these all women shows that you have are pretty entertaining. I really would like to know where you are going and want to keep reading through the end. I'm gonna state three things I like about the shows and I'm going to avoid anything negative.

1) The roster you are using works very well. It has great depth and has a lot it can offer. Not only that but using special guests to help build the full-time talent actually works for me. I've never been a fan of special guests but it works in this sense.
2) Pairing of Aksana and Lana seemed weird to me at first. I couldn't think of where it could possibly go. But after reading that segment where Aksana becomes Admiral Aksana got me interested in her future. Maybe future champion? Hopefully over time this character really develops into one of your top heels. That's where I see it going at this stage.
3) Paige. The obvious logical choice as your first champion. But sometimes obvious is the best option. Paige can really bring out the best in her opponents whether she is a face or heel. I can see a long, lengthy reign for your first champion. I can't see any downside of Paige as being champion.
4) If you have the time to continue GPW, the future shows look solid on your build to the PPV.
Old 08-03-2014, 06:48 AM
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Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...Just FalKonika is a United States Champion...
Default Episode Three: Falling Into Place

---------- Opening Video -----------

---------- Opening Video -----------

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

The commentary team welcomes everyone to another episode of GPW as the camera's pan throughout the audience.

"My Time"

Stephanie McMahon makes her way down the ramp as Christy Hemme say that there is no pre-show for tonight's episode, mentioning that McMahon has a couple of announcements for the upcoming PPV. Vickie Guerrero says she knows what these are but when questioned by Sara Del Rey, Vickie stutters before saying that Stephanie wants to make the announcement personally.

"With the recent actions that have occurred over these first few shows of GPW concerning Mickie James and her constant assaults on Emma, I have decided to make the hard executive decision: from this point forward, Mickie James has been suspended indefinitely from GPW."

The crowd cheers at the statement. Guerrero berates the fans for being disrespectful at this heart-breaking news.

"She has been barred from every GPW event in the coming weeks, including the first-ever Pay-Per-View Breakdown. I did not want to do this but her continued unprovoked attacks after warning her on multiple occasions left me no other choice. When Mickie has finally settled down, I will lift her suspension but until then, she has been sent back home to cool off.

Speaking of Breakdown: tonight, I will be conducting an official contract signing for the GPW World Women's Championship between the champion Paige and the challenger Gail Kim, who personally requested this take place. But that is for later tonight.

Another thing regarding Breakdown: after their previous performance, the Beautiful People managed to defeat both the World champion and the Number One contender in tag team action. Along with their win at the Supershow, I have decided that the Beautiful People have earned themselves a spot in the GPW Tag Team title Ladder match at the Pay-Per-View, making them the third team to offic-"

"I Tease, U Touch"

The General Manager is interrupted by the Extreme Expose with Brooke complaining whilst Layla wields a microphone. The crowd boos for their arrival and McMahon doesn't look all that happy. Layla talks as the two walk down the ramp.

"Hold on there, one second. What's with all this generosity towards all these wannabe tag teams and giving them title shots?"

The two enter the ring and confront Stephanie, who remains standing tall.

"None of them have earned their spots and yet you bypass us? The greatest dance partners in GPW? We want in."

Stephanie mulls it over for a few seconds.

"You know what? You're right! I think it is only fair for the two of you to have a chance in proving yourselves to me and everyone else why you should be involved in the tag team title match... and you're going to have this match right now, against the Beautiful People!"

"Angel on my Shoulder"

The Extreme Expose look shocked and angry as Stephanie exits the ring, scrambling around trying to get ready as the Beautiful People enter to a big cheer.

Tornado Tag
Winners Qualify for Breakdown Tag Title Match
Beautiful People def. Extreme Expose via pinfall

Very short match that saw Brooke & Layla ambush Love & Sky as soon as they slide into the ring. However, the Extreme Expose made a mistake and Sky hit Layla with the In Yo' Face.
Beautiful People celebrate in the ring as Extreme Expose regroup on the outside. Del Rey confirms they are the third team in the Ladder match at Breakdown whilst Guerrero complains. Hemme says that Renee Young is standing by with GPW World Champion Paige for an exclusive interview.

---------- Interview -----------

Renee Young is standing by with Paige.

"As we heard a few moments ago, you will be participating in a contract signing later tonight as per the request of the Number One Contender, Gail Kim. Do you have any thoughts about this signing considering that this match has already been confirmed for Breakdown?"

Paige thinks for a second.

"It does feel like a trap, if that's what you're getting at, but I don't believe Stephanie McMahon would be working in cahoots with Gail. She strives for GPW to be competitive and playing favourites isn't something she'd do. However, this raven-haired lady will be keeping a bird's eye view on Gail to see what she is scheming. You can never be too careful when you're the champ."

Paige walks off, leaving Renee behind who turns to the camera and says that she has more interviews scheduled for the broadcast.

---------- Interview -----------

Hemme reminds everyone of tonight's main event before promoting the upcoming match.

Click for Spoiler:
AJ vs. Emma



"Killa Queen"

Brittany accompanies Madison Rayne to the ring. Hemme hypes up Madison's match at Breakdown, against AJ, where the winner will face the champion sometime after the PPV, and that she looks to build even more momentum tonight.

Alicia Fox def. Madison Rayne (w/ Brittany) via count-out

A short-to-medium length contest that saw some back and forth action until Rayne got the upper hand. Rayne was about to finish Fox off but AJ comes out. Brittany goes to confront AJ and gets attacked by Tamina. Rayne goes to help Brittany as AJ & Tamina leave. Rayne realises she is still in a match and runs to the ring but gets counted out.
Alicia Fox slowly recovers and celebrates in the ring as Madison goes back to help Brittany up. Del Rey doesn't understand why AJ is messing with Madison over a Number One contenders match. Guerrero retorts by saying strategy whereas Hemme calls AJ crazy.

Shot ends with Rayne helping Brittany to the back.

---------- Interview -----------

Renee Young is standing next to the Beautiful People; Angelina Love & Velvet Sky.

"Congratulations on your quick victory tonight and entering yourselves into the Tag Team Title match at Breakdown. Do you have any words for the Funkadactyl's and the Bella's, as well as any other teams that could potentially enter the match?"

"We are here to prove that the Beautiful People are the best women's tag team in professional wrestling. We've travelled the world challenging the best teams and we've done that. We came to GPW and in our first match, we beat our doppelgänger Lay-Cool in a brutal tables match... and now, we go for the most prestigious gold in women's tag team wrestling."

"Bella's, Funkadactyls and anyone else, you better bring your A game because the Beautiful People are set to make history again by becoming the inaugural champions."

Love & Sky hi-five before walking off.

---------- Interview -----------

---------- McMahon's Office -----------

Stephanie McMahon is preparing her paperwork for the contract signing when the Bella Twin's (Nikki Bella) walk into the office without knocking. McMahon doesn't look pleased.

"We were fine with you having us face off against the Funkadactyls in a Ladder match at Breakdown but now you're adding more teams?"

McMahon sighs.

"I'm a little busy right now to address the properly but I did say last show that this was the case so you should have complained then... but since you aren't complaining about the Funkadactyl's, then you won't be worried if I put you two in a tag team match against them tonight. Now, if you excuse me."

McMahon takes a phone call. The Bella's look at each other, not happy with the situation as they walk out.

---------- McMahon's Office -----------

The commentary team make mention that the EMT's have cleared Brittany, who was attacked by AJ & Tamina earlier, from any injury. Hemme then hypes up the upcoming match between Taryn Terrell & Alexa Bliss.


"Bling, Bling"

"Hot Mess"

Hemme mentions that on the pre-show for Episode Two, Taryn Terrell beat Alexa Bliss in one-on-one competition and Bliss requested for a re-match for tonight, saying she knows she can beat Taryn.

Taryn Terrell def. Alexa Bliss via pinfall

A medium length highly-competitive contest with the action at a 50/50 split that got the crowd going. Taryn went for the crossbody and Bliss countered into a pinfall that almost got her victory but the pinning predicament was under the ropes, causing the referee to wave it off. Bliss rushed for her 450 splash, slipping on the way down. Taryn proceeded to pin her so the match could end.
Taryn and the referee tried to help Bliss to her feet but she pushed Taryn them away, looking frustrated as she rolled out of the ring. Bliss walked clutching her head up the ramp not happy with the result as Taryn looks on with concern. Guerrero calls Taryn a low-life for pinning a potentially injured Bliss for hte victory. Del Rey tells Guerrero that she is full of it as Taryn did it as a way to end the match. The two bicker for a bit before switching to an interview.

---------- Interview -----------

Renee Young is standing with Natalya.

"Last show, we saw you take on Summer Rae in a victorious effor-"

Before Renee could finish her sentence, The Sorority appear out of nowhere to ambush Natalya. Charlotte & Summer Rae beat her down as Sasha trash talks. This last for a while until ODB & Bayley make the save, chasing off the three girls. Bayley takes care of Natalya until EMT's arrive as ODB guards the area.

"Well... Natalya was scheduled to go up against Summer Rae in a re-match coming up next but looking at her condition, I don't think she'll be able to compete. It would have been a lot worse if ODB & Bayley didn't come in time."

ODB approaches Renee.

"Natalya might be out of action but I'm ready to compete. If those Sorority girls want someone to pick on, well I volunteer as tribute."

ODB goes back to helping Natalya.

---------- Interview -----------

The commentary team briefly talk about what happened before reminding everyone of tonight's main event:

Click for Spoiler:
AJ vs. Emma


"I'm About to Freak"

Hemme says that during the commercial break, Stephanie McMahon saw what happened on her way to the ring as Bayley helped Natalya to the EMT's office. ODB pitched her request to McMahon and she made this impromptu match official.

"Rush of Power"

Summer Rae def. ODB via pinfall

A short-to-medium length match that had ODB in control for most of the match until the numbers of the Sorority managed to distract the referee and disorient ODB enough for Summer to hit the Summer Crush.
The Sorority stood tall in the ring before beating down on ODB. Bayley made the save to the ring but was unsuccessful as the Sorority beat her down too. The crowd boo heavily at this display as they stand tall in the ring.

---------- Locker Room -----------

Madison Rayne comes out around the corner in her street clothes as Brittany sits on the bench still in her gear. Rayne looks confused and asks if everything is okay.

"No matter what we do, it seems AJ & her lackey Tamina are always there to attack us, just because of one stupid match you have with AJ... we can't just sit around any more and keep taking this without doing anything, especially me. I don't know about you, but I'm going to give AJ a taste of her own medicine."

Rayne puts a hand on Brittany's shoulder to stop her.

"This is just until the Pay-Per-View and it should all blow over."

"But what happens when you win? She's going to keep targeting us until she defeats us. I know I'm your friend but I'm not exactly fond of getting beaten down for your World title shot."

"I promise things will be okay. Just don't act irrationally."

Brittany mulls it over and nods. She then asks for Madison Rayne to get fetch something. As she is distracted, Brittany exits the locker room and runs off. Rayne notices she isn't around and curses before going out to look for Brittany.

---------- Locker Room -----------

We cross to a shot of Stephanie McMahon walking through the backstage corridors with papers in her hands. Hemme says that the GPW World Title match contract signing is up next.


"My Time"

Stephanie McMahon heads down to the ring, which has been transformed into a formal setting with office chairs, a desk and a black canvas. With the contract in her hand, she enters the ring and places it on the desk open on the dotted lines.

"We've had a few hiccups tonight but I'm going to do my best to ensure that the rest of the night runs smoothly, starting off with this contract signing! Let's not wait any longer and bring out the challenger who requested this first, Gail Kim!"

"Puppet on a String"

Gail Kim walks down the ramp in semi-formal attire with papers of her own and enters the ring. She shakes hands with McMahon and hands over the papers.

"The reason why I requested this contract signing was to add... a couple of extra details to the match at Breakdown."

McMahon looks confused.

"I wasn't informed about this."

"Oh don't worry, Stephanie. It doesn't require a lawyer to revise this simplistic contract. The only additions are based on the specific stipulations as well as the assurance that there won't be any special guest referee's like you pulled for the Supershow. I want to make sure that this match is completely fair and competitive for such a prestigious championship."

"Stars in the Night"

Paige walks out to a big pop wearing street clothes with her championship belt. She doesn't pose on her way down the ramp and enters the ring.

"I knew something was fishy about this entire ordeal. You want to change the rules of the match to turn the advantage to your side... but you know what..."

Paige snatches the contract from Stephanie and signs at the dotted line, handing it back to her.

"... it doesn't matter what stipulations you've requested, I'm the GPW World Champion and I will take on all-comers without worry because I am that damn good... so whatever advantage you require to make the match a little easier for yourself, then you can take it."

Kim nods, requesting the control from Stephanie as she signs it as well.

"Whilst I admire your confidence Paige, I'm afraid I need to spoil the match stipulations for you because you'll need all the preparation you can get. Stephanie, would you like to do the honours?"

Kim puts down the microphone and looks over at Stephanie who reads the last few lines.

"Ladies and gentlemen: at Breakdown, the GPW World Champion Paige will be defending her title against Gail Kim... in a 30 minute... ULTIMATE SUBMISSION IRON WOMAN MATCH!"

Paige looks stunned as the crowd goes wild for the announcement. Kim smirks and gets in Paige's face, telling her she is coming for the championship. Paige raises the title and the two have a stare-down with Stephanie quietly leaving the ring. The commentary team are excited for the match, mentioning that this will be the first all female submissions only iron woman match in the history of professional wrestling.


---------- Superstar Vignette -----------

Background Music

Clips of Russia and Admiral Aksana physically beating down opponents are shown. Neither Lana or Aksana are shown, just a voice-over in the background.

"The arrival of Admiral Aksana is almost upon us and her armies will crush and destroy everything that stands in her path. Nothing is safe from her wrath as she comes to takeover GPW. The U.S Soviet Revolution is coming..."

The vignette ends with the two standing in front of the Russian Flag, with Lana wearing a lieutenant's uniform standing behind the Admiral.

---------- Superstar Vignette -----------

The commentary team says that there are rumours of the U.S. Soviet Revolution making their way to GPW at Breakdown.

"You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)"

"Somebody Call My Momma"

Del Rey mentions that these two teams have been at each other's throats for a while now and that tonight is a chance for them to blow off some steam before Breakdown.

The Funkadactyls def. The Bella Twins via pinfall

A short-to-medium contest that saw Bella Twin's cheat at every corner they could every time Funkadactyls mounted any offense. The Bella's attempted some Twin Magic but Naomi stopped them, allowing Cameron to win via a schoolgirl.
The Funkadactyls celebrate on the ramp as the Bella Twin's look furious in the ring. They argue with each other for a bit before turning on the referee and berating her. Hemme mentions that the Funkadactyl's are now 2-1 in their records with the Bella's.

---------- Interview -----------

Renee Young is standing with Emma.

"Tonight, you've got the main event match against AJ, one of two women who will be competing for the number one contenders spot. This will also be the first night that you'll be competing in a match without having to worry about Mickie James. How are you feeling?"

Emma ponders for a moment before blowing bubbles into Renee's face.

"Bubbly... and emmatastic!"

She walks off with a smile on her face as Renee stands there confused.

---------- Interview -----------

The commentary team remind everyone that the main event is next!



"Let's Light it Up"

Hemme reminds everyone that Mickie James has been suspended and she isn't here tonight. Guerrero continues that the decision was incorrect in her opinion.

AJ (w/ Tamina) vs. Emma

A medium length match with some back and forth action. They throw everything but their finishers, with Emma getting very close to a victory. After AJ turns the tide, she is about to end the match until...

"A Reign That Never Ends"

... Brittany runs down the ramp and attacks Tamina for what she did earlier. Aj slides to the outside and they fight each other, referee calling for the bell.
Madison Rayne runs down the ramp, intervening as she pushes Brittany away. However, before she can get herself and Brittany out of harm's way, AJ & Tamina attack the two girls. The four of them brawl around ringside and up the ramp with multiple referee's and security guards trying to subdue everything. Nothing seems to be working as they head to the back.

Emma stands up in the middle of the ring and recovers but as soon as she does, Mickie James jumps the barricade and ambushes Emma from behind. She beats down Mickie whilst all the security and referee's are distracted, hitting Emma with a Mickie-T and laying her out. Security runs down the ramp and Mickie exits through the crowd, leaving Emma laid out.

The commentary team say that everything is currently in pandemonium and they have to end the show, before making mention again that Mickie was supposed to be suspended but found an opportunity through the chaos. Security is still chasing after them as referee's and officials are dealing with the four woman brawl backstage. EMT's & Stephanie McMahon appear to help out Emma.

The show ends with McMahon looking angry and stressed.


Click for Spoiler:
Episode Three

Beautiful People def. Extreme Expose
Alicia Fox def. Madison Rayne
Taryn Terrell def. Alexa Bliss
Summer Rae def. ODB
The Funkadactyls def. The Bella Twins
AJ vs. Emma fought to a no contest

Click for Spoiler:

Ultimate Submission (NEW)
Paige (c) vs. Gail Kim

AJ vs. Madison Rayne

Ladder Match
The Bella Twins vs. The Funkadactyls vs. Beautiful People (NEW) vs. ???


Mickie James vs. Emma

Natalya vs. The Sorority

Taryn Terrell vs. Alexa Bliss - NEW
Old 08-04-2014, 10:20 PM
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NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...NotoriousMEAT is looking to come up from OCW...

I've already stated how impressed I am that you've not only got me interested in a fantasy fed, but a women's fed no less. It really is your story telling. Is appears you have at least a few long term plans that are starting to unfold.

First the main event angle. Just by name alone, Paige vs Gail Kim is an awesome match up. But Ultimate Submission? Idk if there's a better headline for your first pay-per-view.

But Mickie James vs Emma. No really, let's talk about Mickie James vs Emma! Terrific. The VET chasing someone who's a rookie on a national scale is a twist. But it works. Mickie James has already proven her ability to play crazy and/or obsessed. I don't expect Mickie James to miss this pay-per-view.. and I fully expect her vs Emma to STEAL THE SHOW.

AJ vs Madison Rayne is solid. And I'm surprised at the depth in the tag division. A 4 team diva ladder match is going to be a car wreck. In the best possible way.

The only critique I'd suggest is maybe limiting the amount of colors used throughout the post.

Your shows flow smoothly and the anticipation for the PPV only grows. What else could you ask for?
Old 08-05-2014, 08:13 PM
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Recently returned from hiatus
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4realpeoples is looking to come up from OCW...

Again, I have to lay down a bunch of great notes for you. The only negative I have is that the color scheme gets hard to follow sometimes. It's not a major issue and does not really disrupt the overall flow of your show.
1) A 30-Minute Ultimate Submission Match for the GPW World Championship between Gail Kim and champion Paige. I knew your first major show was going to be big but I had no idea that it was going to be that big. I think this is a great way to draw interest and show off the talents of Paige and Gail Kim.
2) This upcoming ladder match for the Tag Team Championship feels actually really important. Most times the tag titles are put on the back burner but to me your tag division seems to be as important as the singles division. I have a feeling that the ladder match is going to be extremely brutal.
3) I wasn't too sure about the Emma/Mickie feud until I read this show. The feud just escalated quickly. And for the better actually. I have a feeling that we have only just seen the beginning of the games Mickie will be playing during her suspension.
4) Are we seeing the start of the heel turn for Alexa Bliss? If we are, I'm hooked.
5) I don't know why but I just love the Admiral Aksana angle.
Old 09-17-2014, 07:09 PM
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j20019 is looking to come up from OCW...

Not much to say since other reviews beat me to it... but per the forum rules, I'll have to try.

One thing that I'm loving here is the professional look of this bad boy (or should I say bad girl?). It's a pleasant reading experience and I can understand the breaks between each posting because of it.

The booking has already been discussed but to add to it, I'm loving the progression. After the no holds barred tag match, I was a bit afraid when I saw blood on the first card (I'm of the mind that 'juicing' should be something you have to pay to see, thus making it more 'special' when it happens), however, since then, I see logical steps up. The build up towards the pay per view is steady, believable, and ultimately entertaining.

I've been enjoying this since I've found it ia google and I hope this is continuing. If so, keep up the good work. ^_^

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