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Old 03-31-2014, 08:27 PM
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Default Week of 3/24/2014 - 3/30/2014 (Thursday - Sunday)


The original Sin Cara has officially been released.

Main Event will leave ION Television on April 2.

Date: March 27, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason Albert, Tom Phillips, Alex Riley

Tonight is another of those big shows for NXT called Vengeance. The idea here is a bunch of long standing feuds or rematches, such as Neville vs. Dallas II in the main event. Other than that we have Parker vs. Rawley, Natayla vs. Charlotte and Breeze vs. Woods. NXT knows how to put on the big shows like this so hopefully they continue the trend here. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of Arrival where Neville won the NXT Title in a ladder match and Bo Dallas challenging for a rematch.

Opening sequence.

CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley

Parker is angry at Rawley for polluting the planet, even though there's no evidence of him doing so. A kick to the head puts Mojo down and Parker hammers away in the corner before shouting a lot. Rawley comes back with right hands but misses a splash, giving CJ a two count. More left hands in the corner have Rawley in trouble but Parker stops to show a peace sign. Mojo chases him across the ring and nails a splash in the other corner and Hyperdrive is good for the pin at 3:22.

Parker freaks out post match.

We look back at Corey Graves attacking Sami Zayn last week and see Sami getting a concussion test.

Tyler Breeze vs. Xavier Woods

Woods looks ticked off coming to the ring. Feeling out process to start until Woods grabs a headlock and takes Breeze down with a headscissors. A catapult sends Breeze into the corner for two but he nails Woods with a forearm for two of his own. Woods gets all fired up but Tyler avoids the Honor Roll. He tries snake eyes on Tyler but Breeze escapes and hits the Beauty Shot for the pin at 3:53.

Bo Dallas says he'll get the title back tonight because it's a wrestling match instead of climbing monkey bars.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Corey Graves

This is a rematch from a few weeks ago when Graves attacked Tatsu before the bell and got an easy pin. Yoshi hammers away in the corner to start and nails a LOUD chop. A quick cross body gets two on Corey but he goes after Tatsu's knee to take over. He cranks on a hold before kicking the knee out one more time. Lucky 13 makes Yoshi tap at 3:10.

Corey tells Sami to stay down.

Natalya vs. Charlotte

Charlotte has Sasha Banks with her but Natalya one ups her with Bret Hart. They hit the mat to start but neither girl can gain control. Natalya grabs an armbar but gets countered into a headscissors. Rene Young isn't sure how to describe her meeting Bret Hart but Natalya destroys Charlotte with a dropkick to bail her out.

Charlotte is flipped into the corner but clotheslines Natalya down to take over. She goes after Natalya's knee by kicking it in the corner and crushing it against the mat. Natayla escapes a leg lock and goes for the Sharpshooter but Charlotte is in the ropes. Another attempt works but Sasha comes in for the DQ at 5:04.

Neville says it's not a ladder match tonight but he has the momentum and the title, so nothing changes tonight.

NXT Title: Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

Neville is defending. Bo tries some fast pins but Neville gets out, sending Dallas running to the corner. Dallas whips Neville across the ring but the champion flips forward and hits a middle rope dropkick. Bo heads outside but Neville takes him down with a BIG dive. Neville loads up another dive but gets shoved to the floor to give Bo an opening. A hard clothesline drops Neville again and Bo takes him inside for some knee drops.

We take a break and come back with Dallas nailing another clothesline for two. Frustration sets in off the kickouts but he's able to sit down to block a sunset flip. The referee catches Bo holding the ropes though and Neville pulls him down for two. Neville escapes an Impaler DDT and hits a HUGE springboard forearm for two. They trade hard shots to the face and the referee is nearly bumped.

Bo gets two off a rollup but an enziguri from the apron sets up the Red Arrow. The splash hits knees though and both guys are down. Dallas is up first and tries his DDT but has to avoid a hard charge into the corner. The champ gets a kick to Dallas' head though and a reverse 450 (as in his back was to the ring and he threw his feet into the air before flipping over and landing on Dallas) retains at 12:50.

Mojo Rawley b. CJ Parker Hyperdrive
Tyler Breeze b. Xavier Woods Beauty Shot
Corey Graves b. Yoshi Tatsu Lucky 13
Natalya b. Charlotte via DQ when Sasha Banks interfered
Adrian Neville b. Bo Dallas Reverse 450

Impact Wrestling
Date: March 27, 2014
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

We're less than a month into the MVP Regime and things are already looking down on the new boss. The big story coming out of last week is Magnus retaining the World Title with the help of Abyss, much like he did at Lockdown. Other than that we have Roode vs. Ray coming up and Angelina Love attacking Madison Rayne last week when Madison turned down her offer to reform the Beautiful People. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of Storm attacking Gunner's father last week.

Here's MVP to get things going. He wants Abyss out here right now because Magnus is champion because of his associates, not his own talent. The cream should always rise to the top but here are Abyss and Magnus to interrupt. Magnus insists that Abyss has a personal services contract with Magnus, meaning Abyss doesn't answer to MVP at all. The only time MVP has control over Abyss is when he's in the ring with Magnus, which gives MVP an idea.

MVP thinks Abyss should be more than the world's ugliest valet, so how about a shot at the World Title? We'll do that next week, but Samoa Joe is thrown into the mix because he still hasn't gotten a fair shake. This brings out Joe who says he doesn't want to be in a handicap match and doesn't like the idea of MVP controlling him. MVP says that's not what's going on but the brawl is quickly on with all four guys. Eric Young runs out to join in and we go to a break.

Back with Joe, MVP and Eric still in the ring and the latter holding a mic. He says he brought the monster out of Abyss so he has to be the one to stop him. Eric wants to be in a match with Abyss next week while Joe gets to take on Magnus one on one. Young uses the MVP Principle of motivate, validate and participate by talking about how he's been around here forever.

He lists off a bunch of his gimmicks and titles before saying he's participated in everything TNA has thrown at him. Joe says not yet because he hasn't gotten his one on one title shot. MVP says not so fast and makes it a fourway with Eric added to the title match. That's not cool with Joe and the brawl is on again. The Samoan gets the better of it until referees break it up. Joe wants Eric tonight and MVP grants his wish.

Bully Ray has his Twitter Machine again tonight and says Roode is getting the tables tonight.

The Wolves ask MVP to give them Magnus/Abyss tonight. The boss reluctantly agrees.

Ethan Carter and Spud (covered in grass for a disguise) are in the woods searching for Willow. Back from a break and the search continues. Ethan lists off the people he's defeated and says it's eye for an eye. They've found a house and are sure that Willow is inside. More later.

Magnus/Abyss vs. Wolves

Davey starts with the World Champion but neither guy is able to get an advantage. Richards backflips out of a suplex attempt and brings in Eddie for some double teaming. A legdrop gets two on Magnus before it's quickly back to Richards. Magnus makes a blind tag though and Abyss takes them both down with a double clothesline to the back of the head as we take a break.

Back with Magnus running over Eddie for two and putting on a chinlock. Magnus takes him into the corner but charges into a boot, allowing Eddie to take him down with a middle rope hurricanrana. Off to Richards as Abyss comes in to try and save is boss. Instead he splashes him in the corner and the Wolves take over.

An enziguri from Richards into a German by Edwards gets two on Magnus. Abyss gets double chopped but the Wolves have to backflip out of a double chokeslam. The Monster is sent outside where Richards hits a suicide dive before Edwards locks on a half crab. Magnus taps out immediately to avoid injury at 8:36.

Here's Angelina to complain about Velvet not answering her calls. Sky comes to the ring and says she has a big problem with Madison. Attacking old friends isn't what Sky signed up for. Angelina wants to know what Sky signed up for, because without her, Velvet is nothing. Sky doesn't say anything and Love says it's because Velvet knows she's right. Love says Velvet has changed because she's lacking her swagger now. Angelina faces Madison tonight and Velvet has to pick a side by the time the match ends.

We recap Storm and Gunner as tag team partners.

The hunt for Willow continues. Back from a break and Carter goes into the house. He screams loudly but is just faking to mess with Spud. Willow sneaks up on Spud and kidnaps him, freaking Carter out. Willow's laugh makes it even worse.

We look at the Feast or Fired briefcase coming between Gunner and Storm.

Here's Bully Ray to a BIG face reaction. He has a bunch of fans bring down tables until there are about seven of them in and around the ring. Ray talks about making sure Dixie Carter was gone and then he put Roode through a table. He asks the fans if they want to see Roode go through a lot of tables but here's Bobby to interrupt.

Roode lists off a bunch of accomplishments before saying he got Ray to come to Nashville last week before laying him out. He's the guy that calls the shots around here and will pick when, where and how this happens. Ray says let the people decide but Roode walks away. Bully goes after him in the aisle and the fight is on. Roode is in trouble but he avoids going through a table.

Ray hurts his own hand on a table and Roode takes over but has to avoid a Cutter on the floor. They fight on the apron before heading inside. Roode misses a Blockbuster but avoids a big boot through the table. Ray is banged up but still escapes a Roode Bomb through the table. Bobby gets pot of a powerbomb through the table and sidesteps a charging Bully to send him through a table in the corner.

Abyss comes into Magnus' locker room and wants to know what he was doing out there. Magnus told Abyss he would do that to save himself for title matches. That's not cool with Abyss because he doesn't like to lose, but Magnus says get used to it, because Abyss is losing last week.

Knux and his lady friend are at their shut down arcade. The girl yells at him for abandoning them and says they need to go talk to his dad.

Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love

Non-title. Madison attacks Love at the bell and here's Velvet. Love knocks the champ to the floor but Velvet doesn't do anything. They head back inside with Madison in control until Angelina kicks her in the ribs to take over. Madison is sent to the floor again and Angelina yells at Velvet for not attacking her. Back in and Love yells a lot but gets her face slammed into the mat. Angelina glares at Velvet again but Madison shoves her to the floor. Sky uses the distraction to DDT Madison on the floor, giving Angelina the easy pin at 5:10.

Kenny King introduces himself to MVP and not much is said.

Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young

Eric is aggressive to start but takes a hard knee to the ribs to stop his momentum. A running forearm drops Joe for two but he comes back with the heavy shots to the head. The fans are behind Eric but Joe runs him over with an elbow to the face. Joe nails the running enziguri in the corner to take over and a big running knee drop gets two. Eric comes back with a running clothesline and actually slams the Samoa down.

Young loads up the elbow but Joe gets to his feet. Young charges into the Rock Bottom out of the corner for two but drops Joe with an elbow. The Samoan avoids a moonsault but can't quite get the Clutch. Eric tries to kick out of the corner but falls on his back, putting the choke on full until Young passes out at 5:50.

Earl Hebner comes out to tell his son Brian that Joe's shoulders were down while he had the choke on and it should have been a pin. Thankfully nothing changes and Earl pats his son on the back.

Ethan Carter goes to a cabin to rescue Spud.

We see a clip from after last week's show of Samuel Shaw going into the Knockouts locker room and finding Christy all alone. She tells him to get out but he gets right up in front of her and cuts off a piece of her hair. That's all he needs and he leaves. Shaw has been suspended for one week, but he'll be in a straitjacket match next week.

Also next week there's the fourway for the title plus Willow/Ray vs. Roode/Carter in a tables match.

We recap the recent history of Gunner vs. Storm.

Gunner vs. James Storm

This is an Unlocked match, which is another name for a street fight. The fight is on in the aisle again and Gunner quickly sets up a table. Storm gets in a right hand before the table is completely set so he finishes Gunner's job. Gunner is whipped knees first into the steps as Tenay tells us we'll see Ethan and Willow's confrontation before the show ends. A running knee to Gunner's head knocks him from the apron to the floor. They haven't been in the ring yet.

Storm suplexes Gunner onto the ramp but gets sent into the steps for his efforts. Gunner nails him in the ribs with a chair and they finally get inside. The Cowboy comes back with a middle rope DDT of all things for no cover as we take a break. Back with Storm loading up a chair in the corner but getting reversed by Gunner. They slug it out with trashcan lids before Storm gets speared down for two.

Storm counters a sunset flip into a catapult, sending Gunner face first into the chair. A Backstabber sets up a VERY long top rope elbow to give Storm a near fall. Storm pulls out a beer bottle but the distraction lets Gunner spear him through the ropes and through the table on the floor ala Edge and Mick Foley. That only gets two so Gunner sets up two chairs (one of which is broken) in the middle of the ring.

A superplex through the chairs (Storm barely hit them) is enough for two in a nice throwback to the ending at Lockdown. Storm comes back with a Closing Time and a pair of Last Calls for two. James gets the beer bottle but Gunner finds his own to lay out Storm. An F5 is enough to pin the Cowboy at 15:03.

Carter finds Spud tied to a bed next to a skeleton. Willow screams a lot and attacks Carter from behind with the umbrella. He leaves and Carter says if Willow wants to play games, then game on.

Wolves b. Magnus/Abyss Half crab to Magnus
Angelina Love b. Madison Rayne Pin after a DDT from Velvet Sky
Samoa Joe b. Eric Young Koquina Clutch
Gunner b. James Storm F5


Impact got a .92, up from last week.

Date: March 28, 2014
Location: TD Bank North Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

It's the last regular Smackdown before they head to the Crescent City. The main stories are all set at this point so this show is just going to be about firming up the plans for Wrestlemania. The only match announced for tonight is Big Show vs. Bray Wyatt which should be a good win for the monster. That would be the monster with hair in case that's not clear. Let's get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here's Batista to get things going. Batista wants to know why the fans are booing a six time World Champion, the winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble and the headliner of Wrestlemania XXX. They boo him, but they cheer for Daniel Bryan? This brings him to a clip from Raw with Batista implying Stephanie is shall we say, friendly, and getting slapped as a result. Batista thinks Stephanie hits harder than any of his opponents, which brings out HHH.

The boss suggests leaving Stephanie out of this but Batista asks why we should do that. She's responsible for the suit and for HHH being COO. HHH wouldn't have anything without marrying the boss' daughter. Triple H says this is the Reality Era and it doesn't matter why he has what he has and all that matters is what he has. He asks why Batista wants to make this personal. Batista says it's because HHH has accused him of living off his past glories, which includes never losing to HHH. Now HHH is trying to take Batista's title and that's not cool with Big Dave.

HHH agrees that he's never beaten Batista but that was a long time ago. Batista has gotten lazy after getting all that success and he's been in Hollywood letting his stuntman doing all his work. Now he's back in WWE and HHH has yet to see the Animal. HHH has shown what he can do a few weeks ago against Daniel Bryan. You know, the little guy that Batista couldn't finish off. However, HHH is willing to help Batista again tonight. Maybe he can find that Animal in his match against Sheamus.

We look back at the fourway from last week, leading to Shield being beaten down by Kane and the Outlaws.

Shield vs. 3MB

Rollins/Ambrose vs. Mahal/McIntyre and Seth starts against Jinder. JBL brings up a good point: the Shield has dominated the last year but three guys from the Attitude Era took them down. Rollins hits Two Amigos before bringing in Ambrose for the third. Back to Rollins who gets taken into the corner and pounded by McIntyre. Drew thrusts his hips at Reigns for some reason but it allows Seth to roll over for the tag to Ambrose. The running dropkick against the ropes has Drew in trouble and Seth hits the big dive to take out Mahal. The bulldog driver, now named Dirty Deeds, is enough to pin McIntyre at 3:04.

Post match Kane and the Outlaws come out and say they'll end Shield at Wrestlemania. That's unlike what Shield is going to do to their next opponents.

Shield vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel

This is joined in progress after a break with Ambrose taking Curtis down with a drop toehold. Ryback offers a quick distraction though and Axel knocks Dean to the floor. Dean gets caught in the corner as the announcers do their usual bickering. Ryback loads up a suplex but gets countered into a nice DDT. The hot tag brings in Rollins to clean house with a Blockbuster to Axel. A series of kicks takes Axel down and Ambrose jumps off the steps to pound on Ryback. Rollins unleashes the dive to Ryback before countering a PerfectPlex into the Peace of Mind for the pin on Axel at 4:14.

Post match Shield points at the Authority members on stage and lays out Ryback with the Superman Punch and Triple Bomb.

Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

The maskless one takes him into the corner to start and drives a knee into his ribs for two. We're in a chinlock thirty seconds into the match but Sin Cara rolls him up out of the corner for the pin at 1:04.

Big Show says what the Wyatts did to Cena on Raw was very disturbing. However, some of the stuff Bray has been saying makes sense. That's how they suck you in, but tonight they have a giant problem on their hands.

Fandango vs. Goldust

No Cody for this one. Summer is looking great tonight in an outfit similar to Jasmine from Aladdin. Fandango takes him down to start and puts on a very early chinlock. Goldust fights up with a belly to back suplex followed by an atomic drops and right hands in the corner. The powerslam gets two for Goldust and they head outside where Summer distracts Goldust long enough for Fandango to kick him in the head and grab a handful of tights for the pin at 3:16.

Batista vs. Sheamus

HHH is watching from the back. Batista hides in the corner to start until Sheamus nails him with a shoulder block to send the Animal to the floor. A chase goes badly for the Irishman and Batista drives shoulders into the corner. Batista scores with a big clothesline before dropping Sheamus with a knee to the ribs.

There's the spinebuster but Batista walks around instead of following up. The delay lets Sheamus nail Batista with a clothesline and come back with his usual high powered offense. Batista fights out of the ten forearms but Sheamus makes the second attempt work. A powerslam looks to set up the Brogue Kick but Batista bails tot he floor. Sheamus follows but walks into a chair to the right for the DQ at 5:33.

Batista sends Sheamus into the post and hits the Batista Bomb. He asks if HHH is happy now and promises to leave Wrestlemania as champion.

The Raw ReBound looks at the Wyatts attacking Cena on Monday.

Bray Wyatt is holding a mask and says if you give it to a man, he'll reveal his true face. Every man wears a mask at some point John, whether it's to to hide his intentions or not. Cena has hidden behind a mask for so long that it's become him, but when he removes it he removes his own skin. Bray's sword has left a scar on Cena's soul that can never heal. Can't Cena hear the song? Bray will never forget what the woman singing first told him. A man's secret comes to life underneath the shade of the cypress tree. He sings part of He's Got The Whole World In His Hands and we're done.

Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee/Tamina

Vickie Guerrero is on commentary to explain the 14 Divas match at Wrestlemania. Her explanation: it's going to be awesome. Brie quickly takes AJ down to start but it's quickly off to Nikki for a middle rope kick to the face. Tamina comes in and nails Nikki in the face before it's back to the champion for a two count.

We hit the guillotine choke from AJ which transitions into a sleeper until AJ lets go and brings Tamina in again. Snuka misses a middle rope splash and it's back to Brie for some dropkicks. A middle rope dropkick sends Tamina to the apron where she nails AJ in the face and tags her in, setting up the Bella Buster for the pin at 3:27.

Santino and Emma are on a sound stage that is supposed to look like a restaurant for a date. She calls him the ultimate friend with benefits but means benefits like going out together instead of the usual meaning. We get a staring contest for a bit before Emma says she feels the same way he does: they'll always be best friends. Santino freaks out and says he can't eat. He chokes on something and makes it worse by trying to drink wine. The wine is spat out on Emma and thankfully the segment ends.

Jack Swagger vs. Jimmy Uso

Jack takes him into the corner to start but Jimmy knocks him outside and hits the big dive over the top. Back in and a high cross body gets two followed by something resembling a Whisper in the Wind for the same. Not that it matters as Swagger takes out the knee and the Patriot Lock is good for the win at 1:58.

We look at Undertaker and Lesnar brawling on Raw.

Mark Henry vs. The Miz

Henry takes too long pointing at the sign and Miz nails some kicks to the ribs to start. A dropkick to the knee puts Henry down and Miz goes to work on the leg. He cranks on the ankle a bit but lets Henry up and charges into a boot to the face. Mark misses a Vader Bomb and bangs up his knee again. The Figure Four is easily broken up but Miz throws him over the top and out to the floor. Miz gets sent hard into the steps for his efforts and a whip into the barricade has him in trouble as well. Back in and the World's Strongest Slam gets the pin at 3:30.

Razor Ramon Hall of Fame video.

Big Show vs. Bray Wyatt

The giant shoves him into the corner to start but Bray smiles at him. Wyatt is sent out to the floor so he sits in front of the announce table and says that was nice. Back in and Bray tells Show to show him all his might. Big Show hammers away in the corner and knocks Bray around with a headbutt. Wyatt charges into a boot to the face but avoids an elbow drop.

It's Wyatt in control now and kicking away at the giant but being launched off a cover. The Spider Walk looks good but only gets Bray clotheslined down. He comes back with a splash in the corner but has to stop before running into a boot to the face. Something like a Stunner to the leg puts Big Show down and Harper gets in a shot of his own. Sister Abigail gets the pin at 4:10.

Shield b. 3MB Dirty Deeds to McIntyre
Shield b. Ryback/Curtis Axel Peace of Mind to Axel
Sin Cara b. Damien Sandow Rollup
Fandango b. Goldust Kick to the head
Sheamus b. Batista via DQ when Batista used a chair
Bella Twins b. AJ Lee/Tamina Bella Buster to Lee
Jack Swagger b. Jimmy Uso Patriot Lock
Mark Henry b. The Miz World's Strongest Slam
Bray Wyatt b. Big Show Sister Abigail




Nothing again.

Quick Results

Monday Night Raw
Christian b. Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler Killswitch to Ziggler
Sin Cara b. Damien Sandow Swanton Bomb
Los Matadores b. Curtis Axel/Sin Cara Rollup to Axel
Cody Rhodes b. Fandango Disaster Kick
Big Show b. Titus O'Neil WMD
John Cena vs. Luke Harper went to a no contest
Naomi b. AJ Lee via countout
Shield b. Real Americans Peace of Mind to Swagger

Mojo Rawley b. CJ Parker Hyperdrive
Tyler Breeze b. Xavier Woods Beauty Shot
Corey Graves b. Yoshi Tatsu Lucky 13
Natalya b. Charlotte via DQ when Sasha Banks interfered
Adrian Neville b. Bo Dallas Reverse 450

Impact Wrestling
Wolves b. Magnus/Abyss Half crab to Magnus
Angelina Love b. Madison Rayne Pin after a DDT from Velvet Sky
Samoa Joe b. Eric Young Koquina Clutch
Gunner b. James Storm F5

Shield b. 3MB Dirty Deeds to McIntyre
Shield b. Ryback/Curtis Axel Peace of Mind to Axel
Sin Cara b. Damien Sandow Rollup
Fandango b. Goldust Kick to the head
Sheamus b. Batista via DQ when Batista used a chair
Bella Twins b. AJ Lee/Tamina Bella Buster to Lee
Jack Swagger b. Jimmy Uso Patriot Lock
Mark Henry b. The Miz World's Strongest Slam
Bray Wyatt b. Big Show Sister Abigail

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