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Old 08-26-2013, 04:57 PM
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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...
Default November 29, 2001: SMACKDOWN

(Credit: NotoriousMEAT for SMACKDOWN graphic)

Thursday November 29, 2001 | Wichita, Kansas

SMACKDOWN begins with The Rock standing with Jonathan Coachman in the interview area backstage. The crowd pop as they see Rock in his JUST BRING IT t-shirt, shades over his eyes and the WCW Championship over his shoulder. As the crowd cheer, Coach prepares to speak but there is a loud “Rocky! Rocky!” chant that has to be given time. As it dies down, Coach speaks to Rock.

JONATHAN COACHMAN: Last Monday night on RAW, Rock, we saw you beat four other men to earn the right to make any qualifying match you want for the Undisputed WWF Championship. What the world wants to know, Rock, is have you made your …

Rock lifts his hand and places it in front of Coach’s face and he abruptly stops speaking to the delight of the fans …

THE ROCK: The Undisputed WWF Championship. Fifteen guys all fighting for one prize – the chance to be the first ever Undisputed WWF Champion. Coach, The Rock comes out here and runs you down, the Rock comes out here week after week and plays the fool with you but tonight, Coach, no way. Tonight is not a night for fooling around, tonight is a night for being … serious.

Rock stares at the camera and Coach, for a second, seems a little relieved.

THE ROCK: Tonight is a night for being serious, tonight is a night for focusing on what is important and focusing on the biggest prize in Sports Entertainment; the chance to be the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion. And Coach, you know it, I know it and the most important of all … the people know it … Everybody remembers their first.

The crowd react to Rock’s “suggestive” comment with a cheer. Rock turns and looks at Coach again …

THE ROCK: Coach, you remember your first? You remember the first time?

Coach looks embarrassed but he smiles slightly and nods his head.

JONATHAN COACHMAN: Yeah, Rock, of course. Nobody forgets that.

THE ROCK: You damn right, Coach. I remember my first, you remember your first and every one of the MILLIONS …

Cheering, the crowd join with Rock now and chant along …

THE ROCK: … and MILLIONS of The Rock’s fans remember their first as well. You see, the first time is …

Suddenly, Rock stops speaking and he looks at Coach as he holds the microphone for him. Rock studies Coach for a moment and raises his shades before speaking to the interviewer.

THE ROCK: Why don’t you tell us all about your first, Coach?

The crowd cheer at the thought and Rock smirks but Coach shakes his head vigorously.

JONATHAN COACHMAN: No way, Rock, no way. Not hap …

THE ROCK: No way, Rock, no way, not happening, Rock … Would you people here in Kansas like to hear about Coach’s first time?

Big cheer from the crowd here in Wichita, they wanna’ hear it.

THE ROCK: Coach – the people wanna’ know. The Rock wants to know. Listen to them, they’re chanting your name … CO-OACH! CO-OACH!

Following Rocky’s lead, the crowd begin to chant Coach’s name as well and he starts to soften his stance.


THE ROCK: Coach, they all wanna’ know about your first time, the people wanna’ know. Take the mike, face the camera and tell the world about your first time.

Coach turns away from Rock slightly and looks into the camera. Nervously, he begins to speak to the world …

JONATHAN COACHMAN: Well, you see, it was back in about 1989, right here in Wichita, Kansas …

Pop from the crowd as Coach references his home town, Rock smiles and waves him on to continue …

JONATHAN COACHMAN: It was summer, I had borrowed my Dad’s pick-up and we drove out to the middle of nowhere.

Rock’s expression has changed slightly, he is mocking confusion but Coach doesn’t notice. He is growing in confidence here …

JONATHAN COACHMAN: The sun was setting on a beautiful summer day, Dorothy and I just took all our clothes off and went into the back of the pick-up where we …

Suddenly, Rock grabs the microphone to stop Coach.

THE ROCK: Woah, woah, woah, woah … WOAH! What in the BLUE HELL are you talking about, Coach?

Coach looks confused now as the crowd pop for Rock’s interruption. Rock glares at Coach as he speaks.

THE ROCK: You’re telling your home town, you’re telling The Rock and all of the people around the world about your first time playing hide the strudel?

Huge reaction from the crowd as they chant Rock’s name over and over as Coach looks embarrassed once more.

JONATHAN COACHMAN: Rock, I’m sorry, I thought …

Rock pulls the microphone away once more and wags his finger in the face of Coach.


Rock spins Coach round and uses his boot to kick Coach out of the picture, he looks disgusted with what he just heard from Coach and he shakes his head as Coach stumbles off camera and out of sight.

THE ROCK: Get that sumbitch outta’ here, will ya? I was talking about the first time, the first time in that ring, the first time hearing the crowd chant your name, the first time you held the title. The Rock doesn’t wanna’ hear about Dorothy’s Kansas pie …

Reaction from the crowd for the mention of Kansas’ pie here tonight but Rock stops and thinks for a second …

THE ROCK: Dorothy? Kansas?

Rock continues to think about this and then smirks.

THE ROCK: Well, Coach, you better run along and find your Aunty Em, tap those ruby red shoes and make your wishes come true …

As the camera zooms out a little, Rock taps his heels together three times and closes his eyes …

THE ROCK: There’s no place like UNDISPUTED … There’s no place like UNDISPUTED … There’s no place like UNDISPUTED …

The crowd cheer as Rock quotes the famous “Wizard of Oz” quote before opening his eyes and smiling a wide smile …

THE ROCK: You see, it goes like this - in less than two weeks, The Rock will be heading to the UNDISPUTED pay-per-view, The Rock will walk in with the WCW Championship over his shoulder but after all is said and done, The Rock GUARAN-DAMN-TEES that he will be walking out …

Rock looks around and his face becomes serious once more …

THE ROCK: … as the Undisputed WWF Champion!

Huge cheers for this proclamation from The Rock and he smiles.

THE ROCK: Back to the serious business though, Kansas. Last Monday, The Rock earned the right, the opportunity, to decide any Qualifying match by kicking the candy ass of Kurt Angle and The Rock is taking this decision very seriously indeed. You see, before the main event on RAW, we had to stand there and listen to that bald-headed piece of Texas trailer park trash, Stone Cold Steve Austin …

Rock pauses as the crowd react, in a mixed way, to the mention of Austin.

THE ROCK: ... That jabroni told everybody that he didn’t need to fight, he told everybody that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks and that he will be the Undisputed Champion because he is the best. Because he is … the BEST? Well, I have a few questions of my own for you, Austin. Who was the BEST at Survivor Series?

Cheers in the crowd for this comment.

THE ROCK: Who was the BEST at WrestleMania 17 when you needed Vince McMahon to help you win that WWF Championship? You see, it’s real simple Austin, you say you don’t want to fight unless it is for the title – The Rock doesn’t buy that crap. You didn’t want to fight on Monday night because your monkey ass is afraid of The Rock!

Big pop for this comment as well, the people are on Rocky’s side here.

THE ROCK: Your monkey ass is afraid to get in the ring with the Great One, THE most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment today!

More cheers as Rock smirks.

THE ROCK: Stone Cold Steve Austin, you’re afraid that The Rock will take his right boot … shine it up real nice … turn that sumbitch sideways and STICK IT UP YOUR CANDY ASSSSS!

Huge cheers for Rock now and another “Rocky!” chant goes up.

THE ROCK: The Rock doesn’t buy your cowardice, Austin so I made a decision. The Rock had the right to decide a qualifying match, a chance to make things easier for him – or harder for two other people. You people wanna’ know my decision?

The crowd react in the affirmative and Rock smiles.

THE ROCK: Kansas, do you wanna’ know The Rock’s decision?

Louder cheers from the crowd here.

THE ROCK: I don’t need to make things easier for me but I will make things harder for you, Austin. So, in the Qualifying Round for the WWF Undisputed Championship, I choose to make the match … STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN …

Rock pauses dramatically and looks at the camera for a moment.


Huge reaction in the crowd; Rock is taking his chances on the draw and has decided to make things difficult for Austin instead. The first qualifier we know of will be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H!


The crowd join in with Rock now.


The Rock raises his eyebrow and the crowd go wild before the SMACKDOWN credits roll and the show is set to start …

As SMACKDOWN officially begins here tonight, the crowd are going wild as Michael Cole and Tazz introduce tonight’s show and hype up the atmosphere backstage as we approach the UNDISPUTED PPV. Cole tells us that tonight, the fourteen men who are ready to join Goldberg in the battle for the chance to win the Undisputed WWF Championship are waiting anxiously to find out who they will be facing in the final qualifying matches before the PPV. Tazz says that the field is wide open – especially after The Rock’s announcement before SMACKDOWN began tonight that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, two of the favourites to win the title, will face each other in a qualifier. Cole says that we are set to find out more right now and then …


A loud but mixed reaction for the Chairman of the company as he steps out smartly dressed in a business suit as usual. Sporting a wide smile, McMahon plays to the crowd as he walks, in his own typical way, towards the ring which is decked out in blue and black covers and blue ropes. Behind McMahon, two backstage staff are carrying a table to the ring and this has a circular drum on top of it that is clearly to be used for tonight’s live draw. McMahon steps into the ring as the table is lifted over the ropes as well and is placed in the centre of the ring. As the staff make their final preparations, McMahon takes a microphone and signals for his music to be faded out …

VINCE McMAHON: Thank you all for that wonderful greeting – welcome to SMACKDOWN!

McMahon smirks with irony but the crowd respond with cheers, mainly, because they are excited for tonight’s show as we edge closer towards the UNDISPUTED PPV and the chance to crowd the first WWF Undisputed Champion …

VINCE McMAHON: Now, tonight sees us move one night closer to crowning the very first WWF Undisputed Champion. Let me tell you something, Kansas, there is no greater honour in this business than being the champion of a company but the man who wins this tournament, the man who goes to UNDISPUTED and wins the final match, will be the champion of not just one company but THREE companies …

McMahon is hyping this up as much as he can.

VINCE McMAHON: The winner will be the champion of the World Wrestling Federation and the now defunct ECW …

Cheers for the mention of ECW, despite the recent “Invasion” story, and an audible “ECW!” chant breaks out as McMahon waits …

VINCE McMAHON: … and, of course, WCW.

More jeers for the mention of the WCW – traditionally, WWF’s enemy for the past ten years.

VINCE McMAHON: The man who wins this title will be the absolute best in the business, he will be the best in the world and he will be the first man to be able to say that he was the Undisputed Champion.

McMahon nods his head as the crowd react positively to this …

VINCE McMAHON: Whoever wins this title will face three gruelling matches in one hectic night at the UNDISPUTED pay-per-view in just over a weeks’ time and on SMACKDOWN tonight or RAW next Monday, fourteen men will face a qualifying match.

The crowd are ready to find out who is facing who and are getting a little restless now.

VINCE McMAHON: Now, we know the identity of one man who will be at UNDISPUTED already …

Cheers again and then a “Gold-berg!” chant begins that causes McMahon to sneer.

VINCE McMAHON: That man isn’t man enough to come on RAW or SMACKDOWN now and earn his spot in the tournament, he want to hide behind contracts and legal teams to get his place in the tournament.

Some jeers for this comment – but are they jeering McMahon or Goldberg?

VINCE McMAHON: But let’s find out who is going to be facing who in the final set of qualifying matches to get to UNDISPUTED shall we?

The crowd are ready to know and McMahon smiles as the crowd react well.

VINCE McMAHON: Alright then, we already know that The Rock has chosen a match for the qualifiers. I can now confirm that match will happen this Monday night on RAW …

Some jeers as McMahon announces it for RAW and not tonight …

VINCE McMAHON: It will be the current WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin going up against the man who made his return this Monday on RAW, Triple H!

Click for Spoiler:


McMahon now points to the drum on the table and reaches his hand inside to draw the rest of the qualifying matches.

VINCE McMAHON: The remaining twelve men’s names are in this drum, I’ll draw out the four matches for SMACKDOWN tonight first and then the other two matches for RAW this Monday. Are we ready?

The crowd are ready and McMahon pulls out a white ball, he unscrews it and reads a piece of paper inside it.

VINCE McMAHON: First of all, we have the man who made his World Wrestling Federation debut last Monday – REY MYSTERIO!

Big cheer from the crowd as Mysterio is appearing tonight on SMACKDOWN! McMahon draws out the second ball …

VINCE McMAHON: He will be facing … BIG SHOW!

Click for Spoiler:


Wow! What a challenge that will be for the small Mexican as he goes up against the giant of the WWF, Big Show! McMahon is ready to draw the next qualifier …

VINCE McMAHON: That will be the first qualifying match here on SMACKDOWN and it is coming up next. Right, the second qualifier will see … Olympic gold medallist KURT ANGLE!

Boos for Angle as McMahon reaches in to reveal his opponent …

VINCE McMAHON: And he will face … the Hardcore Champion … ROB … VAN … DAM!

Click for Spoiler:


The crowd erupt into an “RVD!” chant, there is no doubt over who they wish to see win that one!

VINCE McMAHON: Also tonight on SMACKDOWN … The Big Red Monster … KANE!

More cheers as Kane comes out for SMACKDOWN tonight. McMahon draws the next one and then whistles to himself …

VINCE McMAHON: Wow! Unbelievable. Kane will go up against … his brother … THE UNDERTAKER!

Click for Spoiler:


The crowd react well to that match; both men are crowd favourites but that match will be incredibly interesting to see tonight here on SMACKDOWN!

VINCE McMAHON: And the final qualifier for SMACKDOWN tonight ... JEFF HARDY!

Big cheers for the popular, enigmatic enigma that is Jeff Hardy!

VINCE McMAHON: And he faces a man who he knows very well … European Champion, CHRISTIAN!

Click for Spoiler:


An interesting draw there – two of the less fancied to win the title but one of them will be heading to UNDISPUTED. But which one? We’ll find out later tonight on SMACKDOWN!

VINCE McMAHON: Right, we already know we’re going to see Austin and Triple H on RAW next Monday but which other matches will we see? We’re going to see … Intercontinental Champion, EDGE!

Big cheers for Edge, he is incredibly popular here in the WWF!

VINCE McMAHON: Edge will go one on one on RAW against … CHRIS JERICHO!

Click for Spoiler:


After Jericho’s recent attitude switch, the crowd will be firmly behind Edge in that one as they boo Jericho’s name.

VINCE McMAHON: That leaves us with two remaining men in the draw … First up, the five time WCW Champion BOOKER T!

Boos ring out for the mention of Booker T but there is one name conspicuous by its absence so far. The crowd begin chanting his name: “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!” echoes around the arena …

VINCE McMAHON: That’s him! The current WCW Champion … THE ROCCCCCCK!

Click for Spoiler:


The crowd pop for Rock’s name as he is drawn out to face the man who he defeated at Summerslam to win the WCW Championship back in August. McMahon smiles as he finishes up with the drum.

VINCE McMAHON: So there you have it! UNDISPUTED is taking shape now, we’re gonna’ crown a NEW Undisputed World Wrestling Federation in just over a week! Are you all ready to see the first qualifying match?

Cheers from the crowd as McMahon smirks and looks around.

VINCE McMAHON: Big Show and Rey Mysterio coming up next then!

More cheers as Michael Cole and Tazz hype up the matches that have been set for SMACKDOWN tonight and RAW on Monday:

Final Qualifying Round

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio
Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam
Kane vs. The Undertaker
Christian vs. Jeff Hardy

Chris Jericho vs. Edge
Booker T vs. The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H

Tazz says he can’t wait for the action to get started; Michael Cole says that Tazz will get his wish straight after the break as Big Show and Mysterio clash in a real “David vs. Goliath” battle. Can Mysterio do the unthinkable and find a way to upset the Giant?


SMACKDOWN returns with a shot of the ring as Lilian Garcia announces that it is time for the first qualifying match of the night. Cole and Tazz are excited that it is time for us to find out who will be the first man to join Goldberg in the Quarter Finals which will kick off the PPV in 9 days’ time. Attention turns towards the stage and the lights dip right down to signal the arrival of the newest and one of the most exciting WWF Superstars …




On stage, Mysterio springs up from below the floor and leaps out dressed in blue, white and silver tonight – to represent the fact he is on SMACKDOWN maybe? As he approaches the ring, he slaps hands with several of the crowd before leaping into the ring to a great response. As he salutes the fans, Michael Cole explains more about Mysterio and his days in the ECW and the WCW. He asks Tazz about Mysterio’s unique style and what it is like to face a man that flies around the ring the way he does; Tazz says that Mysterio’s style catches people off guard and if they underestimate him because of his size, he can make them pay with his speed and agility instead. Highlights of the ending of Mysterio’s defeat of Diamond Dallas Page on Monday are shown and Cole says that many people considered that an upset …



*** BIG SHOW ***

As a smiling Big Show steps out, there is another positive reaction for the big man and Cole says that if people considered Mysterio’s defeat of DDP an upset, how would they describe it if Mysterio could find a way to defeat this Giant? The 7 foot 500 pounder heads for the ring in his black singlet and he too slaps hands with the crowd as he approaches the ring. Stepping over the top rope with ease, Show waves to the crowd and then roars out, he is ready to go to UNDISPUTED and become the Undisputed WWF Champion. Show turns to Mysterio and they stand facing each other, one looking up, one looking down, it’s a real contrast with Show having almost a foot and a half on Mysterio. He smiles to his smaller opponent and then offers his frying pan hand out, a sign of sportsmanship before the bell is rung and the Cruiserweight shakes it before they both step back and adjust ready for the bell.

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


In the early stages of the match, Show offers Mysterio a chance to “test his strength” but Rey, wily as he is, catches him by surprise with a series of kicks instead before a springboard drop kick that staggers Show back to the ropes. It becomes clear very quick that Mysterio is hoping to use his speed to surprise Show and take him off his feet and another springboard off the ropes leads to a flying kick that crashes into the side of Show’s head. He drops to a knees and there are cheers in the arena as it appears that, despite the good nature of both men, the crowd are going to get behind the smaller underdog. He leaps to the ropes again, climbs quickly to the top turnbuckle and flies off for a crossbody … No way! Show catches Rey and shakes his head before slamming him down hard on his back and he takes complete control. The match plods on at Show’s lumbering pace now and he dominates Mysterio completely. Smiling as he does it, Show often shrugs his shoulders to the crowd as if to say “I’ve gotta’ do what I gotta’ do!” but, somehow, Rey keeps getting up and launching some kind of counter – unfortunately most of these fail completely! As the match wears on and Show continues to dominate, Tazz speculates that Show doesn’t believe that Rey can beat him at all – but the underestimation is unlikely to matter as he is dominating.

CLOSING MOMENTS: The match turns for home when Show has Mysterio propped up in the corner of the ring. He shushes the crowd and then slaps Rey’s chest with devastating force over and over … Ten times, the marks on Mysterio’s chest are complete proof that he is feeling the hurt here. Crumpled in the corner, Rey is clutching himself in pain but he once more gets back up as Show retreats. As Mysterio stumbles back towards him, Show thrusts out a right hand and grips his opponent by the throat. Here we go, Choke Slam! No! Mysterio slips out as Show lifts him high, he springs up and delivers a quick drop kick to the back of Big Show who stumbles and goes down for the first time; he lands right over the middle rope. Mysterio signals that it is time for, what Cole tells us, is known as the “619” as he points to the rafters. He hits the opposite ropes and rushes over to Show looking to hit the 619 but Show catches him and drags himself up to his feet. He glares down on Mysterio and there appears to be anger in Show’s face as he looks down on the little man. Show is clearly heard to shout “Don’t even think about it, small man!” which results in some negative reaction from the fans. Show rams Mysterio backwards into the corner and the buckles before retreating, he runs over the ring into the corner and squashes Mysterio with supreme force. As Rey falls to the mat, Show hooks the leg, this is over.



Big Show looks a little perplexed as he stares down at Mysterio but he drags him up once more and, despite the frustration, sets for something more. He lifts Mysterio into a powerbomb position … ALLEY OOP! Show stands over Mysterio with a smirk on his face now and he looks to the crowd and mouths “It’s over!” before dropping to his knees, smiling, to hook the leg once more.



The crowd are cheering and Show looks round in annoyance here; he doesn’t like the cheers that Mysterio is getting over him. However, he manages to keep sane and he drops back once more and raises his hand with a roar to signal that it is time for a Choke Slam now. As Mysterio gets to his feet, Big Show grabs him by the throat and lifts him up high … But Rey manages to use the ropes to twist and counter and Big Show goes over the top rope head first and crashes down to the floor. Could this be the opening that Rey Mysterio needs here? He takes some time to recover himself and then sets his sights on Show who is on his knees outside the ring. Mysterio comes off the ropes opposite and sails through the ropes … SUICIDE DIVE! BAM! BIG SHOW CRASHES A STEEL CHAIR INTO THE HEAD OF REY MYSTERIO! Immediately, the referee signals for the bell, Show has been disqualified!

(via DQ at 06:38)

(Qualifies for UNDISPUTED)
As the crowd look on in shock, Big Show stands outside the ring with the chair, that he appears to have dragged from under the ring, in his hand. Show looks down at the chair in amazement – or is that remorse and shock? As the referee tells Show to leave Mysterio alone, Show drops the chair and holds his hands up before pleading with the referee to change the decision. “I don’t know why I did that!” he tells the referee but the referee is adamant that the DQ will stand. Show picks Rey up off the floor and rolls him into the ring before following. He lifts him up and looks apologetic as he explains himself to Mysterio. However, Rey’s bell has been rung here and he doesn’t appear to be taking in Show’s apologies. Show signals for a microphone and addresses Mysterio and the crowd directly.

BIG SHOW: Rey, I’m sorry, please listen to me …

Some boos are ringing out around the arena and Show looks up as he hears them and he shakes his head.

BIG SHOW: No, please, no. I didn’t mean that, I don’t know what came over me there. I hit the outside hard, saw the chair and just swung it in a blind rage. I didn’t know what I was doing, Rey, please …

Concerned, two referees are now shepherding Mysterio away and out of the ring as a distraught Big Show looks on clearly upset with his actions here tonight. As Mysterio is helped out of the arena, Show stands watching, sweating hard, and looking around to the crowd repeating the words “I’m sorry” over and over. Tazz suggests that the people should give Show a chance here, he is clearly upset with himself but Cole says that the referee made the right call – you can’t use a chair the way Show just did. Cole goes on to tell everybody that the result, a DQ win for Mysterio, means that he is the second man guaranteed for the UNDISPUTED PPV in the tournament for the Undisputed WWF Championship – along with Goldberg, of course – and that we will find out the identities of three more men before the end of the night. The camera switches backstage and we see that Stone Cold Steve Austin has arrived here in the arena looking annoyed as usual. There is the usual mixed reaction – he has a hardcore following but his actions of late have been disrespectful towards the fans – as Austin walks backstage before we hear a shout …

???: Austin, listen up, man!

As Austin spins to see who is shouting him, we see Booker T chasing after him with a look of annoyance on his face.

BOOKER T: Look man, I gotta’ speak to you. Last week on SMACKDOWN, what the hell was that Stunner about?

Austin simply stares into the eyes of Booker without a word. He appears interested in what Booker is saying though and the former WCW Champion carries on speaking …

BOOKER T: All last week, dawg, all I tried to do was contact you and get you to come back to the WWF and then you act like that?

Booker shakes his head in annoyance …

BOOKER T: How dare you disrespect me like that, man? I thought we were allies!

Austin continues to stare at Booker who doesn’t appear unnerved at this …

BOOKER T: You see, man, there seems to be a few people round here disrespectin’ the Book if you see what I mean? I don’t think people realise who they messin’ wit. I am the 5 time … 5 time … 5 time … 5 TIME … 5 TIME WCW CHAMPION, SUCKA! I deserve respect …

Austin continues to stare at Booker as boos ring out around the arena.

BOOKER T: Now, everyone be assumin’ that on RAW this Monday night, Rock is gonna’ beat me and qualify for this tournament. Nobody thinks that I have a chance – but uh-huh, that’s wrong, man. I am going to beat The Rock on Monday night on RAW …

Austin smirks a little as he appears to see where this is going …

BOOKER T: And then, when I make it to UNDISPUTED, if you make it past Triple H, I am gonna’ show you that hitting me with that Stunner was a mistake, man.

Austin looks amused by Booker’s comments.

BOOKER T: I’m the 5-time WCW Champion but at UNDISPUTED, man, I’m gonna’ be the Undisputed WWF Champion as well. You dig that?

Still, Austin doesn’t speak – he continues to look at Booker in amusement.

BOOKER T: Dammit, Austin, we were on the same damn team at Survivor Series, say something to me. Show me some damn respect before I force it out of you instead …


Loud cheers as Austin finally interrupts Booker’s words.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN: You want respect?

The crowd chant “WHAT?” after Austin’s words …



STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN: Gonna’ be Undisputed Champion?


STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN: Gonna’ make me pay?


STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN: How about I give you some respect right now?

“WHAT?” chant the crowd as Austin suddenly drops his bags and launches a right hand at Booker T who didn’t expect it at all. Austin pummels away at Booker as he looks to give him some ‘respect’ and Booker is forced to cover up as he backs against a wall. Officials stream from other areas backstage and separate the pair of them; Austin is smirking at Booker who looks furious over the impromptu beating he just took. As he is pulled away, Booker points towards Austin and shouts towards him once more …

BOOKER T: You wanna’ fight, Austin? You got it … You will respect me, sucka! Tonight … me and you …

As Booker is dragged away, Austin smirks back and nods his head in the direction of Booker T – do we have a match here for SMACKDOWN tonight?

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GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...GCB is looking to come up from OCW...
Default November 29, 2001: SMACKDOWN (cont)


SMACKDOWN returns with a quick replay of the confrontation between WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the former 5-time WCW Champion, Booker T, backstage just before the commercial break. As the replay ends, Cole and Tazz are shown at the announce table and Cole announces that the match has been made official. Can Booker T prove to Austin that he deserves respect tonight? We’ll find out later as Booker T goes one on one with the WWF Champion! Tazz says that Booker does deserve some respect for all that he achieved in the WCW and suggests that a win over Austin tonight will get him some of the respect he craves.



*** TEST ***

Attention turns towards the stage as Test, the man who lost his pre-qualifying round match with the returning Triple H last Monday on RAW, steps out into the arena. As he approaches the ring, replays of the ending of the match are shown as Triple H hits the Pedigree to advance into the final qualifying round. As Test steps into the ring, dressed in black trousers and a black custom made Test shirt, he looks angry and he has a microphone.

TEST: You see, that is what is wrong with the World Wrestling Federation. That replay just sums it all up. Anybody watching that replay who didn’t see the match on Monday night will make up their mind in seconds – Test vs. Triple H, the triumphant return, an easy win.

Test shakes his head in anger.

TEST: Well, that pisses me off.

Jeers and boos for Test now as he resorts to swearing to make his point.

TEST: As far as I am concerned, that replay is a whole lotta’ crap. The World Wrestling Federation made that replay to tell you all the story that they want to tell you, what Vince McMahon wants you to know. The WWF want you to think that Hunter came back here on Monday, beat up some nobody and qualified for the next round of the tournament … and all of you morons will believe it.

More boos and jeers as Test finally insults the hometown.

TEST: They don’t want you to know the truth, do they? If you watched Monday Night RAW, you will know the truth already – you will see the conspiracy that is unfolding in front of your eyes, the conspiracy that I warned you all about earlier in the night.

Tazz tells Michael Cole on commentary that he thinks Test might have a slight point here.

TEST: You see, the World Wrestling Federation – or Vince McMahon, seeing as he controls everything around here – wants you to think that Triple H is the returning hero but they don’t want you to know that I kicked his ass … They don’t want you to remember that a referee, their puppet, came out here and denied me victory on three occasions. Roll the footage …

Test barks out the order to the technical area and an image slideshow begins on the titantron showing Test dominating Triple H with several heavy hitting moves …

TEST: For the majority of that match, I dominated Triple H, I beat him down and I made him look weak.

We see a still image of Test hitting the first of his Big Boot moves to “The Game” on screen …

TEST: They don’t want you to see that the referee deliberately used a slow count to ensure Triple H, the all-conquering hero, kicked out of the Big Boot once …

Another image appears of Test pinning Triple H, his leg hooked and the referee making the 3-count …

TEST: They don’t want you to recall that the referee made a count of 3 on Triple H and then changed their mind because he put a hand out to grab the rope after the 3 …

Another image, this time we see Test hitting the Pumphandle Slam on Triple H …

TEST: Or that after I hit the Pumphandle Slam, after I had him beat for a third time, the referee refused to make the count …

On commentary, Cole reminds us that Test, not shown on the images, had his feet on the ropes for extra leverage …

TEST: They don’t want you to see that the referee faked an injury to avoid having to make a pinfall after I hit the Diving Elbow to Hunter, do they?

The final image shown shows Test connecting with a Diving Elbow and then the camera returns to Test’s face of anger.

TEST: No, all they want you to know is that Triple H returned to RAW, hit a Pedigree on Test and pinned him 1, 2, 3!

Cheers from the crowd but Test looks furious over this.

TEST: Hunter, I had you beat three times, you know it, I know it and deep down, the World Wrestling Federation and Vince McMahon know it. They protected you, they screwed me – you gotta’ ask yourself why though, haven’t you? It’s clear to me. You’re married to Vince McMahon’s little princess, you’re married to my ex-fiance Stephanie McMahon – of course they wanted you to win.

Test points to the stage area once more though.

TEST: And I have proof. GET OUT HERE!

Test looks towards the stage, as do the crowd, as a referee steps out from the backstage area and comes towards the ring. As he approaches, Cole tells us this is Charles Robinson, the man who officiated the Test vs. Triple H match on RAW and the former WCW referee that kept his job after the “Invasion” was ended. Robinson steps into the ring but he appears reluctant …

TEST: This is Charles Robinson, the referee for my match last Monday. He’s going to tell you all about how he was pressured by Vince McMahon, aren’t you?

Test hands the microphone to Robinson who looks nervously as he prepares to speak.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Test, I know what you think but it’s simply not true.

The crowd cheer but Test’s anger appears to increase.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Every decision I made was my own decision – Triple H’s hand was on the rope at 2, your feet were on the ropes so I stopped the count and – whilst I sympathise with you over the final pinfall being slow – I got there as fast as I could after you hit me. I was NOT pressured by anybody here in the WW …

Test takes a few strides forward and kicks Robinson right in the face, a BIG BOOT that knocks him out cold, and the crowd boo in amazement. Test stands over the fallen referee and picks up the microphone with an intense look of anger on his face.

TEST: You little bitch, Charles, you know the truth. Because I can do what I want here in the World Wrestling Federation, they can’t fire ME, they wanna’ stop me. It’s a conspiracy and YOU, and all of YOU, know it.

Test uses his foot to push Robinson out of the ring before he continues.

TEST: You’ve seen the evidence, I’ve proven my point. But it won’t stop me, the WWF and Vince McMahon can’t touch me – I am going to do what I want, when I want, until they give me what I deserve. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Test tosses the microphone away as his music restarts and he storms out of the ring. As he exits the ring, we see several officials cowering as they try to tend to Charles Robinson and Test stares at them threateningly. However, he does move on and he strides up the ramp to the sound of jeers and boos from the crowd who dislike what they heard from Test tonight. The cameras switch backstage and we see a limo turn up, the same limo that showed on Monday Night RAW, out steps the “Billion Dollar Princess” Stephanie McMahon and tonight, she seems determined. As the cameras follow her down a corridor, Michael Cole reminds us that Vince McMahon banished her from the arena on Monday thanks to her actions in buying ECW during the “Invasion” and trying to kill the World Wrestling Federation. Tazz says that this is the reason why he cannot believe what Test is saying – why would Vince McMahon be favouring his daughter’s husband when he despises her? Stephanie marches up to the door which bears the sign “VINCE McMAHON, WWF CHAIRMAN” before she takes a deep breath, opens the door and storms in. The door closes and it appears that Stephanie is here to give her father a piece of her mind tonight … The cameras return to the ring and it is time for the next match of the night …



*** X-FACTOR ***

With purple lights streaming around the arena, out step Albert and X-Pac and they make their way towards the ring. As they do, Cole reminds us of their recent ‘alliance’ with Chris Jericho and how they targeted the Undertaker and his brother, Kane. Some replays air from RAW as we see Jericho and X-Factor knocking off the Brothers of Destruction in a 2 vs. 3 Handicap match before we return to the ring where X-Pac is taunting the crowd. Tazz suggests that X-Factor’s recent roll since they reformed could signal bad news for the Tag Team division; Cole says we will find out here tonight …

*** A.P.A. ***

The former Tag Team Champions head out into the arena to a big pop, Bradshaw raises his hand in salute and they stride purposefully towards the ring ready for action. Cole and Tazz discuss the recent comments of the Dudley Boyz regarding leaving the WWF with the Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 18 and Tazz says that both these teams are threats to the damn Dudleys – if they can earn their shots. Cole hypes up this match as being rather important in determining who is ready to get that shot.

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


Hard hitting and heavy action from the outset as Albert and Faarooq square off against each other for this important Tag Team match. Nothing changes when Bradshaw makes a tag with his partner and comes in to face off with Albert, this is all about who has the most power here tonight until the arrival of X-Pac into the match. He uses his speed and agility well to bring a different dimension to the match and it seems as if he has the APA in trouble until, out of nowhere, Faarooq makes a counter and hits a big boot to his chest and changes the flow once more. Neither team can get on top in the match and they continue to battle as we head towards the 5-minute mark.

CLOSING MOMENTS: As Bradshaw finally gets on top of X-Pac, it seems as if the APA are heading for victory. He pounds the back and shoulders of the smallest man in the match before hitting a slam that leaves Pac writhing on the mat and clutching his lower back. Bradshaw salutes the crowd and signals that he is going to end this before he waits for X-Pac to get up. X-Pac looks to counter with a roundhouse kick but Bradshaw ducks underneath it, hits the ropes, he runs past X-Pac once more as he hits the opposite ropes building up power. X-Pac is spinning all over the place as he looks to get into things once more, Bradshaw comes racing towards him …CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! BRADSHAW LEVELS X-PAC WITH A DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE! He hooks the leg of the fallen X-Pac but the referee fails to make the pinfall count – he is signalling that Albert made the tag to X-Pac as he was wobbling around before the Clothesline. Albert rushes over at Faarooq and smashes into him to knock him off the apron before he turns to face Bradshaw, still confused. Albert runs at Bradshaw who is not ready and connects with a running Bicycle Kick that staggers him. The referee helps X-Pac out of the way as Albert drags Bradshaw back up and lifts him high …BALDO BOMB! ALBERT CONNECTS WITH A BALDO BOMB ON BRADSHAW! He covers the Texan …


(via PINFALL at 05:13)

Faarooq was just too late as he tried to get back into the ring to save Bradshaw but it is another big win for the reformed X-Factor team. Albert, seeing that Faarooq is back in the ring, rolls away and drags his partner out of the ring with him. A stunned X-Pac follows his partner out of the ring and they head for the ramp where the referee raises their arms in victory. Tazz says that X-Factor are on a roll and it is going to take something big to stop them. As SMACKDOWN goes to another break, Albert and X-Pac celebrate their win halfway up the ramp and APA look on annoyed with the loss.


SMACKDOWN returns from commercial with Triple H walking backstage. He looks unhappy over something and he walks down a corridor shouting out for “Vince!” over and over. Eventually, Hunter rounds a corner and there is the Chairman of the WWF. He is stood talking with Kurt Angle who slips away as McMahon turns his attention to Hunter. As he approaches, Vince holds out his hand and smiles but there is no handshake from “The Game” who has something to say.

TRIPLE H: Did you hear him? Did you hear that crap that Test was spouting out there before?

Vince holds his hands up to try and calm Triple H down.

VINCE McMAHON: Whoa, easy there, Hunter. Yes, I heard him. Yes, I think it was a load of crap. Yes, I have a plan.

Vince smirks as he looks into Triple H’s eyes; he now quietens as he is interested to hear what McMahon has planned.

VINCE McMAHON: It seems that Test is upset that the referee, so he says, was helping you to win because you’re married to my daughter? Now, you know that is ridiculous. I know it is ridiculous. But that is what Test thinks. So how about we give him a chance to prove himself tonight?

Triple H looks at his ‘father-in-law’ with a look of curiosity.

VINCE McMAHON: Tonight, it will be Test proving himself by facing you one on one here on SMACKDOWN!

Cheers in the arena for this idea; HHH looks pleased as well.

TRIPLE H: That’s fine with me, in fact, I will enjoy kicking his sorry ass all over Kansas tonight.

Hunter turns to leave but then pauses and turns back.

TRIPLE H: By the way – did Steph find you tonight?

VINCE McMAHON: She did, yeah. She says … well, we had a little chat.


VINCE McMAHON: We’ve still got a lot to talk through. I mean, you’ve got to remember that …

Vince stops suddenly as we hear a loud crash in the background and a scream. A look of concern passes over both men’s faces and they begin to walk down the corridor.

TRIPLE H: What the hell?

As Hunter and McMahon set off, a backstage official comes running towards them.

BACKSTAGE WORKER: Mr. McMahon, quick. Your daughter …

McMahon swops a look with Hunter and they race around the corner towards the office of the WWF Chairman. Stood outside it, anger still over his face, is Test. He is holding a steel chair and when he sees McMahon and Triple H, he rushes away out of sight. Hunter and McMahon make their way into the office and there we see Stephanie McMahon laid out, face down, on the floor. She has clearly been assaulted with the steel chair by Test and there are lots of screams for help and medical assistance as concern grows. The camera switches abruptly back to the announce table where Michael Cole and Tazz are looking on in shock. Cole says that they will listen for updates from backstage and pass on any information when they find out more but it appears that Test has delivered a sickening message to both Vince McMahon and Triple H by attacking Stephanie McMahon here tonight.

*** KURT ANGLE ***

It’s time for the second of the qualifying matches tonight to determine the men who will join Goldberg at the UNDISPUTED pay-per-view to battle for the Undisputed WWF Championship. As Angle heads out and the red, white and blue pyro explodes in the arena, Cole reminds us of Mysterio’s DQ victory earlier tonight when he faced Big Show. A replay of the decisive moment is shown and Tazz says that Big Show lost his mind for a second and it cost him dear. With two of the eight names for UNDISPUTED now known, who will be the next to join them – will it be the Olympic gold medal winner, Kurt Angle? Angle is in the ring and taunting the fans, Cole says that Angle is embarking on a journey to prove he deserves the title after last week on RAW, the night after Survivor Series, claiming that Vince McMahon should hand him the WWF Championship in honour of “winning” survival for the WWF and killing the ECW/WCW Alliance.

*** ROB VAN DAM ***

But could RVD be the man to head for UNDISPUTED and win the title? As the ever confident RVD heads out into the arena, Tazz and Cole discuss the momentum that RVD has picked up since his arrival in the World Wrestling Federation back in July. Tazz hypes up RVD’s ECW achievements and says it was clear he was destined for greatness when he first started in that company – next Sunday could be the night that RVD reaches his zenith and becomes the Undisputed WWF Champion. Cole reminds us that only a couple of months ago, RVD competed with Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin with the WWF Championship on the line and came close to winning that night. RVD salutes the fans and hands his Hardcore Championship over to the referee to save before the bell is rung and the second of tonight’s qualifiers kicks off.

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


The bell rings and Angle steps forward towards RVD and starts mouthing off as usual. Listening to him, Van Dam looks amused and this appears to infuriate the Olympian who heads off to the corner and requests a microphone despite the bell having rung already. He is handed one and the referee protests but it appears that Angle wants to get something off his chest …

KURT ANGLE: As your Olympic hero, Kansas, it is my duty to complain about this match here tonight. Two weeks ago, your Olympic hero put an end to the Alliance once and for all, your Olympic hero saved the World Wrestling Federation – quite frankly, I should be the Undisputed WWF Champion already.

Van Dam looks on, still amused, and shrugs his shoulders. However, Angle presses on.

KURT ANGLE: Now, tonight, I have to face this man, Rob Van Dam, the man who fought for the Alliance and a man who fought in a run-down Bingo Hall for years, throwing weapons around, because he knows he’s not a real man who can make it here in the World Wrestling Federation.

Boos erupt around the arena and RVD no longer looks amused; he looks annoyed. Angle continues though.

KURT ANGLE: So tonight, I don’t like the fact that I have to lower myself to facing this ECW failure, I don’t like the fact that a real wrestler like me has to face a man whose only success comes when he is holding a weapon, I don’t like the fact that I have to prove I’m a better man against somebody I know I am better than – but, as your Olympic hero, I will prove it. I will prove that RVD is nothing more than a …

BAM! Roundhouse kick from RVD and Angle drops the microphone as the match is underway. Surprised by RVD’s kick, Angle takes a while to get going and Van Dam dominates the early going until Angle manages to counter the Rolling Thunder by rolling clear and then hitting a German Suplex to buy himself some time. During the early part of the match, Angle is frustrated several times as his mat-based technical wrestling skills are countered by the kicks of RVD that come from out of nowhere. It’s a real contrast of styles – Van Dam’s kicks vs. Angle’s suplexes and take-downs and it makes for an interesting match until Angle loses it and resorts to decking the Hardcore Champion instead. Now, we see the WWF style that Angle has developed in the past two years as he mixes his technical amateur approach with the hard hitting WWF approach and he takes control of the match.

CLOSING MOMENTS: However, the Hardcore Champion is as unpredictable as they come and he will not lay down and take Angle’s punishment; instead, he fights back and we have an incredibly even contest as we head towards the end of the match. The match spills to the outside where Angle shows his own proficiency for bending the rules a little as he uses the barricades and the steel steps to send RVD flying into pain several times. However, RVD manages to counter as he lifts Angle into a facebuster type move and crashes him down over the barricade, Angle lands on his gut and is hanging over the black perimeter fence as RVD heads to the apron. He flies off and hits a spinning kick to the back of Angle’s head, a move which the crowd enjoy seeing, before dragging Angle back into the ring in the corner. RVD follows up with a Split-Legged Moonsault in the corner and hooks the leg of the Olympian …



Undeterred, RVD waits for Angle to stagger to his feet and springboards off the ropes into a thrust kick that catches Angle in the chest; RVD follows up with another roundhouse kick that crashes his opponent down to the mat and sets him up perfect … ROLLING THUNDER connects! Has RVD done enough here for victory?



Wounded, Angle rolls out of the ring instead of facing up to RVD but all this does is set up for another one of the Hardcore Champion’s high risk moves. Hitting the ropes, RVD comes flying across the ring and towards the ropes … Suicide Dive! RVD crashes into Angle and takes him down once more with the Suicide Dive before he drags him to his feet and tries to roll him back into the ring. Angle’s experiences come to play though as he struggles to stay out of the ring right now, he hits a stiff sudden kick to the knee of RVD and then shoves him hard face first into the steel ring post which collides with RVD. The referee isn’t pleased but Angle doesn’t care as he takes a moment to recover. Once he is OK again, Angle targets the leg of RVD and he appears to be setting up for the Ankle Lock as he kicks and stomps at the leg. Dragging RVD back into the ring, Angle slams his leg down over the edge of the ring apron several times before returning to the ring … Belly to Belly Suplex! Angle goes for a lateral press cover …



Right back to the leg goes Angle and it appears to be a matter of time before he locks in the dreaded submission lock that he has become famous for here in the WWF. Angle wraps RVD’s wounded leg around the ropes as he stands in the corner, Angle begins to kick the rope and the calf muscle of RVD until the referee breaks the move with a 5-count. Avoiding DQ is important, as Big Show found earlier tonight, Angle does as he is told and drags RVD out of the corner … DDT! Angle hits a DDT and bounces the Hardcore Champion’s head off the mat, however he does not go for the pinfall … ANKLE LOCK! ANGLE LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK TO RVD IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING! It’s gut-check time for RVD as he writhes around in pain, desperate to escape, he stretches for the ropes but he is several feet away. Angle is screaming at RVD to “Tap!” but the Hardcore Champion resists for now and tries to make his way towards the ropes – to stop him, Angle grapevines the hold and forces RVD to drag not only his own weight but Angle’s as well if he wishes to get to the ropes. The referee is down and asking RVD to quit and it seems as if he might do that but there is a big crowd chant of “RVD!” that seems to inspire him and he again pushes on towards the ropes despite the pain. The crowd will him on as he gets closer and closer but then Angle seems to intensify the lock further and RVD screams out in pain … Will he tap out?

NO! RVD MAKES IT TO THE ROPES! There is a huge cheer in the arena as RVD survives the Ankle Lock for over a minute but Angle is incensed. He stomps away of the back and the injured leg of RVD and then drags him back to the centre of the ring where he is ready to strike once more. Angle is serious now and he pulls down his singlet to the waist before grabbing RVD’s leg once more … Wait a minute, quick roll up from Van Dam …



Wow, that was close! Surprised, Angle was lucky to escape the roll up and he was caught completely off-guard there. As Angle looks to resume his beating of RVD though, he is caught unaware again as RVD suddenly leaps up and hits the Van Daminator kick that staggers Angle backwards. Limping, RVD gets up and goes after Angle now hitting a series of kicks that stagger Angle further … German Suplex! Angle’s shoulders are down again …



The crowd are on the edge of their seats now as they watch this unfold, can RVD put Angle away here? The Hardcore Champion is intent on doing that as he delivers another series of kicks to the Olympian before he hooks his leg and delivers another suplex of his own, Northern Lights suplex this time, Angle is down once more and RVD holds on for the pinfall …



Another springboard back thrust kick from RVD crashes Angle down on his back and this time, the crowd realise what is coming. RVD leaps to the top rope and the anticipation in the arena builds as he looks around at the crowd and then raises his hands. Using his thumbs to indicate to himself, he leads the crowd chanting “R … V … D!” before leaping off for the 5 –Star … NO! Angle rolls away just in time and RVD crashes down hard on the mat instead, he writhes around clutching his chest as Angle gets to his feet … ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE CAPITALISES ON THE MISTAKE AND HITS THE ANGLE SLAM! Is this one all over?


(via PINFALL at 11:35)

(Qualifies for UNDISPUTED)
As “Medal” echoes around the arena, the boos and jeers accompany it but Angle doesn’t care. He collapses to his knees and celebrates wildly as it is announced that he has qualified for UNDISPUTED at the expense of RVD here tonight. The referee raises Angle’s hand in victory as Cole and Tazz congratulate both men on commentary for an excellent match. Tazz speculates that on another day, RVD could easily have won that match and made it into the Quarter Finals but today was just Angle’s lucky night. The Olympian is backing away up the ramp towards the stage with his hands raised as RVD looks on disappointed in the ring. A great effort from RVD but it is Kurt Angle who joins Goldberg and Rey Mysterio in the UNDISPUTED tournament here tonight. Backstage we go and we see Terri Runnels stood alongside the Big Show who still looks pained over what he did earlier tonight. Terri asks Show for a word about how the match with Rey Mysterio ended …

BIG SHOW: Terri, I would like to apologise to people for my actions tonight. The people at home, the people in the arena tonight and, most of all, to Rey himself. I honestly do not know why I did what I did, I was frustrated, I guess, I saw Rey coming and I saw the chair … I’m not gonna’ try and justify it because I can’t.

Show shakes his head and takes a deep breath.

BIG SHOW: And the worst thing about it all is that I cost myself a place in the UNDISPUTED pay-per-view tournament through one moment of madness. One moment of insanity and I’m out of the tournament that I was desperate to win. I … I just …

Show is clearly desperately upset with himself over his actions as he shakes his head and turns away to exit. Terri thanks Show for his time as he walks away and SMACKDOWN heads into another commercial break.


SMACKDOWN returns with a backstage shot of Jeff Hardy as he walks into the locker room – as he does, Cole reminds us that tonight Jeff faces Christian for a place in the Quarter Finals of the UNDISPUTED tournament and could put himself in line for a shot at the Undisputed WWF Championship. As he enters the locker room, we see his brother Matt Hardy, not dressed to compete tonight, waiting for him. Matt greets his brother and they embrace before both men sit down.

MATT HARDY: Hey man, you ready for this?

Jeff nods his head, it appears he is ready.

MATT HARDY: You know, bro, I know I’ve been a bit of an idiot of late but I am right behind you here tonight. We know Christian so well, Jeff, I got your back, you’re going to get to the pay-per-view, I know it.

Jeff looks confused over something and is set to voice his concerns when Matt looks around and looks puzzled himself.

MATT HARDY: Man, have you seen Lita tonight?

Another shrug of the shoulders from Jeff to indicate that he hasn’t, Matt looks around.

MATT HARDY: I haven’t seen her since we arrived here tonight.

JEFF HARDY: Look, Matt, I need to speak to you …

Into the locker room heads Lita and she walks straight over to her boyfriend, Matt, they share a kiss and then she smiles at Jeff as well.

LITA: You ready for tonight, Jeff?

As Lita and Matt look expectantly at Jeff, he turns to them with a pained expression.

JEFF HARDY: I know that you guys only want what is best for me, I know I have your full support but tonight, you know … I gotta’ do this by myself, man. I gotta’ go out there and beat Christian, I need to do this for me.

Matt looks a little offended but Lita nods her head sympathetically.

LITA: That’s cool, Jeff, we understand that – don’t we, Matt?

Eyes turn towards Matt who looks anything but understanding; in fact, he looks kind of hurt by Jeff’s request. However, with Lita looking at him and Jeff seemingly set on this, Matt’s expression softens and he accepts it.

MATT HARDY: I get ya, man. We’ll wait here, we’ll be cheering for you, bro.

Jeff nods his head and they pump fists before he exits the room and leaves just Lita and Matt in the locker room. As they watch him go, Matt turns to Lita and gives her a sheepish smile.

MATT HARDY: There you go, he wants to go it alone.

Lita puts her hand on Matt’s chest and looks into his eyes.

LITA: Listen, Matt, I know this is difficult for you to see – Jeff going out there alone in the tournament after you were knocked out but … You’ve got to see this from his point of view. This is his chance to shine on his own. You’d want the same thing, I know you would.

Matt nods his head.

MATT HARDY: I know, I know. By the way, where’ve you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

LITA: Oh, you know, here and there. I’ve been talking with the other Divas and stuff.

The cameras exit the locker room and switch back to the ring as Cole reminds us that Jeff Hardy vs. Christian is coming up later but first we have a very interesting match between the Brothers of Destruction – Kane and the Undertaker, a vicious team who will be, tonight, facing each other for a place in the UNDISPUTED tournament instead. Cole comments that these two haven’t always seen eye to eye as we head into a video package using various clips from these videos of previous meetings between the two monsters.

SMACKDOWN returns from the video package and the lights in the arena fall before eerie red light spreads around the arena to signal the arrival of the Big Red Monster himself …

*** KANE ***

Dressed in red and black as usual, Kane, his face covered by a leather blood red mask, makes his way towards the ring to a good reaction. It appears that the crowd are torn for this one already and Kane steps over the top rope to a more muted reaction than normal. As he settles in the centre of the ring, Tazz says that when you’re in a tournament, this is the way things can go sometimes – but what will be the consequences of these two behemoths facing off against each other tonight? Can these two men fight tonight and then just go back to teaming together? Cole suggests that history says not as Kane raises his hands and then drops them to signal the explosion of red fire in each corner of the ring. However, as soon as the pyro explodes, the music of the American Bad Ass begins immediately.




As usual, Taker heads out towards the ring, dressed in black tonight with the American flag prominent on his chest, on his motorbike and he speeds towards the ring once he has saluted the fans in attendance. The pop for Taker is louder than Kane, he appears to be more popular right here tonight, but when he steps off his bike, Taker looks up at his brother and you can see the reluctance in his eyes. Taker steps into the ring and salutes the fans again before turning to face his brother. The tension builds as the music ends and the two brothers face each other in the ring. The referee waits as Taker and Kane speak in the middle of the ring, Taker is more vocal and expressive and he points to the crowd in the arena and then signals the title belt around his waist. Kane nods in agreement – it appears that they are both realising the importance of the match but making some kind of pact to do this for the fans and the title but not at the cost of their alliance. The referee signals for the bell and the match can begin.

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


Despite their discussions, both men seem reluctant to throw the first punch and it takes a while for them to get going; finally, a test of strength ensues and this develops into a series of grapples. Undertaker wins the first two of these and manages to shove Kane backwards and the third appears to be going the same way when Kane breaks it and throws a Choke Thrust instead that staggers Taker and it appears we’re off and running. For the most part during the early stages, both men are trading right hands and heavy hitting power moves but nobody is really taking a firm grip on the contest and SMACKDOWN heads into a commercial break during the middle of the match.
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Default November 29, 2001: SMACKDOWN (cont)



CLOSING MOMENTS: SMACKDOWN returns with Kane in the ascendency and replays of Kane hitting a Big Boot that knocked Taker over the top rope are shown before we also see a clip of Kane ramming Undertaker shoulder first into the steel ring post. As the match continues in the ring with Kane on top, the Big Red Monster whips Undertaker into the ropes and as he comes back, he lifts him up and drops him down with a hard hitting Sidewalk Slam. The ring crashes and shakes with the impact and Kane makes the first major pinfall attempt of the match …



As both the big men get to their feet, Kane retains control with a well-placed stomp kick to the face of the Deadman. This is followed with a stiff leg drop as well and Kane is beginning to get on top completely here as he sustains the momentum with a choke on the mat. The referee, rightly, breaks this hold before Kane gets to his feet and hits the ropes … Drop kick to Taker as he is kneeling on the mat. Kane is showing the athletic ability that many don’t associate with a man of his size but he next climbs to the top buckle and comes off towards his brother where he hits a big clothesline as well. Kane again makes the cover as he looks to secure his place at UNDISPUTED …



Kane retreats a little as he waits for Undertaker to get up – another kick to the side of the head keeps him in control and then he hits a big DDT as well. Another pinfall from Kane …



For the first time, a little frustration in the eyes of Kane as he again fails to put away his brother. However, he steps back and slits his throat, taunting Taker a little, he pulls back his arm and it is clear what is coming next. Undertaker gets up and walks straight into it … CHOKE SLAM! KANE HITS UNDERTAKER WITH A CHOKE SLAM! Has Kane done enough here?



Clutching his hair, Kane is annoyed with that failure and he gets up looking down on Taker with a menace showing through his masked face. As Taker pulls himself up, Kane watches his brother get to his knees and then strikes with a hard right hand. There is some heat for this as Kane starts striking Taker over and over, the desperation to reach UNDISPUTED is showing here as Kane doesn’t hold back. The referee protests but seriously, who is going to get in the way and stop Kane? Dropping to his knees, Kane chokes Taker as he is down on his back and we’re seeing the nasty side of Kane here. He drives his knees into the gut of Undertaker as well now, over and over, before returning to the choke hold. Stepping back once more, Kane retreats his hand again – another Choke Slam coming up? No! Taker fights back and the pair of them now trade heavy right hands once more, Kane is coming off second best and he stomps at the leg of his brother instead before clutching him around the throat. He is desperate to hit a second Choke Slam but Taker uses elbows to fight out of it and then scoops him up. The crowd rise as Taker looks for the Tombstone … but Kane kicks his legs and counters as he pulls Taker over and lands with Taker set for a clothesline. The crowd are in awe, Taker is in trouble now but Kane can’t hold him and loses balance. The pair collide on the mat and look to get up quickly … ANGLE SLAM! UNDERTAKER WITH A CHOKE SLAM ON KANE NOW! Is it over this time?



Taker looks on in amazement but then runs his hand through his hair and looks down at his brother with a puff of the cheeks. As Kane gets up, Taker takes him by the arm and leads him to the corner … OLD SCHOOL! The crowd cheer as Taker backs up the buckles and then walks along the top rope … KANE KICKS THE TOP ROPE! Undertaker topples and his legs split the top rope – painful! Kane hits the opposite ropes and then smashes Taker in the head with a huge Big Boot that sends Taker to the outside of the ring. Following his brother, Kane rams him into the steel steps once more before pulling a steel chair from under the ring and looking to his brother. Hesitation fills the air as Kane seems torn between smashing Taker with the chair and his respect for him. Eventually, the referee drags the chair from Kane and he reluctantly accepts this. Instead, he rolls Undertaker back into the ring and then steps up onto the apron and over the top rope. Kane goes to drag Taker off the mat but his opponent stuns him with a hard right hand of his own; Kane staggers into the ropes and as he comes back, Undertaker hits him with boxing rights and lefts over and over until Kane leans against the ropes to get respite. Undertaker isn’t happy as the referee breaks things up once more, Kane looks to take advantage of the lapse in concentration as he goes for a clothesline but Taker ducks it and scoops him up … Huge cheers around the arena as Taker sets himself quickly … BOOM! TOMBSTONE! UNDERTAKER HITS A TOMBSTONE ON KANE! Lateral press from the American Bad Ass …


(via PINFALL at 10:53)

(Qualifies for UNDISPUTED)
The crowd go wild for the victory for Undertaker – he is going to UNDISPUTED! However, he looks far from delighted as he staggers back and, still sitting on the mat, looks at his fallen brother. These two monsters have shown in recent months that they can work as a team and that they do care for one another; has this match ruined that respect and teamwork? Taker looks towards Kane who is getting up slowly as well and the tension fills the arena. As both men get to their feet, “Rollin’” ends and Taker looks to his brother expectantly. Kane looks distraught though and, after a long pause, he ignores his brother and simply exits the ring with a disappointed demeanour. There are some boos as Kane exits and Taker looks on from the ring with a tinge of disappointment in his eye that it went down like that. However, he salutes the crowd as Tazz says that the UNDISPUTED competitors now have a real worry – the American Bad Ass is coming for the title!

SMACKDOWN’s camera switch backstage where The Coach, fresh from embarrassment with The Rock earlier tonight, is stood waiting. He looks a little sheepish as he introduces the recently reformed X-Factor, Albert and X-Pac, and congratulates them on their victory over the APA earlier tonight. He then asks them what their feelings are regarding the Dudley Boyz comments about a lack of Tag Team competition in the WWF. It is X-Pac who takes the microphone and answers.

X-PAC: Coach, you know what? Bubba Ray and D’Von can say what they want about the other Tag Teams here in the World Wrestling Federation, I don’t give a dime about many of them myself. But they are making a big mistake if they think there is no competition here in the WWF for them. If they think that are going to walk out of the WWF with the Tag Team Championships, they better think twice because the big man and I are coming for them.

X-Pac looks towards Albert who snarls.

ALBERT: Pac and I didn’t reform X-Factor to stand here and watch you ignore us, Dudleys. Neither of us give a damn about the fans here in the WWF …

Albert’s words are interrupted by a loud chorus of boos. He smirks before continuing.

ALBERT: … but we want those Tag Team Championships. So, Dudley Boyz, a word of advice. Watch your backs.

Albert and X-Pac exit the interview area as Coach thanks them. A split screen graphic appears and shows Christian on the left, his European Championship around his waist, and Jeff Hardy, alone, on the right as they prepare to go to the ring for the final SMACKDOWN qualifying match of the evening. Cole reminds us that Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker have already confirmed their places in the UNDISPUTED tournament – will Christian or Jeff Hardy join them? SMACKDOWN heads into a commercial with the match set for after the break.


SMACKDOWN returns with The Rock backstage, walking the corridor, he is not dressed for action tonight as he has been drawn to take part in a qualifying match this Monday on RAW instead when he faces Booker T. Rock greets a few of the backstage officials before rounding a corner and entering a locker room with the words TRIPLE H on the sign. As Rock walks in, we see Triple H preparing for his match later tonight with Test but he stops, stands up and looks at Rock as he walks towards him.

THE ROCK: Just so you know, The Rock respects you. We have never seen eye to eye but whenever we have faced each other … we have put on a hell of a show.

Triple H nods his head.

THE ROCK: I know that you got a lot of other things on your mind tonight, I know you’re heading out there to whoop Test’s candy ass all over Kansas …

Pop from the crowd for another mention of Kansas here tonight.

THE ROCK: … but I wanted you to know that The Rock didn’t make Monday’s match between you and Stone Cold Steve Austin out of disrespect for you. I chose you to face Austin because I believe you are the toughest test I can force him to face.

Hunter looks into Rock’s eyes and there appears to be an understanding between them.

THE ROCK: Good luck tonight.

Rock turns and leaves and Hunter looks after him for a moment before continuing his preparations for tonight’s match. As the camera returns to the ring, Cole reminds us that Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Triple H, a qualifying match for UNDISPUTED chosen by The Rock himself, will take place this Monday on RAW – as will The Rock’s qualifier with Booker T and Chris Jericho up against the Intercontinental Champion, Edge.




Looking arrogant and cocky as usual, the European Champion heads out with the title belt around his waist. As he makes his way down towards the ring, Christian receives some stick from the crowd but it bounces off him, he doesn’t care. Replays of last Friday night are shown and we see Christian using the steel chair on Big Show, the referee refusing to DQ him due to the fact that the title is on the line and then Christian hitting the Impaler to get the 3 on Show. As Christian reappears live on screen, Tazz suggests that it was a big win for Christian over a man many didn’t expect him to defeat. Cole says that it could have been stupid – he’s lucky that Rey Mysterio eliminated Show to stop him getting revenge later down the line.

*** JEFF HARDY ***

One third of Team Extreme makes his way out into the arena to a great reaction; this young man is a star here in the WWF and is launching himself towards greatness it seems. As he rushes down to the ring, Tazz compliments him on choosing to go it alone tonight without Matt and Lita by his side; he says that Jeff is showing that he is serious about his singles career and believes in himself to get the job done. Cole says that these two men are potentially future stars of the WWF who, after their exploits in the Tag Team division, know each other so well and this could be their breakout moment – which one of them will advance to the UNDISPUTED tournament?

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


Fast paced wrestling from the off between these two and, as Cole pointed out, their work together with partners Edge and Matt Hardy respectively means that they know each other almost as well as they know themselves. In the early going, neither man can gain control as counter wrestling is used to put a stop on things and when things get tough for him, Christian plays the game by exiting the ring for a moment to frustrate Jeff. However, Jeff is able to run around the edge of the barricades to hit a clothesline, surprising Christian, on the outside and from that point, Jeff seems a step in front to the delight of the fans. The referee begins to count both men out so Jeff returns to the ring …

CLOSING MOMENTS: The referee makes a 7 count on Christian before he climbs onto the apron and is going to get back into the ring. However, Jeff slides under Christian’s legs and drags his foot off the apron, Christian’s face hits the apron and he is struggling – but the count is broken. Hardy slides back into the ring and hits a reverse mule kick through the ropes as Christian attempts to return for a second time and then hits a Plancha from the top rope to the delight of the fans who love seeing Jeff looking as if he is heading to UNDISPUTED. Christian is tossed back into the ring by Hardy who makes a cover and looks to qualify for UNDISPUTED …



Jeff tears his shirt off, the screams from the girls in the arena are audible, he means business now though. Climbing to the top rope again, Jeff seems to be looking for a moonsault but Christian is playing possum a little here and he jumps up quick and knocks Jeff’s foot off the rope and he crotches the top buckle. Wincing, Hardy slumps and Christian takes a second to recover a little before dragging Jeff down and using a facelock to lift Jeff and drop his gut over the top rope. Jeff clutches his stomach as Christian looks to take advantage now with his first cover of the night …



We’re five minutes into the match and it remains competitive as Christian drags his opponent off the mat, he uses a series of kicks to Jeff’s stomach and then his back to take control and the referee is forced to use a count to stop this as Christian resorts to punching Jeff in the face. Unimpressed, Christian complains at the referee before locking in an Abdominal Stretch that forces Jeff to contemplate surrendering his place in the tournament. However, Jeff fights out of it and then hits several knife edge chops – he goes for his jawbuster move but Christian counters again, he uses several knees to the gut before an Inverted DDT crashes Jeff down once more. Cover from Christian …



Now Christian resorts to a choke across the middle rope, he appears to be testing the patience of the referee – not a good idea after Big Show earlier in the night. As Christian argues with the official, Jeff drags himself up and responds with right hands before a running forearm to knock Christian down and he is mounting a comeback here. A clothesline follows before another reverse mule kick, this time in the centre of the ring, Jeff makes the cover on Christian now!



A wild clothesline from Christian misses and Hardy counters with a sharp drag back that crashes Christian down hard on the mat. Holding the legs of Christian, Jeff leaps up and lands with his feet holding Christian down for an innovative pinfall attempt – can Christian kick out again?



Rolling back, Christian rolls Hardy up now and grabs the tights …



Hardy counters as Christian looks to regain control, another double leg drop – this time not into a pinfall – follows before he heads to the top rope once more. Is it time for a Swanton Bomb? No! Christian gets up and runs towards the corner where Hardy is perched, Jeff leaps over his opponent and ducks another clothesline … Whisper in the Wind! Hardy uses the corner to somersault back and catch Christian with a kick to the face, another pinfall from Jeff …



A groan goes up in the arena, they want Jeff to get the win and continue to encourage him here. Both men get up as quick as they can, Jeff is a split second in front … TWIST OF FATE! JEFF HARDY CRASHES CHRISTIAN DOWN WITH THE TWIST OF FATE! This one is surely all over now! However, Jeff doesn’t go for the pinfall; instead, he heads for the top ropes once more! The crowd are going wild as Jeff climbs to the top, balances and strikes a Hardy pose … SWANTON … NO! JEFF HARDY MISSES WITH THE SWANTON BOMB! Christian rolled away just in the nick of time! More frustration for the crowd but it is about to get worse as Christian locks Jeff up … UNPRETTIER! CHRISTIAN HITS THE UNPRETTIER IMPALER AND JEFF CRASHES FACE FIRST TO THE MAT! Christian reaches over and hooks the leg …


(via PINFALL at 08:02)

(Qualifies for UNDISPUTED)
Christian celebrates the win by rolling out under the bottom rope and slumping on the ramp; he raises his hand in triumph as he stands. A huge achievement here for Christian, the European Champion, he will go to UNDISPUTED to challenge for the Undisputed WWF Championship! As Christian celebrates and backs away up the ramp, Jeff looks annoyed in the ring. As Tazz says, he is probably blaming himself here for taking that extra chance and going for the Swanton Bomb. Another error of judgement from the younger of the Hardy Boys?

*** GOLDBERG ***

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Default November 29, 2001: SMACKDOWN (cont)


SMACKDOWN returns with Michael Cole showing replays of Test’s outburst earlier in the evening and then the moment where Triple H and Vince McMahon rushed to the aid of Stephanie later on – only to see Test running away. Cole informs us that Stephanie has been looked after by doctors but she doesn’t remember anything about the attack – only that she was hit from behind. Cole says that there is much speculation backstage but everybody seems to be in agreement about one thing:



*** TEST ***

This man is to blame! As Test strides out ready to compete here tonight, he looks proud of himself but there is a mixed reaction in the arena. Some don’t like what he did to Stephanie whereas some cannot forgive her actions of late with the ECW takeover and cheer Test. However, he makes his way to the ring as Cole and Tazz discuss how angered Triple H must be after seeing his wife hurt like that. Tazz says that Test’s alleged actions mean he is in a whole lot of trouble here with “The Game” – why would he want to do that?

*** TRIPLE H ***

His face showing clear signs of rage, Triple H rushes out from backstage and straight to the ring – there is no use of the water bottle, no posing on the stage, Triple H is desperate to get his hands on the man who attacked his wife. As Hunter slides into the ring though, Test, credit to him, takes the fight to him and pounces with heavy right hands to the back of Hunter and the referee signals for the bell – the fight is on!

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


As you would expect, once he gets over the initial attack from Test, Hunter takes the action to Test and dominates as he looks to beat revenge into him. With his wife in mind, Hunter pummels Test over and over in the first few minutes and several times he has to be pulled apart from Test by the referee. At one point, Hunter actually forces his way past the referee and knocks him over; luckily, the referee is lenient and allows the match to continue. As the match continues, Test is getting a little more offence in but he is not able to take any control as the anger inside Triple H fuels him to continue the domination.

CLOSING MOMENTS: Things get more interesting though when out of nowhere, we have a third person at ringside … STEPHANIE McMAHON. There are World Wrestling Federation officials and medics accompanying her and trying to get her to go back to the backstage area but she completely ignores this and heads for the ring. Hunter pauses with his beatdown on Test and notices her; “What are you doing here?” he yells at her but Steph ignores his protestations and steps up the ringsteps and into the ring. In the centre of the ring, Test staggers to his feet and comes face to face with Steph – SLAP! STEPHANIE SLAPS TEST IN THE FACE! The referee again fails to DQ Triple H for this; understanding of the situation maybe? Test is shocked though and he spins away from the slap into the corner. Hunter orders Steph out of the ring though and she does agree this time before HHH mounts Test in the corner and starts laying right hands to the face of his opponent. As Stephanie cheers on her husband, he continues to waffle Test over and over. However, this pause allows Test to sneak in a Low Blow out of the view of the referee and HHH crumples a little as he stands on the middle rope. Test shoves him backwards and takes a moment to recover before standing looking at Hunter as he gets to his feet.

On the outside of the ring, Steph looks worried now; Test backs away to the corner and waits for his chance to strike. BIG BOOT! BUT TEST MISSES TRIPLE H – AND HITS THE REFEREE INSTEAD! The crowd groan in shock as the referee is knocked down hard, he is out cold and Test is stunned as well. This gives Hunter time to prepare … PEDIGREE! TRIPLE H HITS THE PEDIGREE TO TEST! This one is over now isn’t it? Triple H with the cover … but the referee is down!

With Test laid flat out, face down, on the mat, Triple H looks for the referee – but then a sly smile appears on his face. He looks at his wife and points to her, he goes towards her and tells her to get him a steel chair. In comes the steel chair from Steph and Hunter takes it towards Test. BAM! BAM! BAM! STEEL CHAIR SHOTS TO THE CHEST OF TEST! Stephanie is cheering on her husband now and then she heads to the timekeeper area – SLEDGEHAMMER! The crowd are going nuts here as Stephanie produces the legendary Sledgehammer, Triple H’s weapon of choice. She enters the ring with it and Hunter gets her drift; he grabs Test and holds him up as Stephanie prepares to strike … BUT SHE MISSES! Test ducks and Stephanie drops the hammer, Test then surprises Triple H with a clothesline to buy himself some time as well. With Hunter down for a moment, Test advances on Stephanie again with a smile on his face. She looks frightened as he backs her to the corner but Triple H gets back up and comes to the rescue of his wife. He spins Test round and hits an Atomic Drop before another kick to the gut and he sets for the Pedigree for the second time tonight …


The crowd are in shock as Triple H crumples in a heap; why has his wife just done that? Test looks at Stephanie and a grin spreads over his face as she throws the hammer out of the ring. Test drags Hunter up and this is academic now surely … PUMPHANDLE SLAM! TEST HITS AN UNNECESSARY PUMPHANDLE SLAM ON TRIPLE H! Stephanie is with the referee, she is bringing him round. What the hell is she doing? The referee crawls over as Test hooks the leg of “The Game” …




(via PINFALL at 09:15)

With Triple H laid out and the crowd in shock, Test stands and looks down on the fallen Triple H. The fans boo and jeer as the referee is helped out of the ring by WWF officials but the result stands here – Test, with a huge assist from his ex fiancé and HHH’s wife, has beaten Triple H here tonight. The crowd are stunned as Stephanie walks over to Test; she looks down on HHH and then smirks at Test. With no respect for Hunter, Stephanie pulls Test towards her and they kiss passionately. UNBELIEVABLE! Cole and Tazz are speechless on the commentary as Test and Stephanie finish their embrace and start to head towards the ropes. They step out of the ring, seemingly oblivious to the boos, and back away up the ramp, Test’s arm is around Steph here. What is going on? As SMACKDOWN heads into the final commercial of the night, we see Triple H, knocked unconscious by his wife, laid out in the ring before Steph and Test are shown kissing again on stage.


When SMACKDOWN returns, Michael Cole and Tazz are still in shock as replays of the ending of the Test vs. Triple H match are shown as Stephanie McMahon turns on her husband and hands the win to Test before leaving the ring with him. Cole says that HHH had to be helped out of the arena and Tazz suggests that “The Game” may, as yet, be unaware of what his wife just did to him. The camera switches backstage and we see Test and Stephanie rushing along a corridor backstage towards the parking lot; as they enter the parking lot, a limo is waiting and Vince McMahon is stood waiting for them. He smiles a wide smile and embraces his daughter before shaking hands with Test – what is going on here?

VINCE McMAHON: That was perfection, guys. Perfection. Come on, let’s get out of here shall we?

The three of them climb into the limo as it leaves the arena; it appears that Stephanie and Test were helped by Vince McMahon in setting up the whole thing here. Why would they do this to Triple H here tonight? The camera watches the limo leave before the feed is switched to another area backstage where we see a disappointed Jeff Hardy sat on the bench in the locker room, head in his hands, clearly not over the loss he suffered to Christian tonight. In walks Matt Hardy and he sits beside his younger brother and places a hand on his shoulder.

MATT HARDY: Jeff, I just want you to know that you did the Hardys proud out there. I know you’re disappointed but …

JEFF HARDY: Oh yeah? You’re proud of me, right?

Jeff’s voice is shaking with emotion as he jumps to his feet and glares at his brother. Stunned, Matt steps up slowly as well.

MATT HARDY: Jeff, I’m being honest with you, man. You did us pr …

JEFF HARDY: Don’t give me no crap, bro. Tell it like it is – you’re freakin’ delighted that I’m out. You couldn’t get the job done against Booker T on RAW – it was tearing you apart knowing that I had a shot at going to the UNDISPUTED PPV wasn’t it?

Matt shakes his head, he looks a little hurt, he steps back and takes a deep breath.

MATT HARDY: Jeff, you’re upset, I know. But you’re wrong. I was desperate for you to win tonight, I was rooting for you all the way, man. I thought you had him when you hit that Twist of Fate … you had him right there.

Jeff shrugs his shoulders at Matt.

JEFF HARDY: Yeah, let me guess. I should have pinned him there and then, I had him beat. There was no need for the Swanton Bomb, I get it Matt.

Jeff throws a shirt down in temper, he starts packing his bag by slamming things down into it. Matt takes another deep breath.

MATT HARDY: Honestly, Jeff? Yeah, I do think you should have pinned Christian after the Twist of Fate. I think you made the wrong decision but don’t accuse me of …

JEFF HARDY: Or else what, Matt? What are you going to do about it? Huh?

Matt looks down at the floor and there is tension in the air now. However, as Matt appears to be simmering himself, he raises his head and calmly speaks to Jeff once more …

MATT HARDY: Jeff, everybody makes mistakes. One day, you and I will be World Champions here in the WWF. One day, we will realise our dreams, I’m sure of it. Now just isn’t our time.

Jeff slumps and sits down on the locker room bench as Matt looks at his younger brother with concern. Suddenly, Lita bounds into the room and she is looking cheerful.

LITA: Hey guys, guess what? I’ve got some amazing … What’s wrong?

Matt looks at his girlfriend and smiles.

MATT HARDY: Nothing, babe. Jeff is disappointed with losing tonight – I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Matt looks concerned as he glances sideways to Jeff but his younger brother doesn’t react angrily. He smiles a weak smile and the tension is disappearing.

LITA: Well, you both better get ready because this Monday night, you’re going up against the X-Factor – it is going to be a Number 1 contenders match to determine who will challenge the Dudleys at UNDISPUTED for the titles.

MATT HARDY: Hey, that’s great news. Jeff, what about that?

Jeff zips up his bag and lifts it up high. He stands and looks at Matt and Lita for a second before responding.

JEFF HARDY: Yeah. Great news. Thanks.

And with that, Jeff skulks off out of the locker room leaving Matt and Lita to watch him exit with looks of concern on his face. The camera returns to the ring where Michael Cole and Tazz discuss Jeff’s reaction – Tazz thinks that Jeff’s excitement for the Tag Team Championship might not be as high as his excitement at challenging for the Undisputed WWF Championship was.



*** BOOKER T ***

Out steps Booker T and it is time for tonight’s main event here. As the flames erupt on the stage in little puffs, Booker walks out with a look of determination on his face. Tazz claims that Booker is a man of pride and the way he was treated last week on SMACKDOWN by Stone Cold Steve Austin would not have been appreciated; Booker deserves respect. Cole suggests that Booker is going to try and earn that respect here tonight as he goes one on one with the WWF Champion ahead of RAW’s qualifying match with the WCW Champion, The Rock. As Booker waits in the ring, the crowd wait in anticipation and despite his recent comments, an “Austin!” chant goes up here in the arena …




Out steps the WWF Champion, the title belt draped over his shoulder, and he strides with purpose towards the ring. Cole reminds us that Austin pulled out of the main event on RAW this week and this will be his first appearance in the ring for almost two weeks – can he beat Booker T with a huge match coming up on RAW next Monday against Triple H? Replays of earlier are shown and Austin beating some sense into Booker before we see Austin in the ring, he is stood on the ropes and giving the middle finger to the crowd still – some cheer, some jeer. It’s just the way things are with the Rattlesnake right now. However, he is definitely here to fight tonight so the referee rings the bell and the main event begins …

* DING *
* DING *
* DING *


Battle of the two men from Texas here tonight in SMACKDOWN’s main event and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin to action here in the WWF. The match is even in the early going but Booker, desperate to gain some respect, uses some good wrestling thought to take Austin out at the knee, the knee that Austin has injured in the past, and he works it to try and get on top. The crowd are mainly in the corner of Austin and he is finding it hard to get back into the contest as Booker continues to hurt his knee – using dirty tactics like bending the knee round the bottom rope, crashing it down over the edge of the apron and slamming it into the ring post. However, a limping Austin manages to fight out when Booker attempts a Book End and hits the ropes … Lou Thesz Press! Austin is back in the match here!

CLOSING MOMENTS: Fists of fury follow from Austin as he pummels Booker for the second time this evening and then he stomps a mudhole in the stomach and chest of the former 5-time WCW Champion in the corner. As Austin takes the fight to Booker, the crowd get behind him – despite the fact he gives them the finger again – and he looks shocked that they do so. Austin lifts himself to the middle rope and comes off using the point of his elbow to drive into Booker’s chest before attempting a pinfall …



With Booker struggling a little though, Austin presses home the advantage as he lifts Booker up … Vertical Suplex crashes Booker down on the mat and Austin begins to fire himself up now; he kneels down and starts to goad Booker into getting up … Austin is setting himself ready to strike here … Booker gets up slowly and turns … Austin goes for the Stunner but Booker is able to shove the WWF Champion away, he turns back towards him … BOOK END! BOOKER T HITS THE BOOK END ON STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! Or is it a Rock Bottom? Hmm. Either way, Booker has Austin down and beaten surely … SPINNEROONIE! Cole and Tazz criticise Booker, they suggest he should pin the WWF Champion whilst he has chance. After wasting time trying to prove he is entertaining, Booker goes for the cover and hooks the leg.



As Cole and Tazz claim they were right, Booker looks annoyed with the 2 count and complains to the referee. However, he steps back and waits for Austin to get up so that he can pounce again … SCISSORS KICK! BOOKER HITS THE SCISSORS KICK TO AUSTIN NOW! This time there is no messing, Booker goes for the pin and a huge win here tonight on SMACKDOWN …



Booker looks irate this time; he thought he had got Austin’s respect right there. The boos ring out around the arena as Booker continues to complain but there is no changing the mind of the referee. Another “Austin!” chant goes up and Booker looks disgusted by this. He sets himself again and waits for Austin to get up once more … BOOK END? No! Austin uses his elbows to escape the move and spins Booker around … STUNNER! AUSTIN HITS THE STUNNER ON BOOKER T! Austin crawls over Booker and hooks the leg …


(via PINFALL at 11:05)

A huge win for Austin as he returns to action with a bang; a victory over one of his fellow competitors in the UNDISPUTED tournament can only be a good thing. As Booker exits the ring, Austin is handed the WWF Championship and the referee raises his hand. Austin stares around at the crowd, most of them appear to be cheering his win here tonight – Cole and Tazz hype up the fact that Austin has made a winning return but is he ready for the qualifying match with Triple H this Monday night on RAW? Can Austin make it to UNDISPUTED?

***** END OF SHOW *****
(c) World Wrestling Federation 2001

Click for Spoiler:

(Quick Results)

Rey Mysterio beats Big Show (DQ)
Mysterio qualifies for the UNDISPUTED PPV

X-Factor beat APA (PIN)

Kurt Angle beats RVD (PIN)
Angle qualifies for the UNDISPUTED PPV

The Undertaker beats Kane (PIN)
Undertaker qualifies for the UNDISPUTED PPV

Christian beats Jeff Hardy (PIN)
Christian qualifies for the UNDISPUTED PPV

Test beats Triple H (PIN)

Stone Cold Steve Austin beats Booker T (PIN)



Goldberg automatically entered into the tournament; Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and Christian have qualified; 3 more from Booker T, Chris Jericho, Edge, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H to join them.

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