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Old 07-08-2017, 09:41 AM
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Anderson: The following contest is a semi-final match in the Gold Rush Tournament, and is scheduled for one fall!

As the arena dims and gold lights flicker throughout the arena, the crowd begins to stand and cheer. Soon the arena explodes in a rush of gold light, Constantine standing on top of the entrance stage with his chin dipped before lifting his head up and extending his arms out to a loud cheer from the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp with a focused look on his face before walking up the steel steps and entering the ring.

Anderson: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

Connor: Last night at Meltdown, we saw Eve Taylor defeat Lynx and move on to the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament. Constantine looks to do just the same tonight.

Cohen: Constantine's gotta be dreaming if he thinks Banks will let him get even a fingernail on the WZCW World Heavyweight Title. His former stable Vis Imperium will make sure of that, if he even gets that far.

The lights in the arena go out before an orchid light begins flickering throughout the arena before shining a spot light down as Yemrez Reqonic makes her way out. She runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, throwing her hood back and making a heart symbol as the crowd cheers for her.

Anderson: And his opponent, from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

Connor: Yemrez Reqonic has been the cinderella story of the Gold Rush Tournament thus far, last week she delivered a huge upset over Xander LeBelle, but now faces one of WZCW's best tonight.

Cohen: She got lucky last week Cat, and she's going to realize stepping up against Constantine is a whole different animal.

Referee Jun Akiyama signals for the bell as Constantine and Yemrez circle around each other in the center of the ring. They lock up with Constantine immediately using his strength and size advantage, pushing Yemrez back into the corner. Akiyama calls for the break which Constantine does but Yemrez suddenly springs off the ropes and around Constantine, quickly rolling him up! 1............2...Constantine kicks out of the surprise pin attempt! Constantine is back to his feet quickly as Yemrez rushes to and bounces off the ropes, delivering a stiff forearm shot to Constantine. He takes a step back as Yemrez bounces off the ropes again, this time Constantine going for a clothesline but Yemrez rolls under and through to the otherside. She goes for a running cross body block but Constantine catches her and delivers a sidewalk slam. Constantine does not go for the cover, pulling Yemrez back to her feet before whipping her across into the corner. He charges and delivers a clothesline, forcing Yemrez to drop to the mat and roll out of the ring.

Connor: Yemrez tried to catch Constantine off guard with the roll up, but the veteran was able to get out of it and now looks to keep the speedier Yemrez grounded.

Cohen: Constantine has seen just about every type of style in WZCW. While she claims to be unorthodox, I assure you it's nothing new to her opponent.

Constantine follows Yemrez to the outside, taking his time as he lifts her up and delivers a stiff right hand, knocking her back into the barricade. He lifts her up to drop her face first onto the barricade but Yemrez slides off away from him. She quickly hops over the steel steps before turning around. She runs and springs off the steps and delivers double knees to the chest of Constantine! Akiyama has started the countout, already up to three as Yemrez is all fired up. She slowly pulls Constantine to his feet and sends him back into the ring. She slides back into the ring and runs towards the opposite ropes and rebounds off. As Constantine gets up to one knee, she delivers a double palm thrust right to the face, knocking Constantine backwards. She quickly goes for the cover, 1.........2.....Constantine kicks out! Yemrez doesn't waste any motion, quickly dragging Constantine back up and goes to whip into the corner but Constantine reverses. He rushes towards her but Yemrez moves out of the way and Constantine eats turnbuckle. As he turns around, Yemrez suddenly handsprings across and delivers an elbow to the side of the head!

Connor: A furious offensive flurry from Yemrez has put Constantine on skates in the ring. She's attacking from every angle possible.

Cohen: I'll give credit where it's due Cat, she's certainly proving me wrong tonight. But Constantine is just weathering the storm right now. He's been in too many wars to go down this quickly.

Yemrez spins back around and runs at Constantine. He gets his hands up and pushes her up into the air but she locks her legs around his neck before leaning down and sending both to the mat. She tightens the figure four headlock, and tries to go for the push up facebuster, but Constantine shows his tremendous strength by slowly standing up and holding onto Yemrez. He steadies himself as Yemrez tries to drop punches down onto his head, but Constantine falls back quickly, causing Yemrez's head to bounce off the mat and releasing the hold. Both competitors stay down on the mat as Akiyama checks on both, the crowd cheering for their respective favorite. Constantine rolls over onto his stomach, shaking the cobwebs out from the onslaught before slowly pushing himself up. Yemrez meanwhile begins to get to her feet as well. The two meet in the center and Yemrez goes for a head kick, but Constantine catches her and pulls her up before delivering Isolation, a brutal fallaway slam! Yemrez bounces off the mat and under the bottom rope, lying on the ring apron as Constantine gets back to his feet. He climbs through the ropes onto the ring apron, pulling Yemrez up and wrapping his arm around her head. He suddenly drops down, delivering a DDT onto the ring apron! The crowd goes to a quiet whisper at the devastating move. Akiyama warns Constantine to get it back in the ring, but the ring general waves him off as Yemrez lies prone on the ground below. Constantine lifts her up and drives her back first into the side of the ring before delivering repeated punches. Yemrez tries to cover up as best she can, but Constantine doesn't let up, grabbing her arm and whipping her hard into the steel steps, sending the top part flying with Yemrez bouncing the opposite way. Constantine grabs her, throwing her into the ring where he goes for the cover, 1...........2.........Yemrez kicks out! Constantine looks stunned as he holds up three fingers to Akiyama, who confirms it was just a two.

Connor: Even Constantine is showing us something different here tonight. That ring apron DDT looked like it should have been enough to move on to the Gold Rush Finals, but Yemrez is still in this match.

Cohen: But for how long Cat? She's now on the receiving end of an absolute beating.

Constantine pulls Yemrez up, lifting her up and setting her on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up to the second rope, setting up for a superplex but Yemrez hits with open palm strikes to his side. She suddenly drops down and slides under Constantine before grabbing his legs and throwing them up, causing Constantine to go chest first into the turnbuckle. With Constantine prone, Yemrez backs into the corner, putting Constantine on her shoulders with an assist from the ropes. The crowd buzzes as she lets out a yell before delivering a rolling fireman's carry! As she rolls through she moonsaults back on top, delivering Eerie Blitz! She immediately hooks the leg, 1...........2..........3 NO! Constantine gets his leg on the bottom rope at the last second to break the count. Yemrez gets up, thinking she has won and holds her arm up in celebration but Akiyama quickly explains the foot on the rope. A dejected look forms on her face as she collapses in the corner, fatigue starting to set in for the upstart rookie. Constantine meanwhile begins to pull himself back up in the corner. Yemrez quickly charges forward, going for the double knees again, but Constantine catches her. He wraps his arm around her head and suddenly lifts her up for a vertical suplex! He holds her in place for a few moments before dropping her down hard onto the mat. Constantine stares down at Yemrez before getting up, motioning for The Axis! As Yemrez slowly gets to her feet, Constantine grabs her and lifts her up but Yemrez is able to slide off again, delivering a kick to the gut and delivering a corkscrew neckbreaker! She gets to her knees, her breathing heavy as she looks at Constantine and then at the top rope. She motions towards it and the crowd cheers loudly. She gets to her feet and climbs up slowly, perching on the top turnbuckle as Constantine slowly gets to his feet. As he turns around Yemrez comes flying off, corkscrewing in air looking for the Upshot! But Constantine moves and catches her and in one fluid motion delivers Collateral Damage! Yemrez smashes into mat from sudden change in torque and motion as Constantine hooks the leg, 1..............2..............3!

Anderson: Here is your winner, and advancing to the final of the Gold Rush Tournament, Constantine!

Connor: Constantine was able to catch the Upshot attempt by Yemrez and counter it into Collateral Damage for the victory tonight!

Cohen: You could tell Constantine had that scouted heavily and knew exactly how to turn it to his advantage.

Constantine sits up for a moment before getting to his feet as Akiyama raises his hand in victory. Yemrez rolls slowly out of the ring, a look of disappointment on her fatigued face. Constantine extends his arms out as the crowd mostly cheers for the veteran.

Eve Taylor makes her way out to a chorus of cheers from the crowd as Constantine looks towards her from the ring. She makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, the two finalists going face to face with one another.

Connor: What a match up we will have in the Gold Rush Final Jack! Eve and Constantine have battled before in tremendous match ups, but the stakes couldn't be any higher!

Cohen: You got that right Cat. And there's been no love lost between these two either.

Eve and Constantine talk back and forth as the crowd buzzes loudly around the two. Constantine nods his head towards Eve before extending his hand out to her. Eve looks down at the handshake offer then back to Constantine, a disgusted look on her face as she slaps his hand away. She turns and exits the ring, walking backwards up the ramp as she points and yells at Constantine.

Connor: Constantine may be trying to become a changed man, but that certainly hasn't proven anything to Eve Taylor.

Cohen: Can you blame her though Cat? Constantine has to atone for a lot of sins if he wants to prove that he has.

Connor: In any case the Gold Rush Final has been set. Eve Taylor will take on Constantine in a huge match!

The camera zooms out, showing Eve and Constantine staring each other down as we go to commercial.

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Old 07-08-2017, 09:41 AM
Da Prophet Da Prophet is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 1,207
Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...Da Prophet is getting some looks on Smackdown...
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Returning from the final commercial of the night we see that the ring has been modified. The canvas is replaced with carpet and inside the ring we find two black stools, one occupied by veteran interviewer Leon Kensworth. The crowd gives him a warm reception as he is shown on the big screen and Leon steps off the stool, walking forward and raising the microphone to his lips.

Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome the number one contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship – Flex Mussel!

It’s a strange reaction from the audience as Flex steps through the curtain and onto the stage. Wearing a finely fitting suit and a clean pair of dark brown shoes, Flex makes his way down to the ring amidst boos and cheers. He barely shares a glance with the audience as he climbs up the steps, wiping his feet on the apron of the ring, before slipping under the top rope and entering the ring.

Connor: He looks very confident, Jack. What do you think? Is this the man who will defeat Justin Cooper and wrestle the World Championship out of the clutches of Vis Imperium? Personally, I believe that Flex Mussel is in the best position possible. He made a mistake early in this title hunt. He fell for the trap set by Vis Imperium but since that day he has never been fooled by Cooper and company ever again. He has had control and I think that Flex is the biggest threat Cooper has ever faced. He wants the World Championship more than anything. He has beaten legends, ended careers and it was all in the name of getting to this point. I don’t think Cooper can stop him.

Cohen: Absolutely ridiculous. You underestimate the finest athlete in the entire world with statements like that. Justin Cooper is not in the main event, he is the main event! The last three pay-per-view events have all ended the exact same way. Millions of people purchase them around the world yet since October of last year they have all had the same ending: Justin Cooper standing tall as we fade to black. Nobody has been able to take him down and this Sunday, no matter how hard Flex tries, I cannot see him overcoming the power of Vis Imperium.

Inside the ring, Flex and Leon exchange a nod as Flex takes a seat on the empty stool. The music is cut off and the reaction of the crowd grows louder. Boos and cheers, mixed amongst each other, are shared by the audience towards the number one contender. He doesn’t look bothered, scratching his chin and showing only a smirk as he adjusts his suit a little.

Kensworth: First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to be part of this interview so close to Gold Rush. I know how chaotic these things can get and especially since you are in the main event and for the first time competing for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. Once again, thank you.

Mussel: It seems only fitting that since Cooper runs his mouth all day long across every platform available that I should get some airtime. Try as he might this isn’t about him. He isn’t the focus of Gold Rush. This is about me. It’s my journey to the World Championship. The work I put in, what I have accomplished, who I have beaten, I didn’t do all that to play second fiddle to a guy writing cheques his ass can’t cash. Justin Cooper is just the guy holding a belt, he isn’t a World Champion and he isn’t an elite competitor but I am. Cooper is nothing more than a pretender. This Sunday, the most forgettable reign in WZCW history comes to an end and it ends when I hit the Mussel Bomb in the middle of the ring.

The crowd gives that a cheer and Flex even breaks out a smirk.

Mussel: I don’t care if I have to Mussel Bomb him, Keaton, Adonis, LeBelle or even Mr. Banks, hell I’d do ‘em all at the same freaking time if I have to. When I hit the Mussel Bomb people stay down. You don't get up from the Mussel Bomb. Ask Tastic, Taylor, Daggershield, McKay or even Vance Bateman. I will walk out of Gold Rush as WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and there is nothing anybody can do to stop that.

Kensworth: You mentioned that you’ve worked hard to get to this point. What does it mean to you to be only a few days away from wrestling for a World Championship?

Mussel: This is what everyone in the back is working for and ultimately only a handful can achieve it. Few get to compete for the title and even less get to actually hold the gold with the confetti falling. I want… no, I need to fell that. I have given everything to get to this point. These fans are split, you can hear them cheering and booing right now because I’m the lesser of two evils in this match. I’m not the hero they want. They wanted Eve Taylor or Matt Tastic but I beat them both. I exposed the sham that was Matt Tastic at Kingdom Come when I defeated him with ease. I exposed Eve Taylor for being the tits and ass of Cerberus just like I said she was.

Now the crowd boos very loudly for the diss towards the fan favourites. It gets so loud Flex can barely be heard as he continues.

Mussel: She was supposedly the leader of Cerberus but here I am sitting with you days before my World Title match. I’m the one who climbed out of the ashes of Cerberus and has ascended to heights unmatched by either of the other two. I stand alone at the apex of that faction and when I win the World Championship this Sunday, my legacy will be complete and the history of Cerberus will tell the story not of the group as a whole but of my rise to absolute wrestling immorality. My legacy is one Mussel Bomb, that's all it takes, from being set.

Kensworth: It’s been discussed on several platforms throughout WZCW however I’ve got to ask the question. It’s what everyone is thinking about. How are you going to overcome Vis Imperium?

The mention of the stable draws heat from the crowd as Flex leans forward a bit towards Leon.

Mussel: Let them come. Let the whole group rush the ring and see what happens. I’m not worried about a bunch of second and third rate talents when I’m so far and away better than all of them. They beat me up once. One time, when I wasn’t ready and since that they haven’t been able to touch me. That’s not luck, Leon. That’s me dominating them. Four versus one and somehow I find myself in a better situation than them. Here I am tonight, out in the open, talking to you and do I look afraid?

Kensworth: No, not at all.

Mussel: If I cared about Vis Imperium you’d think I’d be worried about being out here. Most people wouldn’t risk it for fear of attack but here I am! If they want to fight they know where to find me. Vis Imperium has their own problems brewing, Leon. They have pissed off Tyrone Blades and LeBelle has drawn his attention. Tastic, even a broken down version as he is today, has Keaton’s attention. That leaves only one. That means that this Sunday, Cooper may not have the help he expects to have. He will be standing in this ring with me and nobody left to drag him out of the fire. He calls himself the greatest but everyone else knows his nickname is the Pretender and I'll prove it this Sunday.

The crowd turn their attention to the stage as the man in question, WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and leader of Vis Imperium – Justin Cooper emerges with a grin on his face. He is dressed in a white suit, his famous flare added by a single rainbow streak on his black dress shoes. Cooper is received with only boos, shouts and curses from the audience. Inside the ring, Flex stands up off his chair and focuses on his opponent for Sunday.

Cooper: Please, take a seat. Don’t allow little ole me to interrupt what I’m sure is a fabulous piece of wrestling commentary. A little advice if I could, Flex. Try not to sound as dull as you appear because I was sitting in the back near falling asleep. Between you and these sheep who can’t see to make up their mind as if they want to cheer or boo you, it truly is like I’m surrounded by complete and utter idiots!

Mussel: I can’t seem to hear you from all the way up there, Cooper. How about you come down to this ring and we can have a talk? I’ve even saved you a seat.

Flex grabs the chair he was sitting on and moves it in front of him and waves Cooper down to the ring.

Cooper: How kind of you. I think not. Well, at least not right now. No, I have a few things I’d like to say and considering this is the last time we will see each other before Sunday night, I’ll do just that. You’ve fallen into the same trap that everyone else always does and quite frankly it’s starting to piss me off.

Slowly, the World Champion beings pacing up on the ramp with the title belt firmly strapped around his waist.

Cooper: They all doubt me. No matter who I beat or how easily I do it. For all the so called legends you have defeated I’ve taken out twice as many. It was I who drove Ty from this company! It was I who defeated 28 men and women in Lethal Lottery and ripped this title from the hands of the chosen one, Mikey Stormrage. I retired Garth. I did it all by myself. I slayed the White Knight! I took Vis Imperium right out from under John as he was left bleeding on a table backstage. I have done so much! So damn much and yet I am continually shunned for lesser talents.

Mussel: And let me guess, you think I’m a lesser talent?

Sharply, Cooper turns and faces the ring. He runs his fingers through his hair and then softly against the title belt.

Cooper: Just the opposite. You are a fantastic talent, Flex. One of the best and against anyone else you should be favoured. However, you’re not the best. I am! I hear whispers of people calling me the Pretender. Don't think I am so stupid to be ignorant to the cries of the vermin that crowd the backstage halls of this federation. Ungrateful, the lot of 'em! I have carried this company on my back and out of the shadows cast by Mikey and Garth. Under them this business was on its knees and now, fresh faces, new matches, a thriving company and it’s all because of me. You, the boys and girls in the back and this fans should be on your knees and thanking me! That’s what I don’t get. You are all so ignorant, you hate me but you take all the benefits of having me at the top without saying thanks. You and all the rest love the big shows, the extra media, the extra money… it’s all because of me! I have saved this company from mediocrity!

Mussel: Last time I checked you ran away from this business for two years and during that period is when this company needed help. You were nowhere to be found. While I was being part of the first ever Tag Team Championship main event, you were sitting at home crying about your lost opportunities and failed career. Don’t think for a second that you have given to this company more than you have taken, Cooper. You are a leach and you have sucked this and Mr. Banks for everything you can!

Suddenly, Cooper begins rushing down to the ring and the crowd erupts. Flex shoves the chairs and they go flying out of the ring, as does Leon who slides under the bottom rope. Halfway down the ramp Cooper stops and raises a wagging finger.

Cooper: Gotcha! You’re so predictable, Flex. Always wanting to fight with fists instead of words. That’s the funny thing about this whole situation. You’re stronger than me. You’re faster than me. You’re the fittest man on earth, Flex. I will surrender that.

Mussel: Like you had a choice. What’s your point?

The camera shows Cooper, his face now breaking into a sly smile as he takes a few steps towards the ring. He reaches up and climbs onto the apron of the ring, Flex standing a few feet away from him and ready for a fight. Flex rips off his suit jacket and tosses it to the ground, his shirt comes off next and he yells for Cooper to step up.

Cooper: My point is that you are all of those things for certain. At the end of the day, it means nothing if you’re not smarter than me. You mentioned over and over again today and in the past few weeks since our match was announced that it would only take one Mussel Bomb for you to defeat me. Am I getting that correct?

Mussel: Just one. Ask Bateman or McKay how it feels if you doubt it.

Cooper: Oh, I did just that. I went and saw Vance yesterday and so did Mr. Banks. To say what I saw was terrible would be an understatement. The man is hurt, badly. I dare say he may never walk again and it’s all because of you, and more importantly that finisher of yours. The Mussel Bomb is dangerous, it’s vile and it is barbaric! That opinion was also held by Mr. Banks and earlier this morning he sat down with the WZCW Board of Directors.

Flex begins to look worried as he lowers his guard. On the apron, Cooper is trying his hardest not to laugh as he continues. His smile from ear to ear.

Cooper: The same group who nullified my Hall of Fame induction has finally proven their worth because it is my pleasure to inform not only the WZCW fans but also you, Flex, that our match at Gold Rush now has a stipulation! Allow me to read from the official announcement, “Due to the serious threat and danger to the opponent, WZCW cannot allow the use of the Mussel Bomb until further evaluation can be conducted as to whether or not the move violates the heath and safety parameters established by WZCW insurance.”

Huge boos from the audience as Cooper nearly falls off the apron from laughing. Flex is left stunned inside the ring as he starts to comprehend what that means for the biggest match of his career.

Cooper: In case you’re a little slow I’ll put it simply, if you are caught by the referee using the Mussel Bomb during our match on Sunday than not only will you lose the contest but you will be fired!

Slowly, Flex reaches down and picks up a microphone from the canvas. He doesn’t look at up Cooper, keeping his eyes on the microphone as this bombshell is still being discussed by fans around the arena.

Mussel: You may have taken away my biggest weapon but don't think for a second I've waited this long for a chance at the World Championship and only had one way to win. Your cowardice won't save you now, Cooper. You are the Pretender and the time for your games is at an end. Your title reign is as good as dead come Sunday night!

With a burst of quickness, Flex rushes Cooper and swings a violent right hand which misses by an inch. Cooper falls to the ground and lands on his backside before scurrying away up the ramp with the World Championship tightly in his grasp. Flex leans over the ropes and begins shouting towards Cooper as the fans give him their support. Far from the hero they want but he is the challenger they have.

Connor: Huge breaking news here tonight. The Mussel Bomb has been banned for this Sunday’s World Title match between Justin Cooper and Flex Mussel. The man in tight with the owner of WZCW has worked his magic yet again to get the biggest weapon, and threat, to his title reign banned. It’s sickening to see how the rules are being changed for Cooper, Jack!

Cohen: Did you not see the injuries Vance Bateman sustained last week? Will McKay's career has been ended due to the Mussel Bomb. It’s completely justified to have the move banned and one I think is long overdue. If this action would have been taken months ago we could still see some of these legends that Flex has injured. Don’t forget that if Flex uses the move he not only automatically loses the match but his contract will be terminated. That’s huge, CC.

Connor: With just days before their epic clash in the main event of Gold Rush, the tables have been turned and the pieces set to favour Justin Cooper. Flex Mussel will be without his biggest weapon and now he must face Justin Cooper with a new game plan. He has less than a week to prepare for the biggest match of his life and must do so without the Mussel Bomb. What will happen when these two collide? Tune in on Sunday to find out. I’m Cat Connor, thank you for being with us and see you at Gold Rush!

The final image is of Flex Mussel standing inside the ring looking up the ramp as Justin Cooper who holds the title belt high in the air. The fans all standing as the show comes to a close.

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Ascension 119

Mayhem Title: Tyrone Blades versus Obi versus Will McKay versus Gabi Clark - Prophet
Elite Number One Contendership: Batti versus Vee ADZ - Callie Clark special referee (will need to RP) - Jeff
Gold Rush Semi: Constantine versus Yemrez - Ty
Flex Mussel versus Kagura - KJ
Vis Imperium (Keaton & LeBelle) versus Manicni and Wren - Falkon [GUEST WRITER]

Thanks to the guest writers this round and Jeff for saving our butts. Lots of love to Lee so he feels better.

Gold Rush 2017
*Card subject to change*

Confirmed matches:

Click for Spoiler:
WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
If Flex is caught using the Mussel Bomb he will lose the match and be fired
Justin Cooper (c) versus Flex Mussel

Eurasian Championship
Best 2/3 Falls
Titus Avison (c) versus Wren

Elite Openweight Championship
Callie Clark (c) versus Batti

Mayhem Championship
Obi Okafor (c) versus Randy Studd

First Blood Match
Tyrone Blades versus Xander LeBelle

Matt Tastic versus Mark Keaton

Tournament Final
Constantine versus Eve Taylor

KFAD Qualifier #1
Kagura versus Vee ADZ

KFAD Qualifier #2
Yemrez Reqonic vs. Lynx

KFAD Qualifier #3
Gauntlet Match
Tony Mancini
Logan McAllister
War Zone
And anyone else deemed eligible by WZCW management.

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