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Old 01-09-2010, 02:22 PM
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Default Ascension 9

Some fireworks shoot out of the stage area as Catherine Connor welcomes us to Ascension

Connor: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the ninth edition of Ascension. Tonight we are emanating from Raleigh in the great state of North Carolina. We have another stellar show set up for you tonight and without further ado, let me introduce you to my broadcast partner, Jack Cohen!

Cohen: Yes, folks! Another great show is on the way and to start it all off, we have the true Champion, Steamboat Ricky ready to address his adoring fans.

The camera pans to show Ricky inside the ring with a mic in his hand. He raises it to his mouth and is drowned out by the hot Raleigh crowd.

Ricky: A few weeks ago, a terrible, terrible attack took place on the number one contender for the WZCW Heavyweight Championship.

Ricky lets a sly smile reach the corner of his mouth as he continues.

Ricky: Now, obviously people were going to jump to conclusions. I got a suspension and the business of the rWo was interrupted because of this attack. That, to the true Champion, is unacceptable. I made it my business to find out who carried out this atrocity and after a rigorous search, I have found the men who carried out the attack.

The crowd gasp as Ricky continues his monologue.

Ricky: Well, that is not exactly true. I know one of the men. That man, has been asking for trouble for a while now and tonight he is going to have to deal with the consequences. Tonight, that man faces the wrath of the most dominant force in WZCW and he will know that no one messes in the affairs of the rWo.

Ricky drops the mic that he was holding and exits the ring.

Cohen: You see, CC. This is already shaping up to be one of the best Ascensions to date.

Connor: You have that exactly right, Jack. After weeks of speculation, Steamboat Rocky has promised to reveal who one of the mystery attackers are tonight. However, we have a great match coming up folks. Hunter Kravinoff vs Doug Crashin is up next, and it kicks off an action packed Ascension!

The bell sounds

Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The lights go out of the arena. Green money signs fill the spot lights as they pan in the arena while strobes flash as ‘Black Betty’ starts playing. A spotlight shines down on the stage as newcomer Doug Crashin appears on the stage with his back to the camera. He turns around and starts to strut down the ramp as he insults some fans. He climbs into the ring and tells Anderson to leave the ring and motions for a ceiling mic to drop down.

Crashin: Ladies and Gentleman! Opening Ascension tonight is a man who weighs in tonight at 240 pounds! He hails from Yokohama, Japan and is The Incredible One, Doug Craaaaassssshhhhhiiiiinnnnnn!

Connor: Certainly knows how to make his presence felt!

Cohen: And don’t you know it!

Crashin lets go of the mic as the lights go back up as “Devil Inside” by INXS kicks in as the Leopard tight wearing Hunter Kravinoff walks out hastily onto the stage and down the ramp, looking almost confused while giving the audience a strange and yet murderous looking stare.

Anderson: His opponent, from The East African Republic of Uganda, weighing in at 245 pounds, Hunter Kravinoff!

Connor: Hunter Kravinoff, makes his first televised appearance on WZCW, and much like Crashin, this is his first contracted match. Both will look to make further impressions, having already impressed our scouts late on in 2009!

Kravinoff climbs into the ring and stares Crashin down, but Crashin just shrugs and kicks him in the abs as the bell rings, he follows with a right and another, backing Kravinoff into the corner and continues with the rights until the referee tells him to break off the attack after counting to four. Crashin backs off for a second and goes in again but Kravinoff dodges and hits some rights of his own, he then irish whips Crashin into the other corner who hits the turnbuckle front first and staggers backwards into backdrop from his opponent. Hunter gets up and gets Crashin up with him before lifting him up in a slow moving suplex, giving him the full effect of hitting the canvas, he goes for a pin attempt 1…..2…kickout by Crashin.

Hunter gets Doug off his feet and irish whips him, he goes for a big boot but Doug ducks under it and then grabs the ropes to stop him from running and slides out the ring to a series of boos, to which Doug questions why the crowd is taunting him. Hunter stands in the ring, telling Crashin to get in the ring and then proceeds to taunt him. Doug then climbs onto the apron and Hunter goes over, but is met with a high kick to the head from his opponent, Crashin then climbs in, kicks him in the leg, followed by another in the midsection, he takes a step back and takes down Kravinoff with a spinning roundhouse to the head. He then tries to lock in the STC but Kravinoff is quick to the ropes and he is forced to break the hold.

Connor: Kravinoff’s quite good with knowing his surroundings

Cohen: As is Crashin, did you see that kick he did after that excellent plan to give himself some time outside of the ring?

Both men are quick to their feet as Crashin gives a right to Kravinoff’s head to make him lose composure for moment, but Kravinoff responds with his own and he goes for a huge right which makes Crashin lose his balance and turn his back to his opponent, for goes for a Tiger suplex, but Crashin leaps over his head and then locks in the Crossface Crashin Wing, keeping his arms wrapped around Hunter’s head and eventually wrapping his legs around his torso when he’s finally on the mat. Kravinoff has a tense look of trying to hold the pressure from his opponent but refuses to tap.

After a few minutes, Kravinoff looks like he’s waning and the ref lifts his arm up in the air, he drops it down and it hits the ground, 1. He lifts it up a second time, it drops again, 2. He goes for the third and final lift, but the arm stays in the air as Crashin looks shocked and Kravinoff starts shaking and is able to roll onto his knees with Crashin still on his back. He’s eventually fully vertical and then drops onto his back, sandwiching Crashin between him and the mat.

Cohen: I’m starting to like this Kravinoff, he’s got durability on him!

Connor: But give credit to Crashin for showing his arsenal against him

Both men are slow to get back up but Hunter is up first and sees Crashin is just behind in the race to being vertical, so he runs and goes for a lariat, but Doug seems to catch him in midair and reverse with a powerslam like cradle, he goes for a cover 1…..2….kickout. Crashin doesn’t believe the luck of the situation, but is quick to get up and stand posed waiting for Hunter to get up as well, he’s feeling the moment coming and there’s time no time for it. Eventually Hunter is up and is met with a middle finger, followed by a kick to the midsection and he goes for the Crashin Cutter, but Hunter makes him over-spin and then hits his Double-Underhook DDT. Cover by Kravinoff, 1….2…..3.

Anderson: Here is your winner, Hunter Kravinoff!

Connor: Impressive match by these men but it’s Hunter who gets the impressive debut against his opponent tonight.

Cohen: His opponent? How dare you disrespect Doug Crashin, he is the future of this company, mark my words! Anyway, what do we have next?

Connor: It’s the first Elite X League match of the night, now while we unfortunately had the Elite X lose out on the Two Pointer this week, no doubt we’ll have some excitement as we edge closer to finding out Frankie Smith’s…

Cohen: Or Austin Reynolds’…

Connor: ...opponent at Kingdom Come! Not to mention we have the Battle of the Challengers, and Ricky unveils the mystery behind Titus’ attacker! Still feels rather sceptical about this.

Cohen: Stop with this paranoia and enjoy the rest of what is going to be a great show here in Raleigh!

We cut backstage to Titus who is pacing back and forth, unsure what to make of Ricky's announcement at the start of the show. There's a knock at the door and in come Carmen Bratchny.

Bratchny: Hey Titus, listen, don't let this Ricky business affect you now. He's my business at Kingdom Come, let's take care of Second Coming tonight and hopefully this situation will work itself out. I wouldn't trust anything Ricky has to say given the amount of deceit he's given us for the past number of months.

Titus stops for a moment to let what Bratchny said sink in.

Titus...You know, you're right Carmen. But it's more about what if Ricky has done enough lying to prove that when he tells the truth, we don't know whether to accept it as a lie or believe it?

Bratchny: He's throwing you off your game and all because you got the shot he didn't get, so he parades himself as the champion he's not? He'll get his comeuppance soon, but for now, lets focus on the now. Second Coming, beat them, get closer to Kingdom Come. I'll let you have some focusing time, but I'll see you later tonight.

Titus: Cheers Bratch!

Bratchny leaves as Titus sighs and puts his hands on his hips while in deep thought.
Old 01-09-2010, 02:23 PM
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Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is an Elite X League match!

"Meet the Monster" by Five Finger Death Punch begins playing as Trevor walks out to the entrance ramp, a solemn look on his face. He makes his way down to the ring without making eye contact or acknowledging the fans.

Anderson: Introducing first, from Philadelphia, he stands 6'1" and weighs 270 lbs, Trevor Steel!

"The Star Spangled Banner" by Jimi Hendrix begins playing as USA rushes out to the entrance ramp full of energy. He turns around and salutes the American Flag on the Titan tron before turning around and running into the ring and salutes the fans.

Anderson: And his opponent, from Corpus Christi, he stands 6'4" and weighs 257 lbs, USA!

Connor: Trevor just doesn't seem to be himself tonight. He hasn't even showed his usual smile or waved to the fans.

Cohen: The litigation Cougar is pushing through against him must have him realizing he can't cause damage to personal property without consequences. I must say though, the money Trevor will be paying Cougar for the rest of his life went to a worthy cause. That new set is incredible.

The ref signals for the bell as Trevor and USA lock up in the middle of the ring. USA quickly puts a head lock on Trevor. Trevor backs up to the ropes and shoots USA across the ring. USA hits a clothesline off the rebound. He bounces off the ropes again and connects with an elbow drop across Trevor's chest. He goes for the cover but only gets a two count. USA pulls Trevor up and whips him into the corner. He rushes towards Trevor but Trevor moves out of the way. Trevor rolls USA up from behind but USA kicks out at two. Trevor kicks the rising USA in the midsection and lifts him up and hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a big clothesline.

Connor: Trevor is finally starting to show some life here. USA has been toying with him for the duration of this match so far.

Cohen: I'm not a fan of USA either, but at least he's willing to put effort into a league match. Trevor is just here to collect a paycheck just like I expected.

Trevor stomps away at USA before dragging him up and applies a wastelock, lifting USA over his head and hitting a German Suplex. Trevor goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Trevor steps back and motions for USA to get up. As USA slowly gets to his feet, Trover runs from behind and connects with a running bulldog. Trevor runs and bounces off the ropes and goes for a legdrop but USA moves out of the way. As Trevor gets up and turns around, USA lifts him up onto his shoulders and hits a Samoan drop, bouncing Trevor's head off the mat.

Cohen: That's what I expected, USA overpowering this wanna be rock star.

Connor: USA is back in control of this match once more. I don't think Trevor is in the right mind state to be in a match.

Cohen: Have you seen how much he headbangs? I'm surprised he even has a mind state anymore.

USA grabs Trevor's legs and flips him over and applies a Boston Crab, stretching Trevor's backwards. Trevor struggles in immense pain as he reaches for the ropes. He begins inching his way towards the ropes but USA stands up quickly and pulls him into the middle of the ring. Trevor looks to just about tap out but he suddenly flips over and kicks USA off. Trevor gets up and kicks USA in the gut and connects with a big headbutt which sends USA into the corner. Trevor backs up into the opposite corner and rushes forward, hitting a big splash on USA. USA stumbles out and Trevor picks him up for the Michinoku Driver but USA floats over. He kicks the turning Trevor in the gut and quickly lifts him up and connects with the Rockets Red Glare!. He covers Trevor and gets the three count!

Anderson: Here is your winner, USA!

Connor: What a reversal by USA. It looked as if Trevor was going to take home the point in the Elite X League but instead it's USA taking another step towards the top of the standings.

Cohen: More importantly Double C, that rat Trevor Steel has dropped down in the standings, and I don'[t think he'll have a chance to reach the top spot. His opportunity in the league has fallen short.

USA gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the ref and he salutes to the crowd. Trevor slowly gets to his knees, his head lowered. He reaches up with one hand and grasps a handful of his hair, obviously frustrated.
Old 01-09-2010, 02:23 PM
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Davie Broon Davie Broon is online now
Used to be somebody...
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Age: 28
Posts: 4,509
Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...

Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!

”Hail Mary” by 2pac hits the sound system as James Baker with his title over his shoulder and Malik Jones make their way out as a big pop erupts in the arena.

Anderson: Introducing first, from Compton, California., standing at 6'0, weighing 232 pounds, the Mayhem Champion, James Baker!

He makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands of the fans before sliding into the ring and jumping to the second turnbuckle, posing for the crowd with his title held

Connor: It seems Baker cannot be stopped at the moment, as his tremendous reign as Mayhem champion rolls onwards.

Cohen: Well hopefully he'll hit a roadblock tonight. I never say this enough, but Baker is the definition of a poser.

Next, Violet Hill by Coldplay hits and Excellency makes his way onto the stage with people on the stage on their knees and worshipping Excellency as he walks down the
entrance ramp.

Anderson: The challenger, from Vatican City, standing at 6'7", weighing 260 pounds, Excellency!

Excellency gets into the ring and looks out into the crowd. Baker keeps his eyes on Excellency as he hands his title belt to the referee.

Connor: Some say that Excellency is lucky to get another title shot after his questionable performance last week.

Cohen: You're too kind, Connor. The man got his ass handed. I don't like Baker, but at least the guy wins occasionally.

The referee holds up the championship, then calls for the bell. The two men circle each other and lock up. Excellency overpowers Baker, pushing him backwards to the turnbuckle. The ref counts to 4 and Excellency backs off. Baker comes out of the corner and they start circling each other again. Baker claps his hands and the crowd follows his lead, clapping in time with him. They lock up again, and again Excellency backs Baker into the corner. The referee begins the count, and Excellency backs off. But just as quickly as he backs away, he runs at Baker. Baker uses his superior speed to roll out of the way, leaving Excellency to go head first into the turnbuckle. He stumbles backwards as Baker goes onto to apron, jumps up and hits a big Springboard Flying Forearm to the base of Excellency's skull. Baker gets to his feet and shouts "Come on!" to the crowd, who respond with a huge pop.

Cohen: Can you believe this guy? Talk about a suck up...

Connor: Well Baker is feeling the adrenaline here tonight, and the crowd are completely behind him.

Baker rolls out of the ring and lifts up the ring apron, searching for some weapons to play with. He takes out a trash can and holds it high above his head to another pop from the crowd. He gets up on the apron but Excellency, who is now back on his feet, runs at Baker and nails him with a boot to the face with such force that Baker is hurled off the apron and hits the crowd barricade. He crumbles to the ground, clutching his ribs as Excellency slowly makes his way outside and picks up the abandoned trash can. Baker uses the barricade to get to his feet but is met with a trash can to the skull from Excellency. Excellency then quickly goes for the pin. 1....2... Kick out by the Mayhem champion! Excellency then picks up Baker and puts him in powerbomb position on his shoulders. But Baker hits a few punches on Excellency and reverses the powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Both men are on the ground for a moment, but Baker picks himself up and walks over to the steel ring steps. He takes off the top section of the steps and leans them vertically against the crowd barricade. He picks Excellency up and Irish whips him towards the steps.

Excellency crashes shoulder first into the steps, as he falls to the ground, screaming in agony and clutching his shoulder. Baker picks up the trash can, which has a large dent in it caused by his own skull, and viciously hurls it at Excellency's head. It bounces off his skull as his eyes glaze over as Baker goes under the ring and takes out a table. He sets it up on the outside the ring and then walks over Excellency. He drags Excellency over to the table and lays him upon it. He then points to the nearest turnbuckle, to which the crowd respond with a huge cheer. Baker jumps up onto the apron and climbs up onto the turnbuckle.

Connor: Oh my god! Baker must be at least 12 feet above Excellency! He'll take himself out here, if he's not careful!

Cohen: Quiet, Connor! This match just got interesting.

But before Baker can jump off the turnbuckle, Excellency gets up off the table. Baker jumps anyway, going for the Crossbody but Excellency catches Baker. Excellency runs at the ring post, causing a sickening crack as Bakers spine hits of it. Excellency, still holding Baker, hits a big Spinebuster onto the bottom section of the steel steps that Baker used the top half of earlier. Excellency looks around and spots the top half of the steel steps. He picks them up and throws them into the ring. He rolls into the ring after them, and picks them up before climbing onto the turnbuckle with the steps in hand. From the top rope, he holds the top half of the steps over Baker, who's lying on the bottom half of the steps below him on the outside of the ring.

Connor: He's going to drop the top half of those steel ring steps on Baker! They weigh about 60 pounds, that'll easilt break Baker's ribs!

Cohen: Do it, Excellency! Do it!!

Excellency holds the steps over Baker for a few more seconds before letting go of them. They plummet downwards from the top rope towards Baker, but he manages to get out of the way at the last split second. The steps collide with its bottom half, causing a sharp crash to go through the arena. Before Excellency realises it, Baker jumps on to the apron, rapidly goes up the turnbuckle and grabs Excellency in a side headlock before jumping off and Bulldogging Excellecny through the table below. The crowd let our a huge cheer and a "Holy Sh*t!" chant breaks out. Baker slowly drapes an arm across Excellency as the referee checks on them both. 1....2... Excellency barely lifts his shoulder. Baker slowly sits up and shakes his head to try and clear away the groggyness. He picks up Excellency and rolls him into the ring. He then goes beside the announcers table, picks up two steel chairs and tosses them into the ring. He sets up one chair, and sits Excellency in it before grabbing the other steel chair and walking towards the corner. He takes few breaths, then runs at Excellency, hitting a Shining Wizard with the chair in front of his knee for extra impact. Excellency falls backwards out of the chair from the force of the Shining Wizard, with a huge now open on his forehead, causing blood to trickle down his face. Baker crawls over and covers Excellency. 1....2... Kick out again by Excellency. Baker sits up and runs his hands over his face, wondering what he needs to do to put Excellency away. He rolls out of the ring and lifts up the ring apron. This time he's looking for something specific and he finally spots it. He bends down and slides a 20 foot ladder out from under the ring. The crowd go crazy and begin to chant "Baker! Baker!" He slides the ladder into the ring and slowly follows it in. He picks up Excellency to his feet and out of nowhere Excellency hits a desperation clothesline. Both men are on the ground, Excellency in a bloody mess. Both men start to get to their feet. Baker runs at Excellency, but Excellency picks him up and and drops him with a sidewalk slam onto the ladder. Baker rolls off the ladder with a grimace of utmost agony on his feet. Excellency is on his hands and knees as he drags the ladder towards him and gets to his feet with it in his hands. He limps over towards Baker and smashed the ladder into Baker's grounded body. Baker again clutches his ribs before Excellency goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick out by the Mayhem champion. Excellency gets up and sets up the ladder. He picks up Baker and delivers a Belly to Belly Suplex into the ladder. The ladder doesn't fall over, but it rattles violently as Baker's body smashes into it. Excellency goes for another pin. 1... 2.... Kick out again by Baker. Excellency gets up with a look of slight shock on his bloodied face.

Connor: What an epic match we're seeing here! Neither man can keep his opponent down for the 3!

Cohen: There's something beautiful out of watching to talentless morons beat each other senseless. It's almost poetic.

Excellency leans against the ropes, staring at Baker's almost still body. Suddenly, a smile spreads across his face. He wipes away some of the blood before going to the outside and looking under the ring. He searches for a moment before grabbing a small, plastic, black bag. He lifts it up the crowd who don't react until he turns it upside down. There's a collective intake of breath from the crowd as thousands of tacks fall to the ground. As Excellency is dumping the tacks on the ground outside the ring, Baker has made his way to his feet inside the ring and is slowly climbing the 20 foot ladder. The crowd, noticing this, all stand up to see what happens. Baker makes it to the top of the ladder just as Excellency is finished spreading out the tacks. As Excellency turns around, Baker launches himself off the ladder, falling 25 feet to the outside and hitting Excellency with a Crossbody. The crowd go crazy and start chanting "Holy Sh*t!" again as the announcers are left speechless. Suddenly Hunter Kravinoff appears on the entrance ramp with a kendo stick in his hand. He surveys the scene for a few seconds, before walking down the entrance ramp. He approaches Baker and Excellency, who are still on the ground, barely conscious. Suddenly he starts hitting both men with the Kendo Stick with neither man able to fight back. Then The Killjoy also appears, closely followed by Doug Crashin and John Smith, each carrying a weapon. They all surround both Baker and Excellency, beating on both men. The crowd boo loudly, watching the 4 men as they interrupt the brutal match.

Cohen: Ahh, some people who are more deserving of a title shot! Great!

Connor: What the hell is going? This classic Mayhem Title match has been interrupted by 4 of WZCW's newest signings!

With Kravnoff giving instructions, The Killjoy and Crashin take out a table from under the ring and set it up as John Smith picks up Excellency. With encouragement from his fellow wrestlers and boos from the crowd, Smith delivers a devastating chokeslam to Excellency through the table. Smith raises his arms in celebration but suddenly, a bloody Baker comes out of nowhere and delivers a sledgehammer shot to Smith's head, causing him to collapse. He then hits The Killjoy, who also instantly falls to the ground. Crashin swings his a chair at Baker, but Baker ducks under it and dropkicks the chair into Crashin's face. Crashin drops the chair and stands dazedfor a few moments before Baker hits Da Xtreme Knockout on Crashin onto the chair. Kravinoff lifts his Kendo stick into the air to hit Baker from behind, but it's stopped in mid-swing by Excellency who catches it and wrenches it from Kravinoff's grasp. Kravinoff falls to his knees, begging Excellency to have mercy. Excellency spits out some blood that has trickled into his mouth before cracking Kravinoff in the skull with the kendo stick. Baker and Excellency look at each other for a moment. Baker gives a nod of thanks to Excellency, who reluctantly returns it before suddenly swinging the kendo stick at Baker. Baker moves out of the way of theswing and hits Excellency with a few punches and kicks. Baker tries to go for a suplex, but Excellency powers out of it and delivers a huge kick to Baker's gut. Excellency leans against the barrier for support before seeing the tacks inches from where Baker is standing and taking the opportunity. Excellency delivers another kick to Baker's gut and delivers a big Gut-wrench Powerbomb into the tacks. Baker yells out in pain and Excellency goes for the cover. 1.... 2.... Kick out!!

Excellency slaps his forehead in disbelief. He slowly makes his way to his feet and picks Baker up before rolling him into the ring. Excellency climbs into the ring after him. Excellency leans against the ring ropes, trying to catch his breath. He then picks up Baker again, and lifts him onto his shoulders, in The Crowning position. Excellency pushes Baker off his shoulder, into the air, about to execute the move but Baker acrobatically lands on his feet and delivers a desperation Shining Wizard. Both men fall to the ground, but Baker is the only one showing signs of life. He crawls over to the turnbuckle and climbs up onto it and hesitates for a moment before finally delivering All Eyez On Me. Bakers pin Excellency 1... 2... 3!

Connor: What a match! Baker pulls out the victory, keeping his beloved Mayhem Title!

Anderson: Here is your winner and still Mayehm Champion, Jamer Baker!


A busy locker-room is seen as we see the reigning Mayhem Champion James Baker coming back from his match with the WZCW Mayhem Championship clutched in his right hand. A few of the more polite people on the roster approach him and he thanks them for their support. As the crowd moves towards Baker, a lonely figure remains at the back of the locker-room. It is that of Karnage who merely grunts. As he is on his way out of the locker-room, Blade pokes a question at him.

Blade: Hey! Where the Hell are you going!?

Karnage looks at Blade with a scowl. Blade doesn’t move an inch though. Karnage tilts his head to one side and comes back inside the room.

Karnage: You saying something, boy?

Blade: Yeah, I am. James Baker just went through a brutal match out there and all you give him is a grunt.

Karnage: Please, I could have done that in my sleep. His opponent is but a blip on my radar. I have bigger fish to fry tonight and with you needing help to get you through your league matches, I would keep my nose out if I were you.

Blade: Oh! I’ve been making an impact around here. I seem to recall there being an impact when I beat you at the Lethal Lottery.

Karnage scowls and lets out a laugh that silences the locker-room as the turn to see what is happening.

Karnage: Hmm! An Impact huh? Was it an impact when you attacked Titus? Or maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe it was you, Carmen. Or maybe it was you, James. You all seem to realise that this is just delaying the inevitable. Tonight, Ricky announces who attacked Titus and I wouldn’t want to be the man standing in his shoes when Ricky does.

Karnage turns and walks out of the room. After a brief silence, arguments begin to wage around the locker-room with every man accusing another of attacking Titus until Vance Bateman enters.

Bateman: Gentleman, gentleman! I will not have chaos ensuming while on my show, that's for Meltdown. As for Ricky and rWo's knowledge of the attacker, this is purely speculation until I have confirmation or until Ricky reports to me, so please take any behaviour like this with a grain of salt and remain business as usual!

However, one I can confirm now is that, after seeing the chaos that ensumed and how enthusiastic the WZCW Roster appears to be for the Mayhem Title, I am officially announcing tonight that at Kingdom Come, there will be a Mayhem Scramble taking place. If you want a shot at the Mayhem Title and you don't have a match yet, come see me next week or the week of the Megashow. The rules will be explained in due time, but this is an open contest to anyone without a match. Mr. Baker, you better get yourself cleaned up and ready, especially as you have another defence next week, and this one will be previewing the Scramble in some form. Come see me in my office when you're ready.

As for the rest of you, continue to make Ascension a success, not a mother's meeting board!

Bateman leaves as the locker room stands in pure silence.
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Connor: Well Steel and USA was a close one, but this gives a chance for Ace and Karnage to really have a chance to capitalise. Karnage in particular will want this win given Zander’s misfortunes last night!

Cohen: Misfortunes? He lost didn’t he? Let’s get this match going before you bore me!

Anderson: The following contest is an Elite X League match, scheduled for one fall!

“Monster” by Skillet hits the arena as Karnage comes out onto the stage, looking very focused and determined as he stands on top of the stage. The crowd erupt with furious booing and chants aimed at Karnage who looks around the arena and then nonchalantly walks down the ramp.

Anderson: Introducing first, from Scotland in the United Kingdom, weighing in at 287 pounds, Criminal Karnage!

Karnage continues down the ramp and as he reaches the ring, slides under the bottom rope. He moves around the ring quickly, looking out in every direction as a chorus of boos rain down upon him. He merely smiles and mounts the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd as he waits for his opponent to come out.

The boos get heavier as the usual rWo reception goes, but despite this, a grinning Ace David comes out grinning through the curtain. He gets on his knees halfway down the ramp and holds his arms out horizontal looking up with his eyes closed. After a few moments he gets on his feet and nods at Karnage who stands waiting in the ring and slides in, taunting him and the crowd.

Anderson: His opponent, representing the rWo, from Brisbane, Australia, weighing in at 231 pounds, Ace David!

Connor: Can Ace stop Karnage in his tracks to keep his chances of the Elite X Title shot alive?

Cohen: Of course he can, he’s part of the rWo dammit!

The bell sounds as Ace and Karnage stand there, hands on hips, they both have a smile going between each other having a laugh, until Karnage makes a serious gesture on his face and before Ace can react, Karnage spears him off his feet. Karnage gets Ace up and puts him on his shoulders, looking for the Solitary Confinement but Ace jumps off and shoves Karnage away who turns around and both give an impressive look at each other. Karnage runs at Ace again who hits the deck and then gets up and runs the opposite way to go for a flying forearm smash, which connects and Ace hits a few rights on Karnage’s head but is shortly shoved off by his bigger opponent.

Ace goes for a quick enziguri which connects and Karnage is down, Ace then drops an elbow on the back of his head and sits for a moment, looking at Karnage and then at the staging, but no-one is there. He gets up and runs at the ropes to go for a leg drop but Karnage rolls out of the way, who gets up and runs behind Ace and then hits a neckbreaker, followed by him picking him up again and hitting a brainbuster, he goes for a cover 1…..2…kickout by Ace. Karnage takes Ace to the corner and hits an elbow against his head, followed by another and then he throws Ace out of the corner as he stands there looking with a smile on his face.

Connor: Interesting tactics by Karnage, but I wonder why he’s smiling?

Cohen: Maybe because he feels closer to that title shot? It would seem that way

Karnage grabs Ace from behind and goes for a German suplex but the lift is awkward and Ace uses his weigh to force Karnage’s head down to the mat first, he takes some time to get back up as does Karnage. Ace stands waiting for Karnage and waits for him to turn around, but Karnage instead runs at the ropes and goes for the Early Release, Ace ducks it and hits a European uppercut to take Karnage off of his feet, he runs at the ropes and goes for the Live Large, but Karnage gets his knees and Ace holds his ribs that suffered from that counter.

Ace rolls around on the canvas before stopping and yelling some swear words, he then composes and shakes his head with a disappointing look. He looks directly at the camera in front of him and mouths “Not going to happen this way!” He gets up to waiting Karnage who kicks him in the abs and lifts him up on his shoulders, looking for the Solitary Confinement. Karnage connects but immediately falls to the floor, holding his groin as the referee signals for the bell and calls over Anderson.

Connor: What? What just happened there?

Cohen: Is the match over? What just happened?

Anderson: Ladies and Gentleman. The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, Criminal Karnage!

Connor: Can we get a replay of this? I want to know what happened!

Karnage kicks Ace in the abs and lifts him up on his shoulders, looking for the Solitary Confinement. Karnage connects but immediately falls to the floor, holding his groin as the referee signals for the bell
Cohen: Where’s the DQ?

Connor: Can we get another angle please?

Originally Posted by Ring side camera
Karnage kicks Ace in the abs and lifts him up on his shoulders, looking for the Solitary Confinement. The footage slows down to show on the descent, Ace hits Karnage with a low blow before he hits the canvas from the Solitary Confinement. Karnage immediately falls to the floor, holding his groin as the referee signals for the bell
Connor: Ace got himself disqualified, but for what reason?

Cohen: He just gave Karnage the point, what is the point in that? Some rWo plot perhaps?

Connor: I don’t know but his colleagues must be watching and feeling disappointed

Ace rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, looking at the camera, shaking his head as Karnage rolls out of the ring, hobbling from the low blow as he heads up the ramp.


We cut to backstage where Big Dave is waiting by the curtain, Ace eventually comes through

Dave: Yo bud, I saw what happened. Now I know you must be feeling frustrated, and I am too but don’t let this get taken personally.

Ace: Dave, we already been stumped once before, I’m not having it twice! You would do the same if it was you!

Dave: True, but just let it be. Ricky knows what he’s doing. I mean, it got us a clean slate so we could get away with this.

Ace: But it doesn’t exactly mean we’re trusted enough to do it.

Dave: Regardless of that Ace…

Karnage comes through the curtain and shoves right through the two rWo members with a huff at them

Dave: …Strength in numbers will benefit our cause!
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Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a King For A Day qualifying match!

"We Fly High" by Jim Jones begins playing as Mr. Baller makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He stops at the top and looks out at the crowd and a cocky smile forms on his face. He makes his way down and enters the ring, tearing his warm up attire off and posing for the booing crowd.

Anderson: Introducing first from Miami, Florida, he stands 6'3" and weighs 220 lbs., Mr. Baller!

The lights go out as "Blackened The Sun" by Tech N9ne begins playing and white static light begins flickering all over the arena. Ty Burna makes his way out and slowly walks down the entrance ramp grasping his Ouija Scroll in his hand. He enters the ring and takes his hoodie off and tosses it to the outside. He places his Ouija scroll down safely in the corner and turns around, staring Baller down.

Anderson: And his opponent, from parts unknown, he stands' 6"3' and weighs 235 lbs, Ty Burna!

Connor: Care to wager on this match Cohen?

Cohen: Gladly Double C, I predict Ty will dispose of Baller rather easily here and earn his spot in the KFAD match.

Connor: I think Baller may surprise some here tonight, he did get some offense in against Titus last week.

Cohen: Ty will not take Baller lightly Connor, you know this.

The ref signals for the bell as Baller moves towards Ty and looks to lock up. As Baller moves in Ty kicks him in the stomach and hits an elbow to Baller's face, knocking him back. Baller rushes towards Ty and hits a dropkick, knocking Ty into the corner. Baller rushes once more but Ty gets a foot up and kicks Baller away. Ty rushes and hits a clothesline, knocking Baller down. Ty goes for the cover and gets barely a two count.

Connor: And Ty goes for the early cover, but only gets a two count. Baller needs to pick up the pace of this match, or he will get pounded into the ground.

Cohen: I doubt he'll be smart enough to do that Connor, he fired his coach after all. He's in there with no guidance.

Ty gets up and brings Baller to his feet. Baller hits a couple shots to the midsection and throws Ty over him with an arm drag. Ty quickly gets up and is hit by a dropkick. Baller stands and poses for the crowd for a moment before moving back over to Ty. As he reaches down to pull him up, Ty suddenly reaches up and locks in The Final Seance! Baller struggles in the submission hold and quickly lunges forward and grabs the bottom rope. The ref counts to 4 and Ty breaks the hold. Ty gets up and stomps away at Baller before pressing his foot against the back of Baller's neck. Ty pulls Baller up and whips him into the corner and goes for a big splash, but Baler ducks and quickly follows up with a school boy roll up. Baller almost gets a three count but Ty kicks out at the last second.

Connor: We almost had an upset there Cohen! Baller was just mere moments from going on to Kingdom Come!

Cohen: Almost being the key word their Connor. He couldn't seal the deal and hold the pin down long enough. That may cost him.

Baller gets up and dropkicks Ty into the corner and follows up with a quick clothesline in the corner. Ty stumbles out and Baller hits a swinging neckbreaker. He covers Ty and gets another two count. Baller quickly gets up and climbs to the top turnbuckle and comes off with a flying splash. Ty lifts his knees up at the last second and Baller crashes down hard into them. Baller flops around on the mat holding his ribs as Ty slowly works his way to his feet. Baller slowly gets up and turns around, only to get knocked right back down with a bicycle kick. Ty picks Baller up and whips him into the ropes, flipping him over with a straight jacket suplex. He goes for the cover, but Baller is able to kick out at 2!

Cohen: I'll give it to Baller, he's resilient. He's taken some of Ty's best moves and has still kicked out.

But for how long Cohen? Eventually the damage will catch up to him.

Ty gets up and has a frustrated look on his face. Baller gets to a sitting position and Ty immediately attacks with a kick to the base of the neck. Baller is dragged up and whipped into the ropes once more, and Ty goes fora back body drop, but Baller counters with a jumping DDT! Ty is laid out on the mat as Baller slowly gets to his feet and hits a high jumping leg drop across the chest of Ty. He moves to the apron and readies himself for a springboard attack as Ty gets to his feet. Baller launches off the top rope but Ty catches him in midair on his shoulders.

I think this is the end for Baller.

Ty shifts him into a torture rack position and suddenly plants him with THe Ouija Flame! He covers Baller and gets the three count.

Anderson: Here is your winner and KFAD qualifier, Ty Burna!

Connor: Baller gave it a good shot, but he eventually fell to Ty's Ouija Flame.

Cohen: I think the likes of Corey Payne and Matt Royale should take notice. The King For A Day match just intensified with Ty in the mix.

Ty stands up and has his hand raised by the ref before moving over and picking his Ouija Scroll up. He exits the ring and walks up the ramp as Baller still has not moved from the middle of the ring. At the top of the entrance ramp Serafina runs out and hugs Ty before the two exit to the back.

Connor: Don't go anywhere we have Titus and Bratchny facing off against Second Coming tonight!
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Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Elite X title!

In Too Deep by Sum 41 begins as Frankie Smith walks down the entrance ramp, shaking his arms and looking at the crowd. He slides under the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle, staring menacingly at the crowd as they boo.

Anderson: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 238 pounds, he is the WZCW Elite X Champion, Frankie Smith!

Cohen: There before stands the Elite X champion and the toughest SOB in this company. Cat, I pity the poor rookie who has to face an angry looking Frankie Smith here tonight.

Connor: Let's not count out Austin Reynolds before he's even out yet. I'm sure he must be quite a talent to be put in a title match in his very first match.

Cohen: Dr. Steven Kurtsey did, enough said.

Headstrong by Trapt begins as Reid emerges from the back, with his arms spread and a confident grin beaming on his face. He points to his Star tattoo and the logos on his ring pants as he struts to the ring.

Anderson: And his opponent, from the West End of London, England, weighing in at 190lbs, Austin Reynolds

Austin Reynolds climbs on the apron, turns and poses for the crowd to a mix of mostly boos and a few cheers. Frankie suddenly runs up and forearms Reynolds from behind, sending him crashing to the floor.

Connor: A cheap shot from Frankie gets this match starting before it begins.

Cohen: That a boy Frankie, crash that star.

Since the match has yet to officially start, Frankie continues the assault. He picks up Reynolds and throws him into the steel stairs. Frankie then starts kicking the midsection of Reynolds. The ref argues with Frankie to let Reynolds into the ring. Frankie slaps Reynolds across the face and then rolls him into the ring. The bell sounds. Frankie stands over Reynolds and kicks him in the midsection. Reynolds rolls to the corner. Frankie picks him and Irish whips him into the corner. Reynolds crashes hard and falls to the mat. Frankie laughs and slowly picks him up. Reynolds with a punch, Frankie punches back. The two exchange punches till Reynolds begins to get the upper hand. He staggers Frankie with some rights and then knocks him down with Roaring Elbow. Frankie gets up and Reynolds hits a leg lariat to knock him down. Reynolds picks Frankie up against the ropes, Irish whip, Frankie reverses it, Reynolds jumps on the rope and hits a rebound back elbow on Frankie. He goes for the pin and gets a 2 count.

Connor: Reynolds getting back into this match with some quick offense.

Cohen: Nothing the Irish Brawler Frankie won't be able to handle, you'll see.

Reynolds pushes Frankie to the corner. He punches him a few times, then Irish Whips him. Frankie reverses it. Reynolds grabs the ropes just before hitting the corner and uses them to jump over Frankie. Frankie thou, chose to wait back and Reynolds landed right in front of him. Full Nelson by Frankie. Reynolds is holding his neck as Frankie drops an elbow. Frankie picks him up and Irish whips him off the ropes. Samoa drop by Frankie. He goes for the pin. 2 count only. Frankie picks Reynolds up and Irish whips him to the corner. Ole Kick misses as Reynolds moves. Reynolds bounces off the ropes and forward rolls into a spinning heel kick takes down Frankie. Frankie gets up by the corner and Reynolds hits a Monkey Flip on him. Reynolds then climbs the turnbuckle and poses for a bit. Asai Moonsault connects. He goes for the pin. 1... 2..., Frankie just gets his arm up.

Connor: Austin continues to impress tonight and refuses to go away. That spinning heel kick he calls "Millions and Millions" and that moonsault almost gave him the upset victory.

Cohen: This kid hasn't even worked a match yet here and he already has names for some of his moves! I can't wait to see Frankie whip the smirk off this fresh faced kid.

Reynolds straddles over the ropes. He poses on the apron shouting "it's time for the Ego Crush". Frankie stands up. Reynolds jumps on the ropes and goes for a Dragonrana. Frankie catches him. Powerbomb.Frankie falls backwards from the force and slowly crawls for a cover. 1... 2..., kickout by Reynolds. Frankie picks Reynolds up and Irish whips him to the ropes. Frankie bends over and Reynolds sun set flips over him. Reynolds going for the pin. Frankie goes to sit down hard on Reynolds, instead hits mat. Reynolds up, hits Frankie with a big kick. Reynolds goes for the Lion tamer. Frankie counters and uses his legs to throw Reynolds down. Both men are up, Reynolds goes for a punch, Frankie grabs it and hits a Wrist clutch exploder. Goes for the pin. Close 2 count. Frankie stands up and signals for the end. He picks up Reynolds and goes for the G-Force. Reynolds frees his arms and flips Frankie over into a pinning attempt. 1... 2..., Kick out by Frankie. Reynolds waits for Frankie to stand, then bounces off the ropes. Ducks a clothes line by Frankie and hits a Lungblower.

Connor: Back and forth all match between these two. When do you think it will all end Jack?

Cohen: When Frankie finally decides to end it. Which I hope is soon.

Reynolds again goes to the outside and signals the Ego Crush. Frankie is up and Austin jumps off the ropes. Frankie catches him and turns to face the centre of the ring. Reynolds starts punching Frankie and he staggers backwards. They come to the ropes and both men flip over and fall to the outside. Frankie and Reynolds both stagger to their feet as Blade comes out of nowhere with a chair. He hits Frankie in the gut with it, then crashes it over Reynolds. The ref signals for the bell as Blade continues to kick away at Frankie and Reynolds.

Anderson: Ladies and Gentleman, the ref has decided that the result of this match is a no contest.

Connor: What is Blade, who is a part of the EurAsian League, and not the Elite X league, doing interfering in this contest.

Cohen: I'll tell you what he's doing Cat, he's screwing Frankie over because he's a jealous sore loser.

Connor: Well folks, coming up is out mainevent, Titus and Bratchny will be teaming up take on the team that will be facing the tag team champs at Kingdom Come, Second Coming
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Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

East Jesus Nowhere be Green Day hits, and after a few seconds, Garth Black and Phoenix appear on the stage. They talk momentarily, before they both pose with their arms spread and feet together. After posing for a couple moments, they begin their slow walk down the ramp. They reach the ring, and pose on the turnbuckles

Anderson: First, at a combined weight of 381 lbs, Garth Black and Phoenix, Second Coming!

Conner: Second Coming are here to testify and preach to the world that they will win the tag titles at Kingdom Come. Jack, how much would a win here tonight help them along the way.

Cohen: After what you just said, I'm starting to believe you are one of those wackos who are brainwashed by Second Comings "Church". No doubt a win over the likes of Titus and Bratchny would be big for Second Coming. Albeit, they are not an experienced team and shouldn't be a problem for former tag team champs.

Titus comes out to a huge pop from the live crowd. Suddenly Everest appears from behind and hits Titus with the WZCW title. He starts stomping away at Titus as refs from the back attempt to pull him off. Wanna Be Loved by Papa Roach hits as Carmen comes out on the entrance stage. The refs quickly get between Carmen and Everest. Everest slowly makes his way to the back as Carmen looks over Titus. Carmen starts making his way to the ring as the refs help Titus to the back.

Conner: Looks like this Tag Match turned into a Handicap match.

Cohen: What a shame... pass the popcorn. This one could be an old-fashion beatdown.

Carmen gets into the ring and yells at Second Coming to bring it. Garth and Phoenix talk in the corner and Garth will start it off. The bell rings and Carmen and Garth lock up. Carmen pushes Garth slowly back into a turnbuckle. The ref counts to 3 and Carmen and Garth break it up. Garth with a quick kick to the gut of Carmen. He follows with a few forearm shots. A second kick is caught by Carmen, who hits enziguri. He goes for the pin but Phoenix breaks it up before 2 hits. Second Coming have Carmen up and they hit a double dropkick sending Carmen back to the turnbuckle. Phoenix returns to the corner and Garth starts kicking at the gut. He uses his foot to chock Carmen. Ref counts to 4 and Carmen lets go. Garth walks slowly to the opposite turnbuckle and goes for a body splash. Carmen moves and Garth eats turnbuckle. Carmen bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Phoenix comes running in with a clothesline. Carmen ducks and hits a DDT. He gets up and Garth is against the ropes. Carmen runs at him and clotheslines him over the ropes. He stairs to look as Phoenix waits behind him. Phoenix runs, but Carmen sees and flips him over the ropes, Phoenix falling on top of Garth.

Conner: Carmen is certainly holding his own against Second Coming. And sending them flying.

Cohen: For now he is, but the numbers game will catch up to him sooner or later.

Second Coming talk for a bit as the ref begin his 10 count. Garth slides in and quickly tags in Phoenix. Phoenix locks in a head lock. Carmen pushes him into the ropes. Phoenix rebounds with a clothesline. Carmen ducks. Phoenix comes back the other way off the ropes and Carmen catches him with a sidewalk slam. Carmen picks up Phoenix puts him upside down on the turnbuckle, tree of woe. Carmen watches Garth to make sure he doesn't interfere and then baseball slides into Phoenix. Carmen stands up and Garth runs in and hits a forearm. The ref tries to separate them and Carmen begins to pursue Garth. Phoenix comes up behind. Reverse Shoulder Breaker. Phoenix waits for Carmen to get up and comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick. Goes for the pin and barely gets a 2. He grabs the leg of Carmen and tags Garth in. Garth leaps over the ropes and hits an elbow drop. Pinfall gets another 2. Garth picks Carmen up and goes for an Irish whip. Carmen reverses it. Garth jumps and bounces off the ropes. Crossbody connects. Goes for the pin and gets another 2. Garth slaps on a headlock. Carmen struggles to get up at first, but eventually gets to his feet. He lifts Garth high in the air for a back body drop.

Conner: This is where Carmen would really benefit from a partner. Without one, he'll be stuck in their while Second Coming continue to remain fresh.

Cohen: Well, maybe Carmen shouldn't team with people who piss of other wrestlers, people like Titus.

Carmen moves slowly to a corner that isn't occupied, while Garth tag is Phoenix. Phoenix picks up Carmen and hits the Incinerator. Gets a close 2 count. Phoenix tags in Garth. The two stand Carmen up and hit the High/Low. Garth pins Carmen and gets a 2. Garth slaps the turnbuckle and goes up top. A loud cheer is heard as Titus appears on the entrance ramp. Garth notices and yells at him. Moonsault misses as Carmen moves out of the way. Titus limps his way to the corner as both men attempt to make it to their corners. Garth makes the tag. Carmen is inches away as Phoenix grabs his leg and pulls him to centre. He picks him up and hits a fisherman's suplex into a pin, getting another 2 count.

Conner: Titus is back now, but if Carmen can't get to the corner it will be all for not.

Cohen: Titus is too late. Second coming are fresh and ready for fresh meat.

Phoenix bounces off the ropes and goes for a kick. Carmen catches and spins him around, but gets hit by the Dragon Whip. Phoenix goes and tags Garth in. Garth picks Carmen up and carries him to the turnbuckle. Garth sits up on the turnbuckle and points at Titus. Black Hole connects. 1... 2..., Close 2 count as Carmen gets an arm up. Garth is irrate, but goes to the top rope, signaling Black Magic. Garth misses. Titus shouts encouragement as both men make their way to their corners. Garth gets their first. Phoenix runs and grabs the leg of Carmen again. He picks him up, but Carmen nails enziguri. Carmen makes the tag to Titus. Titus runs in full of energy and clotheslines a charging Garth. Knocks him down again with a spinning heel kick. Titus picks him up. European uppercut sends him to the corner. Titus with some punches, hits the Kesagiri chop knock him down. Phoenix runs to the corner, Titus moves and Phoenix hits turnbuckle. Titus now on the top rope, hits a flying clothesline on Phoenix. The crowd is cheering loud as Titus looks to hit the Tit Drop on Phoenix. Garth runs to intervene. Titus catches him and throws him over the ropes. Phoenix up. Titus turns around, Immortal Driver by Phoenix. Phoenix picks him up and Irish whips him across the ring. Carmen slaps the back of Titus as he bounces off the ropes into a Rebirth by Phoenix. Phoenix goes for the cover, but the ref tells him it's not the legal man. Phoenix turns his attention to carmen who's flying through the air. From Russia with Love connects. Cover by Carmen. 1... 2..., 3.

Anderson: Here are your winners, Carmen Bratchny and Titus.

Conner: What an unbelievable match here. Titus comes back to save his partner and his partner ends up saving him with that unbelievable move.

Cohen: Second Coming were robbed. This match was changed to a handicap match, which they should've won.

Conner: It was never officaially changed.

Cohen: Don't spare me details, Titus should've stayed in the back rather than risk injury and ruining his Kingdom Come match.

Titus and Carmen Bratchny stand in the ring, both men valiant after a tough match against Second Coming. Suddenly, the rWo’s music hits.

At that moment, Ricky, Dave and Ace come out to thunderous boos. Carmen and Titus look weary after a great match with the Tag Team Championships Number One Contenders. Titus looks shocked to see the rWo as Ricky begins to speak once more.

Ricky: At the beginning of Ascension, I announced that I knew who attacked you a few weeks ago Titus. Since you won the Lethal Lottery, your ego has grown out of control and someone had to take you down a peg. I actually commend this man for doing it. I know at the beginning of the show that I was angry but the more I think about it, the more I realise that this man was working towards the same goals as we were.

Titus grabs a mic from a stagehand and begins to speak back.

Titus: You know, Ricky. I am sick of this back and forth between us two. I have already seen Vance Bateman today. He informed me that you and I will be doing battle again next week. It’s going to be you and me in a lumberjack match to settle this thing once and for all.

Ricky looks slightly taken aback for a second but composes himself before speaking once more.

Ricky: I have to admit that you took me a little by surprise there, Titus. However, whatever you can do, I can do better.

Ricky drops the mic and begins to walk purposefully down to the ring. Titus looks ready for a fight but Ricky signals for Dave and Ace to stop halfway down and then gives a gesture high into the crowd. All of a sudden, a masked man dressed entirely in black, comes from the crowd and attacks Titus once more. Carmen jumps at him and drives him back as Titus begins to get to his feet. Ricky signals for Dave and Ace to go down to the ring. Both of them run at once and begin to take on Carmen and Titus. After beating down Titus, Dave and Ace go and help the masked assailant who is now dominating a weary Carmen. After hitting the Full House on Carmen, the rWo toss him out of the ring, leaving Titus as the only one apart from the Daves and the attacker in the ring.

Ricky enters through the middle ropes and walk over to Titus.

Ricky: Like I said, Titus. I have a surprise for you too. You see, I went to see Vance today too and he informed of our match. Little do you know that I used my new-found power around here to turn it into a lumberjack match.

The crowd go wild for the mention of the match and wait with baited breath for the reveal.

Ricky: So next week, it will be Steamboat Ricky and Titus one last time. This time, I will have the full accompaniment of the rWo and it’s newest member…

Ricky pulls of the mask.


Connor: I don’t believe it!

Cohen: Ha! I knew it! The rWo are unstoppable now, CC. Beware of the rWo!
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Who wrote what:
Opening/Backstage - Thunder Dave
Ace David/Karnage, Hunter Kravinoff/Doug Crashin, Backstage - Phoenix
Trevor Steel/USA, KFAD - Ty
Titus/Bratchny vs. Second Coming, Elite X Title Match - Showtime
Mayhem Title - Blade
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