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Arcade vBookie

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Old 03-03-2017, 07:31 PM
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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...
Default MD 138 - Gabi Clark versus Lynx

RP deadline is Monday the 13th of March at 23:59 EST!

Extensions available on request.

Reinstate The Fox!
Old 03-13-2017, 08:48 PM
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Life wasnt always rainbows and unicorns for Callie and I. Some days gave us a ton of issues but there were just days that almost got me to give up. It all started right at the get go. I remember Callie and I were about to celebrate our 6th and 8th birthday party at around the same time (my birthday was a week later than hers). We had a theme to our party superheroes. I, of course, would go as Supergirl and Callie would go as Wonder Woman. I had picked out my costume as soon as Callie and I figured out the theme to our birthdays. It took Callie a longer time to choose a superhero as she just had so many favorites. Once we had our costumes, the decorations were taken care of and the biggest decision of all what kind of cake would we be having. This time, Callie went with the traditional chocolate cake but it took me a little bit of time to think of what kind of cake I wanted. But eh, I finally decided on velvet cake.

The party was ready. We had our friends over, a bouncy house, and so much food. The bestestestest person in the world Theodore Bates, our butler, we call him Bates, got everything we ever wanted. We were ready to feel like princesses on our special day. We had thought this time would be different, but it was no different. The party started and everyone was happy except for Gabi and I. All our friends enjoyed the great food we had and all the awesome entertainment we had on board such as the bouncy house and Pauly, the Clown. Pauly the Clown could make anyone laugh but on this day, his shenanigans were not enough to bring joy to our day.

After the party had finished, Bates came into our room to check on us. Our room was littered with gifts all around but the one gift we wanted and truly cared about didnt show. For as long as I can remember, our parents were never around for our birthdays. I just didnt get it. They were always off for work but get this, for our birthdays last year, they were around but didnt want to celebrate our birthdays because they were tired. This was the final straw for Callie and I. From now on, we wouldnt be expecting much from our parents. Bates did his best to make us feel better but on this day the Clark Sisters grew up.


I enter the TD Garden with my security detail right behind me. As soon as I entered the arena, I wanted to go straight to my locker room because the people here just irked me. Callie had to come later as she had to take care of a guest appearance at some modeling event in downtown Boston but shed be here in no time. I had four guys on my security detail, Big Stacy, Big Stacy Jr., Roderick, and Davis. These guys were the absolute best as theyve been with me a while and have gotten me out of the stickiest situations ever.

However, I heard some commotion while we were walking. Roderick had pushed some guy to the side who was trying to attack me with a microphone. What?

Wait wait! Im Leon Kensworth. WZCWs backstage interviewer. I just want a short interview with Gabi Clark.

Not gonna lie, that was kinda funny. I totes forgot that I received a message earlier from Callie that some guy was going to want an interview from me as soon as I entered the arena. Whooops.

Its fine Roderick. Let him through.

Kensworth fixes his cheap suit and lets out a hearty cough which Gabi steps away from. He motions for the camera man to get closer and signals for the camera man to hit record.

Ladies and gentlemen, Im here with one of WZCWs newest superstars, one half of the Clark Sisters, Gabi Clark! Now Gabi, hows your first few weeks of being a WZCW superstar been?

It business as usual, uhm, whats your name again?

Leon Kensworth.

Right. Its been business as usual Leon. You know, the millions of fans who now watch Meltdown and Ascension because the Clark Sisters are now signed to WZCW. Its totes been amazing and WZCW should be greatful for us.

Right, so how abou

Uhm, I wasnt finished speaking. Rude much?

Oh Im sorry, continue.

I roll my eyes the way only an emoji can.

So like, its super rude of you to interrupt me while Im speaking so like, just wait for my cue then you can talk mmmkaaay? Mmmmkaaaay.

Leon nods in defeat.

As I was saying, being a WZCW superstar has totes been great but the people around here are just like super rude. Like you. And him. And him. And him.

I point to random people I see near me as my security detail gather up around me.

Like, do you not think I see the way you look at me. Ugh, disgusting! You pigs! Show some respect! So typical.

Leon looks embarrassed and can only put his head down. But I motion for him to speak.

Oh right. Uhm, so your next match is against another one of WZCWs newest superstars, Lynx. How do you feel about going into a match against Lynx?

So like, Lynx is such a stupid name. Surely he couldve come up with something better than that. Anyway, just like everyone on the roster, Ill beat their stupid faces and totes show them whos boss. But guys, lets take a moment of silence for Lynx because its totes bummer to be him right now.

Silence fills the scene as even Gabis security detail bow their heads.

Hahah! Totes a bummer to be someone like Lynx.

Gabi, if I may, but why is it totes bummer to be Lynx right now?

I scoff at him.

Ugh, so many questions. Why are you asking me so many dumb questions, you dummy? Ughhhh.

Big Stacy Jr. comes towards Leon. Leon backs down a little due to intimidation.

Ugh k fiooonnneee. Its totes bummer to be Lynx right now because he has me as an opponent. This time of year, I get riled up easily because...reasons alright? So Id totes hate to be my opponent tonight because when Im riled up, Im unpredictable. When even I dont know what Im capable of, how will Lynx combat that huh?

so yeah, thats why its totes bummer to be Lynx right now because hes a stupid face and he cant beat my unpredictability!"

In that fit of rage, Im handed an envelope by Big Stacy. I open it but immediately throw it to the floor and let out a scream!

you know what?

I push Leon off the scene and grab the mic.

You think you can make it all better by sending me a birthday card?! You think you can make it all better with your stupid gifts? Well you cant! Not only are you morons but you are totes the worstest people to ever walk the earth. Never get in contact with me again! Callie doesn't need you! I don't need you! We NEVER needed you!

The camera takes a look at what Gabi threw to the floor. What little we can make out of it is that its a birthday card.

Damn Lynx, Id hate to be you tonight.

The scene ends with Big Stacy giving the camera the You don fucked up face.
Old 03-13-2017, 09:09 PM
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March 4th, 2017
06:35 AM

The timestamp fades out and the screen is black for a moment. It fades in to a view of a television screen in a second floor apartment in Phoenix AZ. A man by the name of Gil Links, or Lynx as the nickname he goes by, has turned on a recording on his DVR to watch after finishing his early morning routine. The recording is WZCW's Aftershock Special during the first round of shows after Kingdom Come 8. Gil sits down in his recliner to eat a microwaved breakfast burrito bowl and watch the show. The screen cannot be seen but the footage can be heard as Gil eats. Former WZCW World Champion Theron Daggershield gives his farewell promo.

Originally Posted by Theron on Aftershock
Theron: I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to be a hero to each of you. It was all I ever wanted.... but Din, Farore, and Nayru have something better for me and I have to take a step out in faith knowing that this truth the great deities gave me is bigger than my own personal dreams. Kirilah and I are going to attend our church's World Magic Conference and then we will go spread the truth of salvation to the rest of the world. Perhaps one day I will see you all again soon, but I am making it official that Empire Rally 8 will have been my final battle here in the World Gladiatorial Combat Federation in the foreseeable future. This is not a farewell forever. I just need to step away so that I can focus more on my faith for a while, then perhaps one day in another season of life I can return and be your hero once again. Until next time!
A look of shock can be seen on Lynx's face in reaction to what Theron has said, he drops his fork.

Lynx: It's time.... OH MY GOSH! It's TIME! This is really happening! I have to hurry!

He throws his bowl in the trash and quickly exits the living room before finishing viewing the rest of the episode. The scene fades out to black.


March 13th, 2017
03:13 AM

Scene fades back in to Lynx's bedroom. A week had passed since he applied for employment at WZCW and he has his big meeting with Talent Relations at 20:00 sharp. He had gone to bed at 1:52 AM but had been tossing and turning ever since, unable to fall asleep. With eyes half open he looks over at his iPhone to check on the time. He sees, much to his disappointment, that it is still in the very early morning hours.

Lynx: A quarter past 3 in the AM? Why is it so hard to get any sleep the night before something so important!? Time is going by way too slow. I've got to get some sleep if I am going to make it to that interview.

He puts the iPhone into sleep mode and tries to go back to sleep himself. He woke up again at 6:12 AM, then once more at 8:20 AM before sleeping for 9 hours straight. Scene fades out to black.


March 13th, 2017
19:59 PM

Scene fades back in to an office. Lynx is dressed up in a black button up shirt and nice pants. A man of punctuality, he had shown up over an hour in advance for this meeting. The other individual apparently running late, had less than a minute remaining now to make it to their scheduled meeting time of 20:00. Lynx watches intently as the second hand ticks away on the analog clock hanging on the wall. At 20:09 the door opens. In walks a male Talent Relations person. He is bald, has a long brown beard, and is wearing a fancy suit. He doesn't have a name because Lynx wasn't paying attention when the guy said his name. That, or the fact that it wouldn't matter since we'll probably never see him in another RP. Whichever of the two reasons you prefer. Lynx looks on as the guy sits down at the desk in front of him.

Talent Relations Guy: Sorry for running a couple of minutes late. I needed to grab some papers from a file in the back. You'll have to excuse me as I normally do not meet with potential new personell. The previous Talent Relations Assistant quit unexpectedly to go overseas and become a missionary. You may know her, she worked onscreen with former World Champion Theron Daggershield. The two were in a relationship in real life and their departure led us to have to re-shuffle a bit, so now I'm doing things like this. But enough about me. They told me you came early. Punctuality is good. Are you always this early?

Lynx: Yes. If I have anything scheduled for 20:00 you can bet I'll be there not a minute later than 19:00. You could set your clocks by it.

Talent Relations Guy: So, Mr Links.... What makes you want to work for WZCW?

Lynx: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I've been watching your shows for years and this felt like the right time to join your company. You mentioned Theron. His exit was part of my reasoning, actually. The fans need a hero if he is not there. Without Theron, who would protect them from the coming disaster?

The man from Talent Relations raises an eyebrow.

Talent Relations Guy: What coming disaster....?

Lynx: My calling is to prevent the Apocalypse from taking place.

Talent Relations Guy: You're wanting to stop one of the biggest shows of the very company you applied for employment at?

Lynx: Not that Apocalypse, the real one.

The man puts the paperwork and clipboard down on the desk and gets up.

Talent Relations Guy: You know what, forget it. Keep looking.

He walks out of the room as Lynx takes a deep breath. He fights the urge to get up and leave. Had he ruined his big chance at working in WZCW by merely telling the truth about himself? He took a moment to think it over as a few minutes pass and then a red haired woman from Talent Relations walks in. She does not have a name either for the same reason(s) the other Talent Relations person didn't. She sits down with a similar clipboard to the one the other guy had, looks at the stack of papers he left, and then looks at Lynx.

Talent Relations Lady: Hi there, sorry about that. We are still trying to shift things around back here. Links, was it? I see you spelled your requested ring name as "L-Y-N-X" instead of like in your last name. Was that a typographical error?

Lynx: Nope.

Talent Relations Lady: So.... Lynx, like the animal species?

Lynx: Sure, let's go with that.

Talent Relations Lady: Is there another reason you requested that ring name?

Lynx: There is, but I am more worried about the fact that the other guy who was just in here does not share my concern regarding the Apocalypse. I wish to help prevent it by keeping the company and its fans safe.

Talent Relations Lady: You applied to be an in-ring competitor though, that sounds more like a security role. However, even our security team would not be able to prevent a major WZCW show from occurring.

Lynx: No, I'm talking about the end of the world as we know it. There are fixed points in time I need to keep an eye out for, and I can only do it from in the ring.

Talent Relations Lady: I see. I'm not sure what you mean by that, but we did look over your match footage you sent us from the local company you were involved with and we liked what we saw. The fact of the matter is we are in dire need of filling the void left by Theron and are also in need of finding an opponent for one of our newer wrestlers at the Meltdown 138 event. You would be facing Gabi Clark. She and her sister have a very large online fanbase so it could help you get noticed right off the bat. Is this match something you would be interested in?

Lynx laughs to himself confidently.

Lynx: Ah, Gabi Clark. One half of a team of cosplayers. Let me tell you, she may like to go to conventions and dress up as various characters from all sorts of different upbringings, but in my travels I have learned more than Gabi could ever imagine about the history and cultures of this world as well as other worlds just like it.

The lady from Talent Relations mouths "Other worlds?" and it can clearly be seen to those who can read lips. She does not interrupt though and Lynx continues speaking.

Lynx: There is more to life than dressing up like characters from movies and video games. So long as I exist, I have not fulfilled my purpose yet. The first step to completing that purpose will be to show Gabi that her time has run out. So, I accept the match.

She goes over to shake his hand.

Talent Relations Lady: Welcome aboard. We will be in touch with you.

After their handshake the woman exits the room, having taken both her own clipboard as well as the stack of papers the other guy had left on the desk. Lynx gets up and cracks his knuckles, as he also exits the office. His thoughts are heard as he walks past the offices to get back outside of the building.

Lynx: ((((It's time for something different in WZCW and I am just the one to keep this federation away from the path of destruction. I didn't think it would begin so soon, but I'm excited. We'll see what happens.))))

Fade to black.
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