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Old 03-03-2017, 07:28 PM
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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...
Default AS 115 - Xander LeBelle versus Tyrone Blades (Non-Title)

RP deadline is Monday the 13th of March at 23:59 EST!

Extensions available on request.

Reinstate The Fox!
Old 03-13-2017, 10:46 PM
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Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...

Tyrone: It wasn't supposed to go down like that. I thought I had saved us both, our careers were safe so we could fight another day. I underestimated Banks and the levels he was willing to go to. Only he doesn't realize the depravity of my ways. How I'm willing to go even further to win this war. But for now, it was time to say goodbye......

The scene opens to the waiting area of an airport, the hustle and bustle of people rushing to their gates seem to wash past three individuals seemingly lost in their own time. The collective known as The Hollow Ones. Only there is no bandannas or bats to be found on them. Phoenix stands silently staring out at the setting sun as Tyrone Blades holds his hands behind his head, pacing back and forth as he tries not to scream out in anger and rage. He hurt his brother who could barely stand, and for what? For a fucking career working under a narcissistic asshole. Mr. Jones meanwhile watches on silently, his arms crossed yet a look of despair on his face.

Tyrone: Phoenix....man I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt you, all I wanted was us to keep running together and it was the only way out. I fucking fell right for the bait. I fucking hate that I'm powerless when he's got all the strings to pull against us.

Phoenix slowly turns towards Tyrone, a solemn look on his face, but yet a smile persists on his face. The quiet Hollow One simply nods his head, as if to say it's all ok. Tyrone sits down, almost tearing his hair out in frustration as he lowers his head into his hands. The fear of what will happen to his brethren lies heavy on his mind, and yet there is a reassuring hand that lands on his shoulder. Tyrone looks up at Phoenix who shakes his head and holds his hand out. Tyrone clasps his hand and stands, hugging Phoenix tightly, fighting back the tears of anger and sadness.

Tyrone: I failed you Phoenix. For that I'm sorry homie. I got you your career back, only for me to throw it away like I did. Jones and I won't let your sacrifice be in vain, and we're gonna get that asshole Banks and make him pay for what he did.

The two step away from one another, as Phoenix picks up his bags, as the gate announcers calls out to board. Phoenix begins walking away but stops, turning back towards Tyrone.

Phoenix: You gave me my life back Tyrone. WZCW is over for me, but I have my sobriety again. I'll succeed now wherever I go, and for that, thank you my brother.

Tyrone nods solemnly but smirks as Phoenix turns and walks through the gate onto his flight. Jones walks up alongside Tyrone as they watch the plane fill up with passengers.

Mr. Jones: Not for nothing homie, but what's he gonna do now?

Tyrone: After he got clean, I got him in touch with his family once again. It wasn't the easiest process, but they're welcoming him back with open arms Jones. Ultimately this is what it's about man, we're just doing a little bit of good here.

Jones: So uh....what about our other dealings?

Tyrone: Federales are around Jones keep your fucking mouth shut. Speaking of, we're in serious trouble here. I'm the only one under contract now, and you can't keep running through the crowd like a madman. Eventually security's just gonna toss your sorry ass out. Let's get back to the safe house, I got something for ya.

The two stare out at the plane for a few more moments before they turn and begin walking away. The plane soon rolls out and takes off, as Phoenix takes to the skies once more. The scene fades away before returning to the Hollow Ones' safe house, money lying on the table as well as various bottles of liquor. Tyrone kicks the door open and walks in, taking his seat at the head of the table. He grabs a bottle of whiskey and pops the top off, taking a long drink from it, his eyes widening a bit after putting the bottle down, coughing a bit. Jones soon follows in, laughing at Tyrone as he sits down as well, lighting up a cigar as he throws his feet on the table.

Mr. Jones: So what y'all got for me homie?

Tyrone lights up a cigarette for himself, exhaling smoke slowly before taking another drink. He leans back and grabs a stack of paper, tossing them on the main table in front of Jones.

Mr. Jones: The fuck is this?

Tyrone: You're officially gonna be my manager, under contract to me.

Mr. Jones: Motherfucker I don't know shit about managing.

Tyrone: I don't fucking need you to dumb ass. I need you to be my "manager" and stand outside the ring and look real fucking pretty.

Mr. Jones: Oh that's real funny Blades.

Tyrone: Look, this ain't that hard. You sign that contract you walk out to the ring alongside me and ain't no one gonna fuck with you in the process. So now I don't gotta wait for you to huff and puff down the steps to step in when I'm busy getting my ass beat down.

Jones laughs as he grabs a pen and looks over the contract for a moment. He places his cigar in his mouth, puffing on it absent mindedly as he narrows his good eye.

Mr. Jones: The fuck? I ain't getting paid for this?

Tyrone: For god's sake Jones I already pay you a shit ton already.

Mr. Jones: Man I dunno homie, guess who they takin out first if they run down. And you know my motto, I got some paper, but I always need more.

Tyrone sighs as he leans his head back, taking a long drag from his cigarette before exhaling again.

Tyrone: Fine, I'll give you a three percent cut of profits from the other shit I got you doing.

Mr. Jones: Ten percent.

Tyrone: Five.

Mr. Jones: Deal. Besides, who better to watch your sorry ass then your world class manager Mr. Jones?

Tyrone: Shit your momma would do a better job than you Jones.

Mr. Jones: Ain't that the fucking truth. Them boys Constantine and Keaton would be running for their god damn lives if Momma Jones got a hold of them.

The two remaining Hollow Ones laugh as Jones puts pen to paper and signs the contract. He holds it up so Tyrone can verify.

Mr. Jones: Surprised y'all didn't want this wrote in blood.

Tyrone: They tend to frown upon that nowadays, though if you really want to let me get the knife.

Jones sets the contract down quickly and holds his hands up.

Mr. Jones: Oh hell naw homie. I ain't getting mixed up in your occult bullshit again.

Tyrone: Again?

Mr. Jones: I'm not going there motherfucker. So tell me, why you so insistent on me signing that contract?

Tyrone: Because they're throwing Xander LeBelle at me this week.

Mr. Jones: Ah I got ya homie. So you want me out there to make sure that Adonis punk ain't gonna be pullin' any shit.

Tyrone claps sarcastically before taking one final drag on his cigarette and exhales, ashing the cigarette in the tray.

Tyrone: About time you started wising up Jones. You taking night classes on me now?

Mr. Jones: Man, fuck you.

Tyrone: But seriously Jones, don't go wearing a skirt out there, Xander might take off running in fear. I know you're into that scene, but leave it at home this week.

Mr. Jones can't help but shake his head as he leans forward, grabbing a stack of cash as he lifts it up in front of Tyrone.

Mr. Jones: Just for that I'm taking my manager's pay up front. Nah but I got Adonis covered homie. That suit wearing mofucka gonna get it if he sticks his nose in that match.

Tyrone: Good, that's what I needed to hear. So we got that covered, but y'all remember back to Kingdom Come? Xander and Adonis were busy chatting up those Vis Imperium bitches up pretty heavily.

Mr. Jones: I was knocked the fuck out homie, I don't remember shit.

Tyrone: Right, listen, this ain't gonna work as a one man operation with a manager. But for now, we just do what we gotta do, wreck shit, get hit, knock 'em back on their heels, and keep pressing forward.

Mr. Jones: So what's the plan?

Tyrone: We knock pretty boy Xander out of the equation. Constantine's got a title that's near and dear to my heart. It ain't the world title but you know he's gonna be carrying that around like a fuckin' badge of honor. I wanna rip it off his shoulder and beat his brains in with it you feel me? They wanna bring Mayhem back? Shit, I've destroyed Mayhem legends in the past, Constantine ain't got anything on me when it comes to Mayhem matches. So I'll call his ass out and watch as he squirms and talks out his ass about how I don't deserve a shot, blah blah blah Constantine's really just a punk ass coward, and the answer is no. So then I'll have to earn a shot, even though I'm just about to leave the Elite Openweight Champion in a puddle of his own blood. You know, the usual petty bullshit with WZCW. So let's jump through their hoops, and then drag them by their necks with them.

Mr. Jones: Y'all been doing this way too long man.

Tyrone: Tell me about it. Listen, I gotta go take care of some things Jones, you good on your own tonight.

Mr. Jones: Yeah I got a date with a hot mamacita tonight myself.

Tyrone: Oh shit, look at you Jones getting to know how to use Tinder. You FaceTimed with her right?

Mr. Jones: How did you know I......No. Why?

Tyrone: I was gonna say y'all might wanna make sure the goods are legit if you know what I'm saying. I'm hoping she got a chance to see she's meeting up with a cyclops.

Mr. Jones: For your information she loves the patch homie.

Tyrone: You sure she ain't got one of her own?

Jones shakes his head as Tyrone gets up and grabs a stack of cash of his own, placing it in his pocket as he throws his hood up, exiting the safe house and into the street. The scene fades away and returns, Tyrone sitting in a bar on his own, sitting in the corner drinking. He keeps looking towards the door constantly, anxiousness on his face. Soon a familiar blonde headed woman walks into the bar and immediately spots Tyrone. The beautiful Stacey Madison makes her way over to Tyrone and sits next to him, shrugging her coat off and hanging it from the back of her chair. The bartender checks on her and she asks for a water as Tyrone takes another drink from his glass.

Stacey: It's been awhile Tyrone.

Tyrone: I know Stacey, there's been a lot going on.

Stacey: I'm well aware. Look, Tyrone, I'm sorry about what happened to Phoenix. That was a terrible situation you got put in.

Tyrone: It is what it is. It's real easy. Even though he hates my guts, I make him way too much money and he's too broke to fire me. So he hit me by firing Phoenix. My brother's gone, but he's free from this war now.

Stacey: So.....what about us?

Tyrone: Stacey, I've missed you the past few weeks. But I'm afraid of what Banks is going to do to you just to get to me. I lost Phoenix already, I don't want anything to happen to you. I think maybe we should go our separate ways.

Stacey lowers her head, tears start streaming down her face. She wipes them away but Tyrone turns and places his hand on her cheek, wiping her tears away.

Tyrone: Stacey, listen to me, you have been the shining light in my life the past several months. You pulled me back up when I was in the gutter, and you've kept me sane while I've fought this war. But I don't want you to get hurt. I have too many enemies, and you're too important to me.

Stacey looks up at Tyrone, her eyes still wet with tears. She leans up and kisses him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Tyrone is stunned but kisses back, holding her in his arms. She leans away for a moment, staring him dead in the eyes.

Stacey: I can take care of myself. When this first started I thought it was just a physical thing, but I've grown to care about you Tyrone. You're more than what everyone else see's on the outside. I see a man with more conviction than anyone else, that fights for what he believes in. This is who I see, your passion is infectious, just look at everyone that has followed your lead over the years. I'm not going to give up on this just because of the dangers around you Tyrone. When I bailed you out of jail what was it you asked me?

Tyrone looks her in the eyes, though casts his eyes down for a moment, his voice going quiet.

Tyrone: Are you willing to ride or die with me?

Stacey: I told you I was ready to do that. And that hasn't changed since that day. I'm by your side through thick and thin. I asked you to protect me from the Hollow Ones, now I'm asking you to protect me from our boss. This isn't something I'm going to drop just because I may be intimidated. You see me out there Tyrone, I don't let anyone tower over me. I'm going to handle myself, and I'm going to hold you down. So, are you willing to ride or die with me?

Tyrone nods and lifts his head up slowly, his hands placed on Stacey's hips, pulling her closer as he kisses her once more.

Tyrone: Stacey, thank you.

Stacey cracks a smile as she grabs hold of Tyrone's hand, biting her lip in the process.

Stacey: So....should we get out of here.

Tyrone grins as he stands up and nods his head.

Tyrone: Oh and after babe, I do have some work for you.

Stacey: Another interview?

Tyrone: I'm your exclusive after all.

Tyrone winks at her as the two make their way out of the bar, the scene fading to Tyrone and Stacey sitting in a lit hotel room, Stacey wearing a robe and her hair tied back, Tyrone in shorts and muscle shirt.

Stacey: Tyrone, you've requested this sit down interview about your upcoming match with the Elite Openweight Champion Xander Lebelle, care to tell me why?

Tyrone: Yes I have Stacey. See I have a problem with the way our Elite Openweight champion does his work. He's a sexist jackass is who he is.

Stacey: Oh? That is some strong words Tyrone, why do you think he's sexist?

Tyrone: Any time a female member of the roster is scheduled for a match with him, he sends out his goon manager Adonis out there to do his dirty work. It's very clear to me that he doesn't take women seriously, or has a thing against them.

Stacey: And you don't Tyrone?

Tyrone: Absolutely not. In fact, I welcome any and all competition. I have faced some of the best female competitors in this business. Celeste Crimson was one of my toughest opponents in my career. She was far more of a threat to me than most men in this company. She fought tooth and fucking nail for her opportunities. She was the first one to stand up to my former group when we tried to take over. She was the one that swore to take me down. While she failed, I admired her tenacity and her desire. The same goes for Eve Taylor. One of the best champions in this company's history, and on her own raised the prestige of the title Xander Lebelle himself carries on his shoulder now. So now Xander's going to pull this shit that he can't fight a woman? He's a coward Stacey, point blank. He doesn't want to be embarrassed by a woman. Eve Taylor has pinned me. I didn't go run off and hide in a hole somewhere, I accepted the loss and moved on. I shook her hand after that match in the back, and I told her she was the future of this company. So now I have a personal issue with the way Xander handles his business. I'm not of the female persuasion so he has no reason to send Adonis in the ring against me, so now I get to put him down and beat some respect into him.

Stacey: I can certainly agree with you on the history of our female performers Tyrone. We have had some great ones. So do you feel like you're going to represent the likes of Eve Taylor or Batti in this match then?

Tyrone: They don't need me to represent them, they do that well enough on their own. But what I am going to do, is take my anger out on him. This is bullshit and yet we got Banks sitting up in his ivory fuckin' tower doing nothing about it. What if Batti became number one contender for that title? Is he going to run away again scared? Of course he is, because that's his M.O. already. Nah, this is the type of shit The Hollow Ones are here to fight. We'll take this into our own god damn hands and make things right. Or at least give our version of righteousness to those that have wronged others.

Stacey: Any final words for opponent Tyrone?

Tyrone: Xander, I have a lot of issues with you, and I harped on the major one I have with you. But I also know you were talking to Vis Imperium. And whether you're on their side or not, you may have something I need. I don't want your fucking title, I can take that with a snap of my fingers. But what I am going to take from you is any information you got on Vis Imperium. You're gonna sing like a god damn canary for me. Adonis ain't gonna do shit for you, because I got my boy Mr. Jones ready to back me up and choke Mr. Big Shot until he's purple. And if you got nothing for me, then I'll just make you an example of what happens when you piss me off. I'll make an example out of you, and you'll remember the man they call Tyrone Blades.

With Love,

The Hollow Ones
Old 03-13-2017, 11:24 PM
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TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...TBK worked a dark match on ECW recently...

People had gathered en masse outside the LeBelle manor, all focused upon the balcony where the long-awaited and advertised speech would commence. It was a large crowd with comers from all walks of life. Some saw him as a noble government official from France, while others saw a sniveling coward who allegedly stole his tainted championship by flashing his restraining order. But no matter what they thought of him, all eyes were on the Elite Openweight Champion's first conference to a live audience since Kingdom Come itself.

Xander was chomping a cigar, freshly lit for the event, as he walked out, his cape billowing behind him. People from France and America were all in the audience, he was told. Two assistants followed behind him carrying a long pure silver case. As he arrived on the balcony and stood front and center, the assistants opened up the case to reveal none other than the Elite Openweight Championship itself, before handing the title over to its rightful Champion. The crowd erupted into boos, but those boos turned to silence as Xander waited before delivering his speech.

"Allow me to grace you all with an anecdote."

Xander tapped the ashes from his cigar off of the balcony and onto the crowd below before placing it back in his mouth.

"I remember it clearly. Less than a year ago to this day, I had returned to WZCW unsatisfied with my previous time in the company. That red mask was a blemish, and my run as a so-called 'champion' was but a mess that would be in the record books for an eternity. You could say." Xander paused to take another puff of his cigar, before blowing smoke into the air. "...It broke me."

He handed the Elite Openweight Championship to one of the assistants who held it for the audience to see. There was a smattering of boos.

"But, now that I have unquestionably overwritten that piece of history with my title win at Kingdom Come. I'm willing to put that past behind me. I now have unequivocal, unmistakable, unarguable, unquestionable proof of this. Never in history will it say that Le Gentlemen Masque was Elite Openweight Champion, winning it at Kingdom Come by conquering his fears and overcoming everyone. Instead, it will say Xander LeBelle"

The assistant lowered the championship down and once again put it around the shoulder of The World's Greatest Mind.

"I have played my part right, and in the end, I have won."

Xander smiled confidently as he put out his cigar on his balcony.

"As far as I am concerned, this around my shoulder has erased everything that has happened prior to the day Adonis and I walked into this building. It has been well over a year since WZCW has last seen 'The Beard', and just as Le Gentlemen Masque did before him, he too shall fall into irrelevancy."

Leaning off the balcony, he took a glance down below at the crowd of people who were all listening intently to the speech of their country's champion. All eyes were on him.

"But although I must be rid of the past, there is one piece that I shall not forget until it's settled once and for all. Not too far back, May 7th. It is as burned to me as a permanent scar, expunged from my record or not." Xander closed his hand into a fist and it pounded on the balcony. "I was to make MY return - or perhaps, some would say, my true debut - in Wrestlezone Championship Wrestling against one Justin Cooper, the current World Champion. I had prepared extensively for this, as I always do, and yet even the World's Greatest Mind in an instant was blindsided by a vicious attack from an immoral man."

With a snap of his fingers, a banner flew down with a picture of Tyrone Blades on it, with the words 'MENACE' written up above his face.

"Through collusion with Justin Cooper, this bitter and jaded man chose to attack me on my first night, my grand return, and Tyrone, I have yet to forget it. You made a powerful enemy the day you decided to attack me unprovoked, and this enemy is coming to collect what is due. You see, a great philosopher once wrote that the enemy of order is chaos, but were that to be true than so is the reverse." Xander said, raising his voice louder and louder, pent up fury in every syllable as he yelled for the entire crowd to hear. "The enemy of chaos is order, and Ty, your chaos that you have always held so dear, even now, is to fall to my order. The strength of possessing the World's Greatest Mind is that no chaos can phase me. I am a master strategist, and even in a situation where there is no strategy to be had, I can and I will, I repeat for emphasis, I WILL create one."

Xander paused, taking deep breaths to calm himself down. The scowl on his face was one of true hatred for his opponent.

"I have a championship, I have a bond with the smartest agent in the world of sport, and I have the World's Greatest Mind all wrapped up in one clean package. Ty, you have nothing. Your legacy has been shattered. Your fellow Hollow One has been fired. Your life has been left in the dust, and while I may never forget, and I may never forgive you, I know I can live my life simply and positively having moved on from your transgressions the Elite Openweight Champion."

Xander looked down at the championship in his arms and the very last of his anger withered away.

"Vengeance, perhaps, is overrated, and in some other's eyes, ignoble, but this is for much more than a personal vendetta. I am no hypocrite, I do stand for order, and this is the just punishment Tyrone has had coming for him for a long time. The fact it stands to line up with my personal feelings merely just makes my duty feel that more rewarding. I have no wishes to pursue it any further past this. After all, it is but one match, one that I had been waiting for a very long time to experience, and then it will all be over."

LeBelle reverently placed his championship back into the fine silver case and made one final statement to the crowd before retreating back into his mansion.

"Perhaps you may laugh, Ty, but your ignorance towards my talents and your constant underestimating of 'The World's Greatest Mind' will one day take a toll upon you greater than you will ever know. Even today, your greatest accomplishment happened years ago when you went on an undefeated streak. Mine is still ahead of me, but I truly believe that one day I will make that feat look like child's play. I am an inevitability, an immovable and implacable champion and a class act unlike has ever been seen before, and when you step into the ring with me I fully expect you to be prepared for what is to come, because I will be. I always am."

There was no hesitation, nor any sense of doubt as he walked away from the upset crowd. Xander was too focused on bringing order to the orderless to care what any of them had to think. It did not matter whether Tyrone brought two times the fire or three to this match. In the end, there was only one inevitability in this match.

He could not move Xander.

Not in the slightest.
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