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Old 01-13-2017, 06:47 AM
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Default Kingdom Come 8: Vis Imperium (c) vs. Salvific Knights [World Tag Team Championships]

Constantine and Keaton defend their championship against a team on their way to the top of the card. The so called Salvific Knights defeated Runn Reynolds Runn in style last week and Vis Imperium will seem like a huge step up to that. Constantine though is back in full force, that and Mark Keaton will be a force to be reckoned with. Who will walk out Kingdom Come as tag team champions?

Deadline is Monday 23rd January 11:59pm (CT)
Old 01-21-2017, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Official Letter
Dear Mr. Mancini,

The results of your paternity test in the case of the daughter of Jean Greyson (deceased) are in. You are hereby ordered to come into the Office of Child Services on January 17th, at 2:00pm. We would also like to remind that this is a court order and if you fail to show up you will be held in contempt of court and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

The Department of Child Services
Tony reads the letter for the tenth time as Tony drives him to the courthouse to find out if he is the father. The look on his face is unreadable as he holds onto the letter he got in the mail a week ago and looks out at the city as he dirves by.

Gino: Everything will be okay Ton'. We'll go get this taken care of, everyone will find out this dead woman is nothing but a gold digging skank just looking for a payday so she can take care of her brat.

Tony: I'd believe that if she wasn't dead, Gino. Why, with her dying breath, would she tell people I was the father if she was sure, it just doesn't make sense. We need to come to terms with the fact I may very well be the father and if that's the case I really need to sit down and reevaluate what I'm doing with my life.

Before Gino can respond he pulls up to the building that houses the Department of Child Services and Tony gets out of the car as he tells Gino to keep it running. As he walks up to the entrance he takes a deep breath, straightens his tie, and walks in. He stands in line for a few minutes and when he gets to the front, he gives the secretary his name and informs her that he has an appointment at 2pm. All she does is point to a seat and tells him that someone will be with him shortly. He sits down and waits another ten minutes before a man comes out and calls out his name. He follows the man to an office in the back where a woman is holding a 2 month old infant. Next to her is the advocate for the infant child who looks at Tony with a look of disdain on his face as he looks at his watch.

Child Advocate: Thank you for joining us, Mr. Mancini. I thought you weren't going to show up at all. I just want to let you know that whatever the outcomes of this paternity test, I am against giving you this child. Even without your history in organized crime and a criminal record a mile long, you're a professional wrestler, correct?

Tony nods his head but before he can say anything, the man continues.

Child Advocate: In fact, you have a big event in New Orleans coming up, don't you? You won't even be home to take care of the child.

Tony: That's right, I'm fighting Vis Imperium at Kingdom Come for the tag titles with my partner Xaitlyn Serpiente, but shouldn't we hear the results before you condemn me to hell? I thought I was here so we could establish paternity and you're acting like the child is mine and I've been abusing her for months already.

The man sputters and tries to talk, but the woman holding the baby waves her hand before he can say anything.

Mrs. Jones: Mr. Mancini, is right Mr. Burns, we shoud look at the results before coming to any conclusions. I believe you have the results from the lab right in front of you, so why don't you take a look at them.

The man looks over at the woman with venom in his eyes, but all he does is grab the paper in front of him and reads it silently, and as a look of complete disbelief comes over his face, he balls up the piece of paper and throws it acoss the room.

Mr. Burns: It seems, Mr. Mancini, that you are the father of this young child. I don't like it, but even people like you have parental rights. I will, however, be making unannounced visits and making sure that you're putting this child above all else, do I make myself clear?

Tony nods as Mrs. Jones gets up and hands him the daughter he didn't even know he had. Tony takes her with shaking hands and looks into her big brown eyes. She giggles and reaches for him, causing him to smile and kiss her forehead.

Mrs. Jones: Congratulations, Mr. Mancini. Her name is Amelia Rose and she's just two months old. I doubt you have your house set up for a child, so we will give you two weeks to get everything you need and then we will give you your daughter, and Mr. Mancini I will give you a bit of advice and tell you that it's in your best interest to move out of the city. New York isn't the best place to raise a child.

Tony ignores Mr.s Jones and continues to stare that the daughter he didn't even think was his the day before. After a few minutes of waiting she clears her throat in order to get his attention and it's with surprising reluctance that he hands over his infant daughter as Mrs. Jones smiles at him and gently takes the baby.

Mrs Jones: Don't worry Anthony, I promise you will get her back, just do what you need to do and you will have a happy family with your daughter.

Tony nods his head and gets up as he looks over the room at a scowling Mr. Burns and his cooing daughter. Without a word to anyone, he leaves and finds Gino sleeping in the parked car. He gets in and slams the door closed, causing Gino to wake up in a start and turns the car on. He drives towards their apartment and waits a few minutes for Tony to tell him how it went, but Tony is silently staring out the window.

Gino: Well, how did it go? Is the brat yours or not?

Tony: Her name is Amelia Rose and yes, Gino, she is my daughter. I have two weeks to get everything I need to take care of an infant child.

Gino stares at him in disbelief as best he can while looking at the road and he manages to almost hit a delivery boy.

Gino: Holy shit, are you serious? What does this mean for you being a pro wrestler and Kingdom Come?

Tony: Nothing is changing Gino. I am still going to continue to work for WZCW and I will wrestle at Kingdom Come. I'm slowly rising up the card and if me and Xaitlyn manage to knock off Vis Imperium and become Tag Team Champions then I will be making more than enough money to take care of a child. Kingdom Come is in a few days so if I come home right after I have more than enough time to get everything in order.

Gino: Why did they have to do this now? You have the biggest match of your career and you already have a handicap in a partner that doesn't trust me and if she found out what you did then she would at the very least walk out on you and at worst, take you out herself. How in the hell are you going to be able to concentrate?

Tony: I'm going to take everything one step at a time like I have been since the Lethal Lottery. I made the mistake of letting my parents death get to me during my match at the Lethal Lottery and that's why I lost. Since I was able to put that behind me as best I can, I've been on a win streak. I beat Xaitlyn and Vee A.D.Z. both then went on to punch my ticket to Kingdom Come against a former World Champion and the best rookie this company has seen in a very long time.

Gino: How are you and the snake woman going to be able to combat that though? Vis Imperium is a well oiled machine and you guys barely even talk to each other.

Tony: Don't worry about me and Xaitlyn. I have a ticket to New Orleans for later tonight, and I will talk to Xaitlyn there. People aren't giving us enough credit for what we accomplished on the Supershow. We beat Runn Reynolds Runn. They may not be a top team in WZCW history, or one of the most popular, but they are former WZCW Tag Team Champions and we beat them. For Godsake, Gino, I pinned a former World Heavyweight & Elite Openweight Champion in Ricky Runn and I will do the exact same thing for the second match in a row when I pin John Constaintine. Xaitlyn can have Keaton, I want to be able to say I've pinned the best in this match on my way to becoming one half of the World Tag Team Champions. This match means everything to me, I will not lose a title shot for the second PPV in a row. I have to win.

Finally done ranting, Tony takes a deep breath and stares out of the window. Gino drives as he mumbles to himself. Not paying attention, Tony only manages to catch the end of what he says to himself.

Gino: Champions or not, your tag partner is still going to hate you when she finds out what you did.

Hearing that, Tony slams his fist on the dashboard, causing Gino to jump and almost crash the car.

Tony: You know what, Gino, you're right. When I get to New Orleans, I will put all my cards on the table. Xaitlyn needs to hear the truth, and she needs to hear it from me before she finds out from someone else.

The camera fades to black with Gino doing his best to talk Tony out of doing what he is planning on doing.


The camera comes back on and we see Tony talking on his phone outside of a nice hotel near the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. He listens for a few minutes before talking to the person on the other end.

Tony: Alright Xaitlyn, thanks for agreeing to meet me, I know you've been busy with your own stuff lately. I'm right outside, so I'll see you in a minute, Bye.

Tony hangs up his phone and takes a deep breath as he goes in. He waves at the concierge behind the desk and walks straight to the elevator, which he takes up to the fifth floor. He gets to Xaitlyn's room and knocks, only waiting a few seconds before being let into the room.

Xaitlyn: How are you doing, Anthony? You told me the other day that you are now the father of a baby girl. That couldn't have been an easy thing to find out.

Tony: Thanks for oyu're concern, Xaitlyn. I'm fine. It's a shock, but nothing I can't handle. That's not what I'm here to talk about, though. Kingdom Come is very soon, and in order to beat Vis Imperium, we need a strategy. I came up with one, and wanted to hear what you thought.

Xaitlyn nods her head and she sits down, Enette gently wrapping herself around Xaitlyn's ankle and looks at Tony with a cold reptilian look in her eyes that causes him to back up a couple feet.

Tony: You need to concentrate on Mark Keaton. The man is so cocky he won't be able to look past the fact you only have two wins under your belt, and they both came after we started teaming together. When you show him that you deserves those wins just as much as I do, he will be knocked off his game and have no idea what to do with himself.

Xaitlyn: I can do that, but what about John?

Getting into it, Tony starts pacing and talking with fire and passion in his voice.

Tony: You leave Constantine to me. I've been in matches with the likes of Titus Avison & Theron Daggershield so I have more big match experience than you do. There's nothing he can throw at me that those two haven't.

Tony stops talking and looks Xaitlyn in the eyes as she sits in her chair.

Tony: People don't give us any chance in this match, Xaitlyn. Not a single person thinks we can win and become Tag Team Champions. We need to show them that we can do this, that despite whatever issues they think we may have, we are just as good as they are and we can beat them.

Xaitlyn steeples her hands as she leans back in her chair and thinks about everything Tony has said.

Xaitlyn: You know, Anthony I will do this for you, Vis Imperium will never know what hit them when they get in the ring with us. Together, we will show the world that Salvific Knights are a force to be reckoned with.

Hearing that, Tony smiles and goes to leave the room, but when he puts his hands on the door knob he stops and turns around.

Xaitlyn: Was there something else you wanted to talk about, Anthony?

Tony: I have something I need to get off my chest. I consider you one of my best friends and I can't keep this from you anymore. I know who killed you mentor.

Hearing that, Xaitlyn jumps out of the chair and gets right in Tony's face as she speaks in a choked whisper.

Xaitlyn: Who did it Anthony? Who killed my mentor?

Tony looks Xaitlyn in the eye and takes a deep breath as he answers her question for good or for ill.

Tony: It was my crew. I was there then entire time and did nothing to stop them. I left him laying in that alley. I know you do not want to hear this, but I am truly and deeply sorry for the pain I unknowingly caused you.
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Old 01-22-2017, 07:14 PM
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EPISODE 4 - No Hope

It’s Wrestling WAR!

The evil bastards behind the IMPERIUM EMPIRE have tracked down the Salvific Alliance in a space
battle we were unable to show you here because we were preoccupied with all these buttons and shit that are in front of us on these damn expensive looking computer monitors! The Imperium Class Star Exploder Awesome 35 has entered the section of space nobody is allowed to fly in, because that’s how bad ass the IMPERIUM EMPIRE is…………


The crew of the Star Exploder were busy in the large bridge area of the super class space ship. They were pressing buttons, talking loudly to each other about important topics, like space golf, and trying to keep their neatly ironed uniforms from wrinkling. The approaching sound of hard, armored boots on a freshly polished ramp way could be heard, then the breathing….


“Commander on deck!” A general barked and the two dozen bridge crew quickly stood at attention.

A figure in a long black cape appeared, he was wearing a black mask and a black suit, he had buttons on his chest that controlled his breathing….O.K a Darth Vader suit alright? The helmet was modified and cut open at the top to let some blonde hair poke straight up.


He plucked the lit smoke from the hole filter in his mouth area and flicked it across the room. He walked to a nearby computer and a nervous general stared at him. “Dude, where are the Salvific fighters that were promised in this area?”

“Lord Keaton…urk!” The general grabbed at his throat as Darth Keaton made a choking motion with his hand in the air, he was Source Choking him.

“You have failed me for the first time, Burton! Feel the power of The Source!” Darth Keaton threw the man to the floor. He looked around the bridge for any more failures then focused his attention on the computer screen. It showed a fighter ship with snake designs on the hull, a Salvific fighter.

“Gaston!” Keaton roared, looking around.

“Here lord Keaton!” A frail, old man called out from the back area of the bridge.

“Make me a sandwich. I want Tuna, cheese, mayo…..Gaston! Are you writing this down?!”

Gaston was clearing off his desk, frantically searching for a paper and pen.

“Fuck it! I will make it myself!” Keaton moved his hands in the air and after a few minutes, a sandwich floated through the air from the hallway, Keaton grabbed it and tried to shove it through the air filters of his mouth, making a white mess on the front of his mask.

The speakers on the bridge suddenly played an ominous music, Keaton tried wiping the mayo off of his mask.

EMPEROR CONSTANTINE walked on to the bridge, instead of his usual black robes of intimidation, he was also wearing a Darth Vader costume, but the arms were ripped off of the costume and he displayed his muscular arms as he walked towards his tag team partner.

“Dammit master,” Darth Keaton bowed, “I wish I thought of that. My arms are the most muscular in the galaxy. Everyone knows that. Where is your traditional attire?”

“I made the mistake of sending it to the Laundry Troopers.” Constantine said as he viewed the computer screen. He switched the display to show a security feed of the Laundry Troopers in action….

The security image showed a Laundry Trooper missing the hole in the washer several times with loads of clothes. In the SPECIAL EDITION of this RP (that will come in about ten years from now) a funny GIF with a Stormtrooper missing the laundry when throwing in a load of clothes, will be added.

“Walk with me around the bridge.” Emperor Constantine commanded, Darth Keaton complied and kept pace with the strong Source user as they slowly walked around the bridge, the vast space and stars as a beautiful backdrop outside the durasteel glass.

“At Kingdom Come Eight, we face a tough test. We face a Salvific Alliance that is strong, they are determined.”

“They’re called Salvific Knights right?”

Constantine stopped and turned, he pointed an accusing finger at Keaton, “They are not Knights yet! They won’t be Knights until they topple The Imperium EMPIRE! Do you think they stand a chance, my young apprentice?”

They continued to walk around the bridge, casually pushing bridge workers out of the way with The Source. “Tony Mancini and (Name I hate spelling) have started a movement, my master dude. The people of Coruscant have started gathering in waves, they think that Serpiente and Mancini can free them. I haven’t been modifying my tag team championship belt for nothing, there’s no way I’m letting it go now.”

“What do you mean? Modifying it? That’s forbidden!”

“I just added a few diamonds to it, it sparkles a little more than yours does now.”


A huge, brown haired Wookie walked on to the bridge.

CHEWHUNNICUT! Who let you out?!” Darth Keaton yelled.


“I know, I know! Kingdom Come is coming soon, Reynolds will be destroyed! I keep telling you it’s just a matter of time, man!”

A middle aged bridge employee jumped up and got everyone’s attention.

“Sir! We have an incoming SALVIFIC FIGHTER!” They watched the view as a tiny ship approached. It fired lasers at them, it was hard not to bust out laughing.

“Fire.” Emperor Constantine commanded, but his voice was shaky, it was obvious he was smiling ear to ear under his mask.

The tiny ship exploded, remarkably.

“What were we talking about again?” Constantine turned towards Keaton.

“Something about why my tag team title belt is ten times better looking than yours is right now.”

“Never mind that, we have to travel to Coruscant and convince these Salvific supporters that it’s in their best interest to support the IMPERIUM EMPIRE instead of those pathetic scum.”

“Why do you scream Imperium Empire when you say it, dude? You don’t have to be so dramatic all the time.”

“I’ll be in the Imperium Shuttle. Get your helmsman to take us to Coruscant immediately.” Constantine walked off of the bridge. Darth Keaton strolled over to his helmsman, an overweight man in his late fifties.

“Take us to Coruscant! Now! Don’t make me ask twice!”
Keaton crossed his arms to try and look tough.

The overweight man immediately started sweating. He sat in the rusty seat and grabbed a huge handle. He tried putting the Star Exploder in gear, he made a slight whimpering noise as he grinded the gears. A huge scraping noise drowned everything out on the bridge. Everyone covered their ears while the screeching metal continued.

“The CLUTCH! You fucktit! Press the CLUTCH!”


5 Grinding Hours Later....

Coruscant is a city planet located in the center of the Galaxy. It’s the main hub for all trade, Imperium business and the central base for all evil clans. Some good clans too, but who gives a shit about good clans?

In the heart of Central City, hundreds of people gathered. There were Salvific Alliance supporters chanting for change, they stood in front of a huge stage set up for speakers. Some of the supporters carried signs like - Corellian Stallion- and - Serpiente is a god - One alien started waving a huge flag with an Image of Tony Mancini and Serpiente on it. Tony had a smirk on and Serpiente was just behind his right shoulder, she looked more serious. Both had their fists up and showed power and the will to fight. A Salvific speaker walked up on stage and stepped up to the podium. He had a black bowler hat on and a thick mustache.

“Youse folks right here want a change?! I’m talkin bout a real change ya hear me?! We don wanna put up wit dese assholes no more! Dese mothafuckas keep rasin da taxes! We need da Tony to helpa us outta! WAAAAAA!!! It’s a meee Mario!”

Everyone looked to the sky as several Imperium shuttles flew over head then landed nearby. They erupted in boo’s and catcalls. Emperor Constantine and Darth Keaton slowly walked on stage, Constantine had a fresh layer of oil rubbed on his muscular arms, Darth Keaton lit his red lightsaber to light a smoke. The Salvific speaker quickly ran back to the crowd. Constantine brought the mic closer to his mouth area of his helmet and addressed the crowd.

“People of Coruscant! People of the galaxy, I come to you today a humble Emperor. I have heard your cries of change, your cries of justice and equality. I do not ignore such cries. I want to do what is best for the galaxy. I do not want you to go down the wrong path. That is why I have an offer for you all….”

The two additional Imperium shuttles made a hissing noise, hundreds of Stormtroopers in white armor poured out of the ships and made a huge line to the crowd’s immediate right.

“….join the Imperium Empire or….”

“FIRE!” Darth Keaton screamed into the mic.

All the Stormtroopers followed the order and immediately started firing red laser bolts into the crowds. The first of the bolts hit a woman carrying a loaf of bread, the bolt hit her in the head and she did a back flip over the second row of people. The bread bounced on the ground and was never mentioned in the RP again. The man waving the flag took a laser bolt right through the neck, he somehow let out a Wilhelm Scream before he fell to the ground. The Stormtroopers continued to fire lasers into the crowd and the screaming started to die down. Eventually, everyone was dead with burning holes in their corpses.

“Really Mark? I was trying to scare them into joining the Imperium Empire.”

“Hey, remember in the ship? I was just doing what you do master.”

“Well, they won’t be bothering us anymore. Now the Salvific Alliance has no backing or support. They will fall at Kingdom Come Eight. Mwaaa haaa haa haa haa haa haa CACKLE!”

“Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!! HOOO ha ha ha haaaa!”

“No, no my young apprentice. Your evil laughter should go like this….mwaaa at the start, then the laughter can continue. Try it.”

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

“Fuck off and try the evil laugh.”

“Mwaaa har har hee hee hoooo!!!”



“I knew I had a bad feeling about this!”


“It’s MWAAAA HAA HAA HAA HAAAAAA!!! You can even add a cackle!”


The camera man had enough of the exchange as he panned the dead crowd of people. Some people had it worse than others, some of the head shots were particularly brutal as half of the skull was missing and the hair was flapped over to show scorched flesh. Two human’s had missing arms from the X390 Series that fired off a more powerful stream of lasers that would melt arms and legs on impact. The X390 Laser rifle was illegal, so whoever was shooting that gun should face some stiff fines when he returns to duty on the Star Exploder. I’m serious! They don’t fuck around with gun laws in the Imperium Empire. The cameraman panned more bodies like a sick bastard until he came to the middle of the carnage, the large Salvific flag was burning. The image of Tony Mancini and Serpiente striking a heroic pose was starting to slowly turn black from the fire, until a circle of sparkling orange engulfed it and there was nothing left but black ash.



Join WZCW now.

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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

The projector reel grinds to halt with a wheezing sound. In the darkness, Mark Keaton jumps to his feet and moves over towards the screen. He fumbles around in the darkness for a moment, looking for something before the home cinema is soon bathed in supreme light. In the middle of the seats, John Constantine can be seen; mouth ajar and looking for the words to describe what he has just seen.

Keaton: Well?!

Keaton's question for The Power Trip almost shocked Constantine into action. Shaking the cobwebs from his senses and pretending not to be utterly dumbfounded, Constantine allows a smile to appear on his face.

Keaton: You love it, right?

Constantine swallows hard as his eyes flicker between Mark and the now empty cinema screen in front of him. Behind his eyes, Constantine runs through the actions of what he has just witnessed, almost as if he didn't believe what he was viewed. Fixing his eyes on the excited features of Mark Keaton, however, Constantine was reminded of the harsh reality of his tag partner's creativity.

Constantine: It's uh... It's...

Keaton: You don't like it!

Constantine jumps to his feet.

Constantine: No! No! It's not that at all, Mark. Not at all...

The Power Trip allows a ponderous look to emerge on his face as his thoughts begin to clear somewhat.

Constantine: I just have a few... questions.

Keaton screws his face up in begrudging acceptance of Constantine's words as he pulls a chair from the side and sits on it backwards. The look of enthusiasm on Keaton's face fills Constantine with dread as he summons the courage to take Keaton to task for his outrageous snuff film.

Constantine: First, how did you find the time to do all of this? Second, who the hell is playing me in that movie? And finally, what is it all about? Is it based on something?

Keaton cannot help but allow his jaw to fall to the floor as Constantine gets his thoughts off of his chest. For what seems like an eternity, Keaton sits in silence, motionless and oblivious to the world around him. Slowly, he begins to stutter through his sentence.

Keaton: You've never... Ahem! You've never seen... Just to be clear! You've never...

The look of sheer amazement on Keaton's face continues as Constantine waits for the punch line. One which is not forthcoming. Suddenly, Keaton jumps up from his chair, knocking it forwards and onto the floor unceremoniously.

Keaton: That's it, man, you've gone and did it now!

Keaton moves across the floor until he comes to a piece of fabric at the back of the cinema. He whips up the cloth to reveal a stack of movies. After searching for a few moments under the watchful eye of his tag team partner, Mark Keaton finally retrieves what he is looking for and makes a move for The Power Trip.


The most remarkable man in sports continues to look at the puzzled expression of his tag team partner as Constantine scans the plastic DVD cases vacantly.

Keaton: Is none of this ringin' a bell?

After a few more moments of silence, Keaton lets out an exasperated sigh and moves back towards the back of the room. He messes with the entertainment system for a moment before the screen flickers into life on more time. He races back around the chairs that separate him from The Power Trip and then throws himself back into his seat.

Keaton: Sit down, Johnny boy! It's gonna be a long night!

Constantine stares a hole through Keaton and then looks towards the screen as some yellow wording ominously trawls it's way down the screen. The opening score begins, catching him off guard but immediately hitting a sweet spot in the mind of The Power Trip.

Constantine: Maybe just the first one then...

* * *


It is the 20th of January, 2017. A day that will, for better or worse, go down in the history of the United States as a banner day for democracy. A man who has held no public elected office will, today, gain control of the largest world superpower on the planet – a position that many dream of reaching and so few actually get to hold. John Constantine was one of those men. One of the few men who, not only craved true and unparalleled power but came close to attaining it. It was less than 10 years ago, after all, that John Constantine was a Senator of the United States of America. And whilst his ousting from the position was less than ceremonious, days like today forever remind John Constantine how close he came to gaining total control. Because it is only through contr-

Keaton: You know what this reminds me of, Johnny C?

Constantine's train of thought is completely run off it's tracks as the voice of the most remarkable man in sports entertainment infiltrates his brain. Constantine lets out a sharp breath as he turns his head to his immediate left, catching a glimpse of Mark Keaton, who is struggling to get a proper view. After a few seconds of adjusting his seat, Keaton turns to Constantine and notices that he has unwittingly interrupted him.

Keaton: Oh, you were doing that thing weren't you?

Constantine allows a pained look of confusion to appear on his face as he thinks about Keaton's words.

Constantine: What thing?

Keaton offers a slight chuckle.

Keaton: That thing you do when your plotting against all of humanity or something. I've seen it a lot over the last year, believe it or not. It's the same look I get when I think about strumming down on the strings of a beautiful 1959 Les Paul...

Constantine shakes his head in astonishment as Keaton goes back to fidgeting in his chair. Constantine would never admit it but Keaton had nailed it. But it wasn't hard, on a day today, to imagine how differently things might have gone had the accusations against him never seen the cold light of day. Hell, it could be him about to be sworn into the highest office that the whole world has to offer. He could b-

Keaton: You're doing it again, mate!

Constantine snaps out of his confusion one more time, this time not bothering to argue the point with his new found tag team partner. With Constantine's retreat, Keaton lets out a laugh as he turns back towards the stage. The two of them are lost amongst a sea of people, dressed head to toe in their sharpest outfits. Constantine is wearing a particularly dazzling suit of deep blue, white shirt, and a red pocket square on his breast. Mark Keaton has worn his best leather jacket to the event and has brought the spikes in his hair to a point that make a needle jealous. On the grounds of the US Capitol building, there is a big day feel in the air and Vis Imperium get to be a part of it.

Keaton: You know what this reminds me of, for real?

Constantine offers Keaton a curious look.

Keaton: Star Wars!

Constantine lets out a snigger of derision as he turns his head the other way. Turning his head back to Keaton, Constantine smiles.

Constantine: Was it not bad enough that you made me sit through the while 7 movies in one day, Keaton? You have to bring it with you to today of all days and goad me with it?

Constantine's thoughts fall on deaf ears as Mark spots some video footage being played not too far away from where the two of them are sitting. Pulling his mobile phone from his pocket and hurriedly pressing some buttons, Keaton allows a smile to appear on his face. Almost eerily, the footage of the soon-to-be President of the United States matches up perfectly with the Imperial March. Keaton immediately grabs his ribs as his laugh roars around the scene. Constantine, muffling a laugh of his own, tries to remain calm. After what seems like an eternity of the Remarkable One laughing, he comes to a halt. By which point, Constantine has more of a serious point to offer.

Constantine: Perhaps some of the teachings from Star Wars could be extrapolated to our situation though.

Keaton turns to Constantine with a look of pure excitement on his features.

Keaton: My movie!? You want to watch it again?

Constantine allows a pained expression to cross his face at the thought of watching Keaton's directorial debut one more time.

Constantine: Maybe later...

Keaton slaps his open hand onto his knee in disappointment before settling back into his chair.

Constantine: There is no doubt, at least to me, that we are viewed as the Empire in most people's version of events. But when we watched Star Wars, I couldn't help but pull for the Galactic Empire. This was, if you remember correctly, the same Empire that was underpinned by the Galactic Republic. And the Republic, for the most part, was probably an elected enterprise. And whilst it toiled away, trying to put words into actions, the Empire carried out those actions.

Keaton: Go on...

Constantine: Well, the way I see it, Keaton, is that the Empire simply cut through the bullshit in the galaxy. The Republic was stuck in the mire and was eventually brought to control by one force. Palpatine, love him or hate him, had the real balls to go out there and make things happen. His methods were, probably, flawed. But the fact remains that he was the one taking action. He was the one making strides to bring the galaxy under one control in the hope of bringing peace to the galaxy. I can't help but feel that if the Alliance had given up hope and just accepted the rule of their betters, then the franchise would never have gotten off the ground.

Keaton sits aghast at the political nuances of his new tag team partner. Scoffing and then letting out a sharp cry of laughter, Keaton gives Constantine a puzzled look.

Keaton: Only you would watch that movie and root for the bad guys, Johnny.

Constantine: Were they really the bad guys though? I mean, some of the things they had to do to gain control were questionable but isn't ultimate control better than no control at all? I find it to be wholly similar to what is going on in WZCW at the moment. Our galaxy is the company and it has found itself in the biggest turmoil of it's time. At the top of the card is a man who has no business being in such a position, going up against someone who has no right to be called a Champion.

Keaton: Watch it, man!

Constantine brushes off Keaton's warning as he continues.

Constantine: Oh, please, this is not designed as an insult to Justin Cooper. What this is intended to be is a reminder that Vis Imperium is what is right for WZCW. Although out faction may be splintered at the moment, we will endure – much like The New Order. WZCW needs the people with the balls to take action to rise to the top. In times of chaos and need, WZCW will look to people like us to take control and we will take that control, Mark.

The Power Trip offers Keaton a dry look as he begins to lose himself in his trademark fiery diatribe.

Constantine: And although people may not like what we are doing, they have no alternative other than to accept it. We are the true power in WZCW, Keaton, make no mistake. And when Hunnicutt is done dealing with Reynolds, our stable will be splintered no longer. We shall rise to the top of this company, one way or another and no one will stop us. That much I can promise you.

Keaton: Yeah, buddy! I like the sound of that.

Constantine: Our performance against the Clark Sisters was nothing short of inspiring and we have shown the world that Vis Imperium endures under any and all costs. At Kingdom Come, we come up against a team that fancies themselves the rebel alliance of our industry. I have seen the message boards, Keaton, the fans are behind them. I have heard the sound bytes from Mancini, who fancies himself to be the next big thing. But this is no movie, Keaton, and we are not going to fail where the Empire did. Vis Imperium endures at all costs because the idea of control lives on...

With that, Keaton offers Constantine a smile. Some way in the distance, the new President-elect makes his way onto the stage, bringing a swift halt to Constantine's words as the crowd go wild. Grabbing Keaton by the shoulder and yelling at him over the crowd, Constantine delivers his final warning.

Constantine: The world wants us to fail, Keaton. But we are made of stronger stuff than that. The Salvific Knights wants to take everything from us but we will not fail! The time for gimmicks and talk is over... The time for action and the time for a new Empire begins at Kingdom Come!

Reinstate The Fox!
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Tony: It was my crew. I was there then entire time and did nothing to stop them. I left him laying in that alley. I know you do not want to hear this, but I am truly and deeply sorry for the pain I unknowingly caused you.
As soon as Xaitlyn hears it, she slaps Tony hard on the face with sheer force which almost makes him fall.

Xaitlyn: I knew that there's something you're hiding from me and that too regarding my mentor's cruel murder. I did feel you getting uncomfortable whenever I mentioned my mentor. But I never knew that you would stoop down to the level of killing a human being just for sake of money. That's so inhumane of you and I'm ashamed of myself to support such a hypocrite like you.

Tony listens Xaitlyn while trying to justify but she doesn't give him any chance to do so and continues to scream at him.

Xaitlyn: I'll let you justify once I complete. But does it matter? I don't think that there's anything that justifies a murder of an innocent person. Murder is such a heinous crime and is beyond any type of illogical justification.

However Tony cuts off Xaitlyn while she's speaking.

Tony: I know that whatever I did was wrong. You may or may not believe it but I have totally transformed myself. I'm no more the relentless mobster who doesn't value the aspect of life of a human being. And I ain't justifying it either because I plead guilty, for sure. I would like you to give me some time to explain myself.

Xaitlyn reluctantly signals Tony to continue while calming down.

Tony: I know that I should've told you about this earlier but I couldn't. I even didn't remember it until you took me to that place where he was killed. At that time, we both had already earned the chance to face Vis Imperium at Kingdom Come. I couldn't afford to reveal the reality since it would've affected our WZCW venture drastically. I strongly desired to win a title in WZCW and I didn't want to leave the opportunity to do it at the biggest event of WZCW.

Xaitlyn: That's so mean of you, isn’t it? Just to get a title in WZCW, you played with my emotions and moreover defeated my whole purpose of deciding to team up with you. That says a lot about you. But, are you dumb to reveal full truth regarding that murder just before Kingdom Come?

Tony: Nopes, I ain't dumb. I couldn't keep myself from telling the truth to you. I thought that I was taking unfair advantage of yours, by hiding it all so I decided to reveal everything. Atleast I won't be doing another crime by keeping you in dark about my past. I'm really sorry and that's coming from the core of my heart. The sufferings I have witnessed recently, be it the unfortunate death of my parents or myself coming up short at major opportunities have totally changed me for good. I know that Karma is a bit*h and my bad deeds in past have come full circle now. As is the saying, that You reap what you sow, I have paid for my deeds in the past and I now look forward to a brighter present as well as future with my lovely daughter. Her arrival in my life is just like a final nail in the coffin. Her presence inspires me to learn the required lessons from my past and then contemplate my present with her. That's why I decided to tell you everything.

Tony sighs of relief after speaking everything he had in his mind while Xaitlyn, now totally calm, continues to glare him. The conversation continues, while the intensity of it is no more heated as before.

Xaitlyn: As much as I'm angry with you, this approach of yours is seriously appreciable by a rational mind. It feels nice to know that you regret whatever wrong you have done.

Tony: Does that mean that you've forgiven me? And if yes, does it mean that you will team up with me against Vis Imperium at Kingdom Come?

Xaitlyn: I have recently studied the Bhagwat Geeta, which is a holy book of ours. And what I learnt from it is that If you forgive others, God will forgive you too. Even virtue has its own vice. So I forgive you since you've sincerely apologized me. And Yes, I will support you to fight the epitome of injustice, Vis Imperium.

Saying so, Xaitlyn shakes hands with Tony who is quite happy and relaxed.

Xaitlyn: I hope that you continue to improve as a human being and I'm sure that your lovely daughter will motivate you enough to never acquire the dark side.

Tony nods in approval and Xaitlyn immediately hugs him tightly, while he's just taken aback.

***After an hour***

We see Xaitlyn and Tony sitting on sofa in the hotel room. Xaitlyn receives a call and gets even more happy after listening it while Tony sits in anticipation. She goes on to share it with him after ending the call.

Xaitlyn: Anthony, Here's another good news for me. Evie is totally safe now and she'll be released from the hospital just a day after Kingdom Come.

Tony: That's damn good news, Xaitlyn. I'm happy for you and myself too.

Tony and Xaitlyn exchange hearty smiles with each other as the conversation continues.

Tony: Don't mind but I think that we should concentrate on our match now. As I said earlier, I would like you to take care of Keaton while I take care of the bigger evil aka Constantine.

Xaitlyn: Keaton is a talented lad, for sure. But his talent is overshadowed by his high ego. Confidence is always a good quality to possess but Overconfidence negates the positives a person has. Same goes for Constantine. I can understand that Keaton doesn't have much experience just like me. But Constantine? He's a veteran but still has the same superiority complex as Keaton. That's what you need to target, Anthony.

Tony: Of course. I think that we need to target their weak points while using every strength we possess to the fullest. It isn't just a wrestling match, it's a battle of wits. The battle of Right and Wrong. The battle of Truth and Lie. And as always, the truth will defeat the lie to end it all.

Xaitlyn notices sheer determination in Tony's words and gets fired up as well.

Xaitlyn: What started at Gold Rush will end at Kingdom Come. Vis Imperium was born on the basis of fear and unfair advantage of numbers' game. But they have gone overboard now. They're engaged in thinking that no one can stop them. Noone can face the force of fear. But they don't realize that every fear has its end and Vis Imperium will face its Tranquil End at Kingdom Come at our hands.

Tony: Noone believes that we can defeat them. Odds are all stacked against us at Kingdom Come when we face a cunning fox-like Vis Imperium for the tag titles. Vis Imperium doesn’t deserve the titles anymore. Those titles deserve a better holders who don't manipulate to get them. We deserve those titles because we have earned the title opportunity unlike the manipulative Vis Imperium.

Xaitlyn nods her head in approval and continues the conversation with even more passion in her words.

Xaitlyn: Yes, Noone believes in our capability to defeat the egoistic villains. We're the underdogs here since we're against all odds. And that's what makes this even more interesting as well as challenging. What's the fun in winning an easy battle? I had more fun in beating Veejay and Vee competitively than squashing Runn Reynolds Runn. Why? Because competition makes you to perform the best you can and that's how I... No, that's how we will defeat Vis Imperium at the grandest event of the year.
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