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Old 11-03-2016, 06:50 PM
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The following announcement, has not been paid for and is being illegally broadcast on WZCW.com and WZCW Network.

Tyrone: Are you all happy now? Are you satisfied with what your federation has become? Because I'm fucking not.

The scene opens to a grainy video, Tyrone Blades, Phoenix, and the black man with an eye patch sitting in front of a white banner with a simple bulls eye spray painted on top of it. The black man lights up a cigar as Tyrone stares directly into the camera, Phoenix staring forward with equal intensity.

Tyrone: We've been watching. We've been watching y'all motherfuckers talking about what Kingdom Come will be. "Oh the Hollow Ones will go for the tag team titles. Oh the Hollow Ones will team up and face two other jokes this company has to offer". Fuck all that noise. You can cut the shit right now. Let's make one thing very clear. While everyone is scratching their head over Justin Cooper winning the Lottery, a mistake I assure you I WILL rectify, they all forget that I took second. Oh but WZCW's favorite fashion model whore is getting booked by fans into the World Title match. DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHO ELIMINATED THEIR PRECIOUS PET?

Tyrone stands up, his eyes widening as rage form son his face. The black man can only help but chuckle as he inhales slowly, Phoenix looking over at his fellow Hollow One. Ty slams his fist on the table, seething more with every moment.

Tyrone: Me. And yet just like the Lottery, no one wanted to pick me to win. So why does the likes of Eve Taylor who was a massive disappointment get mentioned for the world title while they think I get stuck with the dregs. But that would be par for the course wouldn't it? I'm going to take what I know is mine, and that World Title and all the power it entails will come home.

Black Man: And how you gon' do that? Banks ain't gonna let you just walk in and take a spot in that match.

Tyrone looks down, a sinister smile forming on his face as he slowly sits down, swiping the cigar from the black man and inhaling deeply before exhaling right into the camera.

Tyrone: Because Mikey Stormrage is going to give me a match for the world title. After what my boy Phoenix and I did to his friend James Howard, if he even wants a slice of revenge against us, he must give us a shot at that title. No questions ask. That is if he even cares about Howard anymore. See while you were busy slobbering all over Eve Taylor like she was a rib bone Mikey, did you even stop to consider what we did to an already broken man? He's lying in that hospital bed right now, I doubt you've even checked on him. How dare you Michael. What kind of champion throws their friends to the wayside like that? I mean, you got the girl, you got the title, what else do you need right? I get it. I really do. But I tell you this one thing Mikey. This is just the beginning. Until you give me what I want, every one you care about will be another victim. Another nail hammered into your coffin as we pick them off one by one. Until you're cornered and you have no choice but to give me what I want. So let's get this over with. Give me the title match I DESERVE and they will be spared. Ain't that right Mr. Jones?

Mr. Jones: Yes sir. Ayo Phoenix, what you got to say?

Phoenix: Garth Black, you are an utter disappointment to us. We supported your message, your war with what WZCW represented. We helped you win the World Title as we knew they would pull something, and yet when we let you fly on your own, this is how you repay us. By letting Mikey Stormrage defeat you. Now that's not to say we have cast you aside. Join us in our battle to make WZCW what it should be. We can make things right again, old friend.

The sarcasm in Phoenix's voice is prevalent as Tyrone and Mr. Jones crack up laughing as Tyrone throws his feet up on the table. He puffs on the cigar again as Mr. Jones lights up another for himself.

Tyrone: How does it feel Banks? How does it feel to watch on helplessly as even your yes men stooges all surrounded the ring and couldn't defeat us? Oh but this is just the beginning Banksy. After all, you've refused to negotiate with us so I'm going to give you just one more opportunity to pay us off.

Tyrone leans forward, sweeping his feet off as he pulls up the brown envelope, slamming it on the table, his fingers pressed hard onto it.

Tyrone: We reveal what's in this at Meltdown. No more excuses, no more delays. And you and I both know what's in here and what it means for your perfect reputation, and what we gain from it. Unless of course you either give me a World Title match against Mikey, or you just so happen to convince him to give me one, I really don't care either way. I'm going to get mine, whether it's from the official decree from your bitch ass, or Mikey grows a set and faces me for the title.

Mr. Jones: We all gonna be at Meltdown Banks, and I got my homies' backs. Try anything, and I'll be crackin' skulls.

Tyrone: Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I expect an answer soon Banks.

Phoenix: With love,

Tyrone: The Hollow Ones.

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