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Old 05-07-2016, 06:04 PM
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Default Ascension 106


Following the pyrotechnics a familiar theme blares through the PA turning the pumped up crowd into a booing one as Titus Avison appears on the stage in a suit with his Eurasian Championship wrapped around his waist.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we're off to a fast start apparently. Titus is here.

Titus AVISON, Cat. You should respect great men. Welcome everyone to Ascension 106. Here in Columbus.

Titus Avison:
Ladies and gentlemen. ME! I am here. The greatest Champion in WZCW is here before you. You paid to see me and I stand before you. Drink it in. You all gravitate to greatness the same way Flex Mussel gravitates to greatness. But at the end of the day, you all just sit there and watch that greatness. The same way Mussel does too. An excuse has allowed him to stay relevant facing me one more time. But after tonight, much like how all of you will have to go home, his 15 minutes of fame will be up. He'll have to grab a ticket and go to the back of the line because it's Vee A. B. C. whatever it is, is next in line. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame with me. And I can't blame them. I mean it's not every day that you get to rub shoulders with such a success like I am. Numbers of Oscars. Numbers of titles. And other accolades for days on end. Me standing here. On this ramp. It's enough to elevate WZCW to the stratosphere. Right now as we speak, ratings are going through the roof. And the moment I go back there, they will dip. Until the main event.

We cut to see Flex Mussel taking off his suit in his locker room and setting aside his gear. The crowd reacts to him with a big pop. Titus is watching him on the monitor before turning back into the crowd.

I am greatness. And that man you just saw there has gravitated toward me. And as such you cheer him. But without me, he'd be nothing. When we're through tonight, he will be nothing. So I suggest you people take advantage. Because I won't be out for long today.

Titus' theme hits again as he holds his arms up and looks up, making the crowd basking in his glory. He then heads back to the locker room.

Titus sounds very confident. But his battle will not be easy. He faces Flex Mussel inside a Steel Cage. We don't have just that. We try Justin Cooper vs Xander LeBell again.

Garth Black still after Matt Tastic for costing him Gold Rush as he takes on Luke Mason and thiefing Matt Tastic takes on Logan McAllister. It's a loaded show here tonight, so stay tuned.
Old 05-07-2016, 06:05 PM
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Locked Inside A Steel Cage
Age: 26
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The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! Introducing first, from Queens, New York, he is Luke Mason!!

Luke Mason appears on stage and walks down the aisle. Still being fairly new he gets a mild reception from the crowd.

This is a big chance for Luke Mason. If he can knock off the runner up of the Gold Rush tournament.

It's a real travesty that you even say that, Cat. You and I both know the rightful winner is Garth.

And his opponent, from the Last Chance Saloon, he is Garth Black!!

Garth walks down the aisle and in no time flat goes on the attack.
*Ding Ding Ding*

Wow, he went right to work!

Garth shoots various right hands off the get-go, pushing Mason onto the corner where he keeps pummeling him before changing to stomps on the corner. The referee tries to pull Garth away as Mason does his best to guard. Garth finally obeys and stands away. The second he does, Mason pulls himself back up and nails him with a clothesline right to the back of the neck. He stomps away at Black. He stops and measures Garth who begins to stagger. Garth gets back to his feet and is met with a Flying Forearm to the face. Mason quickly hooks the leg. 1......... 2.......... -But Garth gets the shoulder up.

Mason going for the best strategy he could use right now and that's to not let up.

Mason keeps going with the stomping. Not letting up as Garth tries to get back to his feet. Garth manages to grab the referee and pull him in, forcing him to intervene. Garth uses the chance to get out of dodge and out of the ring. Garth walks ringside but Mason is right after him. Garth cuts him off and tosses him against the barricade. He gets back in the ring where he waits. Mason struggles to get back in the ring and referee begins to count. 1.......... 2............... 3.............. 4...................

Garth seems to just be waiting this one out and win this one by count out. Wise decision.


Connor: Wise in what sense exactly? He's taking the cheap way out here.


That's the point! Why would he go out there and work when he was screwed out of a World title match?

7........... But Mason manages to get back into the ring. Garth goes out to the apron drawing the referee to argue with him. Demanding that he get back in the ring. Garth simply pays no attention and Mason goes after him. Garth stops a right hand and hangs Mason on the ropes. He gets back in the ring and goes for Mason but he turns around and hits a big right hand. He hits a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker and covers quickly. 1......... 2......... -But Garth gets the shoulder up. Mason looks on frustrated and decides to go up the top rope. He measures Garth and flies with the Mansault but Garth rolls out of the way, making Mason crash hard. Garth gets back up and hoists Mason up to his shoulders. He hits the Black Out and covers. 1........ 2.......... 3!!

Here is your winner, Garth Black!!

Mason put up a good effort. But the mix of his inexperience and the veteran savvy of Garth Black was too bad a combination for Mason.

And at the same time he's dealing with a very bitter and angry man. Garth clearly had no intention of having a wrestling match here tonight. Had this gone any longer it wouldn't shock me if he'd just rage quit.

Garth refuses to have his hand raised and instead goes to keep attacking Mason. The ref tries to pull him away as Mason is defenseless to Garth's cheap attack.

Come on! The match is over!! Stop this!

The crowd erupts hearing the music. As soon as Garth hears it he gets out of the ring and away but Matt suddenly appears from the crowd and attacks Garth. Garth tries to get away but Matt tosses him over the barricade. Matt tries to go after Garth over the barricade but Garth trips him over and gets away. Mikey Stormrage is in the ring helping out Luke Mason.

Who gave Matt Tastic the authorization to attack Garth Black?! It's bad enough he stole his title shot. He's attacking him for expressing his frustration too?

Why did he have to pick on Luke Mason like that? He got the win. Luke has nothing to do with this situation.
Old 05-07-2016, 06:06 PM
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ABMorales787 ABMorales787 is online now
WZCW Grand Slam and
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Locked Inside A Steel Cage
Age: 26
Posts: 3,697
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Veejay and Ramparte are near the entrance. Ramparte is standing, silent as ever, with Veejay hyping them both up for the match. Leon Kensworth interjects, mic in hand.

Leon Kensworth: Hey, guys! Can I get a moment?

Veejay: Of course, Leon! What can we do for you?

Veejay and Ramparte both turn to Leon. Ramparte is clearly focused on the match coming up, but Veejay is visibly sweating, flashing his trademark smile.

Leon Kensworth: I just wanted to get a quick word from each of you on this match you have up next. Veejay, we overheard some inflammatory comments from Tony a few weeks back, involving you, and your wife Saffron. Certainly this match could be a measure of revenge.

Veejay: Oh, it definitely is. I'm not the type to overreact, but there's some places you just don't go, even in this business, and one of them is threatening a man's wife, especially when she's in the hospital. I'm going to make sure the message is sent that I'm not a pushover.

Leon Kensworth: And for you, Ramparte, this confrontation has been brewing a bit longer, as Kagura Joheki took something you, as anyone would, hold dear. Your voice.

Ramparte chuckles to himself, knowing he cannot answer the question, and knowing Leon should know as well. Veejay steps in for him.

Veejay: I'm sure if my partner here could talk, he would tell you that although he has turned a page on his treacherous ways, there is still some coldness in his heart for that woman who took his voice. But, if you ask me, he's doing just fine with Batti Otaku by his side.

Veejay puts his shades on and smiles at Ramparte who can only smile back. Just then, their opponents pass by as the arena begins blaring their music. Glances are exchanged all around.


Kagura and Tony enter the arena to a chorus of boos while Selena starts their introduction.

Anderson: This match is a tag team bout scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring first, at a combined weight of 435 pounds, the team of KAGURA JOHEKI and TONY MANCINI!

Tony and Gino swat aside the falling flower petals while Kagura bows to the crowd and heads towards the ring without them. Gino rubs Tony's shoulders like a prize fighter as he heads to the ring after his partner. They enter the ring and Tony makes some less than kid-friendly hand motions towards the fans at ringside. Kagura kneels in the corner and places her book under the turnbuckle, before rising and removing her robe. Tony and Gino both admire her beauty.

Connor: Typical scum, these two are. First, they want nothing to do with their partner for the evening, who might I add fared better than Tony in the Gold Rush tournament, and then she removes her robe and their buddy buddy. Makes me sick.

Cohen: I mean, she does have quite the set of...title wins in her past, so they should be happy to have her on their side! This is an odd pairing, if I ever saw one, but they have a mutual goal tonight, to end the personal vendettas they have with their opponents.

Connor: Watch yourself, Jack.

Anderson: And their opponents!

Ramparte and Veejay enter the arena to the polar opposite reaction that their opponents received.

Anderson: Weighing in at a combined 441 pounds, they are the team of RAMPARTE and VEEJAY!

The praise pours down on them as they head to the ring, high-fiving fans and exchanging fist bumps with some kids. They roll under the bottom rope simultaneously, springing to their feet and coming face to face with their counterparts.

Cohen: I'm not sure who these guys think they're intimidating, but I can assure you that Tony and Kagura are not going to back down from this fight. Kagura knew exactly what she was in for, when she borrowed Ramparte's voice, and Tony has been in his share of alleyway brawls. I'd bet on it.

Connor: The difference between those alley fights and a WZCW ring is that this is a fair fight. It's one on one, with no baseball bats and brass knuckles to even the score.

The referee is able to separate the teams, and get them to their respective corners. Ramparte will start for his team, against Tony, representing his.


The two circle each other, glaring at their counterpart's partners as they do. Tony strikes first, catching Ramparte off guard with a left hook to the jaw that knocks Ramparte to the turnbuckle. Tony chases in, connecting with a running knee to the gut, and then laying in knife edge chop after knife edge chop to Ramparte's chest. Kagura leans away from the action, letting the referee know all is fair. Tony grabs a handful of hair, leading his man to the middle of the ring, and hitting a snap suplex, and goes for a quick pin!


Ramparte rolls a shoulder and Tony gets in the ref's face, calling for a faster count. Gino applauds from the outside, while Ramparte gets to a knee. Tony lines up a straight right, but it's countered by a forearm to the gut! And another as Ramparte regains a vertical base! Ramparte connects with a right of his own, and whips Tony off the ropes, catching him coming back with a flapjack! Tony bounces to his knees, covering his face, and checking for blood as Ramparte gets to his feet, waiting for him. Tony turns around, his face contorted with rage. He charges his opponent, looking to hit a clothesline, but Ramparte surprises him with a drop toehold! Tony is again on his knees, checking his lip for blood. He rushes Ramparte again, and Ramparte retreats to the corner, and leaps over the top rope, causing Tony to crash chest first against the turnbuckle! Before he regain his composure, Ramparte hooks on the Tarantula! Tony screams out as the ref gives Recluse the five count to break in the ropes!

1! 2! 3! 4!

Ramparte crawls down the apron, breaking the hold! As Tony falls to a knee, stretching his arm, Kagura runs the length of the apron, and levels him with a leaping leg lariat! Ramparte crashes to the floor, and Kagura races back to her corner without the referee noticing! Tony dives and makes the tag as the referee begins counting out Ramparte!

1! 2! 3! 4!

Ramparte gets to his feet, and turns to see Kagura in the ring! He dives back in immediately, and is met by Kagura's boot as she begins stomping him down! Tony, from the apron, begins laying in boots of his own, drawing in Veejay! The referee rushes to get Veejay back to the apron, allowing Tony and Kagura to double-team the Recluse further! Kagura pulls him to his feet, where Tony grabs his arms, letting Kagura set for the Fifth Dance Of The Amaterasu Omikami! Ramparte ducks the heart punch, and Kagura sends Tony flying off the apron!

Gino rushes to his friend's aid, as Ramparte blasts Kagura with the Black Ink Mist with the referee's back turned! Kagura falls to her knees, where her opponent levels her with a springboard leg lariat! Veejay points out the lateral press to the ref as Ramparte shoots the half, and goes for the pin!


Cohen: Very smart of Kagura to get her foot on the ropes there! Great ring awareness! I hope Tony's okay, because if he can't get back in this fight, it may be an uphill climb for Miss Joheki!

Connor: You're right, Jack, and I hate to admit that. Tony is vital to their team's chances. Ramparte needs to take advantage of the confusion, and tag in the fresh man!

Ramparte attempts just that, rushing across the ring, but as he dives for his partner's outstretched hand, Kagura grabs his foot, slamming him face first into the canvas! Veejay tries to hype the crowd, but Ramparte is down, clutching his face! Kagura drops an elbow to the back of his neck, before sitting him up and applying a reverse chinlock. The referee checks Ramparte for a submission, but the Recluse shakes his head violently. Kagura pulls Ramparte to his feet by his neck, and shoves him off, but maintains the attack with a flurry of elbow strikes! Ramparte is chased backward to the ropes, but Kagura pulls him in with a keylock armbar, and using the leverage to force Ramparte to his back!

The ref checks again for a submission, but Ramparte shakes a finger no. Kagura looks down on her voiceless opponent, laughing, as Ramparte surveys the land, looking for a rope to break the hold. On the outside, Tony is on his feet, pacing. He sees Ramparte in the submission hold, and crawls under the bottom rope, again drawing in Veejay, but the referee cuts off Ramparte's partner! Tony places his boot on Ramparte's forehead, and stomps down, raising a red welt instantly as the Recluse attempts to cry out! Kagura breaks the hold, and tells her opponent to leave the ring!

Connor: It seems Kagura has had enough of Tony's antics, and wants to win this fight fair and square!

Cohen: I'd say it's her being smart enough to know not to raise the ire of the Recluse any further than she has. She knows the war between them is far from over, no matter the result tonight.

Connor: If I'm hearing this correctly, Tony is telling Kagura to tag him in! He must want all the valor for himself!

Kagura reluctantly leaves her opponent, and tags in the guido from Little Italy. Tony climbs through the ropes, and kicks Ramparte in the side, before rolling him across the ring, and leaving him at the feet of his partner. Veejay and Tony are eye to eye, and Tony motions for him to tag in!

Veejay enters through the ropes, tagging his partner in the process. Before he can get upright, Tony barrels through his knee, taking him down! He pulls him to his feet, and connects with an inverted atomic drop, shoving Veejay into the corner as he covers up the injured parts. Tony gives Veejay a hard smack in the face!

Tony Mancini: You're gonna learn respect! You hear me you little Indian bastard?

Veejay's face changes, and he explodes from the corner, leveling Tony with a spinebuster, and following up with straight rights to the face! Tony tries crawling backward from the assault, but Veejay won't let up! He jumps to his feet, and begins putting the boots to the Italian! Tony motions for a timeout, but the referee waves him off, reminding him there are none! Tony grabs the bottom ropes, just in time to avoid a stomp directly to the face! Gino collects his charge, and pulls him out of the ring, before realizing he's cradling him, and puts him down. Kagura smiles to herself, watching the spectacle. Tony adjusts his shirt, and cracks his knuckles, as the referee continues his count.

4! 5! 6! 7!

Tony makes his way to the steps, and enters at 9, telling Veejay to let him in the ring. Veejay patiently awaits his opponent, and they circle each other, before initiating a collar and elbow tie up. Neither man can get an advantage, and it breaks. The ref tries to separate them, and Tony surprises Veejay with a right, knocking him down to a knee! Veejay jumps back, retaliating with a right of his own, and the two men hit the mat, rolling to the floor!

The referee cuts off Gino as he tries to intervene, and finally manages to get both men to their feet, just as Kagura and Ramparte leap from opposing corners, connecting with stereo missile dropkicks to the other's partner! The referee is having trouble containing the ensuing melee, and orders the legal men back into the ring!

Tony and Veejay roll under the bottom rope, and are hardly to a knee before they begin exchanging blows again. Veejay muscles Tony into the corner, and doesn't see Kagura tag in! He whips Tony to the other corner, nearest to Ramparte, and charges in with a shoulder to the gut! As he steams out of the corner to set up another, Kagura surprises him with a diving throat thrust from the top rope! Tony has time to roll out of the ring as Kagura goes for the pin!


Veejay barely kicks out, shocking the Shrine Maiden! Kagura whips Veejay into the ropes, but he telegraphs the move and holds on before diving to tag in Ramparte! The Recluse leaps over the ropes, and charges the opposite ropes, taking out Kagura with a Pele kick! Kagura rebounds quickly to her feet, and tries to blind Ramparte with some mist of her own! He ducks, avoiding the red spray, and takes her out with a tornado DDT! She crashes headfirst to the mat, and rolls to her corner, where Tony tags in!

Tony races in to battle and whiffs with a hard-hitting lariat, but turns around and tries to take off Ramparte's head with a pair of brass knucks! Ramparte delivers a kick to the gut! The Denouement! Tony is out, and Ramparte hooks the leg!

1...2...3! Just as Kagura dives in to try and save her partner!

Anderson: Your winners...RAMPARTE! And VEEJAY!

The winners celebrate as Gino crawls in to collect Tony, helping him out of the ring. Kagura crawls to the corner and frantically opens her book. As she opens her mouth to speak, Ramparte kicks it from her hands, out to the announcer's table! Her face reddens, but he just smiles and wags a finger at her, before rejoining his teammate.

Connor: What a match, Jack! Usually, I'd say it's a tough break for Tony, but he brought it on himself, bringing that foreign object into the ring! Hard-earned win for the team of Veejay and Ramparte. I'd say the book is closed on Tony and Veejay's feud, but who knows what's going to happen between Ramparte and Kagura!

Cohen: Funny you say the book is closed, because we have Kagura's book right here, that she tried to read from again, apparently looking to cast some sort of spell on one of her opponent's, most likely Ramparte, again! This battle is far from over.

Connor: If I were Ramparte, I'd sleep with one eye open! No idea what the shrine maiden has in store for him now!


The camera opens up on Leon Kensworth and Justin Cooper. They're hanging out outside the locker room, sharing a laugh. The audio fades in.

Justin Cooper: ...and then, yeah, she gave me her number, said she was surprised by the side of me she saw during the interview. I hear the write-up got some good reviews too.

Leon Kensworth: It's amazing what a title win can do for you! Congratulations again, and make sure to pass along the same to your partner. He's missed around here. When you worked a show that Mark Keaton was wrestling on, you knew you were in for a good time.

Justin Cooper: I'll be sure to do that. Thanks. And yeah, he's a good kid. Really opened my eyes to a different way of doing things around here, and I've been really beating myself up. Encouraging him to take that leap? What was I thinking? His career could have been ended.

Leon Kensworth: How's he holding up? Any word on if, or when, we'll see his return?

Justin Cooper: You didn't hear this from me, but he's talking about being back in time to help me defend these titles, before we get stripped for not defending them.

The cameraman knocks over a water bottle, and both men turn to check the source of the noise. The camera quickly snaps to black.
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Leon Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I have the one and only Son Of Boston. Logan McAllister. Logan! You're about to go one on one with the winner of the 2016 Gold Rush tournament. Do you have any words before you go out there tonight? You got a big win over the former World Champion, Dorian Slaughter who never lost his title. But this would be a bigger win defeating the current #1 contender.

Logan: Yeah, it would be a big win. That's why I'm goin' out there to do my absolute best. I respect Matt but that's not gonna hold me back. I got a lot goin' for me lately. Big win at Gold Rush. I got the love of my life by me. I got the change for a big win and I'm a bettin' man. I know I got mor' good for me. I got a little som'tin special for my special someone comin'. And I can't wait to let'er know what it is. But I have a more immediate thing to deal with. So if ya excuse me, I gotta go out for a big brawl.


Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

Logan makes his way onto the stage as red lights flicker throughout the arena. He has his manager and partner Brittany on his arm as he walks out. He eyes the crowd, who cheer for the Bostonian. He slaps some hands on his way down the ramp, before he climbs into the ring and hypes the crowd, before blowing a kiss to Brittany on the outside.

Connor: Logan, coming off arguably the biggest win of his career, will be looking to knock off another former World Champion in Matt Tastic here tonight.

Cohen: Dorian Slaughter was a classic case of ring rust. Tastic will be an entirely different beast.

And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, he is the 2016 Gold Rush winner, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

The crowd is thunderous at Tastic makes his way onto the stage. He hypes himself up with the music, before he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with everyone he can. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and urges the crowd to get louder.

Connor: Matt Tastic, one of the most decorated stars in WZCW history, will be looking to pick up another win here tonight, but the ever present danger of Garth Black has to be in the back of his mind.

Cohen: I don't like Matt Tastic, but I respect his ability, and winning Gold Rush proves he is one of the best. You're right though Cat, Garth Black could be out there, anywhere.

Referee Elizabeth Prince is in charge of the action and allows both men to shake hands before she calls for the bell.


The two men circle, before they lock horns in a classic collar and elbow tie up. Logan, being the bigger man, uses his size to get the advantage and secure a headlock. Tastic tries to break, but Logan switches to a wristlock, then transitions to a hammerlock to get behind his opponent. From there he grabs Tastic around the waist and deadlifts him in a thunderous German Suplex. He bridges and the referee slides into position...One!...Two!...Tastic kicks out at two. Logan keeps on the offensive though, by sending Tastic into into the corner, where he begins to unleash a series of big knee strikes to his opponent. With the midsection softened up, Logan lets out a mighty yell, and runs to the opposite turnbuckle. He leaps, looking for Boston Strong, but Tastic ducks out of the way at the last second, leaving Logan to crash into the turnbuckle chest first. Tastic uses a school boy to roll him up...One!...Two!...Two and a half as Logan kicks out.

Connor: One tiny mistake and it almost cost Logan this match.

Cohen: That is the veteran know how of Matt Tastic on display.

Once both men are back on their feet, Logan misses with a wild haymaker, which allows Tastic to go to work with his patented punch and chop combination. It backs Logan into the ropes, where Tastic then Irish whips him across the ring. Off the rebound Tastic connects with a spinning wheel kick to put Logan down. He follows it up with a quick elbow drop to the heart, further damaging McAllister. Tastic takes a few steps back and just as Logan sits up, he runs and connects with a dropkick to put him back down. Near the ropes, Tastic climbs to the apron and then launches himself back in with a beautiful tope atomico. He goes for the pin...One!...Two!...Two again as Logan kicks out. Tastic slaps the mat, a little frustrated.

Cohen: Surely Tastic knows it will take more than that to keep Logan down.

Tastic drags Logan to his feet, but Logan blocks and starts to throw fists to the midsection. He keeps throwing hard rights until he is on his feet, Tastic manages to block a punch though and connect with three quick shots to the gut. He then baseball slides through Logan's feet and as he turns around connects with a martial arts punch to the gut, doubling Logan over. Tastic then connects with a leaping back pick to the head, putting Logan down. He runs and connects with the Screw Attack. He springboards off the ropes and connects with the corkscrew senton perfectly. He hooks a leg...One!...Two!...Three! Matt Tastic wins.

Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Matt Tastic!

The referee raises Matt's arm but he doesn't celebrate for long. Matt goes over to Logan and helps him up to his feet.

Oh, he's just so nice. It's almost like he's trying to compensate for doing something wrong. LIKE STEALING!!

What is your deal, Jack?! You've been exploding at Matt since Gold Rush.

Of course I am! He won the tournament because of circumstance and absolutely nothing has been done compensate Garth Black who had to suffer for it.

Matt talks to Logan and fistbumps with him. Matt raises his arm and Logan then proceeds to leave. As he goes up the ramp-

The screen comes back and Garth Black is attacking Matt Tastic in the ring! He stomps on him over and over before hoisting him up to his shoulders, dropping him on to his knee with the Black Out. Mikey Stormrage dashes to the ring as Garth spots him and gets out of the ring. He points and screams at Mikey before waving across his waist.

This needs to stop. Garth is constantly interfering in Matt's matches and vice versa. To make it worse, Garth is constantly jacking the broadcast!!

I bet WZCW management is just as angry as you. And me. About all this. And you know what I think they should do? Make a solution. #ISupportGarthBlack.

............Since when do you do hashtags?!

Mikey helps Matt up as they look on at Garth as Mikey hoists his World title with the free arm.
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Madison: We have a big title match coming here tonight as Flex Mussel gets a second chance at the Eurasian Championship after the controversy at Gold Rush. This time inside a steel cage to prevent any of the issues from the last match. Flex I have to ask what have you done to prepare for this match? This would quite literally be the polar opposite of what Gold Rush was. Completely enclosed area now, there will be no escape for either man. Flex?

I don't care, Stacey. This time I'm going out there with every intention to win. I appreciate the support of the people but tonight I have to be selfish to win. I have to be just as selfish as the man that had all the love from the world and simply traded it for another piece of metal. I know the allure of gold is great. But Titus had to lose himself to get it. I'll play his game for the most part but I'll prove I'm better by beating him. Taking his title and come out still being the same as I walked in. But make no mistake about it, I'll be every bit as dirty and selfish as him in that cage.

Vee A.D.Z. comes in nodding at Flex's words. Madison points the mic at him hoping for a word.

Vee ADZ:I believe in you, Flex. I know you'll do your best. I don't know if you'll come out on top. But I'll be watching. Good luck.

Vee stretches his hand out and Flex waits a second before shaking his hand.

Flex: Thanks. I appreciate it. But luck won't help me here.


Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! We ask you all, at this time for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.

The crowd boos at being told what to do, but they eventually fall into the fold and quiet down.

The crowd is silent as Xander LeBelle makes his way to the ring with Andrew Adonis escorting him. Xander has a lit cigar in his mouth and a golden cane in his hand as he walks to the ring, the crowd slightly booing. When he gets top to the ring Adonis hands him what the crowd recognizes as a familiar mask. The crowd oohs and aahs at the site of the former mask of Le Gentleman Masque. Xander holds the mask high, before he places the cigar to the mask, slowly setting it aflame. Adonis hands Xander a mic.

LeBelle: I am no longer here to serve you. The old me is dead and gone. Before you stands the new and improved Xander LeBelle. One that if focused, one that takes the things he wants, one that won't let support from petty fans stand in his way.

The crowd boos heavily as they await Xander's opponent.

And his opponent, from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Justin Cooper!

Cooper makes his way onto the stage, checking behind him cautiously. He has his tag team title around his waist as he makes his way down the ramp. He stops at the foot of the ramp to hoist his championship high, the fans cheering as he does. He rolls into the ring, and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, raising it high once again to a decent applause.

Connor: So this match, originally scheduled for Meltdown, will see the redebut of Xander LeBelle, taking on newly crowned tag team champion Justin Cooper.

Cohen: I fancy LeBelle in this one. He has a lot to prove, and Cooper seems to have turned his back on all the things that made him successful.

Referee Keith Morse checks both men for foreign objects, confiscating one from LeBelle before he calls for the bell for the match to begin.


The two men circle around the ring, neither man wanting to engage too early. They move cautiously looking to make the first move. They hook up with the collar and elbow tie up looking for who can gain the advantage. Cooper grabs Xander in a headlock and pulls him down for pressure. He clutches hard but Xander pulls the leg up and drops Cooper to the mat. Quickly Xander kicks the leg. Cooper grabs that foot and goes for a heelhook but Xander realizing the trouble goes to the ropes, clutching them hard screaming "Break! Break, break, break, break!". The referee orders the break and Cooper quickly lets go. Both back to their feet they go back at it but Cooper quickly goes for the waist. He raises Xander up and drops him face down on the mat and hooks a front facelock.

Cooper taking it to the resurging man here. But I stand behind my man.

You should probably have thought that one through. But yes, Cooper trying to do his best in the absence of his partner.

Cooper tries to keep a grip on the hold but Xander manages to bite the arm holding under his chin. Cooper releases his hold and clutches his bitten arm, Xander goes on the attack right away. A couple of stomps and hits a big Mafia Kick to Cooper. Knocking him down. Xander keeps the pressure on him and gives a couple of extra stomps on his back. He slaps a Sleeper Hold onto Cooper, trying to squeeze the oxygen out of Cooper. Cooper struggles to get to the ropes or get up or something but he can't and slowly starts to fade away.

Cohen: It would be really ironic if Xander wins with a Sleeper here tonight.

Connor: How so? Both use submission holds. Not so sure you know what irony is supposed to be, Jack.

It seems Cooper has faded away and the referee begins to check his arm. It's dropped once. The ref checks again and raises it again. It drops again. The ref checks again, but this time Cooper holds steady. Showing signs of life. He fights his way and manages to get to a vertical base. He tries to elbow his way out, but Xander, realizing the trouble, pulls Cooper down by his hair. Slamming him on to the mat. Xander covers and hooks the leg. 1...... 2......... 3-But Cooper pushes the shoulder up. Xander clutches his hair and quickly rolls out of the ring. He looks around and spots the World Tag Team Championship. He grabs the title belt and goes to the ring. The referee sees this and tells Xander to stop but he doesn't. He raises the title but the referee takes it. He goes to toss it out of the ring but as he does, Xander goes for a low blow. Cooper manages to put on the brakes and grabs the arm. He drops on it and turns the would be low blow into a Cross Armbreaker. Xander scrambles and once again manages to get to the ropes. The referee orders the rope break but this time Cooper refuses. The ref stars counting. 1....... 2....... 3........ 4....... 5-But Cooper lets go.

I don't think Cooper is too pleased with that attempt at a low blow.

Cohen: If it didn't happen, it didn't happen.

Cooper Snapmares Xander to a seated position and kicks him hard in the back. He follows it up with two more kicks and then runs the ropes and Dropkicks him on the face. He grabs the legs of Xander and attempts a Boston Crab. Xander struggles and once again manages to reach the ropes. Xander gets up and as Cooper goes for him, Xander hits a Throat Thrust stopping Cooper cold. Xander throws him with a Butterfly Suplex. He hooks the leg. 1....... 2........ 3-But Cooper gets the shoulder up. Xander see's his chance and goes for the Rose's Thorn. A Curbstomp. But Cooper manages to get out of the way. He hits a couple of European Uppercuts before hitting and follows it up with a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. Cooper doesn't hesitate and raises Xander again. He goes for the Final Verse but Xander is able to elbow his way out of it. He kicks Cooper in the gut and goes for the Rose's Thorn again but Cooper fights through the kick and hits the Final Verse. He hooks the leg. 1........ 2......... 3!!

Here is your winner, Justin Cooper!!

Xander fought his best here. I suppose. He was trying to use some underhanded tactics, but Cooper wasn't in a mood to lose after just winning the Tag Team titles.

It's not cheating unless you get caught, Cat. I guess it wasn't his night. But I like the cut of his jib. Willing to do whatever he can to win. It's all about making a statement and getting people to talk about you in this business.

Cooper gets his hand raised and he asks for his title, but the referee doesn't have it. Xander is clutching it while he's down on the canvas. Cooper goes and grabs it as Xander seems broken that it was taken away from him.
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Harrys: The following contest is a Steel Cage Match, and it is for the WZCW Eurasian Championship. The only way to win is by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage with both feet hitting the floor!!!

Flex emerges on stage in his tracksuit. Hood covering his eyes, he totes his duffle bag down the ramp. He steps into the ring, poses on a turnbuckle, and removes the jacket, revealing several sets of weights covering his chest and abdomen. He tosses them into the bag and paces the ring waiting for Titus.

Harrys: Introducing first, from Paris, France, weighing in at 220 pounds, "The Healthiest Man Alive", Flex Mussél!!!

Connor: It looks like Flex is in good shape. I know several of us were worried at Gold Rush, before and after.

Cohen: How is he standing? He should take the night off. What an idiot.

Titus Avison comes out to the stage, and grins broadly. The Eurasian title is lifted up int othe air and he walks down the runway. He laughs into the face of the front row, mocking them as they boo callously. He enters the ring and points cockily.

Harrys: And his opponent, from Keystone City, weighing 225 pounds, he is the Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!!!

Cohen: Why should Titus even defend his title against Flex tonight? The frenchman had his chance. The Hall of Famer's time is precious.

Connor: You're kidding. Titus vs. Flex has had no real decisive victor and we are finally going to get one tonight. This is a monumental moment for our sport. Something tells me we will be observing history unfold.

The two combatants stand in their respective corners as referee Katie Shepard raises the Eurasian Championship in the air with both hands, signifying that this will be for the title. Slowly, Flex Mussel and Titus Avison step to the center of the ring. They have a stare down as the cage descends upon them. Neither man back away, but get into each other's face as staff scurry to secure the steel to the ground and padlock the cage door.


They waste no time! Flex and Titus exchange a flurry or fists, each knuckle scraping against their jaws. The champion puts his entire shoulder into a haymaker, and it rocks the challenger. Flex staggers, but springs back with a knee to the gut. Titus buckles and the athlete continues with a barrage of knee and palm strikes until the referee pulls him away. Mussel flexes for the audience, and they roar with approval. Avison is back up and lashes out with a European Uppercut! Flex reels, bounces off of the ropes, and strikes back with his own European Uppercut! The WZCW superstars unleash one European Uppercut after another and the fans in attendance let their voices be heard.

"No!" "Yes!" "No!" "Yes!" "No!' "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

The Number One Contender takes control with an uppercut strong enough to lift Titus Avison off of his feet and make his back connect with the steel cage! The champion lands on the ropes and tumbles to the floor. Flex works quickly by applying a Half Leg Boston Crab, but Titus crawled maniacally to a bottom rope for the hold to be broken.

Connor: What strength from the resident gym rat! I don't recall Titus ever being hit as hard as that with an uppercut.

Cohen: Me neither, but this is textbook Titus. He's letting Flex tire himself out before he goes in for the kill. A rat is right, Connor, and Avison is the rat poison.

When Titus gets back to his feet, Flex executes a modified Abdominal Stretch. He pulls back on Titus's ankle and the champion bellows in half pain, half anger. Katie asks him if he wants to give up. He shakes his head no. Mussel jerks backwards, adding pressure to the hold. Titus reaches for the ropes, but cannot get away. To cause him more strife, Flex drove an elbow into his ribcage. Titus hollered out, his voice shaking. Smiling viciously, Flex dug into his ribs with another elbow, and then another, but Titus pulled out of the submission lock with the fouth elbow strike and reversed the ankle hold by making Flex trip. Titus frantically dropped to his own knees and grabbed Flex's leg. Ankle lock! Flex tried to doggie paddle his way to the ropes, but Titus backed away, putting more distance away from them. Flex twisted his torso back and forth. Titus dropped to the mat, grapevining the Ankle lock. The challenger screamed in anguish.

Cohen: This may be it! End it quickly so you'll have your strength to fight Vee A.D.Z., Titus!

Connor: I would hate to see a Steel Cage Match go out like this. But Flex really has nowhere to go.

Katie Shepard is on all fours, keeping an eye on Flex. She watches silently for any signs of a tapout. Flex's face is beet red. He reaches out for nothing. Flex places on hand on the mat and then another. He slowly crawls with Titus dragging him down. The crowd cheers on the valiant effort by Flex. They clap encouragingly. He successfully moves both himself and Titus! The jock uses his forearms now, pounding them against the ground as he savagely drags them both closer and closer to the ropes. Titus shakes his head no, wiggling up and down to purposefully break Flex's leg. Flex nods wildly and touches the bottom rope! Katie calls for the ropebreak...but Titus refuses to let go! Katie asks him again, desperately, to release the hold. Titus audibly responds.

Titus: F*** off!

Connor: I...wow...he's not letting go. And this match can't end in a Disqualification...

Cohen: That's Titus for you. Always thinking ahead. Dirtiest player in the game gets the win, Cat. Now watch as Flex loses a leg!

Miraculously, Flex reaches for the middle rope, and clasps it hard. HD shows the whiteness of his knuckles. He gets his other hand on the middle rope, and he pulls himself up- his chest off of the mat now. Titus hops maddeningly, Flex's ankle in complete peril of snapping in two. The middle rope bends low as Flex touches the top rope with a right hand. He yells in pain, tears forming at the rims of his eyes. He grabs hold and tries to drag Titus.

"Let's Go Mussel!" "Titus Sucks!" "Let's Go Mussel!" "Titus Sucks!"

He has both hands on the top rope now! His body stands at a 90 degree angle, with Titus on the mat, shouting about how can Flex do what he's doing. Flex grips...the cage itself. Flex begins to climb the steel cage with Titus's hold still locked in. He grabs a handful of steel, and then another, and then another! He is midway to the top!

Connor: I can't believe what I am witnessing! He's going to escape the cage WITH Titus holding him down! That's as poetic as it gets.

Cohen: No, no he can't! He's strong, but he's not that strong! C'mon, tap out like a normal person!!!

Titus isn't touching the floor anymore. The packed crowd are on their feet at the display of athleticism coming from Flex Mussel. His arms begin to shake, but he secures another hand on the cage. Flex is a mere arms-length from the rim of the top! The former tag team champion gets a hand out...reaches...the fans continue their chant...Titus panicking...and Flex loses his grip! They both fall down to the mat in a spiraling colossal heap.

"Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!" "Holy Shit!"

Both men responsive but incapacitated. On the ramp, Vee A.D.Z. makes his presence known. He surveys the carnage in the steel cage, and then sits cross-legged on the stage itself, becoming a spectator for the match.

Cohen: The hell is he doing out here?

Connor: Obviously to see the Main Event, Seabass.

Inside the ring, Flex gathers himself as Titus, who took the brunt of the impact, still lingers in a corner on his back. The contender limps severely over to the champion, picking him up for a Belly To Belly- Punch to the balls! Flex falls to his knees in incredulous pain as Titus is there for a cover...1!...2!...3-No! Flex gets his good leg under the bottom rope. Exasperated, Titus now gathers himself up and lifts Flex up to his feet. Spinning Heel Kick knocks Flex into the corner turnbuckle. Titus yanks harshly at Flex's ears. Flex winces and Titus bashes the back of Flex's head against the steel cage repeatedly. He continues the malicious attack until he tires himself out. He lets go and Flex stumbles and falls to the mat. Titus goes FOR ANOTHER ANKLE LOCK but Mussel grabs hold on the cage itself, preventing Titus from getting a proper hold on him. Whether on accident or not, Flex's heel finds itself buried between Titus's Oscars. The actor clutches his balls and backs away from Flex. The audience cheer approvingly at the minor act of justice. Vee A.D.Z. claps from the ramp.

Connor: Well, he deserved that.

Cohen: No man deserves that. Shame on you for encouraging Flex's behavior.

Seeing Titus's back turned from him, Flex wraps him up in a backwards Bear Hug, and delivers a German Suplex! He rolls over, still holding Titus, and gives him a second German Suplex...with a pin! Katie for the count of 1!...2!...Kickout! Now physically exhausted, Flex is beside himself. He eyes Vee on the stage, nods respectfully, and points at the cage door. He limps towards the door, asking the staff outside to unlock it for him. They begin to do so slowly. Titus is back up and kicks Flex's bad leg out from under him. Reverse DDT plants the athlete as Titus asks them to open it wider. Flex struggles to get up...and he can't!...Flex grabs at Titus's own ankle...and bites it! The fans laugh at the actor's misfortune. Titus hollers in painful rage as he is taken to the ground away from the door. Staff close and padlock it.

Cohen: Disgusting! Is this who Flex really is...a cheap tactician? Titus isn't biting people!

Connor: Anything goes in the Cage. Titus already proved that with the low blow and him not breaking his ankle lock.

Titus gets away from Flex's clutches, and kicks him over and over again. One lands across his head. The Eurasian Champion pulls him up and drags his face against the steel cage. Flex's face bleeds rigidly! Swinging Neckbreaker brings Flex to the ground. Titus hooking the leg for the pin...1!...2!...??? Titus himself breaks the hold by lifting Flex's head off of the mat. He shakes his head and audibly tells referee Katie "not this way". He gathers Flex back up to his feet and teases placing a leg over the back of Flex's neck. The Tit Drop brings Flex's world crashing down around him. The actor laughs at the audience, notices Vee sitting far away, and points at Flex as if the same thing is going to happen to him. Titus stands up and steps on Flex's chest, pinning him in arrogant fashion.




Click for Spoiler:



The WZCW Universe become unglued at the appalled face of Titus Avison. Even Vee who remains impartial let out a "Woah". Feeling embarrassed, Titus went from shocked to livid in a few seconds flat. He pummeled the injured Flex bloody until Katie Shepard pulled him away. He got in her face and let loose with colorful insults. Shepard backed away and Titus went to kick the down Flex some more, but Flex grabbed a leg. Exerting all of his force onto Titus, Flex brought Titus clattering to his ass as Flex pulled him into the Spin & Win! Flex got to a corner and swung him into the steel cage! And then swung him to the other side of the steel cage. The fans counted how many times Titus went against the unforgiving cage:

"3!" "4!" "5!" "6!" "7!" "8!" "9!" "10!" "11!" "12!" "13!" "14!" "15!" "16!" "17!" "18!" "19!" "20!" "21!"

Flex let go and leaned against the cage.

Connor: This is it! Pin him, Flex!

Cohen: Don't be stupid, Flex! Climb the cage!

Listening to neither announcer, Flex waved his arm around as if signaling that the end was near. Still dizzy, Titus crawled on all fours, got to the other end of the ring, and pulled himself up using the cage. He turned around and was hit with the Flex-Decapitator!!! The Discus Clothesline landed in a lopsided angle with Titus's collarbone. With Titus down, Flex fell on top of Titus for the cover...




Click for Spoiler:


Flex appeared physically sick, as if he had nothing left in his arsenal. Vee A.D.Z. no longer sat cross legged on the ramp, but he was on his feet anticipating their next move with suspense. Titus showed no signs that he could possibly kick out, but he did.

Cohen: ...

Connor: ...what will it take? What will it take to see a winner tonight?

"Super Human!" "Super Human!" "Super Human!"

Flex is on his feet...Titus remains dead to the world. Trying to gather his senses, he observes the cage door, then the prone Titus, and then finally he looks up at the top of the cage. He nods as if the audience is spurring him to go for it, and so he does! Flex begins to climb the cage, his leg complicating his ascension. Sluggishly he gets footing for his leg on the top rope. Up he goes, midway, no three fourths to the top. Titus still incapacitated. Flex gets hold of the rim of the cage...and he secures himself at the top! He is met with a chorus of cheers, his face gleaming against the arena's lights. Victorious, he balances himself on the top of the cage. He ponders, and then laughs to himself. He screams out what he is going to do.


Cohen: !!!

Connor: !!!

Flex Mussel leaps from the twenty foot cage...in midair he perfectly does The Red Comet!!! AND TITUS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! All hope feels lost as the fans go completely silent as Flex crashes harshly to the ground. Avison rolls over Flex and rests his back against Flex's torso. Titus spreads one arm out to faintly pin Flex's shoulder. Katie Shepard calls for the pinfall.




Click for Spoiler:

Flex doesn't move. Katie calls for the bell to end the match. The steel cage goes back up to the ceiling and the Eurasian Championship is handed to Katie for Katie to give to Titus. The actor is unaware that the match is over until he is given the belt. Even then his face is full of uncertainty, as if Flex was going to overpower him again somehow. But Flex never moved. It wasn't until Harrys declared him the winner did he smirk proudly to himself.

Harrys: Here is your winner and STILL EURASIAN Champion, Titus Avison!!!

Connor: My god, what a Eurasian Championship Match! This is one for the record books for sure. What a courageously bold move by Flex, but it didn't pay off this time.

Cohen: Even if he hit Titus's own move on him, Titus would have kicked out again just to make Flex a joke. But you're right. It was a Championship Match to be remembered. Just another notch on Titus's already prolific biography. Way to go, Titus! Now make short work of Vee.

As if he could hear him, Titus peered over to where Vee A.D.Z. stood. They both stared daggers at one another.

Click for Spoiler:
Just as Flex begins to stir inside the ring, the lights go down, only an eerie glow left surrounding the ring. Flex tries using the ropes to stand, when a hole opens in the ring and a set of arms pull Flex down into the abyss. Flex fights, but the horror on his face is evident as he is swallowed up, into the hole.

Connor: What the hell is going on?

Cohen: Who is under the ring?

The light go out completely, and once they come on again,
Click for Spoiler:
Dorian Slaughter is standing in the center of the ring, a wicked look on his face as the scene fades to black.
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Yaz: Logan vs. Tastic, 1/2 of LeBelle vs. Cooper
Killjoy: Opening, Manson vs. Black, 1/2 of LeBelle vs. Cooper, segments
Spidey: Titus vs. Flex
NSL: Kagura & Mancini vs. Ram & Veejay, segments

Hope you guys enjoy the show. Boards coming soon.
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