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Old 03-03-2017, 07:36 PM
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Default MD 138 - Titus Avison versus Logan McAllister (EurAsian Championship)

RP deadline is Monday the 13th of March at 23:59 EST!

Extensions available on request.

Reinstate The Fox!
Old 03-13-2017, 06:10 PM
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Day 463 of the EurAvison era. March 1St 2017. The Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore. Post Meltdown 137.

Titus Avison has just lost in a match to Eve Taylor. This was thanks to interference from Kagura Joheki. We're outside Mr. Banks office. Titus is on his way, furious.

He bangs on the door but there's no one there.

Titus: BANKS! Let me in there.

No answer but Vance Bateman appears out of nowhere.

Bateman: My office, now.

Without a skipping a beat Titus heads to Vance Batemans office.

Titus: Why can't I see Banks?

Bateman laughs.

Bateman: You need to have an appointment, you can't just turn up without permission. What's your problem? You just lost. Fair and square.

Titus: Fair and square? Did you see what she did? She came out, costing me the match.

Bateman: Your own stupidity cost you the match.

Titus: My own stupidity?

Bateman: Yes! You're Titus Avison. When have you ever let that distract you?

Titus: It was NOT fair and square.

Bateman: Shall I go through your matches over the last year or so? See how many times you've punched someone in the balls?

Titus: I..erm...always preferred Chuck Myles.

Bateman: Calm yourself. Take it easy. Come see me on the 8th and we'll sort something out. Also you're defending your belt on Meltdown.

Titus: Oh great, who against?

Bateman: Logan McAllister.

Titus: In Boston?

Bateman: Yes.

Titus: Goddammit.

Titus storms out the office. Bateman looks pleased at himself as he feels like he has given a challenge to the EurAsian champion.

The door closes. Titus laughs.

Titus: Logan? Easy.

Day 465 of the EurAvison era. March 3rd 2017. The Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore. Mid Aftershock.

In the background you can hear what's going on during the Black and Cooper match. Titus Avison is in an area backstage by himself. Sat down with his two awards and EurAsian belt. He's on the phone.

Titus: I need you next week to cash in that favour. What have you got on?

Voice: I am going to see Logan.

Titus: Where?

Voice: Boston, of course. I'll let you know the time and place.

Titus: Great.

Day 470 of the EurAvison era. March 8th 2017. International Women's Day. Vance Bateman's office. WZCW HQ, Nevada.

Titus: So you've given me Logan McAllister.

Bateman: Yes. The winner faces Kagura at Apocalypse.

Titus: Why did she opt for the EurAsian? Did you manage to persuade her so you didn't have LeBelle blowing his load so early?

Bateman: That and he refuses to wrestle against a woman.

Titus: Funny, they were in the same match when he won the belt. What if I said I refused to fight against a woman?

Bateman: I'd say you have done several times before, and will do again.

Titus: Well today had me thinking. It's International Women's day. What better way to celebrate it than bringing the Vixens division back. Think of it, you can bring in a Vixens title. Have Eve Taylor, Kagura, Wren, the Clark Sisters, Batti and whoever else wants to. They can be the best in WZCW women. It can't fail.

Bateman: OR we could keep things as it is. We could allow them to fight alongside men. Allow Kagura her chance at the EurAsian, allow Eve to pursue the world title. I'm sure one of the Clark Sisters would love a chance of Mayhem. Sounds fun, right?

Titus: Not really.

Bateman: Before that you've got to defend your title. Now go and prepare, and remember. If you win you will have the most number of defenses of any champion in WZCW history.

Titus: I know.

Titus steps up and walks towards the door.

Titus: Are you sure you don't want to bring the Vixens back?

Bateman: NO!

Titus leaves, the door closes and the scene cuts.

Day 475 of the EurAvison era. March 13th 2017. Boston, Massachusetts.

Titus Avison is stood outside of a cinema. There are posters everywhere for “Logan”. The crowds start to come out after the performance. A man approaches Titus Avison.

Man: Hey you're Titus Avison. Did you know Logan'll beat you this week?

Titus: Let me ask you a question. What did you think of the movie Logan? Was it about a loser who has failed at everything he's done?

Man: No, it wasn't. It was like, about a man who had metal claws outta his hand and...


Man: What's wrong wit me? That's fightin' talk. You, me. Now.

Titus looks down at the man, a four inch difference in height as well as the weight advantage allows Titus to tower over him.

Titus: Do I need to tell you why that will only end one way?

Just the the mans friends come and drag him away.

Man: I'll take you big shot. You're lucky my friends stopped me or you'd be dead meat buddy. Dead meat!

Like Scrappy Doo yelling let me at 'em the man is dragged away. Titus finds this hilarious as he laughs with quite a menacing laugh.

Titus: I hate Boston.

Voice: I see some things have never changed.

Titus turns around. The voice is revealed to be that of former child actor, Macaulay Culkin.

Titus: Oh you're looking quite different.

Culkin: I'm not 10 any more! You've seen me in that time.So what's this idea you have?

Titus: I need you for an acting gig. Do you know who you look like?

Culkin: Well I've been stopped a few times asking if I'm related to Logan. I look nothing like Wolverine, do I?

Titus: Oh let me explain...

Day 476 of the EurAvison era. March 14th 2017. Boston, Massachusetts. Titus Avison is being interviewed by Leon Kensworth.

Leon: This week you have a huge match ahead of you. You're against Logan for the EurAsian. How do you feel facing someone that you know everyone in that arena will be rooting for?

Titus: Have you seen any of my matches? It happens every single match. The people want Titus Avison to lose. They never see it happen.

Leon: You just lost.

Titus: It was a fluke.

Leon: Yes. A fluke.

Titus: Indeed. So yes you've got the man who Boston loves and you can tell why. He's a loser. He has the shortest reign of anyone in WZCW history. He didn't even win the belt properly, Keaton won that for him. He had a chance to beat Noah Ryder who didn't even turn up and he did the same. He's a joke and has been for quite some time.

Then there's his background. That's why Boston love him, his parents were disgraceful humans. He doesn't mention it any more, but he used to. Then you look at how he is as a father, leaving your kid with Brittany? You may as well leave him with that woman who lives next door to Tony Mancini!

Yet here we are.

Leon: Yes. In Boston. I can't emphasise that enough. What's your gameplan?

Titus: Leon, Leon, Leon. Since when would I give you my gameplan?

Leon: Well, it was worth a try.

Titus: After 475 days I'll tell you the plan. I will make Logan McCallister tap out. It'll be my first substitution win as champion and what better place to do it than his home town. In front of his wife and kid.
The same kid who idolised me. The same kid who would follow me round backstage hearing stories from me. The same kid who held his Titus Avison signature as his favourite possession. The same kid who wanted to be me. He'll see his Dad tapping, crying with pain. I'll walk over and high five him after the match. The people of Boston will hate me. The response will be a near on riot. I will love it. The EurAsian era will continue. They can say I'm not their champ but I am. You know what though Leon?

Leon: What is that?

Titus: It's glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Titus walks away from Leon Kensworth. This is a man who doesn't fear the Son of Boston yet is worried about Kagura Joheki. A weird situation to be in. We fade to black.
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For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 03-14-2017, 07:17 AM
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Boston, MA
Logan McAllister's House
10 Days until MD138

Logan McAllister opened his eyes and let out a big stretch, taking advantage of the extra room by spreading his arms and legs across the bed, before finally sitting up and taking a look at the clock noticing it was already past noon, he decided he should go ahead and get up.

Ever since his son's accident, Logan has seemed completely unmotivated by anything remotely WZCW related. He stays at home longer between shows now, and doesn't seem concerned with the goings on within the squared circle.

That changes now.

The shows were here in Boston this round, and this would be Logan's first time performing in front of his home crowd. To top things off, he was getting an opportunity to end one of the longest title reigns in WZCW history as he was facing Titus Avison for his EurAsian championship. Needless to say, Hayden was very excited about the impending match.

Hayden: Hey dad! You ready to beat Titus? I can't wait to watch you beat that guy dad. Hit him with Boston Strong, and then when he gets up, smash him with the Boston Massacre for the win!! If he won't stay down, maybe you can surprise him with your Logan Lock...imagine if you end his streak with a move nobody in WZCW has seen you use?

Hayden was extremely excited, his words coming out incredibly fast, hands swinging wildly as he demonstrated his dad's moves while talking about what his dad was gonna do to Titus. Logan couldn't help but smile, his boy almost fully healed, and just as addicted to WZCW as ever. Logan had to focus again, like how he was during the Lethal Lottery cycle, when he started becoming a credible threat within the company.

Logan: You bet buddy. I can't wait to end his arrogant championship reign, hit him wicked hahd and become the new EurAsian champion. I'm just waiting on Brittany to come back so I can meet with someone who's intahrested in becoming my managah for WZCW, you know since you guys ahre gonna be staying at home from now on. He contacted me and we shared a few ideas and it went well enough to warrant us meeting up. Your dad is gonna staht focusing 110% on becoming the best WZCW stah I can be. I'm gonna make you proud, and give all the kids watching a hero to cheer for. There seems to be a vacancy in WZCW, with good ol Theron taking time away, maybe I'll become champ at Meltdown and become WZCWs new resident hero, turning away the evils that come to take away my gold haha. Bottom line Hayden, I want you to be okay with this. You might not see me as often as you're used to, but if I'm gonna achieve what we all want to achieve, then Dad has to work, and work wicked hahd.

Hayden nodded almost immediately. Both Hayden and Brittany were disappointed to not be traveling from show to show any longer, but in Hayden's case, if it meant his dad could go on to become even more successful, then it was worth it. At least this show was here at home!!

At that moment, Brittany came thru the front door, tossing the keys on the counter and sitting down on the couch next to her boys, hugging Hayden before cozying up to Logan.

Brittany: Ugh, you have to leave right now huh babe? I feel like I haven't seen you in forevah haha, with all your time at the gym training and what not. Don't worry though Logan, I undahstand, and both myself and Hayden fully support you. But I suppose i should get off of you so you can go huh?

Brittany kisses Logan on his cheek as she scoots over towards Hayden, who has now grabbed the remote and is playing his Playstation. This time playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Logan stood up, his arms stretched upwards towards the ceiling before he grabbed the keys and started for the door.

Logan: I'll be back latah guys. I love you both!


Logan entered the bar and scanned the room before finding his potential new manager seated in the back corner of the bar, paperwork spread across the table. It became very clear to Logan that this man was not playing games. He was serious, and that was already a good sign.

???: Ah! Mr. Logan McAllistah! Come sit down, have a whiskey and let's get to know each other, before embarking on any potential future business arrangements.

The way he tried to put some Boston accent on Logan's name made Logan chuckle. He was already starting to think this meeting was a good thing. Logan took a seat after and after a quick cheers, the two men downed a shot of whiskey. Now that they were settled with that, the feeling out process could now begin.

???: My name, Mr. McAllister, is Richard Goldman, and in case you are not familar with my name, I was one of the most prominent sports agents in the world. Over the years, I've helped guide the careers of many players that would go on to become household names. Legends. Hall of Famers. Now, I've done some research, as any good agent would, and Mr. McAllister, your opponent this week is Titus Avison. He is a household name. A legend. A Hall of Famer.

Richard poured another shot, and the two men silently saluted glasses and downed another shot. At this point Richard began shuffling some of his papers around, as he prepared the next phase of his pitch to what he hoped would be his next client. There was money to be made with Mr. McAllister, and he knew he was they person that could tap that enormous of potential within the promising wrestler.

Richard: Now, recently you haven't quite been the same Logan as before. Understandably you had some family issues and being a family man myself, father to three beautiful daughters, I don't think you made a bad decision. Where I believe you erred Mr. McAllister, is that you might've been better off just asking for time off, as a way to protect the brand that is Logan McAllister.
Mr. Avison is no idiot, and he is desperate to keep his title with as little effort needed. He didn't choose you because he respects you, or because he sees you as the future of the company, no. The man sees you as weak. As a broken, shell of your former self. He looks to embarrass you in your hometown, his attention already on Ms. Joheki. THAT is where Mr. Avison has erred my friend.
I know you've been hitting the gym, and before you accuse me of stalking you Mr. McAllister, again let me tell you that I do my full research before I head into anything. Now, we've got you training, getting in even better shape. The next thing I have in mind is to help project you and your brand in WZCW even more so than it is at the moment. First though, Let us take another drink and I'd like to hear your thoughts before I progress further if you don't mind.

The glasses were filled yet again and again they were emptied. Logan was beyond impressed at this point. Mr. Goldman knew what he was talking about, and Logan got the vibe that this man would have his back completely...as long as it stayed mutually beneficial to them both.

Logan: I'm not gonna lie Richahd, I'm impressed. You make total sense, and you have the data to back it up. At this point I am definitely interested in what else you have in mind.

Richard: Excellent! Next is I think we need a new entrance song. Something that signals Logan is here, and he means business. I have a few ideas I believe would work, and those I shall forward to you before we leave. The new song, with your new dedication to training will be a breath of fresh air for your career Mr. McAllister. Might I make one request? Can we loss the scruffy stubble beard thing you have going on? Let's go clean shaven. New music, better body, new look.
One thing you may still be wondering is, if i'm going to be your manager, can I cut a promo? Hopefully you see this sales pitch as a good one, because let me tell you, as your on screen manager, (I'd prefer advocate, but I digress) I will take this strong salesmanship and combine it with such a level of intensity and seriousness that there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that the duo of McAllister & Goldman are here and we're focused on becoming a legend. What better way to start then by defeating a legend, and ending a legendary championship reign all in the same night?

Logan sat back, smiling excitedly. He liked the passion with which this man spoke. He saw the vision, and he was more than comfortable with it. Richard Goldman was going to help Logan reach that next tier, and inch ever closer to making his case as a legend in his own right. Logan poured two more shots and before drinking he had one thing to say...

Logan: To becoming a legend in our own right Richard!

The two men cheered and knocked back another shot, this one sealing the deal between the two. Logan had his new manager/advocate (They'd figure the term out later) before Logan stood up, getting ready to head back home to spend some evening time with his family.

Logan: I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna head home, get a little family time in before I kick into high geah for Meltdown. I've got some time befoah Meltdown with Leon, let's show WZCW what we've got.

Logan and Richard both stood and exchanged a hearty handshake before Logan headed out. He was excited for this new partnership to begin, and it would begin against the formidable Titus.

TD Garden
Day of Meltdown 138

Logan and his new partner, Mr. Goldman walked down the halls of the TD Garden, heading towards their interview with Leon Kensworth. Logan was clean shaven, haircut trimmed up nicely, tho still with his jeans and Red Sox jersey, as Mr. Goldman was of course in an expensive looking suit. The duo approached Leon and Leon began immediately.

Leon: Ladies an-

Mr. Goldman politely covered the microphone, before removing it from Leon's grasp.

Richard: I hope you don't mind Leon, but I'd like to go ahead and take this one?

Leon shrugs, not minding just observing this new face in WZCW, paired up with the ever hungry for success, Logan McAllister. Richard cleared his throat before he began.

Richard: Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Richard Goldman, and I am the new advocate for one Logan McAllister. You fans know how great this man is, especially the fans here in Boston. The Logan that you have all seen recently is no more. He is settled with the family issues that were pestering him, he's been spending incredible amounts of at the gym getting into peak physical shape and he looks forward to defeating and ending the long, dull and cowardly reign of the disgraceful legend, Titus Avison.
Don't get me wrong people, I'm not denying that Mr. Avison is a legend, or that he is an unworthy competitor, but he is not the idol to fans worldwide that he used to be. Now he is a bitter man, so consumed in his title reign, that without that championship, what is Titus? Tonight you shall all find out because my client Logan McAllister is going to take Mr. Avison's championship, and he's going to forcibly take it from him.
Mr. Avison, tonight is the night that your reign as a champion ends. Logan will become the EurAsian champion and he will make his name by destroying you and doing what nobody has done in over a year, beating you. Mr. Avison, my client looks forward to making your aquaintance in the ring later this evening. Please make sure our title is properly polished.
Thank you.

Mr. Goldman hands the microphone back to Leon, shaking his hand in the process as he turns to Logan, silently focused as the two make their way to the locker room to finish their preparations for tonight's main event.
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