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Old 03-03-2017, 07:33 PM
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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...
Default MD 138 - Mark Keaton versus Batti Otaku

RP deadline is Monday the 13th of March at 23:59 EST!

Extensions available on request.

Reinstate The Fox!
Old 03-11-2017, 01:01 AM
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A few hours before MELTDOWN 138 went on the air……

A pink stretch limo pulled up to the curb and a throng of WZCW fans started to stir by the barricades. The security guards held back some attractive women attempting to jump over the barricade, they knew who was coming.

Remarkable Mark Keaton stepped out of the car and gave the crowd of booing fans an evil smirk. He held up his Rookie of the Year trophy in one hand and his Tag Team of the Year trophy in his other hand and waited for the applause. The golden trophies shined in the light of the sun. He was wearing a black leather jacket with heavy looking studs all over it and blue jeans. He had a sparkling pair of sunglasses on and the head bandage was long removed, letting his golden hair stand up and sway as he moved. He chewed his gum as he slowly walked towards the arena, a party of women and men followed him, carrying luggage and bags, including Dallas O Keaton, Mark had invited him to the event as a special guest.

“Booo!! Batti! Batti! Batti!” One passionate teenage girl yelled as she waved a sign over her head with an image of Batti on it.

Keaton calmly handed his father both trophies. He walked over and tore the sign out of the her hand and quickly ripped it in half. The girl looked like she was about to cry. He stomped his brown leather cowboy boot on the face of Batti and stared a hole at the girl.

“She will get BEATEN and lay at the feet of Remarkable Mark Keaton!” He growled and everyone continued to boo, except louder now. Some started throwing trash at him. Mark just chewed his gum and sneered at the response. He took a comb out of his pocket and ran it through his hair, he then continued on his way towards the arena.

“Mark! Mark! You’re the best!” A little eight year old screamed, she was standing next to her overweight father with a poster in her hand. She was wearing an RMK shirt and kept punching her dad to try and get Mark’s attention.

Mark stopped and looked over at her. We walked over and grabbed the poster out of her hand and gave it a look….

Click for Spoiler:

The chubby father just shook his head and smiled at his curly haired daughter.

“He won’t sign anything Clara. He’s the bad guy….”

“The bad guy….”

“Bad guy….”


March 21st 2010-Colorado Excellent High School --

“The bad guy, the bad guy…Mark…psst Mark!” Derek Weller tried to get Mark’s attention from across the aisle at his desk. He was Mark Keaton’s best friend at the school, he had a thick mullet growing of dark brown hair and stubble on his face. He was a chubby kid with a faded Van Halen T-shirt on and camouflage jeans.

Mark lifted his head from his desk, he let out a little yawn and rubbed his eyes. The history teacher was writing on the blackboard and droning on about World War 1. A sixteen year old Mark Keaton didn’t look much different, he still had the good looks, long spiky blonde hair and wild blue eyes. He was wearing an AC/DC T-shirt and blue jeans, the sleeves ripped from his shirt to show off his biceps.

“What, man?”

“The bad guy in A new Nightmare on Elm’s Street movie. He’s not as good as Robert Englund. You were right dude.”

“Fuckin told ya. How much money did you waste goin to that crap anyway?”

“Please keep the noise down class. Teaching important things here.” Mr. Turner announced loudly as he continued to write on the blackboard.

Mark started doodling lightning bolts and electric guitars on the clear edges of his History notebook.

“You comin over later? I found a stash of dads booze. We can get lit up and hit Dale’s house for some Super Nintendo.” Derek whispered a little more quietly.

“Ya, sounds cool. Dale has all the good games anyway.”

Mr. Turner turned around and stepped to the center of the first row of desks. He leaned on an empty desk and looked at his students, his huge mustache covering most of his mouth. He looked like a general in the army.

“We’ve been studying it, we’ve gone over most of the major battles..but what STARTED the war to begin with?!” Mr. Turner punched the desk to make his point, causing several students to flinch.

“Dudes with attitudes.” Mark winked at Nancy, the young brunette blanched and turned away, several students giggled at the answer.

“Marty Foyer! How did it start!?” Mr. Turner pointed to the young nerd.

Marty Foyer had thick glasses on that magnified his eyes so they looked huge, the curly red head always seemed to have a cold and had a slight lisp when he talked.

“I do believe it started with the assathination of Franth Fethdinan. After it was the alliance of Germany and Austria that collided with the alliance of Russia and…”

“Come on Coke Bottle eyes! How come you know everything?!” Mark shook his head at the nerd.

“Mark, get to the office. I’ll talk to you after class with Principal Henry.” Mr. Turner pointed to the door like it was a routine he did every day. In Mark’s case, that was nearly true.

Mark slammed his text book closed in defiance, he stood up and glared at Marty as he passed his desk. Marty wiped his nose with his sleeve.

After school, Derek Weller waited for Mark at the end of the basketball court just outside the school. Mark walked over with his jean jacket on and chewing a fresh stick of bubble gum.

“Get in much trouble?” Derek asked as they started walking down the sidewalk towards town.

“Nah, just a couple of hours detention at the end of the week.” Mark’s eyes went wide as he noticed Derek light a smoke.

“What? I’ve been smoking for a week man!” Derek laughed and took a drag from his smoke.

“I swear that’s the tenth time that stupid nerd got me in trouble this year. If I see that coke bottle eyed bitch tomorrow I’m gonna punch his lights out.” They started passing clothing stores and food plazas.

“You ask out Nancy yet dude? I hear she likes you.” Derek coughed as he inhaled his smoke too fast.

“I don’t know. She’s kind of scary ain’t she? I mean didn’t you see her fight last year with Sara? She beat the hell out of her by the gym and she had that crazy look in her eyes. Like she wanted to kill her. I might ask her out Friday.” Mark laughed, then he stopped and held his hand on Derek’s chest. They both could hear laughter and chatter coming from a nearby alley.

It was the unmistakable, arrogant voice of the school jock…Jason Lockham. The tall ,blonde haired, school football star with a heroic jaw and his four jock friends. Mark and Derek could hear them all in there, laughing at something.

“Quickly go by Mark. I don’t want to deal with those guys today.” Derek whispered.

“Bunch of jocksuckers. Let’s see what they’re up to.” Mark whispered back, they edged their way to the end of the clothing store front. They peeked around the corner to see Jason Lockham and his jock friends surrounding somebody in the alley by the garbage cans. They all had their red football jackets on.

“Goddamn disgrace to the school! Why don’t you get normal glasses? Those things look stupid!” Jason took the glasses off of Marty Foyer. The nerd was nearly blind now as his eyes looked like two black peas, he reached out to get his glasses back but Jason laughed and threw them to his friends. They passed the glasses around like a football.

Mark’s mouth formed a wickedly evil smile. He elbowed Derek hard in the side and whispered, “Nerd is gonna get his, man! It’s about friggin time. I was gonna do it soon enough.”

“Ha ha, ya. This should be good.” Derek whispered as he flicked his smoke.

“Ohhh! Come on Harry! Pass it to me!” Jason roared as he held his hands up waiting for the pass, Harry threw the glasses really hard and Jason intentionally missed them, the glasses blew up on the brick wall behind him. They all laughed while Marty mouthed the word - NO -

Jason pushed Marty hard and the small nerd immediately fell on his back. He flipped the boy around and grabbed at the back of his underwear. He hauled out his underwear and gave him a hard wedgie, he lifted him off of the ground showing his power to his friends. Marty let out a pained cry from dangling by the hands of Jason in wedgie formation.

“Oh nice! That is an awesome wedgie.” Mark elbowed Derek again and they both quietly laughed at the nerd getting bullied.

“Harry! Set it up!” Jason threw Marty towards Harry and the jock gave the small nerd a clothesline. The red headed boy nearly did a back flip as he landed hard in the dirt.

“Nice one, bitch!” Jason high fived Harry as his friends laughed more. He commanded his friends to hold up the kid. They picked him up off of the ground and held him in front of Jason. The big jock then kicked Marty right in the stomach. Marty flew back and rolled in the dirt. He let out a big gust of air and started crying a lot. He looked like he was really hurt now. Jason and his jock pals high fived each other some more and laughed at the nerd crying on the ground.

“Give him the special elbow smash Harry!” Jason called out as Harry jumped in the air and elbowed the nerd on the ground.

Marty Foyer let out a pathetic cry over the sounds of the five football jocks in the alley. Mark Keaton and Derek Weller were no longer smiling. They turned and looked at each other in anger, perhaps even embarrassment for letting it go this far.

“I guess it’s hurting time, man.” Mark gave Derek a fist bump and they walked into the alley.

Jason stomped on Marty’s stomach and the nerd let out a scream-like cry. He flexed his muscle then kissed it. He spit on Marty then told Harry to drop another elbow on him.

“Hey Jason! Thirty five, twenty four! HIKE!” Mark Keaton kicked the super jock right in the nuts. Jason fell to the ground holding his nuts and whimpering.

Derek grabbed Harry and gave him a hard head butt right between the eyes. Blood splattered in all directions from Harry’s broken nose. The three other jocks immediately jumped Derek and rained down kicks and punches on him. Mark grabbed one of the jocks and gave him a German suplex right into a garbage can. The two remaining jocks stopped beating on Derek and started to pound Mark on the ground with punches.

“Pick him up! Pick that son of bitch up!” Jason demanded, completely red faced and sweat running down his temples.

The two jocks picked up Mark and held him steady by the arms. Jason wound up and started hitting Mark with lefts and rights.

“AHHHHH !!!!” Jason screamed as Marty was biting Jason in the nuts now.

Mark used the distraction to slam both jocks headfirst into each other. WHAM!

He then elbowed Jason right in the mouth, taking out several teeth. The cops filled the end of the alley and the commotion was quickly put to an end. The alley was full of bloodied teens…..

…..two of whom were heroes that day.



“He won’t sign anything Clara, he’s a bad guy…..” The chubby father told the little Mark Keaton fan, who watched her hero hold the poster she drew for him.

“Ahem.” The Power Trip was now standing just behind Mark’s right shoulder. He was wearing a dark blue business suit with a red V.I embroidered on his left breast pocket. The sparkling new Mayhem Championship was draped on John’s shoulder, for the world to see.

Mark gave The Power Trip a lopsided grin and narrowed his eyes a little. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen. He clicked it as he continued to stare at John. The little girls eye’s lit up in excitement as she watched Mark Keaton sign her poster and hand it back.

Vis Imperium continued into the arena.

The little girl jumped up and down screaming that Mark Keaton signed her poster.

“I can’t wait to show this to my friends!” She bragged then looked at the poster……

Click for Spoiler:

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Old 03-13-2017, 10:03 PM
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Default Batti Gets A Coach

"She bounces off the ropes and nails a So Kawaii Kick!!! Dios Mio Xander LeBear is out cold!"

Batti Otaku prances around the ring with nobody watching her. Action Saxton had fell asleep minutes ago, clutching a bag of beef jerky and muttering something about how he spent all night hunting down Michael Bolton. It somehow evolved into fighting a pissed off orangutan that knew Aikido. Batti didn't pay much attention to the story. Her sparring partner was her beloved Captain Claws, who pretended to be the villainous Xander LeBear. Batti huffed, and slowly hooked her teddy bear's leg for the win.

"Ichi...Ni...San...DING DING DING! Here is your winner, Batti "The Last Unicorn" Otaku!!! My God Jack, this puts her closer to the Elite Championship belt, wouldntcha say? Eye dab on 'em, Miss Otaku."

She mimicked Sebastian Copeland's mannerisms, and then imitated the sound of a roaring crowd. The blonde swooped her teddy bear up into her arms and gave it a kiss.

"Can you pretend to be my next opponent, Cap'n? I need a BEARk Keaton now. If you do this for me, I'll buy you a little bunny friend to play with when I'm not looking, okay?"

From the entrance curtain, Ramparte wheeled himself onto the ramp, and watched Batti's practice.

"This is silly."

Batti couldn't hear Ramparte from where he was. He rolled himself down the runway and patiently studied her ring movements. She put a Triangle Choke on BEARk, but incorrectly screeched out in Sebastian's accent that it was an Octopus Stretch. The Recluse shook his head.

Letting go of the hold, Batti dusted herself off.

"I didn't know she had such a wicked arsenal! Jack, do you think she has something else in store for these folks, besides those perfect legs of hers???" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Batti Otaku made a scene, delicately brushing off her thigh before lifted BEARk up atop a ring post where she proceeded to raise one limber leg up to the formidable foe. BEARk Keaton took the Foot Choke like a champ. Batti wolf whistled, and shouted to nobody that this was a family show.

Clutching the bear, Batti began playing it like it was a guitar. She strummed his belly and skipped around the ring before catching Ramparte's eye.

"Ohai Rammikun! Wanna play with me?"

He sat there dumbfounded. Action Saxton woke up, saw Ramparte and Batti having their talk, and pretended to fall back to sleep.

"What is all this? Does Saxton have you wrestling a toy now?"

"Nuuu he umm told me to run the ropes and then he nodded off. I got bored so I thought I'd practice wrestling holds on my little test dummy."

"I see."

"Aye! I take my profession seriously, Rammikun." ^_^

He looked her over, noticing the sincerity in her voice.

"Alright. Prove it. Run the ropes."

Batti Otaku composed herself, and leisurely jogged from one side of the ring to the other. She grabbed the top rope and leaned in with her body weight, gaining the momentum she needed to get to the other side.

"No, not like that. Run the ropes."

She picked up the pace, moving briskly towards her destination. A bead of perspiration rolled down her forehead, but she ignored it. Batti was in the zone, or so she had thought.


He barked at her, sending shivers down her spine. Ramparte never raised his voice to her before, but she had to concentrate to show she meant business. Batti sprinted and rebounded off the ropes in a mad dash. She kept her consistency.

"Now take a bump."

Batti came to a halt, and fell onto her back.

"Goddammit you know how to take a bump! What? Are you playing make believe again in mine and Saxton's ring?"

Action Saxton stirred slightly, but kept faking it.

"N-no, sir!"

"Run the ropes again. Then do what any idiot on a trampoline can do and take the bump!"

Batti composed herself, and ran as quickly as she did last time. With her stomach in knots, she fell and her shoulder blades met the mat on impact. She slapped the canvas hard as her body came down.

"Now roll! Surely you can execute a roll! Even Mikey Stormrage can do a damn roll."

The exhausted weeaboo tumbled haphazardly from one corner to the other, somersaulting poorly. Ramparte tskd.

"Get up. Run the ropes again."

To her credit, the wrestler popped back onto her feet and did as she was instructed. But as Ramparte called for another bump, she gave in and dropped to her knees. Batti heaved and coughed in fits. She slipped into a corner and wouldn't make eye contact with her boyfriend.

Ramparte's demeanor softened. He nodded, and grabbed hold of the bottom rope. With all of his might, he pulled himself up onto the ring apron and crawled into the ring. He used his elbows to reach Batti Otaku. He leaned against the ropes and gazed at her at eye level.

"Do you want to be the best?"

Still not looking at him, she nodded.

"Even if your training becomes almost impossible?"

Again, a nod.

"Alright then. Action Saxton has taught you well. I've noticed how confident you've become over the passed month. I've seen how you've weaponized your charisma. That's good. Nothing gets a crowd more on your side then showing you have a personality. But I'm about to break an awful truth to you. A smile will not make you a winner. You will not beat Mark Keaton by playing air guitar. Kagura will curse you if she could, and I'm proof of that. Flex Mussel will not be your friend. Dabbing will only make Ty Burna and Titus Avison want to humiliate you more. Being fun has its moments. But not here.

"Everyone on the roster wants to be a champion. They want to defend their champion status. Isn't that what you want for yourself as well? Do you really think you'll be the best with good looks and charm? If so, you need to wake up, are you listening to me?"

Batti Otaku looked back at him. To his surprise, she wasn't in tears.

"I am listening."

"This hurts me more than you could possibly know. On one hand, what right do I have bossing you around? I'm your boyfriend. I care about you. I hate raising my voice at you. But on the other I am still WZCW. And I know what it takes to be taken seriously. If you want that, you will have to obey my every word from here on out."

Action Saxton smiled, grabbed his bag of beef jerky, and slowly slinked out of the arena. He whispered like a prayer.

"Adieu, little one. You will do great. He will show you how."

The legend climbed the steps to reach the EXIT. He would not see Batti again for a long time ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"We can't play around with this anymore. I will coach you on what you need to work on, and at the end of the day you are going to not like me. Please remember I am doing this for you. Outside of this ring, I am yours and I love you and I will still be the man you made me realize I am."

"But inside this ring, you are mine. And I will toughen you the fuck up. Now, if you please, run the ropes again. I've given you plenty of time to catch your breath."


"I was too harsh. She's going to dump me."

Ramparte rolled around in a circle, unsure on whether or not to talk to her since they made it back to his home.

"She's a strong woman. She's not going to be pissed on the First Day, right?"

He negotiated with himself. The Recluse sighed, and decided to take a chance.

Ramparte approached their bedroom. It was open. As he peered in, his heart stopped.

Batti was no longer in her gym clothes. She wore semi- formal attire, the kind worn for social events. Even her hair was down, something he rarely ever saw. In her arms she strummed a guitar. This confused Ramparte, who had never seen the instrument until now. But the bewilderment didn’t stop there. She sang. She sang as if she belonged on stage for the world to see.

It came like a punch to the gut when he recognized the song.

It was his old theme music. Memories flooded him as he recalled the superstar he once was. The Catalyst. A man who had no problems joining a group of young upstarts to kill off tag teams. The people he hurt...

He had not thought of Amber Warren in years, but in that moment he remembered how he licked her face and ended her career. She could have easily been Batti Otaku. And there were plenty of monsters bigger than he was who would think nothing of hurting his girlfriend. He grimaced. Could he blame them? He would have done the same in a different life.

The Recluse shook his head to get the demons out. He had a new purpose now - to protect her, even from herself if he had to.

Whether this was her way to prepare for the rockstar Mark Keaton, he wasn’t sure. She strummed the guitar as if it came naturally for her. The lyrics were sweet, almost bittersweet and he wondered then and there if she was fighting back tears while playing.

There was no bravado when she played. No over-the-top heavy riffs. Nothing he expected Batti Otaku to do. She just sat there in her own little world playing an acoustic as if she did it every day.

He smiled, believing now more than ever that he did the right thing. That she needed a cold dose of reality, that wrestling is fun and insane but also the most dangerous place she could possibly be. There were people out there ready to exploit her, make money off of her, and bury her if they had the opportunity. He would do everything he could to show her what their world truly was, and to teach her how to survive. She would hate him, and love him for it. He turned his wheelchair around and left her to her singing.


Originally Posted by Hunter S. Thompson
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
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