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Old 02-10-2017, 04:56 PM
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Default MD 137 - Tyrone Blades versus Phoenix

RP deadline is Monday the 20th of February at 23:59 EST.

Reinstate The Fox!
Old 02-19-2017, 02:09 PM
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Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...Ty Burna is an ECW Champion...

Tyrone: Phoenix! Jones!

Tyrone Blades comes crawling into the backstage area of Kingdom Come, various workers and wrestlers all just standing around staring as the bloodied face of Tyrone looks around frantically. He stumbles to his feet, yet not one person lifts a hand or says even a word. Tyrone looks around, anger rising even through his loss of blood.

Tyrone: Gutless. The whole fucking lot of you, nothing but gutless pawns! Where's Phoenix and Jones?

Finally a producer meekly lifts his hand and points down a hallway. Tyrone turns and stumbles as fast as he can towards the now fallen Hollow Ones. Tyrone drops to his knees, forgoing his own injuries as he tries to shake Phoenix awake. Jones slowly turns over and he crawls up to one knee.

Tyrone: Jones! What the fuck happened?

Mr. Jones: Those mofuckas from Vis Imperium......

Jones coughs as he rolls over onto his back while Tyrone tries to wipe some of the blood off his own face. He looks up as a crowd gathers around The Hollow Ones, referees included.

Tyrone: Get the trainers, get the doctors, I need some fucking help here!

Not a soul moves, not one person looks up, yet a look of remorse forms on their faces. The message was clear. There was no sanctuary to be found in WZCW for the Hollow Ones. vis Imperium were the mercenaries hired to do the dirty work. Tyrone lowers his head as the realization dawns upon him. He looks down at his blood covered hands, the fallen body of Phoenix, and the crowd around him, he finally let's out a feral scream as a burst of adrenaline kicks in. He gets to his feet, staring out at the crowd.

Tyrone: You fucking sheep. Get the fuck out of here! I said get out!

Tyrone grabs a nearby chair and slams it against the wall, sending the people scattering as he slams it over and over into the brick wall. He throws the chair away as he leans against the wall, breathing heavily as he looks towards Jones.

Tyrone: We need to get the hell out of here, help me get Phoenix up and to the hospital!

Jones nods as the two turn to Phoenix and help him up, carrying him through the hallway towards the parking lot as the scene fades away. It opens several days later, the night has fallen as Tyrone sits on the edge of a two story building, a bottle of whiskey in his hand, bandages wrapped around his arm, and stitches in his forehead. He takes a long drink from his bottle, bringing his knee up and resting his arm over it as he sits and watches the bustle of the city silently. Mr. Jones suddenly appears, walking over to Tyrone and placing his foot on the ledge, looking down at the people below.

Mr. Jones: Phoenix is getting released tomorrow morning homie.

Tyrone: Good, listen Jones, this became all sorts of fucked up real quick man. Banks got himself some hired goon squad in Vis Imperium now, and it's clear we got blacklisted from the rest of WZCW.

Mr. Jones: What you getting at homie?

Tyrone: If you and Phoenix wanna get out of this, I ain't gonna blame you for it. Others don't need to get hurt for my own personal war. Look, I've dealt with Constantine many times over the years, he's dangerous enough on his own, but if you throw in Banks pulling all the strings, well you get shit like this.

Tyrone pulls his phone out and shows Jones the WZCW.com announcement regarding The Hollow Ones. Mr. Jones shakes his head as he grabs the bottle of whiskey from Tyrone, taking a long drink himself.

Mr. Jones: Man ain't that some bullshit.

Tyrone: Phoenix and I have to show up, or we're fired. That's not gonna stop me or really dent my paper stack, but Phoenix just got his life back. He just got his career and I'm not gonna be the reason he fuckin' loses it all over again you feel me?

Mr. Jones: I feel ya homie, but what about all this bailing on your sorry ass shit?

Tyrone brushes his hair back as he grabs the bottle back from Jones and stands up, killing the bottle with one final pull before dropping it and letting it shatter on the ground below. He turns back towards Jones and pulls his hood up over his head and face.

Tyrone: Just as I said homie, y'all can leave the Hollow Ones. I will fight regardless of what happens, but you and Phoenix don't have a bone in this fight. Self preservation Jones, and if I can save y'all from whatever comes next, so be it.

Jones listens before he begins laughing loudly, crossing his arms as he shakes his head towards Tyrone, staring at him with his one good eye.

Mr. Jones: Man if y'all think you can just be a fuckin' martyr to the cause, you're out of yo damn mind. We've had each other's backs since we was ten years old. You, me, and Ant rolled together on the regular before I got locked up, and you was the one that got me out of there. That's fuckin' loyalty homie, and I'm not about to toss that away just 'cause we got jumped by some mofuckas thinkin' because they got the boss's paper in their pocket they can take us out. Besides, I gotta get them punk ass bitches back for what they did to me. We good Tyrone?

Jones holds his hand out as Tyrone stares forward at him for several moments, before cracking up smiling as he reaches out and the two clasp hands and bump shoulders.

Tyrone: Yeah we good. But we still got the problem of Phoenix and I having to go against one another.

Mr. Jones: Shit, it's just a match homie, y'all have squared off before, just go do what ya do and the best man wins.

Tyrone: I got a feeling it ain't gon' be that simple Jones. Banks can't manage his money or his company, but now that we got his attention, he's gonna go after us in any way he can. This isn't just a simple friendly match, you know he's gonna leverage this against us somehow. I used our ace before Kingdom Come, and we got knocked the fuck out afterwards. We thought we had the upper hand, instead we just made him desperate to get revenge. Phoenix and I are contracted to WZCW only because our buyout's gonna be ugly for them and he can't afford what I'm gonna ask. So here's his out, Phoenix and I beat each other down, and then the goon squad can attack again, or he puts a stipulation on the match. Been there, done that type shit Jones. He's an amateur going up against the ace.

Mr. Jones: So what's the plan?

Tyrone shrugs as he withdraws a cigarette and lights it up, inhaling deeply before exhaling. He stares down at the roof, a grin forming on his face.

Tyrone: Phoenix and I show up and we throw down. Brothers fight, we get it over with, and we immediately turn our attention for the attack. You're my ace in this Jones, you stay out of sight, and then you strike when the time is right. Bait them in, and then flank them if it's Vis Imperium. If it's not them and just Banks pulling shit, trash his office, get whatever you can from there. Banks is going to be untouchable. Security will be heightened to no ends, but if we can wreck havoc maybe we can get an opening. We have an entire company against us Jones, it's guerrilla warfare time so we can only make strikes where we can. Do what you can, and if we take a beating, at least carry our carcasses out of there to fight another day.

Mr. Jones: That all we got?

Tyrone: For now. We play it cautious for now, gotta read our enemy now that he's suddenly got a spine to send something at us head on. Maybe that was on me, had I not pressed the issue before Kingdom Come things would have been easier and I'd have that World Title shot instead of having an entire corporation against the three of us. I made my move too soon, that was a rookie mistake Jones, it won't happen again.

Mr. Jones: Nah you did good homie. We made our message loud and clear, but now we deal with the consequences. This wasn't gon' be easy man, now it's time to knuck up and kick their teeth in. Look I'll go check on Phoenix, get the shit ready for Meltdown and stop in soon as y'all can ight?

The two Hollow Ones bump fists as Jones walks off, leaving Tyrone to stare out into the night. He sighs as he pulls his bandanna out, staring at it for a moment before wrapping it around his face.

Tyrone: The first shots have been fired Banks, and now I know how far you're willing to go, but do you know the depths of my depravity? You think forcing me to take on Phoenix is gonna get you an advantage over us? You're dead wrong. Phoenix is a brother, and though we will throw fists, in the end we will be more united against your tyranny. I hope you got your kicks at Kingdom Come, that's the last time you're going to get any enjoyment from my suffering! The war has begun, the players have cast their die, and the Hollow Ones are gonna roll up on Vis Imperium and you Banks. And the last thing any of y'all are gonna hear....

Tyrone lifts his hand up in the form of a gun to the side of his head, a wide smirk forming on his face as he mocks pulling the trigger.

Tyrone: Is that Click Clack from behind. And I'll send that bullet right through your god damn heart!

With Love,

The Hollow Ones
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