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Old 01-13-2017, 06:40 AM
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Default Kingdom Come 8: Matt Tastic vs. Flex Mussel

This is a feud that goes back longer than you would realise. From Liv Mas vs. Cerberus these two men have always been at loggerheads. At Lethal Lottery they collided during the match and have stuck their oar in at every opportunity in the proceeding shows. Kingdom Come will finally prove who the best is.

Deadline is Monday 23rd January 11:59pm (CT)
Old 01-23-2017, 10:19 PM
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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...

WZCW Network Presents

Flex Mussel: The Road to Kingdom Come.

The monsieur of muscle Flex Mussel can be seen in his private gym curling dumbbells while doing situps. He quickly transitions to jumping jacks while still holding various ridiculously weighted objects. Cameras are all around him filming and before long a voice is heard.

Flex: See that devilishly handsome and incredibly buff stud there? Thatís me, Flex Mussel. Usually I donít like to have a lot of a cameras or civilians in my private gym. However, Iíve teamed up with WZCW to give you all the privilege of an all-access look into my journey to Kingdom Come. What youíre about to see is previously unreleased footage and interviews (by Stacey Madison unfortunately) of not only yours truly but from all those that have a special place in my life. But speaking of special, before we do anything I need to bring you back to some past events.

The bodybuilderís narration continues as the workout footage transitions to the fitness freak teaming with his former partner Ramparte against Hard Metal Penetration at Kingdom Come 6.

A giant 3-headed dog figurine occupies the stage. The outside heads slowly lower to the stage while the center head rises higher into the air. The mouth of the middle head opens, releasing a plume of fire. The crowd gasps in awe, while the mouths on the two outer heads open, revealing Flex Mussťl in the left and Ramparte in the right.
Flex: It was my first Kingdom Come. I was side by side with my best friend defending the tag team titles on the biggest stage WZCW has to offer. It was honestly a dream come true, except for the way things ended.

S.H.I.T. climbs to the top, hooks Ramparte, and flies off with the Industrial Breaker, causing a ton of damage to the head and neck of Ramparte. Alhazred slowly gets back to his feet and points to Ramparte, calling for the end. Both members of HMP set, and when Ramparte finally gets up, Alhazred and S.H.I.T. both swing and Ramparte is Eiffel Towered! He fall to the mat awkwardly, but the challengers arenít done. They both grab their signature submission holds, Oral Abuse! Referee Shepard sees that Ramparte is unconscious even before the mandible claw and LeBell lock and quickly calls for the bell!

Harrys: Your winners, and NEW WZCW Tag Team Champions, Hard Metal Penetration!

Flex: As I sat in the trainerís room dejected with an unconscious Ramparte being checked on by medical officials the only thing that could take my mind off things was the match being played on the monitor.

Harrys: Here is your winner and STILL WZCW Heavyweight Champion, Matt Tastic!

Copeland: Matt Tastic has successfully defends the WZCW World Heavyweight Title!

Cohen: No! This match needs to be restarted! Vance! Do something!

Connor: Despite Bateman's best efforts, Matt Tastic remains WZCW World Heavyweight Champion tonight.

Tastic falls over onto his back as the crowd roars around him, chants of Live Mas filling the arena as Tastic puts his hands on his heads, the moment finally sinking into him as he lifts his arm up in victory. He slowly gets to his feet as Akiyama collects the WZCW World Heavyweight Title from the ringside assistant. Tastic pulls himself up to his feet as The Beard rolls to the outside. Tastic is handed the belt and he lifts it up high into the air. Pyro begins going off all around the arena before confetti begins falling. Tastic walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up it, lifting the title high into the air.
Flex: I was basically just a rookie at that time. I had heard so much about Matt Tastic. Extremely talented guy who many thought would always be stuck in the middle of the pack. Countless Mayhem title reigns, an Elite or Eurasian title run here and there, but never quite able to make it to that next level. Anybody I had talk to backstage would never have guessed heíd be main eventing a Kingdom Come as World champion and even less expected him to successfully defend that title. I was broken and unsure of my future at that time. But that night his win gave me a lot of hope. If Matt Tastic could do it, then one day so could I.

Mikey reaches the top of the ladder as Matt remains motionless in the middle of the ring. An almost iconic scene is cut as Mikey takes the final step onto the very top of the ladder; finding the strength and courage to balance on top of the tiny podium for a few seconds. The crowd urge him to jump but Mikey stands still for a moment; taking everything in. Finally, he launches himself off of the ladder, all the way from outside the ring and lands THE FLYING BURRITO!! He covers his opponent as thousands of camera flashes illuminate the arena! 1... 2... 3!!

Harrys: Here is your winner... Mikey Stormrage!
Flex: Fast forward a year later I once again was backstage, unsuccessful on the biggest show of them all partially because of my own shortcomings, but also again due to that of a fallen Ramparte. Iím alone in the locker room looking at the monitor and guess whose match is on: Matt Tastic. I watch the man who I secretly envied, who ended my second title tag title reign subsequently causing the downfall of my longest friendships, be defeated by someone who also didnít seem like they would ever rise to the next level. That match didnít give me hope but instead it lit a fire under my ass. I didnít want to be considered a one hit wonder who never made it to the upper echelon, and I was intent on making sure the next year signified that. Which brings us to right hereÖ

The documentary catches up to current day as WZCW interviewer Stacey Madison can be seen sitting down across from Flex in his personal gym.

Stacey: Pleasure to see you again Flex.

Flex: The pleasure is definitely all yours.

Stacey: Right....look Iím going to skip the meaningless pleasantries, we both know why Iím here so letís get straight to it. Kingdom Come is in less than a week, are you ready for a match against a man who has a list of accomplishments longer than your biceps?

Flex: I think the real question here is whether Matt Tastic is ready for a match against me? Sure heís got accolades and a history greater than a majority of our roster but that history ranges from Mayhem brawls, to Hell in a Cellís, to vicious wars. Iím sure you saw what I did to Justin Cooperís leg at the Supershow. If I were Matt Tastic Iíd be worrying if my body can handle another war after years upon years of damage.

Stacey: Ah yes, your assault against Cooper. A vicious side of you we havenít seen since the days of Cerberus. Speaking of that tag team however Iíve actually got some fan questions here that I thought would be relevant. One person wrote in asking ďYouíve been stuck in mid card turmoil since the breakup of Cerberus. Youíve had a few championship shots but always came up short, whatís next for Flex?

The fitness guru sighs and then takes a deep gulp of a protein shake before answering the question.

Flex: Iím not going to sugarcoat things. This last year hasnít gone exactly the way I wanted it to. I came up short in a lot of ways. I didnít win the Gold Rush tournament, and I didnít become EurAsian champion. To be perfectly honest I have no idea whatís next for me. Iím not a mind reader Stacey, but what I am is motivated, and I can tell you with every fiber of my being that I have never been this motivated in my entire life.

Stacey: And why is that? Because you fear living in the shadow of past accomplishments that will one day be forgotten?

Flex: Iím motivated because I will not be considered a ďwhat if storyĒ. I refuse to be one of the many young wrestlers with ďso much potentialĒ but is never considered among the greats. I think Iíve made it pretty clear in recent weeks that Cerberus is in the past. From now on Iím only looking to the future, and in that future all I see is me beating Matt Tastic on the biggest stage WZCW has to offer.

Stacey: Iím glad you brought up Cerberus because there is another fan question here that asks ďHow do you sleep at night after what you did to your former partner Ramparte?Ē.

Flex: Interestingly enough I donít sleep at all. Because sleep is for people who donít have enough passion, will, and motivation to work through every single hour of the day. Have I thought about what I did to Ramparte? Youíre damn right, but not because I regret it, but because it reminds me that I donít need anyone but myself to achieve the goals I want in life. Thereís a lot of people who say my best days were with Ramparte, a lot of people who say they havenít seen me this vicious since ďthe days of CerberusĒ. Well let me be very clear, none of you have seen anything yet. I crippled Ramparte because I didnít want a crutch to fall back on, I didnít want to just be satisfied being in the greatest team of all time. I want to be the absolute best of all time. I didnít do it because I hate Ram or because I donít respect him, I did it because I wonít be considered the lesser half of anything.

Stacey: Well there are some who are not happy about what you did to Ramparte, one of his close allies Batti Otaku has made it very clear she intends to get her hands on you sooner rather than later, will we see you two in the ring?

Flex: If I were stuck in a relationship with a paralyzed man I'm sure I'd wanna get my hands on a body as chiseled as mine too. But unfortunately for her Batti no, we will not be in the ring together as she isn't worth my time.

Stacey: How have those closest to you reacted this recent change in your philosophy?

Flex: Why donít you ask them yourself.


The interview cuts to Stacey now in a different part of the house with Flexís sister Maria.

Maria: Well to be perfectly honest I havenít known my brother very long. The last couple months just kinda shifted from him isolating himself to him being ultra-aggressive and to a degree mentally unstable. Part of that is probably due to our mother passing away but the latter is definitely due to the guidance of a newfound relativeÖ.


Max: Iím pretty proud of the way Flex has conducted himself recently. Albeit I still think heís got some room for improvement but overall I think my grandson has definitely made up for my offspring being a woman.

Stacey: What room for improvement are you referring to?

Max: He simply isnít physically stronger than me, he has yet to be in a test of a strength. And until he does that Flex will never be the strongest man alive.


Stacey is now in the bedroom of Flexís superfan Charles ďThe CheesecakeĒ Chesterfield s very uncomfortable with the amount of Mussel posters plastered all over the room.

Stacey: So...what exactly makes you the loyal and devoted Flex Mussel fan that you are today?

Charles: Well he gives me hope that anything is possible.

Stacey: So you find yourself able to identify with him?

Charles: Yes, I know it doesnít necessarily seem like it with the way he may treat me from time to time but thatís all just tough love.

Stacey: So him letting you get laid out by Matt Tastic was tough love?

Charles: Heís teaching me to be stronger, heís helping me get to the point where one day Iíll be strong enough myself that Iíll be able to defend myself from someone like Tastic.

Stacey: How exactly is he doing that?

Charles: Simply just by letting me into his life. Sure I may not be a blood relative like his sister and grandfather but Iím definitely closer to him than either of them. About a year ago I was lucky enough to win a contest for backstage passes and was given the opportunity to shadow Flex. The passes were only for one week but he was gracious enough to continue letting me learn from under him.

Stacey: Do you consider being a personal servant and punching back learning from under him?

Charles: You may see it as that but Iím just glad to have a place to live. I was a struggling independent wrestler who was barely able to get booked. I couldnít pay bills, I had no college degree, no family to live with. And only because of Flex Mussel do I have a warm place to sleep, food to eat, and despite everything thatís happened someone who has treated me with more respect than anyone Iíve ever known. Thereís been a lot of talk recently about Flexís change in personality. How he doesnít care about anybody but himself, but the last year Iíve known Flex heís taken care of out of shape stranger, an estranged sister he barely knows, and an unstable elderly bodybuilder. So I think he more than deserves to be focusing on himself, and I hope he continues to do so. Because he can beat Matt Tastic, and I hope he does.


Stacey Madison can now be seen at WZCW headquarters talking to WZCW Hall of Famer Everest

Stacey: Everest you were the one who originally scouted Flex Mussel into WZCW. How has your perception of him changed from his debut till now?

Everest: When I originally discovered Flex I thought he had a lot of potential. I helped him get signed and then within the next few months he was a tag team champion. I thought he always had an incredible amount of talent but I wasnít always sure if his heart was in the right place. I didnít know if he was just doing this for the money and fame or whether he truly wanted to be the best wrestler in the world. But after watching him grow this last year I think I finally have my answer.

Stacey: So what is it?

Everest: I think Flex Mussel wants to be the absolute best, but unfortunately I think heís willing to hurt anyone who gets in his way to prove it. In some capacity Iíve always been a mentor of sorts to Flex. But within recent weeks we havenít done much talking. But I have been watching what heís doing. I saw what he did to Ramparte, Iíve seen his demeanor become very vicious, and I can tell that he intends to destroy Matt Tastic to prove his worth in this company.

Stacey: So are you proud or disgusted at what heís become?

Everest: Letís not put words in my mouth here Stacey. Iím proud that Flex is taking the initiative to grow his legacy but I canít condone what heís done or will do. I would like to give him a word of advice however, Matt Tastic may be the most consistent performer WZCW has ever had to offer, and just because heís going into the Hall of Fame doesnít mean heís going to go down without a fight. So if you truly intend to win, donít just talk about doing everything it takes, actually do it.


Stacey: So Flex after talking to those closest to you I think Iíve learned quite an interesting amount about you.

Flex: Oh really?

Stacey: Indeed, your own family virtually knows nothing about you. Youíre not stronger than your grandfather. Youíve made a homeless wannabe wrestler co-dependent on your very existence, and the man who brought you into this company is ashamed by your recent actions.

Flex: Is this supposed to make me feel guilty?

Stacey: I think itís more of a wakeup call Flex. Youíve done a lot in recent weeks to not only alienate fans but even some of your closest allies. So what will you do if you canít make it all worth it by beating Matt Tastic? What happens to you if you fail again? Are you okay with just being known as another of Tasticís accomplishments on his path to the Hall of Fame?

The once quick witted and verbally antagonistic Flex is left with no words as he begins to think about what Stacey Madison is saying to him. The feeling of loneliness and failure that has ate away at him the last couple of months begins to swirl through his head. The thought of not winning at Kingdom Come again is now in the back of his mind. As the seconds go by negative thoughts cloud his mind one right after the other. Until he spots a singular motion poster on the wall at the gym. The poster heís used to motivate himself during his physical training.

Flex: You know originally I didnít want this match. I thought there was nothing for me to gain as Matt Tastic was washed up, but to be honest he proved me wrong. Sure he may have stolen my win but he did help me defeat the Hollow Ones. He also defeated Theron Daggershield, and had I not interfered he mightíve beaten the EurAsian champion Titus Avision. Iíve come to the realization that this may just be the most important match Iíve had. Itís my one last opportunity to establish myself in this company. I do realize that if I lose then Iíll have no one to blame but myself, all that Iíve done recently will be for nothing. But thatís why I donít intend to lose. Thatís why when I do beat Matt Tastic I wonít be beating some washed up legend Iíll be beating one of the greatest WZCW wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring.

Stacey: Well that brings me to my last set of questions here. Youíve already retired Showtime, and rumors have it this may be Tasticís last Kingdom Come. How would it feel to retire two all time greats?

The monsieur of muscle chuckles a bit before answering Staceyís question.

Flex: You know weíve spent so much time talking about my shortcomings in the last year I almost forgot about my high points. I did retire Showtime Cougar, another hall of famer who has accolades arguably greater than Tastic. And while I did come up short I came the closest this entire year to defeating Titus Avision. Not only that but I ran the man former World champion Dorian Slaughter out of the company. And he was the man that took away the World title from Tastic. Not mention I have victories over Garth Black and Justin Cooper. Men who are in the number one contenders match and the main event of Kingdom Come. So how would it feel to add retiring Tastic to that list? Absolutely amazing. Because if there is anything Iíve realized over the last year itís that Iím a legend killer, and Matt Tastic is the next legend to be taken down.

Stacey: Well are there any last words you have before we wrap things up here?

Flex: No last words. Just actions.

At that moment Grandpa Mussel walks into the room in an ill-fitted tank top and proceeds to crack his knuckles.

Stacey: What is this?

Flex: This is the only man I will ever admit is stronger than me. Well let's see if I can beat him.

Both Flex and Max kneel down over a nearby coffee table and get into arm wrestling position.

Stacey: Are you joking?

Max: We don't joke about muscle!

The bodybuilders begin to go at it and in the early going Max seems to have the upperhand. Flex tries his best to hold on but his Grandfather only seems to be gaining momentum as Flex's hand gets closer to defeat. Sweat drips from both men's foreheads as Stacey shakes her head in disgust. Flex is on the brink of defeat until the last words of his mother echo through his head.

"I love you Flex, make me proud!"

Those words are just enough motivation for Flex to will himself back into things and use strength he didn't he even know he had. He brings Max's arm back to the middle much to the surprise of his grandfather. And before he knows it, he slams it down to the other side of the table, winning the arm wrestling contest.

Max: By god....you actually did it.

Flex: I actually won...

Stacey: Can I go now?

Max: You're ready kid, you're truly ready.

Flex: You're damn right I am, because I'm the strongest man in the world, and this year will be the year of Flex Mussel!!!


Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave
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Click for Spoiler:

"El Dia De Mi Suerte/The Day Of My Fate" by Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe

Soon will come,
The day of my fate
I know that before my death
Surely my luck will change

As a child my mother died
Solito left me with the old
I never said just stay
Because the disease was not expecting.
At ten years old father died
He went with mom to the beyond
And people say to me mourn
Do not cry baby, your luck will change
And when?


I was hoping my luck I
But my life took another direction
Surviving a reality
Of which I could not escape.
To eat must look for the real
Although society is a rule
To jail my friend writes you
Do not worry, your luck will change
Hey see.


Now I am here in my solitude
Thinking about what my life will be
I have no place where to return
Nor does anyone want to take.
If the target again betray me
I swear I can not fail
I'm tired of waiting
And I'm sure my luck will change
And when?


I suffered in my life and
Without an inferiority complex
So I never get tired of waiting
Then one day God helped me.
And the day you hear that from happening
Worldwide I will help
Because sooner or later you will see
How lucky the day I will
And you'll see.


Many times I begin to contemplate
I've never done nobody wrong
Why life so I must try
If what I seek is happiness.
I try to please mankind
But my happiness here has been fatal
I am hopeful of fighting
And sure my luck will change
But when?


Hoping I pass life
I can not endure this martyrdom
And asked how long last
Maybe if I can cope
If the target again betray me
I swear I can not fail
I'm tired of waiting
And I'm sure my luck will change
But when will it be?

"The day of my fate. I never imagined it would come. But it did. And I lived on to become something I never expected. Legend. Growing up, so many people told me I'd just be average. That I should get a regular job. Never to have any great aspirations. That may not be what I was told, but it was certainly what was implied. So many people living their lives like that. Being told they can't dream big. And they believe it. It's sad. But at the same time, living your dreams, whether you want to be an astronaut or pro wrestler, is hardly easy. Many end up falling on hard times. Needing to provide to others. Having to face the constant hardships of life.

I was blessed. Through fate, I became a pro wrestler. Through fate, I became the World Heavyweight Champion. Through fate, I will now become a Hall Of Famer. And now, through fate...... Flex Mussel. A man who betrayed his friends. Who blames them for his failures. Who leans on the ideas of other people than believing in his own abilities.

I stand in the cusp of legitimate immortality. A memory that can never be forgotten. As my name stands, engraved, surrounded by my accomplishments. My name will forever stand as a symbol of perseverance. That we all have the chance to achieve our dreams."


Kingdom Come looms close, but before it can come by, Matt Tastic has a lot to prepare for. He must set out for the large event and as such packs and prepares himself. As he does, Granpa approaches him. Worried of the week ahead.

Granpa: I'm proud of you.

Matt: ..............For what?

Granpa: For what you've accomplished. All you've been able to do in your life, 'mijo. Not many granpas have the privilege to say their grandson is the member of a major league sports Hall Of Fame.

Matt: .............It's funny. I don't feel I've accomplished much.

Granpa: What?! What do you mean?

Matt: I mean, that in hindsight, I don't feel any different. I'm no different than I was when I first debuted, really.

Granpa: You're wrong.

Matt: How?

Granpa: You've matured. You've traded that hardcore ability of yours for maturity and intelligence.

Matt: 'K, but how does that change how people see me?

It was a question that stumped Granpa pretty hard. Has the way people look at Matt Tastic changed over the years? At first, Granpa thought to himself "Well of course they did. They grew to respect him." But as he thought deeper into the question, he asked himself. If the pro wrestler that stood before him, was seen as a true legend or was he still just another one of the pact that just happens to be more respected out of seniority? Before he could answer, Matt continues to speak.

Matt: I don't really think people will see me differently until I retire.

Granpa: Why do you say that? Fans would miss you. People would ask for you to return.

Matt: That's the point.

As if a lightbulb turned on inside his head, Granpa seemed to realize what Matt was talking about. His thought over this conundrum. Like that favorite meal you love to eat so much.

Matt continues to pack his bags as Granpa reflex on Matt's words. Something catches the corner of his eye, and he grabs it. Making him think. Yet again. The past of Matt Tastic.

Granpa: You say you don't change but at the same time, you're so different from how you were back then. So many things have happened through the last 7 years, I find it hard to believe you'd say you haven't changed at all.

Matt: Most people just think of the outside, Granpa. Trust me. I haven't changed. I probably never will.

Matt grabs the mask and for kicks puts it on and starts flexing and posing in it. His dear grandfather, who's had his back since he was a child, who's seen him grow up, feel reassured that his boy knows what he wants. That he knows who he is. That no matter how different things are, Matt Tastic will always be his beloved grandson. Who now embarks on this new journey.


Matt's mind has not wavered. Despite being entered into the Hall Of Fame and still being an active wrestler, he cannot forget his Prime Directive. His Main Objective. His Mission. Flex Mussel.

A man who has changed who he is. A man so obsessed with physique. Misguided by his own twisted beliefs. Who's stabbed friends in the back for gain yet goes absolutely nowhere. Flex, unlike Matt Tastic, has never changed his name, how he looks, etc. But a man that depends so much on muscle and body, should not have to become paranoid of his own shortcomings. Flex constantly lies to himself to validate himself.

Matt cannot lose focus. As deluded as he is, Flex is still a challenge not to be taken lightly. Matt has already failed to match up to the Eurasian Champion, Titus. Even though he is also a Hall Of Famer, it's still unbecoming of Matt to lose in such a trivial manner.

The festivities draw closer. The day Matt must step in front of a podium and accept an honor from his peers is coming. But first he is to attend a banquet where he will practice. You'd think it was as simple as walking out, but apparently WZCW thinks this is a wedding. Matt wasn't in the mood to pass up free food. As he scarfs down all sorts of food and drinks enough soda to keep him awake for the rest of the week, but he'll have to separate some time and digest because following rehearsal, he must sit with Sebastian Copeland, to talk about Matt's career. For packages and for future content.

Both men sit across of each other, ready to talk. Matt feels completely casual. Despite the nature of the event, he attends on nothing more than sweat pants and sweat jacket.H
is hair covered with a baseball cap.

Copeland: Now, Matt Tastic, your career started in January of 2010, your first matches were against Hunter Kravenoff in a house show and then John Smith at Meltdown 34. I have to ask how you felt, first on your first match in a house show and then your first match on television. How was that experience seeing that you were never on TV or wrestling in front of such a large audience.

Matt: I really wasn't shocked, I didn't really feel any pressure out there and, now this might sound harsh, it was because I didn't care.

Copeland: You did not care. About the crowd? Were you not interested in their reaction?

Matt leans forward on his chair as he ponders on his response. Thinking his words carefully as he doesn't want to say anything negative.

Matt: I wouldn't word it like that. More like, it didn't mattered if they cheered, boo'ed or just not react at all. It's superlative, really. Or superfluous. I don't know, one of those words, I'm sure fits the context. My point is that they could've reacted however they wanted, it wasn't gonna change what I wanted. To this day it hasn't changed what I want. Yeah, when they cheer it's great. When they boo, it sucks. But we need to be real. In the ring we have to win. Clean or dirty, it's about your desires in the end. The fans sit, watch and enjoy.

Copeland: In 2011 you turned on a then friend, Gordito, then later expressed regret after you essentially pushed him out of wrestling. Is your friendship with Mikey Stormrage a reflection of that with you trying to make right the second time around?

The memories of Gordito flash through Matt's head. Once a friendly rival, Matt became bitter Gordito seemingly for no reason rose above him. It's no wonder the comparison comes. Much like Mikey Stormrage, they were seen as being "tight". But the backstage friendship was not as strong.

Matt: Gordito and I were acquiantances on a professional level. We tagged together, we were in the same division, the Mayhem division. I was Champion. He was not. Then I remember, the Gold Rush tournament. He was in it and he won it. I wasn't even in it. I felt slighted. I mean, I'd retained against him. I was clearly ahead of him in the division. But he was given an opportunity ahead of me. It sucked. A lot. It was the first time I felt the company wasn't really respecting me or just didn't care about what I was doing. If I was a success or failure, it was the first time I felt like that. So I made a statement and attacked him. Was it correct? No. He ended up in the hospital because of a match. I didn't attack him from behind, nor did I attack him when he was already down. Now as far as Mikey Stormrage, what we had or have is a bond. And it's because we embraced that bond that I became World Champion and he's one right now.

Matt becomes excited, leaning on the edge of his chair now, his eyes bugging out as he becomes more and more passionate by his trip down memory lane, bringing him back to the present with Flex Mussel.

Copeland: You say this bond you two have is the reason you made it as far as you have. How do you think it's held down Flex Mussel?

Matt: Because once Eve Taylor left, he felt slighted. He felt afraid to embrace the bond he had with Ramparte. That's why he kicked the man when he was down. He's afraid to admit he needed help to get to where he wants to go. And it's a selective fear because from what I understand, he's had a new coach. Family. But for some reason, he's not afraid to receive that person's help. He's not afraid to rely on his gym buddies. They're still useful to him. You look at where I am now. Sure, I'm going into the Hall Of Fame, wow, its amazing. But two years ago I was headlining Kingdom Come. Last year I was the semi-main event. Now I'm in the undercard. And that's no disrespect to anyone in the undercard, but I can't help but notice I'm on a downslide. Meanwhile my best friend went from two semi-main's straight to his first time headlining the big show. Do you see me trying to stab him in the back?

Copeland: No.

Matt: No. Of course not. He earned it. He earned that opportunity. There was no backstage shenanigans where he cut in front of me even though I had a better record. It's a man being better and I can respect that. Now what Flex has done, fuck no. Let me repeat my profanity. FUCK. NO. It's why Live Mas will always be better than Cerberus and you know what, that's what this is really all about. I'm a ghost of his past. Another red cross on his failboard.

Copeland: Matt, you've been in this company for 7 years. I've had the pleasure to call all your matches. Any parting words before you head into your seventh Kingdom Come?

Erroneous as those statements were, Matt seems to get off his chair now. Aroused by a passion burning within, as he starts to fall into a groove as he speaks.

Matt: Well, Seabass, I have a couple of corrections for you. First, you haven't called all my matches. As silly as it sounds, that was Cohen. Weird, I know. Second, this is my sixth Kingdom Come actually because I got the shaft that one year. But guess what, I did what that spineless musclehead can't do and it's stay the course and persevere. Seabass, the faces in this company can change but I will always stay the same. I told this to my grandfather earlier this week. I have not changed in 7 years. I am still determined to prove I am the best professional wrestler on this planet, just like I was in my first match in TV with John Smith. Yeah, the he/she. You know what I did that day?

Copeland: What?

Matt tosses his cap away, he turns back to Copeland, he gets on his knees to be eye to eye with the announcer.

Matt: Matt Fax # 69 - I lost that day put I picked myself back up.

Matt leaps back on to his feet and paces the room as he talks.

Matt: Did you know? Did you know? I'm the only 4 time Mayhem Champion, the most times a person has won the same title.

Wanna know something else, Seabass? Two time World Champ.

Let me keep going, Woo~! 'Cause Space Mountain is droppin' down the slope, Seabass.

As Matt says that, he takes off his sweater and drops it on the floor.

Matt Fax # William H Macy - Most Championships won at 9. A Grand Slam, Seabass.

Copeland: William H Macy isn't a number.

Matt: And "Mussel" isn't a French surname, Seabass. IT'S ITALIAN!

Matt drops a knee over his own sweater as the excitement drives him.

Matt: Just like the boloney nonsense he spews out. At Kingdom Come, I will show him and the world what I am. I will remind everyone why I'm being honored and why I am celebrated. Do people hate me for that? That is fine by me. Hate me for my success than because of my shortcomings. Seabass, thank you for your time. And thanks to anyone out there that has supported or put up with me for the past 7 years.

Matt tosses his chair to the side, waving goodbye as he picks up his sweater and cap before leaving.

Matt left that set feeling more motivated than he ever has before. Fueled by a fire he hasn't felt in a long time. He felt he had to show he wasn't done. That this was merely the halfway point of his career. Matt felt confident that he can win. It's the one characteristic that defines him. His determination. He can be slowed down but never truly stopped. No matter what, he keeps coming back. Through the years, it's that determination that has allowed him to achieve all the success he has achieved to become a Hall of Famer. It is the greatest asset. The most powerful fitness tool. Without it, a man could never push himself to exert his body, let alone absorb the punishment one suffers in a ring and still push his way to a victory.

Matt has no regrets in his career. He is positive that puts him ahead of Flex Mussel. A man who contrasts him right now. For Matt embraced his failures and never gave up, Flex resented others and blamed them for his shortcomings. Matt waited for his Fated Day. The day his luck turned around. And he built a Legacy off that.

Originally Posted by Meltdown 34
Originally Posted by Meltdown 34
Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

10's by Pantera as The KillJoy appears as the opening guitar riff hits. He walks frantically around the entrance ramp staring blindly at the ring. He then marches straight to the ring and rolls in.

Harrys: Introducing first from Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, weighing in at 225lbs, The KillJoy!

Copeland: We've had many interesting characters in WZCW. What do you make of KillJoy there Cohen?

Cohen: First it's The KillJoy, and second, I think he is a nut case. But a nut case might be just what it takes to beat his opponent.

The KillJoy poses on the turnbuckle as Sound of Madness by Shinedown hits and John Smith appears on the entrance ramp. The crowd boos loudly as he stares right at The KillJoy, holding his left middle finger up at the crowd.

Harrys: And from London, England, weighing in at 250lbs, John Smith!

Copeland: John Smith is definitely not in WZCW to make any friends.

Cohen: Friends are overrated there Seabass. They do nothing but hold people back. John Smith is not here to be held back, he's here to destroy.

The bell sounds and both men quickly lock up. The KillJoy locks in a headlock and then starts giving Smith a noogie. Smith waves his arms frantically and finally pushes The KillJoy off. The KillJoy bounces off the ropes and is put to the mat by a hard shoulder. Smith stomps hard on The KillJoys face and swears at him. Smith bounces off the ropes, The KillJoy rolls as Smith jumps over. The KillJoy is up. He ducks a clothesline by Smith, bounces off the ropes and hits a running side kick on Smith. He goes for a pin, but only gets a one. Smith starts to get up, but The KillJoy wraps a Sleeper Hold with a body scissors on Smith.

Copeland: The Killjoy is off to a good start. He's really frustrating Smith with his unorthodox offence.

Cohen: The KillJoy is playing with fire here by messing with John Smith. Smith doesn't like to play games, the only game he plays is to Kill Joy, haha, get it.

Copeland: No I don't Cohen, but look now. This match could be over fast.

Smith is struggling to reach the ropes as The KillJoy still has the Sleeper Hold locked in. Smith is beginning to panic and starts swings elbows at The KillJoy. He then grabs The KillJoys left leg and begins punching and bending it. The KillJoy finally releases the hold. Both men are up. The Killjoy with a quick rack of the face. He then bounces off the ropes and goes for another running super kick. Smith ducks and hits The KillJoy with an inverted atomic drop. The KillJoy is lying on the mat as Smith begins stomping hard on The KillJoys knee. Smith yanks The Killjoy up on his feet and hits the Straightjacket DDT. He picks him up again and hits it again. He goes for the pin and gets a close 2 count. He picks up The Kill Joy and throws him into the turnbuckle. He throws a few haymakers and then starts chocking The KillJoy. The ref counts all the way up to 4 and Smith lets go right at 5.

Cohen: John Smith is not letting up Seabass. He is taking the life out of The KillJoy.

Copeland: Yes, you could say that he's really being a Kill Joy.

Cohen: Are you trying to be funny. Because you're hurting my ears.

Smith goes to strike The KillJoy again. The Killjoy counters and slams Smiths head into the turnbuckle. He follows up with a german suplex. Both men are down as the ref begins counting. He gets to 7 as both men stand up. Smith and The KillJoy exchange punches. The KillJoys grabs Smiths arm and DDT's it to the mat. The KillJoy stands ready to bounce as Smith slowly gets to his feet. He runs at Smith, but Smith counters with a bearhug. The KillJoy cries in pain as Smith swings him around. The ref checks to see if The KillJoy is tapping. The KillJoy cries no and begins throwing punches. He grabs hold of Smiths nose and squeezes as Smith finally lets go. The KillJoy grabs Smith by the throat and hits a Chockslam STO. He goes for the pin. 1... 2..., Smith just gets an arm up. The KillJoy goes over the ropes and stands on the ring apron, looking for Death From Above. He jumps on the ropes, but Smith is up and punches him outside the ring. The KillJoy looks hurt as fell on his knee. The ref begins a 10 count. The KillJoy struggles to his feet and just gets into the ring before 10. John Smith is waiting and hits the incapacitation as The KillJoy stands up. 1... 2... 3.

Harrys: Here is your winner, John Smith!

Copeland: John Smith with a commanding win here over the newcomer The KillJoy.

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