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Old 10-23-2016, 03:20 AM
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Cooper makes his way out to the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd cheers him on. He is wearing his new WZCW World Tag Team Championship belt however the nameplate still reads “Constantine” on it. Cooper rubs the championship with his hand and begins walking to the ring.

Cohen: Damn it, somebody take that thing off Justin Cooper. He doesn’t deserve to hold that championship. He didn’t even last one minute in the match and Vis Imperium were screwed.

Copeland: He’ll be disappointed with his performance in the opening match but this is the big opportunity for Justin Cooper to set things right. If he has a big performance tonight than I’m sure we’ll all forget about the early elimination at the start of the show.

Cohen: I hope Constantine gets his hands on this wannabe.

Inside the ring El Bala and Noah Ryder at struggling back and forth, each switching around every so often nearly eliminating the other in the corner. Callahan is recovering near the ropes, down on the canvas with his legs intertwined with the bottom rope. The only man free is Constantine and as he looks around the ring he notices Justin Cooper approaching. The bitter rivals exchange a look and Cooper unclips the championship which was held by Constantine only a few hours ago. Seething at the sight before him, Constantine demands Cooper get in the ring and the newly crowned champion answers the call.

Cooper slides into the ring and gets the takedown on Constantine. He delivers some sharp elbow strikes to the head before Constantine uses his strength advantage to shove Cooper away. They scatter for a moment, Cooper returns and kicks Constantine in the stomach. He pulls him close and hits a Devil Lock DDT.

Cooper then spins around and punches El Bala in the back, Ryder breaks free of El Bala’s grasp and retreats for a rest after surviving elimination for what felt like forever. Cooper tries to sling El Bala into the ropes but the luchador holds him tight and Constantine pounces. El Bala and Constantine both attack Cooper, Constantine executes a drop toe hold while the luchador springboards off the ropes and delivers leg drop across the back of Cooper’s neck.

Cohen: Even the luchador hates Justin Cooper. Stories of his stupidity have spread to Mexico. Go on, Constantine! Teach him a lesson in humility.

Constantine is seemingly giving instructions at this point as El Bala lifts Cooper up and has him halfway over the top rope. One leg is free and is keeping Cooper somewhat protected but Constantine goes to grab it, surely securing the elimination of Justin Cooper. However Callahan jumps in and tackles Constantine. The two former World Champions go at it on the ground, Callahan is the first to his feet and goes for a kick but Constantine catches him. He pulls Callahan in for another lariat but Callahan ducks, just missing the impact and once again goes for the kick to the stomach which works. He hooks the head and lifts Constantine up into position for Faded Memory.

Connor: Callahan is going to drop Constantine on his head. How will he ever recover for this?

Cohen: Oh no!

Callahan is soaking up every second he can to weaken Constantine when all of a sudden El Bala takes out Callahan’s knee with a chop block. Constantine lands on his feet, Callahan staggers and is grabbed by behind - The Axis! The devastating finisher connects and the crowd watches on as Constantine, with a look of arrogance, grabs Callahan by the tights and throws him over the top rope and to the floor.

Harrys: Drake Callahan has been eliminated!

Copeland: A solid outing for Drake Callahan.

Cohen: A nice surprise for the fans but he never stood a shot once Constantine entered the match.

Arrogance is oozing out of Constantine as he surveys the ring. El Bala has Cooper stuck in the bottom of a turnbuckle and is on the attack while Noah Ryder steps up to challenge Constantine. They are about ready to go when the countdown begins and every turns to the entrance ramp.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #8: Cassanova

Cassanova comes out wearing his ring attire and sunglasses. The crowd gives him a warm welcome for his return.

Connor: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cassanova but he’s back now and just in time for Lethal Lottery.

Copeland: I couldn’t have thought of a better time to return to WZCW than at Lethal Lottery. He could go from the unemployed line to the main event of Kingdom Come.

Cassanova is quick to enter the ring and sees Noah Ryder and Constantine standing before him. Both give him the once over, Ryder’s attention is broken by the continued fighting of El Bala and Justin Cooper now that Cooper is struggling on the ring apron to stay alive. He goes over and grabs El Bala, hitting a snap suplex to repay the favour done by Cooper earlier in the match.

Meanwhile Cassanova is shaking his head and pointing to the crowd. He’s confident and motions that he’s going to win the Lethal Lottery. Constantine looks extremely confused and then it happens. Cassanova goes forehead to forehead with Constantine! The crowd can’t believe it and even Constantine is a little shocked.

Cohen: What the hell is this kid doing? Does he know who he is standing in front of?

Cassanova pulls back and looks ready to throw a punch when out of nowhere Constantine slaps him hard across the face. The slap is heard all over the arena and spins Cassanova around, busting his lip. Constantine wipes his forehead where it touched Cassnova, he shakes his head still looking confused and pulls Cassanova over to the ropes. The returnee is placed against the ropes and gets sent over and to the floor with a hard lariat by Constantine for the elimination.

Harrys: Cassanova has been eliminated!

Connor: Short and sweet.

The action inside the ring begins to pick up with Cooper and Ryder teaming up on Constantine and El Bala. Cooper tries to throw Constantine out but the strength is too much and he is crushed with a flowing DDT. Ryder is isolated by El Bala but is getting the better of the situation and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb which receives a huge response from the crowd. El Bala looks to be done and just as Ryder is going to eliminate him, Constantine pulls Ryder across the ring and hits a swinging backbreaker.

Constantine marches around the ring to the jeers of the crowd. His confidence high and then the countdown begins.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #9: Abel Hunnicutt

The crowd cannot believe the luck of Vis Imperium. Constantine has a huge smirk on his face as the monster begins its march down to the ring. Hunnicutt is a giant of a man and towers over everyone in the match at the moment. Only Constantine looks pleased about this entrant.

Cohen: It’s a miracle! Vis Imperium, two of them are in the match early and they can work together. Everyone better get ready for some quick eliminations.

Copeland: This surely doesn’t mean anything good for the rest of the field. I can only imagine what Justin Cooper is thinking right now considering what occurred at the start of the pay-per-view.

Hunnicutt steps over the top rope and is welcomed by Constantine. The former tag champions are on the same page and Constantine slowly lifts his arm and points to Justin Cooper in the corner. Hunnicutt goes after him while Constantine and focuses on Noah Ryder. Hunnicutt is able to overpower Cooper and throw him around the ring and nails him with a hard big boot. Cooper might be seeing stars, he tries to stand but falls right back down.

Meanwhile Ryder counters a sidewalk slam by Constantine and sets him up for the Blue Thunder Bomb. The crowd cheers but it’s cut off by Hunnicutt with a Running Double Axehandle. Vis Imperium has full control of the ring and El Bala moves towards them. Constantine gives more orders for Hunnicutt, the monster picking Ryder up and tossing him across the ring into the corner where he delivers forearms.

Copeland: Constantine is acting like a man at war ordering his troops around and it’s super effective. Cooper and Ryder aren’t getting much done against these odds.

El Bala grabs Justin Cooper by the wrist and pulls him around the ring. He looks over to Constantine and points to the damaged the competitor he is dragging around the ring. El Bala climbs the top rope and begins walking on it! The fans are stunned at the high risk move and for good reason because Cooper yanks El Bala off the top rope, each man holding the other’s wrist and connects with Remix in mid-air. El Bala’s head bounces off the mat and Cooper digs his fingers under the mask and throws the luchador over the top rope; Constantine then comes from behind and throws Cooper over!

El Bala and Cooper are both eliminated! I told you Constantine would get Cooper back for coming out with the title that belongs to Vis Imperium.

Harrys: El Bala Negra has been eliminated.

El Bala hit the floor by the hands of Justin Cooper but the same cannot be said for Cooper himself. Barely, only a few inches away from the floor, but Cooper kept both his feet from touching the ground. He is still in this match and Constantine is shocked because he had moved away from the apron which allowed Cooper to slide back into the ring. He looks at Constantine and tells him “Not so easy, you know that, Johnny.”

The countdown has begun and Constantine charges at Cooper only to get hit with a scoopslam. Cooper is back to his feet quickly and dashes to the corner, hammering away at the back of Hunnicutt while Ryder dangles over the top rope. He manages to bring Hunnicutt away from the corner, which allows Ryder to get himself back into the ring but Cooper isn’t rewarded instead Hunnicutt nails him with Flapjack.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #10: Logan McAllister

As the music plays, the lights flicker red, before switching over to a blue, pulsating to the beat of the song. Logan comes slowly walking, his new Elite Openweight Championship on his shoulder and a smile unmatched by any on his face. His family cheer him on in the front row.

Cohen: What a letdown for the 200th entrant in Lethal Lottery. Look at that. Disgusting, that title belongs to Austin Reynolds. He shouldn’t even have it.

Copeland: Logan McAllister had the biggest moment of his career at the start of the show when his team won and he walked away with the Elite Openweight Championship. He could achieve something even greater if he wins Lethal Lottery on the same night.

McAllister reaches ringside and waves to his young son before entering the ring. He is met by Hunnicutt and Constantine who swarm on him like a pack of wolves. They are beating him down and Hunnicutt grabs McAllister from behind, pulling his arms back. He’s unable to defend himself as Constantine drives his knee into the new champions face. Clearly payback for the match earlier and Constantine makes sure to drive home that point by yelling in McAllister’s face that this isn’t over.

Before they can inflict anymore damage, Cooper explodes onto the scene and hits Constantine with a European Uppercut. Constantine stumbles back and Noah Ryder is there to toss him over the top rope but Constantine grabs hold of the rope as he goes over, remaining on the apron. He and Ryder begin to struggle while Cooper punches Hunnicutt in the face. He has the monster backing away and McAllister rises then joins forces with Cooper. Just like earlier, Cooper and McAllister are fighting side by side against Vis Imperium.

Connor: Alliances are so important in Lethal Lottery. Cooper and McAllister fighting a common enemy could be a huge factor in who wins this match.

Vis Imperium have been split up. Ryder and Constantine are going at it with Constantine fighting for his life in this match as Ryder pushes him with his right boot. The grip of Constantine barely holding on. Hunnicutt is back up against the ropes himself and with Cooper and McAllister each grabbing a leg to try and eliminate the monster.

They are making ground until Hunnicutt is able to dig his fingers into Cooper’s eyes. This sends the veteran away and leaves McAllister by himself and the monster hits a STO into Clawhold. McAllister crawls at the canvas trying to break it but Hunnicutt is so powerful that he keeps the hold locked in.

Copeland: The pure power of Abel Hunnicutt on display here.

On the far side of the ring Ryder nearly has Constantine out of this match when Cooper takes Noah down to the ground. He still can’t see properly and may have thought it was Hunnicutt but Cooper nonetheless is unloading with forearms to Noah and allows Constantine to slither back into the ring where he retreats behind Hunnicutt.

The countdown begins and the crowd turns to see who will be the eleventh competitor to enter the match.

... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

Entrant #11: Matt Tastic
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Old 10-23-2016, 03:20 AM
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Copeland: Former Lethal Lottery winner Matt Tastic making his way down the ramp, and you have to believe that he is one of the favorites tonight.

Cohen: Mikey Stormrage won't be here to save him tonight though, he has to do this one on his own.

Connor: And it looks like he has his sites set on Constantine.

Tastic slides into the ring and instantly advances upon Constantine. Abel is there to intercept though and begins to hammer away at Tastic. The fiery Puerto Rican fights back, but Abel is too powerful and gets the upper hand. He clubs away at Tastic, moving him away from Constantine, who takes a moment to catch his breath. He doesn't have much time to rest though, as Logan is on his feet and hits him across the back with a double axe handle, causing him to stumble into the ropes. Logan grabs him by the leg and manages to lift him, but Constantine grabs onto the top rope and fights back. He doesn't have to fight long though as Abel connects with a big size seventeen boot to the face of Logan, causing him to drop Constantine. The two Vis Imperium brothers stand back to back and watch for Tastic and Logan. In the corner Cooper, who is still rubbing his eyes, looks around and surveys the scene. Noah, on the ground, rolls under the bottom rope, and rests on the apron. Tastic looks at Cooper, who then looks to Logan, and the three men nod and all charge at Vis Imperium. Cooper goes low on Abel, while Tastic leaps at him. The two take Abel down, and begin to hammer away at the monster. Logan clotheslines Constantine and both men tumble to the apron, barely hanging onto the ropes and saving themselves.

Connor: A precarious position for Constantine and Logan.

Cohen: Both men are easy pickings. Hang in there John.

Ryder, who has gotten to his feet, springboards into the ring and uses a split legged kick to take down both Cooper and Tastic. With everyone but Noah either down or hanging onto the ropes for their life, Noah lets out a primal roar as he watches the countdown clock instead of going after Constantine and Logan.


Click for Spoiler:

#12: John Doe

The crowd initially is surprised at the appearance of Doe, but they quickly boo.

Copeland: So the ever vicious John Doe in at number twelve.

Connor: You have to feel that Doe will be a threat due to his mean streak.

Cohen: Who else remembers his run last year with Dr. Zeus? He is a major player to be feared.

Doe gets into the ring and immediately goes after Ryder. The two men tangle and end up in the corner, where Ryder begins to hammer away. Constantine and Logan have both managed to get back into the ring, saving themselves. While Ryder hammers away at Doe, Constantine comes up from behind and chop blocks Ryder. Doe slumps down in the corner and checks his face, a cut having opened up below his eye. Constantine then walks to Abel and pulls Cooper off him. He connects with a swift kick to the midsection and then plants him with a DDT, allowing him to throw Tastic off his stable mate. He connects with Collateral Damage, a devastating spinebuster and Tastic is down. Constantine helps Abel to his feet and the two turn their focus to Logan, who is resting on the ropes. Abel grabs him around the throat and begins to choke him. Constantine checks for any usurpers, and helps Abel lift Logan. Logan wraps every available body part around the ropes in an attempt to stay alive, but he is fighting for his life. On the other side of the ring John Doe grabs Noah Ryder and pulls him to his feet. He tries to throw him over the top rope, but Ryder manages to hang on. Doe, believing he has finished his work, walks over to Abel and Constantine and tries to help them eliminate Logan. Matt Tastic, back on his feet, hits the ropes and runs at Justin Cooper, who is also on his feet. Cooper drops to the mat, causing Tastic to leap over him and hit the opposite ropes. He catches Noah Ryder off guard as he rebounds, knocking Ryder off the apron.

Harrys: Noah Ryder has been eliminated!

Cohen: Looks like Noah forgot how to hang onto the top rope.

Copeland: Another one down, and another career elimination for Matt Tastic, even if it was inadvertent.

On the outside of the ring, Ryder slaps the floor. He starts to head to the back when the referees tell him he is allowed to reenter the match. He ignores them and walks to the back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Justin Cooper leapfrogs Tastic, who decides to just crash into John Doe, taking both men down.

Connor: Not the most orthodox offense by Tastic, but Doe is down.

Logan McAllister, who is still hanging precariously on the ropes, is saved by Cooper. Just as the countdown hits ten, Abel allows his eyes to wonder to the clock, leaving Constantine open for Russian Leg Sweep.


Click for Spoiler:

#13: Titus Avison

The crowd boos as the reigning EurAsian Champion makes his way onto the stage.

Copeland: Lucky thirteen is Titus Avison.

Cohen: Titus won from this position once, he can do it again.

Connor: Smartly, Titus is in no hurry to enter the ring, taking his time to survey the damage.

Tastic drags John Doe to his feet, but a rake of the eyes causes Doe to gain an advantage. Justin Cooper sneaks up from behind Doe and elbows him in the back of the head, staggering him. He then grabs him by the tights and throws him easily over the top rope.

Harrys: John Doe has been eliminated!

Cohen: So after an impressive showing last year, Doe is thrown out unceremoniously this year.

Connor: Add an elimination for Justin Cooper.

Copeland: He needs to look out though.

Titus sneaks into the ring and connects with a low blow to the newly crowned tag champ. Titus then throws him over the top rope, but Cooper hangs on. Titus scoffs and tries to finish the job, but Cooper manages to connect with a stiff right hand. He quickly hops back into the ring, and shoves Titus into the corner. He does his best to muscle the EurAsian champion over the ropes, but Titus holds his ground. Logan McAllister and Matt Tastic both get to their feet and set their sights on Vis Imperium. Constantine hangs behind Abel, who charges at both men. McAllister manages to duck, but Abel floors Matt Tastic with a giant shoulder block. Constantine grabs Logan and tries to muscle him to the ropes, but Logan shifts his weight and takes control. He Irish whips Constantine into the corner, where Justin Cooper moves at the last second, causing Constantine to crash into Titus. Abel, who is using his boot to choke Matt Tastic, looks behind him as a whistle is heard throughout the arena. The whistle, coming from Logan, catches the ear of Justin Cooper as well. The earlier teammates double team Abel, Logan ducking a clothesline and putting Abel in a full nelson. This allows Cooper to throw some short shots to the body of the monster. Satisfied with the damage, Cooper orders Logan to grab Abel by the pants. Both men then muscle Abel over the top rope and drop him to the floor, much to the approval to the fans.

Harrys: Abel Hunnicutt has been eliminated!

Cohen: Damn it! Vis Imperium is down a man.

Copeland: It took two men, but Vis Imperium's monster is gone.

Connor: Nice teamwork there by the newly crowned Elite and Tag champs.

In the corner, Titus and Constantine give each other an evil look, but decide to save their battle for later. Tastic slumps in the corner holding his throat, while Cooper and Logan share a quick high five to celebrate their tossing of Abel. Titus makes his way sneakily across the ring and grabs Matt Tastic by the head and slams it into the top turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Constantine takes Logan and Cooper down from behind with a double clothesline. Cooper hits the mat hard, but Logan simply drops to a knee. The former tag champion checks the clock and as it is starting to count down, he decides to set his focus on the ramp.


Click for Spoiler:
#14: Blackjack Theron

Connor: Theron Daggershield, or Blackjack Theron, is number fourteen and will be looking to make up for his loss earlier in the evening.

Copeland: Theron main evented Kingdom Come last year, you know he would like to get back there.

Cohen: He couldn't even beat Titus earlier, how is he supposed to win out here?

The crowd cheers as Theron makes his way onto the stage. He tosses a playing card high into the air before he sprints to the ring and slides in. Constantine is all over him with rights and lefts, but Theron fights back. He manages to block a punch and fire back with some of his own. Constantine rakes the eyes and goes for the KO punch, but Theron ducks and connects with the Critical Hit! Down goes Constantine! Theron then runs at Logan and connects with a knee to the back of the head, putting him down. Cooper, who is still down, rolls out of the way of a running Theron, who splashes both Titus and Tastic in the corner. Tastic falls down, but Titus staggers out of the corner. Theron arm drags him down. Titus pops back to his feet, but is met with another arm drag. Titus isn't as quick back to his feet, but gets up again. The reigning champ runs into a reverse atomic drop though, and is on the receiving end of some testicular pain for once, and he falls to the mat. Theron then runs and hits a vicious dropkick to Matt Tastic, who is standing in the corner. He then rushes to the ropes and springboards and connects with a moonsault to the downed Cooper. Theron looks around and finds himself the only one standing.

Copeland: Theron has come out on fire.

Connor: He is hitting on all cylinders, definitely looking to win it all tonight.

Theron finds Matt Tastic trying to pull himself back to his feet using the ropes. Theron makes his way over and tries to throw him over the top. Tastic fights back and manages to land on the apron. He manages to catch Theron with a shoulder through the ropes, staggering him backwards. Constantine, back on his feet, charges at Tastic and throws himself into the Puerto Rican superstar. Tastic is launched off the apron, but he lands on the announce table.

Cohen: Get out of here you pest!

Tastic gets to his feet and looks around, unsure what to do.

Copeland: Matt Tastic, stranded in no man's land.

Connor: What is he going to do?

Tastic looks around, while every competitor in the ring looks out at him. He turns and looks at Jack Cohen, and shoves him out of his chair. As Jack hits the floor, Tastic positions himself in the chair, and using one foot, pushes himself back towards the ring just as the timer counts down.


Click for Spoiler:
#15 Tony Mancini

Cohen: Can someone get my chair back?

Connor: Mancini will be looking to make up for his earlier loss by making a statement here.

Copeland: And it looks like he is going to make that mark by taking out Tastic.

The crowd boos as Mancini makes his way down to the ring. He has his eyes set on the former World Champ, who is still looking for an opening back into the ring. Mancini clubs Tastic across the back, before lifting him in the air above his head in an impressive display of strength. Instead of tossing him to the floor, he tosses him back into the ring.

Copeland: What is he doing? Mancini could have eliminated a major threat, but instead he put him right back in the ring.

Cohen: Gonna go get my chair now.

Mancini climbs onto the apron and into the ring and keeps on the attack to the downed Tastic. Meanwhile Logan and Constantine meet in the middle of the ring, two heavyweights slugging it out to the delight of the crowd. Justin Cooper, back on his feet, looks around and goes after Titus. He connects with a bulldog but before he can capitalize, Theron grabs him around the waist. He tries to lift him, but Cooper grabs onto the ropes, preventing Theron from getting the upper hand. As they struggle, Tony hammers away with huge elbows and fists to Tastic. While the other men in the ring are all occupied, the EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison, hunkers down in a corner, doing his best to remain unseen and plot his next move. After about a minute of gathering his breath, he picks his spot. As Constantine connects with a big haymaker to stagger Logan, Titus drops him with a reverse DDT. The two men then look at each other and nod and lift Logan to his feet. They both Irish whip him across the ring, and then plant him with a double back drop. Titus then makes a throwing motion and Constantine agrees, it is time to get Logan out of the match. They both get him to his feet and begin to lift him over the top rope, though Logan's size isn't doing them any favors.

Connor: Logan's, being one of the bigger men in this match, proving difficult to muscle over and out.

Copeland: We see it every year Cat. The larger superstars typically take a lot of energy to eliminate.

Cohen: Yet they never seem to win. At two hundred sixty five pounds, last year's winner Dr. Zeus is the biggest man to ever win.

Logan falls to the apron, where he wraps his arms around the bottom rope. Constantine begins to push Logan with his feet, trying to cause him to lose his grip. Titus, sensing that Logan won't give up easily, gives up his assault and looks around the ring to see everyone occupied. His eyes turn to the countdown clock, which is fast approaching zero.


Click for Spoiler:

#16 Tiffany Wyatt

The crowd is a bit confused at hearing Theron's music a second time tonight.

Cohen: Who?

Connor: The girlfriend of Theron, Tiffany Wyatt. She looks like an absolute ball of energy.

Copeland: And Theron looks just as shocked as everyone else.

Tiffany sprints to the ring and slides inside. She connects with a dropkick to Constantine, that sends him tumbling over the top rope, but he manages to catch himself before hitting the floor. As Theron looks on shocked, Justin Cooper takes the time to roll back under the bottom rope to safety. Mancini, looking for an easy target, sneaks up behind Tiffany and tries to throw her with a German Suplex. She lands on her feet and then connects with a clothesline that knocks Mancini down. She then runs over to Tastic and begins to drop an elbow on him. She drops a second, then a third. She is clubbed from behind by Titus though, but Theron quickly tosses Titus aside in an attempt to save his girlfriend. Constantine takes the opportunity to quickly sneak up from behind and hit The Axis on Theron! Tiffany looks on in horror as her boyfriend goes down hard. Constantine lifts the limp body of Theron and goes to toss him over the top rope, but Tiffany catches him with with a kick to allow Theron to drop to a knee and catch his breath. Titus spins Tiffany around and swiftly kicks her in the midsection before dropping her with the Tit Drop! Theron, looks on with rage in his eyes as Titus lifts the limp body of Tiffany and drops her to the outside, landing on her head, as Titus looks directly in the eyes of Theron.

Harrys: Tiffany Wyatt has been eliminated!

Cohen: What a shock. A lame girl gets eliminated.

Connor: Hush Jack. It was a valiant effort.

Copeland: And Theron looks enraged and is going right after Titus.

Theron charges directly at Titus, tackling him. He begins to throw reckless punches to the face and body of Titus, all while yelling at the EurAsian champion. Matt Tastic is on his feet and from behind, grabs Constantine around the waist and connects with a slick German suplex to the former tag champ. Cooper meanwhile is trying to catch his breath in the corner, when Mancini charges at him. Cooper manages to sidestep Mancini and send him chest first into the turnbuckle. He spins Mancini around and begins to throw vicious European uppercuts. Once Mancini collapses, Cooper grabs the top rope and begins to throw a series to stomps to the chest of The Italian Stallion. Logan McAllister, who had been resting in the far corner, comes up from behind Constantine, who is surveying the damage. He connects with a German, then another, then a third. He lets out a primal yell upon completing the third suplex in the Boston Suplex Party before he grabs Constantine and tries to throw him over just as the clock begins to countdown.


Click for Spoiler:

#17 Flex Mussel

The crowd is alive for Flex as he makes his way onto the ramp and soaks in the applause.

Connor: Upstart Flex Mussel, hoping to make an impact tonight for his friend Ramparte.

Copeland: He is also out for his mother, who tragically passed just days ago.

Cohen: Cry a river, then build a bridge and get over it Flex.

Just as Flex gets to ringside, a figure clad in black hops the barricade with a bat in his hand and drills Flex from behind.

Copeland: What the hell?

Suddenly from the opposite side of the ring, a figure in white hops the barricade and enters the ring and begins to swing a chain.

Connor: It's the damn Hollow Ones!

Cohen: They already took out James Howard, and now they are here to wreck the Lottery.

The chain connects with Theron, just as the man in black enters the ring. Cooper charges at the man in white, only to be laid out by a chain to the face. Matt Tastic manages to duck an initial swing from the black clad man's ball bat, but it is shoved into his gut before he is hit across the back. Titus retreats to a corner, but the man in white wraps the chain around his fist and connects with a right hand to the jaw of the champ. Constantine and Logan put aside their differences momentarily and rush the two men. They get in a couple of punches, before they are taken down. The two men turn their attention to Anthony Mancini, who tries to reason with the two men. He tries to make him an offer they can't refuse. They don't accept the offer though and both men swing at the same time, both landing shots to the head of Mancini.

Copeland: This is a damn travesty. The Hollow Ones are ruining the Lethal Lottery.

Connor: Thankfully, here comes Mr. Banks with security in tow.

WZCW principle owner, Kenneth Banks gets to ringside and begins to order security to get in the ring. The Hollow Ones fight off security with their weapons, further angering Mr. Banks.

Cohen: Someone get in there and stop this. The next entrant is about to hit the ring.

Sure enough the countdown clock begins to tick down.


Click for Spoiler:

#18 Phoenix

Copeland: Maybe Phoenix can be the man to stop this.

Cohen: Yeah, if he ever shows up. Where is he?

Just as Cohen finishes speaking, the man in the ring dressed in white pulls off his hoodie and his mask, revealing himself to be Phoenix!

Connor: Wait, Phoenix is a member of The Hollow Ones?!?

Mr. Banks orders security into the ring, but Phoenix and his chain continue to fight them off. The man in black also uses his bat to help Phoenix continue his fight. Flex, who never actually made it into the ring, is perched on the top rope and leaps at the man in black. He clubs him across the back, staggering him, but Phoenix connects with Rebirth and puts Flex down. Matt Tastic and Theron are back on their feet and they back away from The Hollow Ones, trying to create space. Justin Cooper begins to stir, just as Phoenix misses with a wild swing from the chain. Mr. Banks, still on the outside ordering security around, begins to stomp in anger as Tastic, Theron, Cooper, and now Justin McAllister roll under the bottom rope and try to formulate a strategy. Constantine, Titus, and Mancini try a sneak attack and manage to get a few shots in before Phoenix and the man in black turn and use their weapons to their advantage. Mancini catches a bat to the shoulder, dropping him to a knee. The man in black then connects with a DDT, dropping Mancini. Titus tries to capitalize on the man in black being down, but he catches a kick to the knee, before the man in black wraps his legs around the neck in a triangle choke. Phoenix catches Constantine with an elbow, knocking him silly, before he swings the chain over his head and wrapping it around the feet of the former tag champ. He then connects with Rebirth before he points to the countdown clock.

Copeland: Please be someone who can stop this.

Cohen: I'm not sure who can stop this Seabass.


Click for Spoiler:

#19 Tyrone Blades

The camera pans around the arena, looking for Ty to emerge from the crowd. Suddenly a sly smile emerges on the face of Phoenix.

Connor: Wait. Don't tell me.

The man in black removes his hoodie and Phoenix rips off his mask, revealing Tyrone to be the man in black.

Cohen: What the shit!?!

Copeland: So Phoenix and Tyrone have been in cahoots this entire time?

Mr. Banks looks on in horror as he has no choice but to allow Tyrone and Phoenix to compete. He orders security to leave ringside, but barks orders for those on the outside of the ring to get in and attack. Just as they do, Tyrone and Phoenix grab Mancini by the trunks and toss him over the top rope and at the feet of Banks.

Harrys: Anthony Mancini has been eliminated!

Connor: Tough break for Tony.

Flex, Logan, Justin, Theron, and Matt all look at each other and nod their heads as Mr. Banks orders them back to the ring. They slide into the ring, and are instantly attacked by Tyrone and Phoenix. The bat and chain serve as the great equalizers for the numbers game. The five men all retreat after the attack, not being able to gain an upper hand. The crowd booing heavily.

Banks: Get the next entrant out here now damn it!

The countdown clock starts early as Mr. Banks orders the next entrant out.


Copeland: Who could possibly lead the charge against The Hollow Ones?

Click for Spoiler:

#20 Action Saxton

The crowd erupts as Action Saxton makes his way to the ring. He pauses momentarily to rally the troops.

Saxton: C'Mon you jive suckas, time to kick a little ass.

Saxton leads the charge and the crew outside all leap into the ring. They take the fight to The Hollow Ones. Tastic is the first to go down after a bat to the skull. Flex manages to get in a couple of stiff punches to Phoenix, before the chain takes him out. Cooper tries to tackle Tyrone, but Tyrone throws him into the ring post shoulder first. Theron goes for a Critical Hit on the distracted Tyrone, but Tyrone pushes him away, dropping his bat in the process. Phoenix connects with Rebirth though, taking Theron down. Logan McAllister does manage to turn Blades around and Irish whip him into the corner. He charges and connects with Boston Strong in the corner, squashing Tyrone. Saxton connects with a Kung Fu kick to knock the chain out of Phoenix's hand. Phoenix drops to a knee and looks up just in time to see Logan charging at him. He rolls out of the way, causing Logan to head to the ropes, where Tyrone pulls the top rope down. Logan manages to halt his progress, but Tyrone with a leaping knee to the back. This causes Logan to tumble into the corner. He charges out, but Tyrone connects with a super kick, before he hits a running knee strike to the head, Click Clack! Phoenix, who is on his feet after the Kung Fu kick, tries to engage Saxton. He connects with some kicks and chops and goes for his corkscrew kick finisher, Saxton ducks the Rebirth. Phoenix stumbles to the ropes and then Saxton connects with Black Lightning, sending Phoenix out of the ring.

Harrys: Phoenix has been eliminated!

Copeland: Saxton has done it, he has split up The Hollow Ones!

Connor: He needs to watch out.

Tyrone, furious, picks up his bat and swings it, cracking it across the back of Saxton. Saxton just stumbles forward a little. Tyrone looks on stunned. He goes to swing again, but Saxton rolls away. He grabs the chain and gets to his feet and begins to swing it over his head. He throws the chain out and grabs Tyrone's bat, yanking it out of his hands. Tyrone then angrily charges at Saxton, who throws the chain aside and charges back. The two men double clothesline each other, knocking each other down and out.

Cohen: Saxton and Tyrone are down, leaving them easy pickings for whoever is coming out next.

WZCW: Join Today

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Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #21 – Noah Ryder

The crowd comes alive one more time as Noah Ryder makes his way back out onto the stage. He looks somewhat pensive, however, as he stands on the stage for a moment. There is a roar of approval as something suddenly strikes him and he makes his way, hurriedly, back through the curtain. Reappearing a few seconds later, Noah has his King for a Day Briefcase and is sporting an, almost, wry smile as he makes his way down the ramp.

Copeland: No way? I...

Cohen: What the Hell is about to happen, Seabass?

Connor: You are not telling me that Noah Ryder is about to cash in his King for a Day briefcase in the Lethal Lottery match? How can that even happen? Can that even happen!?

Copeland: Nowhere in the rules does it say that you cannot cash in your briefcase during the Lethal Lottery match, Cat. Maybe people just expected that no one would be crazy enough to actually think like that?

Ryder continues down the ramp to a thunderous ovation from the WZCW fans, who are now totally on side with Ryder and his plans to cash in his briefcase during the Lethal Lottery match. People are on their feet and the noise in the arena is deafening as Ryder taps one of the referees on the back and presents him with the briefcase. The referee has to double take between Noah and the action in the ring as a look of shock appears on his features. He slowly takes the case from Noah and makes his way around the ring to the announcers position. After a brief chat with Truman Harrys, Harrys gets to his feet and swallows hard before speaking.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen... Noah Ryder is cashing in his King for a Day briefcase right here and right now!

A massive cheer goes around the arena and it is enough to catch the attention of the two men whom it concerns. In the middle of the ring, 7 men lie motionless on various parts of the canvas. But as Noah Ryder climbs up the steps with a smile on his face, Titus and Logan McAllister are getting back to their feet. Logan seems to have been in the match for a while and looks a little worse for wear. Titus uses the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to pull himself back to his feet but immediately falls to his knees again as he sees Noah Ryder standing in the middle of the ring.

Copeland: Finally! Finally, that rat bastard Titus is about to get his due. He managed to escape the fatal 4 way earlier on tonight with the EurAsian Championship but he wont be so lucky now.

Cohen: How stupid is Noah Ryder? Logan McAllister has been in this match for far longer than Titus has! He stands the biggest chance of being Elite Openweight Champion by taking out Logan McAllister.

The fans cannot believe what they are seeing as they watch Titus fall to his knees and begin praying at the feet of Noah Ryder. Pleading with the most forgetful superstar in WZCW, Titus seems to be urging Noah to forego a challenge on his title and aim for Logan instead. For what seems like an eternity, Noah listens to the pleas of the EurAsian Champion as the crowd grows more and more restless, eagerly awaiting the moment that they can cheer Titus being stripped of the EurAsian Championship in the most Titus fashion possible. Suddenly, Logan steams in from the side, obviously annoyed at the bartering of the Hall of Fame superstar. He goes for a kick to the side of Titus face but Titus manages to avoid contact at the very last second. The crafty veteran gets to his feet with energy and waits for Logan to turn back around. From nowhere, Titus nails Logan with THE TIT DROP! As Logan hits the canvas with impact, Titus is thrown from the lifeless body of the Elite Openweight Champion and rolls onto his knees again. All the while, Noah Ryder stands motionless, watching everything unfold only mere feet from where he is. Titus' eyes open wide as he beckons Noah to cover Logan, who is still lying motionless on the canvas after taking Titus' finishing move.

Titus: DO IT, NOAH!

The crowd begin booing as Noah flicks his eyes from the eyeline of Titus towards Logan McAllister on the canvas. The chest of Noah begins moving up and down heavily as the exhilaration and excitement of the moment begins to fully take hold of him. The fans I the arena are urging him to not take the easy way out and to give Titus a hiding but Noah doesn't seem as sure as those in the audience.

Copeland: Come on, Noah! Don't do this!

Cohen: Do what, Seabass? Titus is serving up the Elite Openweight Championship on a plate to Noah Ryder. This isn't a judgement call in the very least. This is about being a smart person. Gold will adorn the waist of Noah Ryder if he just listens to the Hall of Fame superstars at his feet.

Suddenly, and to the visceral reaction of the fans, Noah gets onto his his knees and covers Logan on the canvas. A referee slides under the bottom rope and begins counting the fall. 1... 2... 3! The crowd cannot believe what they have just witnessed as the sound of shocked silence soon fills the arena.


Connor: I don't think anyone can actually blame Noah Ryder for doing what he did there, folks. The King for a Day briefcase is about being opportunistic at the heart of it. The opportunity for Noah Ryder to become a champion for the first time in WZCW was there for everyone to see. He's only guilty of doing what everyone would do in that situation.

Copeland: I don't think it helped that Titus was the one who orchestrated the whole thing, Cat. Titus has proved himself to be one of the most wily and manipulative superstars in WZCW recently. There is no doubt to me that he will be breathing a very heavy sigh of relief.

In the middle of the ring, Titus allows a massive smile to appear on his face as the announcement is made and his EurAsian Championship reign is no longer in peril. He hurriedly gets back to his feet and pulls Noah off of Logan in celebration. In the middle of the ring, almost rubbing it in to the fans in the arena, Titus raises the hand of the new Elite Openweight Champion in jubilation. Noah doesn't seem pleased with Titus' actions and pulls his arm away in defiance.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #22 – Veejay

After the crushing disappointment, mixed with happiness and relief for Noah Ryder begins to subside, Veejay makes his long awaited appearance as his music booms through the arena. The man from Bollywood comes through the curtain to a very positive reaction from the fans and allows himself a moment to take it in as he bounces up and down on the spot on the stage. After a moment, Veejay sprints down towards the ring and under the bottom rope. With absolutely no hesitation whatsoever, Veejay makes a dash for Titus and immediately catches him with a running forearm that takes him to the canvas, The fans come unglued as Veejay lays into the EurAsian Champion with absolutely no mercy. Right hand after right hand lands on the head of the EurAsian Champion until Veejay is satisfied and gets onto his feet, hurling verbal abuse at Titus as he does.

Copeland: WOW! What a start from Veejay, folks! He came out of that gate like a greyhound and immediately brought the fight to the Lethal Lottery match.

Connor: Even better than that, Seabass, he brought the fight to Titus. I think these fans liked seeing Titus get a taste of his own medicine after what just transpired during the King for a Day cash-in. If Titus wasn't one of the most hated men on the roster before, he definitely is now.

Veejay spins around and immediately goes towards Action Saxton in the corner of the ring. He begins picking off the WZCW legend with a few well-placed shots to the midriff and the head. The crowd are feeling the energy of Veejay as they begin chanting his name. He nails Saxton with a beautiful elbow to the side of the head and then Irish whips him across the ring. He gives the fans a taunt as Saxton hits the opposite corner of the ring. The fans seem to be behind the energy of the man from Bollywood as he launches himself across the ring at full speed. He lifts his leg and connects with a beautiful big boot to the jaw of the kung-fu superstar. Saxton hits the canvas as Veejay tries to get his boot off of the top rope. But sensing blood in the water, Constantine is back on his feet and trying to force Veejay over the ropes and out of the match! The crowd boo loudly as Constantine hoists Veejay up a little until Veejay is clinging on for dear life. But Veejay is spared as Noah Ryder makes his way to the corner and lands a clubbing blow to the back of The Power Trip.

Connor: That just shows you how fast your fortunes can change in this Lottery match, Jack. Veejay seemed as though he was on top of the world for a moment there. But within seconds, he was clutching onto the ropes for dear life.

Cohen: Well, all credit I gave to Ryder for taking the easy way out earlier on is now gone. Why would he stop Constantine from eliminating one of his opponents? Stupid!

Copeland: I think Noah Ryder has had enough of the worst of the worst getting their way in this match, Jack. Constantine is no exception to that rule whatsoever.

As Veejay lands safely inside the ring, he takes exception with how Constantine tried to eliminate him, forging an alliance for the moment with Noah Ryder as both men attack Constantine in the corner of the ring. In the meantime, Theron has managed to pull himself back to his feet and is making light work of Flex in the other corner of the ring. Theron lands some hefty stomps to the gut of his immediate opponent. In the other corner of the ring, something perhaps unexpected is happening. Justin Cooper pulls Logan McAllister out of harms way and into the corner of the ring. Cooper looks concerned for one of the men who managed to help him beat Vis Imperium for the Tag Team Championships and the, now lost, Elite Openweight Championship. Cooper slaps McAllister on the cheeks to rouse him from his slumber. But any chance of forging somewhat of an alliance in return are mooted when Tyrone Blades lands a swift kick to the jaw of Cooper and begins pulling Logan back to his feet. The crowd boo and hiss as Tyrone pulls Logan back to his knees but the former Elite Openweight Champion is still out on his feet. Cooper tries to rally back with some punches from the side. But Tyrone seems intent on getting McAllister out of the match and swats Cooper out of the way with a stunning kick to the chest.

Cohen: First the Elite Openweight Championship is taken from Logan McAllister. And now the former Champion is about to find himself out this match once and for all. And there's nothing that Justin Cooper can do about that! Ha!

Copeland: Logan McAllister's night started out so promisingly, ladies and gentlemen. But it looks as though he might be able to take a well-deserved bath in a few moments.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #23 - "Remarkable" Mark Keaton

The familiar tones of Dire Straits boom around the arena as the most remarkable man in WZCW casually struts out onto the stage, his cool and calm demeanour shining through as he allows a smarmy smile to appear. The fans give him a very mixed reaction as one half of the Tag Team Champions walks from one edge of the stage to the other. Suddenly, however, he notices Logan McAllister and Justin Cooper in peril in the corner of the ring. Mark screws up his face and swallows hard as he pulls his leather jacket from his back and begins motoring down the ramp towards the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and immediately goes to work on Tyrone Blades, stopping him from eliminating Logan McAllister in the process. The crowd cannot help but give a cheer of appreciation as the former Elite Openweight Champion is saved for now. Keaton backs Tyrone Blades back up into the near corner and begins peppering him with stiff shots as Justin Cooper gets back to his feet and helps out. The fans cannot help but keep cheering as the member of The Hollow Ones finally gets his comeuppance.

Connor: These fans are on their feet, ladies and gentlemen. After everything that The Hollow Ones have put this company through over the last few weeks and months, it seems as though we are to get some measure of revenge on the main perpetrator.

Cohen: How is this fair, Cat? Blades was minding his own business and, need I say, wrestling this match in the spirit that it was intended to be wrestled in. And now Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper are forging alliances to take them all the way. But of course Blades is the bad guys here, you hypocrite.

Whilst Cooper and Keaton take the action to Tyrone Blades in the corner of the ring, it seems as though Matt Tastic has been allowed to recover in the fourth corner of the ring. He brings himself back to his vertical base and moves his head from side to side, almost not believing that he has been allowed so much time and space in a match like this. The fans get hyped as he allows a smile to cross his features that is caught on the tron at the top of the stage. Suddenly, and without warning, Matt makes a run for Theron and Flex in the other corner of the ring, catching them with an absolutely stunning splash that sends shock waves through both of them. Theron hits the corner and falls to the canvas but Flex is not so lucky. Matt catches him before he falls to the mat and now the elimination is in play once again. Matt hoists Flex up by the leg so that Flex is almost hanging over the ropes. The fans let out a squeal of excitement as the fittest man in WZCW is about to dumped out of the match. The tow men wrestle for what seems like an eternity, trying to get the better of the other, but Flex finally manages to land a right hook to Matt's jaw to force him into releasing the hold.

Copeland: Wow, that was a close call for Flex there, folks. Matt Tastic looks fresh as a daisy now though. It just goes to show you just how much recovery one person can get with everything that is going on around them. Matt kept a low profile and almost grabbed a huge elimination as a result.

Cohen: In my days, Seabass, that was called hiding. I'm not saying it's a bad tactic but let's just call a spade a spade, huh?

Connor: Call it whatever you want, Jack. The fact of the matter is that Matt Tastic has won this match before and he knows how to go about being successful in a match like this.

In the other corner of the ring, Constantine finds himself in a little bit of trouble as Noah Ryder and Veejay have ground him down to a sitting position in the corner of the ring. Veejay and Noah seem to be working amicably as a team as they take shots each battering The Power Trip with stiff boot after stiff boot. In the final corner of the ring, two living WZCW legends have come together as Action Saxton and Titus rifle off right hands at each other, each man looking for a weakness in the other to gain supremacy. And supremacy is had when Saxton manages to block the right hand of the EurAsian Champion and leathers him with a few more punches to the jaw before nailing him with a stunning shuffle side kick that sends the EurAsian Champion to the canvas once more.

Copeland: I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the action happening in this match all at the one time, guys. How about you?

Connor: This is absolutely chaos at the moment, Seabass. I think there might be 11 or 12 men in the ring at the moment. Anything could happen in the blink of an eye.

Cohen: And it looks as though it is about to get a little bit more chaotic, folks! Here comes another entrant!

5... 4... 3... 2... 1

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #24 – Batti Otaku

The crowd simply are dumbfounded by the appearance of the most energetic WZCW fan in the entire world, and accomplice of Ramparte. After a second, Batti flies through the curtain at a furious pace and runs around the stage area, barely containing her excitement to be involved in a proper WZCW match. The fans immediately start cheering for the little ball of energy as she performs a massive taunt for all of her adoring fans. But suddenly, her expression changes to that of pure anger and focus as he steadies her body and mind for what is about to come.

Cohen: You have to be kidding, right? Some absolute nuisance of a girl is allowed to compete in the biggest match of the WZCW year? And for what reason? Because Ramparte got injured not too long ago. This is a travesty and, what's more, that girl is going to find herself getting very hurt very quickly.

Copeland: I wouldn't write her off too quickly, Jack. She might be small and she might be a little bundle of energy. But when she is focussed, she seems to unleash a massive amount of nerd rage that could rival even Flex Mussel for power. She's in the match, so she's got a better chance that me or you...

Batti marches down towards the ring, taking her time to eye up all of the competition inside the ring as she does. The crowd seem totally stunned by her sudden change of attitude but get behind the tiny competitor as she begins mounting the steps into the ring. But when she finds herself on the apron, she seems to have somewhat of a change of heart. As the action continues inside the ring at a furious pace, Batti examines the wreckage amongst the asses of humanity. The look of anger seems to disappear from her face and a look of deep concern now appears. Batti turns her head and soon spies Action Saxton still getting to grips with Titus. Y this time, however, Titus seems to have found his way back into the match and is lighting up the chest of Saxton with a few knife-edge chops that sends him reeling into the far corner. Batti takes a noticeably deep breath to steady herself before getting in the ring and slowly walking towards Titus and Saxton in the corner. The fans in the arena cannot help but believe in her as she slowly traverses the canvas until she is standing directly behind Titus. She taps him on the shoulder but Titus ignores her. Batti seems appalled at Titus' lack of manners and huffs behind him. She taps him on the shoulder again with ferocity. Obviously angered, Titus turns around with his fist raised above his head. He looks down about a foot and half to find Batti looking at him with a look of frustration and hate plastered on her features. Titus gives a sharp laugh as he lowers his fist in amusement. But his amusement soon turns sour as she unleashes the sweetest boot to the balls that anyone has ever seen in a WZCW ring.

Cohen: No! Right in the crown jewels! No little Avisons running around in the near future, that's for sure.

Copeland: It's very hard for me to feel sorry for Titus, even as a member of the more masculine species. So many times Titus has gained an advantage with that very move. Well, now he is feeling the effects of his actions.

Titus' face turns a bright shade of purple as he falls to his knees in the middle of the ring. In the corner, Action Saxton laughs hysterically as Titus grabs at his crown jewels and rolls around on the canvas before sliding out under the bottom rope to the mats below. But Saxton's laugh is soon cut off as Otaku jumps into his arms in the biggest display of fandom that WZCW has ever seen. Meanwhile, Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton are getting the better of Tyrone Blades in the corner of the ring and continue to grind him down with some stiff shots before hoisting his legs up and trying to put him over the top ropes. But Tyrone has too much experience for that to come off and manages to rake the eyes of Justin Cooper to break the attempt. Ty falls back to the canvas but Keaton is right on him. Grabbing Blades by the hair, Keaton pulls him into the middle of the ring and then bounces off of the far ropes. Blades knows what is coming and staggers backwards, stumbling into a rising Logan McAllister as Keaton hits the ropes and runs at Blades with pace. But Blades loses his footing as he collides with Logan and falls backwards. Keaton launches himself at Blades with a jumping forearm and it is too late to stop his momentum as Blades falls backwards. Instead of crashing into Blades, Keaton charges McAllister and sends him flying over the top rope and out onto the mats below...

Harrys: Logan McAllister has been eliminated!

Copeland: Oh my! Logan's night has just gone from bad to terrible, thanks to a terrible timed tackle from his tag team partner from earlier tonight.

In the corner of the ring, Justin Cooper watches everything as his own tag team parter crashes into McAllister and sends him flying over the ropes. Cooper's eyes open wide in shock as Keaton begins to come to terms with what he has just done.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #25 – Luke Manson

The grizzled wrestling veteran wastes no time getting down to business as he charges through the curtain and out into the arena. The crowd give Luke Manson a decent reception as he flies down the ramp and under the bottom rope in the blink of an eye.

Cohen: Well, Luke Manson is in the Lottery, folks. Some have said that this is the last time we might see the veteran in a WZCW ring unless he goes on to win the full thing. All I know is that is the fastest I have ever seen that man move in his entire life.

Copeland: I, too, have heard those rumour, Jack. And if this is to be the send off for Luke Manson after a long career in wrestling and addiction, then he will want to make this match count for every second that he lasts.

Manson goes for the first person he sees and starts tearing through everyone that comes through his path. First, Blackjack Theron gets a swift headbutt, followed by Matt Tastic and then finished off with another headbutt to the face of Flex Mussel. Manson allows a crazy look of intent to appear in his old and tired eyes as he makes a march towards Veejay and Noah Ryder in one corner of the ring. Veejay and Ryder are making light work of Constantine but not for long as Manson grabs both of them and bangs their heads together as if he were reprimanding two children. Ryder and Veejay look to be on unsteady feet as Manson follows up with a beautiful discus clothesline that takes the new Elite Openweight Champion to the canvas and out of the way. Manson gets to his feet as Veejay regains his senses and tries to land a swift punch to the veteran. But Manson is ready for him and blocks the punch with ease. He grabs the long hair of Veejay and nails him with another trademark headbutt that sends him careening backwards. Manson grabs Veejay and Irish whips him towards Constantine, who is now standing in the corner of the ring. But what was expected by Manson to be Veejay crashing into Constantine, soon takes an unexpected turn. Just as both men are about to make contact, The Power Trip ducks his head and then lifts Veejay over the top rope and out of the match.

Harrys: Veejay has been eliminated!

Connor: And there goes Veejay!

Cohen: You see, folks? That is why John Constantine has lasted so long in this business. He has the brains for wrestling that you just can't teach. He saw the opportunity and nailed Veejay when he was least expecting it. Genius!

Whatever happiness Constantine had for eliminating the man who put the screws to him for so long soon disappears as Luke Manson crashes into him with a beautiful clothesline that sends him back to the canvas. Meanwhile, Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton are discussing what happened with Logan as Tyrone Blades counts is blessings on the canvas. Cooper doesn't look too happy with Keaton but looks keen to move on with things as he starts working on Tyrone Blades again. In another corner of the ring, Batti Otaku seems to have taken quite the shine to Action Saxton and the two are now in the middle of a game of Patty Cake. The crowd can scarcely believe what they are seeing as the speed of the game gets faster until it is so fast that their hands have become nothing but a serious blur. Saxton focusses hard on the direction of his hands as a few beads of sweat begin trickling from his forehead onto his brow. Batti, on the other hand, looks relaxed as anything. Soon enough, Saxton lets out a yell of frustration and gives us! Batti has won! Jumping around like a school girl who just got asked to prom, Batti looks so pleased with her night's work.

Connor: Uh... Yeah...

Copeland: It seems as though Batti has beaten Action Saxton at a game of Patty Cake in the middle of the Lethal Lottery, Cat. I don't know what you're not getting about that?

5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #26: Xander LeBelle

The crowd's reaction changes from one of amusement and happiness to one of sourness and hatred as Xander LeBelle makes his long awaited appearance in the Lethal Lottery match. As he appears through the curtain, LeBelle cuts a figure of a man who is not pleased with his work for tonight. Sporting a rather unfamiliar look of hatred and frustration, his cane and cigar are nowhere to be found.

Connor: Xander LeBelle cannot be happy with how tonight has went, after coming up short in his first chance to take home a WZCW Championship. LeBelle is usually a very calm and collected person who lets his head rule his heart but he's got to be disappointed.

Cohen: Yeah, rub it in, Cat. Listen, Xander LeBelle might have come up short in the EurAsian Championship match earlier tonight. But make no mistake, he has as much chance as anyone else to have his night go from frustrating to exceptional.

LeBelle continues to saunter down to wards the ring at a pace of his own choosing, before mounting the steps and climbing up onto the apron. Spinning on his heels, he wipes his feet and gets into the match. His first taste of the Lethal Lottery match is not a nice one, however, as Blackjack Theron catches him with a stiff boot to the gut. But any chance of Theron getting some more retribution from earlier in the night is extinguished quickly, as Flex is back on his feet and catches Theron with a clubbing blow to the back. The chaos continues to ensue but LeBelle has been cut a break as he stands up again following the kick to his guts. A look of horror and anger crosses the face of the World's Greatest Mind as he moves further into the ring. LeBelle seems to get right into the zone as his frustrations continue to build. He goes over to Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton before nailing both of them with a stiff right hands, moving from one to the other as he fires off punches with startling precision. After a few more bombs, he moves away from Cooper and Keaton and over to where Constantine is being attacked by Luke Manson. Manson has his boot on the throat of The Power Trip and shows no sign of letting up as the air is taken from Constantine's lungs. LeBelle goes over to the corner and puts his boot on the throat of Constantine too as The Power Trip struggles to breath.

Copeland: They say that alliances in the Lethal Lottery are hard to come by but they are not impossible to forge. Xander LeBelle got a warm welcome to the match from Blackjack Theron but it seems to have got him right up to speed in the match now. And if he continues to work with Luke Manson, he could go far.

Cohen: One thing I have learned about alliances in the Lethal Lottery match, Seabass. Is that they never last until the end. Everyone has the same goal and that is to win this match. Just when you think that you have things under control, they'll change and you'll be left ruing your decisions. Mark my words!

Xander LeBelle gives Luke Manson a nod of appreciation as both men continue to build a small alliance in the corner of the ring. Both men take their boots off of Constantine's throat and allow him to slump into the corner of the ring. Xander draws Manson in for a quick chat to talk over strategy before parting from his new-found partner and moving across the ring. Manson gives a nod of approval before picking Constantine up from the corner. Manson nails him with a few elbows to the jaw before pulling Constantine into the middle of the ring. Manson goes around the back of Constantine, who is struggling to stand at this point, and holds his arms behind his back. LeBelle retreats a few metres and then rushes Constantine, nailing with a beautiful running kick that sends him back to the canvas. Manson allows a smile to appear on his face that mirrors that of The World's Greatest Mind. LeBelle gives Manson a nod before going over to him and raising his arm in celebration, consecrating their deadly alliance. The crowd boo heavily as both men drop their arms and go their separate ways. Suddenly, Xander LeBelle grabs Luke Manson from behind and nails him with a stiff kick to the thigh that drops Manson to his knees. The fans boo even more heavily as LeBelle allows a smug smile to appear on his face before nailing Manson with THE ROSE'S THORN! LeBelle gets to his knees, smiling, before picking Manson up and tossing him, unceremoniously, over the top rope and onto the floor below.

Harrys: Luke Manson has been eliminated!

Cohen: Ha! That actually lasted less time that I thought but it proves my point perfectly. Just when Manson thought that he was in control of his own destiny, he let his guard down and paid the price for trusting anyone.

Connor: Not least fro trusting someone as devious as Xander LeBelle. As sad as it is, Luke Manson should have known better to trust someone so devilish and so selfish as him. I guess Xander LeBelle was just eliminating Manson before he did the exact same thing to LeBelle. And it is every man for himself, after all.

LeBelle raises his arms in celebration as he bags his first elimination of the Lethal Lottery match. But he doesn't seem content with that. Moving across the ring, he goes over to Constantine and picks up from the canvas. LeBelle gives Constantine a slap on the face lightly to bring him out of his stupor before trying to agree terms with him. Meanwhile, Blackjack Theron and Flex Mussel trade shots in the middle of the ring. But their deeply personal attacks on each other are hastily interrupted by Matt Tastic and Noah Ryder. Ryder charges through Theron and drives him into the corner with a shoulder charge. Once there, Ryder nails Theron with a knee to the gut. Ryder backs off for a moment and goes to inflict more damage on the Warblade of Mystra. But Theron is ready for him and as Ryder charges at him, Theron manages to move out of the corner and inflict some damage on his opponent instead. Ryder recoils out of the corner but Theron grabs him quickly and pushes his head over the top rope. The referees get into position below as Ryder struggles to stay in the match. The fans will Theron on with all of their might as he struggles to get Ryder over the ropes but Ryder is doing a great job of staving off the threat.

Copeland: This match has sprung back into life, ladies and gentlemen. So much is going on that we are struggling to keep up with all of it.

Cohen: Look at Mussel!

The camera flicks towards Flex and Tastic on the other corner of the ring. Tastic seems to have gotten the better of Mussel and is trying to force him over the ropes too. Tastic, however, seems to be having more success. With one final push, Tastic tosses Flex over the top rope so that Flex is hanging onto the ropes with both hands but facing the audience. The fans cannot believe what they are seeing as the end draws near for Flex. But salvation seems to come from an unlikely place as Action Saxton attacks Matt from behind to distract him and allowing Flex to swivel around and get back into the ring. In another corner of the ring, Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton seem to be getting the better of Tyrone and seem to be doing a good job of coexisting. Cooper gives Keaton a nod that he has everything under control and Keaton pulls Tyrone out of the corner and onto the ropes. Keaton and Cooper move across the ring as Blades struggles to stay on his feet against the ropes. Suddenly, Cooper whips Keaton across the ring as Keaton goes for the clothesline to finally eliminate Ty and The Hollow Ones from the match. But suddenly, Blades pulls down the top rope and Keaton goes flying over it. He crashes onto the apron and then out onto the mats below.

Harrys: Mark Keaton has been eliminated!

Connor: Oh no! Justin Cooper has just eliminated his tag team partner from the Lethal Lottery match with a poorly executed attempt at eliminating Tyrone Blades.

Cohen: What a stroke of genius from Tyrone Blades though, Cat. Since Mark Keaton entered this match, Blades has been right up against it and looked to be out on his feet. With one pull of a rope, Blades has levelled the playing field and doesn't have to worry about being double teamed by the Tag Team Champions any longer.

Copeland: Justin Cooper looks disconsolate but he needs to pick himself up. We have another wrestler on the way and this match continues...

5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #27 – Eve Taylor
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The crowd lose their minds as everyone's favourite for the match makes her first appearance of the night. She comes through the curtain to a wave of cheers and applause. Taylor stands on the stage for a moment, soaking in the great reception she gets from the fans but also focussing her mind on the task that awaits her.

Copeland: Every bookmaker in the world has made Eve Taylor the favourite for this match and who can blame them? Taylor in recent weeks and months, has picked up victories over both Mikey Stormrage and Garth Black on separate occasions. She has proved herself to be a proven commodity in the wrestling world and tonight could be her crowning glory.

Cohen: She enters at number 27, which everyone will agree is a good number to enter the Lottery at. A lot of people have been in that match for a long time now and Eve Taylor might have an easy chance to pick a few of them off.

Connor: WAIT! What's going on there?

The camera flicks towards where Action Saxton are going at it. Tastic seems to be getting the better of the exchange but, suddenly, Batti Otaku jumps on his back and begins swirling around in the middle of the ring. Tastic fights with everything he has to get Batti off his back but his spinning round is doing more damage to everyone else. Batti's legs flail around, catching everyone with momentous kicks that send them right back down to the canvas, First, it is Theron that catches a kick, then Flex Mussel, then Justin Cooper. The crowd is abuzz as Matt Tastic finally slows his spin and Batti falls from his shoulders in sheer dizziness. She lunges towards the ropes in her haze and almost takes herself right over the top. Suddenly, however, she grabs Matt Tastic's ring gear and pulls him along with her. The crowd let out a stunned gasp as both Batti and Matt hang over the top rope, at the mercy of everyone in the match. And that mercy does not come from Tyrone Blades. Blades gets to shaky feet and lunges himself towards both competitors, tossing them over the top rope. Matt grabs onto the top rope for dear life as the crowd let out a collective squeal of shock and delight in equal measure. Tastic, somehow, manages to lift his legs onto the apron and roll under the bottom rope. Batti, however, is not so lucky. She tumbles from the top rope onto the mats below.

Harrys: Batti Otaku has been eliminated!

Copeland: Well, the crowd in here tonight will be disappointed to see Batti Otaku gone from the Lethal Lottery. That little ball of energy was like a toddler on Red Bull and she brought a lot of energy to this match.

Cohen: I have to give it to her, Seabass, she was impressive for the time that she was in there. I thought she may have been out of her league but she definitely... Uh... Made her time in the Lethal Lottery very memorable.

Connor: And Eve Taylor hasn't even reached the ring yet! Maybe that will serve as a warning to the former runway model...

Eve makes the ring and quickly makes her way up the steps and onto the apron. Eve looks focussed but almost serene as she walks across the apron, watching as the action goes down inside of the ring. Suddenly, she goes through the ropes and bursts into life! Clothesline after clothesline meet necks with startling precision as Eve Taylor makes her way through all of her competition. The crowd spur her on as she hits LeBelle with a clothesline and then Constantine follows. Theron makes a run for her but is met with a beautiful spinning kick to the side of his head than sends him flying back to the canvas. Soon after, Noah Ryder tries to make his presence felt to the former model. But he too feels the wrath and energy of Eve Taylor as she grabs him and nails him with a wonderful belly to belly suplex that rocks the ring. But Eve is nowhere near finished. She gets back to her feet quickly and is met with a stiff forearm from Matt Tastic. But Eve battles back and hits Tastic with a forearm of her own that staggers the Grand Slam Champion backwards. Eve follows up with a sudden snapmare that takes Tastic back to the canvas. Eve hits the ropes, looking to follow up on her momentum with a running drop-kick, as we have seen her do so many times in the past. But any chance of that is firmly extinguished when Flex Mussel nails her with a stunning German suplex that sends her sprawling across the ring and taking the sting out of her attack.

Cohen: Welcome to the Lethal Lottery, Eve!

Copeland: Taylor has been de-railed by Flex momentarily, there is no doubt. But she looks raring to go and, what's more, looks every bit as good as her justification as the favourite to win this match. She is red hot!

Meanwhile in the ring, Action Saxton has come to terms with the loss of his little partner in crime as he attacks Tyrone Blades with a new dedication and destructiveness. He pulls Tyrone Blades back to his feet and positions him in the corner of the ring. She tells the crowd to quiet down as he puts his finger to his lips. Suddenly, Saxton unleashes a knife edge chop that would send a shiver down the spine of everyone in the room. Blades tries to escape from the corner but Saxton pulls him back into the corner one more time and nails him with another chop that rattles through the arena one more time. The fans are on their feet as Tyrone is served a little retribution for his actions. As the second chop lands, Saxton immediately grabs Tyrone and tries to push him over the top rope, an action which met with a huge cheer from the fans at ringside. Blades struggles with all of his might to fight against the hold but he is struggling. The fans are on their feet as, little by little, Tyrone is forced over the top rope. But suddenly, Blades is saved from his certain demise by Xander LeBelle and Constantine, who smack Saxton on the back with a double forearm. Saxton stumbles forwards and lets go of Tyrone, who manages to position himself under the bottom rope and saves himself. LeBelle and Constantine continue the attack on Saxton as the crowd begin booing loudly. LeBelle goes across the ring and waits for Saxton. Constantine peppers Saxton with a few stiff shots to the jaw and then whips him across the ring. Xander lies in wait for Saxton and then nails him with a beautiful big boot that sends him to the canvas.

Connor: It seems as though Xander LeBelle and Constantine has forged somewhat of an unlikely alliance in this match, folks. That might be bad news for everyone else.

Cohen: You are absolutely right, Seabass. When The World's Greatest Mind meets The Power Trip, there aren't many superstars who can come close to matching that greatness.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #28 - Kagura Joheki

The crowd don't know what to make of the return of Kagura Joheki as she makes her way through the curtain and back into the WZCW arena. But the prevailing emotion is one of happiness to see the competitor make her return. Kagura makes her way off of the stage and onto the ramp as some cherry blossoms falls from the sky as pink lights swirl. She takes her time walking to ring as the action continues regardless.

Copeland: Kagura Joheki is back in WZCW, folks. Maybe even just for this match but she's here! She is a former Elite Openweight Champion and she knows what she is doing within a WZCW ring. She could be a dark horse after entering at number 28!

Cohen: Absolutely right, Seabass. We are now coming to the real business end of the Lethal Lottery match. There are a few people who have been in this match for a long time now who will be exhausted to say the least. Coming in fresh at a number like 28 is going to give you a massive advantage.

As Kagura makes her way down the rest of the ramp, the action continues. Noah Ryder is back on his feet and is taking the fight to Flex is the corner of the ring. Flex is struggling to fight back and that allows Noah to hoist him onto his shoulder and goes for the elimination. But Flex is able to grab the ropes and is making it very difficult for Noah to get any real purchase on his attempt. In the other corner of the ring, Justin Cooper is back in the fight and is trading shots with Eve Taylor in the other corner of the ring. Eve rattles Cooper's jaw with a stiff right hand but Cooper hits her right back, sending her sprawling back into the corner. He follows up with a elbow to the side of her head that seems to glaze over her eyes. Sensing that his opportunity has come, he tries to lift her legs over the top. But Eve manages to kick her legs and catch Cooper on the jaw. Cooper stumbles backwards, which allows Eve to drop back to the canvas. Suddenly, she runs at him and nails him with a forearm smash. Cooper hits the canvas and rolls away from any more danger as Kagura finally makes her way up the steps and into the ring. With Eve Taylor the only person standing in the middle of the ring, the first two women who held singles Championships in WZCW come face to face. There are no words, only a look in each other's eye that suggests there is no love lost.

Connor: The fans are on their feet once again, folks. Kagura and Eve were the first two men to win singles Championships in WZCW and, I believe, there has always been a bit of resentment about that from both camps. Now they come face to face in the Lethal Lottery match and these fans can't get enough.

Suddenly, Eve lands a punch to the jaw of Kagura, who simply spins her head back to it's natural position and adopts a furious look. Eve tries to rattle her again with another punch but Kagura is ready for her. Suddenly, Kagura unleashes a volley of shots that leaves Eve stunned and struggling to keep up. Punch, kick, slap, chop; Kagura really puts the screws to Eve as she backs her up onto the ropes. Kagura whips Eve across the ring and looks for a spinning elbow. But Eve manages to duck under the flailing arm of her direct opposition. She hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and tries to fire back at Kagura. But Kagura is ready for her and nails her with a beautiful hip toss. Taylor gets back to her feet but is nailed with another hip toss. Kagura seems to be on fire and follows up with a stunning shuffle side kick that finally lands on Eve's jaw. Kagura's chance to celebrate her dominance of Taylor is very short-lived as the new alliance of Xander LeBelle and Constantine rush the Japanese superstar. They use their numbers to their advantage as they drive Kagura into the corner of the ring. Both take shots at the Japanese superstar as Kagura struggles to sustain her earlier momentum. Meanwhile in the other corner of the ring, Matt Tastic has found his rhythm in the match once again and is battling with Theron Daggershield. Both men have been in the match for a significant amount of time and both are looking weary as they fight for control.

Copeland: This match is taking it's toll on everyone right now, folks. The speed of the match has been utterly hectic and it really is anyone's guess as to who might emerge victorious.

Cohen: Hold onto your hats everyone, here comes another!

5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #29 – Austin Reynolds

Austin Reynolds comes through the curtain at pace before running down the ramp and heading towards the ring. The fans barely have any time to give him any reaction at all, such is his lust to get into the ring and do his business. The dishevelled former Rating's Winner shoots under the bottom rope and gets straight into the action, nailing Eve Taylor with a running knee as he flies past her.

Copeland: WOW! Austin Reynolds is in this match, folks. He looks totally fired up and that now brings the umber of Vis Imperium members to 2!

Cohen: And if you count the alliance that has, seemingly, formed between Constantine and LeBelle, you might even say that it is 3.

Reynolds heads straight over to where Constantine and LeBelle are doing battle with Kagura Joheki in the corner of the ring. Kagura is already in some trouble as she tries to stave off the attack from the duo but she is struggling. Constantine grabs her legs and tries to eliminate her from the match as Xander LeBelle tries to force her head over the ropes. With the inclusion of Austin Reynolds to that mix, Kagura has no chance. Constantine and LeBelle hold Kagura as Reynolds flies into the action, knocking Kagura over the ropes at pace and sending her to the mats below. She gets to her feet and allows a look of disappointment and anger cross her features as she slaps the mats in frustration.

Harrys: Kagura Joheki has been eliminated!

Cohen: And there you see just how well the numbers game can work for you, Seabass. Xander LeBelle helped Constantine out a little while ago in the match and now he is getting the rewards for it. Vis Imperium are standing tall in the middle of the ring and might just make light work of everyone else at this point.

Connor: No doubt about it, we were always worried about what would happen should Vis Imperium be in the ring at the same time. Reynolds and Constantine now have that opportunity and with LeBelle also doing some heavy lifting, this could be the worst fear of everyone involved.

Vis Imperium and LeBelle move straight onto the next opposition, beating them down and using their numbers to inflict punishment. First, it is the turn of Eve Taylor, who gets a beat down for her troubles. The group them swarm towards the corner of the ring where Flex and Noah Ryder are vying for position. The attempt at an elimination from Flex are quickly extinguished as Vis Imperium and LeBelle make their presence known. All three men pounce on the other two, beating them down until they cannot stand under the weight of the attack. The group then moves onto Matt Tastic and Blackjack Theron as they split form each other. Soon enough, all that is left standing in the middle of the ring is Xander LeBelle, Austin Reynolds and John Constantine. Constantine grabs the arm of his two brothers in arms and moves them into the middle of the ring, hoisting their arms in the air in celebration. The crowd have absolutely no problem in letting Constantine know what they think of his alliances and rain boos down upon the three men as they continue to gloat. Suddenly, Constantine gives Reynolds a nod and both men grab Xander LeBelle and toss him straight over the top rope and onto the mats below. Xander gets to his feet like a shot with a look of stunned anguish on his features. He puts his hands through his hair as Constantine and Reynolds stand in the ring laughing at him.

Harrys: Xander LeBelle has been eliminated!

Copeland: Oh, damn! Xander LeBelle has just learned, first hand, just how ruthless Vis Imperium can be.

Cohen: It needed to happen, Seabass. Xander LeBelle was always going to be a challenge for Vis Imperium. But Constantine manipulated him and used him to do his bidding. He got his use out of LeBelle and tossed him away like a used tissue afterwards. Good night, Xander!

Constantine and Reynolds share a brief moment to talk strategy but are soon made to regret their decision to out Xander LeBelle and reduce their numbers as Action Saxton gets to his feet and bowls through the two men with ease. Soon enough, Matt Tastic is on his feet and is helping out Action Saxton. Constantine and Reynolds try to stave off the attack but they seem to have ruffled too many feathers. In a heartbeat, everything has turned on it's head as Theron gets involved. Tastic whips Constantine towards the ropes and then teams up with Theron to land a double clothesline that almost knocks Constantine out his boots. Reynolds isn't spared either as Saxton and Flex team up to drive Reynolds into the corner. The crowd are on their feet as Vis Imperium get a taste of their own medicine.

Connor: Well this was coming, Jack. Vis Imperium have run this Lottery since Reynolds made his entrance but now the numbers are well and truly against them. Constantine and Reynolds might find themselves in a lot of trouble here.

Cohen: This is ridiculous! You can't just team up on two people like this! This match is supposed to be every man for themselves. But now people are teaming up to take on Constantine and Reynolds because of their jealousy and lack of strategy! This is pathetic!

Copeland: In all of the commotion, we have forgotten about the counter. Here we go, folks, it's time for number 30! Who is it gonna be!?

Click for Spoiler:

ENTRANT #30 – Garth Black

The cheering for the beat-down of Vis Imperium is soon extinguished as one of the most hated men in all of WZCW makes his return to the ring for the night. Black looks absolutely fuming as he comes through the curtain to a sea of booing and jeers from the WZCW audience. Black also looks a little worse for wear, given his mammoth effort to hold onto his Championship against Mikey Stormrage only about 50 minutes ago. Black saunters down the ramp, looking at the 11 men who stand between him and a spot in the main event of Kingdom Come.

Copeland: Well, there you have it, folks. The final entrant to the 2016 Lethal Lottery match is the former World Champion, Garth Black. You seen just how committed Garth Black was to retaining his Championship a little earlier on. But he came up short and now Black knows that he needs to win the Lethal Lottery match to stand any chance of going back to the main event.

Cohen: You have to wonder, Seabass, just how much the World Championship match took out of Garth Black. He's been given a shot at getting back to the main event but the previous match was a hell of an encounter and surely took a lot out of him.

Connor: Either way, folks, one of the twelve men or women you see on your screen right now will win the Lethal Lottery match in 2016. One of these men and women will head to the main event of Kingdom Come and meet Mikey Stormrage for the World Championship. It is on!

Black makes his way down the ramp and up the steps as some of the competitors stop beating in Vis Imperium and take notice of the former World Champion, especially Matt Tastic. Garth walks across the apron and locks eyes with the Live Mas brother. Matt urges Black to get in the ring but Black doesn't seem interested in doing that. Suddenly, Matt is clubbed from the back as Tyrone Blades gets himself back into the match. He grabs Tastic by the neck and plants him with a beautiful neck-breaker that rocks the ring once more. Sensing the opportunity to get into the match is nigh, Black goes through the ropes and heads towards Matt on the canvas. But he is not expecting Eve Taylor to introduce herself to him so quickly. With his eyes fixed on Matt, Black doesn't notice Eve rushing him from the side. And in no time, Black finds himself on the defensive. Eve smothers him with shots. Black tries his best to get out of the way of Eve's rage but is finding it difficult. Eve moves away from Black for a moment before hoping to nail him with a running shoulder into the corner. But Black sees it coming and manages to move out of the corner, using Eve's own momentum to drive her into the ring post and significantly damage her shoulder.

Copeland: There is certainly no love lost between Eve Taylor and Garth Black, that's for sure. These two have a storied history over the last few weeks and months and now they are getting the chance to take out their frustrations on each other.

Cohen: Don't let your emotions get the better of you. Everyone needs to stay focussed on what is important here and that's winning the match. Don't let your heart rule your head.

Meanwhile, Action Saxton and Justin Cooper have seemingly taken exception to Vis Imperium and have Reynolds and Constantine in opposing corners of the ring - making them pay for their earlier transgressions. Similarly, Noah Ryder and Blackjack Theron seem to taking out their frustrations on each other. Theron seems to be making the most of his opportunity and is attacking Noah Ryder with everything he has. He backs Ryder up into the ropes and then whips him across the ring. As Ryder returns, Theron takes the opportunity to nail him with a stunning spinebuster. Ryder hits the canvas as Theron follows up with a great knee drop that really puts the screws to Noah Ryder. In the meantime, Tyrone Blades seems to have gained control of Matt Tastic's destiny and is trying his utmost to pull Tastic back to his feet, probably with the idea of eliminating the superstar once and for all. Tastic seems to be out on his feet as Blades tries to pull him up. The referees on the outside of the ring seem concerned for Tastic as he is being pulled around the ring, seemingly unresponsive.

Copeland: That doesn't look good, folks. It looks to me as though Matt Tastic has a concussion or something. He doesn't seem to be responding to anyone or anything since that last neck-breaker from Blades.

Cohen: Yeah, I seen the back of his head crash into the mat as he was planted by Blades. He certainly isn't right at this point in time. Let's hope it doesn't get too much worse for him.

Blades pulls Tastic towards the edge of the ring but settles for leaving him against the ropes as Tastic offers nothing but dead weight. Blades slaps Tastic across the face in frustration but is soon headed off by none other than Flex Mussel! Flex gets right into the action and tries to put Blades on the defensive. He lands some furious blows as Blades tries his best to cover up. Flex whips Blades across the ring and then nails him with a huge back body drop that crunches the back of Blades as he lands on the unforgiving canvas. In the meantime, Matt Tastic is beginning to get back to his feet but, as the camera catches a glimpse of his features, his eyes seem very glazed over. Flex urges Blades to get back to his feet and, as he does, Flex hits the far ropes. As Flex returns, he goes to nail Blades with a running shoulder block but Blades manages to avoid the contact and send Flex straight into the helpless Matt Tastic. Matt stumbles backwards and topples straight over the top rope. Flex reaches out to stop him from falling as a look of shock crosses his features. But Matt crashes to the floor below as the referees go to check on his well-being.

Harrys: Matt Tastic has been eliminated!

Connor: And there goes the winner of the match from two years ago! Matt Tastic is out of the Lethal Lottery match and the dream rematch for him against Mikey Stormrage will have to wait for another little while.

Cohen: I don't think that Flex meant to take out Matt Tastic there, folks. And if anything he looked a little annoyed or upset that he had taken advantage of Matt's disposition. Regardless, he has eliminated Matt Tastic from the match and the field is beginning to thin out. We are down to 11 people left in this match.

In two corners of the ring, Constantine and Reynolds lie slumped at the hands of Action Saxton and Noah Ryder. Giving up on the beating of Reynolds, Saxton moves into the middle of the ring and comes into contact with Action Saxton. The two hefty fan favourites begin trading blows as the crowd divides it's loyalties. But it is Theron who manages to get the upper hand, as he nails Saxton with a kick to the calf of the kung-fu superstar. Saxton drops to one knee and is then punished with a running boot from The Natural 21. The crowd get on their feet once more as Theron grabs Saxton and begins pulling him back to his feet and, more importantly, towards the ropes. Once he gets there, he hoists Saxton onto his weary shoulders and attempts to dump him over the top rope. Saxton, however, is not ready to exit the match just yet and lands a few swift elbows to break the hold and allow himself to fall back to his vertical base. The two men jostle for position as, on the other side of the ring, Garth Black plots the demise of the constant thorn in his side – Eve Taylor. Pulling Taylor out of the corner, Black moves into the middle of the ring and puts her head between his legs to set up the powerbomb. He extends his hands out to his side in a celebratory fashion before hoisting her up so that she is on his shoulders. Hurriedly moving towards the edge of the ring, Black goes to throw Taylor the 15 feet to the floor below. But just as he tosses her, she manoeuvres her body into a hurricanrana and grabs the ropes behind her. Black goes flying over the top rope and onto the floor below! He sits on the floor and looks up at the smiling Eve Taylor before putting both of his hands on his head and yelling profanities at her.

Harrys: Garth Black has been eliminated!

Connor: And that's it for Garth Black! I don't believe it!

Cohen: What did I just say, Cat? Garth Black let his emotions get the better of him and now he has paid the price. Instead of just going for a normal elimination, he just had to inflict as much punishment on Eve as possible and she reversed it.

Copeland: I just wonder who he'll blame for that one, Jack?

As Black continues to rage on the outside of the ring, Action Saxton and Blackjack Theron continue their fight for dominance on the very edge of the ring. One after another, they take chances of trying to get the other man over the ropes. Suddenly, both men grab each other and go to toss the other over the top. But both men topple over the rope and land on the apron. The fight continues as both men manage to pick themselves up and lay punches on each other's chin. Neither man wants this to be their swansong in the Lethal Lottery match and it shows as they struggle to get the better of the other man. Saxton nails Theron with a stiff elbow that sends Theron sprawling backwards on the apron. Theron manages to hold onto the top rope as his other arm flails behind him. The crowd are on their feet as two of their absolute favourites battle for dominance and for survival. Theron regains his balance and then battles back, nailing Saxton with a crisp right hand to the jaw that sends Saxton backwards. The crowd reaction reaches fever pitch as Saxton regains his balance and both men begin leathering each other with stiff head-butts. Suddenly, two hands reach up from the floor and grabs both men by their ring gear, pulling them downwards and onto the floor below. It's Titus!!

Harrys: Action Saxton and Blackjack Theron have been eliminated!

Cohen: Utterly genius! I had totally forgot about Titus!

Copeland: I think everyone had forgotten about Titus, Jack. But how could we dare forget about someone so damn sneaky? Titus has bided his time on the outside of the ring since that low blow from Batti Otaku all that time ago. But now he's popped up and eliminated two men at once.

Connor: And now we are down to the last 8 of the Lethal Lottery match! I am getting goosebumps already, folks!

In the meantime, the feud between Flex Mussel and Tyrone Blades has continued to unfold with Flex managing to get the upper hand on the member of The Hollow Ones. Backing Blades into the corner of the ring, Flex peppers Blades with a few shots to the chest and face as the crowd come alive once more. Moving backwards slightly, Flex raises his boot and rams it into the throat of his opponent as Blades struggles to keep up with the pace of the match. Flex looks dangerous and looks as though he has taken exception to eliminating Matt Tastic earlier. After a few more seconds, Flex lets Blades go and The Hollow One flops to his knees clutching his throat and gasping for air. With Flex standing above him, Blades looks to be at the mercy of the Healthiest Man in the World. Flex slaps the back of Blades' head in a show of disrespect that the crowd seems to love. Blades falls forward but is soon picked up by Flex Mussel, who may now be looking to put him out of his misery and out of the match altogether. A massive roar of approval goes around the arena as Flex pulls Blades to his feet and begins moving him towards the ropes. But Blades finds the energy from somewhere to push Flex backwards and give himself some breathing space. Flex knows that his opportunity to eliminate Blades is now and goes for the FLEXICUTION! Somehow, Blades manages to fall under the spinning arm of Flex Mussel and avoid the devastating contact that would surely take him over the top rope. As Flex misses his move and turns around, Blades nails him with CLICK CLACK, his finishing super-kick that catches Flex flush on the chin and sends him flying over the top rope and out onto the mats below!

Harrys: Flex Mussel has been eliminated!

Copeland: No! That is such a shame, ladies and gentlemen! Flex Mussel wrestled this match with so much heart that is so sad to see him finally eliminated from this match. He would have made a very worthy winner.

Cohen: But once again, it shows you just how intuitive and ho clever Tyrone Blades can be, He has ever won this match as Blades or as Ty Burna and he looks as though he is making sure he rights that wrong here tonight. He's definitely the favourite at this point.

In the meantime, Action Saxton and Blackjack Theron stand on the outside of the ring, looking totally disconsolate as they come to terms with their elimination from the match. Titus, on the other hand, is proving to be a very sore winner. He raises both of his arms in celebration as the crowd boo heavily in his direction. Theron sits on the mats outside of the ring shaking his head in frustration as Titus continues to celebrate their elimination as if he had won the entire match. Suddenly, Theron gets to his feet and spins Titus around, catching him with THE CRITICAL HIT! The booing of the fans soon turns to cheers of celebration as Titus gets a little bit more of what he deserves. The cheering only intensifies as Theron shakes his head as he stands above Titus. He grabs the EurAsian Champion by the hair and tosses him into the ring before walking away, still clearly frustrated. For Titus, however, the nightmare continues. Beginning to get his wits about him again, Titus grabs at the first thing that he can to begin getting back to his feet. Unfortunately for the Champ, that thing is the leg of Noah Ryder. As Titus pulls himself up, he begins to realise what he is climbing on and looks up at the smiling features of Noah Ryder. A look of sheer dread appears on the face of Titus as he pleads with Noah to keep him in the match and to go after someone else. This time, Noah listens to the fans at ringside and ignores Titus as he pulls him to his feet and into the corner of the ring. BLOW RYDER! Titus staggers out of the corner but is soon grabbed by Ryder and, unceremoniously, tossed out of the ring to the floor below.

Harrys: Titus Avison has been eliminated!

Connor: They are falling thick and fast now, folks. This match has gone on for what seems like an eternity and now gaps are beginning to appear on the strategies of the men and women in this ring. We are just 5 eliminations away from finding out who will compete in the main event of Kingdom Come!

Copeland: And even more than that, Titus has finally got what he deserves.

Cohen: At least he's still the EurAsian Champion! The EurAvison Era continues! Ha!

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As Ryder tosses Titus over the top rope, it seems as though the Lethal Lottery match grinds to a halt. Ryder turns around as the 6 remaining people in the Lethal Lottery match begin looking around the ring at their competitors. On one side of the ring, Noah Ryder, Eve Taylor and Justin Cooper stand. On the other, Vis Imperium and Tyrone Blades get back to their feet and lick their wounds. All 6 men and women begin heading into the middle of the ring, neither camp daring to take their eyes off of the other. The fans get to their feet and sound their appreciation for a fantastic match so far and for the efforts that all 6 wrestlers have put into this match. Suddenly, the match kicks into high gear once more as Vis Imperium and Blades make their lunges at their respective opponents. Reynolds goes straight for Eve Taylor, Blades heads off Justin Cooper and John Constantine attacks Noah Ryder. Reynolds and Blades force their opponents into the corners as Constantine and Ryder take centre stage in the middle of the ring.

Copeland: And here we go, ladies and gentlemen! We are down to the final 6 men and women of this match and one of those people will win this match. All of these great competitors have the chance to win and all of them will want nothing more than actually accomplishing it. One thing is for sure, we will have a first time winner here tonight!

Connor: We have seen so many big names fall out of the ring in the last 5 or 10 minutes and now only 6 remain. But you have to consider just how much of an advantage Vis Imperium have when the Lottery, as we all know, is nothing more than a game of numbers.

Constantine throws a punch at Ryder but is immediately compensated for his efforts with a punch of his own. This match seems to have been transformed into a battle of good versus evil as the fans boo and cheer each shot that is delivered in the middle of the ring. Constantine lands a kick to the gut of his most immediate opponent, causing Ryder to bend over double. Constantine immediately looks to follow up his offence with a DDT to take Ryder to the canvas. But Ryder is ready for him and twists out of the move, grabbing the arm of The Power Trip as he does. He twists under the arm of Constantine and goes around his back, tucking his arm in and landing a beautiful German suplex that sends the crowd into rapturous applause. Meanwhile, Justin Cooper and Tyrone Blades fight for dominance in one corner of the ring. But it is Tyrone Blades who is managing to get the better of things. He lands a swift knee to the gut of his opponent and then whips him across the ring. Cooper hits the opposite corner with impact. But Blades is not far behind and immediately smashes Cooper with a beautiful splash. Cooper falls onto one knee but Blades isn't finished with him. He backs him into the corner and lands a swift elbow to the side of his jaw. Cooper recoils out of the corner but walks right into a bulldog for his troubles.

Connor: Back and forth, back and forth; this match is taking so many twists and turns that we can barely keep up. It is clear to everyone here that this match means everything to all 6 competitors. Justin Cooper has been in the ring for about 48 minutes now and is now seeing just how gruelling this match can be.

Cohen: But look at Austin Reynolds and Eve Taylor, guys, Both of those competitors were late to the party but have been ground down by the desperate attacks of those who were already in the match. The more time you spend in the match, the more you get used to surviving.

In the other corner of the ring, Austin Reynolds is having a tough time putting Eve Taylor down and out of the match for good. He grabs her by the legs and attempts to get her over the top rope, much to the annoyance of the fans at ring side. Reynolds tries with everything he has until Taylor is poised right on top of the ropes. He gives her one final push so that she topples from the top rope onto the apron below. She clutches on for dear life as Reynolds tries to knock her off with a punch. But Taylor, somehow, manages to block the punch and rally back – catching Reynolds with a punch of her own. Reynolds knows that this is his best opportunity to get the favourite out of the match and tries to press home his advantage. But as he tries to land another punch, Taylor grabs the ropes and shoots under the bottom rope and through Reynolds legs. Reynolds turns around but is met with a kick to the gut. FASHION STATEMENT!

Copeland: What a superb combo from Eve Taylor there, folks! She somehow managed to turn that perilous position into one of strength and advantage in less than a second. This is why people believe her to be the best in the world today!

Elsewhere, Constantine and Ryder continue to battle, with Noah Ryder really beginning to control things. Ryder allows Constantine to crawl towards the corner of the ring, looking as though he is setting up the BLOW RIDER! He gives the fans a taunt as The Power Trip begins pulling himself back to his feet. It seems like so long that the fans are waiting for the pay off as the physically exhausted Constantine slowly and agonisingly pulls himself back to his feet. Ryder lets out a yell of anticipation before running at Constantine. But, somehow, Constantine manages to move out of the way as Ryder's boot connects with the ring post. Ryder now lets out a yell of pain and pulls his leg back through the ropes. But Constantine knows he must seize the advantage and grabs Ryder for THE AXIS! Constantine, during the move, twists Ryder towards the ropes, causing him to topple over the top rope and fall to the floor below! Ryder looks utterly disconsolate as he lands on the floor and looks up at the smiling Constantine above him.

Harrys: Noah Ryder has been eliminated!

Copeland: And we are down to the final 5 now! Noah Ryder has carved his name in history by being the first and only man to win a championship during the Lethal Lottery match. The King For A Day briefcase will never be the same again thanks to the new Elite Openweight Champion.

Connor: But unfortunately, the night is over for Noah Ryder. After two lives and a new championship, his race is run. Awesome piece of ring work from John Constantine to know his whereabouts and just how he could make that work to his advantage.

In the far corner of the ring, Blades seems keen for a moment to catch his breath, rather than following up on the offence on Justin Cooper. He leans against the corner of the ring, letting out deep breaths and trying to get some energy back in his legs. Meanwhile, Eve Taylor is back on her feet and trying to get Austin Reynolds over the top rope. She pulls at the hair of her opponent so that he is seated in the corner of the ring before letting out a deep breath. With one final effort, the longest reigning Elite Openweight Champion in history pulls Austin Reynolds to his feet to the massive cheers of the fans. Grabbing his leg, it looks as though Eve is lifting a dead weight. But she somehow manages to do it, finally getting one leg of Reynolds over the top rope and then angling for one final push to get him all the way over and out of the match. The crowd are on their feet as Taylor gives everything she has. But suddenly, she is hit from behind by none other than John Constantine in a move of utter desperation. The fans let out a frustrated sigh as one member of Vis Imperium saves the other.

Cohen: The numbers game saves the day one more time!

Copeland: Eve Taylor was so close to putting Austin Reynolds out of the Lethal Lottery match and bringing her odds of winning down to 1 in 4. But she was interrupted at a crucial moment by John Constantine and who knows what might happen from here on out.

Taylor turns around and lashes Constantine across the jaw with the most ferocious slap you have ever seen. Constantine staggers backwards as Taylor follows him into the ring, giving up on eliminating Austin Reynolds for now. Taylor moves towards Constantine and nails him with a kick to the gut, much the same way she did to Reynolds only minutes ago. Constantine falls to his knees with his head ducked. But just as Taylor goes for the FASHION STATEMENT, Tyrone Blades re-enters the fold and nails her with CLICK CLACK, the super-kick sending her reeling towards the ropes. As she hits them and rebounds, Constantine gets to his feet and nails her with COLLATERAL DAMAGE! Constantine rolls off of Eve and lies motionless on the canvas, exhausted form his night's work. Blades pulls Taylor back to her feet after two finishers and, against the hopes and wishes of the crowd, tosses her over the top rope and out onto the floor below!

Harrys: Eve Taylor has been eliminated!

Copeland: I don't believe it. And I know we say that a lot but I am genuinely stunned. Eve Taylor was everyone's favourite to win this match and, although it was a fantastic showing from her, she has just been dumped out of the match by Tyrone Blades.

Connor: Why would Blades help Constantine? Taylor had The Power Trip at her mercy right there. She could have eliminated him and we would be in the same position as we are now. That's such a shame for Eve Taylor and I don't think these fans will be happy with Blades after that.

Cohen: Happy with Blades? Who gives a damn about whether they are happy? In that moment, Blades made a decision and it paid off. He has removed the favourite from the match and increased his own chances of winning. You put a massive target on your back when you are considered the favourite to win this match, you know. Blades knew that and he took action. Bravo!

Blades slumps back into the corner of the ring with a look of concentration on his face as Constantine crawls towards the corner of the ring where Austin Reynolds is coming back to his senses. Justin Cooper, in the meantime, has found his way towards another corner of the ring. Constantine grabs Reynolds by the shoulder and begins giving him some words of advice as both men struggle to help each other to their feet. Cooper uses the ropes to pull himself back to his vertical base as Tyrone Blades stands up. The fans sound their appreciation for the 4 remaining competitors as a chant for Justin Cooper begins to make it's way around the arena. Cooper looks dazed and confused but moves his heard around the scene as his name rings in his ears. Finally, all four men settle their gaze on the others as the traditional stare down of the Lottery takes place. The noise inside the arena is absolutely deafening as Cooper begins bouncing up and down on his toes.

Cohen: You have to give the advantage here to Vis Imperium. I have been saying it all through the match, numbers are everything here. Vis Imperium now outnumbers their opposition by 2 to 1 and that is the most telling number of all.

All 4 men begin walking, slowly, towards the middle of the ring. But suddenly, Constantine puts a hand on the shoulder of his stable mate. Suddenly, all four men stop as Constantine begins whispering instructions in the ear of Reynolds. Reynolds turns on his heels with a look of shock on his features. Constantine continues to talk to Reynolds as Blades and Cooper stand motionless, waiting to see what will happen. Reynolds shakes his head in reluctance as Constantine puts a hand on his arm to comfort him. Reynolds tries to mouth some words to Constantine but The Power Trip puts his hand in the air in defiance. He steps to his right and shows Reynolds towards the ropes. Slowly, Reynolds begins trudging towards the side of the ring as the fans look on in amazement.

Copeland: I think... I think that Constantine is ordering Austin Reynolds to get himself eliminated form this match. This can't be allowed, surely?

Cohen: Allowed? There are no rules in this match, Seabass. If Austin Reynolds is so under the thumb of Vis Imperium that he would allow himself to be eliminated by John Constantine, then that is none of your business. Nor is it the business of anyone else in this arena. Constantine wants to win this match and he is using all of his resources to do that.

Connor: This is deplorable! How someone could be so low as to ask that of someone else is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

Reynolds slowly trudges towards the edge of the ring as Constantine continues to mouth instructions to him. In this moment, it seems as though the Lottery match has ground to a halt The face of Austin Reynolds goes bright red in embarrassment as Constantine yells at him. Finally, Constantine points towards the floor and gives Austin a stern look. For some reason, however, Reynolds does not obey him. The crowd begin cheering as Reynolds shakes his head in disagreement but that is quickly stopped as Constantine lands a disrespectful slap to the jaw of his stable mate.

Constantine: Get the Hell out of here right now, Austin! This is bigger than you! Think about everything we have done for you. Disobey me here and it will all go away!

Constantine allows the stern look to reappear on his face as Reynolds visibly swallows hard. Reynolds takes a deep breath and then steps through the ropes. He holds onto the top rope as Constantine makes his move towards him.

Constantine: LET GO!

Reynolds seems to hold onto the ropes for what seems like forever until he has no other choice but to let go. He stretches his hands out to his side in sacrifice as Constantine slowly pushes his open hand into his chest and Reynolds drops off of the apron.

Harrys: Austin Reynolds has been eliminated!

Copeland: Unbelievable! I have never seen anything like this in all of my time in profession-

Cohen: Wait a minute!

Constantine looks down at Reynolds and gives him a nod of support as Reynolds turns on his heels. Suddenly, Justin Cooper runs across the ring and grabs Constantine by the trunks, tossing him straight over the top rope and out onto the floor below; landing right at the feet of Austin Reynolds.

Harrys: John Constantine has been eliminated!

Cohen: NO!

Copeland: YES! John Constantine and Austin Reynolds have been eliminated from the Lethal Lottery match! It isn't often in WZCW that things happen that are in the best interests of WZCW. But eliminating John Constantine for his part in that horrible piece of WZCW history is one of the few things that has happened!

Connor: These fans are on their feet as John Constantine hits the floor on the outside! Vis Imperium, after all they have done in this match, have been ousted from the Lethal Lottery match. Constantine might have lasted for over an hour in the match but his race has been run and these fans are loving it!

Constantine gets to his knees and looks up at Austin Reynolds, who simply turns on his heels with a shake of his head and begins walking away. Constantine gets in the face of the nearest referee but it is no good. He has been eliminated and he knows it. He turns his head to look at Justin Cooper in the ring and allows a horrible look of venom to appear on his face. Cooper lets out a deep sigh before turning back to Tyrone Blades. Blades has been awfully silent since all of the action went down and continues to study his opponent. The fans are on their feet as both men lock eyes with each other.

Copeland: Justin Cooper has been in this match for 56 minutes at this point, ladies and gentlemen. He looks utterly exhausted and, to my mind, I don't think he has ever been in a match in WZCW that has lasted that long.

Connor: Tyrone Blades, however, is no stranger to massive wars of attrition in WZCW. As Ty Burna, Tyrone Blades has been a combatant in some of the longest and biggest wars that WZCW has ever seen. You have to give some credit to the quality of experience and Tyrone Blades has bags and bags of it.

The two men make their way, cautiously, into the middle of the ring and face off for the fans. The fans get to their feet and give one more cheer of appreciation as the two final men in this Lethal Lottery come together. Suddenly, Blades fires off at Cooper with a stiff right hand. Cooper hammers back with a right hand of his own. The two trade shots for another few seconds as the crowd cheer and boo respectively as the blows land. Cooper looks exhausted though, his final shot looks heavy and Tyrone Blades manages to block it with his left hand. Blades rallies and nails Cooper with a few more stiff shots in succession. Then, he follows it up with a knee to the gut. The fans are beginning to fear the worst at Justin Cooper falls to one knee. Blades knows that he has to press on with his attack and does so – nailing Cooper with a beautiful kick to the back of the neck. Cooper hits the deck as Blades goes to work. He stomps Cooper as he moves around him, willing him to get back to his feet and make this fight more interesting. But Cooper seems to be out on his feet and Tyrone knows it. Blades raises both of his hands out to his side in celebration as he puts his boot on the back of his opponent.

Cohen: This isn't going well for Justin Cooper. I don't feel as though I need to remind you all that WZCW isn't a fairy tale. Sometimes the bad guy wins and you are all going to have to make peace with that.

Blades shakes his head in disrespect at Cooper as he bends down to grab him by the hair. Blades pulls Cooper back to his feet and backs him up into the corner of the ring. He peppers Cooper with a few stiff shots to the face before lifting Cooper onto the turn-buckle, so that he is seated on it. Cooper looks to be in a dream world as the toils of this match become very clear for everyone to see. Ty nails Cooper with a few more shots before beginning to climb the ropes himself. Blades manages to climb all the way up to the top, whilst simultaneously pulling Cooper to his feet. Now both men are standing on top of the ropes and the fans are on their feet in expectancy. Blades begins pulling on the body of Cooper, trying to plant him with the super-plex from the top rope. But, from somewhere, Justin Cooper finds the energy to begin landing shots to the exposed gut of his opponent. Blades has no option but to break his control of Cooper and block his sides. But that proves to be costly, too, as Cooper begins nailing him with desperate head-butts as the crowd comes alive in support. 1... 2... 3... 4... The head-butts come thick and fast until Blades is looking unsteady on top of the ropes. With one push, Justin Cooper pushes him off of the top rope and onto the canvas below. Justin Cooper stands on the top rope on unsteady legs but takes the time to look around the arena at the thousands of fans who are cheering for him. Cooper takes a deep breath before launching himself off of the top rope and nailing Blades with a frog splash!

Copeland: I don't know how he does it but Justin Cooper just keeps on fighting! We never see Justin Cooper do any moves from the top rope, thanks an injury that he sustained at Kingdom Come 3. But this right here and now, is the biggest match in his entire career. He knows that he will not be able to win it without great sacrifice and that is what he is willing to do!

Cohen: That's amazing, even I have to admit it. To put your body to that limit, knowing that it might cost you your career is something that defines the very best. But he's in there against the very best there ever has been, some would say. Justin Cooper needs to keep pushing if he has any hope.

Cooper rolls off of Blades and onto his back in the middle of the ring. The camera catches a glimpse of him as he opens his eyes to look at the roof of the building. His chest heaves under the strains of the match as Blades begins stirring next to him. Cooper rolls over towards the nearest ropes and begins pulling himself back to his feet, much to the delight of the fans at ringside. He finally makes it back to a vertical base. On the other side of the ring, Tyrone Blades is beginning to get back to his feet too. The fans begin booing as Blades turns on his heels and rests against the ropes. Cooper spots him and lets out a roar of aggression before running at Blades. But his eagerness to rid the match of Blades puts him in serious trouble as Blades grabs the top rope and pulls it down, sending Justin Cooper over the top and almost to the floor.

Copeland: It's over! No... Wait!

At the last second, Justin Cooper reaches out and grabs the top rope, saving him for only a second. Blades gets back to his feet as Justin Cooper hangs off of the top rope. Blades begins pummelling the top of Cooper's head but Cooper is still managing to hang on against all odds. Blades licks his lips in anticipation as he thinks about how to best get rid of his final opponent and put another massive victory onto his already legendary career. He turns his head before running towards the opposite ropes. Justin Cooper manages to turn himself round so that he is no longer hanging from the ropes but, instead, is standing on the apron. Blades rebounds and runs at Cooper with tremendous pace. But this time, it is the turn of Justin Cooper to pull down the rope as Blades flies over the top rope and goes flying to the floor! The crowd jump to their feet as Tyrone Blades crashes onto the mats below as Justin Cooper hangs from the top rope; victorious!

Harrys: Tyrone Blades has been eliminated! Here is your winner of the Lethal Lottery match and, as such, is guaranteed to be in the main event of Kingdom Come... Justin Cooper!!

Copeland: I don't believe it! Justin Cooper has done the impossible! Justin Cooper has outlasted 29 other men and women to win the Lethal Lottery match. The same man who people thought was nothing more than mouthpiece for even better wrestlers has written his own chapter in the book of excellence!

Connor: No one gave him a shot. But tonight has been the coming of age for Justin Cooper. The Tag Team Champion has shown his guts, guile and determination so many times tonight and it has proved to be the key to his ultimate victory.

Cohen: I have to admit that was an amazing match and Justin Cooper is a deserving winner. Mikey Stormrage lies in wait for the Tag Team Champion. But what will become of the team of Cooper and Keaton as Justin Cooper moves into the very most upper echelons of WZCW?

Copeland: That is another question for another day, Jack. But you have to give massive congratulations and commiserations, in equal measure to Tyrone Blades for being an outstanding number 2. The Hollow Ones have made themselves known to everyone and Blades looks to be right back at his very best. The future of WZCW is unclear and uncertain. But just for tonight, one thing is abundantly clear...

Justin Cooper steps back into the ring as confetti and streamers begin falling from the roof of the building. Cooper falls to his knees in the middle of the ring as the pieces of paper fall around him, bathing him and covering him in measures of success. He puts his head into his hands as the fans continue to cheer for him, calling his name and causing a noise of applause that would deafen.

Copeland: Tonight is the night of Justin Cooper. Tonight is the night that he has thrown off the shackles of obscurity. Kingdom Come lies on the horizon for this young, brave superstar. Tomorrow is a promise to no one but tonight belongs to Justin Cooper!

The final shot we see is Justin Cooper raising his head and looking at the Kingdom Come sign up in the rafters. Cooper looks close to tears as he nods his head at the fan reaction and raises both of his arms as fireworks go off around him...
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Yaz: Lethal Lottery, segments
Killjoy: Black vs. Stormrage
Dave: Lethal Lottery
Dynamite: Fatal 4 Way
Prophet: Lethal Lottery, segments
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Lee: Trios Match, segments

Thanks for your patience everyone. We hope you enjoy the show. Rep everyone involved and get hyped for the road to Kingdom Come biznatches.
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