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Old 10-14-2016, 12:59 PM
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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...
Default What's Going On With Abel Hunnicutt?

What's up everyone!?

David Kerms here, once again, to bring you some strange and somewhat exciting news making it's way over to us at WZCW headquarters.

Members of the Internet Wrestling Community may be aware of some developing news taking place in the international world of wrestling. Not many of you, however, will be aware to what extent the rumours are true. These rumours relate to the use of WZCW Talent in a Mexican wrestling promotion and it's un-televised live events that have been taking place during the last week most notably Abel Hunnicutt.

Truth be told, I hadn't heard anything about the story until early yesterday morning after a picture of a newspaper was dropped on my desk. For the sake of informing my audience, I will share that picture with you now.

After few hours of making some calls and exhausting my contacts south of the border, I have finally come up with something substantial. I have managed to uncover video from the event that will both entertain and shock you in equal measure. I should warn you that this footage is from the mobile phone of a fan and is not of a great quality.

Fans cheer loudly as the titantron atop the stage flickers into life to reveal a countdown, not dissimilar to that of a Lethal Lottery countdown. As the countdown reaches a count of 3, the fans at ringside become totally engrossed with it and begin chanting along their strong Hispanic accents adding a new dynamic to the chanting.

3! 2! 1!

The titantron comes alive with a mirage of colours and shapes as the dark entrance music chimes through the small but packed out arena. The fans are on their feet as the mystery luchador finally makes his first appearance. On the screen, the name of EL VIENTO becomes clear. The masked man makes his way out onto the stage and raises both of his arms in a taunting manner that gets a massive cheer from the baying crowd.

Announcer: Damas y caballeros, den la bienvenida a su campeon del mundo G.L.I.L... El Viento!!

Another massive cheer swells in the arena as the man dressed in black and white begins making his way down the ramp. Under his black and white robe, flashes of gold catch the camera's lens and shimmer beautifully. The cameraman turns his phone to reveal some action going on inside the ring. Two men, one masked and the other without a mask, do battle in the ring. The masked man takes a stiff chop to the chest that sends him backwards into the corner. Without hesitation or mercy, the unmasked man with long blonde hair begins lifting him in an effort to get him over the top rope. But the thought of potentially eliminating his opponent quickly disappears with a thumb to the eye and the entrance to the ring of El Viento.

The crowd cheers one final time as El Viento goes to work on both of his opponents. First, he lays into the masked opponent with some stiff kicks to the legs and then some chops to the chest, backing him up into the ropes and the nailing him with a spinning roundhouse kick. The unmasked opponent quickly intervenes and lands a double-axe-handle to the back of El Viento. But if anything, this seems to fire El Viento up even more. He rallies back with a swift elbow to the side of his opponents head as the crowd continue to go wild for the luchador. The unmasked man recoils and hits the far ropes, hoping to nail El Viento with a thunderous clothesline of his own and settle the score. But El Viento is ready for it and ducks under the arm of his opponent. Suddenly, El Viento hoists the man onto his shoulders and nails him with a beautiful spinning body drop. The crowd goes wild as El Viento gets back to his feet and the countdown timer appears one final time.

3! 2! 1!

The camera immediately turns back to the entrance way as a stunned silence falls over the crowd. After a moment or two, the monster of Vis Imperium makes his way out onto the stage, his WZCW Tag Team Championship wrapped around his waist. The crowd come absolutely unglued as Abel stops on the stage to take in the stunned reaction of the Mexican wrestling loyalists. He allows a wry smile to appear on his face under his bushy and unkempt beard. He raises both of his hands to his side to soak in the energy of the crowd before beginning his walk towards the ring.

Announcer: Demos la bienvenida a la ultima participante... Abel Hunnicutt!!

The cameraman, tucked neatly into the fans in the ramp, follows Abel Hunnicutt as he makes his way down to the ring. Abel seems totally focussed on the 3 men in the middle of the ring as he slowly marches towards the battlefield. Abel allows one final smile to appear on his face before he runs towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Suddenly, the masked wrestler that El Viento made light work of is on his feet and trying to make light of Abel. But Abel catches him by the throat and immediately hoists him onto his shoulders! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! The crowd cheer as Abel gets up from his knees and picks up the masked wrestler. Without any hesitation, he tosses him over the top rope and eliminates him to a cheer. Abel turns around as El Viento picks up the unmasked wrestler and tosses him towards the monster of Vis Imperium. Another TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER is the reward of the opponent. Who soon joins one of his opponents on the outside of the ring as he is tossed over with ease.

The noise from the crowd is utterly deafening as Abel turns to the luchador known as El Viento and smiles. Finally, the Champion of G.L.I.L and Abel Hunnicutt come face to face. However, their excitement is soon prematurely ended as Abel turns on his heels and steps over the top rope. El Viento stares at the monster as he drops from the apron and the bell sounds. The crowd don't know what to feel as Abel allows his smile to return as El Viento has his hand raised in the middle of the ring.

Announcer: Aqui esta su ganador... EL VIENTO!!

It should be noted, however, that WZCW talents have a strict no-compete policy with other companies throughout the wrestling world written into their basic contracts. From time to time, WZCW may allow a wrestler to compete at a special occasion or event. However, I am being told that Abel's appearance at the house show for wrestling promotion G.L.I.L was not cleared through conventional means.

And when you think that things couldn't get much stranger in the world of WZCW, I am about to blow your mind. As I typed up this article, I received another piece of recorded footage from after the match that Abel seemed to compete in. And if you thought that Able competing in a match for another wrestling promotion, seemingly owned by Steven Holmes, seemed strange... You haven't seen anything yet!

As pictures return, we see the back of someone's shirt until the camera is moved to reveal the ring once again. El Viento looks dazed and confused about what just went down but Abel continues to laugh. The atmosphere in the arena seems to be just as confused as different chants and cheers can be heard reverberating around. Suddenly, Abel can be seen to raise his left arm and point towards the stage. Everyone turns their heads to see what is coming but, for a while at least, there is nothing but silence. That is until...

A massive eruption of cheers go around the arena as the familiar chords of John Constantine's entrance music begins to blare around the arena. After a moment, the elusive former politician makes his way out onto the stage to a huge reaction from the Mexican wrestling fans. In the middle of the ring, El Viento turns towards Constantine in confusion. He switches his gaze between Abel, on the outside of the ring, and Constantine on the stage. Constantine smiles widely as he heads sown the ramp.

Announcer: Por favor bienvenida WZCW por equipos... John Constantine!!

Constantine can be seen being given a microphone from a stage hand on the ramp as he struts down in casually. He opens his suit jacket to reveal his side of the WZCW Tag Team Championships that he wears with pride.

Constantine: Ladies and gentlemen of Tijuana, Mexico... Thank you for your unending support and love for Vis Imperium!

The Power Trip takes the microphone away from his mouth with a flourish. His eyes light up as he smirks towards the fans. He motions for Abel to get in the ring as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. El Viento looks very suspicious of the two men getting into the ring with him but stands his ground, much to the appreciation of the Mexican fans in the arena. A huge cheer of anticipation and respect goes around the arena now, obscuring the sound from the microphone as Constantine begins speaking again.

Constantine: You may have heard over the last couple of weeks that dear Steven Holmes was revealed to be the majority owner of G.L.I.L and to that end, Abel and I thought that we would come down to Mexico and show our support for our dear colleague. It truly is a new world for Gran Liga Internacional de Lucha! The sky is the limit for this promotion...

Constantine finishes climbing the steps and then walks along the apron before getting into the ring, joining Abel and El Viento in the middle of the ring.

Constantine: And it's superstars!

The Tag Team Champion makes his way across the ring, captivating his audience and demanding their attention. Suddenly, he turns to El Viento in the middle of the ring and addresses him directly.

Constantine: At the Lethal Lottery event in a couple of days, Vis Imperium will defend their Tag Team and Elite Openweight Championships against the combined forces of Justin Cooper, Mark Keaton and Logan McAllister. The three men have proven themselves to be somewhat of a thorn in the side of Vis Imperium and despite being put in their place on numerous occasions, have managed to finagle themselves another Championship opportunity.

Constantine lets out a maniacal laugh.

Constantine: It seems as though WZCW is the land of opportunity for the very least talented wrestlers in the world. Cooper, Keaton and McAllister are a testament to that. You can count their accomplishments on one hand but they always seem to be in the discussion when it comes to awarding Championship opportunities. Vis Imperium is the most destructive and dominant stable in the history of wrestling and now is your opportunity to get on board with that, ladies and gentlemen. Even now, the reach of Vis Imperium continues to grow and soon we will take over the wrestling world. Our opponents at the Lethal Lottery have no chance of stopping Vis Imperium...

Constantine extends his hand to El Viento in a handshake manner.

Constantine: And with your help, we will continue to grow. If McAllister, Cooper and Keaton are able to achieve so much with so little talent. Imagine what someone like you would be able to accomplish in the big leagues.

The fans begin booing as Constantine takes the microphone away from his mouth and begins mouthing words towards El Viento that the crowd cannot make out. El Viento moves his head from right to left, taking in the reaction of the crowd. Constantine continues to talk to El Viento as Abel makes his way up to behind the Power Trip, urging El Viento to accept.

Suddenly, the stream cuts out. Fade to black...
I'm sure there's more to this than meets the eye. But for now, keep your eyes peeled to dot com for more information as and when we get it.

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David Kerms

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