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Old 08-12-2016, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by JGlass View Post
A few things.

First... they flat out say that the reason they do what they do is because of various tenets of Islam... who the fuck are you to say that they aren't really? I mean damn, how belittling is that to Muslim people that you think you know their religion better than they do.

Second, I've long struggled to understand why it's so important for people to make sure that it is understood that ISIS is Islamic. Yes, this particular group of crazies are using Islam to justify their actions. In Africa there are numerous armies that use Christianity to justify their actions. There are neo-Nazis worldwide that use race to justify their actions. There are Trump supporters that use nationality to justify their actions. Why is it so important to people that EVERYONE KNOWS that ISIS uses Islam as their justification? Is it because so many people deny it and you find it frustrating when people deny facts?

Conversely, I also struggle to understand what about this concept is so upsetting to people. I know that there are idiots (like the one I quote below) who will think all of Islam carries some blame for the actions of ISIS, but that's clearly untrue. Few people blame the entirety of the Catholic Church for the rape scandals, why should it be different for Islamic extremism? Just because idiots (like the one I quote below) might misinterpret ISIS to mean all of Islam is dangerous doesn't mean that we should deny the truth. It means we should educate them on the fact that not all Islam is dangerous, or at the very least that they are acting like idiots (like the guy I quote below).

Yeah, ISIS is influenced by Islam. We all knew that. Even the people who claim it isn't influenced by Islam probably know that.

Wow, you're a fucking idiot.

The most liberal Muslim people do not treat their women like shit. The most liberal Muslim people behave in a manner indistinguishable from most liberal Americans/British/French/wherever they live.

Don't regurgitate the shit you hear from Rush Limbaugh, you'll wind up looking stupider than he does.

Any countries with theocratic governments tend to do seriously fucked up shit in the name of religion. In Uganda they murder gay people without consequence. In the Catholic Church they allow(ed) priests to rape children without consequence.

As long as people in charge believe that what they're doing is justified by religion, they'll do whatever they want.

Then you're an idiot, a bigot, and above all else, a massive coward.
You fucking jihadi sympathiser i know about neo nazis and lord's resistance army. I know about the great purge and the holocaust. Even buddhists have extremists amongst them. But does that make the jihadis less evil?
I believe religion was just a lie told to people like the present day jihadis to carve out kingdoms. Religion has always been used to make money or get laid. These jihadis die for their 72 or 74 virgins that are promised to them in jihadi heaven. It has everything to do with religion. The word 'jihad' is used in the context of war against the non believers.

And since you are such a good apologist how'd you explain the fact that all muslim majority countries are undemocratic, have poor human rights record and still follow their backward sharia law. Even though quite a few of them are rich.
You are the bigot not willing to see things for what they are.
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