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Old 07-17-2016, 05:35 PM
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Hell. The one word to aptly describe what is now the focus of the WZCW universe. A demonic two tons of steel that shreds flesh and alters the careers of all who enter it slowly descends upon the squared circle, ready to claim new victims. The crowd roars as the game changer enters the fray, the house lights lowered whilst other, smaller lights flash.

Copeland: The time is upon us.

Connor: Hell in a Cell. I dread this match every time it rears its ugly head…

Cohen: Why CC? This is the biggest gut check we have in WZCW. You walk through this and emerge the champion, then truly you have accomplished something.

Connor: But did you ever want to set foot in such a horrendous structure?

Cohen: They didn’t have the Cell when I was in the thick of things, but if I had the chance to become Heavyweight Champion inside its four walls... Look it would hurt, really, really hurt, maybe permanently change me, but for the chance of ultimate glory, absolutely.

Copeland: And that’s what this is really about, the World’s Heavyweight Championship. Some will say there’s an agenda, some will say a revolution is in full swing but when we boil it down, that title, that moniker is what three men are going to offer themselves up for.

As the Cell completes its own journey, the arena resets to its standard lighting set-up, the music fades out and attention now turns to the entrance as the gladiators prepare to enter the lion’s den.

A wall of noise greets the familiar guitar intro. There is a true mixture, between a raw, throaty cheer from mostly male sections of the audience and softer, yet no less determined booing from the female and younger members of the crowd. Garth stops atop the ramp and looks out to the Cell, eyes steely, determined. He takes a moment to soak everything in.

Connor: You’ve got the think he sees this as the line in the sand. He’s been here for a long time but he’s never quite lived up to the potential. This is the closest he’s ever been so he must see this match as the most important of his life.

Sink or swim time Garth. No matter who’s trying to keep you down, you’ve gotta’ do the business in the ring to back it up.

Storming to the ring, Black makes no effort to acknowledge the crowd, blocking out their response to him, and simply making a beeline for the ring. He pauses momentarily, before entering the Cell and then, finally, he does, clambering into the ring and then it hits him. Where he is and what he can achieve and the adrenaline absolutely pours out of him. He begins pacing and screaming and gesticulating about how this is his moment. And then the spotlight shifts to greet his first opponent.

Another wave of sound reverberates around the arena. This time it is mostly positive, but there remain boos here too. Not that it fazes the Grand Slam winner Matt Tastic who enters a slight grin on his face, rubbing his chin. He looks left and right, deciding to play to the people a little, moving across the stage, asking them to give him their response, egging them on whether they like him or not.

Connor: This is exactly the sort of atmosphere Matt Tastic will relish. It’s raw and pure, unfiltered.

Cohen: Ugh. Look at him pandering to them. Trying to make it all about him yet again.

Connor: To be fair Jack it is his entrance.

Tastic feels the beat of his music carrying him to the ring, that grin still plastered on his face. He locks eyes with Black who is sat, waiting in the corner, having calmed himself. Much like Garth did, he stops before the Cell entrance, only to spit to one side prior to entering, diving into the ring and playing to the people one more time before we move back to the entrance ramp yet again.

Pretty much unanimous in its support this time, the arena shakes. Out steps Mikey Stormrage, World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He nods, determined, prepared and he moves with pace, forgoing all the soaking in and just diving straight into the thick of things. He slaps a few hands on the way to the ring, and enters the Cell. He holds his title up to show both his challengers what is at stake before passing it out to the crew member manning the door.

Copeland: There is a steely look on the face of Mikey Stormrage. Ever since winning that championship at Gold Rush, he has changed. More serious, more determined and perhaps, and I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, more vicious. Regardless, the champion is ready.

Now all three men are in the ring, eyeing each other up. Each is in a corner, now looking around the Cell, seeing how dangerous it can and will be. Truman Harrys, from outside the cage walls, introduces them:

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event, the World Heavyweight Championship, triple threat match, set for one fall, and it will be contested inside HELLLLLLLL IN A CELLLLLLLL!!!

Another burst of energy from the crowd, ready now for the carnage that waits.

Harrys: Introducing first, the challengers; first, from the Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone; GARTH BLACK!

Black doesn’t take leave of his corner, leaving his head low and throwing his arms up.

Harrys: Next, from Southwestern Puerto Rico, weighing in at 238 pounds, “The Invincible”, MATT TAS-TIC!

Tastic bounces into the middle of the ring and poses for the crowd, letting their reaction set in and simmer down before backing away to allow the final piece of the puzzle to come together.

Harrys: And finally; from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing in at 325 pounds, he is the WZCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORRRRRRLD; MIK-EY STORM-RAGE!

Stormrage now takes to the middle of the ring and nods, before doing his “Game Over” taunt. He then turns to Black whilst still doing the taunt, and then to Tastic. With his arms lowered, referee Elizabeth Prince calls for the bell to start the match. Slowly the two good friends begin to square up to one another when Garth Black takes full advantage of the situation. He clatters Mikey into Matt and rolls the champion up with a quick schoolboy: 1…2…KICK-OUT!

Both men rise to their feet and Mikey throws a wild clothesline Black’s way, the challenger ducking it, but finding himself right in the path of a stiff forearm smash from Tastic. Garth crumbles to the canvas, slowly rolling out of the ring as Tastic and Stormrage once more come together, resuming their earlier staredown. The crowd roars with approval as the two men begin to grin a little, both turning away for just a second before coming back together in a hail of fists and forearms. Now the crowd volume picks up just that little more.

Connor: It is thunderous here!

Finally! They’re going to tear each other apart.

The two men pepper one another, neither looking to give an inch, going at it for a prolonged period of time before it looks like Tastic might finally be gaining a foothold. He begins to mix it up with a variety of strikes. He has Mikey staggered, seeking to bounce off the ropes and build more momentum, but there waits Garth Black who pulls the top rope down, sending Matt careening out of the ring and to the arena floor. Rising on the apron, Black wastes no time and sprints before throwing his body atop the fallen Tastic – a diving elbow drop!

As the two challengers writhe on the outside, Mikey’s senses return to him. He realises where his adversaries are and something goes off in his head. A grin breaks out across his large face and he begins nodding. Stormrage backs up and begs for Black and Tastic to get up. Garth, on the outside, begins to gather himself, trying to clamber to his feet. He tries to bring Tastic up with him too as Mikey now backs himself into the ropes, building up a massive head of steam. He launches himself through the middle rope and delivers a huge suicide dive atop both Tastic and Black!

Copeland: The journey to the Heavyweight Championship has instilled a fire in Mikey Stormrage that will not go out!

On his feet again already, Mikey’s feeling it. He grabs the side of the Cell and shakes it to a strong reaction from the crowd. Now he dips down and lifts Black up from the floor. He pulls him up into position for what first appears to be Game Over, but then, as he repositions himself, the crowd realises something much more sinister has crossed the champion’s mind. He readies himself and then falls backwards, flinging Garth Black side first into the steel Cell wall with the Fallaway Slam!

Wriggling around in pain, Black appears to be out of commission. Mikey sits up, taking just a brief moment to catch his breath before returning his focus on a waking Matt Tastic. The Puerto Rican is pulling himself up via the canvas, clutching at his hip. Mikey spots it and launches a boot right into Tastic’s obvious wounds. Now he takes his former tag partner and throws him backward and into the Cell! The sound echoes throughout the arena as the crowd cheers and chants for the champ.

Now it is Garth Black who tries to stand up, using the Cell wall to drag his carcass up, slowly. Stormrage sees this and notices the opportunity; he dips in and underneath the ring apron, searching, rummaging for something. Finally, he pulls out a steel chair, patting it, a serious look etched across his face. He raises it up, again drawing the admiration of the crowd; though there are some noticeable boos from deeper voiced fans.

Connor: There’s obviously a protest movement in the house.

What makes you say that CC? Stormrage’s antics this far, while impressive would be lamented by yourself and Seabass over there if done by Black. I think it’s only fair that his fans have their voices heard too.

Pulling back the steel, Mikey feels he has enough distance, and as Garth Black finally manages to pull himself to his feet, Stormrage smashes the metal across his back, simultaneously crushing Black’s front against the cage wall. Stormrage repeats the trick once, forcing Black to his knees and then twice, each shot more sickening than the last. Satisfied, Mikey tosses the weapon away and grabs Garth, quickly spinning him and tossing him into the ring. He follows suit and shoves Black off his front and onto his back, cover him; 1…2…TASTIC BREAKS IT UP!

The former World Champion has launched himself up and over the top with a Tope Atomica. He immediately grabs at the back of his head and rubs it, but soon shoves Mikey away from him and dives atop Black for a cover himself: 1…2…KICK-OUT! He signals at the ref for the three count, but he only finds confirmation of the two. Again Tastic rubs his head and goes to stand up, this time returning his attention to the wounded hip he appears to be enduring.

Gingerly he rises only to spin and be met with Mikey. He lifts Tastic up and plants him with the uranage! He goes into the cover: 1…2…BLACK BREAKS IT UP! Garth has pulled Mikey back off the cover, still lying on his front. Surprised, Stormrage turns his ire on his other adversary and goes to move in to finish the job he started earlier, but when close enough, Garth thrusts his right arm up, in between Mikey’s legs, connecting with a low blow! He then pulls Mikey down and sends him through the first and second ropes, tumbling to the outside.

Cohen: Great veteran move from Black there.

Connor: Of course you’d say that.

Cohen: Well what exactly was it then CC? It’s all legal inside the Cell.

Once more, Black uses his surroundings to support himself, this time climbing to his feet via the ring ropes. Tastic too rises and now the two challengers, both injured from Stormrage’s offence, stare each other down. Gone is Matt’s smirk from earlier. He raises both hands, telling Black to bring it, and now it is Garth who smiles, wagging his finger before turning it around and inviting Tastic to come to him. Those vocal male fans yet again cheer their favourite on while Tastic shrugs his shoulders and obliges, limping over toward Black.

Preparing himself, Black holds the top rope and as Tastic meets him, he spins his way out and goes for a big hit. Tastic ducks it though and again spins Black into the corner, slapping him across the face before punching him square in the gut. Then he takes a step back and spins, executing the Guillotine Wheel Kick! Garth crumples into a heap, but Matt has exasperated the injury he sustained earlier and grimaces. In obvious discomfort, he drops down and goes for the victory: 1…2…KICK-OUT!

Copeland: I think if we’re being honest, Matt went for that pinfall attempt out of hope rather than conviction.

Cohen: He’s hurt and he knows it. If he lets up for a second, the blood’s going to be in the water and both champion and challenger will smell it.

Smacking his hip, Tastic gets up, now fully hobbling. Black too is stirring, but it is from behind that Tastic finds his next challenge as Mikey returns to the ring, chair in hand. Using his spare hand, he grabs Matt and throws him up over the top to the outside. Then he returns his focus to Black. Determined to finish this one fairly early, Mikey smacks the chair off the canvas. He is begging for Garth to get up. Black is crawling again to the ropes to use them, first as sanctuary, and then as a means to return to his feet. On the outside, Tastic continues to hold that hip, smacking the floor in clear and obvious pain.

Still Stormrage batters the chair off the mat and still Garth rises. He is up in a falling back position, steadying himself with the middle rope, before reaching out for the top, and balancing himself. He turns and Mikey charges. The Indiana native swings wildly, but Garth catches it coming at the last possible moment, pulling referee Elizabeth Prince in the way of the chair! BAM! She goes flying through the ropes and into the Cell wall. Wide eyed and mouth agape, Stormrage can’t quite believe what he’s done. Black’s look is much the same. The crowd at first gasps, and then quietens to a stunned hush.

Connor: Oh my God…

Copeland: Mikey threw everything he could muster into that shot, looking to take Garth’s head off and instead…instead; he’s hit our official…

Cohen: Our female official Seabass.

Mikey drops the chair and immediately dives out of the ring, looking to come to Prince’s aid. Black merely sits and watches on. His mind still working, still ticking over.

Copeland: Regardless of gender Jack, that was a sickening chair shot. I don’t think she’s getting up anytime soon. There has to be some real concern in the back about her health and about the state of the match.

Indicating he wants some assistance down here, Mikey is gesturing toward the entrance way for someone to come help.

Cohen: No matter what way you spin it, that’s a three hundred pound plus man swinging a solid metal object as hard as he can and nailing a, maybe one hundred pound woman.

Connor: Dammit! It was Black who pulled her in the way of the shot. He’s the one you should be vilifying Jack.

Almost as if he hears Cat Connor’s words, Mikey slowly turns to Garth; pure rage is across his face and Black goes a little whiter as fear creeps into his soul.

Cohen: Why? He merely acted out of instinct. A monster of a man goes to hit you with something, you do whatever you can to cover up and the consequences are that Stormrage has incapacitated and maybe done some long lasting damage to one of our brightest young referees.

Stormrage enters the ring as Black scoots backward and away. He’s quickly up, holding his back as he does. Mikey is fuming and chasing Garth with a fevered passion. He lashes out like a man possessed, but gets caught in a solid judo throw from Black. It matters not though as the anger and remorse mixing together in Mikey Stormrage’s body clouds any pain and brings him to his feet again. Outside the Cell, officials have made their way into the arena, trying to open the Cell door. It becomes apparent that none of them have the key and that it is in fact on Prince’s person. Back in the ring and Mikey Stormrage is still filled with pure unadulterated hatred.

Consumed, Mikey throws a stiff fist at Black who ducks and dodges, but rises right up into a stiff headbutt. The move knocks Garth on his backside and draws blood from Mikey’s nose. As it trickles down into his mouth, Stormrage’s look changes. The taste of the blood has altered the mood of things. Now Mikey appears to be almost relishing this, enjoying his thoughts of destroying Black; he’s grinning from ear to ear. Still the officials are trying to fight their way into the Cell. One referee has finally arrived carrying bolt cutters. He beckons for the other officials to move, trying to part them like the Red Sea. Elsewhere, Mikey grabs Garth by the throat and hoists him up to his feet and then into the air, choking him. Garth’s legs dangle and struggle, lashing out at the bleeding Mikey. They don’t appear to affect the champion though.

Garth’s kicks get weaker and weaker. It appears his energy is depleting and his oxygen is leaving. With life leaving Black, suddenly, there is a crack of steel on skin as Matt Tastic signals his return to action by cracking another steel chair off of Mikey’s back. It forces the champion to drop Black. Tastic again cracks the chair off of Mikey’s back and Stormrage drops to his knees. Once more Mikey feels the sting of steel as Tastic smashes the weapon off his spine. He’s hurting from it, but it has felled the wrath of Stormrage. Across the ringside area, the officials have cracked the lock and are pooling in, looking to assist in the evacuation efforts.

Copeland: They’re in!

Connor: Thank God. They can finally help Elizabeth out of there.

Just now, Prince has begun moving again, consciousness returning to her. Tastic however is not paying attention to the ringside drama and instead his focus is back with Garth Black whom he peels from the canvas and slowly hoists over his shoulders. It takes him time and a good deal of steadying, but he has Black up and through his own pained expression executes the Headache Driver! Throwing his arms up Tastic believes he has this one sewn up. He rolls over into the cover but there is of course, no referee.

Looking left, then right, Tastic spots the lack of official and look is bemused as Elizabeth Prince is being carried by her contemporaries to the back. Slowly she is stirring, but she will not be returning. Matt stands, demanding to know what’s going on and why the pin isn’t being counted. Senior referee Jun Akiyama stays behind, attempting to explain the situation to Tastic. The two men are getting into a heated debate whilst the other officials escort Prince out of the arena. Suddenly, a clubbing blow comes across Tastic’s back. Mikey is back up, with blood still trickling from his nose.

He spins his Live Mas comrade around and positions him for an exploder suplex and manoeuvres a little, then throwing Tastic, making sure he comes down atop the still fallen Black! Akiyama slides into the ring to take up position as match official. Stormrage now moves over to the two pretenders to his throne. He lifts Tastic back up and Garth slowly rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring. With the fight raging on, Tastic still throws fists at Mikey, even trying to pop up with a sequence of strikes, but Stormrage catches him and executes a short arm clothesline. He holds on though and repeats the move, not once, but twice. On the third, he relinquishes Matt, turning him inside out.

Copeland: Mikey Stormrage is back in full control. With Garth out of the picture, we may be set for the end here.

Not wasting a moment, Mikey lifts Tastic up once more and this time whips him off the ropes, readying himself. He pops Tastic up and goes for the Falcon Punch, but somehow Matt is able to twist his body in mid air. Falling in almost slow motion, Tastic wraps his legs around Stormrage’s neck and uses the momentum boost Mikey gave him to contort both men into an off model hurricanrana! The move actually spikes Mikey’s 325 pound frame down atop his own head! It is a sickening looking move which Tastic cannot capitalise on.

Copeland: What amazing athleticism from Tastic! An excellent counter from the veteran!

Connor: I think that took a lot out of Tastic’s energy reserves, but what did it do to the momentum and body of Mikey Stormrage?

With all three participants down, the crowd falls hushed for a moment before it starts something rather unique:







The arena goes back and forth with this three way chant as the in-ring participants struggle to recover from the war that has been waged. Garth Black too is out for the count. It is Matt who appears to be heading to his feet first, the chants echoing in his ears. He is sat in the ring, sweat pouring from him as Mikey drags himself to a crouched position. Still Black is down. The two former tag champions are now both to their feet as the crowds chants die down into stomping and clapping and whistling. They want to see these two go at it once more.

Then there comes another twist. The crowd changes its response to a mixture of murmurs and confusion as two men, one dressed in all white, the other in full black enter. Their faces are covered with hoods and bandanas, their hands sport gloves and they wield weapons: the one in black carries a chair, the other a baseball bat. They glance to one another, nodding before storming into the ring. The white one cracks the bat across Tastic’s ribs, dropping him back down onto his knees. The one in black wraps the chain around his fist and pummels Mikey in the face, dropping him. The two men now proceed to wail away on the championship contenders, each sticking with their respective targets.

Connor: What the hell is this?!?

There is no answer forthcoming as both men heavily beat Live Mas. Finally, the one in black indicates for the white one to come and assist him in positioning Mikey against the ropes. He uses the top and middle ropes to tie Mikey up. Then, to make this position all the more secure, he adds the chain into things. Twisting and contorting it makes the grip the ropes have on Mikey even more deadly. Then, the white one goes to town with the baseball bat, cracking off of Stormrage’s sternum and abdomen.

Mikey wears a crimson mask at this point and the blood is pooling off his face, dripping onto the mat, staining it. Still through it all, he looks up at the mysterious duo and offers a smile. The one in black, clearly frustrated by this, slaps the Heavyweight Champion. He indicates he wants the bat from the white one who gladly obliges and tees it up, smashing it across the chest, catching Mikey in the chin and snapping the weapon in twain. Stormrage’s head is now lowered, his eyes closed. They take a step back to marvel at their handiwork and relish the crowd response.

Copeland: They’ve crucified Mikey Stormrage!

Cohen: Well whoever they are, that’s one way to make an impact.

Connor: You talk about conspiracies – just what is this?

Both interlopers look around to a chorus of boos and as Jun Akiyama screams at them to stop this, they do just that, throwing their arms up and choosing to leave the scene of the crime, leaping through the ropes and exiting, backing slowly up the ramp and eventually into the back. Akiyama endeavours to try and free Mikey, having seen the two masked men off. He struggles with the rope and chain and looks to free the champion. Across the ring though, Garth Black has slowly begun to crawl into the ring. Seeing what has unfolded, he crawls toward the fallen Matt Tastic and practically leaps atop him. At first Akiyama doesn’t see the pin, but then, still failing to free Mikey, he dives into position:


Connor: Not this way!


Click for Spoiler:
KICK-OUT! Astonished, Garth Black looks at the referee with wide eyes. He cannot believe that this one isn’t over. He smacks the mat over and over in defiance of the count but it remains two and he grits his teeth, shakes his head and begins to rise up. Infuriated, he clasps his hands again and rocks them back and forth, almost as if begging. He dips down and looks to peel Tastic up off the canvas. He holds him in a standing position before lifting him onto his shoulders and then goes to move into the centre of the ring, but Tastic holds onto the top rope. Still Garth tries to bring him away, but he cannot, Tastic persisting. Now a pointed elbow nails into the side of Garth’s head. Then another. Finally a third forces Black to drop him to his feet.

Quickly, Matt shoves Garth against the ropes, catching him with a loose belly to belly throw. Staggering up, he begs Garth do the same. Black is up and somewhat fuming. He again charges at Matt, but drops to his knees, sliding along and underneath Tastic, catching him with a stiff shot to the gut; a modified Charge Shot all his own. The crowd reacts with mixed response. Tastic drops down, clutching his stomach, Black stands up indicating once more he wants it to be over.

Across the ring, Akiyama is still trying valiantly to free Mikey, occasionally checking on the action for any pins or submissions. Finally, he is able to remove the chain and slowly he starts to unravel the ropes. Black meanwhile picks Matt up again and tosses him into the corner. He backs up and takes a breath before charging and squashing his opponent in the corner with Getting on the Wagon. He doesn’t step back though and immediately transitions into the Twelve Step Programme!

Standing up into the corner, he begins to deliver a series of fists to the forehead, starting at one and slowly building up the speed and ferocity of each hit. Mikey is now free from his earlier imprisonment and drops to the mat in a heap. His eyes are open, but we are uncertain if anyone is home. While Akiyama persists in checking on him, Black has completed his ten strikes and now drops down with the monkey flip finishing the sequence! One more time he stands up and screams out. That vocal male audience cheers loudly as the other members boo.

Cohen: The end is coming. Mikey Stormrage is nothing but a husk and Tastic is about to have his lights turned out.

Tastic tries to clamber to the ropes for safety, but Black is on top of him the whole time. He drags him back to a standing position, tights first. Spinning him around, Black again picks him onto his shoulders. He makes his way to the centre of the ring and screams out. He knows this is the end. He pops him up and raises his knee; BLACK OUT! Tastic slowly falls back and Black collapses to his knees. His journey is at its end. This is it. Akiyama is ready. Garth covers: 1…2…

Click for Spoiler:
…STORMRAGE BREAKS IT UP! With the same wide eyed horror he showed earlier, Black turns slowly and looks at the practically motionless corpse of Stormrage who has dived atop of the pinning predicament in a bid to stop it.

Cohen: Are you freaking kidding me?

Copeland: How in the world?

Connor: Just like at Gold Rush, just like at Kingdom Come, just like all throughout his career, Mikey Stormrage will not die!

Black stands up, a quiet fury etched across his face. He is almost shaking with anger. Slowly he reaches down and grabs Mikey by the hair, pulling what was once the face of Mikey Stormrage up. The white of his eyes and a glimpse of his teeth the only thing that indicates humanity. Black leans down and starts talking to Mikey, first quietly so we cannot here, and then louder and louder, venting about how he loathes and despises Mikey and how ‘this ends now!’

Mikey smirks, lazily. Black questions what he could be happy about and then, without warning, Black’s expression changes to one of pain. Mikey has returned the favour from earlier in the match with a low blow of his own to the ever vocal Black. Garth falls in a heap, clutching at his nether-regions. Mikey laughs and falls back once more. As earlier in the contest, all three men are down again. The crowd repeats its antics from earlier:







The chant stirs something in Mikey and Matt and just as they had before, they begin to stir once more. This time there is no interruption as both men will themselves to their feet. The crowd is raucous.

And it comes down to this.

Cohen: A blood riddled pig and a stinking Puerto Rican? Great.

Can Mikey muster much of anything after that act of defiance moments ago?

Indeed Mikey shows little sign of doing much as he very nearly collapses after taking a step forward. Tastic isn’t too much better, holding his hip and stomach, staggering around. Both are clearly war weary, broken, beaten, but both are determined. Mikey stands up and takes a breath, Tastic slows himself but makes his movements more precise. The two finally come together and begin to trade blows. Mikey’s first nearly causes him to fall over, and Matt’s first doesn’t help matters. But then, they are trading blows like two familiar foes and the action is starting to speed up once more.

It is Tastic to takes the incentive, raising his knee right into the gut of Mikey. He backs off and charges, only to get caught with an STO! Mikey’s eyes are the ones that are wide now. He looks around and Matt gets up. He charges at Stormrage who throws him up and connects with the FALCON PUNCH! Tastic crumples into a heap and now Mikey goes for a cover: 1…2…KICK-OUT! It’s not enough. He gets up and looks around his eyes settling on the steel chair. That’ll do it.

Mikey clutches it, raising the chair up and smacking it off the mat, begging for Matt to get up. Very weary now, Tastic stumbles around before taking a brutal blow to the ribs and then a stiff shot across the back, dropping him to his knees. Mikey raises the chair up, to finish Matt with a blow to the skull. He hoists the chair up high and prepares to come down with it, teeth bared, animal instincts telling him to crush his foe and retain his title. He looks Tastic square in his glazed eyes, but something happens in this moment. No matter how much he wills himself to do it, Mikey cannot.

Cohen: What the hell is he doing?

Connor: I think Mikey has just accepted that no matter what they say about one another, Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage are always going to be brothers inside that ring.

Cohen: To hell with that. This is for the title. Do it you fool. Finish him.

He does not. Instead, he throws the chair away. He cannot maim his friend in such a vicious and career altering way, merely to retain a piece of gold and leather. Tastic now falls back himself and collapses outside the ring. Mikey turns, a pleasant smile on his face. He knows what he needs to do now, but before any of that can be done that steel chain comes right back to strike Mikey once more; this time in the care of Garth Black. The blow is thunderous and vicious and appears to hurt even Garth. He holds his fist, a grimace on his face as he drops down to the mat. The chain drops and slinks and slithers away. Garth uses his good hand to drag himself over the fallen Stormrage. He weakly hooks the leg: 1…2…

Click for Spoiler:
…3! It’s over!

Cohen: He did it! He did it! Garth Black has become the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

At first a sly smirk comes onto Garth’s face before the moment sinks in and his face becomes a picture of pure joy.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match and NEEEEEEEEEEEW WORLD’S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION; GARTH BLACK!

With the assistance of a ring crew member, substitute official Jun Akiyama is able to hand Black that possession which he most craves; the World Heavyweight Championship. He snatches it from Akiyama and clutches it close to his chest before raising it up and kissing it. Slowly he staggers to his feet and makes his way over to the ropes, using them to stand up and holding his championship high above his head.

Connor: Unbelievable.

Yup’ CC, amazing to think that even after failing time and time again, after life itself rejected him, Garth Black has come back and overcome all that was laid in front of him including two, now former World Champions, to finally take the gold.

Connor: That’s not what I meant. Who were those men that attacked Mikey and Matt earlier? What do they have to do with Black? And how can he still really talk of a conspiracy against him when he was the only one who didn’t take a beating.

Cohen: Don’t sully this moment with your inane questions. Obviously they had a grudge to bear with Stormrage and Tastic. Garth merely reaped the rewards and good for him; this is a truly happy moment.

Copeland: Regardless of what you thought about it, the end result is this; Garth Black has become the World Heavyweight Champion tonight at Unscripted, inside Hell in a Cell. From Cat Connor, Jack Cohen, I’m Sebastian Copeland, good night!

One more time we look at Black raising his title up high defiant, proud and vainglorious within the confines of Hell itself. He screams with delight, holding the title up high. Now his to hold and cherish.
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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...


World Title Match - Funkay

Taylor/Reynolds - Yaz

Tag Titles and Mancini/Manson- Dynamite

Theron Open Challenge - Spidey

Howard/Logan and Pure Rules - KJ

Flex/Slaughter- Falk

Ram/Kagura - Doc

Segments- Yaz and Dynamite

Sucks we couldn't get out earlier but regardless it's here. Enjoy, we'll definitely be taking the round break to reevaluate things.

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave
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