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Old 07-08-2016, 10:54 AM
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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...
Default WZCW Unscripted - Pre-Show

The camera shows the inside of the United Centre in Chicago as people are filing their way into their seats. There is a muted sense of expectation as the beautifully designed set of WZCW Unscripted is revealed for the first time. The chords of John Lennon continue to play, growing more gentle as the pre-show panel are revealed for the first time. On the left, Leon Kensworth is seated. His guests, to his left are revealed to be Everest and WZCW Ascension General Manger Becky Serra. All three seem very pleased to be there as the camera focusses on Leon alone.

Kensworth: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most unpredictable event in the WZCW calendar year. We are here in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois, as we bring you all of the action leading up to WZCW Unscripted 2016.

Everest: Amen!

Kensworth: And as usual, I am your host for the night, Leon Kensworth. Joining me tonight are two of the longest serving members of the WZCW family. WZCW Hall of Fame superstar, Everest.

The camera flicks to Everest now.

Everest: Hello, everyone!

Switching back to Leon now, the camera picks up his excited smile.

Kensworth: And joining us on the panel tonight, folks, is a massive guest. She is the General Manager of Ascension, and one of the biggest reason why tonight is such a massive event. She is none other than Becky Serra!

The camera flicks to Becky, who accepts the praise with a warm smile and a fluttering of her eyelashes.

Kensworth: Like I said, folks, tonight is going to be a massive night in the history of WZCW and that is no understatement. So much can happen tonight and, of course, it all comes down to how you have voted over the last few days. Unscripted is the event in the WZCW year in which you, the people, tell us what you want to happen and remove the power from one of my esteemed guests. Becky, can you tell us how important that is to WZCW?

Serra: I love Unscripted, Leon, I always have. Whenever we as a company get the opportunity to cooperate with the amazing fans of WZCW, you know it is going to be an utterly special night. Unscripted has always been one of the centrepieces of the WZCW year and I don't expect tonight to be any different. And in terms of booking, it actually makes things very easy for us. You guys in the audience tell us what you want to see and we deliver that to you. Tonight will be no different.

The camera turns back to Leon.

Kensworth: Everest, I have to ask you about your memories of Unscripted. Can you describe just how much this event means to a WZCW superstar?

Everest: I have to tell you, Leon, Unscripted is one of the events in the year where you just cannot prepare for anything. I have been a part of some of the biggest matches and events of any year in WZCW and a lot of those moments have come as a surprise at Unscripted. You simply cannot understate the importance of a night like tonight and the impact it is going to have on WZCW as a whole.

Leon nods his head in agreement as the camera shows all three members of the panel again.

Kensworth: Absolutely, ladies and gentlemen, tonight will see some dramatic shifts in the landscape of WZCW as so many things come to the boil. 10 matches are set to be contested tonight, two of which we will bring you on the pre-show itself. But before we get to that, we have to talk about the main event of Unscripted this year. And Becky, I am going to come to you on this one. Garth Black has made a mockery of the WZCW authority in recent weeks and months. Now, finally, he had the chance to become WZCW Heavyweight Champion. After everything that you have thrown at him, just what would that mean to the face of WZCW?

Becky narrows her eyelids as she stares through Leon Kensworth with a look of fire.

Serra: What we have thrown at Garth? I don't think so, Leon. Garth Black just couldn't accept that Matt Tastic was the better man at Gold Rush all those weeks ago. He couldn't accept that things hadn't gone his way once again and that he had choked, once again, when it came to taking part in the big matches. Let me remind you, Leon, that Garth Black was the man who almost brought this business to a standstill with his shenanigans over the last few weeks?

Kensworth: Then why reward him?

Becky seems annoyed. Perhaps that she was cut off prematurely, but also because of the emotion that the name of Garth Black seems to evoke in her.

Serra: Reward him? This is no reward, Leon. Tonight, Garth Black gets his just reward for challenging me and Vance the way he has. He gets to step inside the most destructive structure in wrestling that is going to take years off of his career. He goes in the ring against two brothers in the shape of Live Mas. Again, I say it, tonight is no reward, Leon. Tonight is the best punishment that I could have ever thought of. And more than that, the best part of all of this, is that I made Garth Black think that this was what he wanted.

With that, Becky sinks back in her chair with a look of satisfaction on her face; catching her breath as she does.

Kensworth: Regardless of whether or not Garth feels as though he deserved this or not, he has finally found his way into the Heavyweight Championship match after all of these years. Everest, I have to ask you what a win tonight would mean to someone like Garth?

Everest: It would mean everything, Leon. It would mean vindication in all of his actions thus far. Listen, it's not about the journey when you are chasing the Heavyweight Championship; it is about the destination. Garth Black has never been on top of the mountain but he has showed his desire and ambition over the last couple of months. Tonight is his night to prove to everyone that he is exactly what he has been saying he is. Tonight is the night to bring down the system on it's head. I just hope that he rises to the occasion and doesn't let the pressure get the better of him.

Again, the camera flicks to Leon's face.

Kensworth: A huge main event on the cards tonight, that is for sure. But that isn't all that we have to offer tonight, folks. All four major championships that exist in WZCW are on offer tonight with strong opposition to each. Eve Taylor, the longest reigning Elite Openweight Champion goes up against Austin Reynolds with his Vim Imperium brethren taking on Justin Cooper for the Tag Team Championships. And finally, Vee A.D.Z finally gets his big opportunity to remove the EurAsian Championship from the grasp of WZCW Hall of Fame superstar Titus. Becky, can you tell us just what those challengers are up against?

Becky finally moves forward in her seat, still trying to put the emotion and rage of Garth Black behind her with a quick change of subject.

Serra: It's got to be said, Leon, that Eve Taylor, Titus and Justin Cooper have enjoyed great Championship reigns. It seems as though WZCW has thrived under the stability of great reigns on the part of these three superstars. But tonight, all three go up against some of the best that WZCW has to offer once again. Austin Reynolds and the rest of Vis Imperium have shown that they will settle for nothing less than complete control of the gold in this company and tonight is their chance to seize it. And Vee has waited for a long time for this opportunity. In what has become a deeply personal feud with Titus, tonight is his chance to realise a career dream.

Everest: I have to agree with you Becky. The Elite Openweight Championship and the EurAsian Championship have found so much credibility and have been defended so well by two fearless and talented Champions. I have been in the ring with Titus on so many occasions and I know just how good he is. And Eve Taylor has beaten everyone that there is to beat. But Austin Reynolds and Vee are two packages that neither Champion will have faced before. You try and prepare as best you can for your opponent but with the stipulations up for grabs, anything can happen. Tonight, I am sure that we will see three close contests for Championship gold. What more can you ask for?

The camera, once again, flicks back to Leon.

Kensworth: Well, ladies and gentlemen, for the moment the time for words are over. As people continue to fill out this massive arena, we are about to bring you the first match of the night. Xaitlyn Serpiente and Xander LeBelle could not have been happy to have been left off of the card for Unscripted until the last moment. But Becky seen to that on Ascension last week, pairing them up and putting them in a tag team match against two mystery opponents. Well, the wait is over for everyone. The mystery is about to revealed. So let's head on over to ringside and bring you some action...

Reinstate The Fox!

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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

The camera then switches to a static shot of the three WZCW commentators behind a commentary table. All three lift their heads at the same time as Seabass welcomes us.

Copeland: Yes, thank you, Leon. Tonight ought to be a massive night for WZCW and it's fans. It has already been said but so much can and will happen here tonight. I am Sebastian Copeland and I am joined, as usual by Jack Cohen and Cat Connor. And tonight, Jack, could be special.

Cohen: Absolutely, Seabass. I know the smell of a big night and I am smelling it tonight. But first I'm excited to see who the mystery opponents are for Serpiente and LeBelle.

Connor: Well, you are just about to find out, Jack. This is a mystery to all of us. But with Xander LeBelle and Xaitlyn Serpiente showing so much passion and ambition in WZCW as of late, it is going to have to be a very special team indeed to pick up a victory.

Anderson: We ask, at this time, for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.

A sudden but expected rain of booing comes from the fans as the WZCW upstart. As the melodic tones of Michael Buble continues, the anticipation builds until the beat drops. Suddenly, the very classy figure of Xander LeBelle makes his appearance. With his trademarked gold glasses and cigar visible, he cuts the figure of a man not entirely bothered about the impending danger. After a moment, he extends his cane backwards as his manager, Andrew Adonis comes through the curtain to join him.

Anderson: Introducing first, from the City of Light. Weighing in at 215 pounds... The World's Greatest Mind, Xander LeBelle!!

Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we go. Xander LeBelle has been on fire as of late, picking up a few successive wins in a row. But he has never competed in a tag team match since his debut.

Connor: There are no stipulations in this match, ladies and gentlemen. But being put in a match with a person you don't know, against two opponents that you don't know will be a challenge enough.

Cohen: But Xander doesn't look as though he is bothered too much. Look at him, he's a fine specimen. He looks superbly confident and he knows that he has enough talent to pick up a win tonight, no matter who the opponent.

Xander allows a wide smile to appear on his face as Adonis joins him on the stage. After taking a few puffs of his cigar, Xander raises his cane and then begins his walk down to the ring; not bothering to interact with the fans. All the way down the ramp, Adonis is in the ear of his client until they reach the ring and mount the steps. As he enters the ring, his music stops and the, rather, understated entrance of his tag team partner begins. After a few moments of a mixed reaction from the fans, Xaitlyn Serpiente makes her way through the curtain; her snake draped over her shoulders as she marches towards the ring.

Anderson: And his partner, weighing in at 175 pounds and coming straight out of Hell... The Deviless, Xaitlyn Serpiente!!

Cohen: This girl is just straight up spooky, Seabass.

Copeland: I totally agree with you for once, Jack. Xaitlyn found some time to appear on the Saeed Sister's show this week and it was a thoroughly strange interview.

Connor: I like that about Xaitlyn, Seabass. She has proven that she wants to improve as a competitor and she is going the right way about it. As she has made clear, wins and losses don't mean much, it is the performance that counts. And she has been very impressive in her first couple of matches.

Before she makes her way down the ramp, Xaitlyn gives her snake, Ennette, a stroke under the chin and looks deep into it's eyes. Before too long, she hands the snake over to a stage hand before hurriedly making her way down the ramp and under the bottom rope. Once there, the two tag team partners share a tense look as the arena falls into darkness once more.

Copeland: It's time...

The arena stays in darkness for what seems like an eternity as the crowd can barely contain their excitement.

Anderson: And introducing their opponents...

The crowd comes unglued as the image of Haven appears on the tron. After a few seconds of the high energy entrance theme and more raucous cheering, Haven finally makes his way out of the curtain in a spinning motion; almost like the superhero he is. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as Haven crouches on the edge of the ramp and looks deep into the excited crowd.

Connor: No way! It can't be...?

Copeland: It is! Haven is back in WZCW! After all of this time, the former Tag Team Champion is back on WZCW television and this crowd simply cannot believe what they are seeing!

Cohen: His partner has to be Jon Hyada, right? Young Justice are back, surely?

Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 191 pounds... From Smogtown, New York, Haven!!

Haven allows a smile to appear on his features as the very positive reaction from the fans in the arena continues. Haven launches out of his crouch and straight onto the ramp. The fans rush to the aisle to stretch their hands out to touch the superhero. Haven is more than happy to reciprocate as he slaps some hands on the way down to the ring. As Haven reaches the ring, he comes toa halt and slowly points towards the stage in anticipation.

Copeland: IT'S BRATCHNY!

The crowd again comes unstuck as the tank of a Russian makes his way through the curtain and stoicly walks onto the stage. As he reaches the ramp, he looks around the arena, taking in everything once again and allowing a massive smile to appear on his face. Down the ramp, Haven begins jumping around in excitement.

Anderson: And his partner, weighing in at 230 pounds and hailing from Moscow, Russia... Carmen Bratchny!!

Connor: I cannot believe what I am seeing!

Cohen: No Young Justice reunion tonight but what a massive return, ladies and gentlemen. There aren't many others who have been around as long as Carmen Bratchny. He has been in more events than I have had hot meals and this should be a warning to the whole roster!

Carmen begins bouncing on his toes as he feels the anticipation building for his return to the ring. After a moment, he makes his way down the ramp and slaps some hands, just as his partner did only seconds ago. Once at the bottom of the ramp, Haven is finally joined by his tag team partner. They exchange a quick slap of hands before heading into the ring and joining their opponents. With all four competitors in the ring for the first time, the referee sends them over to their respective corners while a massive roar of appreciation goes around the arena. The teams begin discussing who will start the match and it is soon decided that Haven will start out. On the other side of the ring, it seems as though Xander wants to start things off. Another roar of approval rings around the arena as the referee sends Carmen and Xaitlyn out and signals for the bell.


Connor: This is an amazing sight, folks. Seeing Carmen Bratchny in a WZCW ring is not something that I thought I would get to see. But here we are!

Cohen: Let me tell you something, Cat. Carmen is one of the most destructive forces to ever grace a WZCW ring. I wouldn't like to be either Xaitlyn or Xander at this point.

Copeland: Well, it is Haven and Xander who are going to get things started here tonight in our opening contest. Let's get to it.

In one corner of the ring, Xander seems totally unimpressed by his opponents. He turns his nose up at Haven in the opposite corner before beginning to make his way around the ring rather nonchalantly. Strolling around the ring, Xander cuts the figure of someone who is totally unconcerned about the opposition he is facing. But all of that changes as Haven rushes him and dives at him looking for a big splash. Xander's pace considerably quickens as he manages to avoid the contact. Haven lands with is feet on the second rope. And just when Xander feels as though he is out of the woods, Haven launches himself off of the ropes with a springboard wheel kick that catches Xander on the chin and sends him sprawling across the ring. Xander quickly begins crawling away from Haven until he is in the corner of the ring with a look of shock upon his face. The crowd give a massive cheer as the Superhero hailing from Smogtown gets back to his feet and lets a smile appear on his features. Xander, on the other hand, is not impressed by Haven's dirty tricks and allows a furious look to appear on his face. He slowly gets back to his feet as an air of anticipation for these two coming together again begins to build. All of that anticipation is lost quickly, however, as Xander unexpectedly tags in his tag team partner. Xaitlyn looks shocked but she has no other choice other than to get in the ring as Xander quickly withdraws his services from the match.

Copeland: Xander LeBelle didn't seem altogether impressed with his opposition there, Jack. And he got punished for that instantly.

Cohen: Quite right, Seabass. Xander is a smart man and he knows exactly what these two guys are capable of. That said, it's a good move sending in his tag team partner this early in the match. He;s conserving energy for later.

Connor: Conserving energy? He just got put on his ass by the former Tag Team Champion, Jack. Xander is running scared and that's the truth.

Xaitlyn, although shocked, seems keen to get into the ring and get the match momentum moving in the direction of her team. Haven continues to smile as he slowly walks towards his corner of the ring and offers the tag to his tag team partner. The crowd let out a massive cheer as Carmen accepts the offer and enters the ring. Xaitlyn is utterly fearless, however, walking straight into the face of Carmen and staring through him as she does. Carmen lets out a wry laugh as Xaitlyn gets in his face. But Xaitlyn is not impressed by the, perceived, lack of respect for her and pushes Carmen back with all of her might. Carmen stumbles backwards and allows his back to hit the ropes. Suddenly, he rebounds off of the ropes with dynamite speed and nails Xaitlyn with a heavy clothesline that takes her to the canvas for the first time in the match. But the man from Russia is not in a mood to continue to playing with his opponents. As Xaitlyn holds her jaw on the canvas, Carmen grabs her and pulls her back to her feet. He back her up into the corner of the ring and begins peppering her with stiff shots to the jaw and then a swift elbow to the side of her head. The crowd cannot help but cheer as Carmen offers the tag to Haven. Haven accepts and jumps over the top rope and into the match as Carmen exits. Haven continues the assault on The Deviless as he pulls her out of the corner and whips her across the ring. Xaitlyn simply cannot keep up with the pace of the match as Haven hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and then nails Xaitlyn with a cross-body as she returns to him. The crowd go wild as both competitors hit the canvas and Haven goes for the pinfall. 1... 2... Kick out from Xaitlyn Serpiente!

Connor: Very impressive stiff from the newly returned superstars there, folks. Not a lot of ring rust it seems.

Cohen: Not now, at least. The longer this match goes on, I begin to favour the established WZCW superstars who have been doing this week in and week out. There simply is no replacement for doing this night after night. The gas tank will invariably empty as time goes by.

Haven quickly shoot back to his feet, looking to keep the pace of the match high as he grabs Xaitlyn by the head and pulls her back to her feet. Haven grabs Xaitlyn and backs her up into the middle of the far ropes. He nails her with a stiff shot to the face before going to whip her into the ropes. But Xaitlyn manages to reverse the Irish whip and, instead, it is Haven who is propelled across the ring. Xander, aware of his ring position, quickly pulls down the top rope as Haven hits them, causing Haven to tumble over the ropes and crash to the floor below. Xander raises his arms in celebration as the Superhero lies motionless on the unprotected stone floor. The crowd boo mercilessly as Xaitlyn begins shouting at Xander. Xander seems shocked by Xaitlyn's unwillingness to play dirty but just waves a hand in her face as she tries to bring him to task for his actions. Xaitlyn shakes her head in disapproval as she exits the ring and pulls Haven back to his feet, trying to assist him in getting back into the ring. But Xander has other plans in place as he launches himself off of the apron and nails Haven with a stunning double axe-handle to the skull. Haven hits the floor once more as Xaitlyn launches herself out of the way. The Class Act quickly gets back to his feet with a flourish as he extends both of his arms out in celebration. Xaitlyn gets back to her feet and pulls Xander around to face her, giving him Hell for his actions. She is soon joined by the Russian destroyer, Carmen Bratchny. Carmen stands ominously as Xander raises both of his hands in surrender to the whim of his tag partner. Xaitlyn picks up Haven and rolls him back into the ring as Xander wheels away to the other side of the ring.

Copeland: Hmm! It seems as though Xander and Xaitlyn have very different game plans in this match, folks. If they can't get on the same page, then this match might just get away from them. Tag team contests often reward the team that know instinctively what the other is doing. It seems as though Xaitlyn and Xander want different things in this match.

Cohen: They should be wanting to win, Seabass. Xander LeBelle has the right idea, why can't you all see that? Carmen and Haven want to win just as much as Xander and Xaitlyn do and they would do the exact same, given the chance.

Connor: I think that Xaitlyn is keen to win this match the right way, Jack. Xander, on the other hand, seems intent on winning by any means necessary.

Xaitlyn soon joins Haven inside of the ring and goes for the cover. But Haven is too fresh for that and Xaitlyn only manages to pick up a 2 count of her own before Haven manages to roll the shoulder out. Xaitlyn gets back to her feet and pulls Haven back to his as she looks to continue the assault on the former Tag Team Champion and member of Young Justice. Xaitlyn backs Haven up in the corner and then nails him with a stiff kick to the gut. Haven stumbles out of the corner, looking some reprieve from the onslaught of offence. But Xaitlyn is in no mood to surrender the momentum just yet. She quickly transitions and manages to nail Haven with a superbly controlled Fireman's Carry that puts Haven into a seated position. Xaitlyn focusses herself before hitting the ropes and than nailing Haven with a penalty kick to the back. The thud of the boot connecting with Haven's back sends shock-waves around the arena as Haven lets out a pained yell. Xaitlyn hits the ropes one more time as Haven has no other choice but to fully recline on the canvas. This turns out to be the worst thing that Haven could possibly do as Xaitlyn uses the opportunity to land a double foot stomp to the gut of her opponent. Xaitlyn quickly covers Haven, looking for the win. Carmen goes to get into the ring but Haven manages to get his shoulder up at a count of 2, keeping the match going and calming the fears of the Russian on the apron.

Cohen: Xaitlyn can look as upset as she wants about Xander getting involved in the match when she was the legal competitor. But she has had no problem putting the screws to Haven as a result of his interception.

Copeland: This is a match, Jack. Do you want Xaitlyn to allow a reprieve in this match or dot he job that she is out there to do?

Cohen: I just think it is funny, Seabass. Xander LeBelle is streets ahead of everyone in this match already. He's got the brains and the know-how to get things done in a wrestling ring. He's the most dangerous person in this match, even when he isn't in the ring! Ha!

Xaitlyn gets back to her feet and looks down at Haven, who is toiling on the canvas. A look of epiphany crosses the features of Xaitlyn as she considers ways to put this match away before Haven has really got into it. Moving into the corner of the ring, Xaitlyn uses her agility to leap onto the top rope. But Xander's tricks are back as he suddenly tags himself into the match and quickly enters the ring. Without mercy and without regret, Xander begins laying into Haven with kicks and stomps. The crowd begins to boo loudly with some urging Carmen into the match to stop the assault on his tag team partner. Xander gets to his knees and continues the beat down with rights and left, wildly landing to the head and body of his opponent and a look of sheer anger and frustration on his features. The Frenchman knows that he has taken a lot out of the former Tag Team Champion and, as he gets back to a vertical base, allows his trademark smile to reappear on his face. It looks as though he knows that it is the perfect time for THE ROSE'S THORN. He moves back into the corner of the ring and waits for Haven to get into position. Slowly but surely, Haven rolls over in search of getting back to his feet. But just as Xander is about to execute the move, Xaitlyn takes the opportunity to tag herself back into the match. She launches herself over the top rope again and into the ring as Xander grabs her by the arm. The two begin arguing as Haven slowly but surely gets back to his feet. Realising that their chance of a win is slipping away, both Xaitlyn and Xander turn to Haven and look for the double clothesline. But Haven, somehow, manages to duck under the arms of his opponents and then, quite stunningly, land a double Pele kick that sends Xander stumbling backwards and through the ropes. The crowd come unglued again as Haven begins crawling towards his corner and, finally, tags in the Russian brute on the apron!

Copeland: Here we go! Bratchny is in the match and business is just about to pick up, ladies and gentlemen!

Connor: The lack of tag team fluidity and the need to try and get one up on the other member of the team has gifted Haven and Carmen a way back into this match and now Xander and Xaitlyn might live to regret those decisions.

Xaitlyn gets back to her feet as the Russian enters the ring, immediately dropping his opponent with a stunning clothesline as the noise from the fans continue to rise. Xander gets back into the ring but that proves to be a bad idea too as he is soon nailed with a clothesline of his own. Carmen continues the assault as Xaitlyn gets back to her feet, landing a quick DDT that takes Xaitlyn back to the canvas. Xander gets back to his feet now, but Carmen nails him with a DDT too. The beast from Russia gets back to his feet and surveys the damage around him. Upon realising that he has single-handedly, taken down his opposition, he lets out a guttural roar of excitement. An action that seems to get the people in the audience into even more of a mark out moment. Carmen makes his way over to Xaitlyn and picks her up. But staying on her feet seems to be a challenge for Xaitlyn as Carmen immediately hits her with a stunning powerbomb. Carmen quickly shoots back to his feet and turns around as Xander tries to steal a march on him and attack from behind. Unfortunately for the Class Act, Carmen turns around and catches him. The look of shock on the face of the Frenchman is a sight to see as he raises both of his arms in surrender again. Xander backs off as Carmen continues to slowly match towards him.

Copeland: It seems as though the nefarious tactics of Xander LeBelle have finally caught up with him now, folks. He stands across the ring from Carmen Bratchny now and he looks utterly terrified to say the least.

Cohen: This is disgraceful, Carmen! Xander isn't even the legal man and he's trying to get out of the ring, Is there no place for respecting competition in this business anymore?

Xander continues to walks backwards until he is finally backed up into the corner of the ring. Carmen grabs him by the hair and begins mouthing off in Russian to the Greatest Mind in WZCW. But Xander is suddenly saved from behind by his tag team partner, who collides with Carmen. Xander takes the opportunity to land a quick shot the jaw of his aggressor and then hastily exits the ring. Carmen stumbles backwards, thanks to the hit from Xander and Xaitlyn looks to follow up. She hits the ropes and then tries to take Carmen down with a clothesline of her own. However, the Russian barely moves; only stumbling backwards a little as Xaitlyn looks utterly stunned. Xaitlyn hits the ropes again and, once again, hits the Russian with another clothesline. Once again, Carmen stumbles backwards but doesn't go down. Carmen lets out a laugh as Xaitlyn tries one final time but is soon nailed with a spine buster that sends her crashing to the canvas. The crowd burst into life as Carmen rockets back to his feet. On the canvas, Xaitlyn reaches out to Xander for help. But Xander wants no part of Carmen and, instead of helping his tag team partner, decides to turn tail and walk up the ramp.

Copeland: You've got to be joking?! Xander LeBelle is showing his true colours now, folks. He is retreating from this match before either Haven or Carmen get their hands on him for his grubby antics earlier on in the match.

Cohen: That's called a tactical retreat, Seabass.

Connor: No matter what it is called, guys, it leaves Xaitlyn Serpiente in the ring alone with Carmen Bratchny. And, being honest with you, that's not a place that you really want to be.

Carmen is none the wiser as Xander's actions as he ruthlessly picks Xaitlyn up and then plants her with FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Serpiente seems to be utterly spent as the Springboard DDT connects meticulously. But if that weren't enough, Carmen moves to the corner of the ring and gets a massive round of applause as he tags in the fan favourite, Haven. Haven allows a look of excitement to cross his features as the noise inside of the arena continues to grow. He climbs onto the top rope fearlessly and then lands THE FIREBIRD SPLASH! He covers Xaitlyn as the referee counts the fall. 1... 2... 3!

Copeland: Well, there you have it, folks. Haven and Carmen Bratchny are back in a WZCW and back to winning ways in this tag team contest. But you have to feel for Xaitlyn Serpiente after her tag team partner abandoned her ruthlessly.

Cohen: So great to see Carmen and Haven back in WZCW, Seabass. But Xander will pick his time to get retribution on Haven and Carmen; mark my words.

Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have more action on the way in a little while. But until then, let's hand you back over to Leon Kensworth, Everest and Becky Serra as the Unscripted Pre-Show continues.

Before the camera switches, the final shot is of Haven and Carmen standing in the middle of the ring as the referee raises their hands in celebration. The crowd continue to cheer as Carmen and Haven allow wide smiles to appear on their faces.

Reinstate The Fox!

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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

The camera cuts back to a static shot of the panel once more, the action still going on behind them in the arena as the defeated team of Xaitlyn Serpiente and Xander LeBelle make their way up the ramp and through the curtain. The threesome of Leon Kensworth, Everest and Becky Serra look pleased with the opening contest of the pre-show as they turn their attention back to the cameras pointed at them.

Kensworth: Wow! Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the first contest of what promises to be an eventful night here in WZCW. And who would have thought it would have been Haven and Carmen Bratchny returning to action after all the intrigue?

Everest: Amazing, Leon. Simply amazing! It has been a long time since I seen Carmen Bratchny in a WZCW ring and when his music hit... I mean, I got goosebumps!

Serra: A crazy showing from the makeshift team of Xaitlyn and Xander, too. With no inclination of who they would be facing, and having never worked together before, it is no wonder that Xander cut his losses and got out when he did. Regardless, they may have come up short but you can tell there is a lot of talent there.

The camera shifts back to Leon.

Kensworth: Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see more and more people are making their way inside the arena for a night full of action and suspense, courtesy of WZCW. We talked briefly about some of the Championship matches on offer here tonight but now we move onto a match that has gotten very personal very quickly.

Leon shuffles through the notes in front of him for a moment before settling on a certain page.

Kensworth: Tony Mancini and Luke Manson have been battling back and forth for, what seems like, months now. Tonight, it all seemingly comes a head when the two square off against each other in a battle for supremacy. But there seems to be more to this than first meets the eye. Champ, I have to come to you first, what is really the story here?

Everest gives a wry smile.

Everest: Well, Leon, this match is about supremacy, pure and simple. Tony Mancini is a bad dude, there is no doubt about it. He has done things in his former life outside of the ring that are... Questionable. But his attack on Manson a few weeks ago really showed the desire for Mancini to cause as much destruction as possible. And on a guy who just wants to provide for his family and turn over a new leaf? That's pretty low.

Serra: I totally disagree, Everest. I think that Tony Mancini was sick of being on the wrong side of a losing streak and found Luke Manson to be a prime candidate to be able to put his marker down in WZCW. The two have bickered back and forth for a few weeks and now it is really time to find out who the better man is.

Leon interjects briefly.

Kensworth: So you don't think there is anything more to this than two guys just battling to see who is the better wrestler, Becky?

Serra: Listen, Leon, we are in the business of wrestling. I've heard the accusations of contract ownership and backstage assaults. But at the end of the day, both of these guys came in around the same time and want to show that they can go a cut above the other. Simple as that!

Becky reclines back in her chair again, obviously satisfied with her answer. The camera flicks back to Leon who raises his eyebrows in utter disbelief. Undeterred, the host of the show continues on.

Kensworth: Well, talking about going a cut above in deeply personal and bitter rivalries, none of the matches more fit the bill than Logan McAllister versus James Howard. This match really goes back to Logan McAllister managing to do the seemingly impossible at Gold Rush and beating a former World Champion; Dorian Slaughter. On the same night, James Howard made a long awaited return to the ring to put the screws to Mikey Stormrage. And whilst that is a chapter still unfinished between the two, Howard will have his hands full tonight.

The camera shoots over to Everest.

Everest: Logan McAllister is someone who I have a lot of time for, Leon. I met him at a baseball game with his kid the other day and couldn't be more happy with the way he is presenting himself around this company. He's got a lot of dirt on his shoulder but he is intent on making his way up the tree in WZCW and the win at Gold Rush really put that desire in his heart. Tonight, he takes on another former Champion and someone who has, pretty much, did it all in WZCW. James Howard is the epitome of a big time player and it is a dangerous opponent for Logan. But you know what, Leon, I think he can do it again here tonight.

Serra: Nonsense! Logan McAllister could be doing this for any reason that he wants. The fact remains that he has never come close to winning a Championship in the entire time he has been in WZCW. Conversely, James Howard has seen it all and done it all. He has his sights set on the big prize in WZCW and this is just a step on that path to glory. Providing for a family is all well and good but being the man inside and outside of this ring is something only a handful of people have ever done. Which the more powerful motivator? I think that Howard is going to show us all a little later on.

Leon interjects once more.

Kensworth: I hope that James Howard isn't overlooking Logan McAllister the same way that you are, Becky. He may not have won a Championship just yet. But Logan has more than proved he is an asset to this company and, on his day, can beat anyone. Overlooking him or writing him off could come at the peril and Championship derailment of James Howard.

Serra: I doubt it...

Leon gives Becky an incredulous look as he moves on.

Kensworth: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time for talks is over once more. Theron's 1-Up Open Challenge is going to be the first reveal for the fans here tonight. The winner of the poll will go on to face Theron Daggershield later on in the night to fight for an extra life in the Lethal Lottery. The two losers, on the other hand, will face off to see who enters the Lethal Lottery at number 1. The stakes could not be higher!

Leon looks over his shoulder to check his surroundings and catches John Doe, Noah Ryder and Veejay all making their way onto the stage.

Kensworth: The fans at ringside are ready for the first announcement, and the arena is almost at capacity. So let us hand you back over to the team behind the commentary table for the final time in the WZCW Pre-show to bring you the action!

Reinstate The Fox!

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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

The camera returns to a static shot of Sebastian Copeland, Jack Cohen and Cat Connor behind the WZCW commentary desk as the three competitors finish making their way out onto the stage and await the results of the first poll of the evening.

Copeland: Thank you, Leon. Well, folks, it has already been a big night for surprises. A little earlier on, we seen the surprise return of Haven and Carmen Bratchny to WZCW. And now we will reveal the winner and indeed, losers, of the first public poll of the event.

Connor: But before that, let's have a look at the tale of the tape...


Theron Daggershield announced his intention of holding an Open Challenge at this event.

The winner of the poll would go onto face Theron Daggershield.

The losers of the poll would face off against each other on the Pre-Show of Unscripted.

The loser of the Pre-Show match would enter at number 1 in the WZCW Lethal Lottery.

The winner of the Open Challenge gets to enter the Lethal Lottery twice in the same night.

Copeland: It was said on the Pre-Show panel before the matches got underway, but so much is at stake in this match. Or, to be more clear, the result of the poll that is about to come our way. The Lethal Lottery match is the one match in WZCW that will change everything from your career to your way of life. To have another life in the Lottery is doubling your odds of getting to the top of the mountain.

To the side of the stage, a small podium has been set up. A podium which Vance Bateman now stands behind. On the front of the podium, the logo of WZCW Unscripted can be seen. After a moment of crowd anticipation, Vance begins to speak.

Bateman: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to reveal the result of the first public poll of WZCW Unscripted 2016.

A massive pop fills the arena as the titantron flickers into life behind the three competitors. All three men turn their head as their names flash up on the screen with little coloured bars underneath them. Noah Ryder rubs his hands together as his beautiful campaign pin flickers under the spotlight.

Bateman: Your votes have been coming in thick and fast to us at WZCW all week and now I can finally reveal that the person going to face Theron Daggershield in the 1-Up Open Challenge later on tonight will be...

John Doe: 20%

Noah Ryder: 70%

Veejay: 10%
The crowd give a massive pop as Noah Ryder begins jumping up and down on the spot in utter celebration. He gives the crowd a few bows before balling his fist in jubilation. He turns on his heels and heads back through the curtain to prepare for his match later in the night. Meanwhile, Veejay and John Doe remain standing on the stage, looking at each other and getting very intense. Suddenly, John Doe runs at Veejay and catches him off guard with a clubbing blow to the face. Veejay tries to cover up but it seems as though John Doe is in no mood for messing around.

Cohen: Here we go!

Copeland: This assault is nothing more than an unsanctioned fight at this point, folks. John Doe and Veejay were the runners up in the poll a second ago. But now it seems as though John Doe is leaving nothing to fate with this vicious assault.

Over and over, John Doe lands punch and chop to the head and torso of his opponent as the crowd let Doe know what they think of his dirty tactics. Driving Veejay back towards the edge of the stage under the pressure of his attack, John Doe seems to have bad thoughts on his mind. He turns his body so that his back is facing off of the stage and garbs Veejay for the vertical suplex off of the stage. He goes to hoists Veejay up into the air and cause significant damage. But somehow Veejay manages to block the lift. Instead, Veejay begins laying stiff punches into the gut of John Doe in order to break the hold. Doe tries once more to lift Veejay but has no other choice but to break the hold. Veejay quickly lands a kick to the gut of his opponent before pulling Doe towards him and landing a gnarly looking DDT onto the steel grill of the Unscripted stage. The crowd takes a sharp intake of breath collectively as Veejay gets back to his feet and lets out a yell of anger.

Connor: Well, that really couldn't have gone any worse for John Doe. He was looking to put Veejay away before this match even started. Now he finds himself in a world of trouble against someone who is fired up to teach him a lesson for his transgressions. This could get ugly.

Cohen: This match really should be moved into the ring though, CC. Who knows what damage Veejay could do out there on that stage; this is dangerous.

Connor: Uh, you weren't saying that a moment ago when it was John Doe who had the upper hand Jack. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, in my opinion. John Doe is getting what he had coming to him for his ridiculous attack.

Veejay grabs Doe by the head and pulls him back to his feet. By now, a steady stream of blood is beginning to pour down the face of the former Tag Team Champion and Child of the Damned. Doe seems to be out on his feet already but Veejay is in no mood to mess around or let John Doe back into the match. He grabs Doe by the head and begins pulling him down the ramp towards the ring. But any thoughts of Doe getting some sort of merciful reprieve from Veejay in the ring are quickly extinguished as Veejay pulls Doe over to the side of the ramp and smashes his, already bloody, features into the guard rail. Blood continues to flow from the gash on Doe's head as, again and again, Veejay drives his skull into the metal guard rail. After 3 or 4 stiff shots, Veejay allows Doe to crumble into a bloody heap on the stone floor. The fans scream with excitement as Doe finally gets some punishment for his cowardly actions.

Copeland: I can tell that Veejay is angry that he was brutally attacked a moment ago but he is really putting the screws to John Doe here. This, as you said Cat, could get very ugly really fast if we don't get this match back inside the ring.

Connor: Or inside the ring for the first time, you should say, Seabass.

Veejay shakes his head in angered frustration as he puts his hands on his hips and begins walking away from his opponent in this “match”. The crowd give another cheer to show their support for his brutal actions but Veejay seems a little bothered by himself. He moves back across the floor towards Doe but does not expect the attack to come from Doe as it does. Doe grabs him by his jeans and pulls him face first into the guard rail, perhaps gaining some retribution for his own assault wounds in the process. Doe begins crawling away as Veejay lies motionless on the floor, seemingly with the wind knocked out of him thanks to that collision. Doe finally reclaims vis vertical base and moves over towards Veejay before leathering him with multiple kicks and stomps as he gains control of the fight once more. The fans can't help but boo loudly as Doe wipes away some of the blood from the gash on his head and wipes it across his chest in some sort of battle sign.

Copeland: Christ, this has gotten very dangerous all of a sudden, folks. This match should have been contested in the ring and we would have found a suitable winner through respectable means. But John Doe has gotten his way and now this match has devolved into something very physical and very dangerous indeed.

Connor: And a lot can be said about the position that Veejay now finds himself in. He looks to be utterly out of this one, thanks to that unexpected collision with the guard rail. Someone has to come out here and stop this before both men are written off completely.

Doe finishes putting a a beating on Veejay and then stumbles towards the ring. In the ring, the referee continues to shout orders towards John Doe and Veejay as he tries to get the proper match underway. Something which John Doe seems to have accepted as his best way out of this street fight of sorts. He rolls into the ring, his blood staining the white canvas as he does. Getting to his feet as Veejay begins to stir on the outside of the canvas, Doe orders the referee to begin counting a count out against Veejay. But the referee can't do it until the match is started properly. Doe lashes out at the turn-buckle as Veejay finally makes it back to his feet and stumbles towards the ring on unsteady legs. In the ring. Doe waits for his opponent and allows a vicious look of contempt to cross his features as Veejay finally reaches the ring. But no sooner has Veejay reached the ring than John Doe is on him again, looking to put the screws to him once again. Kick and punch after kick and punch land on the Showbiz Himself as Doe looks to put this match away.


Copeland: I don't know what to make of what has gone on before, ladies and gentlemen, but this match is properly finally underway. Both men have taken their fair share of licks already though. I don't see how this can continue for much longer.

Connor: Ruthless aggression from John Doe, Seabass. This match should have been stopped before it even began. No Veejay finds himself in a world of trouble and with nowhere to go.

Doe continues the assault on Veejay before getting back to his feet and smiling through the crimson mask that currently washes over his face. Doe ominously pulls a finger across his throat as he looks down at the former Bollywood star on the canvas. After the frightening image, Doe goes back to Veejay and begins pulling back to his feet. It looks as though Doe has gotten his wish and Veejay is out on his feet. Doe signals to the crowd that it is time for THE BAPTISM BY BLOOD and is immediately met with an outpouring of hate from the fans who fill the arena. Doe lines up the move and twists his body, looking to put the match away. But suddenly, Veejay manages to pull his arms out of the move and rolls up Doe with a pin. The referee shoots down to count the fall as Veejay uses the ropes for extra leverage! 1... 2... 3! It's over!!

Anderson: Here is your winner.... Veejay!

With that, Veejay shoots out of the ring and falls to the ground at ring side. He allows a smile to appear under his dazed eyes.

Cohen: WHAT!? This match needs to be restarted!

Copeland: I don't believe it, folks. Veejay looked as though he was out of this match after the brutal and unforgiving assault by John Doe. But somehow, he managed to put John Doe away with a sudden pinfall and now Doe heads into the Lethal Lottery as the number one entrant!

Connor: Simply stunning stuff. And nothing less than John Doe deserves, Seabass. His assault on Veejay was totally uncalled for and now he is paying the price.

Doe gets to his feet and cannot help but looks utterly confused and stunned as the referee signals to him that the match is over and that he has lost. Doe begins arguing with the referee but it is no good. On the outside of the ring, Veejay continues to smile as he makes his way up the ramp and raises his arms in celebration.

Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is all of the action for the WZCW Unscripted Pre-Show. It has been an amazing hour of action but it is just the appetizer for what is to come. So many surprises and world class action is coming your way. But for now, let's hand you back to Leon Kensworth.

Reinstate The Fox!

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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

The camera returns to a picture of Leon Kensworth, Everest and Becky Serra sitting at the Pre-Show panel, their faces showing the magnitude of the shock and disbelief at what they have just seen. Leon clears his throat uncomfortably as he flicks through his notes once again.

Kensworth: That was brutal, ladies and gentlemen. But I guess, to some degree, it shows just how much the results here at Unscripted mean to everyone on the roster, Becky?

Serra: I absolutely agree, Leon. Can I condone the actions of John Doe? Absolutely not. But do I understand his frustrations at losing out on the chance to get an extra life in the Lethal Lottery and his anger at being forced to compete just to stave off the chance of being the first entrant to said match? Absolutely.

Everest: The thing is, Leon, the Lethal Lottery is going to make or break your WZCW year, Everyone wants to be in the main event of Kingdom Come but not everyone is going to be able to earn that shot through being the Heavyweight Champion. What is more agreeable to everyone, is winning that match at the Lethal Lottery event and heading into the match with the momentum on your side. What you seen right there, is the same aggression that drove Titus to win Kingdom Come 2 and take me on at Kingdom Come 2. It's just what is required.

Leon shakes his head in disagreement feebly as he looks down at the table.

Kensworth: Regardless of the ambush on Veejay, John Doe heads into the Lethal Lottery event as the number one entrant. And if you thought that this was the end for those two, I have a feeling that you may be mistaken. This could be the very start of something.

Leon allows those words to sink in for a moment as the fans in the arena continue to find their seats behind him. In the corner of the screen, a timer appears and shows that Unscripted is drawing nearer. As Leon begins talking again, his tone is a little bit lighter.

Kensworth: Something that should be coming to a head tonight, guys, is the epic feud between Kagura Joheki and Ramparte. It has been deeply personal between these two and has actually resulted in Ramparte losing his voice. Ramparte gets the chance to take Kagura out once and for all tonight. The question is, Champ, can he do it?

Everest looks completely undecided as he shakes his head slowly from one side to another.

Everest: I don't know, Leon, I really don't. Listen, I brought Cerberus into this organisation because I knew that they had what it takes to get the job done on the biggest stage. And Hell, I was proved right when they became the best Tag Team Champions that this company every had. But since the implosion of Cerberus, Flex and Ramparte have struggled to find their feet. It's a big adjustment, no doubt. But I really hope that tonight is the night that Ramparte and Flex start clearing the way towards some singles accomplishments.

Serra: And let's not forget that Kagura is a former Elite Openweight Champion. A win against Kagura tonight, for Ramparte, would not only put this whole chapter to bed, pardon the pun. But it would also, surely, put him in contention to perhaps move onto the Lethal Lottery with some momentum, and perhaps make the mid-card Champions feel as though they are under threat a little. First thing is first though, Ramparte needs to pick up the W tonight and get his voice back from Kagura.

Leon nods his head in agreement as he moves on.

Kensworth: And going back to Flex, Champ, tonight he takes on Dorian Slaughter. Now, Slaughter and Flex have been at each other's throats for weeks and the feud between the two has become more about supremacy than anything else. Slaughter, as we know, is a former World Champion of this company. And just like Ramparte, Flex now finds himself in a match as the underdog. With that in mind, what does a win mean to Flex here tonight.

The camera flicks to Becky.

Serra: At any PPV, Leon, a win means absolutely everything. Winning is the reason that all of the great WZCW Superstars are in this business. They are here to prove that they have what it takes to be the very best that this company has to offer. And beating a former Gold Rush winner and Heavyweight Champion, if he can that is, would give Flex a much needed confidence boost. He came up short against Titus for the EurAsian Championship not long ago and has now found himself in a bitter feud with Slaughter. Flex needs this win to get the juices flowing again and to find the momentum that he is in dire need of.

Kensworth: Everest, anything to add?

Everest remains silent for a moment before lifting his head towards the camera.

Everest: I really fear for Flex tonight. I have been witness to some of the destruction that Dorian Slaughter has been a part of. He is a relentless, ruthless and dangerous competitor. And what's more, he is an entirely different prospect than Flex has ever faced before. I spoke to him earlier in the week and told him what to expect but I know that it will do little good. He reminds me a lot of Vengeance in a lot of ways. And until you are standing across the ring from someone like that, you can't fully understand what it is like. Flex is going to have his hands full tonight, there is no doubt about that. My only hope is that Flex picks up the win and doesn't let what goes on in the match affect him afterwards.

Leon raises his eyebrows a little at the thought of the match to come. He lets a warm smile cross his features as the timer in the corner of the screen reaches it's final moments.

Kensworth: Well, ladies and gentlemen, all of the talking has been done. Voting is now closed on all of the match stipulations and all that is left is for the talking to be done in the ring. A card full of supreme talent and fantastic surprises await you. My thanks to former Heavyweight Champion, Everest...

Everest nods his head in appreciation.

Kensworth: And of course, Becky Serra...

Becky blows the camera a kiss.

Kensworth: I've been your host, Leon Kensworth. And now, Unscripted is a go. See you on the other side...

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Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...Dave is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

Credit: Dave

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