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Old 06-18-2016, 12:00 AM
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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...
Default Meltdown 131

The usual pyro and chatter of the arena is nowhere to be found as the flagship WZCW show opens to Dorian Slaughter standing in the ring with a single spotlight shining on him. The rest of the arena is dark and the crowd is completely quiet as there is an unsettling vibe given off by the former world champion. Slaughter has a microphone in his hand and after a few more uncomfortable moments of silence he raises the mic to his hand begins to speak.

Slaughter: I returned to WZCW to liberate the condemned….I wanted to free their tortured souls by putting them out of their misery. But there was one soul who thought their existence was more important than my cause….they thought they were greater than death itself….that soul was Flex Mussel.

For the first time since the show started the fans begin to show some signs of life as they cheer at the sound of a fan favorite’s name.

Slaughter: You cheer him but your praise just gives him false hope. Little do you know your applause wills him into his own demise, truth be told I wanted to help Flex, show him that his need to appease you worthless minds is the reason why he’ll never rise above…. but I’m afraid he may never be reached. So it’s time to truly unveil my way of finally getting through to Flex-

The monsieur of muscle wastes little time emerging from the curtain and onto the entrance ramp. He has a microphone and he quickly signals for his music to be cut off as he addresses Slaughter.

Flex: To be perfectly honest I was kind of interested in hearing what you had to say. You returned out of nowhere and seemingly made me your primary target. At first I thought there may have been an interesting reason why. Maybe you thought I was a threat to a potential title you wanted. Maybe you didn’t like my singing in the locker rooms. Hell maybe you thought Flex Fitness rates were too high, but now that I see you’re a just a lunatic speaking in jiberish harder to understand than the French part of my accent, I’ve decided enough is enough. We’ve done enough talking Slaughter, what I want to do is fight, and I’m not about to wait till the main event to do it. You’ve had a lot of fun attacking me from behind, let’s see how you match up face to face!

Flex drops the mic and immediately sprints down the ramp and towards the ring. Just as he slides under the bottom rope to attack Slaughter the lights go out! As they come back on Flex is in the ring alone and Slaughter is nowhere to be seen! The bodybuilder looks around confused until he becomes angry that Slaughter slipped through his grasp.

Cohen: Dorian is a bit too clever for that meathead.

Copeland: That or Slaughter is running scared now that Flex wants a fair fight.

Cohen: Fair?! He’s going up against two former members of Cerberus in a handicap match tonight!

Copeland: That he is, but that’s our main event Jack. We have a hell of a show for you tonight, including the Eurasian and one half of the tag team champions in action. We’ll be right back with our opening contest after the break!

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave
Old 06-18-2016, 12:01 AM
RIP Cooper's Title Reign
WWE Diva's Champion
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Justin Cooper's Grave
Posts: 543
TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...

We cut backstage to where Tony Mancini can be seen looking at a monitor in front of him. On the screen, the attack of Luke Manson from Ascension can be seen, along with a smile from Tony Mancini as he watches his handy work. After a few moment, Gino makes his way into shot and slaps Tony on the back.

Gino: You ready to get out there, Champ?

Mancini: Ready isn't the word, Gino. I'm telling ya, I've never been more pumped up.

Gino: Good to hear, Ton. We don't need a repeat of the result against Xander LeBelle.

Tony lowers his head slightly as the thought of losing to Xander LeBelle last week crosses his mind; his smile now disappearing.

Mancini: Listen, Gino, I need you to stay back here tonight.

Gino: You can't be serious, Ton!?

Mancini: I can handle Xaitlyn on my own, Gino. I need you to be keeping an eye on the back and looking out for me if Luke Manson tries to get some revenge here tonight. I can't do both.

Gino huffs for a second, letting out a deep sigh and a shake of the head. He nods his head in acceptance of his role. Tony gives him a pat on the chest as he walks out of shot, the pictures of his violent assault still replaying on the monitors.


Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall.

The arena falls into complete darkness as the fans get to their feet in anticipation of the event to come. For what seems like an eternity, the arena does not stir. Suddenly, a solitary light shines down into the ring, revealing Xaitlyn Serpiente with her snake wrapped loosely around her neck. She pets it lovingly before handing it off to Mr. Stokes.

Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 175. Straight out of Hell... The Deviless, Xaitlyn Serpiente!!

Copeland: It doesn't matter how many times I see Xaitlyn Serpiente enter the arena, Jack, it always gives me goosebumps. As far as strange entrances go, she is right up there with the best of them. Understated but dangerous.

Cohen: Almost like the lady herself, Seabass. She might have come up short in her debut match but I reckon that she'll get the job done tonight.

With that, Mr Stokes exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp once more, removing Ennette from the arena as the lights go down once more; bathing the arena in darkness.

After a moment or two of the eerie tones of Mancini's entrance music playing to the baying crowd, Mancini finally makes his appearance. Moving down the ramp, Tony offers the fans at ringside a few choice hand gestures as he lets his arrogant smile creep across his face.

Harrys: And her opponent. Weighing in at 275 pounds and hailing from Little Italy... Tony Mancini!!

Copeland: Tony Mancini has been on something of a losing streak for the last few weeks but that hasn't stopped him from demonstrating how dangerous he can be. His unprovoked assault of Luke Manson on Ascension last week was just sickening.

Cohen: How do you know it was unprovoked, Seabass? You know nothing. How about letting the chips fall where they may before you start judging this guy!

Once Tony reaches the ring, he walks around the ring, never removing his gaze from the rookie that waits in the ring for him. He climbs the steps before removing his charm and handing it off to the referee. The referee tells Mancini to spread his arms as he searches him. As he searches his trousers, a pair of brass knuckles falls out. Mancini offers the referee a laugh as he removes them too and hands them off to a stage hand. He signals for the bell.


Copeland: And we are underway here, folks. These two don't seem to have any love lost between them as things stand. And I can't imagine that this will be technical wrestling match. These two want to lay hands on each other and they are about to get their wish.

Tony and Xaitlyn begin circling the ring, sizing each other up and then coming together with a collar tie up. But it is the ruthless Tony Mancini who manages to get the upper hand, driving Serpiente back towards the ropes. The referee comes between the two superstars looking for a clean break. Slowly but surely, the two superstars break the tie-up and begin backing away from each other. But Mancini is in no mood to surrender the early advantage to his opponent and nails her with a stiff uppercut that sends her tumbling through the ropes and crashing out onto the floor below.

Copeland: Man, what an impact there. Serpiente just got taught a very valuable lesson here in WZCW; don't trust anyone.

Cohen: A lesson not before time, Seabass.

In the ring, Tony Mancini looks pleased with his work as he raises both of his arms out to the side in celebration. The fans, however, are not on board with his early celebrations and let him know what they think of him as thunderous boos rain down upon him. A smile appears on the face of the New York City native as he heads towards the side of the ring. Peering over the top rope, Mancini doesn't even realise that Serpiente has crawled around the side of the ring and has entered the ring from the other side. Mancini turns on his heels and is immediately nailed with a diving cross-body attack that takes both competitors to the mat. Serpiente immediately covers Mancini for the shock cover but the pinfall attempt only reaches a count of 1 before Mancini powers out.

Cohen: That's never going to be enough to take out Tony Mancini. But I've got to give the rookie some credit for ingenuity.

Copeland: Well, Mancini holds the advantage with regards to experience in WZCW but Serpiente just taught him a lesson of her own. He got ahead of himself there and paid the price.

Both competitors spring back to their feet straight away, both of them looking to advance their cause at this important juncture. But it is Serpiente who gets the better of Mancini, ducking under his attempt at a lariat and then nailing him with a Pele kick that sends him straight back to the canvas. The crowd let out a yelp of excitement as the pace begins to quicken; with Serpiente in the driving seat seemingly. Mancini tries to get back up but as he does, Serpiente hist him with a seated kick to the back; the clapping sound of the impact clear as day around the arena. Serpiente pulls Mancini back to the mat, so that he is lying flat and then begins stomping him with consummate ease. Stomp after stomp lands on the face and limbs of the Italian American brawler as he is at the mercy of The Deviless.

Copeland: Those stomps have to be taking their toll on the mobster, Jack. Serpiente has showed her guile and determination from the get-go here tonight and she is looking good for the win.

Cohen: Whoa! First of all, the rumours that Tony Mancini comes from a crime family are completely unfounded. And second of all, everyone gets lucky in a WZCW ring from time to time. And as we know, matches can change momentum in the blink of an eye.

After continuing to stomp her opponent ruthlessly, Serpiente looks pleased with her work. She offers the fans a cheeky smile as she contemplates her next move. Turning her back to the prone Mancini, she goes for a spectacular standing moonsault. But Mancini manages to get his knees up at the very last minute. Serpiente crashes into Mancini's knees; causing massive damage to her gut and sending her wheeling away in agony as Mancini gets back to his feet slowly. Mancini finally reaches his vertical base and waits for Serpiente to achieve hers. But that is a bad move for The Deviless, too, as Tony immediately runs at her and nails her with a beautifully executed big boot to the jaw of his opponent. Serpiente hits the deck as Mancini allows a massive smile to re-appear on his face.

Cohen: What did I just tell you, Seabass. One high risk piece of offence from Serpiente has caused Mancini to find a way back into this match. The key to being successful in that ring is weighing up risk versus reward. And, unfortunately, for Serpiente, she didn't do that very well right there.

Copeland: Right! And one person you don't want to be controlling the offence in a match is Tony Mancini. The brawler has a monstrous streak in him that could mean the bad end of a beating for the rookie.

Grabbing The Deviless by the hair, Tony Mancini pulls her back to her feet. He back her up into the corner before slamming his elbow into her head to inflict yet more damage. It looks as though Serpiente has had her lights dimmed as she staggers towards her opponent. Ruthlessly though, Mancini pushes her back into the corner and then lifts her onto the turn-buckle so that she is sitting in the corner of the ring. Tony gives the crowd another taunt before climbing the turn-buckle alongside his opponent. It looks as though he is going to try for a super-plex from the top rope. But as he hoists Serpiente onto her feet in the corner, she begins peppering his sternum and gut with punches that are leaving a visible mark.

Copeland: Once again, this match moves to a high-risk area. This is not in the best interests of Tony Mancini, folks. He needs to slow the pace in this match and use his power to put Xaitlyn away. Anything can happen on the top rope.

Cohen: We've already seen someone punished for trying something that is just a little too high-risk. And with Serpiente now fighting back on that top rope, it could mean curtains for Mancini.

Finally, with one more shot, Serpiente is able to knock Tony from the top rope and onto his feet on the canvas. Tony runs at Serpiente, trying to reclaim the advantage in the match. But she is ready for him and immediately nails him with a stiff kick to the jaw that sends him backwards and recoiling. Sensing that her moment is near, Serpiente gets to her feet as quickly as she can and launches herself at Mancini; nailing him with the Death Bell Uno! The awesome hurricanrana sends Mancini flying across the ring as Serpiente tries to get her bearings and really take control of the match. Strangely though, Serpiente doesn't seem interested in the cover at this moment. She backs herself up against the corner again and pulls herself to her feet.

Copeland: What a move from The Deviless there, folks. Mancini was taken from his feet and all of that body weight came crashing down, thanks to a beautiful hurricanrana from the top rope.

Cohen: Serpiente needs to go for the cover, Seabass. Tony Mancini doesn't know if he's in New York or New Delhi.

Serpiente waits and waits as Tony Mancini tries to shake away the cobwebs from his senses and get back to his feet. Using the ring ropes to get back to a vertical base, Mancini staggers towards Serpiente. But The Deviless is waiting for him and goes for the SERPIENTE STRIKE! But somehow, Mancini shows amazing agility by ducking under the flailing leg of the rookie. With absolutely no hesitation at all, Mancini rakes at the eyes of his opponent, sending her backwards and clutching at her eyes. Mancini sparks into life again and hits the far ropes. Serpiente is none the wiser as Mancini hits her with the W.G.T! Serpiente hits the canvas as Mancini lands on top of her. He quickly goes for the cover as the referee gets into position. 1... 2... 3! No! Serpiente gets her hand on the rope. The referee waves off the count!

Copeland: I don't believe it, folks. Tony Mancini managed to hits Xaitlyn Serpiente with his finishing move but she somehow had the ring presence to know that she was near the ropes. This match goes on!

Cohen: Ha! But Mancini doesn't realise it! Look at him celebrating!

In the ring, Mancini gets to his feet and begins celebrating the win that he doesn't have. He mounts the turn-buckle and raises his hands in celebration as the crowd have a laugh at his expense. Dropping back onto the canvas, he goes over to the referee and orders him to raise his arm in victory. The referee tries to tell Tony that the match is not won but Tony will not hear it. On the canvas, Serpiente is starting to regain her senses as Tony argues with the referee about the decision. The look of realisation on Tony's face is a picture as it finally dawns on him that he hasn't won the match as he thought. At that moment, Serpiente grabs at his trousers and pulls him down and into a school boy pin! The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out from Mancini!

Cohen: I thought she had it there!

Copeland: What a turn of events. But this match rumbles on, folks!

Both Mancini and Serpiente get back to their as quickly as they can with both competitors trying to reclaim the advantage. Tony goes for a big clothesline but Serpiente ducks underneath his arm and hits the ropes. She returns and goes for a drop-kick. She hits Tony on the chest and sends him reeling towards the ropes himself. She hits the canvas then springs back to her feet, looking to follow up on her offence. But Mancini hits the ropes and builds momentum as he rifles back off of them. Xaitlyn gets back to her feet but is hit with another W.G.T! Mancini falls into the cover. 1... 2... 3!!

Copeland: Wow! What an amazing finish to this contest, folks. Both of these competitors put it all on the line here tonight. But it was Tony Mancini who managed to get the rub of the green and picks up the win.

Cohen: A great showing from both superstars, Seabass. The future is bright for young Serpiente; that much is true. As she gains more experience, she will be a force to be reckoned with. But tonight was just not her night.

Harrys: Here is your winner... Tony Mancini!!

Tony rolls out of the ring and raises his arm n celebration. This time, he has won. The lights go out one more time and when they come back up, Xaitlyn is gone...

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave

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Old 06-18-2016, 12:01 AM
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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...

A camera man does his best to sneak inside a locker room and poke his camera around the corner revealing the members of Vis Imperium discussing backstage. It’s hard to make out at first, but as the cameraman zooms into Constantine and Steven Holmes the conversation becomes a bit clearer.

Holmes: It is incredibly important you soften up Cooper tonight Reynolds, are you ready?

Austin Reynolds nods his head in agreement as Holmes turns his attention to Abel Hunnicutt and Constantine.

Holmes: Unscripted is almost here gentlemen. The time is coming for us to assert our dominance.

Constantine: And dominant we shall be. Tonight and on Ascension, it is only the beginning.

For a second it looks as if Reynolds is about to chime in until he notices the camera peeking out from the corner. The camera man fumbles and eventually runs away from the scene.


Harrys : Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Harrys: Introducing first, from Bollywood, India, weighing 251 pounds, "The Showbiz Himself" VEEJAY!

The crowd cheers wildly at the introduction of the former Bollywood superstar. Lights go out as his music hits. Veejay enters the arena with his back to the ring with "The Show In Indiana" written at the back of his hooded robe. He then turns towards the ring as the lights come back on, takes off his hood and then slowly moves towards the ring. He slaps hands with some fans on his way down the ramp, before he climbs into the ring.

Copeland: Veejay returns to action after missing last round due to some private reasons. He has been in some good form since he lost to Tastic in Gold Rush Tourney Semifinal.

Cohen: As much as I dislike this guy, he surely has impressed me with his work lately. But he has got some great competition today in form of Xander LeBelle.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your silence has been requested, so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.

The crowd boos heavily and ultimately falls silent once the music starts. Xander appears in the entryway, puffing on a cigar. As he starts to walk towards the ring, we see his manager Andrew Adonis following him. Xander enters the ring via the steel steps and hands over his cigar and sunglasses to the referee Keith Morse.

Harrys: And his competitor from The City of Light, and weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, he is "The World's Greatest Mind" XANDER LEBELLE.

Copeland: Xander LeBelle has been on a winning streak since he has returned to WZCW. But still I am opposed to the cheating he does to win a match. Veejay should be cautious enough to defeat LeBelle.

Cohen: That isn't cheating. That is using some great tactics and skills to win a match. I am afraid, you would never understand such high class things.


Adonis leaves the ring but not before some trash talking.

Adonis: The World's Greatest Mind will destory this dumb Indian.

This enrages Veejay and distracts him enough to suffer a running big boot at the hands of sneaky Xander. Veejay crumbles to the mat in pain, and Xander wastes no time to cover him for the pin.


Xander argues with the referee about the pin but in vain. Xander charges at Veejay in anger, but is met with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Veejay starts stomping Xander much to crowd's pleasure. As soon as Xander gets on his feet, Veejay nails him with a roundhouse kick which knocks Xander out of the ring where Adonis comes to his aid.

Copeland: Veejay has taken good control of the match while also coping up with deceiving tactics of both Xander and Adonis.

Cohen: You're partially right. Xander is doing so to make Veejay sure about his win so that Xander can capitalize on it.

As the referee count rises to 6, Xander enters back in the ring and he looks much composed and calm now, thanks to Adonis. Veejay and Xander hook into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Neither could get any advantage, so Xander cunningly rakes Veejay's eyes to which the referee warns him and tries to check on Veejay but Xander starts hitting Veejay with knife edge chops. Xander takes him down with a headlock takedown and applies the headlock on him with utmost force.

The crowd starts chanting in Veejay's favour much to Xander's dismay.


Copeland: The crowd is supporting the right person.

Cohen: That's a big lie

Veejay starts standing up while in Xander's headlock and executes a back body drop on Xander which leads to a huge ovation from the crowd. He then hits Xander with a delayed vertical suplex. As Xander is trying to stand up, Veejay lifts him to nail him with the spinebuster. But Xander hits repeated elbows at the back of Veejay's head due to which the latter has to release him. Xander executes a snap DDT for him. He sets him up for The Rose's Thorn.

Cohen: It seems like the end of Veejay's stint in this match.

Copeland: I disagree. Veejay's endurance is going to make this fight tougher for Xander.

As Xander charges Veejay to execute his finishing manuever, Veejay nails him with a spinebuster. He picks Xander up and tries to execute the Victory Lap. But Xander hits a butterfly suplexon him. As Veejay gets up on his feet, Xander starts nailing him with strong shin kicks due to which Veejay loses his balance and collapses to the mat. Veejay tries to stand back but Xander hits him with The Rose's Thorn and immediately covers him for the pin.


Harrys: And the winner of this match is XANDER! LEBELLE!

Xander starts celebrating his win along with Adonis and collects his belongings from the referee. He then puts on his sunglasses and restarts puffing his cigar while Veejay recovers from the vicious Curb Stomp executed by Xander.

Copeland: Such a great performance by Veejay. This guy is seriously a good wrestler.

Cohen: But still nowhere near "The Class Act" Xander LeBelle.

Copeland: He did come up short in this match but he didn't stoop down to cheating to win this match unlike Xander.


Backstage, Tony Mancini rounds the corridor to where he left Gino Rizzoli only a short while ago. With a massive smile on his face, after ending his losing streak, Tony is almost shocked not to be immediately greeted by a massive cheer and congratulations from his most obedient friend. In fact, Gino doesn't seem to be anywhere to be found.

Mancini: Gino...?

Tony continues to look around the backstage area where he left Gino but continues to find no sign of him. He moves inside the room a little more, and peers around. Suddenly, a look of fright crosses the features of the man from Little Italy as he finally catches sight of Gino. But he is stunned to find the bodyguard lying on his back on the cold stone floor; a dazed look in his eyes and no recollection of what happened.

Mancini: What the Hell!? Gino!

Tony runs around the monitors and gets onto one knee above his friend. With a look of concern on his face, Tony slaps the face of Gino to bring him back to consciousness.

Mancini: Who did this, Gino? Tell me and I'll make them sorry they did it.

Tony waits for a moment as Gino tries to regain his senses.

Gino: Manson... Luke Manson...

A look of hatred crosses the features of Mancini; his target clear and his rage built.

Copeland: Well, Tony Mancini certainly got a little taste of karma here tonight, folks. But if this was Luke Manson, then he might feel the wrath of Tony Mancini one more time.

Cohen: Shocking behaviour by Luke Manson, Seabass. How is this allowed!?

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave

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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Kensworth: Hello WZCW Universe, I’m Leon Kensworth and I’m here with the WZCW Eurasian Champion Titus Avision.

The crowd boos as the world renowned actor and champion walks into frame.

Kensworth: Now Titus I wanted to ask you about ton-

Titus: I’ve said all I need to say about tonight, John Doe is going to realize why I’m the most dominant champion in this company. I want to talk about Unscripted.

Kensworth: You’re match against Vee A.D.Z?

Titus: What else Kensworth? I’m officially picking my stipulation for Unscripted as a Pure Rules match. I’ve defeated legends bigger than Vee in Pure Rules and I’ll do the same to that MMA mutt come Unscripted.

The Eurasian champ then brushes past Leon and walks toward away from the interview.


The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Introducing first from Sydney, Australia, he is one half of the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, Justin Cooper!

Cooper makes his way to the ring for his match. His title hoisted on his shoulder. On the ring apron he puts it up in the air in full display for people to see.

Copeland: It seems we're heading to a collision course between the Champions and this new group assembled.

Cohen: Cooper and Keaton would be fighting a futile war, Seabass It seems to be 4 against 2 if that's the case.

Copeland: There is a lot of history between these two. Trading harsh words. Nothing but bad blood.

Austin Reynolds pays no heed to the fans surrounding him. He comes out with nothing but one spotlight over him. He hobbles down the ramp as if he was walking down a sidewalk. He makes his way to the ring and takes off his hooded jacket.

His opponent, from New Jersey, he is The FORMER Ratings Winner Austin Reynolds!

Copeland: I still can't believe the absolute change this man has undergone. Someone who used to shine so bright. Look at him now.

Cohen: Seabass, he used to brag about drawing ratings for a pre-paid TV event. He wasn't the brightest bulb before. But now his eyes are open. As for the bad blood..... Well, it was a long time coming. Time to settle the score.

-Ding Ding Ding-

Both men seem ready to go and the bell rings to get things underway. Cooper looks to circle the ring but stops when he notices Austin isn't budging. So he simply goes in for the collar and elbow tie up. The two measure each other in the center of the ring. Cooper Hip Tosses Austin over to the mat. Austin lands on the canvas but he stands his ground and stays by the corner. Taking it calmly. Cooper looks on. Not really pleased by Austin's similar lack of motivation. Austin gets back up and both men lock up again. They push each other to a stalemate. Neither one seemingly budging. Cooper shoves Austin who responds by backing off not showing much care. Cooper seems unpleased with the lackluster conflict resolution. o he responds with a slap across the face of the Former Ratings Winner. Austin stops and checks his lip from the slap. After slight hesitation, Austin goes on the attack. A double leg takedown bring the Tag Team Champion to the mat and starts clobbering away.

Cohen: See? The man has started his engines.

The referee has to pull Austin away threatening him with a disqualification. He lets go angrily arguing back at the ref. Cooper gets to his knees after the attack and a smug look of satisfaction comes across his face knowing he's provoked his rival. Austin tries to get back at it but the ref holds him back. Cooper taunts him and Austin moves the ref out of the way. Both men have a wild brawl in the middle of the ring. Once again the referee gets in the middle of the way to break them up. As he gets in the middle of the way between the two and Austin uses the opportunity to poke Cooper right in the eye.

Copeland: You've gotta be kidding me. Really?

Austin takes advantage and starts attacking the blinded Cooper. He fights him to the corner where he starts viciously kicking away. He hits a Swinging Neckbreaker slamming Cooper to the canvas and going for the immediate cover. 1……… 2……… 3-NO! Cooper gets the shoulder up. Austin tries to go for the legs but Cooper fights back from the canvas. Kicking away to keep Austin at bay before he manages to trap Austin's own leg and brushes him to the mat. Cooper quickly springs to action and drops a pair of elbows on the back of Austin. He goes for a third one but Austin rolls out of the way Both men get back to their feet and charge at each other but Austin ducks and swings at the leg, taking Cooper off the ground with a clip to the leg. He quickly grabs said leg and elevates it. Dropping it knee first to the ground. Repeating it over a couple of times before stepping on the leg. Cooper does his best to protect it. Austin then kicks him out of the ring, angrily. Cooper is outside the right clutching the attacked knee. Austin doesn't go after him. Instead just badmouthing him from afar. Cooper goes around the ring as the ref starts his count. As Cooper approaches, Austin subtly backs away. Cooper tries to get in the ring but now Austin goes in and starts stomping away at Cooper. Focusing again on the leg. Cooper does manage to pull Austin in and using the momentum pushes him away against the corner. He uses the ropes to get back up. Austin charges in andd tries another Chop Block but Justin manages toss him against and onto the ring post.

Copeland: Oh, what a blow! That might have just stopped Austin cold.

Cohen: Cooper has some audacity. He talks such a big game and he takes such a cheap way out?

Copeland: But poking the eye is fine?

Cooper pulls Austin off the post and hooks him for a Fisherman Suplex, landing with the bridge. 1……. 2……. 3-But Austin kicks out. Cooper doesn't let up and sits Austin for three stiff kicks to the back. Not letting up Cooper hits a European Uppercut right to the back of the head. Austin clutches the head before slowly dropping to the mat where Cooper tries another cover. 1……. 2……-But only 2. Cooper thinks of his next move as he clutches the previously attacked knee. Austin sturs as Cooper grabs him by his scruffy, unkempt hair. He goes for a Scoop Slam but has to stop because of the knee. Austin realizes the opening and attacks it right away. He repeatedly kicks it as Cooper bends to one knee in pain. Austin grabs both legs and contorts them into the Texas Cloverleaf. He puts his weight on Cooper's back peering away on it as well as the knee with the clutch. Cooper screams in pain but refuses to submit as he places his fists on the canvas and grits his teeth. Reaching toward the ropes. He tries to reach the relatively closest but they're just a hair too far. Austin puts on more pressure but Cooper manages to muster the strength to reach the ropes and break the hold.

Copeland: Cooper is fighting valiantly. I have to imagine the pain is getting worse and worse as time progresses.

Cohen: I have to imagine that's the case, Seabass. Austin Reynolds is constantly hitting him. I assume that hurts.

Cooper struggles to get back to his feet as Reynolds gets up. He charges at Cooper but is surprised when Cooper hits the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on him. Austin grabs his back in pain and falls to the canvas as Cooper has a chance to catch his breath. Grabbing onto the ropes, he gets his bearings and elevates Austin as he's turning around for the Flapjack. Planting him face first onto the mat. He then grabs a leg for a Half Crab. Sitting and applying the pressure. As he pulls back on the leg though, Cooper stretches his own leg out. Having a hard time to keep up the leverage. Nonetheless, he keeps the hold on. The referee checks for submissions. Austin sees an opportunity and grabs the oficial, first by the pants and pulls himself towards the shirt. Cooper has a hard time holding on, not realizing Austin's treachery. Austin pulls himself out of the hold and using the maneuvering manages to roll up Cooper. The referee, compelled, drops to count the fall. Austin uses the point of view and pulls on Coopers trunks. 1…… 2…….3!!

Here is your winner, Austin Reynolds!

Copeland: Are you serious? That's how he wins? He uses the official as a crutch?

Cohen: Austin Reynolds just pinned one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Seabass. You see it as disgraceful. I see it as impactful. That's a win on the record book.


Ramparte and Flex Mussel can be seen discussing something backstage.

Flex: It'll be an honor teaming with you tonight old friend, may we deal with Slaughter tonight and once again go onto separate chapters in our lives.

The Recluse nods and shakes hands with his former tag team partner.

Flex: Still not going to say anything to me are you?

Ramparte shakes his head no and begins to walk off on his own. Flex chuckles and then begins to stretch only for Dorian Slaughter to come out of nowhere and ambush him! Mussel is knocked to the ground and Slaughter begins stomping away on Flex! He then picks him up and repeatedly throws him head and shoulder first into the wall! He then chokes a defenseless Flex until he is pulled away by referees and security!

Slaughter: I AM HORROR!

Slaughter is continued to be backed away as security checks on Flex.

Copeland: Jesus! When will Slaughter quit with the sneak attacks?! That assault on Flex may have huge ramifications on our main event!

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave

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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...

We cut backstage once more to find a door with the name Vance Bateman written on it in gold lettering. Suddenly, a hand comes into shot that belongs to a mystery person. As the shot widens, the person is soon to be revealed none other than Veejay. After a moment or two, the door oepns to reveal the Meltdown General Manager.

Bateman: Ah, Veejay. Nice of you to drop by.

Veejay offers Bateman a sincere nod of the head before both men make their way into the very lavish office. Bateman rounds the table and takes his seat behind it before offering the floor to his guest at the time.

Veejay: I have come to offer my name to be a participant in the Open Challenge at Unscripted. I don't know if you have any other plans for me but I would like the Open Challenge to be the priority.

Bateman raises his eyebrows; a little shocked at the request of Bollywood's main attraction.

Bateman: You're certain? I mean, there are still many opportunities available to be be on the pay per view. You shouldn't feel like this is your only option.

Veejay: Quite the opposite actually, Mr Bateman. I have seen first hand how successful my good friend Mikey has been after his Open Challenge last year. And if I can pick up a win against a former Heavyweight Champion, then I can honestly feel like I can replicate that success. It is important to me.

Vance studies the man in the middle of the room for a second as he contemplates allowing the Bollywood star to compete in an Open Challenge. Suddenly, the door flies open behind Veejay to reveal the sneering features of none other than John Doe. Doe catches a glimpse of Veejay in the middle of the floor and shoots him a venomous look. Veejay, however, doesn't seem too fussed about the reaction of the former Tag Team Champion.

Doe: I hope that you're not in here begging to be put in the Open Challenge, Veejay. That spot against Theron Daggershield is all mine. Daggershield has hardly been a shadow of his former self and he needs to be put out of his misery. You're not the person to carry out that task, Veejay, you'd just choke like in the Gold Rush final.

Doe moves inside the room, continuing to look very smarmy and over-confident as Veejay warily watches him intently.

Doe: I'm afraid the honour of putting down the old dog falls to someone like me. Someone who has won Championship gold in this place and who can carry the weight of the occasion.

One final time, the door to Bateman's office swings open to reveal Noah Ryder with his King For A Day briefcase. Ryder looks intent on stirring up some waves for a moment before a rather forgetful look stretches across his face.

Ryder: I honestly can't remember why I came in here...

Bateman: I do!

With that, Vance gets out of his seat and moves around the table, getting in between Doe and Veejay whilst inviting Ryder into the fray a little more.

Bateman: Gentlemen, the Theron Daggershield Open Challenge is a massive occasion for everyone involved. It is bound to be a massive event and a massive watershed moment for the victor. And the way I see it, we need to offer the fans some interactivity to make Unscripted a success. So, with that in mind, you three men will be the choices the fans will choose from to who faces Theron Daggershield at Unscripted. The losers of the poll will go onto face each other in the pre-show of the event and the loser of that match will be number 1 in the upcoming Lethal Lottery.

Vance looks pleased with himself as all three men nod with vigour. But Vance is not finished there.

Bateman: But if that were not enough, the winner of the Open Challenge will receive an extra life in the Lethal Lottery match. Massive stakes, gentlemen, and you are all involved. Now get the Hell out of my office.

With that, Doe offers a sneer to both Noah Ryder and Veejay before clearing off.

Cohen: Wow!

Copeland: What a massive announcement from Vance Bateman, ladies and gentlemen. Noah Ryder, Veejay and John Doe will be the 3 names to choose from when choosing an opponent for Theron Daggershield at Unscripted. The winner of the match gaining a chance to re-enter the Lethal Lottery after being eliminated.

Cohen: And if that was not enough, the loser of the match between the poll losers will be the number 1 entry to said Lottery. It's going to be glory or ruin for 2 of these superstars, Seabass. I love it!

Copeland: Well, Theron, Veejay and Noah are going to get an opportunity to scout a potential opponent next, Jack. John Doe takes on Titus. And that is next.


Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall !!!

As the music climbs, John enters through the curtain, staring out at the crowd with a sneer. He slowly walks to the ring, pushing away the outstretched hands of fans. He sees a "John 3:16" sign. He snatches it up and rips it to shreds. He casually walks towards the steel steps and enters through the ropes, and then paces while waiting for the bell to ring.

Harrys: Introducing first, from The Independence Mental Health Institute ofIndependence, Iowa, "The Left Hand Of God" John Doe !!!

Copeland: I don't think that man is any hand of God.

Cohen: He could be for all you know. There are many gods out there. Obviously some god is watching out for him with the career he has had recently.

Titus comes out to the stage. He looks around and laughs at the jeering crowd. He lifts the Eurasian Championship belt up and walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and points. It is heavily met with boos.

Harrys: And his opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, The Eurasian Champion Titus Avison !!!

Copeland: Who do I even root for in this fight? Doe could be the Devil Himself, but Titus is a real Judas turning on the WZCW Universe.

Cohen: You don't root for anyone. You're paid to commentate you halfwit. Show some professionalism.

Ding Ding Ding !!!

Titus sneers over at John Doe, not intimidated one bit. Doe paces, his expression a callous mix of determination and loathing. Elizabeth Prince stands in the center of the ring, watching both men intensely. The Eurasian Champion leans against a corner ring post. Having enough of the waiting game, Doe goes on the offense- rushing Titus and reacting with a series of right fists. Prince stops him and gets on to him for closing his hands. Titus Avison seizes the opportunity by brutally striking Doe's neck. Doe recoils, but staggers into another kesagiri chop. John Doe struggles to block a third kesagiri chop as Titus corners him in the same side of the ring he was waiting for him in. With a knee and a Spinning Heel Kick, Doe's legs give in and he slumps down against the turnbuckle. Titus takes this time to back away and size up the fallen opponent.

Cohen: Now that's a man safely in the driver's seat. Everyone just likes to forget our Eurasian Champion is a WZCW Hall of Famer, and that's where they underestimate the Oscar winner.

Copeland: I'd argue he's underestimating Doe if he thinks his adversary will stay down.

True to word, Doe sprang up - clutching the ring ropes for leverage. Titus nodded, studying Doe's every move. The Left Hand of God methodically moved away from the corner ringpost, watching Titus. The actor grinned. He pounced on the moving Doe and together they came to blows in an exchange of punches. The audience seemed to slightly favor Doe against Titus.

"Booo!" "Yeah!" "Booo!" "Yeah!" "Yeah!" Boo!" "Yeah!"

Titus is knocked clean off of his feet and flips out of the ring! Fans give his opponent approval. Avison quickly composes himself by getting off of the floor and dusting himself off. Both men stare each other down- Titus like a vulture circling the outside of the ring and John Doe standing stoically. Prince begins the Ring Out count just for the Hall of Famer to lunge back in. Doe goes to work clubbing Titus's back. He screams in pain.

Copeland: Titus is agile, determined, and a true wily veteran. But Doe is unmovable.

Cohen: That's a damn lie. Titus is a seasoned fighter who has knocked bigger men off their feet. Doe is intimidating, but Titus is too smart for him.

Titus rests the back of his hand against his back, reeling from the barrage of elbows and fists. Doe sizes him up, lifts him over his shoulder and sends him back to the canvas with a neckbreaking Dragon Suplex. The actor lands like a rag doll. Doe gives his adversary a merciless gaze and then runs his thumb against the nape of his neck, signalling that the end would soon be near. Titus is on his knees. The crowd are rallying behind Zeus's son as they cheer Doe's taunt. John Doe is pushed away- and knocks into Elizabeth Prince! The referee was behind him and together both him and her fall to the mat. Titus sprints and leaps...a knee drop connects with Doe's ribs...and Doe rolls over onto Prince.


Copeland: That's Titus's doing! He knocked them into one another, twice!

Doe checks on the referee, who is breathing but finding it difficult to get up. Titus grabs Doe from behind, Doe slips through, spins, and now Doe has Titus from behind. He is going for The Crucifixion...and Titus kicks him in the balls! Doe is on one knee in intense pain as Titus rolls out of the ring. He stops to admire his handiwork before demanding the timekeeper to get up. Titus reaches for the steel chair and holds it up for the fans to see it. They answer with a resounding "Titus Sucks!" He shrugged and smirked. With weapon in tow, he leapt back into the ring and swung for Doe's head...and he misses! The audience come unglued as Doe punches the chair which in turn collide's with Titus's head. It leaves a dent! Titus staggers, letting the chair slip from his grasp. Doe picks it up. Titus sees that Prince is getting back on her feet so he plays possum! The actor gave an exaggerated swoon and feinted. He clutched to his head, screaming in volatile agony. Prince sees the dent in the chair Doe was holding and put two and two together. She signals for the bell.

Harrys: John Doe has been disqualified. Your winner, the Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison !!!

Copeland: What complete and utter garbage. You'd think by now the officials would be on to Titus's tricks. But no. Look on Doe's face...wow.

Cohen: Tricks? It's all about strategy. No one can go toe to toe with a Hall of Famer without expecting such cunning moves. Doe could have left in an ambulance. Why is he so upset?

Titus quickly slid out of the ring before The Left Hand of God could reach him. Doe stared daggers into the man that cheated him out of a win. Titus had panic in his eyes but a devilish grin on his face as the show went to a commercial break.

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave

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TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...TOKEN DYNAMITE is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this bout is your main event and it is now a singles contest, set for one fall!

Copeland: You heard that right folks; as a result of Dorian Slaughter’s assault earlier in the evening, Flex Mussel is out of this contest and we are now going to see Slaughter one on one in a rematch from last week with Ramparte.

Cohen: Brilliant move on Slaughter’s part, not only taking Mussel out, but also allowing him to inflict further punishment on that muscle bound freak’s partner.

A loud murmur comes from the crowd, uncertain as to the condition of Flex Mussel, but eager for their final contest of the evening. It turns into a strong cheer as the participants begin their entrances:

Harrys: Introducing first, hailing from an undisclosed location, RAM-PARTE!

Doing away with his usual entrance antics, the “Reclusive” superstar has a foul look on his face, storming to the ring, with only a brief nod, recognising the crowd’s effort to get behind him. He is quick to the ring apron and even more so into the ring, pacing frantically, indicating he wants a piece of his monstrous foe.

Copeland: To use a bit of a cliché, Ramparte is all business here tonight.

Cohen: He’s in the mood, but they say there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity and this bookworm’s just crossed it.

And with those ominous words echoing in our ears, the music, lighting and ultimately mood changes. The fans boo relentlessly as darkness spreads across the arena, the frantic and feverish guitar of Slayer filling their ears.

There is a pause as Ramparte paces back and forth, desperate for the enemy to appear. Then after a few moments longer than normal, a spotlight shines down and into it steps the “Angel of Death” himself.

Harrys: And his opponent; from Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 295 pounds, “The Angel of Death”, DO-RIAN SLAAAAAUUUUUUGH-TER!

Staring with malice intent, Slaughter’s eyes are locked on the ring. His face is deadpan, reacting to neither the desperation of the man inside the squared circle, the negative atmosphere or his actions earlier in the evening. He walks slowly, to a very deliberate pace, the spotlight following him.

Copeland: This man has made it his personal mission to stalk and destroy Flex Mussel by any means necessary.

Cohen: This is no man Seabass, you should know that by now. This is a monster and monsters don’t play by the same rules as mere men. It’s not complicated, Slaughter is just living up to his moniker.

As he reaches the base of the ramp, Slaughter now has his eyes deadlocked on Ramparte’s, the latter inviting him into the ring, holding the ropes open for him before the official pulls him away.

Copeland: Senior official, Jurou Akiyama, hoping to maintain order in what could be a chaotic environment. He doesn’t want to let things get out of hand.

The house lights rise up as Slaughter stands, eyes wide, arms open, taunting, perhaps baiting Ramparte to come at him. Something uncouth comes from the literary fan’s mouth and a slight hint of satisfaction creeps onto the former Heavyweight Champion’s face. Suddenly, the crowd reaction changes once more. Now, a massive cheer. Slaughter does not notice it as Ramparte develops a grin of his own.

Copeland: Wait a minute!

Bam! Flex Mussel runs straight into the back of Dorian Slaughter, clattering him into the apron. Flex is taped and bandaged up fairly heavily following his earlier encounter with Slaughter. Regardless he strikes with renewed vigour and fervour at Slaughter’s tattooed back, pounding hard and fast, before shoving him into the ring. Ramparte casts the referee aside as he goes in to assist his long time friend and ally.

Cohen: This is supposed to be a singles match! Akiyama, disqualify them!

Copeland: Slaughter was never in the ring before Flex appeared, the match hasn’t officially begun.

Slaughter shoves the much lighter Ramparte across the ring, turning only to be greeted by the Flex-Decapitator, sending the man mountain crashing to the mat. Hurting himself in the process, Mussel shakes the arm and moves over toward Ramparte, bring him to his feet. The two men look at one another, and then the crowd. The arena erupts. The duo nod and move in, looking to repay Slaughter for his earlier antics. Mussel moves in for the kill first when Slaughter surprises, grabbing his rival by the throat, slowly getting up onto one knee, and then to a vertical basis.

In swiftly though is Ramparte who manages to interrupt whatever violence the “Angel” had planned, unleashing a variety of kicks to Slaughter’s lower extremities. Dorian backs away slowly, more stung and annoyed than in serious pain. Now Ramparte mixes things up, slapping Slaughter with a European uppercut which he tries to shake off, stumbling toward a prepared Flex Mussel who drops him down in preparation…

Copeland: Listen to this arena, they want to see it! Spin & Win!

Mussel begins to rotate, at first slowly, then he builds momentum, the crowd counting with each rotation, Slaughter’s arms flailing around, frantically, furious as the speed of the move increases. Ramparte is counting along too, prepared for what comes next. Finally Mussel begins to slow and casts the monstrous foe off into a picture perfect dropkick from Ramparte.

Copeland: Vintage Cerberus!

Cohen: Ugh…

The two men grin big and look set to inflict even more damage when suddenly, Ramparte falls forwards and is dragged out of the ring. There, on the outside is Kagura! Quickly she thrusts a palm into Ramparte’s throat and lights him up with a series of stiff elbow strikes aiming to startle and disrupt the former tag team champion. Mussel takes notice and tries to intervene, totally unaware that Slaughter is already back to his feet and appearing utterly furious. As Flex tries to reach down and grab Kagura, Slaughter comes up from behind and seeks to lock in a Cobra Clutch!

Akiyama, the match official, is struggling to decide whom to try and separate first, eventually choosing trying to break the Clutch, before Slaughter swipes him aside, causing him to go careening backwards. Still Slaughter hasn’t got it in and Akiyama’s brief interference allows Flex to roll through it, sending Slaughter down. As the two men rise, it is Flex who acts first, taking Slaughter down and unloading a flurry of lefts and rights, trying to maim his adversary.

Meanwhile outside the ring, the tables have turned in Kagura versus Ramparte as the latter now has control, hitting her with a variety of strikes. Joheki though retorts with her own strikes, the battle between the two going back and forth. In the ring, Slaughter is now atop Mussel and has his hand firmly wrapped around Flex’s neck, actually choking life from his lungs.

Copeland: Dorian Slaughter will not stop until Flex Mussel is permanently wounded from these encounters.

Noticing this, Ramparte knees Kagura in the stomach and throws her across the announce table, careening into Jack Cohen who, along with his notes and laptop, goes flying. Now, commentary is silent as both commentators are forcibly disconnected from proceedings, Cohen down for the count and Copeland’s headset jerked from his head. Now Ramparte dives into the ring and atop Slaughter with a modified Thesz Press. Right hands fly in from Ramparte before Slaughter swats him away. Flex tries to pull himself up while Ramparte and Dorian Slaughter go at it now.

Taking refuge in a corner of the ring, Akiyama indicates for more officials to intervene and stop the wild brawl that is now taking place. Soon a few extra referees appear trying to restore order, but while they make their way into the ring, Slaughter nails Ramparte with Hate Creation, flattening the smaller man. Now he again refocuses on Flex. It is here that the referees enter the fray, two stepping into try and keep Mussel and Slaughter apart while one checks on Ramparte. Both Slaughter and Flex don’t want peace though and shove their respective officials out the way, going back at it again, tearing into one another.

Shaking cobwebs out, Ramparte sees the resumed brawl and gingerly gets to his feet to join in, brushing aside the referee attempting to assist him. He goes to clatter into Slaughter’s back, but from nowhere Kagura absolutely launches herself at him tackling him to the floor and duplicating the actions of Slaughter and Mussel, they now begin to rip into one another. Akiyama again signals for more as the four referees in ring, struggle to maintain the chaos. A couple more refs appear while men in suits and security appear to reinstate some sanity.

Somehow Flex has Slaughter by the waste and throws him with a German suplex, the landing softened by some officials who have gotten in the way. Kagura has gotten to a vertical basis and gone for the shuffle side kick, but Ramparte ducks, swooping her off her feet with a swinging kick to the legs and locking her into a rear naked choke hold on the way down. Across the ring, Slaughter is back to his feet but taking further punishment from Flex who again throws him, this time with the belly to belly.

There are now at least twelve or so different people in the ring, four trying to cause chaos whilst the remainders try and prevent it, with little success. Kagura tries madly to break out of Ramparte’s choke while Slaughter keeps on coming at Flex who now clutches at his aching body.

Bateman: People, people, please, please. Stop this madness.

General manager Vance Bateman is on the scene to little fanfare, trying now to inject some air of authority to the peace keeping efforts. It isn’t working, still the four world warriors trundle on, trying to take an ounce of flesh from one another. A headbutt has freed Kagura while Slaughter now has Flex back in a corner, working on his wounded ribs.

Bateman: Flex, Ramparte, Kagura, Slaughter; stop this! If you don’t stop there will be consequences.

Still none of them listen, the officials in ring highly ineffective.

Bateman: Akiyama! Dammit, do something!

Indeed, Akiyama is trying, seeking to orchestrate a means of forcibly keeping the individuals involved apart, trying to force each on the four combatants into a corner each – there are three men on each side of Dorian Slaughter, trying to force him away from the prone Mussel. Kagura and Ramparte are also backed into corners, away from each other.

It all appears to have settled when suddenly Flex sprints right at Slaughter, trying to nail him with a running uppercut. Kagura and Ramparte also still try to claw at each other madly. Referees are able to stop them from being able to make contact but just barely. Others are doing their utmost to separate the monstrous Slaughter and the physical specimen that is Mussel from each other. Vance Bateman though is furious.

Bateman: You’re all so desperate to kill each other, eh? You all want to brutalize and destroy each other? Well then dammit you’ll get your chance! At Unscripted, Kagura Joheki, Ramparte, you’ll go one on one and the WZCW Universe will decide whether it’s a Casket Match or a Dungeon Style Cage Match!, since our own are struggling so much or perhaps we’ll innovate with the first ever Library Brawl!

And as for you two animals, Slaughter, Mussel, you too will face one another, and again your fate is in their hands and since you want to do nothing but tear into each other until one of you is left broken and lifeless, it will either be Last Man Standing or I-Quit! Now dammit, get them out of that ring!

With that, Bateman drops the mic and takes his leave, the crowd raucous at the match announcements. Kagura has already been forced outside the ring and is slowly backing away, while Ramparte points and indicates he’ll see her at Unscripted. Meanwhile Slaughter stands across the ring, arms open wide taunting a fuming Mussel who paces, much as Ramparte did earlier. Slowly Slaughter too begins to take his leave as Flex and Ramparte high five one another, both men clearly less than pleased, but ready for their upcoming wars.

Copeland: Well, folks, that's all for another edition of Meltdown and the final Meltdown stop before Unscripted 2016. Tomorrow night is the final stop on the road to the most unpredictable PPV of the WZCW year. So much unpredictability has already plagued WZCW and it will all come to a head soon enough.

Cohen: Join us tomorrow night! But for now, that's all folks!

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

Credit to Dave

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Veejay vs Xander LeBelle - Freakin' Cesaro
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