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Old 04-15-2018, 10:38 AM
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Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...Jeff Deliverer of Mail is getting phone calls from TNA...

Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following non title contest is your main event of the evening!

Introducing first from the Far North, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

The music hits and Callie comes out. The lights are low at first, but when they come up, the crowd boos. She raises her face, revealing blue glowing contact lenses and her hair dyed white. She makes her way down, her gear matching her accessories as she is in full White Walker gear.

Connor: Callie, channeling her inner Westeros, coming out in full Game of Thrones gear tonight and it is an intimidating site.

Cohen: You know if Callie put half the effort into the ring that she puts into dress up, she would be breaking her opponent's record title reign in no time.

Callie paces around the ring, eyes focused on the ramp, as she awaits her opponent.

Connor: Callie is looking pretty imposing as the Night Queen. She's good at the mindgames and fantastic at cosplay.

The lights go off.

Cohen: She's also against an Oscar winning actor who is one of the best at mind games in the company.

The lights come on to reveal Titus Avison with his hair dyed black, it's curly, he has a big black fur coat on. He's holding a Theron Daggershield prop sword and has the EurAsian title round his waist.

Anderson: And her opponent, from Winterfell, he is your EurAsian title...Titus AviSnow!

Cohen: See Cat, you know nothing!

Connor: Is this how he hopes to get John Constantine's attention?

The look on Callie's face says it all, almost as if she expected it. Titus walks slowly to the ramp as boo's reign down. He enters the ring and holds the sword in the air, more like He-Man than Jon Snow.

Referee Jun Akiyama looks almost in awe of the two combatants as he goes over last minute rules and Titus hands off his title to a ringside attendant. The two wrestlers finish taking off their lavish accessories as the crowd starts to chant.

"Winter is coming!"


The referee calls for the bell as the crowd continues to chant. Titus and Callie circle, a dangerous dance around the ring. The crowd chants grow louder and louder as they circle, and Titus appears visibly angered. He walks to the ropes and points to the crowd.

"Treat your champion with some respect!"

The crowd boos, but the distraction allows Callie to strike. She hits a near picture perfect dropkick and sends Titus tumbling over the top rope. He tries to catch himself, but Callie pries his fingers lose from the top rope and he hits the floor. Callie runs, looking like she is going to hit a flip dive over the ropes, so Titus covers up. Callie uses her agility to adjust and simply land on the apron. She then hops onto the middle rope and catches Titus with an asai moonsault. The crowd applauds the athletic show, but they quickly turn to boos as Callie tries to play to the crowd and soak in the moment. The referee warns them to take it back inside the ring, so Callie drags the champ to his feet and rolls him into the ring. She tries to cover Titus, but he rolls away to the ropes. Everytime she tries to grab Titus and lift him to his feet, he grabs the ropes to force the break. The EurAsian champ, almost mocking Callie, uses the threat of the rope break to keep Callie from touching him until he gets to his feet. His ever sly smile never leaving his face. He finally rise to his feet, but Callie simply slaps him across the face, sending him back to the rope retreating. Callie grabs his arm to try to Irish whip him across the ring, but Titus uses his other arm to keep hold of the top rope. He yells at the referee to do his job and step in for the break but he gives Titus a look to say he doesn't care. Callie eventually gets Titus off the ropes and across the ring. She puts Titus down with a double backhand chop. She drags him to the corner, likely looking for the Calliesault, but Titus rolls away. Callie, angered, hops down and soccer kicks the EurAsian champ in the ribs before she connects with a smaller, but still effective, double knee moonsault. She instructs the referee to count as she covers Titus...1!...2!...kickout by the champ after just two. She stares down the referee, unhappy with his count.

Connor: Mind games from Titus Avison early, but thus far this match is all Callie, who seems unfazed with the tricks.

Cohen: Give the champ some time. Callie has a lot of big moves and flash, but in the end Titus has the intangibles you just can't teach. Still too early in this for Mr. Avison to be in trouble.

Callie connects with two quick punches to the head of Titus, who she then grabs by the hair and raises to his feet. She connects with a mighty chop, the crowd voicing their 'woooos' at the move. She connects with a second and then a third, backing Titus up. She uses a push kick to the midsection to back Titus into the corner. She smacks her knee a couple of times and jogs to the far corner. She hypes herself up and then runs toward Titus, who gets a boot up to stop the progress of Callie. She stumbles a bit and Titus hops to the second rope and leaps and puts Callie down with a bulldog. He takes a moment to catch his breath adjust his curly locks. He then stomps down on the hand of Callie, who cries out in pain. He laughs as he stomps a second time, breaking one of her nails in the process. As Titus mocks his opponent by shaking his hand and placing it to his mouth, Callie kicks out at the legs of Titus. He bats her legs away and and kicks her arm away. He readies to stomp on the hand again, but Callie rolls away. He is quick to keep on the offensive though and grabs her by her hair and tights and throws her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. As she lays draped between the second and third rope, Titus approaches and pulls her into legs into the air. He then pulls her out of the corner and lets her fall face first to the mat. Not satisfied, he lines up for a move and takes a few steps back before hitting a big knee drop. He tries a cover...1!....2!...Kick out by Callie, but Titus doesn't seem too surprised.

Connor: Maybe you are right Jack, maybe I spoke too soon as Titus has turned this one around.

Cohen: Of course I was right Cat, I'm always right. Titus truly is terrific and is showing as much tonight.

Titus, just for the sake of showing off, rolls away in a back flip type move. The crowd boos as he appears very happy with himself. He walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope and awaits Callie. She gets to her feet, a little shaken, and turns right into a clothesline from the champ. Not to be outdone by Callie's earlier aerial moves, Titus climbs hops onto the middle rope and bounces a few times. Just as the crowd looks like they are getting amped up for a potential flip or dive, and Callie braces herself, Titus drops to the floor and simply slaps an armbar onto Callie. The crowd boos heavily.

Cohen: Haha, what a fake out by Titus. A true treasure for us all.

Callie manages to get a foot on the ropes and force the break before much damage can be done to her arm. The referee steps in and pats Titus, pulling him away. Titus throws his hands in the air, acting annoyed with the ref. As Callie pulls herself to her feet, Titus charges at her. She quickly drops down, pulling the top rope with her, sending Titus crashing to the floor again. Callie takes a moment to shake her arm out before she gets ready for a move to the outside. She hits the ropes, and then hits them a second time, picking up max speed before her leap. Just as she is about to leap, Titus grabs the prop sword from earlier and uses it as a shield to prevent the leap. Callie pulls up at the ropes and Titus looks relieved. He throws the sword aside, only for Callie to launch herself at Titus with a corkscrew plancha.

Connor: Seems at though Titus and his tricks have caught up to him.

Callie gets to her feet and is fired up. She grabs Titus and stands him against the ring post where she connects with a double hand chop. Titus yells in pain, but Callie shoves him back to the post and hits the move again. The chest of Titus is quickly turning red as Callie readies for a third chop. Titus tries to fight back, but seems to accept that he is going to get chopped. Just as Callie is throwing her arm forward, Titus allows himself to fall to the ground. Callie slams her arm hard into the post. The crowd lets out an audible gasp at the sickening thud. Callie falls to the ground clutching her arm. Titus crawls away as Jun Akiyama slides outside and checks on Callie.

Cohen: Just a nasty nasty looking move their. You have to hope Callie is okay and her arm hasn't been seriously damaged.

Connor: The referee checking on Callie now, and even Titus appears a bit concerned.

Titus stands over Akiyama and says something to him, before he rolls into the ring and stands with his hands on his hips. Akiyama helps Callie to her feet, but she is still clutching her arm. Titus rolls out of the ring and again goes to check on Callie and Akiyama. The ref makes him keep his distance as Callie tries to move her arm. Akiyama looks concerned as Titus walks over to the ringside attendant and grabs Callie's White Queen gear. He gets back in the ring and holds it under his arm as he starts a clap for Callie, trying to rally the audience behind her. They start to clap, as Titus motions for Callie to come into the ring to get her cosplay gear. She is clearly in pain as she gets inside, but she extends her good hand to Titus, who takes her hand in his. Suddenly he kicks her in the midsection and wraps her arm into the Tit Drop! She falls with all her weight face first onto her arm! He covers her and barks at Akiyama to count the pin. Reluctantly he slides in and counts...1!....2!....3! Titus, through completely underhanded and devious tactics has knocked off Callie. The crowd is none too pleased. Even Selena Anderson has to take a moment to compose herself before she announces the winner.

Anderson: Here is your winner, Titus Avison!

As soon as the referee's hand hit three, Titus leaps to his feet and jumps around like he has just won his first World Title.

Connor: Absolutely despicable actions by Titus her tonight. Callie may have broken her arm, and he just suckered her into the Tit Drop.

Cohen: No one plays the mental game like Titus Avison. The referee never called off the match and Titus knew it and capitalized. Blame Akiyama for not doing his job to protect the wrestlers.

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