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Old 09-20-2015, 04:53 PM
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rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...
Default The North Shore Booking Whores (WWE Universe Style)

Welcome to the North Shore Booking Whores version of the WWE Universe!

Who are the North Shore Booking Whores? A group of friends based out of the Northern Ohio, United States area living on the great Lake Erie. Regularly exchanging wrestling philosophy’s and creative ideas while tossing back a few pints at a local pub the North Shore Booking Whores have decided to share their vision of a WWE utopia with the wrestling forums they each respectively frequent.

The Basics:
- Beginning at Night of Champions 2015 the North Shore Booking Whores will creatively guide an alternate WWE Universe towards WrestleMania 32.

- All current company employees are eligible.
- We will be abiding by current program rating regulations but lean towards a more aggressive PG.

- Writing will resemble a basic script outline or cliff notes style. The hope is this will create a much easier read while leaving a bit of room for the viewer to use their own imagination.

- Weekly post will include RAW/SmackDown Outlines, Main Event/Super Star Results and occasional WWE.com and Dirt Sheet Reports.

As stated above our booking adventure will begin at NOC. We will begin working with story lines already set in place by the WWE and evolve them into our vision. We hope you will enjoy and check back regularly.
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Old 09-20-2015, 04:59 PM
rbv13 rbv13 is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: All Over Ohio, USA
Posts: 726
rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...rbv13 is getting some looks on Smackdown...

WWE Night of Champions
Sunday, September 20, 2015
Toyota Center, Houston Texas

Night of Champions Pre Show Special –

Panel: Renee Young – Corey Graves – Booker T – Ric Flair

• Booker T regularly plays to his hometown crowd.

• Flair is obviously involved with the panel to hype Charlotte vs. Nikki for the Divas Championship but to also provide some insight to Rollins title matches tonight. Flair knows about big time championship defenses and what it is like to face Sting in the ring.

Pre Show Segments (No particular order):

• Footage is show from early in the day as New Day took to the streets of Houston to hold a rally to #SavetheTables and have the breaking of them banned from Sports Entertainment. Big E and Kingston preach to the crowd as Woods accompanies on his trombone.

• There is a satellite interview with and emotional Lana. She verifies her injury and although not there physically she will be in the arena tonight in spirit supporting Ziggler. Despite moving on in her personal life she knows somewhere deep inside Rusev can be a good man and needs to distance himself from trash like Summer Rae.

• Tom Phillips conducts an interview with Ambrose and Reigns. Reigns says it is time to reveal to the Universe who the mystery third man is going to be. Ambrose adds their partner is going to shock the world because he is the Shock Master. Through a nearby wall comes busting through a rather large dopey individual dressed in Shock Master attire. He reenacts the famous fall. The interview then takes a more serious tone as the duo says the time for any joking around is over. They have found a partner that the Universe knows very well. Tonight that individual gets his opportunity and as a trio they will destroy the Wyatt Family. Believe That!

• Video package highlights the ongoing drama involving the WWE WHC & US Champion Seth Rollins in his feuds against both John Cena and Sting. The video is followed by a solo promo from Rollins in his dressing room. Rollins cockily talks about physically and mentally being the greatest champions of all time. Time he has come prepared and guarantees to walk out with both titles. Following, Renee young confirms Night of Champions will kick off with Rollins vs. Cena for the US Championship.

Pre Show Match: Neville & the Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust & the Ascension

• Fast paced match, tags and trades. Match hit is climax when all six men become engaged in the action. Star Dust is sent flying from the ring and disappears from the action. Viktor is sent flying out of the ring towards the entranceway and is followed by the Lucha Dragons who connect with impressive suicide dives. All three are laid out on the floor. In the ring Neville hits Konner with a Belly to Back Suplex before setting up for the Red Arrow. As he steadies himself Star Dust can be heard on the microphone. Stardust has grabbed ring announcer Eden and is threatening to hit her with a Dark Matter if Neville does not stop his attack. After a brief standoff between the two Neville removes himself from the ropes and walks towards Stardust pleading with him to remain calm. The announce team is putting Stardust over is absolute insane. Konner recovers and hits Neville with a massive Big Boot to the head. Stardust releases Eden and reenters the ring where he hits Dark Matter on Neville followed by the 1...2...3!

Winners: Stardust & the Ascension via pin fall

WWE Night of Champions Main Show

Commentator Team: Michael Cole – JBL – Bryan Saxton

• “Sexy Boy” blast throughout the arena as NOC begins with a surprise appearance by Shawn Michaels. He says in seven months the “Granddaddy of Them All” will happen on the grandest stage in the great state of Texas. The “Road to WrestleMania” typically begins at the Rumble but since they do everything is Texas bigger the “Road to WrestleMania” beings tonight at NOC. There is a lot of hype going around and a few of his nerd buddies involved on that interweb thingy have told him this could be a night full or surprises. He closes by hyping the opening bout before handing it over to Lilian.

01) Unites States Championship – Seth Rollins (c) vs. John Cena

• Solid outing as would be expected between two of the top performers in the company. Battle rages back and forth for nearly twenty minutes. Cena uses his power to wear the champ down. When Rollins is in trouble he slows the pace by stalling and when in control hits high impact maneuvers. Rollins is caught in the STF fighting for his life when Sheamus shows up ring side. Still in the STF Rollins attempts to reach the ropes. He is able to break the hold with help from Sheamus who pushes the bottom rope inward. A brief time later Rollins in the corner asking for assistance from referee. Rollins pulls the referee very close to him and holds him there. On the opposite side of the ring Cena is jawing with Sheamus. He exits the ring and is out on the floor. Cena turns his attention to reentering the ring when Sheamus lands a Brogue Kick. He rolls Cena in where a now standing Rollins hits a Pedigree for the victory. After the match Sheamus teases he is still coming foe the WWE WHC.

Winner: STILL US Champion Seth Rollins via pin fall

• Backstage the Dudley Boyz cut a promo calling the New Day a trio of pompous jackasses. There is going to a major old school style celebration in Dudleyville tonight as they become nineteen time company tag team champions.

02) Tag Team Championship – New Day (Big E/Kingston) w/Xavier Woods (c) vs. the Dudley Boyz

• Kingston & Big E get their shots in but the majority of the match is dominated by the brawling style of the Dudley Boyz. From the outside Woods works the crowd with his chants and trombone antics. The Dudley Boyz manage to toss Kingston and Big E from the ring towards the hard side. This unbeknownst to Woods on opposite side and facing the crowds as he plays the trombone. The Dudley’s slide out and attack. They bring Woods into the ring where they smash him in the head with the trombone, actually ringing it around his neck. They then proceed to the hit 3D. Kingston and Big E recover and attack. Big E manages to drive D-Von through the ropes and Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise on Bubba Ray for the win. Following the match New Day retreats in celebration while the Dudley Boyz are stunned.

Winners: STILL Tag Team Champions New Day via pin fall

• Wyatt Family cuts a promo about the ultimate demise of Reigns and Ambrose along with the new sheep they will be bringing along to join the slaughter. The promo is followed by a video package recapping the feud.

03) Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & TBA vs. the Wyatt Family

• Wyatt Family enters first. Reigns music begins the play as the Samoan Superman makes his way through the crowd. He is closely followed by Ambrose and a cloaked mystery man. The three position themselves in an opening with Ambrose and Reigns on the sides. They then pull away to cloak to reveal their partner as…………………. Eric Rowan!!!! If anyone can help take down the Wyatt Family it's one of the former members.

• The match begins with Reigns and Harper. Both men start out swapping moves back and forth. But, Reigns power works the best and he gets the upper hand early. After a big Samoan Drop and Reigns pumping up the crowd Harper goes to make a tag. Bray says "You tag him". Enters the giant Braun Strowman. Reigns tries to attack. Chopping away trying to get the big man down. Eventually Strowman grows tired of Reigns and starts to toss him around the ring. He grabs him to put him in his sleeper hold move. This time Reigns is able to answer a three count and attack. SUPERMAN PUNCH! SUPPERMAN PUNCH! He tags in Ambrose and one more SUPERMAN PUNCH! Ambrose quickly tries to hit Dirty Deeds but it tossed into the ropes. Ambrose bounces through the top and middle rope and attempts a clothesline. He looks and tries one more. Nothing. Strowman pushes Ambrose down. He looks hopeless. Strowman points at Rowan and tells him to get in. Ambrose makes the tag. Rowan steps in and the place is going nuts and the two big men go face to face. Before they do battle Bray starts yelling "tag me". In comes Bray. You see his lips moving and telling Rowan something. Rowan starts shaking his head in agreeance. Rowan turns to face his partners and is backed up by Bray and the family. Rowan tags and pulls Ambrose in by his hair over the top rope. Reigns rushes in to try and help his friend. No luck at all. He is quickly torn apart by all members. Bray pins both Ambrose. We then see Bray on his knees with his arms out surrounded by his newly growing family.

Winners: The Wyatt Family via pin fall.

• Backstage Sheamus talks about interfering in the opening bout. Sheamus says when he is good and ready he will use the MitB contract to take the WWE WHC. Until then he is entertaining other offers that will sweeten his position in the WWE. He is doing “What is Best for Sheamus.” Suddenly he is attacked by John Cena. The two brawl around before security rushes in to break them up. They release Sheamus but continue to hold Cena down. They place him and handcuffs as a lead member of the staff says by order of the Authority they have been ordered to remove Cena from the property. They lead Cena away as Sheamus laughs.

04) Intercontinental Championship – Ryback (c) vs. Kevin Owens

• Incredibly physical match. Each man is able to take control and inflict an enormous amount of punishment onto his opponent. We see the usual spots from each. Ryback seems to receive an injury to the legs following a shot the ring steps. Owens continues to work over the leg weakening the Big Guy. Ryback misses with a Meat Hook and as he limps to turn around he is caught with a Pop Up Powerbomb followed by a 1…2…3! Following the match Owens celebrates in the ring and medical staff tends to Ryback.

Winner: NEW IC Champion Kevin Owens via pin fall

• Backstage Paige and Lynch are offering Charlotte words of encouragement. They talk about the evolution of the Divas Revolution, the big match hype surrounding RAW and the importance of taking the title from Nikki. Ric Flair enter and ask from a moment with his daughter. He tells her how proud he is and reemphasizes how important tonight is. Charlotte says tonight belongs to her.

05) Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev w/Summer Rae

• Split screen recap of the feud as the competitors make their way to the ring. Solid back and forth between the two in this third match during their recent feud. Late in the match an unprompted Summer Rae takes position on the ring apron as she screams support for Rusev. In the ring the two men lock up in a struggle for positioning. This leads to them slamming into a corner in the vicinity of Summer Rae causing her to questionably crash to the floor. In a move she has used before she screams in pain that her ankle has been broken. Rusev turns his attention to check on his valet but when he turns back around he is met by a vicious Super Kick. Ziggler is able to make the cover for the three count and takes the victory. Following the match Ziggler makes eye contact with Summer Rae and it is almost as if she is holding back a smile.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pin fall

• Backstage Nikki talks about what a whirlwind of a ride she has had over the past eight years, especially her run in becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion. She has taken the Divas Brand to new heights and new audiences. She has the cards stacked against her tonight but like always she will come out on top.

06) Divas Championship – Nikki Bella w/Team Bella vs. Charlotte w/PCB

• Big match introduction. Reminder, the title changes hands on pin fall, submission, count out or disqualification. Before the referee calls for the bell he tosses in another swerve by proclaiming Brie, Fox, Paige and Lynch are banned from the ring side area. Back and forth battle in the ring that eventually spills onto the floor. Nikki uses slams into the announcers table and stairs to work on Charlotte. On numerous occasions the referee threats to DQ Nikki. Back in the ring Nikki lands a Rack Attack but just as the referees hand is about to touch down for three Charlotte manages to kick out. Nikki tries a second pin attempted with her feet on the ropes but the referee catches it and breaks it up. She manages to hit a second Rack Attack but again Charlotte miraculously kicks out at the last second. Charlotte mounts a comeback and hits Nikki with a Natural Selection but the positioning is bad and the champ manages to get her foot on the bottom rope. Charlotte is on fire as she invites the crowd to get behind her. She eventually sets up for a top rope Natural Selection but while executing the move Nikki is able to brace herself on the ropes. Charlotte takes a hard hit on the mat. Nikki is quick to roll her for the 1…2….3! Following the match Charlotte is stunned as Nikki quickly exits. On her way out the camera catches Nikki bragging that she did this on her own and she alone rules the division.

Winner: STILL Divas Champion Nikki Bella via pin fall

• Video package hyping the feud between Sting and Rollins. During the video there are comments from both competitors. Rollins talks about having already proved himself as the not only the future but the now. He calls Sting a relic that needs to finally be put to rest. Sting talks about a career of dominance leading him to this opportunity. It took a sledgehammer to put him down at WM but now he is prepared for anything. He is coming for one prize he has never captured.

07) WWE WHC – Seth Rollins vs. Sting

• Announce team reminds the audience this is Rollins second match of the night. Sting controls the early portions of the match allowing Rollins to carry the physical brunt. On a few occasion Sting looks to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock and Drop but on each occasion Rollins is able to wiggle free. Eventually, via dirty tactics, Rollins gains control of the match. He assaults the veteran with an array of attacks while taunting the crowd between maneuvers. Rollins cockiness eventually comes back to bite him in the ass as Stings mounts a comeback. Following a few Stinger Splashes the challenger is surging and looking unstoppable. During a Stinger Splash attempt Rollins manages to once again use the referee, second time tonight, as he shields himself. The referee takes the bump and is knocked to the mat. Sting continues on the attack and hit Rollins with a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting attempts to revive the referee so he can go for the pin when Sheamus appears in the ring. Sheamus charges Sting and smashes him in the head with the briefcase. Sheamus hands the briefcase to the ring announcer and begins to try and wake the referee for his cash in. Suddenly “Flight of the Valkyries” booms throughout the arena. Daniel Bryan rushes the ring. As he enters Sheamus attempts a Brogue Kick but Bryan ducks it. He comes bouncing off the ropes and lands a Front Drop Kick sending Sheamus from the ring. Rollins has returned to feet but is met by a Running Knee for his efforts. Bryan wakes the referee and Sting begins to pull himself to his feet. Realizing Sheamus has returned to his feet Bryan takes to flight with a between the ropes Suicide Dive to takedown the Celtic Curse. In the ring Sting stumbles over and drops on Rollins as the dazed referee positions himself for the count. 1…2…3!!!!! Sting captures the WWE WHC. A teary eyed Sting embraces the title in the middle of the ring. He is accompanied by Bryan who lifts the new champ to his feet and raises his hand in victory. Bryan leads the crowd in a YES! chant before exiting and allowing Sting to celebrate on his own. Show ends with Sting posing with the WWE WHC.

Winner: NEW WWE WHC Sting via pin fall
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