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Old 04-28-2007, 04:08 AM
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Well XbeforeFear i couldnt have said it better lol

I also loved the Eric/Roode/Jarrett segment and was suprised Ms Brookes took that guitar shot so cleanly and the powerbomb as well.

I would quite look forward to a jarrett/roode match at sacrifice, god knows jarrett can carry anyone through a match and to be fair i dont think roode needs it, he has consistently looked good in the ring since his rebranding after team canada.

Black Machismo also makes me happy. and Yeah the sacrifice match , triple threat for the title is exciting.

Looking forward to see what senshi is doing this PPV, although i can probly guess it will be Senshi Vs Shelley and have something to do with the backlund incident.

Last time I was on the Wrestlezone forums was 2007?!!?, lack of sleep has caused a return.
Old 04-29-2007, 02:29 AM
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Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...Kasey scored a win over Santino Marella...

Decent episode this week. I thought the X-division match came off well and had some clever spots (Lynn biting Sharkboy's ass was hilarious) and seeing Low-Ki in action is always tops. Lethal is also near and dear to my heart with his amazing Savage impersonation. I'll give whoever credit that is booking this stuff when it comes to the characters. Plus, Shelley spitting water in Petey's face was great.

Also, the Eric Young segment was much, much better than I figured. I'll give it to Ms. Brooks for taking those two shots, man. That powerbomb looked painful.

The only thing that upset me was that they didn't give Angle and Sting enough time to work and spoiled a PPV main event in the process. That pissed me off greatly because it seemed like they had great chemistry in the small amount of time they were in the ring together. Bummer. I hate when TNA spends a week touting an Impact main event...only to have it be a complete joke and piss on their own credibility in one fell swoop.

I loved Scott Steiner's promo. It's like they've finally acknowledged the fact that he has trouble speaking English. I also didn't think the tag match was half as bad as I'd figured, either. I also loved the fact that they had two heel teams at each others throats. THAT is the kind of intelligence and unpredictability that is needed for once. The whole good guy/bad guy thing sucks ass if it's bled to death all the time.

Now for the Paparazzi Productions segment. WOW. That was some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a long time. The worked shoots against Backlund were hilarious, and it was awesome when they ended the video with Sabin jumping out of a tree and showed the clip of him getting manhandled by Backlund. It was so funny I nearly choked on my lunch (seriously, I had water come out of my nose from laughing so hard). They still need the two hours, though. Then the wrestling will be far enough back up to par to keep pace with the storylines they've been working on. Some of the booking also needs serious adjustments. The competitive aspect of TNA needs to come back and replace the circus cartoon bullshit.

Last edited by Kasey : 04-29-2007 at 02:36 AM.
Old 06-08-2007, 11:11 AM
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Default TNA Impact! 6/7/07: What's everyone's thoughts?

I'm going to do a run-down of the show and I would like everyone's opinions on the show last night:

TNA opened up with a pretty good match between Robert Roode and Jerry Lynn. I have to say I think it's good that Lynn is putting over the younger talent and I think he did a great job of doing so last night with Robert Roode. The more I see Mr. Roode, the more I truly think of as a possible superstar in TNA. Now I don't know if he'll be a world champ anytime soon but I think he could honestly be a guy like Rick Rude, Curt Henning, Owen Hart. Guys that truly took the mid-card title to another level. The only problem is that TNA, once they get a two hour show and develop their other title divisions, needs a mid-card title for guys that do not really fit the X-division mold. I could see Roode holding something along the lines of a TV Title and really making it his own like Mr. Perfect and Rick Rude did with the I-C and US Titles. Now if Roode gets more character development and continues to garner the heat he has gotten as of late, I think he would be a great main eventer someday and could really be a great heel in the business.

Back to the show Roode looked very good in his match with Lynn. I love seeing the Perfect-Plex from Roode to finish a match. It shows that he can be a technical wrestler and it brings back memories of one of the greats for me, Curt Henning. I think Ms. Brooks continues to be the perfect fit for Roode. Hot as hell and helps him garner the cheap heat by helping him cheat his way to victory. Lynn looked good in the match as well and truly made the most of their limited time in this match.

Eric Young coming to the rescue of Lynn was a given. It helped them forward Roode and Young's program and Roode throwing Ms. Brooks to the wolves was a classic heel move. I cannot figure out how they are going to let Eric Young win his match at Slammiversary and not de-push Roode at the same time. It will be interesting to see.

Next we see the segment between Sting and Christopher Daniels. I had a hard time buying this calm interview segment after the beat-down that Sting gave Daniels last week. I know we're living in a fake scripted world but I just had a hard time envisioning Sting and Daniels being this calm and not trying to beat the hell out of each other. I guess it's building up to something with this new mindset of Daniels. I do like seeing Daniels talking about last week being his penance for what he did to Sting in the main event a few weeks ago. Hopefully they're going somewhere with all of this as much build up as there has been.

The next segment was the fight in the make-up room between Gail Kim and Brooks. Honestly a waste of 30 seconds but not enough to ruin what I've seen on the show so far.

Up next was the weekly segment of Paparazzi Productions between Lethal/Nash/Dutt. I thought this was much better than their recent promos together. Lethal talking about Jake Roberts was cracking my ass up! Talking about how Roberts ruined the Macho Man's wedding. That's wrestling nostailga right there. I have some problems with the Black Machismo gimmick but hell at least they're letting Lethal show that he has some personality. Also the Dutt gimmick is kinda funny. I was a little let-down. I was hoping that we would see the split between Dutt and Lethal with his new change of heart Dutt talked about the week before but I'm sure it will happen after Lethal and Sabin finish up their program. Having Dutt snap on Lethal will get the job done and he shouldn't be in this guru gimmick for too long.

After a commercial we come back to clips on news coverage of the TNA Slammiversary Storm/Wycheck angle. Honestly I don't know how I feel about this build-up between the two but it was pretty entertaining to see Storm spit in a Nashville legends face. Pretty fun to watch but I don't personally love the idea of the angle between the two.

Up next we see a nervous Styles getting threatened by Angle and Christian pulling him behind a closed door as Christian was seen incognito. I thought this whole Christian hiding from Tomko was pretty damn funny as it played out last night.

Next we see Kim fighting Ms. Brooks in what was a true waste of 5 minutes to the show. I could care less about seeing these two fight. TNA has a hard enough time of showcasing their talent without taking up TV time with women's wrestling. If they want to have women's wrestling for the love of God wait until you get your two hour show. As hot as Ms. Brooks and Kim are, put this crap on your website show for now.

The Steiners-Team 3D promo was pretty good but it was just more of the same from two weeks ago. I honestly had a hard time getting into it with the uncertainty of the match between the two teams now that Scott is injured. I did like Scott's line at the end about Team 3D not kissing their ass unless they were told to. I think this program is bringing out the better of Scott which is pretty hard to do.

We finally see the Cage-Tomko confrontation. It was actually pretty entertaining as you got some insight between the two, kayfabe or not, and got to watch Christian continue to manipulate Tomko. I like seeing Christian pulling all the strings with Styles and Tomko and seeing them continue to follow his every command. It's pretty damn funny.

We then get to the main event between Chris Harris and James Storm. Again this was a fantastic match. Not as good as their last encounter but still it was a great match and a great way to handle this match between the two with the refs pretty much letting them do anything. There were some good spots and it really showed some of the hardcore talent between the two. It wasn't a technical wrestler's dream but it was entertaining as hell. The only thing I can't understand is how in the hell they can end the match and not let either in the KOTM match. Hopefully there is a reason and we'll see someone good take the 5th spot at the PPV but I really think one of these guys should have been in the main event at Slammiversary. It would have really shook up the match and added an x-factor to the main event. I hope this will at least give us a final match between the two at Slammiversary and hopefully we'll see Wycheck in Harris's corner instead of seeing a match between Storm and Wycheck. I hope to God this is where all of this is going and not an ex-NFL player-TNA wrestler match. I think that if you put Wycheck in Harris's corner you are still getting the local publicity out from Wycheck being involved and still help to keep the PPV credibible. Still I hated to see one of these guys not get in the KOTM match.

We close out with the confrontation between Angle/Joe/Styles. I am fine with this but it just seemed a little out of place and didn't really go anywhere. We then see Christian trying to get a name from Cornette. Okay way to lead into next weeks show but nothing to write home about.

In conclusion I would give this show a 7.5 out of 10. I was leaning towards a 6.5 before the last match. The wrestling was nothing to write home about before the main event but the promos between Christian/Tomko and Lethal/Nash/Dutt were great. The main event really put this show over the top for me. I think it could have been an 8 or 9 if they had just taken some time off of the promos, cut out the women's wrestling match and added a good quick x-division match to the fold. Still a good show and I have to say that TNA is doing a good job with Impacts leading up to Slammiversary. Hopefully the trend will continue.
Old 06-22-2007, 12:47 PM
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Send a message via MSN to A.J.

Last night's edition of Impact was good but could have been better. The start of the show was a little bit too long for me. As they let the segment about Victory Road go on way too long. i know they were trying to make the emphasis for the PPV and get Angle over more as a heel, but it was way too long. And the match idea is old as has been done before in WWE, but who knows this could interesting.

The tag match with James Storm & Robert Roode vs Rhino & Eric Young was ok but again nothing special. Ok first match of the night but most will remember this match from Rhino going crazy after storm poured his beer in Rhino mouth after the match. I guess they are setting up a Storm and Rhino feud.

Then we have Chris Harris vs Raven in a ok match. Chris Harris looks good in the ring and i still see big things from him. And after the match Christian and Harris have there little talk well Christian does all the talking so looks like if Christian is not in the main event at Victory road he will be facing Harris then for his revenge for Harris costing him the TNA Championship.

The whole Abyss and Christian feud needs to end soon as these attack are pointless as Abyss never get his revenge on Christian. i do expect at Victory Road one more match between Abyss and Tomko.

Then James Mitchell has little promo to which i say was well done actually as it prepares fans for his new project. I expect his new project to attakc Abyss at Victory Road.

Then the main event saw Samoa Joe d. Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal in a 3 way to win the X Division Title. It was a good match but Joe just dominated the match and in this match they made lethal look week as he was champion for just one day WTH. Anyways Joe wins and now he will team with Angle at Victory Road.

Overall an ok show after a PPV as this show was to start new feuds going to Victory Road and set up the main event at Victory Road,
Old 07-06-2007, 03:27 AM
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Ok well last nights impact....05/07/07....

Probably one the best so far this year....no?

The three way tag match was PPV quality action. No doubt about it...although Brother Devon is just getting fatter and slower....i really wish LAX had won because Team 3d are just getting more and more stale by the weeks.

The segment with Hoyt and Hemme was a little odd....but i guess its fuelling some sort of christy hemme stable....

Joe's promo was a little weak...mainly because they made the mistake of not putting it up in front of a live crowd, so all the atmosphere was lost.

The womens match suprised me, it was in my opinion more than a passable match....although a few botched spots made me feel sorry for Gail Kim...she took some stiff neck bumps.

Sting with a good promo....Abyss unmasked!! slightly....but there is a moment for ya...

Kurt worked a great promo, classic cocky angle. Flawless heat building. With some great comeback from Brother Ray (kinda makes up for his weight gain and lumpyness in the ring) Joe got a huge pop when he came out.

Last time I was on the Wrestlezone forums was 2007?!!?, lack of sleep has caused a return.
Old 07-06-2007, 11:53 AM
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i really liked last nights impact also, great tag team match, but they could've used aj and daniels a bit more, but no prop.. it was still a great match

but LAX just isnt the same without konnan =/, he was great on the mic.. homicide seems scared when hes talking O.o... at least they're the same in ring, maybe even improved...

Sting's promo was good, especially because of abyss unmasked!, sure he had paint but u could kinda get the idea...

though i keep thinking if this was a good idea.. unmasking abyss? he was a great monster heel... i cant help but think that hes gonna become like kane unmasked, will he still be the same in the ring? will they still stomp his face in tacs or.. glass? who knows >.<

and damnnn angle got some real heat from the crowd, very good, bubba was also great on the mic, and angle is doing a really good job as heel... i wanted to kill him for putting joe through the table lol

keep it going TNA.. lets hope u get another 1.2 or higher
Old 07-26-2007, 09:15 PM
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7/26/07 Impact:

- This show continues to frustrate me. It's really just a cluster-f*** anymore. No matches are ever won cleanly anymore. The Styles vs. Abyss match was great except for the ending and I'll explain why. Abyss contines to cut himself to shreds and take insane tack bumps every week to "push" feuds and storylines with no build-up. Therefore these bumps really mean nothing because TNA doesn't build the feuds/stories to justify them. Don't get me wrong I love hardcore stuff but Abyss has done so much of this in TNA for no good reason in most cases. The guy has cleary spilt more blood for TNA than anybody yet he is constatly jobbed and his charcater is pretty weak for a compnay "monster."

- The Kurt Angle stuff is a joke. He's now back to his annoying heel 2003 WWE persona. I could live without him in TNA

- MCMG were jobbed again but at least it was to LAX and not VKM I guess.

- Tenay and West alone are enough to make me stop watching TNA for good. West tells everything before it's going to happen; i.e. "the lights are out in the Impact Zone, you know what this means" Well maybe most do but let us figure it out.

I really don't see TNA ever getting better. We've been talking for 4 years how great it could be. I'm tired of waiting for them to do the right thing; I'm ready to be done with this fed. Too bad they have so much wasted talent and guys like Abyss bleeding bickets for 500 fans that get in for free at Universal Studios and 1.0 TV ratings.
Old 08-17-2007, 08:24 AM
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during the hour of Impact i watched, i think there was only about 7 mins of wrestling shown on TV
Old 08-17-2007, 08:31 AM
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As opposed to the 2 hours of raw with 7 minutes of wrestling.


Nah this weeks impact wasn't that great, too much bullshit with kurt angle, but the man does have all 3 championships and quite frankly, the fallout of any ppv is usually the champs cutting promos on why theyre so great. So basiclly his time slot was what 3 champs would've got.

Still pretty "tame" episode of impact.

I will say this, despite the fact the show was mostly promos, I wasn't bored and wanting to gouge my eyes out like WWEs. I am not trying to start a flamewar or anything, just stating why I jumped from WWE to TNA. Also *for now* the fact Impact is an hour means they cant have 20-30 minute promos like Raw tends to do on a weekly basis. Sorry for rant, this weeks episode of raw...ugh it was SO GOD DAMN BAD!? WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH! XD

Heres hoping to better paced Impact.

Btw I DO watch and for most part enjoy ECW. Not a complete "e" hater.

Old 08-17-2007, 10:17 AM
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Dj Martyn is looking to come up from OCW...

i thought this weeks episode of Impact was pretty solid, the only bit i hated was the arrivals of kurt, nash, trademarc and karen on the red carpet with borash, the rest of it was great storyline material which didnt interupt the flow of the show at all.

during the hour of Impact i watched, i think there was only about 7 mins of wrestling shown on TV
What... does your Tv turns itself on and off randomly or do you have concept of time....the daniels vs machismo match (which was brilliant btw) was 10-15 minutes alone and the christian vs abyss match was about 10 so out of an a 40 or so minute broadcast (if you take out the adverts Impact is 40 mins long) i would say thats just over half...wouldnt you....and not bad at all....

Chalk it....

P.s Makeitvab has pleased with his Zing comment...i shall give him some rep for that...

Last time I was on the Wrestlezone forums was 2007?!!?, lack of sleep has caused a return.

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