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Arcade vBookie

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Old 09-01-2017, 09:18 AM
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Default AS 120 - Callie Clark/Logan McAllister versus Lynx/Eve Taylor

RP Deadline Monday 11th September 23:59 (Central).

Extensions available upon request.
Old 09-09-2017, 05:34 AM
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Match has been extended by 24 hours
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 09-11-2017, 07:51 AM
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Default Eve's Destiny

The formerly Fabulous One understood why her moniker was branded "former" because she did not feel "fabulous" about her current circumstances. Eve Taylor somehow managed to rack up two major consecutive losses on two of the most important events of her career. Yet, these losses meant nothing to the urgent summons she received from the man himself: one Kenneth Banks, the owner of the establishment she has attempted to ascend. It was not the most kindly worded letter, neither. When she received word she was required to meet Mr. Banks, the tone and conversation to accompany it were made too professional to make Eve think that this would be a friendly discussion. This is not to mention the bosses alignment with the World champion, and the most powerful group in the company, Vis Imperium. Certainly, Eve thought to be prepared for anything, and kept her guard up. Yet, she remained professional, deciding to adorn the best suit she could acquire at such notice. For a last minute job, Eve took solace in the reflection her pocket mirror projected back: she looked damn good. This was enough to give her enough vanity to procure a sly smirk of the old Eve. No matter how humble Eve got and forgetting her former life worrying about what she had to wear, Eve took every inch she could that had to do with her appearance being viewed in a positive light.

Eve managed to pull herself away from the mirror and snap it back into its compact form, slipping it into her breast pocket. A pocket mirror was one of the only items Eve had managed to find that was small enough to fit in such ridiculously tiny storage spaces. For this reason, Eve sometimes wished there were men's sizes that fit her, as well as passing off as women's clothing. Their pockets are heavenly... and there she goes again, contradicting herself. What happened to not worrying about what she wore? Didn't she leave her old life behind and develop a new persona for this character arc? Or was Eve Taylor stuck in this character purgatory where she wanted to move on, but the memories of what she has experienced continued to cling onto her? Whilst there were some things in Eve's past that unfinished business, this was as good time as any to progress to the next chapter in her life. The ending of the current one has seen Eve Taylor lose too many times for her to endure. She needed to reinvigorate herself before the rest of the division began to eclipse her... and it was already starting: Kagura as the Queen for the Day, Callie Clark & Batti fighting over the Elite championship with as much pride - maybe moreso - than herself when she was champ, and even Yemrez earning a Mayhem title opportunity, Eve could feel herself slipping away.

Slipping away was not something Eve wanted to stop. Maybe slipping away was just the thing that she needed to transform into a new person. A new woman. The woman she envisioned herself to be one day. The best World champion to ever exist. Ah, but such visions have to wait. Eve's chances at that happening are gone, and it is time to rebuild. Let someone else have that opportunity whilst the place is corrupted by boss and stable alike. Allow everyone to calm down and wait for the dust to settle before taking the perfect opportunity to strike. It was time to lay low... right after this important meeting with the corporate Banks.

At this time, Eve was called upon by the new secretary who was stationed outside his door at the official WZCW Headquarters. Eve could've sworn there was another girl who was in this position. In fact, she had met her a couple of times in a face-to-face interaction. She was a pretty girl. Highly stressed and really bitchy, but still a pretty face nonetheless. Eve wondered where she went... either way, Eve smiled back the secretary as she entered the room to see Mr. Banks standing there with his hands behind his back, watching me enter the room intently. Eve took every step and performed every movement with caution, almost throwing her off her balance by simply thinking about how to walk. She was breathless because the atmosphere in the room was quite enough to hear a pin drop and she did not want Banks to hear her breathe heavily, giving up any leverage she might have in this conversation. As she closed the door and turned to Banks, he looked her dead in the eye.

"Please, sit down."

Eve surveyed the room. She found it rather uncomfortable how it was arranged. She did not like having her back completely facing the only entrance to the door. It felt like a Vis Imperium trap where Banks' henchmen could run in and take her out.

"I would rather stand up."

Banks smirked to keep the peace. Eve could tell he wanted to scoff but refrained at the last minute.

"The chairs will not bite, I assure you."

Eve remained standing, returning the gaze he had fixated on her. Unlike most men, his gaze continued and did not stray away. Her Medusa stare was not enough to brake Banks. In fact, he placed his hands on the table and leaned in towards Eve. His lean put both sets of eyes at the same level.

"You seem a little defiant. Is there anything on your mind?" Banks queried.

"If you ever entered my mind and saw the things that passed through there, I would have to admit you to a psychiatric ward." Eve smirked, and paused for a brief moment. "In other words, there is not anything you need worry about that is 'on my mind'."

Banks sniffed through his nose. He did not appreciate that answer.

"Allow me to skip the pleasantries because you do not seem to be in a pleasant mood. The reason I ask about your mind is due to many minds that are of important interest to me and this company are concerned, specifically about you. Now, it might come as a shock to think people care about you after your recent performances, but rest assured, there are some of them out there... and these people are called the shareholders of this company. The people who contribute the money for me to sign the cheque that pays for your position in this place to lose the big matches we place you in."

Eve did not have any rebuttal. Actually, she was a little shocked at the forwardness of Banks. She expected to have a retaliation for her bad attitude, but not this intense. She decided to remain in a listening mode.

"I am sure you recall this, but since you refuse me the access to your thoughts, I shall ask anyway: do you remember the last time we convened? It was shortly after the Lethal Lottery which you promised to the world you would win. The one that started... well, this whole saga of yours. I called for you because your contract was running up at the then-upcoming Kingdom Come event and the shareholders clamoured to secure you to this company, win or loss at the Lethal Lottery. You were a hot commodity who had just come off an amazing Elite title reign and the sky was the limit for you, young Eve. You had name. You had reputation. You had skill. What more could the shareholders want?"

Banks straightened up and left his position from behind the desk. He began walking around the desk, slowly approaching Eve. He did not get in her personal space. Rather, he walked around Eve, circling like a vulture, as if to trap Eve into the next words he was about to speak.

"Despite the lucrative contract we placed before you, the Fabulous Eve Taylor did not quill the parchment and refused to sign because of her pride. You did not feel as if you were a deserving member of the roster, wishing to prove herself against the legendary Celeste Crimson at Kingdom Come. What did I do? I granted you that opportunity, hoping that would install a newfound confidence in you to become a great star for this company. You won and I gave you the opportunity you always wanted: a chance at the World title. All you had to do was win, Eve. However, Flex Mussel outclassed you. So, with the Gold Rush tournament as our next biggest attraction, I had to put you in there as a competitor. For a while there, you went extremely well, until you got to the finals and let John Constantine defeat you. Not giving up faith, the shareholders and I thought it might be beneficial to include you in the King for a Day match... as long as you qualified for it. We are not allowed to play favourites here."

Banks smirked at that comment.

"But once again, Batti Otaku, a little miscreant runt who caused such major PR issues for us with her nudity act, managed to slip one by you? The Eve Taylor who carved up the competition as the Elite champion could not even qualify for the King for a Day. You can imagine the faith and belief in the shareholders not being so great these days, which prompted this meeting. We'd like to find out what the bloody hell is going on with you, Eve Taylor. Why on God's green Earth are you constantly losing these big matches? You are still a major commodity, and you were at one point the biggest commodity to lead us into the future. We could have placed this company on your back. That is how much faith we had in you. What happened?"

Eve looked slightly down towards the ground. Banks stood firmly in front of Eve, still looking in her eyes as if she was looking back at him.

"Is this a money issue? Are you not currently satisfied with the money you are receiving on the revised contract we handed you after you refused the first one? We can do some negotiations to make your finances better, but it won't be as good as it was."

No answer from Eve.

"Perhaps you need the money right now? Are you in debt and doing favours for someone to get that money? Is someone paying you to throw these matches so you can get a slice of the pie? If there is anything like this, let me know and I can get rid of such a problem."

Again, no answer.

"Maybe you a legimitately throwing matches because you do not like the way we run things around here? Have you aligned yourselves with Tyrone Blades in his quest to destroy me by allowing competitors like Flex, Constantine and Batti to tear down Vis Imperium, and provide an annoyance in our side? If so, I would seriously recommend re-thinking your strategy for we could work out an arrangement of some kind."


"Is this for an inspirational speech? Publicity stunt? Trying to prove someone right or wrong? Creating a reason to do something? Please Eve. Tell me what is bothering you... and for the love of all that is holy, I implore you say a reason that is not what the rumours are saying it is. I demand you tell me the reason you are losing these matches is not because you, Eve Taylor, are a... a choker."

Eve Taylor looks Mr. Banks in the eye. Banks tries intimidating Eve to say something else as a last ditch effort but the look in Eve's eyes to do not stray away from the truth. She will not play the political game. It is honesty she will deal to Mr. Banks.

"I am a choke artist, Kenneth. I am a failure of a star. You have invested poorly."

Banks cringes at the answer. It is enough to get him to break eye contact and look away. He does not want to believe it.

"No, I refuse to accept this as an answer. You are doing this to get under my skin because you have aligned yourselves with this sick and twisted Resistance that Tyrone Blades has put together against me. This kind of psychological warfare is deplorable!"

Eve gets in the face of Banks, forcing him to look at her and get uncomfortable close to him.

"The only thing deplorable here is your insistence on another possible outcome, especially one that would have me ally myself with someone like Tyrone Blades or John Constantine. Whatever battle you are fighting against them is not one I wish to partake in. Even if I were the number one contender to your golden boy's World championship, I would refuse their help. All I care about is me. Not anyone else, Kenneth. I am sure you can appreciate that school of thought... and all I want is the World championship around my waist. I am determined to get that title and I do not care how long it will take for me to get there. Even if I have to endure such a disastrous losing streak that your precious shareholders are beginning to concern themselves with my employment here. For all I care, the shareholders of this company can go get fucked!"

Banks is taken aback by this statement and he backs off from Eve. She does not move from her position.

"Unfortunately, for the both of us it seems, I am choking at every major opportunity that is being presented to me. Lethal Lottery. Number One Contenders matches. Gold Rush tournaments. King for a Day qualification matches. No matter the stipulation, I am just unable to get it done in the ring. There is someone out there that is better than me on that particular night, surpassing me to get to the title that I want. This is not my intention, but what else can I do try again and claw my way to the top once more? That is why any wrestler works for WZCW, right? To compete? I am not sure you understand this, Kenneth, but competitions have winners and losers. There are no participation trophies and I sure as hell do not want one. I want to be a winner and I want to earn my achievements. Right now, there are no competitions for me to win. If this makes me a choker and all the fans out there see me as a choke artist, then so be it. I will own it. I shall be the choke artist."

Banks shakes his head.

"But the thing about this whole situation is that these are merely words. This is a label that people placed on me, deciding upon my fate as they see fit. Do you know what happened when the last person made this decision about fate, and said that it was inevitable I would lose? He lost to me in the semi-finals in the Gold Rush tournament. That man, Lynx, is in the same position as me, and is, in fact, teaming with me this week to take on the girl who also lost the chance to enter the King for a Day, and a man whose career was on life support. Yet, do you see any one of these people get called a choke artist? Lynx is just a prospect of the company who has very little losses and a bright future. Logan McAllister is revitalising his career. Callie Clark is the Elite Openweight champion... but Eve Taylor is a failure, despite all of them failing as recently as I... so, Mr. Bossman... tell me why I should be concerned about what anyone else thinks?"

There is no response.

"Good. I am glad we can establish my position in the company to you, but just in case your mind that I do not have access to does not understand what I said, let me elaborate further: I will bounce back from this rut. Every great person in history hit a hurdle. This Medusa stare I give you, one which has seemingly turned the very talkative boss to stone? Did you know she was once a beautiful maiden? The fairest in all the land? How about a more contemporary example that you can follow? Justin Cooper, your golden boy. How many opportunities was he offered with this company before he became the World champion and the man you picked to carry this company? As much as I have personal opinions about such a process you took, who am I to argue with the results? He has proven himself to be the top of the list; a competitor who is more or less worthy of calling himself World champion. I'll be the first to admit it. My moment is just yet to arrive. The moment that will transform me into the greatest star you will ever see has not presented itself to me. In the words of a video game character - a tribute to the man I wished I could call life partner, Mikey Stormrage - 'it takes courage to walk into the Darkness, but strength to return to the Light'. I walked into the Darkness pursuing the World title. I am still searching for the Light that will return me to the world with it on my shoulders. Soon enough, I shall be the shining beacon you wish me to be. Soon enough, Kenneth, I'll be your star."

Eve stares directly at Banks as he contemplates everything she has said.

"Does that answer your queries?"

He does his best to return to his old posture, as if to signal that he understands what Eve is trying to say, but would still rather a different answer.

"Good. It is up to you whether you afford me any future opportunities for the World title, but I shall spend the foreseeable future to look for that special spark I need to be the very best. I do not want to remain in the darkness forever, Mr. Banks. I shall look to start with this tag team match your subordinates have placed me in. It is not somewhere I envisioned to be this round, but it is somewhere I do not mind starting. I shall team up with the man who told me no, and I shall tell him 'yes, I am willing to work with you' as we take on two people looking to establish themselves as a threat still. To Callie Clark who looks to avenge the loss she suffered against me at the Gold Rush tournament, and to prove herself a more worthy Elite champion than I. To Logan McAllister who wants to show that he is not the man who was worthy of the deadwood mantle and probably looks to further bury my name so he can ascend to stardom. Well, I have some very bad news to them. It does not matter that you are doing better in the ring than I right now, because I am still better than you. Having a championship that I wore better than you is not going to intimidate me. Having a person speak for you as you sit there in silence is not going to shake me to my core. Honestly, it makes you look worse than I am. In fact, if anything, Logan is the choke artist simply because he is choking on his words and requires someone else to do the talking. As an expert choker, allow me to knock the wind out of you in our upcoming match so you'll finally have something to choke on, and a reason to open your mouth."

Eve smiles at Banks, takes a step back and turns around. She looks to exit, but she turns her head slightly. She is looking at the ground but her eyes are fixating on Banks with her peripheral vision.

"I was afraid once. Afraid of failure. Fearful, even. However, now that I have experience such failure, and my star is fading fast, I am no longer afraid. I know what it means to crash and burn. The heat I gained from all these losses is not as hot as I thought it would be. Allow me to bring forth such an experience to Callie Clark and Logan McAllister. Let me show them what it means to fall and fail. I will show you what it means to choke as I choke them out."

Eve pauses.

"It is time for an Extreme Makeover." Eve turns her head to stare directly at you, Logan and Callie. "Yours... not mine."
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3 Days Before Ascension: On The Road To Comic Con

I was sitting in the back of my uber on the way to a comic con in Kanas City. I had booked this appearance awhile ago and it ended up working out perfectly with WZCW being in town anyway. Sometimes I get annoyed at these things, but the money makes it all worth it. I was coming off a rough 10th anniversary show, I lost my chance to get into King For A Day, and to Batti of all people! I despise her! Ugh, but at least it wasn't my fault she won, it was Eve's. Eve choked yet again like she always does and got beat. Big surprise right? I looked out the window and saw the driver miss his exit off the highway to the hotel.

Callie: Hey! Pay attention, you just missed the exit! You better not make me be late if you want a tip!

I rolled my eyes in disgust as the driver apologized and said he'd turn around as soon as he could, I knew I shouldn't have trusted uber. As I grabbed my bag off the seat next to me, I pulled out the Elite Openweight Championship, my prized possession. I may not be Queen For A Day, and I may not have won last week, but I didn't lose either and I still have this championship and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. But this week I have another chance at beating up Eve Taylor, which is almost as fun as beating up Batti has been. But it's in a tag match, she teams with Lynx, another person who dared beat Gabi before her injury and I team with the absolute worst type of person, a Bostonian. Boston and New York together is like fire and water it just doesn't work. But if I wanna win I know I have to get along with Logan, whatever I guess I'll help him know what it feels like to be a winner. Suddenly my phone buzzed, a text from Bates.

Just wanted to let you know that Gabi has been discharged from the hospital and is back home with me. She's sleeping currently but she wanted me to let you know. She is recovering well.
I smiled in relief, it was good to see Gabi was finally out of that hell hole mountain town Denver and back home, living in the lap of luxury with Bates to take care of her. As I looked out the window, I saw the car pulling into the hotel parking lot, I had arrived at the Kanas City Comic Con finally and lucky for my driver, I wasn't late. I got out of the car, grabbed my bag and turned to the driver, who asked me for a tip.

Callie: You want a tip? Okay, don't eat yellow snow, don't spit into the wind and next time, pay attention to signs on the highway.

I laughed and whipped my head back around, walking confidently away as the driver cursed me out, oh well sucks to be him doesn't it? He drove away, angry with me and I walked into the hotel and headed for the grand ballroom where the comic con was taking place.

4 Hours Later: 2 Hours Left Of The Con

It had been a long day so far at comic con, I forgot how draining these things are. Spending all day signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, and you only get a half hour rest for lunch half way through. Brutal. I had gone through a good chunk of the pictures I brought with me, some people brought their own items to be signed, including one person bringing a replica Elite Openweight Title. But it had been about 10 minutes with no interactions so I took out my phone and put my feet up on the table. Of course as soon as I got comfortable a couple minutes later, I saw someone standing in front of me, a girl in her teens with a big smile on her face. I took my feet off the table and put my phone down as I greeted her.

Callie: Oh hi!

Teen Girl: Hi! How much for an autograph and picture?

Callie: 50 for the combo.

The girl nodded and took 50 dollars out of her pocket, handing it to the con worker sitting next to me before picking out a picture for me to sign, and the best picture of the bunch at that, me posing with the Elite Openweight Championship in my White Canary costume. I nodded at the picture selection, and saw the smile hadn't left the girls face, as much as these things are draining I realize my loyal followers matter, and this girl was clearly a big fan of mine, as she should be. I guess I'll be nicer to her than I usually am to fans. After all I want her to tell her friends how nice and how great I am.

Callie: What's your name sweetie?

Teen Girl: Lauren, and I just wanted to tell you I'm a big fan of you. You've really been impressive ever since joining WZCW. I was so happy when you beat Batti for the Elite Championship.

Callie: Thank you, I was pretty happy about that too.

I laughed as I signed the picture.

To Lauren, thanks for the support, you rock! - The Legend of Tomorrow, Callie Clark
I slid the picture across the table over to her, she picked it up and put it in her bag. As she did so I stood up and walked over to stand next to her, she handed the phone to the worker, who took the picture as I posed next to her. She thanked me and left as I went back to my seat behind the table and turned to the worker sitting next to me.

Callie: See? The fans like her are the good ones, they know how good I am and support me. So many fans around her age don't like people like me because I don't suck up to them and I'm not one of the "good guys". But her? She gets it.

The worker sarcastically agreed as she marked something down on the paper in front of her. Before I could sit for too long, another fan walked up, this one a guy who looked to be around the same age as me.

Callie: Oh hey!

The guy extended his hand to me, and I shook his hand, I have hand sanitizer with me, so I won't have to worry about any of the germs this guy has.

Callie: What's your name?

Guy: Justin, can I get a picture?

Callie: Sure, it's 20 dollars.

Justin, as I now know his name is, handed the worker sitting next to me a 20 as I stood up and picked up my Elite Championship off the table as I walked over to stand next to him. I was annoyed he didn't want an autograph too, I mean who wouldn't want my autograph? But whatevs it's his loss because one day my autograph is going to be worth a lot more than 40 dollars and he'll have to pay double the current price, if not triple. After he paid up, I walked out from behind the table and posed next to him for a picture as the worker snapped it with his phone. I quickly went back behind my table afterwards as Justin thanked me for the picture, before saying something that caught my attention.

Justin: Thanks again, I've been a big fan of WZCW for years and you're one of my favorites currently.

I raised an eyebrow, one of? He better have a good excuse for liking someone more than me!

Callie: Wait, one of? Who's your favorite then?

Justin: Ah that's a tough one, probably Lynx. He's pretty entertaining and the time traveler thing is funny.

Lynx!? I didn't know anybody was even a fan of him, never mind liked him more than me! It was tempting to yell at this loser and question his taste in wrestlers, but instead I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. I was disgusted by his choice.

Callie: Oh that's a terrible choice, I mean he thinks he's some time traveler sent to save the world, I think he probably escaped from the crazy house though in reality. Hopefully you won't be too sad when Logan and I beat him and Eve this week.

I smirked as Justin laughed awkwardly and walked away. I still can't believe that Doc Brown wanna be is his favorite wrestler! I just hope Lynx isn't planning on winning this match to "save the world" or whatever he talks about, because if so then I guess this week on Ascension is the beginning of the end of the world when he faces the unbeatable Elite Openweight Champion, and that's not even mentioning Logan who I guess will be okay for a partner, even if he's from the worst city in the world.

An Hour Later: 10 Minutes Before The Con Ends

The con was almost over and I was ready to leave. I was tired, hot and hungry stuck in here, but thankfully there was only 10 minutes left to go and I had my dinner plans already set. As I was starting to pack up the remaining merchandise left on my table, which isn't much, obvi, I heard someone clear their throat near me.

???: I hope I'm not too late for my autograph and picture.

I raised an eyebrow and turned to look at who was talking to me, and to my surprise it was none other than Richard Goldman. The manager of my tag team partner for this week, Logan McAllister. He quickly approached the table and read the pricing sign still taped to it, and quickly took 60 dollars out of his wallet, handing it to me. I thought this was a little weird, I mean obvi he wants an autograph from me, who wouldn't? But coming here to get one? He must be up to something, have an ulterior motive of some kind. I took the money and the worker who was handling the money for me went to hand him a 10, his change, but to my surprise Goldman simply shook his head.

Goldman: Keep the change.

Callie: Uh thanks, so am I making this out to you? Or maybe your new client wants the autograph of someone who can actually defend this bad boy?

I picked up my Elite Openweight Championship and laughed, as Goldman shook his head and let out a little chuckle himself to my surprise.

Goldman: No no it's not for Logan, it's for me. After all you did break the curse that seemed to be on that championship and whoever held it. You defended it, which to your credit is something that many talented superstars have not done. And I know your on the rise in this company, I want to be able to say I got your autograph and saw the greatness in you before everybody else. Just like I can with my client, Logan McAllister.

I nodded in agreement, he may be up to something but for now he knows to show respect to the champ, and that's a good start to this conversation.

Callie: Well, I don't know about Logan, but you're right about me. After all I am gonna make history in this company.

I proceeded to sign the picture Goldman picked out, handing it over to him before going over and posing for a picture. This was an unexpected end to the con, but an interesting one to say the least. After taking the picture, I went back behind my table, and was determined to find out why Goldman was really here, besides to meet the fastest rising star in WZCW, obvi.

Callie: So let's cut to the chase, I know I'm great but I also know that's not why you're really here. If you're trying to butter me up to play nice with Logan, good luck. I don't play nice with others not named Gabi and I'm not in the market for a new tag team partner.

Goldman shook his head as he tucked his phone back into his pocket.

Goldman: Nor is Logan. But you two need to work together if you're going to defeat Eve Taylor and Lynx. It's well known how much you dislike Eve, and my client will help you finally get a win over her. But if you and Logan don't work together you're doomed to fail. Lynx might be a strange fellow but he's no slouch, even having beat your own sister before. And you know first hand how good Eve is, having been in the ring with her twice before.

I hate to admit it, but he's right. Eve is the only person to have pinned me yet and that means that she was better than me, at least on that night. Plus this isn't a big match so odds are she'll bring her A game. Lynx might think he's Doc Brown, but he's had his share of success so far too.

Callie: You have a point, I'm good but I don't know if I'm good enough to beat Eve and Lynx by myself. Lynx might be crazy and think he's been on some excellent adventures like Bill and Ted, and he might think he's here to save the world, but he's had his share of success. And even though I hate her, Eve has had more success than anybody else in the match.

Goldman nodded in agreement before speaking up.

Goldman: Exactly. You and Logan may be on the rise around here, and you might be a current champion, but you two need each other to succeed this week. But if you two work together, you could be the Legion of Doom to their Legends of Tomorrow.

I couldn't help but smile at the reference, who knew this Goldman guy had good taste in TV shows?

Callie: Okay fine, so I won't walk out on him and maybe I'll even play nice. Logan can be the Biff Tannen to Lynx's Marty McFly, and I'll handle Eve. But your client hasn't exactly been super successful lately, he better not cost me a win. Because if I lose again to Eve, I'm going to unleash hell on everybody, and I'll start with Logan.

My expression went from happy and smiling to dead serious, causing Goldman to raise an eyebrow and widen his eyes in surprise. I think he forgot that under the costumes , the glitz and the glamor, I have an inner rage that tends to come out sometimes. After regaining his normal expression, a sleazy looking one if you ask me, Goldman shook his head.

Goldman: No no, no need to do that. I'll handle my client, Logan is more focused now than he's ever been in his career and he'll more than hold his own. You just focus on holding your own, getting your win back on Eve and getting revenge for your sister on Lynx. How is she doing anyway? It was awful seeing that happen to her a few weeks back.

I wasn't sure how to react, was he actually interesting in how Gabi is doing? If so why? I don't know how to read this guy, but I know I don't like him.

Callie: She's fine, getting better slowly. Look I have dinner plans, so are we almost done here? Because the last thing you two need to worry about is me, I have been dominant and that's not going to change anytime soon.

Goldman nodded as he picked up his autographed picture off the table.

Goldman: Yes of course, I wouldn't wanna make you late for anything. Just prepare yourself for Ascension, we'll do the same and we'll see you there. Just remember who helped you when it comes time for you to defend that title of yours again. Have a good night Ms. Clark.

Richard Goldman grinned, then quickly left taking his autographed photo with him. I wasn't sure what exactly to make of the whole conversation, but at least it seems like I only have to worry about dealing with my opponents and not my partner too. Of course it seems like Logan is only working with me hoping I'll give him a title shot, but I don't plan to do him any favors, if he wants a shot at me he needs to earn it just like everybody else. I tucked the rest of my merchandise on the table, and zipped up the bag, put it over my left shoulder and my championship over my right. The con was over and it was time to get back to focusing on wrestling, time for Eve to pay for costing me a win last week, time for her to pay for knocking me out of the Gold Rush Tournament, and time for Lynx to see the end of the world as he knows it.
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September 8th, 2017
14:02 PM

The seconds were ticking away as Lynx awaited a response from Eve Taylor, his tag team partner for their upcoming match on Ascension 120. This was the second time he had attempted to contact her to discuss a strategy for the match. The first was from a week ago, when Lynx first found out that they were to be teamed up for a match on Ascension. This lack of a response was odd to Lynx. Sure they had faced each other as opponents during the Gold Rush Tournament but he did not view Eve as an enemy. Quite the opposite. He had respect for her as one of the greatest to have held the Elite Openweight Championship, a title he had been becoming more and more interested in winning as time went on. He looked at his iPhone which was sitting at a side table over by the window in his hotel room. He was waiting for a notification of a new unread message to flash on the screen. Still nothing. He walked over to the iPhone, picked it up, and put it in his pocket.

Lynx: Well, no use in trying more than twice. I guess she doesn't want to discuss a strategy for the match, or maybe she just doesn't have time to talk right now.

It likely was the latter rather than the former, he thought to himself. Lynx had a busy day of his own. He had to meet Doreen at a clothing store soon in Kansas so they could pick up a special custom order Lynx had placed with them for new ring gear. Lynx had gotten an idea from the letters he had received from his hero, Theron Daggershield. Lynx exited his hotel room and closed the door. He walked over to the elevators where his best friend Masamune stood waiting for him.

Masamune: There you are. Been waitin for over an hour, bro.

Lynx: Sorry. I was trying to contact Eve regarding our match on Ascension. I'd rather come into it prepared you know.

Masamune: It's all good, bro. This week has been kinda mondo anyway.

They walked over to the elevators. Lynx pressed the Down button. Neither spoke for a moment, as they waited for an elevator door to open.

Masamune: So tell me again, dude. Why exactly are we going shopping at a clothing store?

Lynx: We're not shopping. I already picked out what I wanted after the WZCW Anniversary Show. We're going to see if my custom melanistics set are in yet.

Masamune: Mella-what....?

The elevator door in front of them opens. Lynx gets inside. Masamune stands in the hallway looking very confused. The doors begin to close and Lynx uses his right arm to keep them open.

Lynx: You coming or not?

Masamune: Yeah, bro. Just got kinda lost for a moment there. I've never heard of "Melon Sticks" or whatever it is your talking about.

He gets inside the elevator with Lynx.

Lynx: No, not "melon sticks".... It's melanistics! You'll see when we get there.

The door closes.

September 8th, 2017
19:39 PM

They had been in a waiting area at the back of the clothing shop for a while. Lynx, Masamune, and Doreen were all three in comfortable chairs lined up by a wall. Luckily they were away from the area where most of the customers were so they had not been disturbed. They spoke about the WZCW Anniversary Show to help pass the time as they waited for the cashier to return with Lynx's custom order.

Doreen: Doreen has a question, Lynx. She wants to know, if you had won King For A Day, when would you have cashed in on Justin Cooper?

Lynx: First of all it's kind of irrelevant to ask me that now, secondly, what makes you think I would have cashed in on Justin Cooper? Not that it matters. I can't share the details of that anyway.

Both look at him in surprise, obviously not expecting this response.

Masamune: Why not, dude?

Lynx: You should know by now, Masamune. That could have irreparable damage to the time space continuum.

Not wanting to get into another discussion about the time space continuum with Masamune, who didn't even know what melanistic meant, Lynx quickly changed the subject.

Lynx: Doreen. Do me a favor before I forget.

Doreen: What does Doreen need to do, Lynx?

Lynx: Remember that guy Juss from the Estonian call center who resolved that benefits nonsense last month? He mentioned I have a cousin named Willy. I've never heard of this cousin of mine before. Contact Juss and see if he can get me in touch with Willy. I have a lot I want to ask this cousin of mine.

Doreen pulls out her iPad.

Doreen: She'll email Juss right now.

Lynx: Thanks.... Dang, I wonder what's taking them so long.

Another hour passes and then a young blonde cashier, appearing around 19, walks in holding a box addressed to Lynx. Her name is Cashier 1826. Yep that's her name. If you were expecting a "normal" name like Cassie or Kelsey, you will be disappointed to find out her parents really did name her Cashier 1826. It even says so on her employee nametag hanging from the green laniard around her neck. She gets asked about the number a lot and what it may mean. Not that it matters. Lynx has more important things on his mind.

Cashier 1826: Hi Lynx sorry about the wait. Here is your custom order.

Masamune: Is that the mellon stick?

Cashier 1826: Huh?

Lynx: Ignore him.

He gets up to go make his payment. Masamune and Doreen join him at the counter. Cashier 1826 opens up the box so Lynx can take a look.

Cashier 1826: Here we are. That's one set of melanistic jaguar themed wrestling competition gear. This includes a hooded robe for your entrances, a pair of pants, and one pair of boots. Your new t-shirt design has also been sent to WZCW's shop division so that your fans can begin buying them after Ascension 120.

Lynx looks over each item. They are black with a pair of eyes resembling those of a black panther. The pants have each have an eye on the part that would go over his knees. The boots each have an eye on the heel. The hooded robe has eyes on the part of the hood that would cover where Lynx's own eyes are. He goes over to try the robe on by a mirror at the wall.

Masamune: Looks kinda like a black panther, dude! Wait a moment....

Doreen: Ah, Doreen thinks she sees the connection. Theron called you "Panther". Is that why you are trying this new look out?

Lynx turns around with the hooded robe on and faces his friends.

Lynx: Yep! I bet this will be better than the denim outfit was. It's time for something new since we are past the initial phase due the Gold Rush Tournament now being behind us. I thought of a new in-ring nickname too. How do you guys like this.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

Masamune: There's that word again. Bro, what does that mean?

Lynx: It's the opposite of albino. Melanistic animals have darker pigments in their fur. The big black cats people have referred to as "Black Panthers" over the years are actually jaguars and leopards with melanism. Crazy, huh? I stumbled upon that when doing some research after having read Theron's letter where he called me Panther. There's no such thing as a black panther species.

The cashier turns her head in confusion.

Cashier 1826: What about Bagheera from The Jungle Book? He's a black panther. They do exist.

Lynx: He's a melanistic leopard. The american "panthers" are melanistic jaguars. To honor Theron, who had called me "Panther", I'm going to request they announce me as "The Melanistic Jaguar" this week.

Cashier 1826: Oh. Neat!

Masamune: Now I get it, bro.

Lynx goes over by the mirror again, turns around and looks behind him to see the back side of the robe in the mirror. He likes the way it looks.

Lynx: I wonder what Eve would think. Her being a former model and all. I guess I'll find out on Ascension.

Cashier 1826: You and Eve better win. I like you both. You appreciate us fans. Callie only cares about getting "likes" and followers online, and Logan? He has that lame advocate now. Some role model Logan turned out to be.

Lynx looks over at Cashier 1826.

Lynx: Yeah I don't see things going too well for my opponents. Eve and I want to prove our worth as contenders. We aren't hiding behind an advocate like Logan and have far more relevant things to do than looking for a selfie to post online like Callie.

He takes the hooded robe off and puts it back in the box.

Lynx: Hey, so much do I owe you for this stuff?

Cashier 1826: If you win at Ascension this week.... It's on the house. Anything to see someone put Callie Clark in her place. What she did to Batti at Ascension 118 made me hate her! Do you and Eve think you can be on the same page?

Before he is able to answer, he gets a notification of a new voicemail message. It is from his tag team partner for the next show, Eve Taylor. He had just missed her call. His phone's ringtone was on silent but the notifications were not. Lynx listens to the message.

Eve: Lynx, sorry I did not respond sooner. I have something important that needs my attention for now, otherwise I would have loved to meet up to discuss a plan for the match. I am not afraid, but our opponents should be. Callie Clark will never be half the Elite Openweight Champion I was and as much as our fans may think I choke in matches you and I both know Logan is the one who is going to choke, not me. We'll show those two. Let's talk at Ascension before our match.

He puts his iPhone in sleep mode and looks at Cashier 1826 again.

Lynx: Believe it or not, I just got a voicemail from Eve that literally answered your question. She confirmed we're in this together at Ascension. I've got Eve Taylor, The greatest Elite Openweight Champion, teaming up with me. Which makes Eve the Past. Callie's the Elite Openweight Champion. That makes her the Present. I have set my eyes on the title, which makes me the Future. That and I'm from the future too. At Ascension the Present meets both the Past and the Future! Callie Clark, is going to get thrown into the Dimensional Vortex! As for Logan.... he was "bettah" before he got that advocate. See what I did there? His time was up long ago.

He picks up the box with his new ring gear and leaves. Doreen and Masamune follow him outside.
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Backstage at WZCW 10th Anniversary Show
SAP Center
San Jose, CA

Logan McAllister was a mess. Refusing to let medical come anywhere near him, a furious Logan was in the process of destroying the locker room, throwing and breaking anything he can grab while the the blood staining his face began to harden, his Red Sox shirt almost unrecognizable.

The adrenaline was still coursing thru his body, masking the pain he's sure to be feeling once the rush fades. He couldn't believe he didn't win, let alone that that walking anime was the one to eliminate him! Logan grabs another chair and throws it full force against the wall.


The chair lodges itself deep into the wall, and Logan half chcuckles. What he wouldn't give to grip Batti by her little pigtails, yanking her head back as he presses himself against her, breathing heavily into her ear.....before smashing her head against the wall like that one sick kid everyone knew in school that liked to kill puppies.

Disturbingly, the thought of a helpless, crumpled Batti made him calm. It was at this moment that his manager,
Richard Goldman walked in, and as his eyes took in the scene, he opened his mouth to speak only to find for once he was speechless.

Goldman: Logan....Logan why? You know they're gonna take this outta your pay right?? Everything is completely wrecked! Is this because you lost the KFAD match??

Logan simply glares at Richard, before grabbing the tv monitor (surprisingly still intact) and ripping from the wall, he chucks it against the previously tossed chair, the tv popping and shattering while Goldman simply shakes his head.

Goldman: Logan! Enough! This is actually better for you. Now, I know what you're thinking, but let me explain. Had you succeeded and won the KFAD, regardless of how you cashed in, people would say "He didn't earn it, he only got there cause of that KFAD"

To that I say NO! Logan McAllister doesn't need to take shortcuts. You can pick this entire roster clean should you have to, and take pleasure in doing so. No Logan, we are about to embark on a violent path of destruction that will see any and all comers broken beneath you. Then when you DO get that opportunity and you succeed, NOBODY will be able to say you didn't earn it. You are going to injure and maim as many as it takes to make WZCW stand up and take note Logan. Trust me. This ended being for the best.

Logan stops and after a brief pause he decides to grab his bags and heads wordlessly out the locker room and off into the parking lot. After a moment Richard looks around and he can't help but shake his head.

3 Days Before Ascension
Kansas City, KS

Goldman: Logan! I'm back. Care to know what I found out about our partner for Ascension?

Richard helps himself to a seat as Logan silently moves towards where Richard is before taking a seat. Goldman pulls out the autograph he got from Callie Clark.

Goldman: See this? The current Elite champion is a self absorbed, loud mouthed -- Well, you get the drift. I appeased her ego, and explained to her why it's beneficial for us to all work together. We don't have to like Ms. Clark, we just have to make sure she doesn't cost us a W. She seemed to understand, and I don't think she'll be an issue.

Logan thinks over these words, before simply nodding and going back to his tapes, this time of Eve and Lynx and their most recent matches. Richard watches his client resume his study session, grabbing his things and heading out of the room.

Richard: See you in Keystone City!

Backstage pre Ascension
The Flash Arena
Keystone City, KS

Leon Kensworth: Ladies and Gentleman I am here with the always intimidating Logan McAllister and his manager, Mr. Goldman. Thanks for joining us, Mr. Goldman thoughts on tonight's match against Eve Taylor and Lynx? And how is Logan taking not winning KFAD?

Logan stares daggers at Leon, before Goldman backs him away.

Goldman: You want to know our thoughts? Like I told my client, Losing was the best thing for Logan. He won't be questioned or doubted after he destroys everyone on his way to championship gold. Neither Lynx, nor that fashion model reject Eve are ready for the fury that my client is coming out there with tonight.

Leon: And your partner? Callie Clark?

Goldman: What can I say about the lovely Ms. Clark? Well she's successful that's one thing, and she knows it's in her best interests to get along with Logan, rather than experience the anger of Logan. These two could ake the best of teams....IF their egos don't collide, If-

Callie: Our egos? Sweetie, Logan has to be successful before he can have an ego. What a good guy you are though, making your precious muted beast feel all special. Matter of fact he SHOULD feel special! Not everyday he gets to bask in such a beautiful presence as my own. Trust me Richard, I have no intentions of losing tonight, just make sure the big angry mute doesn't cost us out there. Ta-Ta!

Logan watches as Callie leaves as quickly as she arrived, anger boiling up inside until Richard patted him on the back and calmed him. He would help the cosplayer win tonight, though what happens next he can't be held responsible for.
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