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Old 02-28-2018, 08:38 PM
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RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...RomanfreakinReigns worked a dark match on ECW recently...
Default The anti-WCW/Sting commentary from WM 31 is disgusting.

Hey guys, and also Hello to the Mod. I hope this is the right section in which to post this thread, as I first felt I should do it in the PPVs section but it's still about WM 31, 3 yrs ago, also about WCW and sting.

First of all I'd like to confess something- I love Sting. And I seriously mean it in the sense of admiration, awe, respect, and more. Everything about the man, both the performer and the real person. Now I know he wasn't pure and had his fair share of demons such as drug addictions as portrayed in "Sting:Moment of Truth" . But to me, Steve Borden always came across as a good person, someone just very noble and likeable(and weirdly, I really only discovered him in 2007 through the Internet/downloads/TNA, as I had never really watched WCW or even a lot of WWF until 2000 when I was 11 yrs old).
And weirdly enough, for much of my life, I looked up to The Undertaker or would've called myself a "fan". But it's different with Sting. I can't stress it enough, I just love him and a lot of it has to do with the performer/persona too. It's very hard to put it into words, it's inexplicable. I wish I could really pin it down into words but I can't. All I can say is- I love Sting.

I'm not sure if I felt the same for many wrestlers, say I really like HBK, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit for their wrestling, but I would never say I love them- the person. The closest I'd say I feel similar to Sting is Kurt Angle. Also it's obvious Kurt's not like the best person or the purest human being- considering his addictions, cheating on Karen and all that. But it doesn't matter to me, I have always felt he's (just like I felt for Sting) an awesome human being, and most would agree about Kurt-the performer- being the greatest pro wrestler of all time, one hell of a wrestler and entertainer.

So I'm watching the match for the first time ever, HHH vs Sting, and the first 8-10 minutes were good, in a purely Wrestling psychology POV. I was also expecting some WCW/Sting burying on commentary, as I already heard stuff during Sting's entrance.

But after these first 7-8 minutes, it's gotten just unbearable, too much vitriol and it's obvious it's Vince screaming into JBL's ears and guiding him, to the point where JBL even sounds a bit like Vince, or tries to sound like Vince. I won't even type the exact quotes out here, as I'm sure you guys remember all the WCW/Sting burying that went on around this time, and may even decide to rewatch the match.

It's like Vince and co. unleashed all their ego, their malice and vitriol towards Ted Turner/WCW/Sting all at once, and salivated and relished it while doing so. The word- for a Sting fan like me- would be Horrid, appalling, disgusting, nauseating. And I really want to enjoy the match.

I never watched this match until today because 1)the ending with HHH winning, 2)the unnecessary inclusion of all of HHH's buddies-Hall, Nash, HBK, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, and to a lesser extent the New Age Outlaws, AND Hogan(who is the Wrestling equivalent of a Toxin, utterly Selfish/Cold Python, IMO).

It was 14 yrs ago, Vince Survived, WWF/E survived, so why not be a bigger man, be a little humble? They already buried a lot of WCW talent for ego's sake over the years. Why not treat Sting with the same respect as Undertaker, Shawn, or anyone else in Wrestling?

I can only imagine what Steve Borden must've felt during Wrestlemania week and on that night, and the week next, if he watched the match with commentary, and also going into the match with that result. It'd be like "oh shucks, Hogan, NWO, DX, why did I even sign up with the WWE".

Another thing that saddens me even MORE(and I can't really blame Sting for it, although a part of me can't stop wishing) is IF ONLY he joined the WWE back in 2010, if not earlier, and had at least a 3-4 yr run by 2015 and then retired.


Like I said, I love Sting so much that if I had a time machine today, I'd ensure he'd do so by 2004 itself.

The Entrance music! I don't have words for it, it's enthralling, amazing, brilliant. The Undertaker's infamous gong and funeral music seems pale by comparison, or just drab. I can't praise the music enough, nor how ICONIC and amazing Sting is, especially in his Dark/Crow persona with THIS music. It's perfect. I can't stress it enough. And the drums at WM 31, the whole atmosphere..I just wish it happened more often(Sigh).

I'm glad at least I have this one memory of Sting walking to this music a couple of times from Raw, WM, and Survivor Series.

But the fan in me can never stop wishing he did so on various Wrestlemanias, faced Taker TWICE, Shawn Michaels twice, Kurt Angle at least once if not twice, all at Wrestlemanias. And we've not even yet mentioned his potential matches with HHH, Orton, Cena, and others.

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