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Old 08-19-2017, 01:31 PM
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Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...

Becky Serra and Chuck Myles are backstage by the WZCW logo. Both are holding a glass of champagne and clash glasses.

Becky: Here's to the next 10 years Chuck, I must say I thought this show would flop but it's been fun.

Chuck: Ricky and Will was phenomenal and Armando is truly buried.

Becky: Mikey will be a loss but here's to the future and to see what KFAD brings us.

Chuck: Damn rights. Wait...

The camera turns to show Barbosa who's stood there muttering to himself. The General Managers nod and walk off without saying a word. The former world champion looks around.




Where is he?

He's here!

No! He can't be.

Barbosa looks to the corner of the room. The pile of boxes moves and it's obvious now that it's not storage but the mandroid S.H.I.T!

Barbosa's eyes narrow.

S.H.I.T's eyes narrow.

Barbosa throws a punch that is blocked by the robot and counters with a piston chop, Barbosa staggers back and falls over a chair. S.H.I.T marches forward and stomps through the chair, smashing it to bits. The robot throws a left and right that are expertly dodged by Barbosa and countered with a spinning heel kick to the robots chest.

S.H.I.T makes a dial up noise and staggers back, he bumps into a jukebox and a record falls, Mr. Roboto by Styx plays as Barbosa tackles S.H.I.T and they go crashing through a wall sending jiprock powder flying everywhere. The sign - Wardrobe Room- shakes as both combatants brawl inside the room.

They crash through another section of wall and continue punching and counter punching each other. They stop for a moment and look at each other. Barbosa is suddenly dressed like Super Mario. S.H.I.T has a Donald Trump costume on. They both shrug and continue fighting.

An innocent official is whistling and pushing a cart full of deserts in the middle of the hall, S.H.I.T tackles Barbosa and they both land on the cart and roll quickly down the hall. They keep punching and headbutting each other as the cart flies down a flight of stairs. The speed and momentum send the cart with both fighters crashing out of a window on to a passing transfer truck. Both almost roll off but stay on the fast moving vehicle.

Barbosa grabs S.H.I.T in a headlock and they tumble towards the front, they fall in between the trailer and rig and continue fighting. Barbosa rips out a bunch of wires and sticks them in the robots neck, sparks fly in the air as S.H.I.T is getting electrocuted.

He grabs both of Barbosa's arms, transferring the electricity. The rig and trailer detach, both men grab on to the rig as a fire starts to spread up the back of the rig wall, the trailer twists and rolls behind them as they climb to the roof of the truck. The driver jumps out as a street car passes in front of them.

Booooom!!! The rig smashes through the street car and the trailer rolls and ramps right over the wreckage. S.H.I.T and Barbosa roll off of the rig as it explodes!!

Barbosa opens his eyes, he raises his fist as he see's S.H.I.T getting to his feet. CRASH!!! The trailer lands right on S.H.I.T, crushing him. Barbosa stands there, he's cut up and bloody. He let's out a big relieving sigh as he turns and walks down the street, into the bright orange sunset.

Deep within the wreckage of the trailer, the top half of S.H.I.T is still visible. The camera zooms in on his face, his eyes are closed. The camera zooms in on his eyes... they open.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.

Last edited by Da Prophet : 08-21-2017 at 09:03 PM.

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