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Old 11-28-2012, 02:35 PM
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silrock316 is looking to come up from OCW...silrock316 is looking to come up from OCW...silrock316 is looking to come up from OCW...

Originally Posted by Gotahn View Post
Now I have been watching wrestling for a long time and when a new person comes, I think their first impression when they speak really says if that person is going to go far or not. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not, but I would like to think when a new superstar speaks for the first time or when they do their first ever promo, they need to hit the nail on the head because second chances don't come naturally to capture that moment.

Now I was watching Raw last night and I have never heard of Ambrose. No I don't watch NXT, and I don't follow the Independents. I am a WWE mark if you want to call me that. I come on here often and I hear a lot of Ambrose. I hear how awesome he is and how he is going to be the next breakout star. I even hear and read Justin Labar's stuff on how awesome this guy is but I wanted to see for myself. One word sold me on Ambrose.."Nope"..... For me, his first promo stood out and now I see what everyone has been talking about.

So what WWE superstar really gave you a good first impression or a bad first impression and why?
First I will say that I mostly agree with you that first impressions are important. However, it depends on the fan. Me, myself? I use to be very very tough on new wrestlers or independant darlings. I will use CM Punk as an example. When he first arrived in WWE I couldn't stand him because of his hair and I didn't think his mic work was good enough. Skilled in the ring but that doesn't always matter to me.(I HATED Morrison) However after cutting his hair and obvious progression in his mic ability he BLEW me away. His work even before he cut his hair with the SES was some of the best work I had seen in a LONG TIME from this generation of wrestlers. Orton was a good heel but he was as charasmatic as Punk. Orton just was punting people. Prior to his SES days I turned Punk off all the time and it really was because his first WWE impression for me was terrible. So my point is I do think there is something to a wrestlers first impression to the "universe"

My top 2 WORST first impressions for me are:

1. Studdering Matt Morgan
2. Cm Punk

My top 2 BEST first impressions for me:

1. Macho Man(I was a child and just LOVED his voice and colorful attire
2. Undertaker( Just his presense was so scary. Keep in mind I was like 8 when I first seen him LOL

I never wish bad to anyone but if I could somehow make Cena go away for 2 years I would
Old 11-28-2012, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by OG Mark View Post
Unfortunately, most "good first impressions" don't last long. Most of the biggest stars wrestling has ever seen don't get big or stay over with their first gimmick. HHH with the Connecticut Bluebloods? Mean Mark Callous? The Million Dollar Champion, Stunning Steve Austin? How many iterations did it take before we finally got the Godfather? Papa Shango, anyone? Etc, etc, etc.
Completely agree!

Now i know you guys are just looking for something to talk about and discuss but you are all jumping the gun way to early on The Shield, let the Faction run its course and break into singles then you will see Ambrose shine!!

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