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Old 04-26-2012, 08:50 PM
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Default One-Sided Workers - A Worry?

My first thread, I did a search but couldn't really see another thread about it, correct me if I am wrong!

Basically I wonder sometimes about the depth of the midcard roster there is so many young talents that I am excited about being future stars, and obviously still have a long time to work their craft but I think one problem I see is that a few are very one sided. Obviously I know things CAN change but right now this is how I see it.

For example heels like Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Otunga even faces like Kofi Kingston etc who are great in their roles but even good things become stale and I personally struggle to see how they could swap roles from heel to face or vice versa without a complete character overhaul which is entirely possible but doesn't always work well, not too say that they HAVE to swap but I think its good to keep things fresh and change things around.

I just think about looking back on the previous years of wrestling the talent has had characteristics that can swing both heel and face even more recently look at CM Punk - Straight Edge 'gimmick' was used as a heel thing come 6 months later he is a role model face for being Straight Edge.

Does anyone else agree or have any other examples of people they think will struggle down the track with their characters, OR think that I am wrong entirely?
Old 04-26-2012, 09:01 PM
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Fugazi is looking to come up from OCW...Fugazi is looking to come up from OCW...

I don't see Kofi ever working as a heel but I could just be wrong. High flyer types are hardly ever heels unfortunately because high flying itself is something the fans love to see. Kofi could remain face and down the line I could see him as a top guy but they would need to work him into a more prominent feud with one of the top heels and thats a huge gamble because Kofi is kind of a wild card as he doesn't really appeal to a lot of people as a solid main eventer.

Ziggler though I could see making that change to face. I think he's got a lot that we haven't seen and his in ring performance in my opinion has always been far above the average. Him as a midcard heel works for now but if they ever wanna push him he would need to go face.

Swagger in my opinion is just boring. They gave him the belt a few years ago and it was snoresville. I think he was even face then? Correct me if i'm wrong. Swagger just doesn't have that "it" factor I'm afraid. His appearance is too bland and hes just kind of your average midcard heel with a forgettable gimmick. He could be used to help turn Ziggler face though. A feud between them two would work out good and it would be a good way to make them both a bit more relevant.
Old 04-26-2012, 09:24 PM
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LegendKiller716 is looking to come up from OCW...LegendKiller716 is looking to come up from OCW...LegendKiller716 is looking to come up from OCW...LegendKiller716 is looking to come up from OCW...LegendKiller716 is looking to come up from OCW...

Staying on track with the 3 guys you mentioned, I'll have to disagree.

I can see Kofi working really well as a heel. It was mentioned above that high flyers don't work well as heels, but he just wont fly as much. Look at guys like CM Punk, Chris Daniels, and Shelton Benjamin. All of them were classified as high flyers, but turned heel and wrestled a more mat based style. Kofi is more than capable of doing that. I think a heel turn is exactly what he needs.

Dolph and Swagger collectively I believe should be the guys to build the new tag division around. They are both above the titles IMO, but by putting the belts on them and heavily investing in story lines, they can help resurrect the division.

Separately I think both guys can be face if needed. Swagger showed so much charisma in ECW, I have no clue what happened. If he can bring some of that back to his character I think he can be very good as a face. A video of him visiting FCW surfaced recently where he cut a face promo and got a very good reaction. I think he should have turned on Cole, but that ship has sailed.

As for Dolph, I think he can keep the same exact character as a face and fans will eat it up. If he cut promos in the ring, similar to the ones he cuts on Ryder's YouTube show, I think he can get over. People seem to have this thought in there head that good guys all have to do good guy things. I think Ziggler can get over with the fans, as a face, by being a dick. It sounds a little weird, but I think he can pull it off.
Old 04-26-2012, 10:53 PM
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H33LTurn is looking to come up from OCW...H33LTurn is looking to come up from OCW...H33LTurn is looking to come up from OCW...H33LTurn is looking to come up from OCW...H33LTurn is looking to come up from OCW...

The switch between heel and face is one of the most unpredictable things in this business. Added to the fact that we're talking about midcard guys who have just begun to gain some momentum I think it would be stupid to try to predict exactly where these guys are going. Kofi could work as a heel, and Ziggler as a face, but it all comes down to how beneficial it is for the company. A character switch usually comes with WWE realizing they can make money off that person. Punk, heel to face after his famous promo. Mark Henry, face to heel for the Hall of Pain and world title run. Daniel Bryan, face to heel for his first world title run. And so on. I dont think anyone is ever stuck because of what character they play of what they look like. People who are "stuck", are in the position they are in because they cant get enough of a fan backing to make their character change relevant.
Old 04-27-2012, 07:03 AM
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Greg4WWE is looking to come up from OCW...Greg4WWE is looking to come up from OCW...Greg4WWE is looking to come up from OCW...

Ziggler and Mr. Perfect are the same type character. Not trying to compare Dolph Ziggler with Mr. Perfect, but a face turn by Ziggler would be eaten up just like a face turn was by Perfect, but he essentially stayed the same cocky character
Old 04-27-2012, 07:52 AM
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OneTooManyPunts is looking to come up from OCW...OneTooManyPunts is looking to come up from OCW...OneTooManyPunts is looking to come up from OCW...

With all due respect to the OP, i definitely disagree.

In this day and age, almost any wrestler can make the switch from babyface to heel and vice versa.

In sticking with your original thread, Dolph Ziggler is a perfect example. The only real thing defining Ziggler as a heel at this point is his affiliation with Vickie Guererro and Jack Swagger. If he is removed from that pairing, his gimmick would work fine as a babyface. There are elements of his character that have worked very well for babyfaces over the years, his occasional bouts of sit ups or push ups wouldn't hinder him as a babyface, Scott Steiner did it in every match he had as a single face or heel.

Swagger is another good example. Swagger has no real, well defined personality, at least in the confines of his character. What do we really know about Swagger, that makes him identify as a heel? Nothing, aside from a bit of cockiness. With his in ring talent, and some mic time to get fans behind him, he could be a very effective mid card babyface.

As for Kofi, it's not a matter of whether or not he could be a heel, it's now maybe more of a reality that he needs to at least be given a shot as a heel. Kofi has been sitting in neutral in WWE for years, and a heel push and overhaul could finally help set him apart from the rest of the midcard. He barely cuts promos, barely gets any real backstage segments, and all of that works towards his favor in terms of turning heel. A few well thought out heel promos, a few backstage sneak attacks, and fans can buy in to him as a heel. Take away some of the flashy ring attire colors, and the cheesy, smiling logo, and there's no reason he couldn't be an upper level heel.

Today's wrestling climate allows almost anyone to go from face to heel with ease. Look at Orton, obviously not a typical babyface, or even Ken Anderson in TNA, who has gone back and forth more than any wrestler in recent years. People will buy in to a character turn, if the in ring work, and effort behind it is easy to see.
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Old 04-27-2012, 01:49 PM
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I believe that kofi could have been a believable heel under certain circumstances...
like if bourne came back and him and kofi teamed but kofi turned on him in the middle of the match...and then they would feud and it could get good i think

Dolph however i honestly could not see as a face unless he and swagger feuded over vickie (ok EWWWW!!!!!!!!) but still he'd need to return to his cocky heel thing afterwords saying how he didnt need no one anyway and then finnally get gold
Old 04-27-2012, 02:57 PM
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I think that High flyers can works as good heels...

Austin aries is considered as one of the top flyers in the business and during his generation next run in roh he was the guy you'd love to hate

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