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Old 03-21-2017, 06:17 AM
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It would never work, the superstars just don't cut it. Majority of the current WWE roster looks like they work in Wal-Mart. No one has any larger than life presence or personality...even the mic skills. Also the 90's were special because mostly frat boys were into wrestling, they made the crowd feel extra special. Todays crowds are an abomination... and the announcers.
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Old 03-22-2017, 09:05 PM
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Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...Radical is looking to come up from OCW...

I've thought about this a decent amount and I'm pretty confident in saying: There will not be a wrestling boom period ever again like there was in the Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era.

Attitude Era no doubt had great talents that would be great in any era but it also was just a perfect storm of everything else that made it really the boom period that it was. The big Monday Night Wars was a big part of what made WWE have to push their product to be better, and it got edgier and more hardcore.

BUT, that was the late 90s and TV didn't have quite as many channels as wide spread as today, the Internet was around but streaming video online was slow and very unpopular so if you DID like wrestling and you wanted to see the big events you HAD to pay for it and tune in LIVE or else you would really have missed it.

But today's media climate has truly changed the way people consume content and there's just no way to ever get the same mass appeal that WWE/WCW had back in its heyday.

Let's not forget that the WCW during the Monday Night Wars with the NWO storyline was pretty much the most original, shocking thing that pro wrestling has done in mainstream media and it can never be done again or else people will just say it's copying something from before. NWO and WCW forced WWE to up their game and they got more extreme and it drew more fans because it was like a hardcore rebellious thing to watch.

WWE TRIED to keep their edgy content and keep fans with the "Ruthless Aggression" era but it was never the same once the novelty had worn off that yes, this pro wrestling was really staged and made-up and I think a lot of fans around during Attitude Era were not really pro wrestling fans they were the same type of fans who now enjoy UFC, NFL or Game of Thrones. They were attracted because of hardcore violence, sexuality and (what seemed like) really rebellious, crude people.

The people who have stayed fans or at least kept an eye on how pro wrestling has developed are people who really appreciate good professional wrestling (good storytelling, compelling characters, spectacular showmanship and athleticism) and if they AREN'T watching regularly now it is probably because they aren't feeling WWE (or whatever other wrestling program) is being consistent enough in providing what they feel is compelling wrestling programming.

Because today's wrestling talent is PHENOMENAL (no direct pun intended with AJ Styles in the scene) and the production value is pretty high.

Maybe the one thing WWE doesn't have as much is a bunch of big, muscular, larger-than-life characters at the top of the card all the time. But hey, that's not REALLY what draws people to professional wrestling. Sure, you need to have SOME big muscle-bound dudes but big parts of the Attitude Era aside from Rock, Austin, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane was Shawn Michaels (not a big muscle-bound dude, but charismatic, yes), Mankind (somewhat big, but NOT typical muscle-bound, but just very popular character) and Chris Jericho (again, DEFINITELY not big, mostly oozing charisma and athleticism, though).

So I don't buy for a second haters saying WWE isn't as popular today because top stars look like guys you see at Wal-Mart. That's BS. If you put Shawn Michaels, Mankind and Chris Jericho in regular, casual street clothes and didn't have them show any personality then they would just be like any other person in a Wal-Mart, no one would give them a second look. But it was BECAUSE they had great athleticism, charisma, mic skills and personality that made them so popular and the SAME reason those same type of characters are popular in WWE today.

The difference is, the audience just isn't there like the AE and it won't be, not because the talent isn't good. It is a combination between storylines not always being all that compelling, there just being so much other things to watch and ways to watch WWE that are free (even if illegal) that can't show off how many fans WWE still, technically, does have.

But my view is that while I don't think pro wrestling will ever have a boom period again like it did in the Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era, it will continue to be reasonably popular as a niche interest like how zombie shows and movies have a good following but not everyone watches it or likes it.

Maybe what might happen is if WWE gets better consistency with character development without allowing too many NXT call-ups to get poor debut opportunities and maintain compelling storylines and allows talent with oozing charisma to really show off then for a period of time WWE may draw in increasing numbers of fans who might stay tuned for longer periods of time rather than just on and off.
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Old 03-27-2017, 12:18 PM
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THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...THTRobtaylor is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Going back to the past is what's got them here... Even now, they are relying on concepts from 20 years ago like the evil McMahons in charge rather than actually changing their product.

They're no longer wrestling... they are a soap opera SET in a wrestling company, that has a live component. They are making moves to go "back" to a form of wrestling, in that the WWE becomes an umbrella body much as the NWA was (Vince Sr. is laughing his head off up there) to try and stimulate a new boom and buying ROH is the next stage of that.

It'll never be mainstream again in the way it was... it can't be... the concept jumped the shark a long time ago in most peoples eyes... what they need to focus on now is making people care about talent... that's what they fail to do now.

30 years ago, Parents may not have "liked" Hogan or Warrior, but there were guys like Jake, Rude, Savage, DiBiase they could like as wrestling fans... 20 years ago you had Austin who parents could like and Taker for the kids... now it's ALL about the kids seemingly and only now are they trying to reverse the trend by cramming as many "wrestling stars" adults can like... because let's face it... if the adults don't like it... the kids ain't going to see Roman, Cena or whoever they want to front the thing.

Neville is a great example... exactly the kind of guy they should be building an IC division around, not the cruiser... Bray Wyatt is inevitably going face but it's a bad move... he should be more adult, more creepy... Roman Reigns is a modern day Sid or Warrior... fine for short bursts of push but not the guy to hang the company on however much you want to... But Vince wants to run the same playbook as he did 20 and 30 years ago... Trips doesn't and there is clearly disconnect.

Re-doing the NWO is the worst thing they could do... right now the best way to get interest is get the Broken Hardys at all costs... pay TNA a lump sum or back Matt and Jeff with the legal case and do it anyway...but that's not gonna fly in a public company.

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